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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 3


After class, Will approached Ren with, “want to play some football with me and the others?”

Ren never played football, but they somewhat got the point of it from player’s nightmares: Get the ball into the net. Same went to basketball, but it was higher. “Sure, I never played before, so I may not be good.”

“You can be on my team, I’m good enough that you can rely on me,” Will joked, then got his football out of his backpack.

The two walked to the school’s football field, where Jack and Ben were waiting. “Ah, we finally have an even number of players,” said Ben, “Ren, you can play on Will’s team since you came with him.”

Will sat the football to the quarter of the field. “So, 2 on 2, half field? I’ll be offense.”

“I’ll be offense,” said Jack.

Ren was supposing they were defense. Keeping the ball away from Jack, and to Will. Seemed like a simple enough game.

 The game began, Will had the ball, and kicked it to the net, he made a flying kick to the ball, but Ben used his head to punt it out of the way.

Jack got the ball with his knee, and began to dribble the ball.

Ren tried to steal it with is leg, but not being used to walking backfired, as he fell down.

Everyone stopped as Jack made a T with the palm of his right hand and left hand, “Timeout!”

Will looked at Ren, “are you okay?”

Ren began to laugh, “I was honest, never played. Yet I’m too tough to hurt.”

“No, you’re supposed to hold your leg like this,” Ben put up his knee and held onto his leg, “and look in pain, then Jack would have gotten a fowl.”

“Haha, very funny,” said Jack, “We aren’t professionals, that stuff doesn’t work on us.”

Ren looked over to see Nicholas and Helen on the bleachers, “hey, what are these two idiots doing there?”

Nicholas cursed, then waved to the players, “Can we play?”

“Sure,” Will said, “let’s make it a 3 on 3”

Helen rolled her eyes, she didn’t seem on board with playing, but they went down the bleachers to the field.

“So how about Ren, Helen, and Will against Nicholas, Ben, and I,” said Jack, “and please, don’t fake injuries. Let’s also not make any real ones either. It maybe offs season, but it still cuts practice time for next season.”

They began the game again, Jack got the ball this time, but Helen stole it and passed it to Will. Will soon enough kicked the ball to the goal, and Nicholas tried to block it from the net, when Ren kneed the ball into the air, then kicked it into a backflip into the net.

Will and Ben looked at each other, “I think that point went to you,” Ben said.

“Sort of an uncanny move,” said Ben, “But Ren is learning.”

Yet that was when Ren and Nicholas began to argue. “You blocked my block,” Nicholas called out, “that move shouldn’t even be allowed in football.”

“Oh, rules? In a casual game like this?” asked Ren, “I got the score, so fair is fair.”

The two were glaring at each other. Will and Helen looked at each other awkwardly. “Long sotry short: Nicholas has been suspecting Ren is Reala,” Helen noted.

“Yeah, since I knew NiGHTS was still alive in out world, I had a hunch,” Will stretched the back of this head.

They both morphed into Nightmaren. Jack and Ben began to scream and run away. “Let’s do this our way,” said Reala, as they used their power to make all the footballs in proximity float around them. Reala flung three at NiGHTS, which was more of a threat than the usual his usual giant balls.

NiGHTS punted one with their head, and kicked the other two at the same time. Two of them missed, one of them hit Reala so hard, they flew into the net.

“Score!” NiGHTS called out.

Reala floated the three balls around them, and threw them again, NiGHTS span around and kicked all three at the same time, which all three hit Reala.

Reala didn’t land into the net that time, but to the net’s pole, they hit their back, and morphed back into Ren.

Will ran over to Ren to see if they were okay. Helen Ran to NiGHTS to talk a bit.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Ren rubbed the back of their head, “I was hoping to hide my identity further. Yet now I know 100% which one NiGHTS is out of these brats.”

“Okay, so I went a bit hasty with Ren, but it ended up they were Reala.” NiGHTS morphed back into Nicholas “I was right, was I not?”

Helen sighed, “just try to keep your Nightmaren drama in the back of the theatre, okay? Hence the word ‘try’ I know things will get hazy since other nightmaren are here.” Helen looked at Ren, “There are others, right?”

“I guess,” said Nicholas, “Except for Wizeman, it takes a lot to get him to our world.” A hand shaped light flashed onto Nicholas’ chest as Nicholas saw the same on Ren.

“I’ll be taking that,” said Ren as they tried to grab it, but with no avail.

A ball flew to Ren’s head. It was Jack, “Is that the bully in your Dreams, Will?”

Will nodded, “But let’s not resort of violence. I’m pretty sure Ren lost this one.”

“I will get that Hand of Wizeman,” said Ren, “I figure I need to be in Nightmaren form to obtain yours. Yet Wizeman will return, and take over this world, then Nightopia.”

“Whatever,” Nicholas rolled their eyes, “and you know how many Visitors are here? They’re more powerful than us, and I can borrow their power as I like. I already know two Perfect Visitors. Also, you need me to revive Wizeman, so know that.”

Ren stuck out their tongue, “I’ll find a way to get close to you. That’s for sure.” Ren left in a huff.

“I just can’t believe this was all real, like you said,” Ben said the Will.

“It just felt real is what I said,” Will laughed, “I mean, Helen’s real, and I saw her in my dreams.”

“That’s Salvador Dali levels of surreal, you know that?” Jack said, “but you’re cool, Helen! I saw the Bellbridge concert on the city’s YouTube with WIll. You were amazing.”

Helen looked at Will, “You got your friends to see my performance?” she asked.

“It was during the league’s finals, so we couldn’t see it live, but there was a recording of the concert, so we had to see,” said Will, “you’re really good at violin.”

“I better see that game you were in then,” Helen blushed, “I bet you were good there too.”

“Heck yeah he was,” said Jack, “he got the final goal.”

Will looked at Nicholas, “All thanks to you.”

“It was your own sense of hope that did it,” said Nicholas “I just wanted to defeat Wizeman.”