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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 2


Reala woke up in a bed with a light blue blanket. They looked around and saw some grown Visitors in pajamas walk by. “Poor guy, just lying there on the street.”

Reala looked at their hands, they were still pale with a pink manicure. This wasn’t Nightmare, since Nightmare was destroyed, but this also wasn’t Nightopia because there were grown Visitors there; guess Reala was the Visitor now.

Reala soon morphed into a human. They chose black hair; since they’ve only seen red hair on one Visitor and that was more orange, blue eyes; since they were already blue, and slightly darker skin; but it was still pale since their morphing was limited. Same with the small stature. Reala looked like a child. Yet if this was what they needed to blend in, so be it. Reala took their Persona off to blend in even more. Yet they’ll be keeping that.

A woman in pajamas that has a tag that says, “RN” went into Reala’s room. “I see you’re awake, can I take some information?”

Reala nodded their head.

“Your name?”

“Ren Meier,” Reala quickly came up with a name.



The woman circled something, but Ren wasn’t sure what. “Place of birth?”


The pen wrote something down, it probably what city they were located.  “Parent’s names?”

Ren began to feel something flash in his heart, “William and Lucy Meier.”

“Okay, that’s all I need to intake, let me get the discharge papers ready.”


Three hours later, Ren was in the city. They were greeted by a woman with orange ringlets and a pink dress, and a man with brown hair and a striped outfit. “Reala, we secured an apartment for you,” said the woman as they both bowed to Ren.

Ren knew who they were: Queen Bella and Donbalon. Who else could they be? Lucky that they can morph into adults, or else finding a home would be hard. Guess that was an advantage of being boss Nightmaren. “I presume you got jobs too?”

“Yes,” said Queen Bella, “I go by Izzy now, I work at a craft store. Don works at a restaurant.”

  “Great, I need to find NiGHTS, and fast. Yet we all know the prophesy.”

Izzy cleared her throat, “When Nightmare is thrown to reality, we must find the Hands of Wizeman, Two in the First Ranks, One the most powerful, One jumper, One in the water, and One wildcard.”

  Ren took one look at Don, “I felt a warm glow when Wizeman was brought up, and I feel it strong around you. You have a hand; you must be the jumper.”

Don smiled, “Well, that’s two for us, but we’ll need NiGHTS to give up theirs willingly.”

They were walking to the apartment, when they passed a school building. Ren began to feel a spark. “Wait, could one of the Nightmaren be in this school?”

Izzy began to walk up the steps, “we should enroll you. As much as we’re on a mission, you need to blend in, as in, go to school.”

Izzy was right, Ren looked too small to work like the two others. So, it’s best to sign up for classes. They went inside, and Izzy and Don posed as Ren’s parents. They were given a uniform, and Ren started the next day.


The next day, Ren introduced themselves to the class. Ren immediately looked at the empty seat next to a familiar boy: Will; that football playing destroyer of their world. Ren sat down next to Will, but Will paid little attention to Ren, and focused on reading from the book the class was reading. It was Animal Farm by George Orwell, kind of odd how Secondary School students are reading about talking animals, but… oh my gosh, did the horse just die?


At lunchtime, Will approached Ren, “would you like to eat lunch with me? I know how hard it is being new. Out usual table has empty seats, so you’ll fit right in.”

Ren took the opportunity. Perhaps this will already know NiGHTS, if NiGHTS was attending the school. Yet I’d be hard to tell which human was a Nightmaren. There was nothing off about anyone’s human transformation.

Ren grabbed his sack lunch, courtesy of Don, and sat down with Will. Will introduced his friends, Jack and Ben. Jack was overly talkative about the World Cup, and Ben just nodded his head. Ren didn’t know what they were talking about.  Must be some sort of football thing.

That was when a girl with blond a side ponytail looked startled and looked at Will, “We go to the same school?”

Will began to laugh, “It’s so big, I guess we never would have noticed. How about we…” Will suddenly looked distracted, “she’s alive?”

Helen suddenly grabbed Will’s hand, “I have a few things I need to explain,” she said, and pulled Will away from the table to talk in the hallway.

Ren quietly followed. To overhear what they need to say.

“NiGHTS is alive. Ended up, instead of destroying every inhabitant of Nightmare, one ended up in our world. They are just as confused about this as we are. They go by Nicholas, and would rather use they/them pronouns. Makes sense, since Nightmaren are genderless.”

So NiGHTS was indeed at this school. This makes things easier. Now to find a way to make friends with this Nicholas…


Back at class, a red-haired girl gave Ren some paperwork. “I’m Pamela Goldstein, but you can call me Pammy, She/Her. I’m the class representative. Every afternoon, we have two electives that we take what interest us.

What came to Ren’s mind was what would NiGHTS take? Something music related of course. They love to play the flute.

“Oh, by the way, the musical is having auditions today. I’m part of that, it’s really fun! We’re doing Peter Pan this semester. It takes up two elective periods, but it’s worth it!”

Ren signed up for the musical. This is a fool proof way to get near Nicholas.