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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN`~

Reality 1


Wizeman was defeated, everything about Wizeman, including what he created, was also destroyed. Including NiGHTS, yet NiGHTS woke up on a sidewalk at what seemed like the Nightopia that Will and Helen co-created. NiGHTS head was splitting with pain and grabbed the back of it. NiGHTS’ jester tassels were a bit beaten up. Odd, NiGHTS never felt pain like Visitors did in the Waking World. NiGHTS flew around the empty sidewalk to see that there was a black pavement and more sidewalks on the other side. This was odd. Everything seemed to be on the ground and none of it was in the air. Except for the clocktower tower in front of them. NiGHTS flew high to the tip of the tower and played a song with their flute.

 After the song, NiGHTS flew across the black pavement when they saw some lights come toward them. They flew away just in time when the lights stopped. A Visitor looked out the window of what seemed to be a vehicle NiGHTS would usually turn into, a car?

“Look where you going, you crazy clown,” the man in the car cried out. Then the man drove away.

That was when NiGHTS realized they were in the Waking World. Adults would never enter the Dream Gate let alone Nightopia. NiGHTS thought I’d be safer to use their transforming abilities to appear human. Yet NiGHTS thought about it. They had blue eyes, so that’s staying. Helen and Will also had blue eyes, as well as blond hair. So blond hair would probably go naturally. Yet gender is a hard one… Yet NiGHTS doesn’t have to deal with more parts with the transformation if they were a guy. Also, they will still identify as nonbinary and wear dresses when they desire.

NiGHTS formed a blond bob for hair, a nose, round ears, and short stature to look like the age of Will and Helen, the clothes stayed the same for now. NiGHTS did however take their gloves off, since now NiGHTS can feel objects when they touch them. Yet NiGHTS needed a name that appeared human. Since NiGHTS is assuming that they’re in Bellbridge, that would be in the UK. So a British name similar to their own would be… Nicholas? They never liked the name Nick, so no nickname. Guess that’s where the word nickname comes from…

It was becoming morning. Where do people Will and Helen’s age go when they’re not asleep? Oh yes, school! Nicholas went into the clock tower to ask where the nearest school was. A lady was unlocking the tower, she looked studious, yet knowledgeable about the city. “Hi, it’s my first day of school, and I’m a bit lost, can you tell me where it is?”

The lady looked at Nicholas, then explained to the directors, “you go down the avenue, and take a left at 33rd, then the school is right there. I’m presuming you’re at your first year at Bellbridge East Secondary?

Nicholas nodded his head.

“Then you’ll find it there,” the woman cracked the door open to the tower, “you’re very early, but not far off.” She went inside, “if you need any more help, just ask me. I’m the secretary to the mayor of Bellbridge; Mary.”

“Is City Hall in this tower? I thought it was a concert hall!” Nicholas exclaimed.

“This tower is multifunctional, there’s a concert hall, city hall, some private businesses, meeting rooms, a teen lounge, an indoor pool, and a gym,” the lady explained, “I presume you’re new here?”

Nicholas nodded his head and then ran down the stairs, “yeah, I need to get going to school.”


Nicholas signed up for school and classes no problem. Probably due to a mistaken identity, but things seemed to work out in the end. “Oh, you’re Nicholas Barry,” the secretary at the school exclaimed, “I thought you were supposed to come from the states last month! Unfortunately, your host family moved since you signed up. But there are plenty at BES who will be willing if you talk to them!”

 They were even given a uniform, which was yellow plaid pants, a white collared shirt, and a yellow blazer. Not that appealing to Nicholas but that’s what he needs to do to blend into Bellbridge. Nicholas was introduced to the class, then they sat down at a desk. They did his first set of classes, which were boring, which was expected from what they’d heard from Visitors. Yet he’s learning a lot about the Waking World.

Then there was lunch. Nicholas’ stomach gargled their stomach hurt, which means they probably needed to eat for once. They grabbed a cod sandwich and sat down alone at a table. It seemed like most of the Visitors were interacting with each other. Nicholas was worried he wouldn’t be able to make friends. That was until a blond girl with a side ponytail sat her chicken sandwich and chips on the table. Nicholas recognized the girl, as they just saw each other. Without any introduction, Nicholas exclaimed, “It’s Helen! Hi!”

Helen went still. Her eyes looked red like she was crying about something, and all day. She looked at Nicholas with curiosity, “How did you know my name?”

That was the wrong move. It made Nicholas seem like a stalker. “It’s me, NiGHTS. I ended up in Bellbridge instead of dying.  I turned myself human to blend in, but it’s seriously me.”

Nicholas suddenly felt a tight squeeze around them. It was so tight; that they could hardly breathe. “I knew something was about you.” She began to cry again, but this time of happiness. “I’m just happy you’re alive!”


After school, Nicholas and Helen went to an office supply store to buy a bag, pencils, and notebooks. Afterward, they got gelato. Nicholas chose chocolate and Helen chose strawberry. They took their treats outside and began to eat. The gelato was cold, yet sweet, and very satisfying. Nicholas began to smile and began to eat as quickly as they could fly.

“So, you go by Nicholas?” Helen asked, “are you still genderless?”

“Yes, and yes,” Nicholas was still focused on their gelato.

“When a Visitor is genderless, or nonbinary,” Helen began to explain, “they introduce with their name and preferred pronouns, such as they/them. Like I’m Helen, She/Her.”

“Oh, then I’m Nicholas, They/Them,” Nicholas took some napkins and dabbed their mouth with their gelato-covered face.

Two girls came up to Helen. One with bunned orange hair and the other with a brown bob and a white pauper’s hat. They began to talk to Helen.

“So,” said the brown-haired girl, “who’s the boy?”

“My name is Nicholas, They/Them,” Nicholas practiced the introduction to the girls.

The girl smiled, “My name is Joy, She/Her.”

The redhead also introduced herself, “and my name is Pammy, also She/Her.”

“They’re an exchange student from the States, he’ll be staying with me for a while,” Helen explained, which was all true, Helen volunteered to take Nicholas in as a host.

“Then why does Nicholas have a British accent?” Joy asked.

“They were born in Devon, then moved to New York, then came back to England to know more about their heritage,” Helen was a good liar. Nicholas didn’t know what Devon nor New York was, but they presumed they were towns in Britain and the United States.

“Oh, from New York, do you know the village?” Pammy asked.

“What village?” Nicholas asked.

Pammy nodded, “yep, they’re a New Yorker.”

Nicholas didn’t know what that meant, but it must have been a fluke that he passed some sort of test.

Helen grabbed Nicholas’ paper cup, and hers and placed them in the wastebin. “I better get home. I need to practice violin.”

“You and your violin practice,” Joy rolled her eyes.

“Hey, she performed at the Clocktower, show some respect,” said Pammy, “Now you two should go home. Nicholas probably needs rest from their first day of school after all.”

Nicholas nodded his head, “Yeah! School’s tougher in Bellbridge than New York.”

Both Helen and Nicholas grabbed their bags and went to the train to Helen’s home.


More like a mansion, Helen’s home was huge. Helen showed Nicholas a room with a bed, desk, and drawer. “We may need to do some clothes shopping this weekend.”

Nicholas took his original clothes out of his bag, “I still have these.”

“You’ll need more than that.” Said Helen.

Nicholas put his bag down on the desk, then walked with Helen outside to the yard into a white gazebo where she set up her violin. She began to play. Nicholas sat at the edge of the gazebo to watch. She was better than she made herself out to be. It’s amazing.

That was when Helen’s mum walked outside. “So, I got a note from your school that you took in an American exchange student?”

Helen stopped her violin suddenly and pointed to Nicholas, “yeah, this is Nicholas, they’re’ from New York.”

“You could have phoned me and asked,” said Helen’s mum, “it’s okay, sure, but ask before you make such commitments.”

 “I’ll ask next time,” Helen rolled her eyes, “But it was last minute, and I couldn’t use my phone in school and I don’t know your phone number. Sorry, mum.”

“It’s okay. How about ordering pizza tonight? The thought of cooking for three all of the sudden is a tad stressful. I’ll make the spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow.” 

“Sure,” said Helen.

Nicholas smiled, “I like pizza.”

“It’s rather different from what it’s like in New York,” said Helen’s mum, “by the way, my name is Madeline Cartwright.”

“My name is Nicholas, They/Them,” Nicholas introduced themself and made a bow, “It’s a pleasure to be a guest at your abode.”

Nicholas had one less thing to worry about. Yet they knew the nightmaren had a prophecy they were hoping was made up just to scare NiGHTS out of their rebellious behavior.  

~`When Nightmare is thrown to reality, we must find the Hands of Wizeman, Two in the First Ranks, One in the most powerful, One jumper, One in the water, and One wildcard. `~