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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 13


Helen had a purple and blue dress on as she and NiGHTS were putting on makeup. NiGHTS doctored her last year’s spring fling dress with Helen’s father’s suit to wear. Her father wasn’t using it since he was in a different home and never brought anything with him. NiGHTS’ hair grew a bit, but they kept their roots up as best as they could. The roots were pink out of digression that the drug store didn’t have purple. NiGHTS leaned how to put on makeup from Puffy, which made them look like a Drag Queen. Or was it Drag King? Drag Monarch!

Looking good would have been fun if it wasn’t for the battle for the last Hand of Wizeman. If they win, everyone stays, if Reala wins it’s a tie, and there has to be a discussion. One thing to know about Reala, they hated discussing. Puffy volunteered to be their fighter since she couldn’t get expelled if she attacked anyone. She also volunteered to chaperone Jackle, NiGHTS, Helen, and Will. They heard the car beep, and it was Puffy in her car. They both hopped in and talked about the plan.

“I already talked to GIrania, he is no so keen on staying here. He’d rather be a fish.” Puffy explained.

“Doesn’t everyone,” Will sarcastically mused.

“I got him to not care about the results, if he can be in a giant fish tank. I thought I would take over the bar and not change it up. Community Theatre only pays so much.”

“I thought Community Theater is voluntary,” Helen asked.

“Not if you set out a basket for the show and say, ‘for charity’ on it,” Puffy laughed, “but really, I need a real job.”

“So, Jackle will come up to Girania and pretend to be on Reala side, then ask for the hand in Reala’s behalf.”

“Don’t first rank have to take the hands?” Jackle asked, “Ohhhh, you forgot I was 1.5 rank. I can dualize, but my free will was limited in Nightmare.”

“Then you could be any age?” Will asked, “why choose 11?”  

“I didn’t know how long I’ll be on Earth. I thought the younger the better so I don’t have the change my identity. The one I came up with was hard enough.”

“You’re human name is Jackle,” Helen said deadpan.

“She gets it,” Jackle whispered as they pointed to Helen.

They drove up to the school and parked without a plan. Jackle took a dolly and a drum kit from the car. “The Kings of Avalon are here for one night only.”

“Jackle, you didn’t tell us you were playing at the Fling,” said Will.

“Oh that’s because I’m playing with Reala.”

“Perfect, we have a plan,” said NiGHTS, “We distract Reala from Girania until they play, then I’ll get the hand.”

“Good idea,” said Helen.”

They walked inside of the building where the drama is about to happen.

The decorations looked like the set from The Three Musketeers Musical last year. Clever, even if it’s not the right time period. The snacks had cupcakes, meat pies, and cubed cheese. Perhaps too historically accurate, besides the cupcakes.


Jackle was the first the distract Reala, mostly with technical stuff about The Kings of Avalon.

Reala was far away at the gym and scream, “Sound check.” Jackle played a bit, and Reala yelled, “good.”

“Now go to the hall,” said Jackle, “I want to hear how many people can hear our music.”

Reala rolled their eyes, then smiled, “good idea, gets more people in the gym.”

Jackle continued this until Reala was in the Football field.

That was where Reala met Will, who was kicking a few balls into the goal, “Want a one on one?”

Reala snorted, “I hardly know how to play.”

“Of course, you do, you’re really good, you just lack form and practice,” said Will. He kicked a ball to Reala, “’Catch the ball with the side of your foot, then kick with your toe.”

Reala ‘Caught’ the ball with the side of the foot, “Is it the same if it pass to you?”

“You’re catching on.”

Reala didn’t have a one on one with Will, but Reala learned how to play Football. When Reala was walking back they ran into Puffy. “I got some of your good moves with that Football, can I post it on Goes the Clock.”

Reala smiled, “Or I can sing one of my songs from the show next month.”

Puffy made an intro, “Upcoming Captain Hook for his school’s play,” Puffy handed Reala her phone, and whispered “three-minute limit.”

Reala sang his song, then looked at their watch,” I only have a few more minutes:”

Reala ran, until Helen stopped them. “Hey Reala, why are you always so mean to NiGHTS all the time.”

That started a whole monologue, “Then they kept on taking their Persona off…” “Then they killed Wizeman.” “Send me to this Wizeman Foresaken Earth.”

Then they heard the announcement, “Time for the Kings of Avalon.”

Reala ran as fast as they could and got on their guitar. They played their one song, per promised by the committee, only to see NiGHTS Holding a Hand of WIzeman.

That worm! Reala attempted a people wave, but they were too heavy to carry. The few people that caught them lowered them down to the ground. Which was the goal after all.

Joy got the guitar to not ruin the performance. Afterall, her machine was preprogrammed.

Reala formed themselves to Nightmaren form and threw a ball at NiGHTS. Only for Pammy to catch it, “So you reject me in Nightopia but accept me on Earth,” Pammy pointed to NiGHTS, “Is NiGHTS why you dated me in the first place.”

Reala needed to put her down gracefully. He kissed her in the lips, then said, “is that what you want? Now I need to get what I want.” Reala flew over to NiGHTS who was also in Nightmaren form?

“Poise as always Reala.”

Pammy slumped down to the floor crying.

Reala took the Hand of WIzeman from NiGHTS, “I didn’t use Pammy for you, I did it for Master Wizeman.”