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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 12


NiGHTS looked out the window, and saw a deer with round horns. That had to be Selph. NiGHTS morphed into their nightmaren form and flew over to the deer. NiGHTS made a bow, “Greetings deer, I would suppose that you are Selph.”

“Nice to know someone wants to know about myself, rather than getting a Hand of Wizeman.” The deer snidely spoke to NiGHTS.

“You’ve been going about the Cartwright yard in different forms, ever thought of going in the form of a Visitor?”

The deer began to laugh, “With your hierarchies and derma? No way, but I know about the prophecy, and that I’m the Wildcard apparently. I don’t care if Wizeman gets revived or not. Wizeman is such a drama queen who creates hierarchies in Nightmaren; I mean Nightmaren with their ranks… Nightopians don’t even have hierarchies and they’re all different do you see Owl tout about a rank. I don’t think he has one.”

“Isn’t that more the reason to stop the revival of Wizeman? You can keep being a forest critter, and we can keep our livelihoods as visitors.”

“I’ll be honest, I’ve been talking to Reala too, they have a good point that we need to go back to where we were, and if Wizeman can make Earth Nightmare it wouldn’t make a difference.”

NiGHTS stuck out their togue, “But nightmare never changes, what is great about Earth and Visitors is that they change, they invent, and they innovate. I was learning that Michelangelo, a man from 500 years ago came up with concept to fly used to this day.”

“Visitors can fly?” Selph asked.

“Not in the same way Nightmaren do, but yes, they do it in groups and it’s sort of like an automobile. Helen’s Sister, May, used a plane to get to England from New York, which are very far cities.”

“Oh, New York, isn’t that the city you lie about coming from?” Selph made a cackle, “That sure blew up in your face.”

NiGHTS pouted with regret, “Not the point, you’ve heard both side, which one will you choose.”


NiGHTS opened their mouth, then closed it again.

“Earth has a long way to go, I don’t want to stop that. I don’t want to be involved with the Visitors, but they are doing good for extending their knowledge, innovation, and trying their best for the planet.” A gray human hand with an eye on it came out of Selph, “here you go, keep it safe.”

NiGHTS nodded their head, “thank you, you are a good ally.”

“You’re better than Reala, they just ignore the ones who don’t have Hands and honor the ones that do. That’s the real reason why I gave you the Hand. Puffy didn’t have the Hand, and she’s still helping you. Gulpo didn’t have a hand, and you still bought fish and chips from him.”

“Huh, never thought of Reala as being such a scrub.”




Puffy didn’t even take her hairspray down. It was the costume rehearsal for Hairspray, and as much as Puffy looked great; how could people sixty years ago have their hair that sticky to look good? She went to the nearest bar and looked at the menu. Puffy was often the one for girly drinks, bur Mead sounds good. The man at he bar had a helmet on and a goatee, “How may I serve you?”

“I’d like the mead and the cheese curds,” said Puffy. She took a look at him, he looked a little familiar, “Are you catering for the school Dance at Twin Seeds West?”

The man nodded his head, “Yeah, not sure how you’d know.”

“I once scared kids in the night,” Puffy coded.

The man Jumped over the bar, “You can’t have my Hand, it belongs to Ren.”

“Get over yourself, only those with the hand can take another hand,” Puffy quickly explained, “I don’t have a Hand, so its really futile.”

Girania jumped back into the bar, “So it’s mead and cheese curds?”

“Yes,” said Puffy, but had to ask, “Why are you wanting to revive Wizeman?”

“Do we have a choice? I want to go back to Nightmare and be back in the waters!” Cried out Girania, “I don’t want to work all day in a place a distilled foods that claim to be water.”

“Why don’t you visit Gulpo someone and swim in the ocean. Heck, you can be in your Nightmare form and create an urban legend.”

“How is Gulpo?” Girania asked.

“A businessperson just like you, sell fish and chip at the beach.”

“Isn’t that cannibalism?” Girania asked.

“Only if they eat it,” Puffy explained, “They go to their Nightmare form during breaks and swim. You should try it.” Then Puffy looked behind her, “Or install a fish tank here and swim on your breaks.”

“But I promised Ren my allegiance to Wizeman,” Girania noted, “I don’t want to fail Wizeman again.”

“IF Wizeman remains dead,” Puffy Inquired, “would failure even matter?”

Girania blinked a few times, “Come to the school dance with NiGHTS. The school needs chaperones anyway. We will be fighting, but only in the theatre room.”

Puffy was more of a performer than a fighter. That was why her use of technique was bouncing around until she gets lucky and hits someone. Yet she knew NiGHTS liked to fight, so she nodded her head. She pulled her pink bunny eared hoodie up and walked out of the pub. She took out her cellphone and texted NiGHTS everything.

NiGHTS didn’t get the message until the next morning. The morning of the dance.