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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 11


Moonpounds was a café chain, but a perfect place for a first date. Jackle ordered a Pistachio Frappe (They had pistachio on their list) and Joy ordered a hazlenut mocha. After they got their drinks, they went to the sitting room to see Reala and Pammy.

“Hey Pammy, excited about the Spring Fling meeting Monday? It’s out last one!”

Pammy gave a huff of anxiety and sipped on her drink, “It’s the ‘last one’ part that gets to me.”

“What’s wrong with it being last?” Jackle asked, “Do you need to pass a torch or something?”

Joy laughed, “no, first years are just as allowed as second years. It’s just we have a lot of organize left. A King Arthur theme seemed epic considering that One Book One School was The Once and Future King, but it might have been too big of a theme.”

“What do you need to get done?” Jackle asked, “I can help streamline it.”


“So, what about music?” Pammy asked at Monday’s after-school Spring Fling meeting where Reala, Jackle, and Joy were present, “Seeing we don’t know what types of music King Arthur listened to, we can do the popular attach Dotify to a stereo trick.”

Jackle raised their hand, “I can volunteer to put together playlists and make a request playlist.”

“Oh, what if people Chirped to Jackle on their Song requests? It does get loud,” Joy suggested.

“How are people supposed to know Jackle’s handle?” Reala asked.

Jackle showed their phone to Reala to see a phenomenal follower count, “Oh, they’ll know.”

“We can also have flyers explaining the protocol,” said Pammy.

Reala sighed, “Okay, I’ll admit, I can play a lute.”

“Lyre,” Huffed Jackle.

“I can play any string instrument imaginable, just like you can percussion.”

“I also sing,” Jackle admitted, “If we had a bass, we can put together a band for the fling.”

Joy took out a machine that made a deep sound, “how about that?”

“So, what about a name?”

“The Mists of Avalon?” Joy suggested.

“The Once and Future Kings?” Reala Suggested.

Then Pammy suddenly objected, “you all have the Musical, you can’t do an entire live show for a school dance.”

Jackle frowned, “but it’s such a cool idea.”

Pammy pinched her forehead, “how about playing one song at the end of the night. You can discuss amongst yourselves what song and band name.”

“So, what else is in order?” Joy asked, she looked at the list, “decorations?”

“We can use the old castle background for last year’s Three Musketeers play,” Joy suggested, “not the same era, but a castle no less.”

“Good idea,” Pammy said, “always good to recycle.”

“That musical was weird,” Joy mused, “there were four musketeers, not three.”

“One of them was kinda an awkward character,” Pammy giggled, “Will Taylor did a great job with him. Always good to have the musical outside of football season.”

“Wait, Will acted and sang?” Reala asked.

“You know Will?” Pammy asked, “I never seen you two talk.”

“We knew each other in a different place,” Reala considered.





NiGHTS was at Will’s home with Will’s brother; Gene. He had Will’s dirty blond hair and thick black glasses and seemed like he was wearing them way before they were cool, and after they were cool. NiGHTS looked at a chart.

“So, there’s the twins, the shadow, then the self?” NiGHTS asked.

“I would analyze that Will and Helen are the twins, you’re the shadow, and the creature in Helen’s yard is the Self.”

“Well, literally; their name is Selph,” NiGHTS scratched the back of their head. “They can become anyone, including you.”

“Kind of ironic that a being named Selph doesn’t have a sense of self,” said Will, “Yet when I acted in the school musical last year, I was the same me in the outside, but someone else in the inside.”

“Selph has a personality, just not a true appearance,” said NiGHTS, “but Selph is someone I need to impress. I’m not sure how, but Reala will have to impress them too.”

“Well, what are you strong in?” Gene asked.

“I have a strong bond with my allies, unlike Reala. Yet Reala has more allies than me. Reala has a love partner, but I don’t see love anywhere in them; only her.”

“Selph may like quality over quantity,” Gene said, “why not fly off the window and talk to them about their thoughts and opinions. Just because they don’t have an outward self, doesn’t mean they don’t have an inward self.”

“You’re right,” NiGHTS nodded their head, “Next time I see a strange forest animal, I’ll transform to my true form and talk to them.”

“Why doesn’t Selph have a true outward self?” Will asked.

“Wizeman creates all Nightmaren and couldn’t decide on a form for Selph before we killed Wizeman,” NiGHTS explained.

Gene looked over Will’s Dream Journal, “Still can’t believe you killed a God. Wizeman is not in any of Earth’s pantheons, so it makes me wonder is everyone all wrong?”

“There are different gods that Wizeman takes the form of in many pantheons,” said NiGHTS, “Morpheus is the more famous of the bunch.”

“Oh, I thought Wizeman was being full of himself when calling himself a God,” Will said, “but his creations are left on Earth to gather him up again.”

“Well, we only have two Hands of Wizeman, maybe three if all goes well with Selph. Reala has two as well as far as we know.” 

“So, you’re tied in this competition,” said Will, “if we get the upper hand by getting The Wildcard, we could convince Reala to not revive Wizeman.”

“Not unless Reala finds Girania first,” said NiGHTS, “We don’t even know where he is.”

NiGHTS looked at the old phone Helen gave them it was just a text line from Jackle:


Jackle: Spring Fling meeting is so boring….

Jackle: I’d rather be editing the soundtrack for the play

Jackle: By the way, there’s a scene were Peter and Hook plays the flute, can you perform?

Jackle: It’s a King Arthur theme and they’re getting this Pub owner named Gerald Ina to use refreshment.

Jackle: At least I’m doing music, even doing a song for a band. Name pending. Want to join?

Jackle: Reala doesn’t know I’m on your side, they told me Gerald from the pub is GIrania.


This way seems like Reala’s fatal move. If NiGHTS has more hands, plus Reala has a good relationship with the school. Perhaps Reala could even date Pammy for real.  Jackle is having a great friendship with Joy; perhaps they might even date soon. NiGHTS doesn’t feel like they need a partner, but I’d be nice. Will and Helen are off the window, since they want them to be together. Yet there’s a massive population in Bellbridge, NiGHTS could meet someone.

“So, plan is: Talk to Selph, be on the winning side,” Gene said.

NiGHTS smiled, “we found out where the last hand is, and the location on where he works. The only problem is: they might be on Reala’s side.”