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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 9


This Captain Hook was a passionate one. They were at the library looking at books on pirates to get a better understanding of pirates. When they began to read they found out about Privateers, hired sailors who steal cargo from enemies. Reala got to the point when all the countries stopped paying privateers when…

“Got my book,” Pammy said as she showed up a black and red YA romance book, “Last one of the series, took forever to get it.”

Reala looked at the title, “isn’t there a movie on that… Quadlogy?”

“They only have the first two, but I heard they’re dividing the last book into two movies. She flipped through the paged, “700 pages after all.” Pammy looked at the books Reala was reading, “want me to borrow those on my card?”

“Are you sure with the book limit?” Reala asked.

“I’m going to take a lot of time with this one” Pammy flipped the pages again, “plus, you need a parent to sign you up. And you said yours are in China. I’m not sure if Don and Izzy would count.”

“Yes,” Reala gave the books to Pammy, “you can check them out for me. Then you can read them as research for your role.”

Pammy placed her finger on her chin, “I never used any method for acting before, but I have been only the chorus so everything focused on signing.”

“You have a few lines,” Reala said, “You can read after me.”

“Thank you,” said Pammy, “then I’ll return them to the library.” Then a thought occurred in Pammy’s head, “why don’t we read the original too!”

“Original what?” Ren asked in confusion, they already saw the play.

Pammy walked to the Junior Chapter Book section and took out an older looking book, “the oringal book,.”

It looked short enough, Ren took the chapter book as well.


It was a rainy day, but it was common in England. Pammy clenched the books into a totebag . Ren knew to make a move, “so, you heard anything from Helen lately.”

“Oh yes, her host brother made a new friend. He’s a first year with bright red hair. They’re kinda weird… but in a likeable way? They gave me a tarot reading. They said that I’ll have a misfortune that will give me opportunity.”

Ren wondered what that could even mean. Then Ren placed it all together. Red hair, weird, tarot cards.  That’s Jackle. Jackle always bragged about being the most powerful Nightmaren of them all. NiGHTS finally had a hand of WIzeman that isn’t their own! Yet why are they still hanging out with the likes of Jackle?

“Also, Helen’s sister who’s studying abroad is visiting for spring break.” Pammy said, “ She’s great. I saw her crazy hair on Jackle’s social media. Jackle is so good at editing; they edited it with the old My Little Pony song: Cupcakes. Mostly because she was making cupcakes.” 

Jackle wasn’t that charismatic in Nightmare. Yet seems like they developed a skill in the Waking World that made them popular. Reala was actually happy for Jackle, yet disappointed they didn’t find Jackle first. Why would they rebel just because NiGHTS found them first?

“Jackle has a lot of followers,” Pammy said, “Might be time until they’re getting sponsors like PuffySplash.”

“Whose PuffySplash?” Reala asked, Ren doesn’t need Puffy since they knew she didn’t have the hand of WIzeman; since Donbalon was the good jumper. Yet Reala was kind of curious about the whereabouts of their compatriots.

“A very large woman with an amazing signing voice. She sings songs from musicals, but also does parodies. She even did a duet of We Don’t Talk about Bruno with Jackle.”

Wait, so Puffy and Jackle also found each other, that may mean that she found NiGHTS. Not like that’s any use to NiGHTS. That news was a lot less alarming.

“May said she’s so good, her community theatre wants to do Hairspray next season with her as the star, but PuffySlash said that she doesn’t know how long she’ll be in Bellbridge.”

The ball knows the situation, good. They stopped at the pizza by the slice place Donbalon worked. Pammy stepped in to see Donbalon placing out a corn and cream cheese pizza.

“Can I have a cheese pizza?” Pammy asked. She took out two pound coins, “what would you like Ren?”

“Pepperoni for me,” said Reala. Donbalon placed the pizzas in the oven to warm up, and the two sat at a booth to wait for their pizzas. While they waited they reviewed over their lines and songs together.

 Donbalon gave them their pizzas, and a box to Reala, “I thought getting online would help with your homework.” He winked.

Obviously with Pammy being there, Donbalon couldn’t just say that social media might get Reala to the other nightmaren. Reala placed it in the library tote.



Reala looked at different social media outlets. Impresso and Goes the Clock was where Reala found Jackle, who went by Jackle and PuffySplash who was yes, Puffy. Jackle not only logged their events, but also remixed songs Reala had heard. Reala clicked to find Helen’s Goes the Clock and Impresso accounts. Reala made a account that made it obviously not them, and followed everyone they knew. Perhaps getting Gulpo, Girania, or whoever that Wildcard was will be easier with this phone.

There was a knock on Reala door, it was Queen Bella, “I painted this phone case.” It was a chevron design in Reala’s favorite colors: Black and red. Reala placed it on their phone when they realized they had books to read.

Reala learned about Edward Teech. Then read the novel, learning that Captain Hook worked for Blackbeard. Would the school allow sparklers in the auditorium?

Anyhow, Reala got a lot done today. Thank goodness Donbalon has been saving up for a phone and internet plan. Plus, Izzy’s cellphone case looked awesome! Reala looked at PuffySplash’s page where she is showing off bikinis for a seaside visit, “going to meet an old friend there! Hope they’ll be happy to see us!” Reala would never imagine Puffy in a bikini, but these were cut to make her look good. Perhaps THey could see Pammy in a Bikini and really look good. Also, no doubt they are looking for a Hand of Wizeman there; an obvious spot seeing the clue about one in the water.  Reala gave Pammy a text:


Want to go to the seaside this weekend?