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Journey on Earth ~`ReaWaKeN'~

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Journey on Earth `~ReaWaKeN~`

Andra Fable

Reality 8

NiGHTS and Helen were at an airport, but they weren’t going anywhere. Helen was tapping her toe nervously, but NiGHTS didn’t know why. NiGHTS was planning to play video games with Jackle after this, but NiGHTS didn’t even know what this was.

“So I have a sister, we have a seven years difference, so we weren’t really close,” Helen began to chatter, “She goes to NYU for theatre, but according to your story; you lived in New York.”

“Is NYU in New York?” NiGHTS asked.

“That’s the issue, you don’t know the first thing about New York. I may have to tell her the truth. Only thing is, not right away.”

It was true, NiGHTS didn’t know squat about New York. If Helen’s sister has been living in New York, she would know more than NiGHTS. This is a problem.

A girl with pink and purple ombre hair, a pink leather jacket, and a long blue skirt came out of the plane. Helen put up a sign, and she came towards them. “Nice hair,” said Helen, “Do it yourself, or went to a fancy salon.”

“Met a woman who worked at a fancy salon who showed me how,” said Helen’s sister, she shook Nicholas’ hand, “my name is May Cartwright by the way.”

“An honor,” NiGHTS bowed.

“Mum’s car is outside, we should get going,” said Helen.

“Yeah, and I have a friend coming over,” said NiGHTS, “playing video games.”

“Oh, I brought a Gamecube. A very underrated console.” Said May, “It has Mario Kart with Co-Op.”

 “That sounds amazing,” said Nicholas, “Is it too old to have it’s own Super Smash Brothers?”

“It had the best,” May winked.

Helen gave May her Dream Journal, “this is of importance of my life right now. Let’s just say, Nicholas is NiGHTS; and there are more wandering reality.”

“Oh fantasy novel comes to life,” May giggled, “I like.”


May went to meet with her friends in Bellbridge while Jackle and NiGHTS played with May’s old game console. The co-op with Mario Kart was okay, but the Smash Brothers was a lot of fun. The opening cutscene was just plain epic.

Jackle looked into May’s bag, “let’s see what other games she has. Then pulled out a DVD case of Sailor Moon the Complete first season Vol 1.

“Why would it be complete if there’ a volume 1?” Nicholas asked, “This doesn’t seems to be a game, but let’s pop it into the DVD player and see what it’s about.”


Helen was just finishing putting the groceries away for her Mum when she took a peek at Jackle and NiGHTS enchanted by all the sparkles and friendship of Sailor Moon. Helen sat down to watch, but related to a particular subplot that came about. Naru, the titular character’s best friend, was in love with one of the Dark Kingdom Generals. It didn’t seem to end well for the General; but this made Helen worry for Pammy. What if she sided with Reala?

The volume 1 ended, and Jackle dug in for a volume 2. “Looking for this,” May said with a copy of Skies of Acadia Legends. Behind her, was a robust woman with curly pink hair and a blue dress with brought pink tights. “This is Patricia, She/Her, but you may know her as Puffy.”

Helen and Jackle jumped up, “A good jumper.”

“I took some thinking, and decided to join allegiances with you. I take appearance as an adult, so that may pose some advantage.”

NiGHTS smiled. One thing they knew that the Wildcard Nightmaren wanted someone with allies. Being that NiGHTS had human and Nightmaren allies, this Nightmaren may give them the hand. Plus, Puffy might have been the Good Jumper.

NiGHTS smiled and nodded their head, “you’d make a great ally. If you don’t mind me asking, ‘do you have a Hand of Wizeman?’”

Puffy shrugged, “dunno, but you can try to extract it.” She turned into her Nightmaren form as NiGHTS did to their’s. NiGHTS Placed their hand on Puffy’s chest where to hand where be, but nothing happened.

“Oh brother, could the good jumped her Donbalon,” Jackle said, “that could mean the swimmer could be Giriania or Gulpo.”

“Puffy turned back to her human form, with a frown,” I’m sorry I can’t be of any help.

“What do you mean?” Nicholas asked, “you can help us find the other Hands of Wizeman, or watch Sailor Moon with us.”

“If we can find volume 2 of the complete series.” Jackle looked into May’s duffle bag frustratedly.

May dug around and found the second volume, “They went for fifty bucks a pop at first; they had to re translate it; so, it took a lot of time.  Too much for the fans of the show.”

Jackle placed the DVD in the DVD player, “then let’s see if they defeat the Dark Kingdom!”

“I hope they get new forms,” NiGHTS said.

“Not in the first season,” May said, “I don’t have the second season yet.”

Helen tugged on May’s sleeve, “can we talk?”


“So, you think Pammy is with someone dangerous like Nephrite?” Pammy asked, “You know he became good because of Naru. If it’s Reala, he does have that bad boy vibe…” 

“Yeah, Reala is trying to bring back their leader, Wizeman. I hope Pammy can make them good so this scavenger hunt can go to a halt, and everyone can stay here.”

“But think of Reala’s point of view, perhaps they don’t want to stay here.” May looked at the ceiling, “I wouldn’t want to stay in Nightopia disguised as a Nightopian for the rest of my life.”

Helen thought about Reala’s point of view on things. The Visitors were the enemy for Nightmaren; but also, a battery source by taking away their Ideya. The fact that they’re dating Pammy confused Helen. Reala was in the play with Pammy, yes, but Pammy was in the chorus as a pirate, and Reala was Captain Hook. “I’m just afraid of Reala using my friend for something devious and break her heart.”

“Now that’s the thing to be afraid of,” May made finger guns, “Reala is not authentic from what I’ve read in your journal. They tricked you into going to Will’s dream; and they are not being themselves.”

Helen looked at May like she had two heads, “not being themselves?”

May began to laugh, “What does the Nightmaren Persona mean?”

“Loyalty to Wizeman?” Helen couldn’t think of it as anything else.

“In my English Lit class, they said a persona is the façade of a person. What they appear, when there is someone else inside.”  May placed her finger between her eyes, “when NiGHTS was wearing their Persona they were joking about formalities.”

So maybe Pammy can be the path to Ren being good.

“Just don’t force Pammy to make Reala a rebel.” May advised Helen, “I know there’s other worlds out there; so I’m easy to believe in Nightopia. Pammy, not so much.”

Everyone will have to see what happens.