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An Ivory-and yet very Horny -Gate

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Arete wakes with a start.

Though maybe ‘wakes’ isn’t quite the right word… He doesn’t remember being asleep. And the place he finds himself in isn’t a pool of blood or any sight he’s remotely familiar with.

It looks like… A bedroom. But not Lord Zargeus’ room. Not his own room from the Enklima estate either. He squints against the low light, trying to bring the whole room into focus… but only making everything blurrier.

Suddenly, there’s a tug on the back of his nightshirt.

“A… Arete? What’s wrong?”

He turns to look at the figure beside him. A very naked figure beside him, and not just any figure. Adonis.

“Hrk-” Arete goes stiff as a board, and that little movement of his body also makes him painfully aware that Adonis is not the only naked person here. His face goes blank as imaginary math equations fly across his find. And things… just aren’t adding up.

“Adonis--” he finally squeaks out. “I- What… Did we? I mean… We’re… and… and you… You look…”

Adonis just smiles up at him. “Being shy again, huh? After last night I don’t think there’s any room for being shy between us.” He practically purrs the last word, sitting up to wrap his arms around Arete’s shoulders.

Arete practically short circuits. His whole body lights up with a cold fire. “I… We…” And he couldn’t even remember? What the fuck? What the fuck? He grips Adonis’s well toned arms. “We gotta- We gotta do it again!”

Adonis lets out a little nasally chuckle. “Do what?”

“The! What we did! Sex! We gotta have sex again! Because… Because…” Arete’s voice drops to a barely audible whisper as a bright red blush creeps up his face all the way to the tips of his ears. “I… I don’t remember… the sex…”

There is silence…

Arete quietly mutters: “Man… this is uh… one hell of a pregnant pause…”

He risks a glance at Adonis.

Heracles winks back at him, sexily.

Another strangled noise leaves Arete, who flails his arms too hard and goes tumbling off the side of the bed. He scoots all the way to the wall when he recovers from his fall, never taking his eyes off of Heracles. What. What.

“Hey there, Young Boy Man. Did my thunderstick shock you that much?” The demi-god slides out of the bed and--OH MY GODS.

Arete slaps his hands over his eyes. Then he wonders why he’s doing that… He bites his lip. I mean… It can’t hurt to look right? Right?

He slowly lowers his hands and…

Oh. Now it’s Alexander.

“Ooooh. I’m dead. I’m dead and this is a dream.”

Alexander rolls his eyes. “And what might your first clue have been?”

Arete gives a one sided shrug, rubbing his eyes. “Listen… Listen…”

When he looks up, he sees Heracles pinning Alexander to the wall of the colosseum again. Oh. Oh it’s actually much better from this angle…

He briefly pictures himself in Alexander’s position.

Arete almost feels Herc’s powerful arms pinning him to the wall like that… All the flexing and dominance… All the wet sloppy kisses that are almost lost in the heat of passion…

He shakes his head, switching mental tracks to something not X rated.

“What. What kinda dream is this? Am I having another sexual awakening dream? Because I’m pretty sure I already HAD this dream! Years ago! And like! I’m fucking dead, dudes. What’s the point of having this dream now

Rolf shrugs beside him, shoveling handfuls of popcorn into his mouth, “whash the poin in anyhing?”

“Could I at least get Adonis back? Like. Just one last time.”

“Last time?” Chaos oozes into the corner of his vision.

He lets out a soft, quivering: “noooooo.” And he covers his face again. “Not Chaos too…”

“I am no dream.” Chaos whispers into his ears. “And it seems the time has come for you…”

The sound and color slowly drain out of the room.

Arete feels his body relax. And he’s back in bed. But it’s not exactly a bed. It’s a river bed. He laughs softly, feeling the water slowly rise over his prone form. Arete slowly closes his eyes, feeling that river slowly carry him to--



ARETE!!” Adonis’s voice cuts through the silence. “Don’t- Don’t go. Please… Please don’t go.”

Arete struggles against the water. He tries to swim toward Adonis’s voice. “I- I’m coming! I won’t leave you!”


“I’m coming, Adonis!” He pushes through the river, fighting the current trying to carry him towards True Death. “I- I’m coming!” He fights. He swims as hard as he can--

Arete shoots up, coughing out the last of some… rather gross, coagulated blood.

He turns to Adonis, whose face is all puffy and red. With just… a tasteful little snot glob hanging out of one nostril.


“I came…” He says softly. “I-! I mean I heard you! I didn’t. I mean I came physically-NO--!”