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Memory Lane

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You were drunk, or well almost drunk. You weren’t sure when the girls would be back from a heist but you had the music blasting. You were wearing white button up shirt that’s was completely undone, a bottle of vodka (Not Lou’s watered down BS) in hand singing along, you didn’t hear the door open or the girls pile in but they all stared at you in slight awe 


“Summer lovin! Had me a blast!” You sang in tune with the music 


“Summer lovin’ happened so fast!” You continued, Lou walked more into the loft smirking as the others stood rooted to the spot, 


“I met a girl crazy for me!” You continued, Lou came up behind you, grabbed your waist and dipped you. Your mouth fell open as your shirt nearly slipped over your breast. You put on her hand on her chest to stabilize you.


“Met a girl as cute as can be,” Lou winked, at you. And lifted you back up 


“Summer days, drifting away,” You smirk


“To oh, oh the summer nights,” Lou smirked back, 


“Well-a well-a well-a huh, tell me more tell me more,” Debbie sang, you laughed and looked at her 


“Did you get very far?” Daphne asked,


“Tell me more tell me more,” Debbie smirked 


“Like does she have a car?” Tammy joined in, 


“She ran by me she got a cramp,” Lou sang wrapping her hand back around your waist, taking your vodka bottle to have a mouthful, 


“She ran into me, and got my dress damp,” You smirked, remembering back to the first day you met Lou. You were running late, you weren’t really watching where you were going and you and Lou ran straight into each other, she spilt her coffee all over you. Without thinking you scribbled your number on her hand and told her to text you so you could replace the coffee and ran off… you had left the blonde woman speechless, and Debbie still teased her about it to this day. 


“I saved her life, she nearly got hit,” Lou sang, lips twitching. If anything it was her fault you almost got hit by the bike. 


“She showed off, by racing around,” You teased back, the blonde had started chasing the guy after he nearly hit you. You couldn’t stop laughing. Even now when you thought about it, you would randomly burst out laughing, you felt her fingers dig into your sides as your lips twitched to stop yourself from laughing. 


“Tell me more tell me more, was it love at first sight?” Debbie sang, she knew for a fact it was, for Lou anyway. Then the two of you organised the coffee date, you came back over and never really left. 


“Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?” Nine-ball joined in, you played a little hard to get. But you enjoyed the thrill of the teasing the both of you did.


“Took her bowling in the arcade,” Lou smiled down at you, 


“We went strolling, drank lemonade,” You said softly. It was your first proper date, you went to the arcade for dinner, ate pizza, went bowling and played some games.


You both walked hand in hand down to the water, watched the waves softly hit the shore, you relaxed into her side closing your eyes as the cold water hit your feet and wind blew in your hair. It was still your favourite date by far. 


“We made out under the dock,” Lou continued, you bit your lip. Eyes darkening, as you remember feeling the blonde’s lips on yours for the first time. Lou’s fingers twitched against you, you knew her thoughts were similar to yours. The bottle had been taken from you, by someone who you don’t know, nore did you really care. Your focus was on Lou and the soft soothing circles in your bare hip.


“We stayed up until ten o’clock,” You sang quietly, not sure if the others even heard you. Your blood was thumping in your ears, and realistically you just wanted to drag her to the bedroom, and ravish her. 


“She got friendly down in the sand,” Lou timed in, you had zoned out and didn’t even hear the other girls singing at this point, you knew it was your turn but the words wouldn’t form. You kept just looking up at Lou, your eyes flicking between her eyes and lips. The rest of the world didn’t matter to you anymore, you felt her tug you towards the stairs, you didn’t even know if the girls were still here or not but you were to caught up in Lou.


The door shut behind you, you felt your back press up against it and her lips on yours, you gasp and press into her. You were suddenly thrown into reality and kissed her back earnestly, you pushed her back towards the bed and she fell backwards you were on top of her in seconds, biting, sucking, licking, nipping, and kissing every inch of her body. She moaned quickly arching into holding your hair lightly, she pulled you up and kissed you desperately, your shirt was off within seconds, her fingers were inside you and you were rocking your hips in time with her thrusts. You fumble for a few seconds but took a deep breath and she was watching your rhythm with her own hips. It was a familiar dance the both of you knew and have done many times before. 


You both climaxed together, and you fell on top of her softly. You felt her hands softly running over your body bringing you back, 


“Hi,” You mumble, into her neck. She chuckled and kissed you hair as your body slowly stopped tingling.


“We barely made it to the bedroom,” Lou smirked, you flushed wondering what happened. 


“You almost scared Constance and Daph,” Lou hummed, you shrugged not really caring. You sunk into Lou, your breath turning even as you drifted into a peaceful sleep.