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Playing by the rules

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You and the girls were drinking and playing truth or dare, when Daphne turned to you with a smirk on her lips. 


“Y/N, I dare you to flirt with Lou,” Daphne smirked, sitting back taking a sip of her drink. You raised your eyebrow and looked over at the blonde, who was watching you curiously wondering what you would do. After Debbie left, and then went to jail you’ve found yourself in the blondes bed a few times. Not that either of you told anyone, but when Debbie came back it 

stopped which you were kinda pissed but understood. You weren’t sure if the two were back together or not, but you guessed you were about to find out.


You stood up and walked towards the blonde woman, straddling her, holding her chin. 


“I’m not shy, I’ll say it. I’ve been picturing you naked,” You smirked, your running your hand teasingly over the open part of Lou’s shirt. The woman shuddered underneath you, 


“I’m a little faded, you look like a fucking painting, big doe eyes, amazing,” You husk, Lou’s hands crept to your thigh squeezing you lightly as she gulped. 


“She’s everything I’ve been praying, my heart palpitating, she looks like the type to break it,” You whisper. The girls watched their mouths open. Debbie looked between pissed and jealous, you turn to Debbie, who was sitting near Lou, a smirk on your lips. 


“Me and your girlfriend playing dress up at my house, I gave your girlfriend cunnilings on my couch,” You purred, licking your lips remembering the taste of Lou on them.


“She cute,” You smirk, your eyes flicking to the blonde, 


“Kawaii, henti boobies that excite me,” You rasp, as you grab one, Lou sucks in a breath and closes her eyes. She knew her and Debbie will probably argue 

about this later, but she has to admit she misses have you in her bed. 


“I think she really like me, ask polity can I ohh-hoo-ohh,” You purred, cupping the blondes jaw and pulling her into a deep kiss, Lou pulled you kissed deepening it further your hand went for her jaw to her hair yanking slightly, she pulled back panting eyes closed. You pulled away and climbed off her, and sat back down taking a sip of your drink. Everyone stare at you mouths agape, 


“That was hot,” Constance eventually said, causing you to let out a laugh in amusement. Oh they didn’t even know the half of it, Debbie was fuming. 


You bit your lip, at least trying to keep the amusement off your face. You sipped your drink and tried not to look over at Debbie and Lou, who looked like they were having a quiet yet heated argument. 


“Was it good?” Daphne whispered, sitting beside you


“Hmm?” You blinked, looking at her. 


“The sex with Lou, it’s obvious it actually happened,” Daphne rolled her eyes, you licked a drop of alcohol that fell from your lips. Daphne’s eyes flickered down to watch the action, you lent forward your mouth brushing against her ear. You noticed Lou sent a quick glare over towards you, but you ignored it. 


“It was better than good, she has a wicked tongue, and those fingers. She definitely knows what she’s doing,” You whisper, you lent back and watched as the brunette's thighs twitched. You smirk as you get to your feet to walk towards the kitchen to get another drink, Debbie followed you. Lou tried to stop her but there was no point, she was on a mission. Lou sighed, this was only going to end one in two ways, and she was nervous about which way it was going to go. 


“How dare you,” Debbie snarled, you raise your eyebrow.


“How dare I what?” You ask in mock innocence. 


“Seriously, you fucked my girlfriend,” Debbie yelled, you poured your drink rolling your eyes. You walked passed her looking over your shoulder,


“I fucked your ex girlfriend. Because YOU left her Decker,” You reply a twitch at your lips as you knew you used the wrong name 


“His name is Becker,” Debbie hissed, you rolled your eyes. 


“Like I care,” You mutter, walking past Lou running your hand over the back over the back of her neck, you looked down and sent her a wink before sitting back in your seat. 


“You’re going to give Debbie an aneurysm,” Tammy muttered, you sent her a shrug that Debbie's problem not yours. Debbie stalked back in coming up to you leaning close to your face, you looked up at her. 


“Can I help you?” You tease, she reaches out for you but you grab her wrist quickly, flipping her onto the couch, swinging yourself around so she was sitting on the couch and you were straddling her. Her hand pinned to the couch. 


Her mouth dropped open in surprise, she wasn’t the only one, 


“Do not touch me without my permission, understand,” You warned, you stood up, drowned your drink in one gulp and stormed out of the loft, heading towards the beach. Debbie sat there in shock, Lou frowned at Debbie in slight disappointment before going after you. Debbie watched Lou walk out wondering if there was more between the two of you than Lou let on, while she didn’t outright say the two of you had sex, she said she had been sleeping with someone clearly now that soemone was you. While Lou said it was nothing more then sex, Debbie can’t help but wonder if Lou was lying to herself.


“You okay?” Lou asked, as she came up beside you, 


“I’m fine,” You smiled, 


“Sorry,” You added, with a frown. 


“For?” Lou asked, crossing her arms leaning against the wall, you gave her a look. 


“You were dared to flirt with me,” Lou shrugged, 


“And I could have done it any other way. Part of me was being petty,” You shrug pursing your lips. 


“Oh?” Lou smirks, you blush lightly clearing your throat. 


“Can I ask you something? You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to,” You whisper, after a few minutes of silence, Lou has a feeling she knew what you were about to ask. She’s been waiting for this question honestly,


“Of course, you know you can ask me anything,” Lou replied honestly, you sent her a small smile before looking back over the crashing waves. 


“Why did we stop?” You ask quietly, Lou almost didn’t hear it. 


“I honestly don’t know,” Lou frowned herself, 


“With Debbie back, I…” Lou sighed, running a hand through her hair. This was such a messed up situation, the both of you weren’t meant to fall for each other. That was one of the rules before you both started sleeping together. It should have stopped after the second year… but here you are ten years later. Head over heels in love with the blonde and she you, and neither of you wanted to admit it out loud because it wasn’t meant to happen. 


“Forget I asked,” You mumbled, 


“Y/N, no I… it’s hard to explain,” Lou sighed, 


“Lou, seriously it’s fine. You and Debbie were together for what fifteen? More or less years. It was bound to happen if Debbie ever came back into your life,” You say quietly.


“She left me, and you were there to pick up the pieces,” Lou whispered,


“I was just a distraction,” You joke, Lou looked over at you sharply. A serious look on her face, almost vulnerable, it had caught you by surprise.


“You were never a distraction,” Lou said seriously, you nodded your head. Some fights aren’t worth fighting. 


“I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you,” Lou admitted quietly, you sucked in a breath and held it. Your heart was beating in your chest, you didn’t know what to say. Should you admit that you felt the same? If you did what would happen, 


“I wasn’t either,” You whisper eventually, you felt Lou tense beside you, you shivered against the cold wind cursing at yourself for not grabbing a jacket. Lou quickly pulls off hers and puts it over your shoulders, of course she was wearing a long sleeved button up shirt. You laugh emptily, Lou looked over at you. 


“So, now what? Do we go back in and pretend this never happened?” You asked, daring to look up at her. 


“Is that what you want?” Lou asked, you thought for a few seconds. 


“What I want, I know I can’t have,” You whisper, you were shaking again, but not because you were cold. Lou looked at you sadly, you turned away from her intense gaze. 


“Yes, it’s what I want,” You whisper, already putting your walls back up. 


“Y/N,” Lou frowned, reaching out for you, you moved away from her, shrugged her jacket off, gave it back to her and headed inside. You needed another drink and a distraction otherwise you would break down and having Lou, let alone everyone else see you cry was not how you expected your evening to go. Lou watched you walk off, a strained look on her face. What was she to do in this situation? You were Debbie’s best friend. The two of you grew up together, she knew what she was doing when she first took you into her bed. But she never expected Debbie to come back, she also never expected the brunette to end up in jail… okay she did but. She loved you, she had fallen in love with you. Of course she had, you don’t spend ten years fucking someone, and having them around without falling for them, but she still loved Debbie. She knew she couldn’t have her piece of cake and eat it as well, and she didn’t want to choose. But she also didn’t want to lose either of you. 


Lou sighed and closed her eyes, and lent her head back, when did becoming an adult become so difficult? She stayed outside for another tenish minutes before heading back inside, you were nowhere to be found, 


“She went to bed,” Daphne offered, Lou nodded once and sat down in her spot, her body tense and stiff. Debbie looked over at Lou, trying to read the blonde's expression. When you walked in, your face was flickering though so many emotions Debbie couldn’t even keep up, you claimed you were tired and heading to bed. Clearly things didn’t go well between the two of you, 


“Do you love her?” Debbie asked, Lou’s head snapped towards Debbie. 


“What?” Lou asked, not sure if she heard Debbie correctly 


“Do you love Y/N,” Debbie repeated. 


“Yes,” Lou whispered. Scared to admit it out loud. 


“Then go get her,” Debbie replied, she knew she had to let Lou go, she hurt Lou in the worst way possible. She promised she would never leave, and then she did. 


“Debbie,” Lou sighed. 


“Lou, if you love Y/N, don’t let her go. Don’t do what I did,” Debbie said earnestly, it was going to be hard to watch the both of them together but Lou deserves to be happy, and if you are who makes her happy why should she keep the both of you apart. 


“Are you sure?” Lou whispered, she looks so fragile in this moment, and Debbie isn’t sure she’s ever since the blonde look like that.


“I’m sure,” Debbie whispered, Lou stood up, and walked towards your bedroom. 


“That was very mature and strong of you,” Rose whispered, Debbie gave her a sad smile. 


“I should stop being selfish, I should have known Lou would have moved on. I didn’t expect her to wait around, but I also didn’t expect it to be my best friend,” Debbie chuckled lightly, 


Lou knocked on your door, you quietly let out a ‘come in’ and she saw you by your window seat. You looked at her confused as she stepped in and closed the door, she took a few strides to you, helped the back of your head and pulled you into a deep kiss, you kissed her back straight away and then went to pull away. 


“I want to be with you,” Lou whispered, you looked at her in shock, is this really happening? 


“Really, what about Debbie?” You whisper, 


“I got her permission, not that I needed it but. I want to be with you Y/N… I love you,” Lou whispered, 


“I love you too,” You whisper, pulling her into a kiss. Lou pulled you to your feet, and pushed you backwards the bed, you fell backwards when your knees hit the side. You pulled Lou with you, the blonde bit your neck and you gasped quietly. 


“Lou,” You whimper, you didn’t want the teasing or the games you wanted her… no you needed her to touch you. She came back to your lips kissing them harshly, you arched into her, pulling her closer if that was possible. 


“Lou, I need you please,” You whisper. Being mindful of your guest downstairs, Lou pulled your shirt over your head, the cold air hitting your nipples making them go hard instantly. Lou wrapped her lips around on instantly causing you to quietly call out, you grabbed a fist full of hair holding her through as she scraped her teeth along it lightly. You arched into her mouth, while the other hand came to tease the other nipple. 


“Your nipples have always been so sensitive, I wonder if I could get you off just playing with them,” Lou smirked, from around your nipple. You groan quietly, tugging her closer to your breast, causing the older woman to chuckle, you look down as you watch her swirl her tongue around the nipple before biting it down and pulling it. She switched to the other nipple, giving it the same amount of attention, and she knew for a fact you would be dripping. She wasn’t kidding when she said your nipples were sensitive. Lou pulled back with a pop, you whine and pull her back to them, the blonde raises her eyebrow.


“And here I thought you might want my lips and tongue elsewhere,” Lou purred, your eyes rolled into the back of your head, as you urged her down. She chuckled kissed your hip and pulled your pants down, you suddenly sit up and rid Lou or her clothes, the woman let you hastily take of the clothes and pull her back down against you, you sigh and arch into her as your naked bodies slide against each other. Once upon a time Lou might have thought her and Debbie were made for each other but looking down at your, your eyes heavily and filled with so much lust and love. She knew that there is no place on the earth she would rather be. 


Lou swooped down to kiss you, kissing her way down your body. She settled between your legs and you opened them wider, she kissed your inner thigh before you tugged her to where you wanted her. 


“So demanding,” Lou humed, blowing on your swollen clit, you bit your lip stopping yourself from calling out. You grab your pillow covering you face, when the blonde wraps her lips around you. You shouted into the pillow as it muffled your screams as you rode the blondes face, you were already so close from her just teasing your nipples and you both knew it wouldn’t take you that long to get off, she removed the pillow and replaced it with her lips and you moaned at the taste of yourself on her lips. Lou slipped two fingers into you, curling rubbing against your g-spot as her thumb circled your clit. She swallowed every single scream and moan, you buried your head into her neck as your orgasm slowly approached, your teeth sunk into her neck, hard enough to mark but not quite hard enough to make her bleed. Lou gasped and ground down against your thigh, your eyes rolled into the back of your head when you felt her wetness soak your naked thigh, and reached a hand between her legs.


“Fuck,” Lou hissed, her forehead pressing against your shoulder as she ground down agaisnt your fingers riding them, god you where so close but you held your orgasm off. You wanted her to cum with you, Lou’s hips turned frantic and you knew she was close, 


“Cum with me Lou, please,” You whimper, you bit down on her back, and she your shoulder as both your orgasms hit you. You both continued to slowly thrust your fingers into each other, as you both helped each other through your highs. Lou collapsed beside you the both of you panting, 


“Wow,” You laugh, 


“Agreed,” Lou chuckled, running a hand down her face. She pulled you towards her, you curled around her and softly ran your hands up and down her chest, as she made small circles into your back. You felt yourself slowly drifting off your hand falling flat against the older woman’s chest, Lou looked down at you with a small smile on her face, and let herself drift off you sleep as well. You can both talk about what these means for the both of you tomorrow but right now, she wasn’t going to let you go.