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Test Tube fumbled with her hair, sticking her tongue out. She’s been trying to figure out what to do with her hair for about ten minutes now, but she just couldn’t get it right for some reason.

She eventually huffed, her hands returning to her sides as she stared herself down in the mirror. It wasn’t that she looked bad with her hair down, it's just that it felt sort of…repetitive. Like she's had her hair down for too long? It was hard to explain.

Test Tube wasn’t usually one to obsess over her hair, so she didn’t know why exactly she felt like this. Maybe she just needed a small change? Something to do with her hands? She doesn’t really have her lab anymore anyways, just a shelf of small gadgets and personal belongings.

Maybe she just needed help?

So, that's how she found herself in front of Paintbrush's door. It was very clearly theirs, intricately painted drawings stuck up with tape all over it. One thing she praised MePhone for was that he got the team's cabins instead of making them sleep on the grass. (Sure, she had her lab in season 2, but it wasn’t the comfiest to sleep in considering she never thought of building a bedroom.) and on top of that they all got their own rooms!

No offense to Microphone, but sleeping in their shared room when she still lived in Hotel OJ was definitely… an experience. It’s why she mostly hung around in Fan and Paintbrush’s room.

Speaking of Paintbrush, the reason she specifically went to them is because they are arguably the best at styling hair. And either way, she wanted to ramble about things to someone that isn’t herself.

Test Tube fixed her glasses, then knocked on the door, hoping that they were awake. Even if it was around the afternoon, they weren’t exactly known for being the earliest bird. In fact, back in Hotel OJ some joked about them being nocturnal.

Luckily for her, she heard them yell “Come in!”. She opened the door quietly, taking in their room. it was more or less exactly the same as hers. Pale blush pink walls, a big bookshelf on the left wall, dark hardwood floors, a dresser, and a big circular rug with The Pinker's logo. Scattered around were paintings on the walls, a poster or two of a band she didn’t recognize, an easel, a few paint buckets, a small non-binary flag, and a picture of Lightbulb, Marshmallow, and themself.

On the bed, laying on a plain, orangey-brown blanket, was Paintbrush themself. They wore a dark brown cardigan over a desaturated baby blue shirt, and simple black pants, paired with white socks, and of course their iconic gray headband. Seriously, Test Tube doesn’t think she's ever seen them without it.

“Oh thank god it's not Silver- I mean- hey Test Tube! What is it?” Paintbrush was quiet when saying the first part, but she still heard it clearly. They looked up from their clipboard, and upon closer inspection, they were doodling a random landscape with a pencil.
“I- uh, I was wondering if you could help me with my hair..?” Test Tube mumbled awkwardly, silently starting to regret her decision. Were they too busy? They didn’t look to be, but she was still anxious about it.


And that was how she got here, on the floor at the foot of Paintbrush’s bed, the latter sitting behind her and combing her hair free of the small tangles in it.

“–And I’ve been meaning to see if they wanna help me with some drafts, such as maybe getting them a new hair color? I think I have something to help with that somewhere.” Test Tube rambled as Paintbrush set the comb on the bedside table, now holding three sections of her green hair and doing what she could only assume was braiding it.

“It sucks that I don’t have an actual lab anymore. I could do so much more for them if I just.. Had more room to put things.” Test Tube sighed, gesturing her hands out. She still felt slightly guilty over the whole Bowbot situation. “Hey, at least you're actually doing something about it. Even if it’s not much, I'm sure they still appreciate it.” Paintbrush said, grabbing a stray black hair tie and finishing the braid.

“Well, I’m done now! Want me to take a picture?” They asked. Even if she couldn’t see them, considering they were behind her, she could tell they were smiling. “Oh- Yes please!”