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Doing This

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''Are we really doing this?''

Melantha's quiet, unsure comment sounded all the louder in the quiet bedroom of Steward and Adnachiel. The two guys in question stood just a foot or two away from Melantha herself, sharing a look, whilst by her side Cardigan rocked on her heels with a broad smile, excitement in her eyes. An excitement that contrasted Melantha's own nervousness.

''Well yeah. No harm in it, right?'' Steward chuckled sheepishly.

''Mm. If you wanna back out though...'' Adnachiel trailed off, giving Melantha the choice.

The cat-girl immediately shook her head. ''N-No, it's fine... just a bit nervous...''

Steward smiled at that and approached Melantha, his right hand caressing her cheek and darkening the cat-girl's blush. His other hand settled on her hip and pulled her in close, tempting Melantha to curl her slender fingers around his Steward's black choker, demurely pulling him in close – until soon their lips touched in a kiss. Gentle, slow and easily eliciting a mewl from Melantha, the two dragged the moment out for several long seconds before pulling apart, staring into each other's eyes.

Then without missing a beat Steward leaned back in and kissed her once more. Melantha moaned in surprise, shivering as his hand slid from her cheek down to her upper-back, holding her close – the soft smooching of their lips audible in the quiet. With every kiss Melantha grew more comfortable with it, soft moans starting to slip past her small pink lips as her companion slid his hand further down her back, tickling her taut muscles with his fingertips.

''Ah...'' Until soon his fingers went under her dress, caressing her ass.

Melantha pulled back from the kiss with dark red cheeks, demure as she met Steward's eyes. With an innocent smile the fox-tailed Caster moved his hand back up to her waist and escorted her towards his bed, both of them crawling onto it and kneeling in front of each other, hesitating for only a moment before they went back to kissing. As they got more into it his right hand once more slid down her ass, trailing along the back of her soft thigh before moving up her front – cupping her clothed sex and daringly dipping his fingers under the waistband of her panties, stroking a moan from Melantha's lips.

At the same time Adnachiel and Cardigan moved over to the former's bed as well, kneeling down on it and already going at it. In sharp contrast to Melantha's shyness Cardigan was much more open and unreserved about her feelings; that fact acutely showing through as the Defender heatedly made out with Adnachiel, kisses and smooches coaxing groans from the Sankta's lips. She devoured the sounds with hunger, mewling back when he ran his hands over her and tempting her to do the same to him, touching his chest before sliding her hands down to his waist, working on his belt.

''Mm~'' Cardigan hummed as she pulled back from the kiss, grinning brightly as she got his white pants down to his thighs - revealing the white boxers he wore underneath dotted with hearts. ''Hehe, knew you'd wear these~''

Adnachiel flushed. ''Well you asked me to...''

Cardigan just snickered and pulled his boxers down, revealing his quickly-hardening cock. Without hesitation the Defender curled her slender fingers around his shaft, stroking it and easily coaxing a moan from Adnachiel's lips, a visible shudder lancing through him. More sounds of pleasure slipped out as Cardigan pumped his cock more, her grip adjusting several times until she had a comfortable hold on his cock.

''Ahh... Cardigan...'' The Sankta moaned feebly.

Cardigan responded by getting down on all fours in front of him, shooting a wink his way before boldly kissing the tip of his cock – her tongue playfully swirling around the head. The feeling was pleasurable to an explosive degree, sending a sharp jerk through Adnachiel's body and forcing a moan from his throat, yet Cardigan didn't stop – continuing to lick and lap at the head of his shaft. She got more playful by the second, leaning down more and stroking the underside of his cock with her tongue; lifting it up and about with the wet appendage.

All whilst her hand kept jerking him off. From base to near the tip she stroked, leaving the head free for her to lick like she was handling an ice-cream. The comparison was hindered as Cardigan smooched the tip and then deliberately drooled onto the tip of his dick, her hand stroking up and helping smear her spit into his shaft – before with next to no warning Cardigan took the tip between her lips and sucked on it, sliding her lips deeper down before Adnachiel's moan had even left his throat.

''Mm~ Mmph, smch~'' Cardigan grasped onto his pants and tugged them down a little more, using them as a hand-hold as she blew him.

''A-Ah... Steward...!''

At the same time Steward was working his own fingers too; pumping them between Melantha's smooth lips and into her hot core, eliciting no small number of gasps and moans from the submissive cat-girl. Steward stifled them with a chain of quick kisses and deeper smooches, his other hand caressing her back aimlessly as he got her off.

That was until he withdrew his fingers from her sex, his hand escaping her panties a second later. Melantha whimpered at the sudden lack of fingers inside her but any further complaints withered on her tongue as Steward gently pushed her down; easing her onto her back. The reason why became apparent as he ran his hands over her hips and pulled her black panties along her slender legs, darkening Melantha's cheeks and prompting her to push her dress down, covering her bare pussy.

''Relax.'' Steward soothed her, kissing the back of her hand.

Melantha blushed and obeyed, demure as she laid her hand off to the side and opened her legs, giving Steward room to shift between her thighs. The fox-boy didn't hesitate to take advantage of that, pushing her dress up to her waist and moving his face between her warm inner-thighs, his breath brushing against her lower lips – until his tongue lashed out, stroking her sex.

''Mm!'' The sensation alone made Melantha tensed up – whimpering in embarrassed arousal as he spread her open, allowing him to lick and lap at her insides. ''A-Ah... Steward~''

Just hearing Melantha mewl his name in such a cute tone made Steward blush. It also emboldened him to do more; his tongue growing more eager as he ate her out, wriggling his tongue against one spot or sliding it over another, never pausing for even a moment and giving the cat-girl no time to breathe, overwhelming Melantha with sheer pleasure. Coupled with his prior fingering, and he wasn't surprised to taste her honey with every stroke of his tongue, lapping it up without hesitation.

The cat-girl could barely handle it; her gasps and moans rising into whimpers and cries of pleasure, her head pushing back into the sheets and her toes curling tight. Her right hand darted down to his head and pushed him between her thighs with a whine, unintentionally rubbing his animal ears as she did so, coaxing a low groan from Steward's throat. The sound tickled her sex and only pushed Melantha closer to her limit, the sheer lewdness of the situation too much for the cat-girl to handle.

''Ah, S-Steward...!''


Adnachiel's own gritted groan filled the bedroom as Cardigan merrily bobbed her head, slurping his shaft and stroking the underside with her tongue. The feeling was almost too much; burning pleasure surging up his cock as her lips slurped along it, coaxing a needy want further and further up his shaft. And as he looked over, watching Melantha get eaten out by Steward, he found it impossible to hold back.

And with a sharp shout, he climaxed in Cardigan's mouth. The dog-eared girl moaned in surprise and pushed herself all the way down his shaft, readily swallowing every rope of cum he shot down her throat – the intensity of the feeling leaving him gasping and shuddering. At the same time across the room Melantha reached her own climax, a shrill gasp tumbling from her lips and her back seizing up off the bed, both hands holding Steward's face into her crotch as she spasmed in pleasure.

Until with a near-unified moan both Adnachiel and Melantha relaxed; the latter whimpering as she flopped limply back onto the bed, her modest chest heaving with every gulping breath she drew in.

With rosy cheeks Steward leaned back, his lips and chin wet with her juices until he wiped them away with the back of his hand. Then without a word needing to be said he shuffled off to the side, allowing Cardigan to cheekily push Adnachiel over to his bed – the two of them half-coaxing, half-nudging the Sankta in front of Melantha. The swordswoman in question flushed but didn't seem to mind, her right hand demurely covering her mouth and her legs shifting open once more.

Adnachiel delayed the inevitable, spending a couple moments to take off his long boots and pants fully before soon getting between Melantha's legs. His cock was easily brought back to full hardness from the sight of her bare, glistening sex, the tip of his cock rubbing along it and poking in a tiny bit, teasing a moan out of Melantha. Adnachiel smiled wryly at that, sparing an embarrassed look over at Cardigan and Steward who sat off to the side, waiting.

''You two don't have to watch...'' Adnachiel embarrassedly said.

''It's fine~'' Was Cardigan's merry response.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes in fond exasperation Adnachiel lined himself up – and with a unified moan he sunk into Melantha. She was wet; his dick sinking between her searing walls with ease and practically sliding him in up to the hilt, managing to fill Melantha on the very first thrust. The way her inner walls clamped down and constricted his cock felt heavenly, almost melting his mind before Adnachiel snapped himself out of it, grunting as he shifted slightly into a more comfortable position between her legs.

Then with just a brief moment of eye-contact for permission, Adnachiel started to move. Slow, caring thrusts pulled him out and sunk him back in, never failing to elicit a moan or whimper from Melantha, the submissive cat-girl responding by curling her black tail around his right arm. He planted his hand on the bed next to her at that, his other hand sliding up her hip and aimlessly stroking her thigh, making her tighten up in embarrassment.

''Ah... ahh... Adnachiel...'' Melantha mewled out, bashful as she cupped his cheeks. ''Kiss me...''

The Sankta flushed and obliged, leaning down. The moment their lips made contact they were all-in on it, the tentative smooch immediately melting into something hotter and more passionate – muffling their mutual moans with how deep the kiss became. Their tongues swiftly got involved, any demureness on Melantha's part briefly vanishing as she fought back with her nimble tongue, wrestling with his and soon taking the fight back to his mouth, exploring it with almost hungry vigour.

The need to breathe though soon forced them apart, a synchronised gasp escaping them. The brief lull though lasted for just a few moments before they were back at it again, lips mashing together. Adnachiel's hips didn't stop either; pumping him forth between her walls and hilting himself inside Melantha with growing vigour, their flesh smacking together and sending seizing bolts of bliss up her slender frame, making her tighten around his cock with a whimper.

All whilst Cardigan and Steward watched.

''They're really going at it, huh...'' Steward murmured, cheeks pink.

''Yep~'' Cardigan cheerily said. ''Also, Steward~''

''Yes?'' The fox-eared Caster started to look at her-

-and his whole face went scarlet as he witnessed Cardigan pulling her dress up and over her head, revealing she was wearing nothing underneath it – no bra nor any undershirt present to hide her flat tummy and plump, shapely breasts. The dog-girl smugly slid an arm under her breasts at that, wiggling her brows playfully as she pushed her chest up; though the illusion of smugness was ruined by her burning cheeks.

''Let's have some fun too, yeah?'' Cardigan suggested, managing a small, if still cheeky smile.

Steward gladly agreed. Unbuckling his belt he got both it and his black pants off within a couple moments, kicking them both to the floor and leaving him in his black boxers – the undergarments lasting all of a few seconds before Cardigan tugged them down. The dog-girl cooed at the sight of his erect cock and didn't waste a second before she took the tip between her lips, giggling faintly before she gave it a strong suck.

Steward's stilted moan told her how he felt about that; pleasure throbbing along his aching shaft as Cardigan started giving him head. She was good at it; her tongue slithering over and around the tip with rhythmic movements before she took him in even deeper, her tongue instead pressing itself flush against the underside of his cock. Far from submissive though Steward ran his hand over her bare bare, admiring her taut muscles and sliding his hands around to her front, groping her breasts.

''Mmph~'' Cardigan let out a muffled moan at that, her breath warm against his cock.

The hot exhale preluded the strong suck though, forcing yet another moan out of Steward as the dog-girl started bobbing her head with more excitement, her lips gliding along his shaft and getting it wet with her spit. Steward groaned at the blissful feeling and rocked his hips, thrusting gently into her mouth whilst he fondled her tits, squishing her plump breasts between his fingers and hefting them about.

Up until Cardigan slurped her lips off of his cock and leaned more upright. Steward didn't miss a beat and darted in, stealing a surprise kiss and devouring Cardigan's moan, his hands unbuttoning her jean shorts with quick tugs and yanking the zipper down – allowing his slim hand to slip inside her panties. A shudder travelled through Cardigan and she moaned against his lips, quickly becoming the submissive one as Steward stuck two fingers inside her sex and started to finger her, getting her off with rhythmic rolls of his wrist.

''Ah, Mn, S-Steward~'' Cardigan whined in a quivering, horny tone. ''D-Don't tease me~''

''Says you.'' The Caster retaliated, a slight smile on his lips as he kissed her again. ''You're already soaking-wet down here.''

Cardigan went scarlet. ''W-Well, kinda hard to not be with you three here...''

Steward chuckled at that and slowly withdrew his fingers, spending a moment to tease her lips before pulling his hand out entirely. Cardigan flashed him a shy smile and grasped her shorts, shoving them down alongside her pantyhose – fighting with them for a moment as they got stuck around her ankles, prompting Steward to helpfully grab them and pull them off for her. Cardigan giggled sheepishly at that, winking her thanks.

Steward just chuckled in return, removing his boxers and watching as Cardigan laid down on her back, both legs raising straight up before she pulled her plain black panties up her long legs, tossing them at his chest and giggling. Steward responded by getting in front of her, rubbing her thighs and sending a shiver of anticipation up through Cardigan, the dog-girl soon rolling over onto her front instead – sticking her ass up into the air whilst keeping her face in the sheets.

''Do it like this.'' Cardigan said, slowly shaking her hips and wagging her tail. ''C'mon~''

Steward smiled wryly and agreed, the moans of Adnachiel and Melantha rich in the air as he got behind Cardigan on his knees, stroking his wet cock and lining it up with her dripping-wet entrance, the tip easily parting her puffy lips – and with equal ease he pushed inside the Defender. Familiar, fleshy heat clamped down on his cock in an instant, forcing a blissful groan out of the Caster and enticing him to push himself in even deeper, sliding himself all the way to the base inside her and filling Cardigan to the brim.

And then without a word said he started to fuck her. Sliding out, plunging in; his hips worked on instinct alone and clapped his pelvis against her shapely ass, the sound of smacking skin echoing throughout the bedroom – joined soon by Cardigan's delighted moans and yelps. The adorable sounds only fuelled him, his hands gripping her waist and pulling Cardigan back towards him; impaling her on his cock harder and faster than before.

''Ah, hah...! A-Adnachiel...!''

Melantha's sweet cries rung through the bedroom, her slender hands gripping the sheets above her head – spasms surging up her slender body as Adnachiel slammed into her, pounding her pussy with grunts of exertion. His shaft fitted inside her easily, her walls clenching around him each time and enticing him to move faster, harder, swifter; the urge a wordless want that left him craving even more pleasure.

The cat-girl was all too happy to receive the result; fresh cries tumbling out of Melantha as he sped up, bottoming out inside her with every roughish thrust. His hands yanked her hips back towards him, grunts freely escaping Adnachiel's lips as he pounded his teammate, the feeling of her walls clamping down on his cock never failing to make him moan in absolute euphoria – heat lancing up his cock as he railed her.

''Melantha...'' Adnachiel grunted, running his hands up her sides.

Melantha flushed but didn't resist; cheeks aflame as he pulled her purple dress up and over her head, revealing her nearly-naked body to him – only a lacy purple bra to cup her breasts. That too swiftly found itself pushed up, allowing the Sankta to grope her modest bust and squeeze out trembling moans from the cat-girl, his hips not ceasing their unrelenting thrusts throughout and stuffing himself between her nether lips.

The constant friction was pushing Melantha to her limit though; her insides clamping down on his shaft and a searing knot forming in her stomach, the pressure mounting as he bumped against her innermost parts over and over again. Adnachiel wasn't far off either, groans bubbling from his throat as he forced his hips to maintain their rapid, skin-smacking pace, relishing the surging heat that travelled up his cock.

''M-Melantha...! I can't...!'' The Sankta gasped out.

In response Melantha wrapped her arms around him, one sliding down to his ass and pushing him inside her – and with a shout Adnachiel came; slamming in deep and blowing his load inside her. The sudden rush of heat proved too much for Melantha, a sharp cry fleeing the cat-girl's lips as her orgasm washed over her, making her back arch and her muscles seize up, fiery bliss racing through her nerves and whitening her mind.

Adnachiel just barely clung to his sanity, grunts of the guttural nature escaping his throat as he kept thrusting his hips in short, jerky bucks, barely pulling an inch out before he slammed it right back in. It made Melantha spasm all the same, her vaginal walls squeezing him for every drop of cum he could spurt into her, the sheer amount of sheer soon leaving him overflowing from her weeping sex.

''Ah... haah...'' Adnachiel gradually slowed down; moaning as he came to a stop. ''Ahh... Melantha...''

Any conversation though was cut short as shrill squeals tumbled out of Cardigan – courtesy of Steward pounding the Perro girl raw, his pelvis clapping her ass with sharp, resounding smacks. With an iron grip on her waist he yanked her back when he knocked her forth; impaling Cardigan on his throbbing shaft. Much to her delight, judging by her moans.

The Defender managed to grip onto the sheets and steady herself; pushing her ass back towards him when he slammed into her, eliciting fresh moans from Steward as his cock slammed into her slick pussy even faster. The way her walls constricted his cock, making the friction all the more intense, only pushed him closer to his limit – doubly so when Cardigan curled her tail partway around his waist, tempting him to curve his own tail under himself and between his legs; tickling her clit with it.

''A-Ahh! W-Wait, that's- myaah~!'' Cardigan clutched onto the sheets. ''Steward, Steward! Don't s-stop- ah~!''

Finally with a sharp, blissful squeal Cardigan climaxed – instantly eliciting a loud groan from Steward before he slammed himself into her weeping sex, blowing his load almost instantly inside of her. Cardigan's eyes nearly rolled back for a second, her tongue hanging out as she took the creampie; barely managing to push her ass back towards him and keep him balls-deep in her tightening, clenching tunnel.

Until with a moan Steward pulled out. Her lips quivered with its absence, cum slowly trickling out after a couple of seconds – the flow accelerated when Cardigan shakily pushed herself up onto her knees with a mewl, her tail swishing.

''Ah... usin' your tail like that is cheating~'' Cardigan tried to whine the words out but in her breathless state it came out like a laboured moan.

''Sorry. I won't do it again.'' Steward said with a smile and tone that gave away he most certainly would be using that trick again in future.

Cardigan pouted at that... for all of a few moments. Namely because Adnachiel shuffled over and snaked his arms around Cardigan, luring the dog-girl into a surprise kiss – one that made her squeak, then ultimately melt into it with a happy moan, her tail waggling behind her. Without a word said Cardigan climbed onto Adnachiel's lap, her slim hands sliding around her neck and tempting the Sankta to shuffle over to the edge of the bed, letting his legs hang over the edge with her in his lap.

Their brief make-out session was put on-hold as Cardigan lifted herself up slightly, her slender hand caressing the tip of his cock and guiding it to her entrance, letting the tip slip in – before with a happy moan the dog-girl impaled herself onto Adnachiel. The Sankta moaned shamelessly at the feeling, instinctively grabbing her waist as Cardigan eased herself all the way down his erect cock, easily managing to fit his entire length inside her.

''Ahh... I'll move now...'' Cardigan breathed out, giggling under her breath.

Said giggle swiftly melted into a moan as she did just that; pleasure teasing her nerves as she raised her waist up – and then promptly dropped herself back down his throbbing cock. Both of them moaned in unison, fiery pleasure accelerating through their nerves and encouraging Cardigan to do it again and again, quickly finding a rhythm and smacking herself down his cock to it. And thanks to the fact she's slipped her dress off her ample breasts were bare to see.

Something that Adnachiel took full advantage of, burying his face in his teammate's breasts and kissing them all over. Cardigan squealed before breaking out into giggling-moans, her head tipping back and her free hand holding the back of his head, keeping his face in her boobs as she kept riding him, moaning sweetly as his cock rubbed up against sensitive spots inside her. With Steward's load inside her it only felt lewder as Adnachiel's cock stirred her insides up, some of the cum inside her pushed out to make room for his own load.

''Mn... Steward...?''

At the same time Melantha found herself being scooped up by Steward, her cheeks aflame as he adjusted his hold on her ass and stood up – carrying her in his arms. Meekly the cat-girl snaked her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist, holding onto him even as he guided the tip of his dick to her entrance, the bulbous tip rubbing along her weeping womanhood; before in unison both of them moaned as he sunk inside her.

Spending just a moment to reaffirm his hold on her Steward started to move; stilted moans bubbling out of his throat as he pumped between her wet nether lips, feeling her walls constrict his cock as he speared inside her. Melantha whimpered at the pleasurable feeling and responded by curling her cat tail around his left leg, her whimpers escalating into stilted moans as the fox-boy picked up speed.

''Mmph- Myn~!'' Melantha shuddered against him – her moans muffled partially as Steward kissed her deeply.

The feeling of his cock inside her only grew more intense as he started to walk towards the nearest wall, each step stirring him around her wet insides and coaxing mewls from Melantha's throat. Mercifully it was only a short few steps until they reached the nearest wall, her bare back pressing up against it and allowing Steward to trap her between it and him, his body nearly pressing flush against hers as he drew out the kiss.

Then the moment they broke apart he started to thrust in earnest. Rough, passionate thrusts plunged him between her walls and hilted him inside her, fucking a shaky gasp from Melantha's lips – one Steward swiftly muted with a kiss. She moaned into his mouth and clawed at his back, raking her nails down to his waist and then up his top. She didn't mean to scratch but as he slammed himself into her sensitive sex, sending jerks of pleasure through her body, she couldn't help it; marking his back with her nails.

''Mn, Melantha...'' Steward grunted; breaking off the kiss and burying his face into her neck instead – moaning into it as he pounded the cat-girl raw.

The cum already inside her from his teammate only helped with that, acting like crude lube and letting him slide in easily, bumping against her innermost parts again and again. Melantha seized and spasmed from the feeling, her breathing hot and raspy in his ear and only growing more so as he kept railing her. The sounds of Cardigan and Adnachiel fucking just a few feet away fuelled his lust, and with a barely-stifled moan Steward threw all caution to the wind; ploughing his team leader with lustful abandon.


''Mn, Adnachiel~''

Cardigan's mewling moan was briefly silenced as Adnachiel claimed her lips in a kiss, devouring her whining voice as she rode him. They broke apart moments later for air, holding each other's gaze for a second before immediately darting back in and kissing once more – their mutual moans contained between their mouths. Their tongue were soon introduced as well, tangling between their mouths and wrestling for faux-dominance, swapping spit until the need to breathe forced them apart once more.

The moment they separated Cardigan bounced on his cock with renewed vigour; unashamedly mewling his name as she felt his shaft spear inside her, searing her insides and sending surges of heat up her stomach, tightening the blissful knot within. Adnachiel responded by thrusting up into her, clapping their flesh together in a hurried, uneven rhythm, his cock filling her to the brim and his hands groping at her ass, his mere touch leaving her skin afire.

''Ah, I'm gonna...!'' Adnachiel gasped in warning, pushing his face into her neck. ''M-Merry, I'm...!''

The mere mention of her real name instantly made Cardigan squeak, tensing up – and with a groan of pleasure Adnachiel blew his load inside of her. His thick, spurting heat filled her womanhood, her walls clamping around his cock tighter as her own orgasm struck suddenly and powerfully; a cry of pure bliss escaping her throat and filling the bedroom.

Across the room Melantha dug her nails into Steward's back, her legs wrapping tightly around his waist as he pounded her raw, the wet claps of flesh ringing in her ears. ''I-I'm...!''

Until with a cry of her own Melantha climaxed. It was sudden, hot, intense, and utterly wiped her mind of any thought beyond pure unbridled pleasure – one that briefly spiked to new heights as Steward slammed into her with a deep moan, unloading inside her as well. Both his and Adnachiel's cum practically mixed inside her, spurt after spurt of his load splattering across her inner walls or filling her deepest parts, leaving her pelvis feeling so delightfully hot.

''Myn! Ahn... ahh...'' Melantha shuddered against the wall as her orgasm waned – whimpering as Steward pulled out of her. ''Ah...''

With a shaky smile and a quick kiss to her lips Steward put her down. ''Hah... I'm all sweaty now...''

''Same~'' Cardigan moaned from across the room, lifting herself up and off of Adnachiel's cock. ''Wanna shower together~?''

''Sounds good to me.'' Adnachiel commented lightly, giving her butt a light swat.

Cardigan giggled and stuck her tongue out at him, shaking her rear playfully and hopping away before the Sankta could give her rear another friendly swat – almost skipping across the room to the bathroom. On the way she caught Melantha by the wrist and all but dragged the embarrassed cat-girl through the door with her, enticing Steward and Adnachiel to follow the two girls inside.

Their bathroom wasn't particularly big, feeling a bit cramped with four people in it at once, but it was big enough for them all. The white tiled walls were illuminated by a flick of the switch, bathing the room in a white light. A sink and mirror sat off to the right whilst the toilet was to the left, leaving the shower at the far end of the room, shallow with a sliding glass door. Cardigan didn't hesitate to hop over and turn the shower itself on, spraying cold water over herself and making her retreat from the shower with a yelp, opting to wait for the water to heat up.

At that both the girls peeked back at Adnachiel and Steward, prompting all four Operators to blush... before wordless they stripped off any remaining clothes they had on. Cardigan removed her goggles, Melantha bent forwards and meekly pulled her stockings off, whilst the two boys spent a long few moments getting their shirts off; all of their clothes ending up in a messy pile next to the sink, and leaving all of them naked.

Despite just having sex there was an embarrassing moment where both parties just stared; admiring each other's naked bodies for a long moment.

Steward was the first to make a move; stepping close to Melantha and running his hands along her waist, sliding them up to her sides before walking around her – his fox-tail brushing against her rear. Melantha bit her bottom lip and loosely curled her cat-tail around his fluffier fox tail, the lewd tail-holding earning a mewl from Melantha, shivering as she felt his own tail rub against her own. Their tails uncurled after a moment but the brief hold was more than enough to leave Melantha wanting more, the slender cat-girl turning to face him and unashamedly throwing her arms around him – making out with Steward.

At the same time Cardigan slipped her hand into Adnachiel's, giggling as she pulled him past their two teammates and pulling him into the now-warm shower, the water washing over their naked bodies. Cardigan cooed at the pleasant feeling, standing directly beneath the spray and turning to face Adnachiel – only to blush as he found him eyeing her intensely, his eyes tracing the water that ran down between her breasts, following it as the stream travelled down her stomach and along her pelvis, trickling down her inner-thigh and down to her feet.

His staring was cut short as Steward joined them in the shower, Melantha following just a step behind – her tail curled around his arm. It uncurled almost hesitantly and she stepped past him, demure as she slipped her arms around Adnachiel's neck instead, pressing her naked body against this own and heating his face up to a crimson shade. On instinct his hands settled on her waist, staring deep into Melantha's purple eyes.

''Hehe~'' Cardigan snickered at the sight and squeezed past them. ''Kinda a snug fit in here with four people.''

''Yeah, it is.'' Steward chuckled, holding her waist as she approached him – his right hand sliding down to her right thigh and lifting it. ''We'll make do though.''

''Yep~'' Cardigan cheerily said, holding onto his neck with both arms.

Guiding his cock to her entrance Steward rubbed the tip along her lips, eased the tip in – and he entered her once more with a synchronised moan. Behind them Adnachiel guided Melantha behind Cardigan until the two girls were back-to-back, lifting her right leg up; earning a blush from the cat-girl before she guided his shaft to her entrance.

''Ahh~'' Melantha mewled as he slowly inserted himself into her. ''Kiss me...''

Adnachiel gladly did so; closing the distance and mashing his lips against hers. Melantha moaned deeply into his mouth and held onto him, balancing herself on one leg as Adnachiel started pumping into her – the position letting his cock slide inside her in such a way the cat-girl couldn't help but moan, the sound bubbling off of her tongue with ease. Adnachiel devoured the sound with ease, groaning in response as he felt her wet walls constrict around his cock, only encouraging him to thrust between her walls.

Steward matched his teammate's pace; groaning as he pistoned into Cardigan. The dog-girl yelped and giggled ceaselessly, her wet hand sliding up his nape and pulling him into a deep kiss – moaning happily into his mouth when he sped up, hilting inside her womanhood. His cock stirred up her insides, bumping against her innermost parts and never failed to fuck a moan out of the Defender, her walls clamping down on his cock in return and squeezing out moans from Steward as well.

''Ah... hyah~'' Cardigan broke off the kiss first, giggling as she leaned back, using Melantha's back for balance. ''C'mon, faster~''

Steward complied, grunting as he bucked his hips harder – eliciting delighted moans from Cardigan's lips. At the same time the dog-girl bent her tail under herself, tickling his inner-thigh and enticing him to retaliate with his own tail, brushing it back against hers. The little act only fuelled their lust further, enticing Steward to dive in and steal another kiss from his partner, moaning against her lips as he shafted her.

Melantha was in the same boat; sharp gasps and stilted mewls escaping her lips even as Adnachiel kissed her. The shower's warm spray landed over her collarbone and breasts, only partially blocked by the male Sankta as he ploughed her – her sensitivity intimately letting her feel his cock slide between her walls and bump against her innermost parts. Multiple orgasms only enhanced how intense it felt, sending waves of pleasure rushing up her slender body and coaxing mewls of bliss from her lips.

''Ah, hah~'' Melantha breathed as they broke off the kiss for air; resting her forehead against his. ''M-More~''

The needy whine teased Adnachiel's ear, immediately enticing the young man to hasten his thrusts as much as his hips would allow; clapping their flesh together and fucking a sharp moan out of the cat-girl. Digging her nails into his shoulders Melantha endured his powerful thrusts, her inner walls constricting his shaft lovingly as he railed her raw, cum stirred around her insides or pushed out by his hasty thrusts; the lewd feeling eliciting a reflexive shudder from her.

Cardigan found herself in the same boat; moans spilling from her lips as pleasure seared her nerves, her insides clenching and unclenching with every shudder and spasm that lanced through her. Multiple orgasms left her so sensitive she could barely hold on, her leg quaking underneath her and threatening to give out at any moment – not helped by how Steward's pelvis smacked against hers over and over again, hilting himself inside her wet womanhood.

''A-Ah, wait, Steward~!'' Cardigan pulled him close, clamping down on his cock – feeling it scrape against a particular spot. ''Hah, y-yes~!''

One more thrust was all it took to push Cardigan over the limit – and her voice rose to a squeal as Steward came inside her just as she climaxed. The feeling of his warmth splashing inside of her was too much; her mind going completely white and sending spasms seizing through her. Melantha didn't last more than a few seconds either before her own orgasm struck; her cry silenced as Adnachiel darted in and kissed her, moaning deeply into her mouth as he blew his load in her as well, the two boys giving their teammates creampies in unison.

Then after a long pause they both pulled out, mutual moans escaping them. Melantha whimpered as she felt Adnachiel's cum start leaking out whilst Cardigan moaned; both girls stumbling back onto both feet.

''Ahh~'' Cardigan breathed out; shamelessly leaning against Steward for support. ''Hey, let's just soak for a while, 'kay?''

''Sounds good to me.'' Adnachiel's lips quirked up, looking at Melantha. ''Up for it?''

''...Mm.'' Their demure team leader agreed, smiling breathlessly.

To the tune of Cardigan's upbeat laughter the group of four mingled under the shower, touching and feeling as they pleased – embracing skin-ship in the most truest of forms.