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With a Little Bit of Flair

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Joseph sighs, staring at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. The usually sleek lines of his helmet are marred by several colourful stickers. It's some rendition of an overly fluffy creature, though he is not really sure what (and doesn't care enough to find out). This is not what he had expected to spend his Friday evening doing, but needs must and all that.

"It will cheer Mini up to see me using her gift," Joseph murmurs. "That's all that matters here. Even if I do look absolutely ridiculous." With a final sigh, he gathers up his resolve and steps through the door.

Mini is still sat at the table, face drooping. The recent events have hit her harder than the rest of them and it's clear she needs a distraction. Joseph coughs awkwardly, feet scuffing a little. Mini turns to him. Just as she is opening her mouth to speak, her eyes go wide, zooming in on Joseph's new accessory.

"You ... really like them?" she asks in a quiet voice.

Joseph rubs the back of his helmet. "They're not quite my usual style, to be honest, but I think they are growing on me a little. Beside, pushing comfort zones is supposed to be a good thing, I think?"

At this, Mini smiles wide, that light returning to her eyes. "Oh, I'm so glad," she says, clapping her hands in glee. "You look great! I thought you might find them a bit much, but I was still hopeful. And here you are! We'll have to go out shopping for more some time. There's plenty of space on that helmet for a bit of colour. And maybe something to compliment them? A few bright scarves would really bring it all together."

Joseph grimaces slightly. What has he got himself into?