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Izuku was Four when his quirk manifested. Playing with his hero action figures, the green haired boy gasped in shock when a green energy expelled from him. A soft, warm glow sliding over his arms, legs, and body. Panicking at first and scared at what was happening, he glanced around his room crying in fear at the sudden turn of events. At least until a unfamiliar warmth flowed into him, What ever was happening he wasn't being hurt at the very least. Instead he felt as if he was being super charged, strength filling him. A sense of power the small boy had never felt before, almost thrumming from within.

In fact he felt better than ever, Power seemed to be surging into him. Unsure of what was happening Izuku squeezed his hands. A sharp Snapping noise filling his room as he looked down in Horror. His favorite action figure, now snapped in half by the pressure he had in his hands. Tears Filling his eyes Izuku burst out into hysterics. How could he of snapped his All Might!? trying desperately to put the figure back together. The young boy frantically moved the pieces together, But it was hopeless. Especially since in rubbing the ends together the toy seemed to smash apart more and more. Parts flying off in different directions. Horror filled the young boy, as the figure was now broken beyond repair. Sadness and frustration getting the best of little Izuku he threw his toy down.


Only for said toy to smash two inches into the flooring. Wh-what? Izuku thought, worry filling him at the turn of events, Izuku at first was confused. What was happening? Here he was glowing softly, Not bright enough to be super noticeable. But enough that if someone was looking at him directly it would be be apparent. Then it came to him, his quirk had manifested! Happy at his fortune and his luck, the broken toy and floor was all but forgotten.

Jumping up in excitement at his turn of events the Boy could help but squeal. Fist raised into the air, a triumphant poise as he finally got the quirk he needed. Unfortunately for the poor boy, lost in his celebration the young boy faltered when his quirk caused him to jump almost ten feet into the air. His fist smashing through the ceiling, as poor little Izuku was left dangling fist now submerged inches in. He could tell he was completely uninjured in the process. Yet he was absolutely shocked at the turn of events. H-huh?

"MOM!!!" Izuku's frantic shout calling for his mother. He was only four after all and this turn of events was far too much for him to handle.

Inko Midoriya was a beautiful woman, slender waist, Green hair cascading on the sides of a kind and caring face. Tied into a pony tail the rather young woman was also respectfully tall. Rushing frantically she opened the door. Her baby had just screamed out like never before. Panting in fear at what could of caused her baby to react that way. She was stunned as she entered, Her small Izuku dangling from the ceiling, squirming as he tried to free himself.

Wh-what? She then noticed, that a green glow surrounding him. It honestly looked pretty similar to her quirk. At least when it was active and she was trying to pull something to her. Rushing to Izuku's aid, and trying to scoop the young boy into her arms. Izuku, who's legs were frantically pumping back and forth as the poor boy struggled. Inko who had no real understanding what was going on, simply didn't register the possible danger in the situation. So when Izuku's tiny leg frantically kicked out in her direction, she couldn't of guessed what would happen. That she would be knocked backwards, as if she had just been tackled by a line backer.

Star's filling her eyes as she felt the blow. Breath blasting out of her as she tumbled to the floor, skidding a few feet away. Inko was stunned, struggling to breathe as the kind woman was winded from the kick. Shakily she rose to her feet, still unsure of what exactly just happened.

"Mom?" Izuku who had noticed just exactly what he had done in his struggle froze. Still limply hanging from the ceiling one arm holding him fast. The boy, who was freely crying at what he just did.

"Mommy? are you ok? I-I'm sowwie." He pleaded, tears streaming down his face and cheeks.

Inko who had regained her composure couldn't help but start to cry herself. She knew Izuku didn't mean too, but she needed to be careful. Obviously his quirk was giving him tremendously increased strength. So she needed to ensure that both he and she was safe. Breathing in deeply, and trying to calm herself. Worriedly she responded to her distraught son.

"Izu, baby, it's ok. Hush now. Baby I think your quirk has come in. I want you to stay very still ok? I'm going to try and pull you lose. Can you do that for Mommy? can you be a brave boy for me?"

"Y-yes mommy" Izuku said, he was scared. His mom was his world, and he would never ever want to hurt her. So almost to a comical degree he froze. Refusing to move any part of his body, barely breathing and tears still freely coming down his face. The boy looked at his mother, obviously scared at the turn of events but trying to be brave.

"Good boy Izu" Inko said calmly. Slowly she approached her boy, once again reaching out to him. Her arms pulling around his waste. He legs limply hanging down.

"Now Izu, I'm gonna pull you out ok? but I'm going to need you to not grab me when you fall. Can you do that for me? Can you be a brave hero for your mom? Just like your favorite Hero All Might?" Inko asked. Hating that she needed to do this. Izuku was her baby and she wanted very much for him to be able to hold her back. Again though she needed to be safe, what if in his panic he hurt her? They didn't know exactly just how powerful he was.

"I can, Mommy. I'll be still I promise."

"Ok, Izu, I'm going to pull you out ok so keep staying still". And Inko pulled, gently at first, then straining to remove the boy from where he was logged. Noticing that the poor boy wasn't budging. So she started to pull harder. Then harder, so hard in fact that she soon felt her entire body weight being used to pull her son free. Izuku who seemed to have zero discomfort watched in amazement. As his mother was now also hanging off of him. Breathing heavily Inko realized it was hopeless for her. She just wasn't strong enough to free him. If only Hisashi was still around, shaking her head at even thinking about that bastard. She returned to the situation at hand.

"dammit! Ok Izu. You've been so brave. I-I think you're going to have get you to free yourself ok honey? So what I want you to do is pull slowly at first on your stuck hand ok? Don't yank with all your strength! Just slowly try too to free yourself. I'm going to use my quirk to hold you, But I want you to go nice and slow. Ok Izu? can you show mommy how strong and heroic you are again? I'll catch you I promise."

"O-okay... I'll try.." Izuku said, noticing his Mom now glowing as he felt the familiar feeling of her quirk. She had used it pretty often with Izuku, helping to carry groceries, or with tasks. While still keeping a firm grip on her boy. Being a single mother wasn't easy, but her quirk had been a life saver. So he knew what it felt like, Distantly Izuku realized that she was glowing pretty similarly to how he was.

Inko fretting as she used everything her quirk had to surround her baby. She couldn't move much and had very strict limit, Izuku just barely being under that amount. Holding her breath she watched as her brave boy, frowned towards the ceiling. Slowing his arm tensing as he pulled, she could see his glow almost increasing as he slowly added more force to his arm. With a steady cracking and ripping noise, Inko watched as her boy pulled his wrist, then his palm, and finally his had was free. Him still floating where he was with her quirk. She slowly lowered her boy to the floor.

Sweating at the effort, she frantically rushed over to her boy.

"Izuku, are you hurt? Keep moving slowly for mommy ok?" She said, as she fretted over him. She knew it would be dangerous since he couldn't control his quirk. Since neither of them knew if he could deactivate it, she would just have to settle for peering closely at his hand, but not actually touching the boy.

Izuku for his part was staring at this fist, Not a single scratch or injury on him. Amazed he was almost in a daze, he had a quirk... and Amazing quirk at that...Still he was scared, he didn't want to hurt anyone and was already worried about all the damage he caused. Not to mention if he stepped forward would be crash through a wall? Izuku, for the first time in his life, was scared of quirks. Even worse, he was scared of himself.

Seeing Izuku's reactions Inko tried her best to assure her son, Phone out as she placed some calls. They needed to see a quirk specialist as soon as possible. Izuku could be a danger to everyone around him, even worse he could be a danger to himself. Fear filling Inko as she worried about her beautiful boy. She got to work, calling an emergency quirk hotline designed for helping with newly emerged quirks she just hoped that they would get there soon.


Izuku was age four when he learned that All men are not created equal. He also realized that with great power, comes even greater responsibility. It didn't take long for the quirk rescue team to get to his apartment. There was even a Pro hero too, it seemed to be an underground hero who was just starting out. His power specifically extremely useful in these dangerous situations. Dealing with unknown quirks and power was dangerous. So dangerous in fact that it caused a decently high mortality rate. When you can turn yourself into a bomb, or shoot fire out of your hands, it was easy to imagine just how much damage an uncontrolled quirk could do.

How many four year olds did you know that had the maturity to deal with a flamethrower? Luckily for Izuku and Inko the hero who arrived had a very special quirk. He was able to erase quirks as long as he looked at a person. So it was a frantic and crying Inko who held onto dear life to her baby. Thanking young man over and over again. They were taken to a special facility for dealing with dangerous or powerful quirks. And Izuku was given some tests right away.

His strength was staggering, and of course his durability was off the charts. The doctors after asking Inko what her and his fathers quirk was seemed to have figured it out. It was some sort of mixture of the two. His father had a simple fire breathing quirk, while Inko was telekinetic. So they theorized that somehow they fused together, to give a energy and power source to the small boy. Hisashi quirk used his food as a power source to fuel his flames. So they guessed that Izuku had a similar power, That he was using something to fuel his energy like Hisashi. Instead of flames though the boy seemed to have a strength induced powerup. His body filling with a warmth being the only indicator that they were linked.

Inko's quirk came into play with the familiar glowing green energy the boy had. In their testing they noticed that the more power Izuku used the more apparent the glow was. Of course it wasn't like the boy turned into a spotlight or anything, just a green glow would pour from him. They figured that mutation of Inko's quirk happened, Rather then attracting small objects the boy was instead attracting energy. Using that as the fuel source like his father used food. Though what exactly he was using for energy was a mystery. Infact the doctors had been surprised to find a small barrier on the boys skin. Planning to do blood work on the boy, to ensure he was healthy and ok. The doctor reacted in shock when the needle broke, unable to pass the boys light glow. Follow up testing realized that the boys durability, came from two sources. His innate physical strength newly unlocked by his fathers side of the quirk. As well as a telekinetic quirk creating a sort of force field around the boy, Only a millimeter off his skin, but surrounding him completely. They had figured out where his soft green glow was coming from.

They did have some good news, His quirk might be controllable. Or at least they hoped it could be controlled. They had Izuku do a variety of exercises to see what his limits at age four was. After being able to run at an respectably fast speed, his legs powering his strides. Having him jump meters after every bound. Then wowing them all at being able to lift in excess of five hundred pounds. The boy stopped glowing green, Energy seeming to have run out. The boy grew sluggish and tired and no longer had his extreme power. Or at least, no longer in the extremes he had before. Strangely enough the child would always repower. Though it was wildly inconsistent, sometimes almost immediately after the doctors had Izuku perform a task. Much to their amazement or recognition his strength would see almost limitless. Other times the boy would tire him self out only after a few minutes, the glow fading and not returning until a later time. Dimmed or muted as it slowly regained its power. They couldn't help but their heads at how it seemed to work.

Still It was obvious then that a temporary solution would be for the boy to exercise daily. Hoping that in doing daily runs, physical activity, weights and everything in between that it would drain his energy and make his quirk more manageable. At least until he could better harness his power. Figuring out a plan and some solutions the Midoriya's returned home. They had given Izuku power reducing arm and leg bracers. The same that pro heroes would use in training others or at famous schools like UA. That had excited Izuku greatly, which his mother was extremely grateful for. She just hope his enthusiasm wasn't shortly lived. Regardless, while they were bulky on his young body and form, it would prevent him from being a danger to himself or others at home. Something the Hero Public Safety Commission thought a small price to pay. Especially since it was easy to see how much damage Izuku could to do to the public if his quirk wasn't better maintained.

And so Izuku gained a new life style. Every day wearing his bracers, Exercising his body, and trying his best to control an immense strength. His mother and him still as close as ever, with Inko joining him on his daily routines. They never could figure out how exactly the energy of his quirk worked. Oh sure they knew that something was powering it, some days so exhausted from exercise that he would be unable to even glow. Yet other days, they thanked god that the HPSC had given him power dampening bracelets. Poor Izuku breaking a large majority of things, Dishes, Toys, Note books you name it. Never intentional but still worrying concern. At times it was extremely difficulty to even give him physical affection. Having to wait on the few days that he would no longer glow. Only for his power to come surging back without warning. Not every time, but enough that they had a routine of him holding his hands at his side while she hugged him. She was his mother after all and it was important to support her boy. Especially since, even though he was more withdrawn and less outgoing then his youngerself. The boy still dreamed to be a hero, his passion ignited due to the heroic exploits of All Might. His number one hero. Just like that thirteen years pasted by in the blink of an eye.


Thinking back to the day his quirk first arrived, a much older seventeen year old Izuku was walking to school. He was a kind boy, shy and timid, His school uniform on his large and powerful frame. Large silver-metallic like cuffs on his legs and feet as the boy approached school. Students giving him a wide berth, as they avoided him. At first people wondered who the strange behemoth of a boy was. He was handsome with a mop of unruly hair, and freckles dusting his face. Yet despite his towering height, coming a bit over six feet. The boy was reserved and barely looked others in the eye. Constantly face down as he spoke to others. It was a contradiction that many outsiders didn't understand.

His classmates did though, See Izuku had two major problems. One, while his control over his power had greatly improved. He still had moments where his strength caused issues. Destroying his books, or desk was a regular occurrence. Especially when excited the boy seem to struggle the most. Gushing over a hero's debut, talking about quirks. Writing down notes in his hero analysis for the future etc. Of course, more than one student had things accidentally obliterated by him, caught in the poor boys cross fire. There had even been a few times in accident that Izuku had hurt someone. Never seriously, but a slight stumble and bumping into someone? Well it wasn't like he meant to send them flying a few feet. This was all of course by accident, but it didn't take long for students to resent him for it. Kids could be cruel after all, so they called him names. Knowing that the boy was far to kind to ever fight back, he was frequently called a monster, or his least favorite Deku. After all what use was super strength if he was just as big of a liability to others as he was to himself.

His other major problem? A Blonde feisty jerk named Bakugo. They had been friends once upon a time. At least until both of them had their quirks come in. At first both boys had been ecstatic, they were going to be heroes together. Until one fateful day, Izuku could still remember it well, even though it was years and years ago.

Bakuo and Izuku aged Eight playing on a play ground. Izuku's giant bracers clumsily clinking and bonking into things. Much to Katsuki's frustration.

"Dang it Izuku. Can't you take those stupid ass bracers off? There sooo annoying" Katsuki grumbled glaring at Izuku.

"U-Uh Kac-chan I can't. Y-You know that I need them to be safe with my quirk.... I don't want to hurt you...." Izuku stammered at the blonde boy.

Apparently that was the wrong thing to say. He honestly should of realized it at the time. Katsuki always had anger issues, the boy losing his cool and attacking Izuku. You see Katsuki also had an extremely powerful quirk. Constantly being praised ever since it came it, especially considering how much better at controlling it he was compared to Izuku. While his strength was nothing to compared to what it was now. He still had accidents even at such a young age. Thankfully nothing major since the bracers worked far better when he was younger, something the boy greatly worried about in his future. Would there be a time his bracers didn't work at all? Still there had been enough to cases that caused issues.

Still in his wildest dreams he never would of realized that Katsuki would blast him. The boy charging at Izuku his hands cupped forward at they grabbed onto his right arm. Stunned Izuku didn't even have time to process what was happening until.


Staggered from the blast Izuku fell backwards falling onto his butt in surprise. Katsuki standing over him in triumph, glaring down at the green haired boy. Izuku losing his temper stood up quickly, if he hadn't been so caught off guard by everything he would of noticed that his movements were far more powerful then even a few minutes ago. If Izuku hadn't been surrounded by smoke, he might of noticed the discarded bracer lying on the ground from Katsuki's attack. Hell if Izuku had taken a breath to calm down he would of realized he wasn't even hurt. Katsuki's blast not strong enough to penetrate his defenses.

Angry at Katsuki for attacking him, Izuku reached back and punched forward. It wasn't until his fist was flying towards Katsuki's body that Izuku saw his mistake. Oh-God.... Eye widening when he noticed something missing from his arm and just like that Katsuki was blasted away.

The force of Izuku's blow more powered due to his dampening bracer being removed. He had launched Katsuki at least ten feet. Landing in a heap, and unmoving, Izuku started to panic. Thankfully it wasn't long before both Inko and Mitsuki arrived at the two boys. They had seen the situation from afar while chatting with one another. Both rushing as fast as they could towards what just had happened.

Thankfully Katsuki was ok, just knocked out. Both Inko and Mitsuki grounding the boys for their behavior and expressing their disappointment in them. Izuku, had taken everything much harder then Katsuki of course. With him once again hurting someone with his terrible power.

Still that's not too say that Katsuki was fine after the event. Something hand changed between the two boys. With Katsuki no longer even trying to be his friend, In fact he seemed to of settled on ignoring or insulting Izuku. Never again was their confrontation physical, but the boys relationship was irrevocably damaged.

Sighing to himself Izuku walked to his class, his desk beaten up by his various accidents but otherwise in decent condition. Katsuki glaring at him while the teacher took role call. Thankfully while in class the teachers never seem to let the bullying get to far. One for fear of what Izuku could do if he lost his temper, and two the boy had a powerful quirk. You never knew what the future could entail, so it was important to be seen as a positive influence.

At least if Izuku wasn't already aware of their schemes. Izuku was smart, extremely smart, and while he wasn't popular with his classmates he was very good at reading and analyzing things. He had to be, constantly pushing himself to control his quirk. So he knew that his teachers were not being genuine. Their fake and half assed attempts at flattering him, was exactly what they did with Bakugo. He could see it ever single day. Regardless Izuku did his best to remain polite and appropriate at school. He knew that with his accidents it was important to have a good standing with his school. Sides he didn't want anything to show on his permanent record. These kind of things could follow you pretty far.

Not to mention, Izuku still had a dream, he wanted to be a Hero. He wanted to be someone that people could trust and rely on. He wanted to make people feel safe with him instead of the regular fear that most seem too. In order to meet that dream, he needed to go to a hero school. He figured his chances wouldn't be very good if his school record had some extremely negative things on them.

Besides Izuku wasn't stupid he knew what his power caused. He knew that a lot of the bullying he received was mostly due to fear. Izuku was a foot taller then the next tallest in his class. He had accidentally hurt others, he broke things, and he knew that people didn't feel safe around him. His bracers a daily reminder of that too, when anyone looked at him. Still he hoped one day that he could do the opposite. It's why his dream was still to attend UA, the most prestigious hero school in Japan.

Oh sure Katsuki had insulted him when the teacher had the students submitted their goals for university. The class laughing at the freak and Bakugo once again calling him a useless Deku. He just needed to make it ten more months till he could take the exam. He knew that UA would be competitive, they only took the best of the best. Plus Ultra and all that.

Still Izuku was confident he could easily succeed during it, he was a bright boy and was at the top of his grade. Even if Bakugo constantly insulted Izuku for beating him. Not to mention his freakish strength would most likely work during the practical as well. He didn't know exactly what it was, no one really did. But he knew that it was combat oriented. No instead it was better to focus on achieving his goals and trying to get through the rest of Highschool as safely as possible. With as little confrontations as possible.

Trying to make himself small Izuku, busied himself over writing more notes on a Hero who had debuted earlier that day. Taking dedicated notes on what he had learned of her quirk and its practical uses. Gigantification quirks were extremely rare after all. So what if he gushed about her power a little bit, writing his thoughts down. He figured he could relate to her in certain ways. It wouldn't be easy to be fifty feet tall and having the weight of the building. He had been extremely impressed at her not causing any collateral damage as she fought. Even if she stole a little of Kamui woods spotlight. as the Bell wrung announcing another end to the school day. Bakugo calling him a freak as he walked by, which was their daily interaction.

It was going to be a long ten months Izuku sighed once more. Deciding to stay a few more minutes at class, He tried to avoid leaving at the same time so as not to have anymore accidents. Granted his last one had been almost a year ago. It still weighed heavily on his mind. Not to mention he wasn't in any rush, Happy to continue his notes on Mount Lady. Even sketching a few drawings here or there. It was something Izuku had taken up to improve his fine control. He still shattered a pencil every now and then, but it worked wonders for him. Helping him to have better and better motor control. Humming to himself Izuku waited until most students had left for the day. Lost in his own little world of hero's and quirks.


An hour or so later Izuku was walking home from school. Still lost in thought as he mused about quirks, it was something he had done for so long. It just came naturally to him, even if he still didn't talk about his own.

His thoughts interrupted as a massive KaBoom shook his surroundings. Huh!? what was going on? and again another KABOOM sounded out. Izuku knew those sounds anywhere, having listened to them for years. Bakugo! his mind reeling, Bakugo was many things, but he would never ever use his quirk in public. Something was terribly wrong.

before he realized what was happening he was off running. His feet propelling him faster than any normal boy could move. Long powerful strides moving him forward in leaps and bounds. At least until he finally made it to where the explosions were coming from. Skidding to a stop be gasped at the sight in front of him.

"KAC-CHAN!?" Izuku yelled. There surrounded by fire, smoke and flames was his child hood friend turned bully. A green ooze like substance covering his entire body as he mightily struggled. Another explosion blasting out of him into a near by grocery store. Izuku's eyes straining to take in everything. It had to be a villain, various pro heroes surrounding him at a safe distance. Evacuatingcivilians and roping off the area to the best of their ability.

Chaos was descending everywhere, What was going on? Why where they not saving him? Izuku's eyes darting to the pro hero Death Arms as his muscled form darted into the alley where Bakugo was being held. Finally someone was trying to do something! As Izuku watched Fear filled his chest, Sure Katsuki and him were not friends anymore. That didn't mean he wanted to see the boy get hurt. Or worse... Izuku gulped as Death Arms charged into the fray. Yelling something he couldn't make out from how far away he was. He watched as the hero struck out. Massive right fist crashing into the oozing sludge, Only nothing happened. stunned Izuku began to move closer, as various people ran away. Panic and worry obviously everywhere around him. Yet he couldn't help but move, he needed to see what was goin on. Did Death arms save Katsuki?

No that wasn't right, something was happening as he saw death arms panicking, trying desperately to remove his now sinking arm from the sludge. It looked like he was having difficulty getting a hold on the villain. His left hand slapping uselessly and sliding off the oozing form. Until a heavy tendril came soaring out of the villain. Smashing the strong arm hero back into a building. A resounding Crash, echoing around as he struggled to his feet. Izuku could tell he was stunned, that blow had been heavy and strong enough to damage the concrete behind him. Fissure like cracks spreading out from the downed Hero. Civilians screaming in terror as one of their protectors went down.

Various other less known Heroes rushing his defense only be to sent flying as second tendril formed. Lashing out at them and laying blow after blow to keep the heroes back. Couldn't anyone save him? Someone had to get to Katsuki. Izuku thought desperately, moving closer still, just now reaching a few people who watched transfixed as much as he was.

It was at that moment Izuku heard a strangled, coughing scream. KATSUKI!?

"I WON'T LET SEWAGE LIKE YOU SWALLOW ME. GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!" Bakugo Roared. His palms igniting like miniature suns. Followed by a hiss, and a earth shattering boom as Bakugo blew up his surroundings. A bomb going off with the force of a ton of TNT. Massive smoke clouds billowing out everywhere, swallowing the watchers in a stunned silence. Thankfully they had been far enough away to not be caught by the blast. Though more and more people left, fear taking a hold of them are the disaster happening.

The blast was strong enough to even force the Heroes back. The streets now looking like a warzone, the sludge still holding onto the struggling Boy. Even that massive explosion hadn't been enough to free Katsuki. Hope seemed to disappear from the square, Izuku who looked down at his arms and legs didn't know what to do. Should he intervene? He could most likely tank the blasts unlike the pro heroes there. Yet what if he charged in there and made things worse? What if he hurt someone when he used his strength. Feeling helpless and unsure Izuku continued to watch hoping and praying that someone would save Bakugo.

"She's here! The rookie hero, Mt. Lady!" someone screened interrupting Izuku's thoughts. Her Giant form bounding down the street. Only for her to freeze at the assembled crowds and chaos. Wh-what was she doing? Izuku thought. Katsuki needs help! Only to realize the problem, she was too big to safety get to the villain. Her massive size being a huge disadvantage in the chaos ahead. Izuku briefly wondering if she had only two sizes, before hearing another scream and a much smaller explosion rocket off.

"I can't BREATHE" a struggling Katsuki yelled. His form getting sluggish as the ooze finally seemed to be over powering him. Horror filling Izuku as he watched the sludge pooling over his mouth and down his nostrils. A monstrous mask and face covering the boys own. A ghoulish grin showing the villains nature to the surrounding people.

NO! Izuku who glanced around in desperation, as More and more heroes struggled to do something. Kamui woods avoiding the flames as he carried injured people off. Water hose, doing his best to stop the spread of flames. Death arms standing there, arms limp as he watched in horror.

Before he knew it Izuku was flying, Or that's what it appeared to people watching from the outside. His bracers discarded to the side as a Izuku's powerful and strong form leaped over all the watchers. Landing in front of death arms, who was stunned at the sight. The Fuck? who was this kid, and what the hell was he doing? Yelling for the boy to get back he was caught off guard at the kids action. Bright green energy now almost buzzing off of him as Izuku charged at the slime.

The Villain seeing the new threat, Using five tentacles to smash down at the impudent boy. Only to gasp in shock as he surged forward, SO FAST! the sludge villain thought, before he felt something he hadn't before. Pain, as a powerful fist smashed into him. There was so much power in the blow, the villain who had always been resistant to melee attacks. Would of never imagined that a punch could hurt him like this. Agony spreading around his body as the force literally consumed him. The villain Blacked out, the blow sounding like a cannon ball, it's echoing boom filling the alley way. Ripping through his body with so much force and wind power that he couldn't maintain his form. Let alone the grasp on his prize, his last action an incoherent scream, before splattering in all directions hundreds of yards away from the two boys. Smothering the flames as the gelatinous ooze extinguished the fire surrounding the youths.

Bakugo who would of been sent blasting away, had been grabbed at the last second by Izuku. His shirt ripped from neckline, to just before his waste. Barely holding to Bakugo as Izuku's fist was gripped tight around it. Izuku knew that he didn't have the fine control in a situation like this to hold bakugo with his own hands. Doing so would of certainly injured him, his grasp possible breaking bones. So he did the next best thing, hoping that Katsuki's shirt would be strong enough to hold. Thankfully it was, though it was close... Too close... as the shirt was all but shredded. Bakugo staring at Izuku in surpise.

Izuku who couldn't help but be stunned at what he did, watched as Katsuki who looked around equally as shocked. D-Deku did this? Bakugo thought with a snarl. Before he, moved back smacking at Izuku's hand to be free.

"I didn't need your help Deku.." Katsuki said softly. Fierce glare on his face as he stared at his old child hood friend. Both gazing at each other lost in contemplation as heroes rushed to make sure they were safe and to bring back order to what was once chaos.

It didn't take long for the heroes to collect the scattered villain, who was thankfully still alive. Something Izuku had been worried about at first. With a flurry of activity people were whisked off in ambulances. New and media were interviewing heroes. And two boys stood by as they waited for what was next.

shortly Katsuki had been taken away by paramedics to ensure his health and checked for any injuries. While Izuku now looked down at his feet, Death arms, and Kamui woods speaking to him.

"There's a limit to how rash you can be!" Death arms all but yelled at the boy.

"There was no reason for you to put yourself in danger" Kamui woods continued. Both heroes were frustrated at their lack of being able to help. Not to mention Izuku who was a high schooler had illegally used his quirk to save Katsuki. Sure it had worked out in the end, but it was important that the boy be chastised. So many things could of gone wrong. Both heroes very much aware of diasterous situations that could be caused with using a quirk untrained.

Izuku who listened to the situation couldn't help but agree with them. They were right, He had charged in there inexperienced. Hell he didn't even know if he could help or how strong his quirk would be. He almost never was able to use his full power, specifically due to safety concerns. Letting it all out there like that? He could of killed Katsuki. He could of hurt innocents... Tearing up slightly at the thought and being downtrodden at his actions he almost missed the sigh from the two heroes.

"Look kid, I get it, you wanted to help your friend. What you did was stupid, and dangerous. But you were a hero today, and well... Good job kid. Just don't let it happen again before your in school and trained." Kamui woods said, he could tell the kid was obviously upset and took everything they said seriously. He did save the day after all, might as well give the kid a break. Patting a now speechless Izuku on the back for his actions.

"Kid, What he said was right. Just be safe going forward. No more vigilantism alright?" Death arms scolded, tone softening. Kamui was right, this boy has saved the day. Both heroes taking in the scene around them. Damn though, this kid had power...Shaking his head slightly death arms continued

"Now off with you, I'm sure your mother is worried. We will handle things from here ok?" both pro heroes nodding towards one another as they left Izuku to his own devices. They still had work to do. Just like that slowly things returned to normal as people began to disperse. Leaving a still slightly shell shocked Izuku, had he just been complemented by real to goodness heroes? Awkwardly shuffling away the young man left his scene. Lost in a swirl of his thoughts.

Unbenounced to him, Izuku was completely unaware of a skeletal like figure, with white t-shirt, long blond hair and blacker then night eyes staring at him in wonder....


Izuku who had finally found his power dampener bracers was on his way home. Thoughts racing a mile a minute at what had just happened. At least until a voice reached out to him.

"OI DEKU!" Katsuki said running to catch up to him.

"Bakugo?" Izuku replied not expecting his old friend.

"I never asked you for HELP!" He roared before continuing. "I was fine by myself, You who can barely handle your quirk. Didn't need to save me okay!? Don't look down on me, just because you saved me today doesn't mean I owe you anything. I'm going to prove that I'm the best, when you and I are in UA you'll see. I'm going to be number one and just because you helped me this one time.... Fuck! I'm only ever going to say this once. You hear me!? You shitty haired Deku!?"

"Thank you" He said quietly almost inaudible. Bakugo's chest heaving at everything he just said, before immediately turning around. Leaving without a word more and Izuku stood there, at a loss for what just happened. Wh-What?

Did Bakugo just say thank you? Was he dreaming right now? And.... He said when he and I were in UA together.... Does that mean Bakugo thought he'd make it in? No.... It couldn't be could it?

Maybe... Maybe I could do it. Izuku thought gamely, He was a hero today wasn't he? it felt like for the first time in his life that he had manage to take a step forward. Fists clenching Izuku stood tall for the first time in years. Katsuki was right... I'm going to get into UA and be a hero. Turning around Izuku was in for another shock this day.

" I am HERE!" A massive figure said, before sliding in front of Izuku. A hulking form, that dwarfed even Izuku stood before him. Better yet Izuku recognized him. His trade mark bangs and heroic presence.

"A-All Might!? Why are you here? Oh my god! the symbol of peace himself is talking to me." Izuku squeaked.

" HA HA HA HA, Easy my boy Easy! I needed to talk to you about your heroic rescue!" The powerful hero said, Striking his trademark hero poise.

"Wh-why? I mean, I know I screwed up in rescuing Bakugo. I'm sorry if I disappointed you All Might sir". Izuku said, once more looking down and lacking confidence.

" NO NO NO! Young Man, you haven't disappointed me at all. In fact you inspired me! I come here instead with Thanks, and a suggestion" All Might boomed.

Izuku too stunned to even speak just nodded in his in the hero's direction.

"If you hadn't of been there, If you hadn't risk life and limb itself to save that young man. I shudder to think what could of happened.... You see it was I who accidentally lost track of that Villain. Without your bravery, that boys death would of been on my hands. Thank you young man" All Might who all of sudden bowed towards Izuku. Of course causing the young boy to panic. Waving his hands and shaking his head insisting that All Might was mistaken. That Izuku was sure he would of saved them all at the end of the day.

"Top heroes have stories about them from their school days. Most of their stories have one thing in common: Their bodies movied before they had a chance to think." Izuku at a loss at All Mights words teared up at the situation.

For some reason Izuku remembered his mother's words. "Can you be a brave hero?" her words almost echoing around him. Thinking back to the day so many years ago where he first learned to fear his quirk. He had done it Mom, He had been a hero today. He had used his power for the first time in his life to save someone, To help someone. Crying silently he waited for All Might to continue.

"That was true for you too, wasn't it?" All Might kindly gazing at he boy in front of him.

"Yeah" Izuku said, falling to his knee's... Crying more than he had in years.

" You can be a Hero".

Various thoughts pooling around the boy, Horrible names and distant whispers. All people who had brought him down these last few years. Deku, Freak, Monster, Useless... And yet the top hero in the country, maybe even the world had told him he could do it. He could follow his dream, He could be a Hero. For the first time in his life, Izuku was greatful for his quirk. Oh how he wanted someone to tell him that, Sure his mom encourage him, but he could tell she worried and fretted. To have the person Izuku most admired say these words to him? It was like a great weight was lifted off of him....

Teary eyed the boy stared at his hero. Could anything be more shocking then this? Could anything be more surprising?

"You are worthy to inherit my role. I want you young Man to be the next great Hero. Will you do it?" All Mights warm gazing staring down at the boy.

"Y-YES" Izuku who couldn't believe what was happening agreed.

Only for All Might to cough out some blood and POOF a billow of dust flowing out from him. In his spot a skeletal man, blood on his lips and hand stood before him wearing All Mights clothes.

"T-The FUCK!?" Izuku screamed

Chapter Text

"A-All Might? What's going on? What happened!?" A frantic Izuku asked

"Haha, Well shit. I knew I was running out of time, but hoped I had a few more minutes. My boy, what you see, is my true form. It was bound to happen that you'd see me like this. Make sure you don't write about it online, even accidentally."

"O-Of course, Never All Might. B-But what happened to you?" Izuku would never think of betraying his hero. No matter what All Might's secret was safe with him.

"Hey hey, First call me Toshinori when I'm in this form. We wouldn't want anyone to over hear us now would we? My full name is Toshinori Yagi. What's your name my boy?" All Might asked Izuku kindly.

"I-Izuku Midoriya Sir."

"Well, First I need to show you something" All Might, Or Mister Yagi said. Lifting up his shirt to reveal a horrible and brutal wound. An Injury that Midoriya had never seen the likes of. Various scars spiraling out of a single puncture wound. So raw did the wound look, Izuku would of said it happened only weeks ago. Not to mention there seemed to be surgical scars as well. Indents of where various stitches would of been. Izuku felt a pit form in his stomach at the sight of that grizzly wound. All Might was still acting as a Hero with such a injury? He was even more amazing then Izuku thought.

"I can tell by your face you understand a little. It's an injury I got from an enemy's attack five years ago. Half of my respiratory organs were destroyed, Not to mention I lost the majority of my stomach. I've become emaciated from repeated surgeries and the aftereffects. Right now, I can only work as a hero for about three hours a day. Even worse, it's steadily declining. I figure in less then a few months time, I will be completely and utter spent. No longer able to preform my duties, and all but retired." Yagi said, a pain filled expression on his face.

"No way.... Five years ago? Was that Toxic chainsaw who injured you so badly?' Izuku asked, scared and sad at the same time. What would the world be like without All Might's presence? No more symbol of Peace? Izuku didn't even want to think of it.

"Haha, My boy you're well-informed. But a punk like that couldn't defeat me. No this was a fight not made public to the world. So gruesome and terrible it was, that I couldn't bare to have the world know. I will save people with a smile! The Symbol of Peace cannot be daunted by evil. I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me. Pro's are always risking their lives. It's a reality of the world that not many truly think about." He said gravely.

"To be honest my boy, I came to this city to find someone to train to be my successor. Someone I could impart my knowledge and hopefully my skill into becoming the very best of himself. I've chosen you my boy, due to the bravery you've shown today. Not to mention, very few people would be willing to risk their lives like you have. Especially, from what I gather in over hearing your other conversation. Someone who wasn't even a friend. My boy I believe you have the right stuff."

"Y-Yes Sir. I promise to do everything in my power to follow in your foot steps." Izuku promised, Sincerity dripping from his every being. "I won't fail you All Might. Never."

"Wonderful my boy, absolutely wonderful. Now come, tell me about your quirk, I can see with those power dampeners on your wrists that you posses great strength. In fact in watching you, your power seemed very familiar to my own." Yagi said, Smiling down at the Green haired boy. He was being honest too, he hadn't seen a boy with the pure raw power that this Izuku had. At least not before One for all. If only he could still pass on his quirk, but ever since his fateful injury he knew it was impossible.

It had come as a shock to him, while unconscious from his injuries when he found him self completely alone in a dark void. Shadow covering his body from just below his nose. Until he saw a miracle, His previous Master Nana stood before him. She was crying and told him how she was so proud of what he had done, and what he had become. He was a hero beyond measure and Nana couldn't of been more impressed with him. Yagi could help it before even he himself broke down crying. It had been bitter sweet though, when she had explained the damage that had happened to him.

You see the evil mastermind villain All for one had done something during the fight. His grizzly and brutal wound, hadn't be caused by normal means. No the red and black vicious tendril of his quirk had was the culprit. Besides ripping apart his Body, the villain had tried to also rip out One for All. He hadn't succeeded of course, but sadly he had done irreparable damage to his very quirk itself. Something that Yagi had felt even when waking in that hospital bed. He could feel the embers of his quirk even then, slowly fading....

"W-Well I don't have a name for Mister Yagi. But basically, I convert energy into power. It's a weird mixture of both my parents quirks. You see my father use to turn food into a fire breath of sorts, while my mother is telekinetic. So the quirk specialists I've seen, thought it was a mutation and combination of them. I even have a telekinetic barrier on my skin, I-It's why a faintly glow. I still haven't found out what exactly feeds my power. At first we thought it was food like my father, but eating more never changed or did anything. Not to mention using my quirk, didn't seem to make me hungry or cause any adverse effects beyond exhaustion. When I was littler, working out and exercising definitely drained my power. Even exhausting it fully at times, B-But as I've grown.... I-I've noticed that I don't really feel that anymore. I haven't really been exhausted or drained of energy for years...." Izuku mumbled out in a fast and quickly detailed explanation. Yagi picked everything up of course, but was surprised at how quickly the boy had summarized things. Not to mention the level of detail and the easy way he had explained things. Though he hadn't quiet explained the need for the power dampeners.

"And the bracers my boy? Why do you wear those. You mentioned control. Does it have something to do with that?" Yagi asked the boy. Noticing as he did the slight frown forming on Izuku's face.

"W-well, when my quirk came in. I suddenly was far too strong, I could break buildings and people with ease if I wasn't careful. Just by resting my hand on them, you wouldn't believe how many things I've destroyed over the years without meaning too. So, I use them to keep me safe, to ensure that my power is something I don't have to spend all my focus on controlling. Afterall, I wouldn't want to accidentally crush someone just by bumping into them.... Though, I-I've had some problems before. I-I Swear All Might. I didn't mean to hurt anyone I just couldn't control it. I'm much better then I was though, I haven't hurt anyone in a year. P-Please don't think less of me..." Izuku was terrified. What if in telling All Might, he no longer wanted anything to do with him? Maybe the kids at school were right, maybe he would think he was a monster or a freak.

'Izuku.. My boy, I promise you. I would never think less of you for such a reason, if anything my impression of you has increased even more so. Believe me when I say, I understand where your coming from. Power like yours and mine.... People just don't understand what it's like to live in a world of cardboard. How the slightest of movements or touches can destroy everything at the drop of a hat. For you, to be so young and work so hard at achieving the control you have. It's simply amazing my Boy, You are amazing."

Izuku couldn't help but look into All Mights eyes. He never really thought about it, But if anyone in the world knew what he was going through. It would be him, after all with strength enough to change weather by punching. Moving at mach speeds by jumping, and being able to destroy mountains with his body. He would understand completely, in fact he would maybe even know better then Izuku did.

"Now my boy, it's getting late in the day. Give me your phone please." Izuku who squeaked once more at his hero, his role model asking for his phone. He wasn't dreaming was he? There's no way that All Might was going to put his number in his phone was he? Shakily the boy held out the phone to him. Yagi Smiling at the internal struggle the boy was obviously going through couldn't help but let out a light chuckle.

taking his phone and entering his number directly into it. Also calling his own in order to have the boys. He returned it to the shell shocked young man.

"Now now my boy, relax. Also remember, when I'm in this form it's important you call me Yagi or Mister Toshinori. That being said, it's time for you to head home. Please let your mother know that I will be coming to visit tomorrow morning. I know it's saturday, but we have a lot of work to do. So I'll be there at eight am sharp!" Yagi said, noticing in even more amusement at the boys wide eyes. Shocked and stuttering that All Might would be in his home. Shaking his had at the young man, he bid him adue. It was time for him to get to work, and ensure he had everything in place for Midoriya to succeed.

Izuku, who still hadn't moved even after All Might said his good byes couldn't believe what just happened. When he finally recovered enough to move, he slowly made his way home. Crashing into four light poles, three mail boxes and a fire hydrant, it was slow progress. The boy just couldn't compute how much his life was changing.

So it was a very unusual moving Izuku who made his way inside his home. Inko who was currently making dinner, at first didn't notice while she called out to her boy. At least until she turned around at his inability to answer. Turning to see exactly what the problem was, she could help but be confused as Izuku made strange almost robotic and stiff movements. His eye's unusually wide, and his arm almost coming down in a strange chopping motion. Trying to speak, only to have a weird squawk come out. Inko, beyond confused at this point just had to ask.

'"Izu? What's the matter honey? You looked like you've seen a ghost." Inko joked.

"M-Mom, You are not going to believe what happened. U-Uh were going to have a visitor tomorrow."

Inko didn't remember passing out, at least until she came around to a frantic Izuku trying his absolute best to revive her. Then it all came rushing back to her, Izu telling her about the Villain attack. And A-All Might, well surprise, surprise, but Inko quickly passed out again. Izuku completely at a lost of what to frantically tried to calm his mom down.

Tomorrow was going to be one hell of a day.


The next day brought a confused and completely awed Midoriya standing in front of U.A. The U.A., his dream school and dream school of millions of kids across Japan. Here he stood and never in his wildest dreams did he imagine walking through these hallowed halls. At least not with All Might himself, though he was in his skeletal form, so Izuku would need to get use to calling him Mister Yagi. Trying to take in each and every sight before him was a challenge. There was just so much to see, so much to take in.

Izuku frantically looking left and right in a comical fashion missed Yagi's amused chuckles at the boys expense. Well, there was no harm in the boy being excited. Heck he almost expected the boy to pass out completely when he had told him his plans this morning. You see, Yagi needed a place to test out Izuku's quirk safety. To see just how powerful and strong the boy was. What better place then his old Alma mater. Making sure to keep the boy on track it wasn't long before they approached an office of sorts.

Izuku who was beyond curious of what expect here was also extremely nervous. U.A. had a famous staff of pro heroes, Some of the very best that Japan had to offer. It was the number one school for a reason, and a lot of it had to do with the staff it had. Gulping nervously as Mister Yagi knocked on the door. Izuku took a deep breath as he entered, and was almost immediately at a loss to what he was seeing. There stood the principle of UA himself. Someone that had always been shrouded in mystery at least when ever Izuku tried to look him up. Not ready for what was in store, the poor boy almost fell over at the sight.

"Am I a mouse? A dog? A bear? My real identity is the principal!" There stood Principle Nezu in all his glory, standing at a mere two feet tall the animal like creature spoke cheerily towards his visitors. A vicious scar covering his right eye and a dapper suit. He struck a pretty amazing figure, after all he would have to be no slouch in order for him to be in charge of U.A.

"Ah Principle Nezu, thank you so much for agreeing to see me. This here is young Izuku Midoriya the boy I spoke to you about over the phone." Yagi said in a grand smile.

"U-Um, pleasure to meet you Mister Nezu Sir." Izuku replied meekly.

"Ohoho, so this is the boy who caught you interest? Fascinating, simply fascinating. Tell me Mister Midoriya, why do you want to be a hero?" Nezu asked, seated as he was behind his large office desk. Sipping gently on a cup of tea.

"W-Well, you see. I want to be a person that give people hope. I want to people to feel safe and protected when I'm there. You see, my quirk it's almost too strong for me to handle on a daily basis." Izuku said while looking down at his power dampening bracelets.

"So I know that some people fear me. B-But I never wanted that, I've only ever wanted to see people smile, happy and safe. If I could control my power, if I could become a hero. I-I just know I could have people feel so much better. I want to be someone that they can rely on" Izuku said calmly but with steel in his voice. Forcing himself to make eye contact with the principle himself.

Nezu was impressed, and it took a lot to impress the small creature. Yet this boy had done it, With his quirk High Specs he had numerous ways to detect if people were being serious. From the smallest of tells Nezu was a master at being able to interrogate and analyze people. This boy? Everything he said, was with one hundred percent sincerity. Now most who wanted to be heroes had genuine desires to help. That being said, there was also tremendous benefits to being a Hero. Fame, Money, Fans too name a few. So most aspiring heroes also tended to hope for some of those things. Yet it seemed that Izuku was not one of them. At least as far as he could tell from the short conversation. Nezu wasn't one to make mistakes, so he was confident in his assessment.

"I see, Very well Mister Midoriya. Do you know why All Might has brought you here?" Nezu said, trying to gage his response.

"U-UH Mister Yagi!? He knows?" Izuku asked shocked towards his new mentor.

"Yes, Young Midoriya he does. After all Nezu is one of the smartest individuals in the world. With me coming here to teach and find my successor it was only natural I confide in him. I mean I could only hold my form for a measly three hours. So I would need someone to cover for me in order to prevent my secret from getting out. Though I suspect that sooner rather than later most of the teaching staff here will have some idea of my condition". Yagi said gravely.

"I-I see, Of course it makes perfect sense. Someone as smart as Principle Nezu would easily be able to recognize your injury. Not to mention, it would stand to reason, you'd need someone experienced in order to help you find a successor. Why not the principle of U.A.? who had an amazing track record of producing the greatest heroes to ever walk the streets. In fact, he probably could think of various other contingen-"

"Hmmm, You didn't tell me he was smart as when you spoke of him All Might." Nezu interrupted, now grinning at the boy in front of him. Midoriya for his part was extremely embarrassed. Here was muttering in-front of one of the greatest minds in the world.

"Yes, the boy is sharp." Yagi said smiling down towards the boy and even ruffling his hair. "Still it's not polite to mutter like that in front of others young Midoriya."

"Y-yes sir". Izuku said bowing to them both. and apologizing for his behavior.

"Well anyways it's time to get started for why your here." Nezu said interrupting them, Quickly paging to a unknown individual to meet them on the P.E. Grounds.

In short order, after exchanging a few more questions about Izuku. All three of them quickly made there way to the destination. Izuku, who had bravely asked Nezu if he could ask about his quirk, even started to write some of it down in his trusty note book. Thinking to have better questions ready to ask the illustrious principle the next time they met. Just think of all the amazing things he could learn from such a person.

Arriving at the grounds Izuku stared wide eyed at the massive field. Large sprawling grounds with various activity area's. A track, long jump, Ball throwing area to name a few, Izuku stood amazed. Still at little star struck at where exactly he was. All these thought interrupted when a deshelled black garbed, scruffy faced man joined them. His long hair dropping to just past shoulder length. A weird and unusual white scarf wrapped repeatedly around his neck.

Yagi and Principle Nezu acknowledging him as Aizawa. The man almost did a double take and when he looked at Izuku. If Izuku was less star struck by his surroundings he might of noticed Aizawa's reaction to the young boy, it was certainly a recognition of some sort. Izuku oblivious to the situation instead stood around looking back and forth between the three men.

"Alright, Alright I'm here, what exactly do you need from me Nezu?" Aizawa said with a slight drawl, stifling a yawn. Sure it was shocking to see the kid here, but it seemed like the boy hadn't recognized him. So he wasn't going to bother brining it up. It might of been a fairly traumatic memory. Though Aizawa did notice the power dampening gauntlets still on the boy. Tsk, the boy still hadn't controlled his strength? Something told him that his was going to be a interesting conversation.

"Perfect, Aizawa Mister Midoriya here to test out of the power of his quirk. Due to various safety concerns we thought it prudent to undergo your regular testing. If you know what I mean, and of course for you to intervene if needed." Nezu said slyly. Trying to not give out too much information about Aizawa as he did. While the boy had impressed him, he hadn't yet proven that he would be attending U.A. So it made sense to keep certain things hidden from him.

After a brief conversation and a small introduction between Yagi, Midoriya and Aizawa. They decided to get to work, Izuku who as a bit excited at what tests they were going to run. It was the famous U.A. so he didn't even know what to expect. That being said, it certainly wasn't what he thought when Aizawa picked up a small white ball and tossed it him.

"Alright Midoriya. You've done physical examinations before correct? What was your longest ball throw in high school?" Aizawa asked.

"O-Oh, Uh, actually... I haven't not really. You see I was always too strong, A-and the teachers were always worried that I might hurt someone. S-So they, uh, kinda just made my numbers out of the average of the male students in my grade." Izuku said shyly not even looking up at Aizawa as he admitted something so embarrassing.

"Huh!? you mean to tell me you've never done these test before?" Aizawa asked incredulously.

"Y-yes sir. Mister Aizawa sir." Izuku's nerves getting the best of him.

"Geeze, you really are a problem child aren't you." he sighed, looking towards Yagi. He could tell that the skeletal man expected something like this. While Nezu just seemed to grin curiously at him. Damn meddling rodent. Aizawa thought harshly.


"Alright, look it's not rocket science. I want you to head to that circle over there. You see the one with the white edges? Then I want you take this ball and throw it as hard and far as you can." Aizawa said pinching his nose at the ridiculousness of this situation.

Watching as Midoriya approached the circle, Aizawa frowning at what he was seeing. He quickly reacted stopping the boy by wrapping his scarf along the boys shoulders. At least that's what he intended. Though he was certainly having difficulty, the boy almost dragging Aizawa with him until he noticed the scarf. Who at this point looked at the weird cloth confused and unsure of what was going on. Sighing again, Aizawa addressed the boy.

"Take off your dampeners kid. We want you to do this with your quirk and to not hold back at all." Aizawa said, having released the boy shortly after. Geeze what were they feeding the kid? It was obvious he was strong, stupidly strong for him to have dragged him almost unknowingly. Especially with those bracers still on him, now he was slightly curious to what exactly would happen.

Izuku of course gulped and also rubbed his head at his stupidity. Didn't Yagi say that they wanted to test his quirk to see what he was working with? muttering to himself he released both his legs and arms from the bracers. Feeling power surge into him, slightly glowing a deeper green then he was before and as more warmth was spreading through him. The boy approached the circle, now he knew that he had to go all out.

Pit forming in his stomach at the thought worried at what could happen, Izuku hesitated. Yagi had specifically told him not to hold back, but was it really ok? For so many years Izuku had to have a tight reign on his power. Even then he still had a few diasterous mishaps. Was it really safe for him to do this?

"Midoriya my boy. It's ok, I am here. Trust me!" Yagi called out to him. Izuku who snapped out of his thoughts looked towards his hero. Noticing his confident smile and grin, Izuku couldn't help but smile back. After all wasn't that All Mights trade mark? To always be smiling?

letting out a deep breath, Izuku focused, and for the very first time he could remember. He summoned his power, All of it, Not a fraction, not a sliver. But the entire amount of his quirk, So much that the boy hummed with power, his green glow going so dark it was almost black. Sticking to him with an intensity that no one had ever seen before, Not even himself. Powerful muscles bulging and rippling on the boy, as he held the ball. It must of been made of some sort of amazing material to not disintegrate with all the power thrumming through Izuku.

Breathing heavily and holding the ball firmly Izuku roared as he threw. And threw he did, so much power was contained in that throw. The very ground he stood on cracked and fissured. His body and feet sinking into the ground causing a crater of sorts. Arm snapping with so much force that Nezu, Yagi, and Aizawa were pulled forward, only barely managing to hold their ground as air was suddenly and violently sucked in. Ball Booming once, then twice in the air. Tree's hundred and thousands of yards away from them, snapping as branched were ripped and cracked away. It took a minute for their surroundings to settle. The dust that had been formed, the wind wildly snapping here and there as the sudden air pressure.

When it did, all of them were stunned at the mighty display. Watching as Izuku stood heaving in the pit taking deep and large breaths. The boy wasn't injured by any means but certainly was panting. That had obviously taken a lot out of the boy, looking back and forth the three of them wide eyed. That was some fucking power they thought, and for the first time in years All Might was, well for lack of a better phrase. Plus ultra'd at the boy, he had worried that his like would never come again. Someone able to hold the world on his shoulders and become the very same pillar as he had. Yet here stood this courageous young man, with a heart of gold and power to spare. Hope filling him as he stared at wonder.

"OH MY GOODNESS!" All Might said, and it really was all Might, fully bulked up as he rushed to his protégé.

"That was simply wonderful" unable to stop himself and sweeping the tired boy into a hug.

Oblivious to the shocked expression of Aizawa at the turn of events. Holy shit that skinny skeletal man was All Might? Glancing in wonder at Nezu to see if he was just as shocked as he was. Only then noticing the cunning and inquisitively glare from the principle.

"We shall tell you after Aizawa." Nezu said, not even bothering too look towards the shocked man. "What was the distance?"

completely forgetting to check the man raised the monitor in front of him. Well he'd be dammed, no wonder the kid had to use dampeners. Pretty much only U.A. a few very select heroes would of had the facility for him to truly let loose. Shaking his head he showed Nezu.

He threw the ball so hard and so far an infinity showed on the device. Now obviously it most likely came down somewhere, but just as obvious it was far outside their monitoring range. Which with them being able to track up to ten Kilometers that was saying something.

Wordlessly the two men continued to watch as the symbol of peace himself continued to praise the boy.... And for the first time that day Aizawa himself put on a pretty intense grin. This just got interesting.....


Tests finished, Midoryia was resting to the side, Breathing heavily as he recharged. Every single test had taken some of his energy, and while he recharged after a while. It hadn't exactly been easy. Though it also wasn't exactly hard. It was hard to explain, for the first time in years the boy had felt that he had drained some of his energy. Though he was back to regular before long, there was still something "missing" for lack of a better term, from him. Something that was being filled up slowly after each event, but still was gone. He knew it was probably his energy reserves. But wasn't exactly sure how was he was recharging.

Shrugging to himself and deciding to write down everything he was experienced today. Not to mention he just couldn't help that he was smiling like a fool, after all he had never had the opportunity to test his quirk out fully and unrestricted before. Having always been terrified to use his quirk like how he was, it was a freeing feeling to use without the customary fear he had grown up with. Having his quirk flow through his body like he had had almost awakened something in the boy. Filling him with an almost hope and wonder, He hadn't really had too many positive experiences with his quirk.
To be honest he actually felt better than he had in years. Of course that could of been the fact that he was hanging out at U.A. and His favorite Hero.

Though, it still had shocked the three on lookers at just how powerful the boy was. He had all but broken records in every category. Having run the hundred meter dash in a single bound, finishing at just under a second. Even if he smashed into the ground with so much force that ground was rippled and destroyed for twenty yards behind the finish line.

The grip test? He had crushed the device, and if Aizawa was guessing it hadn't even caused the boy to try.

His endurance with running laps? They had called it after twenty minutes of the boy doing long leaping strides, leaping five to six meters between hop. The boy not even panting as he moved with a grace that was unusual on the normally shy and frantic boy. Even if every now and then the boy would press to hard, shattering the ground behind him. Or fall to hard and ripping up the ground as he sunk into the dirt.

His only two tests where he struggled were the side to side and the flexibility tests. Neither had he performed badly, but with his power in two jumps side to side he had crushed the area ment to test him. Ripping up large mounds of dirt and earth in trying to jump side to side. Deciding to skip the exercise they had moved on to the next one. The flexibility tests, and while he didn't cause any amount of destruction... It was just obvious that it didn't really fit towards his quirk. Still the boy had given it a good showing.

The adults had seen enough, telling the boy to go and take a breather and get some water. They turned to one another to discuss things.

"So we've seen midoriya push himself, and yet even with all these test the boy seemed to recharge fairly quickly." Nezu murmured, his hand resting on his chin in contemplation.

"Yes, it seems that Young Midoriya has exceeded my every expectation. Though his control is going to need a lot of work. To be frank I have an excellent Idea, and while it's purpose won't be for the reason I originally planed it for. It will be an excellent way to train Midoriya safely." All Might said, having released his heroic form shortly after the ball throw.

"I see." Aizawa said, his thoughts back towards the green hair youth. The boy had potential in spades, and it was obvious to all present that he was going to a force to be reckoned with. Still...

"Look All Might, I know in every way at being a hero your my better and senior. It's only logical to come to that conclusion with your heroics record. Still, I don't know what kind of experience you've had teaching, but I think it's important you don't push his quirk outside of U.A. I know you understand what it means to have power, but there just isn't the facilities around that could handle the boy if he was to really be pushed. Let's have him join us here, then we can focus on increasing his power." Aizawa said, looking directly at the Symbol of Peace himself.

"I completely concur with Aizawa, Yagi I trust you're decision making I really do. But let's not let that boy push too hard with his power before he's safetly within our walls." Nezu agreed.

"Your right of course, Young Aizawa, Principle Nezu. Don't fear, I simply plan on instructing him mostly on control. A lot of the finer instruction will have to wait until he's here. I know that I could safely test his strength myself without too much harm. But the damage to the surrounding area? You're correct that I couldn't safely contain him and test him. Both of us would destroy things with every swing. Not suitable to do in public. No like I said, I think I have the perfect solution to help Young Midoriya. With his control, and hopefully with his confidence."

"Hmmm, maybe your not such a blowhard after all. All Might." Aizawa said neutrally as he walked away. Oh sure as soon as they were gone, he was positive that Nezu would explain to him exactly what was going on with All Might and that strange form. But until that time he was going to get some sleep, Midoriya wouldn't be his concern for a few more months and all the fun had ended. Walking away sluggishly and yawning once more Aizawa left a flustered All Might behind him.

"B-Blowhard? Nezu I'm not that bad am I? he said looking towards Nezu." who strangely enough happened to have pulled a cup of tea from no where. Nezu who of course didn't meet All Mights gaze or answer instead chuckled softly to himself. Saying his good byes and wishing Mister Midoriya well. The animal principle took his leave, at least not before reminding All Might to finish his paperwork.

Izuku who wasn't exactly sure what paperwork the principle was talking about was none the less thankful. Bowing and expressing his thanks over and over much to the amusement of All Might and Nezu. If only he had said thanks to Mister Aizawa Izuku thought, the man had seem strangely familiar though he could pin point from where.....


It wasn't too long before Yagi and Izuku made it to their second destination of the day. What a destination it was, when Yagi had explained things to his Mother earlier. He could of guessed what exactly they were going to do. Still even in his wildest of guess, this would of never crossed his mind.

Look in front of them Izuku and Yagi had sprawling heaps of garbage. Izuku would of sworn they were at some sort of dump, only that while they entered the parking lot it had said Dagobah beach.

"Ha ha ha, I can tell young Midoriya that you're confused." Yagi said, looking down fondly at the boy.

"W-Well I'm a little confused on why where here Mister Yagi." Izuku replied, still struggling at times at calling the heroic man before him by name.

"Well you see Midoriya, as I told your mother.... BEHOLD! Your Aim to Pass: American Dream plan version two!" Yagi said proudly holding out a training regime to the young man. See Izuku was still confused Yagi continued.

"Don't you see my boy? You're going to be spending the next ten months cleaning this beach!" Yagi said arms spreading as he gestured to the many heaps of trash.

"W-What? A-All of it?" Izuku replied, not trusting what he was hearing.

"You see, originally I had thought that this would be a perfect place to train your body. Yet after the tests we had done today, I decided to slightly change it. Your physique is truly impressive Midoriya. Yet one thing your lacking is control. You've even expressed that yourself numerous times. So this is going to be you training ground. You are going to take the trash, and using your quirk without dampeners remove every spec of garbage here. When doing so, you're going to use your quirk to help you move the trash. Of course that's not all! that would be simply too easy. So you'll also be working on moving the trash without destroying or crushing them. Of course mistakes will happen, and there will be no harm or foul should you screw up. It's only trash after all!" Yagi explained.

"O-of course!" Izuku said, his gaze wandering to all the different types of trash.

"It makes perfect sense, there are hundreds if not thousands of pieces of garbage here. All with completely different weights, Sizes, structure and integrity. So by forcing myself to move them without destroying them will be amazing for my control. Not to mention it's like you said, when I screw up, absolutely nothing will be harmed. Also I'll have extra incentive to ensure they don't break, as that will only make my job harder with smaller and smaller pieces." Izuku muttered while processing everything.

"Exactly my Boy! Listen, Heroes these days are all after the showy stuff. Originally, being a hero meant doing volunteer service. Even if people called that boring or lame. You can't waver from these roots. You will restore the horizon for this community. Giving the people back a beloved beach and doing a heroic deed!" Yagi said triumphantly while crushing a fridge infront of him. In doing so revealing a beautiful and breath taking view to Izuku.

All Might was right, I needed to remember both the big and small things. I can't always be caught up in fighting villains. Community service was a vital part of being a hero.

"My boy, This is your next step in becoming a Hero. I promise you, if you finish this task, then there is no way you will fail the U.A. exam. You future in your grasp young Man." Yagi Boomed.

"A-All Might, I will work harder than anyone else. I won't fail you." Izuku said, tears filling his eyes as he looked towards his mentor.

And so began Midoriya's ten months of Hell.

Chapter Text

Too say that the last ten months had been challenging, would of been a massive understatement. The sheer amount of trash and garbage that Izuku handled on a daily basis was unbelievable. So much so, that it left Izuku for the first time in his life, exhausted. Not physically, as even the largest hunks of trash, Cars, Safes, lockers etc.... were farm from hard for him to move. No instead it was a mental exhaustion that Izuku faced daily.

Getting up at five in the morning every day before school. Pushing himself to control his quirk on a scale never before done. Especially no longer wearing his bracers, his overwhelming power having to be toned down or changed for each and every object he touched. His first day alone he had destroyed an uncountable amount of trash. Every object needed his full and undivided attention, so much so that by the time he was on his way to school. Izuku would be mentally taxed, his mind sluggish as he slogged through the days.

Yet he persevered, and each day he arrived at the beach to a cheering All Might, constantly pushing him. Telling him which objects to move, congratulating him on successful removals, and criticizing his mistakes. Which, was a lot, Still Mister Yagi was always kind. If firm that he could do better.

It was a new experience for Izuku. Before only his Mom had really encouraged him. Oh sure, his teachers told him good job here or there, but Izuku knew it was useless praise. Simply a way for them to get on his good side and helding no actual meaning. Toshinori though? He was truly genuine, he pointed out his mistakes with a clam assurance. Providing tips and ways to improve, chastising Izuku when his focus would drift. Bringing real world examples to their training. After all, if he needed to save someone, crushing them in his hands wouldn't do. Breaking his advice down for Izuku in an easy and clear way.

He never really had a male role model before. Hisashi had left them when Izuku was born. Telling his mother that he never wanted to be father. He never really knew him, and yet there still seemed to have been a strong figure missing in his life. Not to say his mother wasn't strong, of course she was. It's just was different, Izuku found himself wanting Mister Yagi's approval so desperately it hurt sometimes. On the days that Toshinori would compliment him, or praise him. Izuku felt like he was ontop of the world, On the days where he failed or made mistakes? Izuku knew that everything Mister Yagi would say to him, was for his best. It was a sort power on its own, Someone so amazing taking so much care with his development. Not even his mother would been able to help him with things. Sure she would exercise for him day to day and encourage him. It just wasn't the same from having a honest to god hero, pushing him to be his very best. Something that Izuku, could never be thankful enough for.

His favorite moments were easily the few times they would rest and talk, Talking about life, Yagi experiences and stories from his Hero days. Stories that absolutely riveted the young boy. He was shocked at first at just how human All Might was being, letting Izuku know of the fear and worry that he felt during those times. It would something Izuku would never of imagined, especially since the boy had watched or been familiar from a lot of the stories being told. Throughout it all All Might had always seemed to calm, his signature smile shining brightly as he save people. To be frank he did not think that he would ever forget one of the most serious conversations they once had..

"M-Mister Yagi, Can you tell me about your debut? It's one of my earliest memories. You were so amazing saving all those people, Shouting to the world that everything would be alright. That you were there." Izuku squeaked. Both of them resting and watching the sun rise slow crest over the horizon.

"Ah, You see my boy. I lost someone in the past, Someone who had meant the world to me... I-I failed her. Wasn't strong enough..." Toshnori said softly, his eyes growing distant. Sadness clear as he spoke.

"And ever since that day, I vowed that if someone was in my reach. I would save them. That I would never again fail at saving someone. So on that terrible day, When disaster had struck. I saw it as a redemption of sorts. I finally, truly let my power shine. You see, I had been in America training and growing stronger. So when I finally returned to Japan and saw what was happening I let lose with all of my being." He said, Fist clenched in front of him. Blazing with a fire behind those blue eyes.

"W-were you scared Mister Yagi?" Izuku couldn't help but ask.

"Of course my boy, You see people think that Heroes must be fearless. That's just not correct, To fear is to be human. Fear for yourself, Fear to save others, Fear to fail.... These are all things that Heroes must face. You must always understand young Izuku. That fear is a normal and completely regular occurrence. Part of being a hero is facing that fear, Using it to make you the best you can be." Looking at the boy as he spoke, he could see that Izuku wasn't fully understanding.

Struggling to get his words out and comprehending Mister Yagi's words, the boy just had to ask. "U-using your fear? What do you mean?"

"My boy, You will fail. Every single hero has. Maybe a comrade will fall. Or you won't be able to stop a villain. Even worse, maybe despite all your effort, someone may still die." Toshinori said gravely, his voice catching slightly at the end.

"But you see, that's why you must try. That's why you need to control and use that fear, So that when the time comes you know you've done everything you can. That you can stand there knowing you did your best. It won't make things easier, nor will it make it better. Yet, it will teach you that despite all of our power, were still only human. That humbling, hopefully will make you Better. Will force you to knowing and understanding your limits. To think and react calmly with precision and confidence. We learn from our mistakes, We learn from our fears, and We learn from facing tribulations. I know that it might be hard to understand now. Heroes often live in a world of regrets my boy, You can either let you failures crush you. Or you can let them help you grow." Yagi continued, His eyes relaying that gravity of the conversation they had.

Lost in thoughts about the words spoken Izuku spoke softly "Regrets? I never knew that you had failed. I-I mean you're All Might, the symbol of peace and number one. T-To think that you've made mistakes. I don't think I've ever really thought about what it might be like to lose..."

Grimly Yagi looked at the boy " Of course I have regrets my boy. Like I said despite everything that I am. I still a Man, That being said are you starting to second guess becoming a hero? Hearing from your favorite how hard the road could be ahead?" He had to ask of course, often times when faced with the truths of being a hero. People reconsidered, or they lost the drive. It wasn't an easy profession so while he truly believed in the boy. He wanted Izuku to honestly think of what his life would lead too.

Izuku for his part, really considered All Mights words before responding.

"I won't back down Sir, I promised that I wouldn't fail you. But it's more then that too, I know I have a long way to go. I know that, it wont be an easy road. Being completely honest you telling me these things have really helped. I always thought the job was so easy for you, so effortless, and finding out otherwise? It's giving me hope. Hope that one day, I can be like you, provide people with another symbol just as important. So thank you All Might, Thank you for choosing me." Izuku's clear works echoing around them. Not a stutter in sight, and a quiet confidence surrounding the boy.

He really had lucked out at finding such a boy to take on his legacy. He wasn't sure of what type of Hero his boy would become. That was for Izuku to decide, but he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would be breath taking.

Emotion thick on his voice, Toshinori looked to his young protege. "We'll it's time we get back to work. Isn't it?"

"Y-yes Mister Yagi sir." Izuku said. Eye's shinning brightly as the sun behind him, as he continued his journey.


Shaking his head at the memories and clearing his thoughts, Izuku readied himself for the day. Getting dressed into his work out wear, and slapping his cheeks in front of a mirror. Today was the day that he took the entrance Exam. Nodding to himself once, he walked out of his room.

Only to find his mother, tears filling her eyes as she spoke.

"Oh my baby, I'm so so proud of you" Rushing at Izuku and hugging him tightly with all her being.

"Thanks, Mom." he replied awkwardly hugging her back. It had been almost four months ago when the boy had completely stopped wearing his power dampening bracers. A shock to his mother, when he hugged her for the first time that evening without them. To say she cried would of been an understatement. She almost flooded the entire apartment.

"It's just you've done so amazing with everything! If I would of known all those months ago at how much Toshi's training would of helped you. I Would of never been so hesitant." Inko beamed, looking up at her pride in joy. It wasn't just the fine control Izuku developed. There also a quiet confidence in the boy that Inko had never seen before. Her, shy and timid baby, had started to become a man. Something she would forever be grateful for. She knew a lot of it had to do with Toshi. Remembering to months ago when they had first met.

Inko was currently and frantically cleaning every spot, nook and cranny of her apartment. It was spotless of course, as Inko always kept a clean home, but she could help but fret. It was the A-All Might and he was coming to her home. She still almost could believe it. Izuku who was still a bundle of nerves sat on the couch, staring at the clock as he waited for the heroes arrival. Both of them more nervous then they had ever been in their lives.


The door bell going off, causing both Midoriya's to jump off their feet.

"I-I'll G-get it" A shaky and awkward Izuku moved to answer the door.

" I am coming in as a Guest!" All Might said. His muscle form on full display as he looked at his two hosts. There of course was young Midoriya, unable to meet his gaze as he started to sweat and shake profusely. Once again to All Mights amusement. Looking inwards he spotted his mother for the first time, and his breath was taken away.

"H-Hello, A-All Might Sir. I'm Miss Inko Midoriya, T-Thank you so much for s-stopping by." A beautiful green hair woman said. Blush fully formed on her face, looking downwards at her feet. Her hair in almost the exact style as his Master Nana. Both nostalgic and mesmerizing he continued to gaze at the woman. Her fit form, her kind eyes, the even lighter dusting of green freckles on her face. Almost invisible if not for his enhanced sight.

"I'm your care Miss Inko." He said gravely, it had taken a second to stop staring. At least both Inko and Izuku were far too embarrassed at having him in his home that they hadn't noticed.

"U-Um All Might, T-This way." Izuku said, walking shakily towards his mother. Her following after them as they continued to walk in clumsy and jerking manor. Chuckling to himself he followed, he guess now he knew exactly where Izuku's mannerisms came from. First knuckling in his mouth, struggling to not laugh at loud. As he watched the two almost falling when they sat down at the dinning room table.

" Now Miss Inko, Has Young Izuku told you why I'm here today?" All Might asked, still smiling at the antics of the two.

And yet, for the first time since entering their home, he saw a glint of steel in Miss Inko's eyes.

"Yes... He said you wanted to train him to be your successor. Is this true?" Her stutter completely gone as she now stared intently at the number one hero.

"M-Mom?" Izuku shocked at the change. Squeaked out, his mother had never before acted like this.

All Might a bit taken back at the change of tone, Never the less answered.

" Yes exactly! You see I believe young Izuku here has everything that's needed to become a fine and amazing hero." he said proudly. Only to be interrupted quickly by the green haired beauty.

"Look, I have concerns All Might. Izuku is my baby, and while I know he's grown into a young man. He is still my world, Having you here saying you will help him fulfill his dreams? It's almost too good to be true." She said, looking over at her precious boy. She didn't want to be some sort of Monster parent, but she needed to make sure that he would be safe. That All Might was serious about his intentions. Sure he was the Symbol of Peace, but that kind of life style could easily make him to busy to properly give her Izu the time of day. Not to mention there would be dangers by associating with him.

"M-Mom, I told you, Mister All Might watched me during that villain incident. I know you were upset with me, but I had to do something. He was impressed in what I did, it's not so strange he believes in me!" Izuku said, tears showing in his eyes and he stared at his mother in shock. W-What was she doing?

Inko eyes, while looking at her boy softened. Then hardened as she stared down the Mighty form in front of her. "Even worse, You the number one pro Hero stood by letting a Minor risk his life to stop a villain? Why did you not intervene? How could you let him endanger himself? How can I truly trust that you will look out for my boy?" She asked unusual coldness seeping into her tone.

All Might who watched her shifting emotions, His gaze turning towards young Izuku as he frantically tried to stop his mother and calm her down. He knew what he had to do, because Miss Inko was right. He had failed that day, and while things had turned out correctly. It could of gone so much worse, So caught up was he in the amazing young man sitting across from him. He hadn't realized just how poorly his loved ones would react to things.

" I apologize for doing things out of order" All Mights voice stopping the Midoriya's from talking to each other. Their gaze turning the Heroic man who stood. Only to fall to his hands and knee's bowing at their feet.

"A-All Might, W-what are you doing?" Izuku who had jumped off his seat at All Mights actions.

"I truly believe that Young Izuku is the right person to succeed me. What I mean is, I have seen his kindness, bravery and will to do good. I'm sure you know but he has a heart of gold. I believe that he is the person who should become the next Symbol of Peace." All Might still bowing, his forehead pressed against the floor. Doing everything in his power to ensure that his voice carried truth and sincerity.

"All Might, please... You don't have to do this.." Inko pleaded with the man, tears filling her eyes. This isn't what she wanted or expected.

" It's true that I failed to intervene yesterday. For that you have my sincere apologies. I cannot and will not make excuses. Yet the things he showed to me yesterday, It's made me want to stand by him and walk together with him. I believe that with my Help, Izuku could be the greatest hero of his time. Please, let me train him, Let me guide him. Will you allow me to pour my all into Young Izuku? I will protect him and raise him up, even if I have to give my life to dos so!" All Might said, still kneeling in front of the stunned Midoriya's both crying hard at the display in front of them.

Inko couldn't take it, collapsing to floor.

"I don't like this after all...." She said softly. "Don't give up your life. Please live properly to protect him and raise him. If you can promise me that, then I will allow it." All Mights face rising as she spoke such words.

"I promise." He said, once more lowering his head to the brave woman.

"All Might sir, Please take care of my son."

Toshi had been a regular at the Midoriya household since that day. Sharing a pot of coffee as he waited to Izuku to get ready. Going over the progress of their training together. Inko was shy to admit it, she had grown fond of the man. Even after her near heart attack when he showed his emaciated form the first time. Once again causing her to pass out, Waking up to both a frantic All Might and Izuku standing over her. Trying to revive her.

He had kept his word too, Often times staying over for dinner. Even those days where Izuku was so tired he went to bed early. Allowing the adults to talk, she had thanked All Might with all her heart after seeing the positive influence he was having. Telling him, about Hisashi only to have Toshi bulk to his muscled form in anger. Explaining to him the fears only a single parent could have, Was she raising him correctly? Was she a good role mode? Was he missing something that he had no men in his life?

Toshi Kindness was too much, for how he praised her. Telling her how impressed he was with how Young Midoriya turned out. Causing Inko to blush, when he continued singing her praises. Truth be told she was starting to feel a connection with the Symbol of Peace. She knew that a hero like him had all sorts of romance opportunities, yet she couldn't help but be drawn to him. His love and care for her boy, his humor and silly jokes. The way his piercing gaze would make her heart flutter. She didn't care about his weakened form, in her mind Toshi was Toshi. Regardless of which form he held. Putting her thoughts on hold, so she would stop fiercely blushing about the blond hair man.

Gazing down at her boy, as she fussed over him this morning Inko couldn't help but have hope and happiness fill her. Her young Man was going to live his dream today. She couldn't of been more proud.

"Mom? I'm leaving now. Wish me luck" Izuku said, standing tall at the door way. Head held high as she looked at him. His smile big and wide on his face and filled with passion.

"Of course Honey. Kick some ass" Inko said, watching as her beautiful boy stumbled at her crass choice of words. Izuku, would never change, she thought fondly at the boys now red face.

"I'm off Mom." And he was gone, ready to take the test and move forward with his dream.


Standing in front of the illustrious U.A. for the second time this year. Izuku couldn't help but be awed once again by the sight. Staring up at the building he watched as hundreds of applicants made their way inside.

"I made it." He said out loud to himself. Readying to take step forward.

"Outta my way Deku!" said a voice from behind him.

Turning, Izuku met the fierce glare of Katsuki Bakugo.

"Bakugo!?" He squeaked. Ever since the sludge incident, Katsuki had been strangely quiet. Not bothering Deku at all during these last ten months. Still, he hadn't exactly been friendly, just no longer were there snide comments or angry outbursts directed at him. Though, he was still as violent as ever. This was Katsuki he was talking about.

"You're holding up the entry way. Don't stand in my way today Deku. Or I'll Kill you." Katsuki said, briskly walking past Izuku. Determination showing clearly on his face.

"I won't, so let's both do our best Bakugo." Izuku said, at times he wished he could still call his friend Kac-chan, or even Katsuki. But those days were long gone, frowning at the boys retreating form. Izuku made his way inwards. At least, until he bumped into a girl by accident. So focused on Katsuki's form he hadn't noticed the brown haired girl in front of him.

Reaching out to grab her to prevent her from falling, something that only months ago would of been impossible. He was confused when all of sudden the girl and himself started to float. H-Huh? Weren't his feet on the ground? looking down in shock. H-how were they now floating just a few inches off of it? Frantically glancing around in confusion and being his typical panicky self, he stopped only when a soft voice spoke.

"Sorry! I was so distracted by starting at U.A. I must of been blocking your way. I didn't want either of us to fall, as I thought that could be bad luck. So I used my quirk on us! Sorry!" the shorter, brown hair girl spoke. A bubbly enthusiasm coating her words as she stared at Izuku's large form. No wonder she had been knocked off her feet she thought, this guys massive!

"O-oh no, I'm sorry. I was distracted too and wasn't watching where I was going. Are you alright? I really didn't mean to knock into you." Izuku said, Face turning red as he rubbed the back of his head. Chagrined face staring downwards.

He's so nice the girl thought before responding.

"N-No, l'm ok, promise! and let's just say we both screwed up and were even ok? I'm just glad neither of us were hurt." She said looking into his kind green eyes. Normally she would be intimidated by someone who was so big, but it was obvious from his red face that the guy was basically a big teddy bear.

"Uh, Miss...."

"O-Oh sorry I'm Ochako Uraraka."

"I-Izuku Midoriya." he replied still blushing badly. He didn't have much experience with girls after all. "how are we floating?"

"Oh my gosh! Release!" Ochako said. Her hands coming together, all of her fingers now touching.

And soon Izuku felt gravity returning, Settling down. Izuku realized that he still had his hand around her arm. Quickly removing it and bowing towards the bubbly girl.

"Sorry!" he sputtered, bent at the waste as he once more apologized.

"Pfft! Izuku, you're hilarious!" she said. Finding his obviously embarrassed antics really funny. "Ah, it's almost time for the exam! It was super nice meeting you Izuku! Good luck on the exam!" Ochako said rushing off after checking her watch.

Izuku who was still a bit stunned. Couldn't help but tense up, happiness filling him. Holy crap! he basically just had his first conversation with a girl! U.A. was amazing! Before a Bell was wrung, causing Izuku to frantically rush forward. It wouldn't be good for him to be late! Thankfully It didn't take long for him to find his way inside. Large hanging signs were everywhere, pointing in the directions needed to take the Hero examination. Following the majority of students Izuku soon found himself sitting down and taking a pretty standardized test. It was decently harder than some of the exams his school gave. Yet, Izuku wasn't worried in particular.

While Izuku had mostly been training his quirk and body, he was still extremely smart. Only having fallen to second place in his school while following All Might's vigorous American Dream Plan. So he felt pretty confident when it was over, finishing relatively early compared to his peers.

No, the fun didn't really start until afterword, when time was up and they were directed to a huge auditorium. All candidates given numbers based on which High school they were coming from. Honestly it was no surprise then to see him seated next to Katsuki. The room, decently dark as a massive screen emitted a soft blue light.

Once everyone was seating it only took seconds for lights to flash on, now illuminating everything. As a figure rose to stand in front a giant podium.

"For all you examinee listeners tuning in, Welcome to my show today! Are you ready!?" A rocker man said, huge speaker like collar surrounding his neck, pointed mustache and Spiked long hair flowing behind him. Raising his hands up in a pose, waiting for a response only to slightly stumble when none reached him.

"What a refined response. Then I'll quickly present to you the rundown on the practical exam! Yeah!!" the man screamed again. Once more silence only answering back. The man comically rubbing the back of his head at his failure to get a response.

"it's the voice hero Present Mic! Oh my gosh, he's so amazing. As expected of U.A. to have someone like him to give the orientation. I listen to him almost every week on the radio!" Izuku gushing at the hero in front of him. Quietly mumbling to himself as he was entrapped by the amazing Hero below.

"shut it Deku." Katsuki grumbled, both boys turning in to listen to the instructions.

It seemed fairly simple, everyone would be split into different groups and assigned to a battle center. Once there the would face off against four types of robots. The first being worth one point, the second two, and the third three. Though he did notice that for some reason Present Mic hadn't mentioned what the fourth robot would be. Not to mention that when checking what center he would be at, both him and Katsuki realized that they would be split up.

"It makes sense, they wouldn't want people or friends from the same schools teaming up together. Giving them an unfair advantage. Plus, there could be people who might try and sabotage one another. I mean I can even think of--" Izuku mumbled much to Katsuki annoyance. Only stopping when a loud voice spoke up.

"May I ask a question?" A tall, blue haired, Serious man asked. Glasses being fixed as he stood with an arm raised up high.

"Okay!" Mic responded.

"On the printout there are four types of villains. Yet you've only discussed three during your presentation. If that was a mistake then, U.A. The most prestigious university, should be ashamed. We examinee's are here because we wish to be molded into exemplary heroes! In addition, you there with the long green hair!" The boy said, pointing at Izuku.

"You've been muttering this whole time. Not to mention your green glow is highly distracting! If you're here on a pleasure trip, then you should leave immediately!" He said, staring down Izuku. Who for his point was frantically waving his hands in front of him, trying to convey that he was sorry. Slight snickers going around at Izuku being called out in such a public way.

"Okay, Okay, Examinee number 7111. That's enough, But your right! We didn't talk about the fourth robot. That's because the fourth robot is worth zero points! That guy's an obstacle, so to speak. There will be one in every battle center. My advice, make sure avoid it at all costs. Though its technically not impossible defeat, there no reason to either!" Mic said once more gesturing excitedly to the crowd.

"Thank you very much" The straight laced boy said, bowing once and sitting back down. Murmurs going through the crowd as they digested this new information.

"That's all from me! Finally, I'll give you listeners a present-- Our school motto! The hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said: A true hero is someone who overcomes life's misfortunes. So go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!!!!!!."

Excited cheers rang through the auditorium. As examines made there way there way to the next part of the exam. Izuku, trembling with excitement, fiercely determined. Squeezed his fists tight, his glowing barrier humming briefly due to its wielders reaction. Time to show U.A. who Izuku Midoriya was.


Izuku knew that U.A. was rich, but this was just beyond expectation. Standing in front of two massive iron doors. Each easily twenty feet high, he looked on with the rest of the examines. They were standing on the outskirts of a small city, Buildings of every size just beyond the doors. U.A. Is incredible, he thought, stunned by what he was seeing.

Still, he knew what he had to do. Focusing back towards him self and putting on a brave face the boy started to enter with the other teens.

"Oh! There's Uraraka! Such a nice person! So she was assigned to the same battle center, huh?" Izuku rattled, once again mumbling to himself. Wanting to apologize once more for knocking into her he started walking in her direction. If anything he was more nervous about talking to a girl, then the exam itself. Suddenly a hand gripped him from behind, Izuku being Izuku continued moving forward as heard protesting from behind him. Oops! he had felt the hand, but continued walking dragging the poor boy behind him. Turning around to see a familiar stern faced boy who had fallen on the ground. Izuku could only tremble at what was going to happen.

Immediately the Boy jumped back to his feet. Arms pointing at him in a robotic fashion the tall youth all but yelled!

"Look, that girl appears to be trying to focus. What are you doing here? Are you taking the entrance exam to interfere with everyone else? Wasn't it bad enough how distracting you were in the auditorium?" The stern boy preached at Izuku.

"W-What? N-n-no of course not! I'm here to take the exam like everyone else." Izuku stuttered, he almost couldn't believe the brashness of the boy in front of him. Both boy completely unaware at the rest of students whispering among them at the confrontation.

"Isn't that the guy who was glowing during Present Mics orientation?"

"Jesus that Guys a pure bundle of anxiety, even if he's massive!"

"Ha, Ha what a dork... it was so funny when glasses called him out!"

Izuku, who finally noticed what was happening looked around him as other students snickered and mocked him. He, had hoped that the U.A. exams would be different, instead of exactly like high school. Sighing to himself, he turned back towards the stern haired boy. Who was shouting at the other students to cease their foolishness.

"Excuse me." He said, as the Blue haired boy returned his gaze back to him.

"Look, I can tell your nervous. I think it's pretty obvious I am as well. But I'm here and taking this just as serious as everyone else is. I know I may not be perfect in how I act, and I'm truly sorry if I was bugging you during orientation. That being said, I'm here to pass. So if your finished leave me be so I can focus." And for the first time that Izuku could remember. He brushed pass the now stuttering and robot arm waving boy.

Head held high, as he walked past the group as he headed towards where the U.A. officials were waiting. Uraraka, who had watched everything happen and had begun to frown at the treatment of the Kind green haired boy. Watched on in amazement as he walked forward with confidence. Right... She thought, Slapping her cheeks. It was time to focus.

Izuku for his part, was doing his best to be like All Might. Showing confidence as much as he could. Internally though? He was screaming and panicking at the rudeness he had just displayed. Thankfully or unthankfully his internal turmoil was interrupted when a loud voice yelled.

"Okay Start!"

Everyone glancing up in confusion at the U.A. Reps even Izuku. Before realizing what happened, and his quirk flaring, muscles bulging Izuku exploded off. Cracking the road behind him as his powerful leap rocketed him forward. Other examines stunned, what the heck? That was the boy they were making fun of earlier?

" Hey Hey Hey, Listeners! There are no countdown in real fights! Get goin! The die has been cast you know!"

The group realizing their mistake, was now rushing off, only to see Izuku's form far far ahead of them.

Izuku for his part, was pure focus. Charging into a group of one pointers. His training paying off, as he concentrated on exactly what he was doing. His fist smashing into the first bot, with so much force that its head and legs blasted off. It's metallic and robotic body crashing into two behind it destroying all of them in the process.

A barrage of bullets sent in his direction by the remaining bots, only to bounce harmlessly off his barrier and powerful body. As Izuku surged forward, A mighty leap covering the ten feet to his enemies. Smashing his foot down through the fourth robot, and following up with a vicious chop, it was only seconds before the group was destroyed.

"That's five." Izuku muttered. Racing off to find the next group. Seeing a large collection of two and three pointers in front of him. Izuku launched forward, Fist raised in a arching blow. Only for a beam of energy to shoot past him. Obliterating the robot.

"Thanks for the distraction! Merci! we make a good team." A flamboyant boy said. Wearing a frilly lace shirt as he posed provocatively. A large crystal type support belt on his waste. Izuku was caught off guard at such a strange appearance. Reacting suddenly, Izuku charged at the boy. For his part the boy squawked at Izuku raced towards him. Not understanding what was happening, hand fanning in front of his body.

Only for Izuku's scream to reach his ears. "Behind you!" Not even having time to turn around, as Izuku's large body reached him. The glowing green of Izuku's massive fist, reaching out and grabbing one of his waving arms. Pulling the boy forward and also being Izuku. Shielding him from the roaring noise of gun fire. While none of them bullets were "real" they still packed a punch and could seriously injure or hurt someone. Tings and blasts raining off of Izuku's large form.

The flamboyant boy for his part, was staggering being Izuku for being yanked around so quickly. Realizing that he had just been saved, he called out to Izuku.

"Monsieur! I Aoyama! thank you for your sparkling bravery. Let's us join forces and destroy these bâtardes" prancing around Izuku's form, the boy unleashed a powerful blast of pure energy. Almost five feet wide and three feet thick. Cutting a bunch of two pointers cleanly in two.

"Wow! your quirk is amazing!" Izuku roared over the sounds of combat. No longer needing to protect Aoyama as he called himself. Jumping up and forwards, his leg soaring in front of him. Izuku screamed "SMASH!"

His foot, and leg coming down with so much force, that the robot and cement in twenty directions around the blow exploded outwards. Chunks of road and side walk blasting a variety of two and three pointers. Easily clearing the remaining robots. Standing, he looked over to his comrade only to see him slightly hunched over. Green faced as the boy was holding his stomach.

"Aoyama!? are you ok?" Izuku asked rushing to his side.

"Y-yes... It just a backlash of my quirk. Though you were simply magnifique!" Aoyama said, slowly straightening out. "We shall meet again, my brave friend! Adieu!" and just like that the strange boy rushed off in search of more robots.

Izuku, who was rather distracted by the strange situation. Only needing a few seconds to remember! THE EXAM! as he too rushed off.

"Five minutes are left!!"

Striding forward Izuku raced past a group of robots. Only to see Uraraka Rushing from bot to bot, Her hand pressing lightly on them. After each touch the bots rose into the air. Soon, the air was filled with struggling flying robots.

"Release!" At Uraraka's yell, a resounding Crash!!! filled the air.

"Holy, she's amazing!" Izuku thought. Running past her to find more. Only faintly hearing "twenty eight". Right, No time to lose, Sure he was currently sitting at thirty five points. But he had no idea how many would be needed to past. Iron clad focus back in place Izuku rushed off to find more foes.


Meanwhile the graders of the exam studied the students as they progressed. Various monitors tracking students from all over. Izuku showing obvious to all on one, Tenya Lida on another and many many more.

Nezu, who was surrounded by his most senior staff as they continued their viewing.

"In this practical exam, Non of the examinees have been informed of the number of robots at their locations. With a limited amount of time, in a vast area. They have to do their best to draw out their enemies."

The screen flashing to a large boy, taller then even Izuku. Standing at the top of a building, His many arms forming a weird net, multiple ears and eyes searching from his various limbs for foes. Next a purple haired girl, Her jack like ears pressed into the ground. Hands clapped against her heard as she listened for clues. Before rushing into a near by building, a loud thudding noise exploding out the windows as a three pointer was destroyed.

"Information gathering and the ability to understand the situation before anyone else!" Nezu said pointing at the displays.

Next showing Tenya and Izuku racing around the battle ground. Tenya's super speeds and Izuku's surging leaps bringing them to robots one after another.

"Mobility that can be used in many different circumstances, and the power to see their will done." Nezu said, as Izuku smashed through another group of one pointers. Saving another examinee for being over run. Then looking as Tenya, his legs moving at super-human speeds kicked out at a two pointer. Effortlessly blowing off its head, before the boy continued his motion, racing off to find others.

Next the screen flashed to Katsuki Bakugo. Heaving and panting at the staggering amount of destroyed robots in his path. The boy Roaring out challenges to any and all takers.

"Pure combat ability, and a fierce determination to defeat their foes. Remarkable." the rodent like principle said. As he continued to watch many many others students.

"All these abilities are needed to keep peace in the streets and people safe. It makes sense that these would be turned into points during my test! doesn't it!" Nezu asked turning to the rest of his group.

Another teacher speaking up, Her Buxom form and R rated attire fully on display. "doesn't this year's group look super promising?" She asked the collected group.

"We can't be sure. After all its pretty easy to destroy mindless robots. Doing the real thing is a lot more challenging." A stern faced man, Spikey white hair and red based costume said.

"Vlad, is right, I think it might be time we put these students under some stress. Let's see how they handle a real threat. After all this is their true test." A skinny man, with large construction like helmet said. Lifting the cover to a massive red button. His finger pressing down.

"It's time to release the Zero pointers."


At everyone battle center, the examines were caught off guard when a massive explosion rocked the ground. Entire zones fully shaking as dust billowed hundreds of feet into the air. Izuku for his part, had just finished crushing a three point holed up in the basement of a building. When it's very foundations were shaking. Quickly making his way out onto the street. Izuku could see the dust, deciding to get a better view. The boy leaped five stories into the air. Cracking the roof of the building when he landed and cursing at his mistake. His gaze slowly made it's way up, and up, and even more up at the towering sky scraper size form in front of him.

"T-the, FUCK!?" He asked out loud. Voice cracking hard at what he was seeing. He wasn't the only one obviously scared at what they were seeing. Shouts and screams filling the air the examinees stared in horror. The biggest robot anyone had ever seen, easily twenty stories tall. Hands the size of houses, its hulking form revealed to all. Then the monstrosity moved. Smashing through the building in front of it. Barely slowing down as it tore though tons of concrete, wood, and metal.

Now he new why present Mic was said avoiding it was recommended. Plus Ultra right? he said, sweat dripping down his back as people began to literally run for their lives.

"Less then Two minutes Left!!!!" a voice roared out.

Damn it, he was doing fairly good on points. He should probably move on and try to squeeze in a few more. Except, he still hadn't moved from his vantage point. His legs refusing to budge as his mind worked in over drive. The zero pointer's massive fist smashing through another building. Launching debris of all sizes forward.

No he couldn't just ignore what was in front of him. People could get hurt, this zero pointer wasn't screwing around. looking down at the streets below at the sheer panic most students were facing. Izuku made a decision. Bounding off the building, he zoomed towards the mountainous Robot. In a matter of seconds he had arrived. Not a moment too soon, as a hunk of building, the size of a small car, went racing towards a familiar brown haired girl.


"URARAKA!!!" and Just like all those ten months ago, Izuku summoned his quirk. A rushing tide of power, that he hadn't felt since that fateful day. His body positively humming at the strength now inside of him. His quirks glow deepening to green so dark that it was almost black. Power surging through his every body Izuku blasted off. His jump so great, that the building he had been on crumbled under the stress of his leap.

Ochako for her point was staring up in absolute terror. Fear gripping her as she watched as easily a few hundred pounds of building was going to crush her splat. Closing her eyes, she only had a second to think. "I'm sorry mom, dad." until she could hear a whistling sound. Similar to an artillery shell during its fall. With a smashing Boom, Ochako eyes still shut tight waiting for the pain to consume her. Only for confusion follow, where was the pain?

"H-huh?" Opening her eyes, she saw Izuku Midoriya. The kind large boy she met at the gate of the examination standing in front of her. His powerful body having smashed into the debris that only moments before would have crushed her.

"I-izuku?" Ochako said stunned, Falling to her feet in shock and relief that she was alive.

"Uraraka! can you move?" Izuku asked, panting at having to hold so much power. Shaking at the need to release it, but terrified at doing so so near the kind girl.

"Y-yes-" Ochako responded only to interrupted by the same stern faced blue haired boy that had called out Izuku earlier.

"Are you two okay!?" he asked, no longer worried about the exam. He had almost seen someone die right in front of him. So shocked at the situation, and ashamed at his running away. He could only watch in terror as someone was about to be crushed. When she had been saved by the boy he had insulted twice today. Shamed filled him to the brim even more. How would his brother react to his cowardice? No longer caring about the results of U.A. he had rushed forward to help.

"Y-you?"Ochako squeaked out.

"It doesn't matter!" Izuku yelled. "Look, I'm going to stop that thing, but I'm scared that people will get caught up in my quirk. Can you two get out of here?"

"B-But" the two teens protested as Izuku's claims.

"We don't have time for this." Izuku snapped. His voice strained as his power hummed louder and louder. Turning to face the two examinees. Izuku, doing his best to copy All Mights signature smile, tears only barely showing in his eyes.

"I am here, Please, Get back and save any others with you."

Dimly Izuku was aware of both nodding their heads. Uraraka using her quirk first on herself. Then jumping onto the tall blue haired boys back.

"you better be ok Izuku!" Ochako said gravely.

Izuku's only response was to raise his fist up, as a sign of agreement. Racing off, Ochako looked back at the boy. His strong back and body standing tall as the behemoth stood before him. Stopping only briefly Ochako and Tenya picking up a few passengers on their way. With her quirk and his speed to ensure they could get others to safety. Her eyes growing wide when glanced back as Izuku made his move.


Izuku who had moved almost faster then the eye could see. leaped and soared into the air, his body almost pulsing from the power he was holding within. Rearing back his first in front of him, rocketing out at the terrible robot. An ear splitting BOOM! as the boy made contact. Hitting the robot so hard, its face crumpled inward, before the head blasted off. Flying back into the fake city, destroying a nearby building before coming to a stop.

It's hulking body no longer able to stay upright as its towering form fell backwards. Smashing and crashing into the streets and roads behind it. Izuku falling to his feet in front of the now destroyed threat. Panting, and green glow of energy now fading from around his body. H-holy shit his only thought, before his eyes rolled up into the back of his head. Passing out for the first time ever, Izuku succumbed to exhaustion.


And so the U.A. Examination finished. Silence in the teachers lounge as they had just watched the spectacle before them, as even they were stunned speechless.

Chapter Text

Izuku, woke up in a strange new environment. A soft bed, Bright lights, and various medical equipment around him. He blinked his eyes a few time before his mind caught up with him. Oh shit!? The exam! the zero pointer! was everyone ok? He remembered all but blasting it's head off. Using even more power than he had during his examinations ten months earlier. Looking at his hands, Izuku noticed belatedly that his soft and familiar green glow as gone. W-what? He though frantically looking down at himself. Shirt, ragged and tattered from the exam. Different size holes all over his torso and his pants with the left pant leg gone at the knee. Trying to take down that behemoth, had for the first time in his life. Fully exhausted his quirk, Izuku had never had this happen before.

Flexing his hands, legs arms, and body. Izuku took notice in how his body felt, He could tell that his body was naturally still reinforced. His muscles even without the green rippling, power in his hands. Just nothing close to what he had when his body was emitting its glow. He was curious exactly how strong he was like this. Did this mean that he had used up all his fuel? Still unsure of what exactly his body converted into energy Izuku frowned down at himself.

"Huh, I guess my power isn't unlimited..." Izuku muttered to himself softly.

"Oh course it's not youngster." A Kindly voice said to his left.

"R-Recovery Girl!?" Izuku stammered. "Oh my god! You're the Youthful hero! You've been credited with saving the lives of thousands of heroes and civilians alike!"

"Yes, yes. Now dearie how are you feeling? Recovered yet?" She asked while checking over his medical chart. "Acute Exhaustion from using your quirk? Take these gummies, to try and restore some of your energy." Said said, handing the green haired boy a bunch of candies.

"O-oh uh, I'm still a bit tired, I should be fine over all." popping the candies in his mouth, the boy was shocked to find out they were gummies bears. Awkwardly the boy finished them, he didn't know for sure, But he could of sworn they were just your every day regular candies. Confused at her giving him some randomly, Izuku was about to ask. His thoughts interrupted by a quick and painful SMACK

"R-recovery Girl!? Why?" Izuku said, now holding his shin, tears in his eyes. Shocked at the strike., even more surprised that one, It had hurt. Two that his quirk still hadn't come back.

"Thats for pushing your body to it's extreme. You're lucky that you were not injured seriously. If you had, I would of been powerless to help. My quirk takes you inner reserves and uses your energy to speed up the recovery process. If I had done that to you? Who had no energy, you would of died! Plus you still haven't recovered fully I see." She said, scowling a little at he boy in front of her.

"W-what do you mean? Plus I had too! That robot could of seriously injured someone! It was destroying buildings left right and center. Sides it almost killed Uraraka!" The boy, who at fist had been caught off guard by the tiny hero infront of him. Was now growing in anger at her words.

"Boy, How many times have you heard of someone dyeing from taking our exam? Hmmmmm? None right?" Recovery Girl asked, noticing Izuku blank expression and his mouth opening with no answer.

"Did you think we didn't have fail safes in play? I promise you, as dangerous or serious as it looked for Miss, Uraraka was it? She was totally safe. There was numerous heroes on stand by waiting to intervene should worse come to worse. The test was merely meant to simulate reality as much as possible. Though, I guess because of it I shouldn't be so hard on you." She added, her glare relaxing.

"O-oh, I just didn't want anyone to get hurt..."

"I know sonny, I know. But always remember, You can't save anyone by using your quirk so much you pass out on the spot. You yourself, could of been in an equal or worse situation then your young friend. We're a school known for going Plus Ultra, as much as I hate it. Yet, going beyond and becoming a liability is a danger to you and everyone around. Just think about what I'm saying for next time alright young man?" Recovery girl said, starting deep into Izuku's eyes.

"Y-yes..." Izuku said. What she was saying made sense. Still, Given what he knew at the time of the exam. He thought he had made the best decision he could of. He had promised himself and All Might that he would become a Hero. Sitting there when he could do something about it? That just wasn't something he could do. Though, he did think it might be fair to think about what he could of done differently. He guessed that, destroying the robot in its entirety probably hadn't been needed. Still regardless, he was proud of himself, he just hoped that before that whole situation he had received enough points. He just wished his qui-

"Hmmmmmmm." Izuku hummed looking down at his hands, before his thought had even finished he had felt it. Starting at his feet, and working it wave up his legs and body. Izuku watched as his signature green glow returned, almost as if it had never left. Power and warming sensation all to familiar to the green haired boy. Why did his quirk return like that, he pondered. He was going to have to figure out exactly how his quirk functioned one of these days. Deciding to write down everything that had happened from when his first work up to now in his hero analysis note book the second he got home.

"Ah, there we go now dearie. It looks like you've recovered. Well shoo, shoo. Off you get, I'm sure your parents are worried and curious on how your exam went." Recovery girl who had also seen the boys quirk return said.

"Uh, Right. Thank you for looking after me" Izuku bowed to woman, before grabbing his things. Still, even when leaving the infirmary and walking home, Izuku couldn't help but try and ponder exactly how his quirk had worked.


A week after the exam, A nervous and worried Izuku sat eating dinner with his mother. Today or Tomorrow was when his results were expected. He had thought the exam had gone well, even if he hadn't been able to score any more points during the last few minutes. From self review and self scoring he knew that the written exam had been aced. So it was mostly the practical he was worried about.

He had reached out to All Might a few times, so that they could discuss and chat about the Exam. Only for him to reply back that he was busy and not elaborate any further. Which was unusual for the man, sure, he still acted as a hero for three hours a day. Not to mention with him soon to start teaching at U.A. he probably had a bunch of things to do. So Izuku could understand him being busy. Yet not even a phone call, or a text to ask him how it went? That more than anything had been the cause of Izuku's concern. Had Izuku done far worse than he had thought? Was All Might embarrassed about him? So much so that he was avoiding him?

Izuku tried not to worry, yet when he had asked his mother if she had spoken to him. She had also strangely gone quiet. Only responding that she had gotten the same response. Even noticing the displeased look on her face. Sighing to himself, Izuku tried to sit there and eat. He was struggling though, something his mother could obviously tell.

"Izu? Izu? Hey honey, It's going to be alright. You'll finally hear back from U.A. today or tomorrow right?"

"yeah it should come today, but I dunno mom. What if, they docked me points for my actions at the end..." Izuku said, dejectedly.

'Oh Izu, I'm sure they didn't. You were acting like a true hero, how could they punish someone for that?" Inko said. Even if she had passed out, when he had finished telling her the story. After he had arrived home from the exam. Izuku, for his part had first thought about hiding the truth from his mother. Knowing that Inko really struggled with dangerous or extreme situations. Yet, thinking back to all the times they had exercised together. Her encouraging him, helping him. Believing in him when no one else did. He just didn't have the heart to hide it from her. Telling her everything from start to finish.

Inko for her part, was amazed at how strong her baby had become, praising him and saying what a wonderful hero he could be. Though she did, make him promise to never take his well being for granted. She could tell that Izuku was surprised on how she had handled things, at least once she recovered from the shock and awoke from passing out. She knew how important his dream was. That heroing was and could be a dangerous profession. While she wasn't confident that she would always handle news of her son being in danger well. She was confident that she would support him and provide guidance.

"it's just hard waiting, I don't want to let All Might down...or myself" Izuku, whispered. Face still looking at his half eaten plate.

"I know honey, Regardless of Toshi's reasoning for not being here or answering. I'm sure it's a good one, plus I'm positive that you could never let him down. With how he speaks, and acts around you? Well, I know you've made him so proud. So chin up hun, and if for some reason that U.A. makes a terrible mistake. There are other hero schools that I know you will excel in."

"Yeah.. I guess your right. I'm going to go and read in my room ok? Thanks for dinner." Izuku responded. Not having the will or desire to finish eating.

Inko, who watched him go, worried herself at what the result could be. Toshi, better have a damn good reason for not speaking to him she thought. Angry at the skeletal man, who had wormed his way into both of their hearts. Not that Inko would tell him of course, blushing deeply at the thought. Still, Where the hell were you Toshi!?

Then she heard it, the tell tale sound of their mail slot being opened and closed. Was it here!? Inko thought, her worry so great that she fell to her knees in a mad scramble. Crawling now, she moved as fast as she could not even bothering to stand while she raced to the door.

THERE! laying on the floor, a bulky white envelope with the famous U.A. Symbols staring back at her.

"IZU!!!!! It's here!" She yelled, her hands trembling as she held the fateful package.

Her son, racing out of his room himself, So great in his hurry. His door knob breaking off in his hand.

"Dammit" the boy remarked, before rushing to his mother. His own hands now shaking just as greatly. Both Midoriya's awkwardly shuffling, their movement rigid and unrefined as they made their way to the couch. In his hands, the key to his future. Izuku's breathing becoming almost ragged. He slowly ripped the letter open, his breathing hitched as he saw a metallic disc inside. So great were his nerves that when he tried to remove it, the object slipped from his hands. Bouncing, once then twice much to Inko's frantic squeak.

Instantly the object lit up and in front of them a electronic display.

"I AM HERE AS A PROJECTION!" There stood All Might, in all his glory as he smiled at them both. Izuku who was caught off guard by seeing his mentor suddenly in front of him. Could only stare, Breath held as he waited for it to continue.

"I'm Sorry my boy! I had to do a tremendous amount of paperwork that took some time. So that's why I couldn't contact you! Well that and I wouldn't of been able to hold back from telling you how you did. Sorry!" All Might said, Rubbing the back of his head. As he looked at them, apologetic tone as the mystery of his disappearance was answered.

"Huh? what is it?" All might asked as a hand entered the screen waving at him and making circular motions.

"Wrap it up? But, he's important to me! It's going to push everything back? All right, All right. Okay!" All might, who seemed to be a little out of his depth responded to someone out of sight. Posing now, hands on his waist the muscled form of the Symbol of peace continued.

"My boy, excellent Job on the written examination! You scored a ninety seven! Putting you in the top one percent of exam takers. Good job!" His strong hand now in thumbs up!

"On the practical side of things, you earned yourself a respectable forty points! Well done! This alone would of most likely secured you a spot!"

Izuku, who if not for his quirk, would of been launched to the floor. Inko crashing into his side, hugging him with all she was worth at hearing the news. Izuku who stood frozen, watched as his mentor continued. Freely crying, and if Inko's spluttering noise were anything to go off of. She was too.

"If that was all there was to it! I'm a entertainer at heart so BEHOLD!" All Might who had maintained almost the same poise the entire time. Now gestured in a comical and exaggerated fashion. Like a show girl presenting a great prize on a game show, as the screen changed.

On the screen, he could see the moments of the examination. Him saving Ayoama, then working with him to take down robots. Then his silhouette standing on the roof of a building, which had cracked from his quirk as he made a mad dash to save Uraraka. His destruction of the zero pointer, In which caused Inko to nearly pass out at having seen it on screen. To showing Uraraka and the stern boy racing around behind him. Picking up numerous examinee's who had frozen or stopped moving at the zero pointers power. Uraraka causing them to float, as the boy raced with his powerful speeds. Doing their best to save others. All Mights voice narrating as the videos played.

"My boy, In addition for doing so well. Mastering your quirk to such a great degree. Risking yourself to protect others, while Your actions spurred and inspired them. The entrance exam was not graded only on villain points! How could we possibly call ourselves a hero school while not recognizing saving others, and doing the right thing? Call that lip service? Bring it on! This is a job that requires risking one's life to put that lip service to the test. RESCUE POINTS!"

Crying unashamed Izuku couldn't help but be moved, Pride had resounded on every word spoken by his mentor and hero. Seeing everything he had done being played back to him, had caused him to feel so many positive emotions that the boy simply couldn't help it. He sobbed and sobbed, doing his best to wipe away the tears. Trying his best to see past the blurry vision as the video continued. His glowing quirk, flaring, causing a second light to shine brightly. Unnoticed by the emotional upheaval the Midoriyas were facing.

"Given by a panel of judges, it's the other basic ability we at U.A. Look at!". On screen, a group of shadowy figures stood, impossible to see who they were, as they held up scores above them. The only thing that was able to be clearly seen. The video then flashing to a chart with as Izuku's eyes took in the view. There at number one, was his name Izuku Midoriya. His eyes so blurred with tears, he couldn't make out the rest. His mom, crying just as hard beside him.

"IZUKU MIDORYIA!, forty Villain points! SEVENTY RESCUE POINTS! You pass, my boy I'm so very, very, proud. COME, Young Izuku, This is your Hero Academia." All Might finished. His heroic figure filling Izuku with happiness. His life had changed, he really was going to fulfill his dreams. Still holding his sobbing mother, crying as well, his quirk shinning powerfully with a viridian color. Izuku's university life was soon beginning. He was going to be a hero.

Izuku, who was now wearing the famous U.A. uniform stood for the third time in his life in front majestic entrance. His thoughts moving quickly, Happiness, nervousness, pride, to name a few. After all only one out of three hundred were excepted into the Hero course. Other than four people admitted through recommendations, only 36 students had passed the examination. Unlike regular institutions, U.A. had set class sizes, eighteen students in each. The idea, to provide a reasonable amount, so that the teaching pro heroes could provide critical, accurate, and personal instruction. In only three years, Izuku would be a officially recognized pro hero. U.A. really was the best of the best when it came to Hero schools.

Remembering, the layout from his previous two visits Izuku quickly made his way towards his classroom. He was to be in 1-A, which had left Izuku questioning just who was going to be in his class. He hopped that who ever they were, that he could make friends. Ochako's happy facing filling his head, as he thought of the girl. Standing in front of the massive door frame, which dwarfed even Izuku tall height. Izuku taking a deep breath as he pushed the door open.

"I must insist you take your feet off of the desk!" A voice yelled, as Izuku entered.

"Huh?" A voice mocked back.

This is the prestigious U.A. you should stop such embarrassing behavior!" There a few desks away from the entrance were Katsuki Bakugo, and the stern faced boy from the examination. Izuku who couldn't help but be struck dumb at his fortune continued to watch. Not able to speak up at seeing the last two he had expected.

"Shut it Richie, No one gives a shit--." Bakugo said before noticing the newcomer. Glaring at Izuku who was standing in the doorway still. The blue haired boy noticing his gaze turned to see who he was looking at.

"Oh! You're from the entrance exam!"

"Oh, Um, Ah..." Izuku stammered as the boy who had just been chastising Bakugo raced over.

"Good morning! I didn't have time to introduce myself during the exam. My name is Tenya Ida!." The stern faced boy said finally having been named.

"Oh, Izuku Midoriya, Nice to meet you Ida!"

"Midoria, I have to apologize." Tenya, who bowed abruptly towards Izuku.

"W-what? N-No please don't" Izuku struggled speak at the strange boy's reaction.

"No, I'm sorry. I was rude and harsh to you during the examination. Even worse, that I ignored another student in danger. If you're actions hadn't shocked me out of my state. I am unsure if I would even be here. So thank you Midoriya. You are already a greater Hero then I. I look forward to working and training together with you." Ida said, still in his bow. The rest of the class quiet at the scene in front of them.

"Ida, I-I look forward to it as well. I hope we can be friends."

Standing almost as abruptly as he had bowed. Tenya Nodded his head towards Izuku. Before another voice caused Izuku and Tenya to regard them.

"It's you! Izuku! Are you in class 1-A? That's amazing! I'm so happy too see you here. After the exam they carted you away so I wasn't able to get your contact information!" Bubbly, brown haired Ochako said. One arm raised in excitement at her good luck.

"Ochako! This is great news!" Izuku couldn't help but smile at the turn of events. Ida who at first, he was worried was going to be a problem, instead apologized and seemed to be a genuinely good guy. Then Ochako was in his class as well. Even if Bakugo was here, Izuku was pleased. It seemed like a great star-- Wait what the fuck is that!? he thought. Confusion on his face as he saw an orange massive slug of some sort laying behind Ochako.

"Go somewhere else if you want to play at being friends. This is the hero course." the slug, who had unzipped his front only to suck an entire fruit drink down in one gulp, said with a monotone and tired voice. Ochako, Tenya, and Izuku all staring at what turned out to be a man in a sleeping bag. None of them able to speak at such a strange occurrence until Izuku recognized the man.

"Aizawa!?" Tenya and Ochako now turning to look at the tall young man.

"It's Teacher Aizawa, or Sir Midoriya. You are in my class now." The man said, walking past the three teens who still were unsure of what was going on. Silence following in his wake as he approached the front.

"Okay, it took all of you eight seconds before you were fully quiet. Time is limited, you kids are not rational enough." Izuku, who would of never guessed to see Aizawa as his primary teacher rushed into class to sit down followed by Ochako and Tenya. The man who had been waiting for them, paused slightly before continuing.

"I'm your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Nice to meet you." The class, still recovering from the strange events stayed silent.

"It's kinda of sudden, but all of you should grab your U.A. exercise uniforms. The change rooms are down the hall and too the right, then meet me on the field. Midoriya knows where it is" He drawled, Not even bothering to wait as he left the class room. The students unmoving at the turn of events, at least for a few seconds before a resounding.


Everyone getting up and rushing off to the change rooms to get dressed. Entering them for the first time, the students were stunned at the grandiose display. Beautiful high tech personalized lockers, Private showers, Curtained off area's to change. With well polished wooden benches in a public area, various massage chairs and tables able to used at their leisure.

Izuku who had been a nervous wreck at the co-ed change rooms breathed a sigh of relief that at least there could be some privacy. Though he was extremely red faced, and embarrassed. He was just glad that in quickly glancing around he was far from the only one.

Quickly heading over to his locker, he and the other students quickly grabbing their P.E. clothing. Turning to head towards the more private curtained area, with Ida and Ochako on his tale. He almost died in embarrassment as a Pink skinned, beautiful woman started to just change right there. A few of the braver students, a red haired youth, some floating clothing, a purple haired and drooling weirdo, and lastly a many armed taller then Izuku boy all changing in the public area.

"Stop what your doing right now! your shameful act is unbecoming of U.A." Ida rambled off, doing his best to avoid direct eye contact.

"What are you talking about man? were getting changed in the change room. Your the one acting weird, this is Co-ed. U.A. understands that gender doesn't matter, and were all heroes here." The pink skin girl said, Over announcing the Co-Ed part.

The rest of the class either too embarrassed to comment, or already behind the curtained off area's changing. While Tenya took a few seconds to process before responding.

"O-Oh, Right. T-This must be part of our training!" Ida said, before he too. Dressed in the open, Izuku who was far too embarrassed to do so, quickly ran off to the private ones. Still beet red as a bunch of others joined them. U.A. was scary!!!!

A short while later the entire class now changed and assembled as they followed Izuku to the P.E. grounds.

"A quirk assessment test?!" The majority of students all yelled.

"what about the entrance ceremony? the orientation?" Ochako voiced.

"If you're going to become a hero, you don't have time for such leisurely events. U.A.'s main selling point is how unrestricted its school traditions are. That's also how the teachers run their classes." Aizawa addressing the entire group. A few murmurs of unease echoing around as students took in the mans words.

"Consider this your entrance ceremony, Orientation, and trial by fire. Besides, you kids have been doing these test since Middle school, Right?" not receiving an answer, the tired man continued.

"Physical fitness tests where you weren't allowed to use your quirk. The country still uses averages taken from the results of students not using them. How illogical, I guess that's the government for you, Procrastination and slow to change." Izuku was absorbing his words, yet couldn't help but agree. His own experiences standing out to him, not to mention those born with Mutant type quirks had no choice in using it or not. That's just who they were.

His thoughts, interrupted when Ochako approached him. "I guess you were right hey Izuku." Thinking back to only moments before.

He had almost died when changing in his private room, curtain pulled close as he heard a female voice.

"Izuku? How do you know Aizawa? and how do you know where the P.E. grounds are?" Ochako's voice came out from the booth next to him.

"O-oh, uh, well I had some difficulty with my quirk, so my mentor brought me here in order to do some testing so it was safe. I met Aizawa and Principle Nezu, then did some tests. Honestly it was pretty fun, I couldn't test my quirk out safely before."

"Oh, I see that's so cool Izuku! You have a mentor? was that to prep for U.A.?" Ochako asked curiosity getting the best of her.

"O-oh uh, basically. He has a really similar quirk to mine, so he understood what is was like. He then kinda took me under his wing, so he's been a mentor for almost a year now. Honestly I dunno if I would even be here without him."

"That's amazing! Maybe i'll get to meet him someday! Do you know what were going to do on the P.E. grounds?" Her cheerful and bubbly voice asked.

"If I had to guess something to do with a quirks. Though I'm not sure."

Unknown to both of them, others were listening in quietly as they spoke.

"Izuku, you finished at the top of the practical exam right?" Aizawa said, causing Izuku to refocus.

"since I know about your middle school scores, let's just say your average was sixty meters. Now I want you to use your quirk, and toss this as far as you go." Tossing a familiar white ball to Izuku.

"Oh and Midoriya no holding back alright?" Gulping Izuku nodded his head at this teachers words.

For the second time Midoriya walked up to the plate. Excited whispering now breaking out here and there, especially those who had overheard him in the locker rooms. Taking a deep breath he approached the circle. Only to frown a little bit.

"Teacher Aizawa sir? Can you get everyone to move back another ten feet? I don't want anyone caught up in it." The class who at those words began to whisper more and more. As a tired Aizawa shoo'd the students farther back.

Alright, he thought. His muscles bulging as his quirk grew deeper and deeper. Signaling the power contained in the tall teen. The glass, holding their breaths as they watched his muscled arms tense. Power humming, and obvious as the group watched. Izuku taking on a pitchers form, Turned sideways as his arm exploded in motion. Hurling as the teen put his entire back into the throw, the ball all but vanished. The only noise, an echoing massive Boom.

Aizawa who was more prepared this time, watched in tired amusement as the majority of students were knocked off of their feet. A hero needed to be ready for anything, so he had chosen to not warn them. Izuku's arm, having moved so fast with so much power that it had sucked in the group with sheer wind power alone. The ground, Aizawa noticed didn't crater this time. Instead five or six fissures an inch or two wide spread out from the boys feet. A improvement since the last time he had watched Izuku do this. Well he'd be dammed that blowhard had actually helped him achieve control. He had noticed the boy no longer wearing the bracers of course. That was an absolute bare minimum in Aizawa's mind. For the boy to be able to use what seemed like near full power and not destroy the surrounding area? Midoriya was going to be something special.

Panting, Izuku turned to his teacher. Only to be filled with confidence at the teachers grin, sure it might of looked a bit crazy, but it was at least recognition. Izuku would take it, obviously impressing Aizawa. His quirks green glow that had faded at bit now filled in again. Looking down, Izuku had noticed that the once green glow, had ever so slightly shifted to that darker viridian color. Only this time it glowed like that even when not using it. Maybe not nearly as brightly as when he used his full quirk, but still the color was deeper and somehow "more" then it use to be. It had driven him nuts not being able to figure it out. Even after spending days writing everything and anything he had noticed about his quirk.

"Well class, There you go." Aizawa who held up a device now showing a shocking fifteen kilometers. He had upped their monitoring range to twenty km after Midoriya's last showing. The rest of the class mouths wide open at the insane display.

"Fifteen Kilometers? Seriously?" A blond haired boy, with a black zigzag said. Unable to help himself.

"Truly impressive Midoriya!" Tenya said arms chopping down in a robotic fashion.

"What's this? It looks super fun!" The confident pink skinned girl said, hands clasped in front of her in excitement.

"we can use our Quirks as much as we want! As expected from the hero course!" A black haired boy said, weird bulges on his elbows.

"Looks fun, huh?" Azaiwas tone, now taking on a sharper tone. Causing Izuku looking up at Aizawa in concern.

"You have three years to become a hero. Will you have an attitude like that the whole time? All Right. Whoever comes in last place in all eight tests will be judged to have no potential. They will be punished with expulsion."

immediately commotion spread throughout the students. Fear on some, determination on others. A few with iron like gazes almost un phased by the turn of events.

"Welcome to the Hero course."

In short order quirks were going off left and right. If it wasn't such a stressful situation Izuku would of been overjoyed. Taking notes, writing down anything and everything he saw from his classmates abilities. Sadly, that was not the case, instead determined Izuku was putting his all into the test.

Thankfully he had done remarkably well, He had come in second at the Ball throw. Only losing to Ochako who had gotten a real infinity to more amazement by the class. Ida had used some creativity by revving his right leg back and forth until it seemed to kick up into higher gear. Only to kick the Ball out like a rocket scoring three hundred meters. Izuku had expected him to place decently high, until a girl with a black pony tail made an honest to god cannon. Izuku had over heard Aizawa calling her Yaoyorozu, Launching the ball over a kilometer. Bakugo and a boy named Sato who seemed to have some sort of strength quirk coming in third and fourth with seven hundred, and five hundred. Then a boy that Aizawa called Koda after struggling for a few minutes to speak. Ended up screaming "Co-Come" and a bird flew out of no where to take the ball and drop it four hundred feet from him.

U.A. was pretty amazing. It seemed that some of the students were inspired by the show of creativity. At the hundred meter dash, Izuku saw Aoyama from the entrance exam using his belt to blast himself forward. Sure he came in middle of the pack, but Izuku was sure that he scored much higher then if he ran normally. Izuku had expected him or Ida to win at first, yet the person who did had truly thought outside the box. Even if Ida was a bit mad about it. Miss Hagakure had an amazing quirk of total invisibility, though Izuku had thought her to score pretty poorly since it had no direct powerup for running. Only to have her strip out of her clothes, much to his red faced embarrassment. When she had lined up, no one could see where she was. When Aizawa had yelled to start. She was already at the finish line, Telling him she'd finished. Of course, no one really believed it. Yet since it couldn't be proven, Aizawa had accepted it. Once more grinning creepily towards a student.

Izuku, had stayed by Tenya (Both insisting they call each other by first name) and Ochako. Calming Tenya down after the race, Izuku telling them he had figured out Aizawa's plan.

"Tenya, I know your mad. But I don't think Aizawa actually cares what we get on the test."

"What? How can you know that Izuku?" Tenya who had been chopping his hand, ready to head towards Aizawa to protest Hagakure results.

"I could be wrong, but watching him just now kind of made me sure. I-I think what Aizawa is trying to do, is to see if we can think outside of the box and use our quirks well. Think about it, there would be only a select few who could do well on each of these tests. So many other quirks are more limited, which means it would tend to favor a certain type of student over the others. Aizawa I think is too logical for that, so instead he's putting us under pressure to see if we can rise to the challenge. I imagine that when were heroes, there will be a lot of cases where things will not be straight forward." Izuku spoke, his words coming in fast, yet clearly in a muttering fashion.

"Oh I see. So he want to see if there is creativity and problem solving in our class! that make sense, but do you think he really will expel someone?" Ochako asked, one finger now resting on her chin in contemplation. Tenya focusing on Izuku waiting for a response, only for it to come from someone else.

"I think you're correct, Midoriya right? I think that's what Aizawa called you? I'm Momo Yaoyorozu. Glad to see someone else had figured it out, The expulsion is merely a logical ruse. I expect when the testing is done he will say as much." A girl, who had overheard the trio talking.

"Yaoyorozu! I see that makes perfect sense." Tenya nodding his head as his fist smacked onto his open palm in understanding.

Izuku wasn't so sure, Maybe Yaoyorozu was correct, Izuku had a gut feeling that Aizawa was serious. If someone couldn't control their quirk well enough then maybe he really would expel them. Regardless Izuku was extremely grateful to All Mights training. He might of been on the chopping block, especially if he was a risk to others, or destroyed everything during the testing. The four chatting quietly as they returned to the rest of the tests.

The grip test was next, With Izuku had shattered it. Followed by Sato also crushing it, and the boy with eight arms Shoji putting in almost a ton of force. A frog like girl named Asui, had actually used her right foot to do the test. Slipping in her foot and jumping with her powerful legs, the girl had put up a respectable eight hundred pounds of force.

It wasn't long before the class had finished. The repeated side steps, having been won by the grape haired boy named Mineta using his purple bulbous hair to bounce off of. Sero, a boy with tape that came out of his arms, doing similar, and having the tape pull him from side to side. The sit-ups being a three way tie between Izuku, Ojiro who used his fifth tail appendage to assist And Kirishima who kept just yelling out manly and without using a quirk as far as Izuku could see. Just sheer determination. Jiro another purple haired student had really done well, though not in the top three by using her ear jack lobes to push the ground below her back. It was certainly creative even if it wasn't too long before her strength gave out.

Soon enough the exam finished, Students all around panting and sipping water. Catching their breath at the strenuous activities. Nervously the classed all waited with baited breath. Hoping that they would not be the person that came in last. Before Aizawa called them to heed.

"Alright! Listen up. Your results are as follows!" A display projecting from his device.

1. Momo Yaoyorozu
2. Izuku Midoriya
3. Shoto Todoroki
4. Katsuki Bakugo
5. Tenya Ida
6. Fumikage Tokoyami
7. Mezo Shoji
8. Mashirao Ojioro
9. Ochaco Uraka
10. Toru Hagakue
11. Eijiro Kriishima
12. Mina Ashido
13. Rikkido Sato
14. Koji Koda
15. Tsuyu Asui
16. Yuga Aoyama
17. Hanata Sero
18. Denki Kaminari
19. Kyoka Jiro
20. Minoru Mineta

Mineta having come in last, started to tear up at the results. Staring in fear at Aizawa the class waited to see what would happened.

"Mineta, you're expelled. Pick up your things and be off with you."

"You can't!" Tenya gasped

"WHAT!? You mean it wasn't a logical ruse?" Yaoyorozu all but screamed. So caught off guard her immaculate manors all but forgotten.

"No! even if it wasn't the first day of school, This is too unfair!" Ochako said, unable to stay quiet at the turn of events.

"Natural diasters, Big accidents, and selfish villains. Calamities whose time or place can't be predicted. Japan is covered with unfairness. Heroes are the ones who reverse those situations. If you wanted to go talk with your friends at Mickey D's after school, too bad. For the next three years, U.A. will do all it can to give you on hardship after another. Go Beyond, Plus Ultra."

The class cowed by the words stayed silent as they processed the declaration. Mineta, who was still crying dejectedly started to walk away.

"Wait!" Izuku, who spoke up loudly into the silence. Wide eye'd and internally panicking as everyone's attention focused on him. Regardless, he had to try to do something. Mustering all his courage and confident the boy spoke.

"Go beyond, Plus Ultra. Overcome things with all you got! that's our schools motto right? You said earlier that you would judge people with no potential right? But Mineta, No the entire class proved that too you today. Every single one of the students here, thought outside the box. Thought creatively and pushed themselves even when their backs were up against the wall. I know Mineta came in last, but someone had too! People could of given up, or thought it was too hard, yet no one did. Mineta is even willing to suffer the punishment without complaint. Are you really going to throw away someone who is clearing going to give it Their all? Isn't it U.A.'s job to mold us to be better, stronger and more? We're willing to put in the time. Everyone showed that today. Why isn't U.A.?" Izuku said, a fierceness to him that surprised even himself.

Aizawa who continued to stare at him, the boy now back in forth from Aizawa and Izuku. Hope in his eyes as he waited to see the result of Izuku's passioned speech. The class now all staring at the teacher to see what he would do. The tired man stood there, zero expression on his face until another eerie grin appeared.

"Looking at the upper limit of your Quirks, And seeing the room for growth in each result. It should become clear what you can and can't do. Yet as a Hero you all will deal with situations your quirk isn't suited for. It's up to you and you alone on how you will handle it. I just hope the time comes, that you remember today. Remember what it's like to have the pressure on and remember that a quirk is a tool. It's only as good as its user." Taking a deep breath Aizawa turned towards Mineta.

"By the way, I was lying about the expulsion. Not that I wouldn't expel someone if they had no potential. Simply that you Mineta were actually expelled. It was a logical ruse, to see if people would accept things without thinking for themselves. You would of been back in class tomorrow, while the rest of you given stern words. Uraraka, Ida, you did well protesting, but in the future use a valid argument. Midoriya? well done. I was serious about us testing you, while most of them will not be of this nature, it's important that all of think for yourselves. I cannot be there with you for every crisis you will face. Yaoyorozu while you did well, understand the core of the exercise. You need to remember that sometimes the world is not fair. All of you ponder today and think about what I've said. Class is dismissed and I'll see you all tomorrow."

The class, all wide eye'd and almost overwhelmed by the days events couldn't help but stare as the disheveled tired man walked off the field. Some even collapsing, U.A. really was plus Ultra at everything weren't they.

If Izuku had been watching the rest of his class instead of internally freaking out at having stood up to a teacher. He might of noticed Katsuki Bakugo's intense and angry glare at him. More heat to it then every before, a smoldering penetrating gaze.

Meanwhile an extremely proud and happy All Might, hidden behind the corner of the school. Watched on with pride at his boy's courage. He really could not have chose better.

Chapter Text

U.A. curriculum was different then most. The most obvious being that as a heroic school they needed to fill a vast variety of courses. Finance, Social media, First aid, English too name a few, All these classes were handled in the morning. Lunch was served at the main cafeteria, students able to purchase gourmet food from the Pro Hero Lunch Rush.

To be honest, while different then what they had taken in High school. The Students of 1-A had been shocked at the normalcy of it. Or maybe Azzawa had simply traumatized them on day one. Yet, the thing that made them the most excited was easily the Afternoon course load. Foundational Heroics, The last Four hours of every school day dedicated to making them the very best and brightest. After such a crazy start to their university adventures, the students couldn't help but be nervous too.

Izuku was no exception, Even if All Might had joined him and Inko for dinner last night. It had felt pretty special to Izuku, being able to go over his day, The two people who meant the most to him. Sitting in rapt attention as he told them about everthing that had happened. Inko once again crying, when she had been told about his first place finish. Toshinori, telling him how proud he was of him for standing up for Mineta. Izuku knew that Aizawa was harsh, but to expel his entire class last year? That had been an eye opener. Even if Toshinori was correct and the the majority was given a second chance. Shuddering at just how badly the first day could of gone. Izuku couldn't help but be excited and happy for today.

Toshinori had told him what he would be teaching while looking after him at U.A so it was not surprise to him what happened next.

"I am coming through the door like a normal person!" All Mights powered up form said. Walking through the door shocking the entire class.

"It's All Might!" Kaminari yelled, gushing upon seeing the number one hero.

"Wow, he really is a teacher!" Kirishima added.

"I've never seen that costume before?" Asui pondered, her finger resting on her chin as she contemplated.

"It's his Silver Age Costume! One that he wore for a decade after arriving here in Japan!" Izuku, the rabid fan boy in him responded.

"His presence is giving me goose bumps." Ojiro said, As Mina nodded beside him in agreement.

"I teach Foundational Heroics! This is going to be a subject in where you learn the very basics in order to become a Hero! This will be your biggest and largest subject." All Might, not being able to help himself. Walked to the front of the class to do a mighty pose! Muscles rippling to the Ooo's and Aww's of the class.

"My students! It's time to begin! and Today were going to start off with! BATTLE TRAINING!"

Hushed whispers broke out among the students. With a certain bombastic blonde being more fired up then ever before.

"When you arrive in the locker rooms, you shall find yourself a surprise! your very own Hero costume! based on the designs you submitted and taken into consideration with your quirk! Now students, get dressed and meet me at ground Beta!"

The students unable to help themselves rushed off to the locker rooms. Everyone excitedly talking about what type of battle training they were going to be doing. Izuku his embarrassment even somewhat forgotten as they entered the rooms. Students opening up their lockers to find a high tech, numbered brief case inside.

Hands trembling in anticipation as opened it. His mother had originally bought him a track suit to use as his costume. Which would of been fine by him until All Might had recommended to submit a design instead. Stating how it was important that Izuku's costume be able to stand up to the riggers of heroics. When he had suggest something that added more protection for blunt objects, knives and other dangerous things. Inko's eyes had grown into saucers. Immediately forcing the Symbol of Peace to help Izuku with his costume. Not being able to rest until they had submitted something to keep her baby safe.

Still, Izuku was able to keep most of his original idea. Pulling out his costume the first thing you'd notice was the black with Viridian highlights. It was a form fitting suit, made of Kevlar, plastic polymer, and reinforced fiber cloth armor. Able to handle most of the basics that could come his way. It was mostly solid black, with the Viridian in two rectangles on each shoulder. Starting above his pecks and continuing up and over his shoulders just just above his shoulder blades. He had green accents on the left and right of his stomach in perfect symmetry to each other. His arms, fully black with a single viridian line runing from his shoulder patches to the base of his knuckles.

His gloves, solid black except for the solid line, and each knuckle being viridian. His legs, keeping a very similar theme to his torso. Except now he had large hard plastic polymer Knee, Shin and feet guards. Providing protection and flexibility. His shoes, a mix between a combat boot and running show. Reinforced polymer covering the top, and ankles.

On his head, he had a black, angular mouth cover. Solid black once more, with similar viridian lines running from just below his ears and jutting to just below the chin. It's neck, and underside completely viridian, with holes strategically placed so he could speak unrestricted. Last but not least a durable hood, able to click into his mouth guard to stay fastened. Solid black, eye holes covered with a thin transparent durable cover, completely able to cover and hide his full face. The only unusual part, two rabbit like ears jutting in almost a foot in length, complete black except with viridian tips.

Putting on the costume Izuku was in a daze. It was perfect and exactly what he had hoped for. Until he looked up and noticed that he was the last one in the changing room. Oh crap! he thought rushing out to meet the rest of his class at ground beta.

When he arrived on scene he only was able to catch the trail end of All Might's conversation.

"Be fully aware...From now are heros! Looking great everyone! You all look so cool! Now shall we being, you Zygotes?"

Izuku couldn't help but swell at the praise and looking around he noticed that he wasn't the only one. His classmates looked heroic and amazing, trying to take in all there looks at once. Until Izuku heard all mights last word? Zygote? What's a Zygote?

"Now it's time for combat training!"

"Teacher! This is a battle center from the entrance exam. Are we conducting urban battles again?" Tenya asked, Izuku couldn't help but stare and gush over his costume. Mechanical in nature, providing full body protection with looked to be a hard outer shell. If Izuku had to guess, it would be very protective against road rash and other scrapes. Aero dynamic in design giving him an almost transformer like look.

"Yes and No young Ida! We are going to be moving two steps ahead! Most of the time fighting villains takes place either outside! Petty criminals looking to escape, Thugs up to no good and their like." All Might said, captivating the group as they listened intently.

"If you look at the number of cases were things went wrong, either loss of life or other tragedies. You'll find that those were mostly done Indoors. Imprisonment, Hostages, terrorist, black room deals and to give a few examples. In our world currently filled with heroes, truly intelligent villains hide in the shadows!"

"For this class you'll be split into groups of two heroes and villains. Fighting two on two battles. I am aware that none of you have had proper instruction on how to fight. That's ok, while I want you all to take this seriously and do your best. It is also going to be used as a measure to see where your current levels are. We shall be recording and reviewing each of your fights to give accurate and thorough feed back."

"How is the winner going to be decided?" Yayorozu asked curious on how they would be graded.

"Will there be a punishment for failure like Teacher Aizawa had?" Ochako asked, concern filling her as she remembered their first day.

"Can we beat them up anyway he choose? Or do I have to hold back on these whimps?" Bakugo grinned manically as he asked.

"How will teams be decided?" Tenya asked, hand raised but his now trade mark chopping motions in play.

"Okay, Okay, Okay! Everyone Stop! Let me explain everything before your questions and save them till the end! Now the teams will be completely chosen at random. This is going to be a simulation! The situation is going to be as follows. The villains have a hidden bomb somewhere in the building. They will be able to choose and hide the bomb on any of the five floors. The Heroes are trying to stop the villains and dispose of the bomb. Five minutes after the Villains enter, the Heros will be giving the go ahead to approach the building. What you do from there, is up to you students!"

"The win conditions for the heroes will be as follows, Either disarm the bomb, which will be done if you are able to hold the bomb for ten seconds without villain interruption or defeat the villains. Villains your win conditions will defeating the heroes, or letting the time run out. The exercise will take fifteen minutes per team. Both will be able to plan within the first five minutes but only the villains will be able to move around."

" As this is training, Please be mindful of each other. You are not fighting robots but one another, keep your attacks within reasonable limits. Any questions?" All Might asked, now opening the door for the students to speak.

"Why are the teams being decided so haphazardly!" Tenya asked out loud.

" Excellent question young man! would anyone like to guess the answer?" Izuku's hand shooting to the air.

"Young Midoria! Go ahead."

"When heroes arrive on the scene, especially as first responders they don't normally get to choose their partners. Often having to create makeshift alliances to get the job done." Midoriya said.

"Excellent a perfect example! Anyone else have an idea why?" All Might who looked around at the crowd. Jiro timidly raising their hand was next.

"Miss Jiro!".

"Well, could it be getting us used to different types of quirks? All of us here have a pretty wide variety, so maybe the teams are random. So we don't create bad habits or patterns?" She stated, a little timid as she swung her jacks around and around a finer.

"Correct! Excellent young Jiro! Think for example class the difference in approach one Kirishima might use, and Aoyama!" The class nodding along as they understood.

" Come come! pick your numbers and lets get started!"

And so the class each went one by one picking a lettered ball, before long everything was decided.

Team A Uraraka and Midoriya
Team B Shoji and Todoroki
Team C Yayorozu and Mineta
Team D Bakugo and Ida
Team E Ashido and Aoyama
Team F Sato and Koda
Team G Kaminari and Jiro
Team H Asui and Tokoyami
Team I Ojiro and Hagakure
Team J Sero and kirishima

"All Right! find your partners and lets get the first draw done. The fist fight shall be between, Villains team D and Heroes Team A. Villains! once you enter the hideout you have exactly five minutes, use your time wisely."

Of course his luck would force this confrontation he thought. Bakugo and him fighting against each other, Fearing a small tinge of worry, Izuku was scanning around looking for his partner.

"Wow! Lucky! I'm counting on you Izuku!" Ochako who came running up to him said. Only for Izuku to all but pass out from her costume. His hood not fully covering his face as he blushed like mad taking in Ochako's appearance. A astronaut themed helmet with a protective shield. Skin tight black and pink space suit that hugged her curves to a crazy level.

Ochako seeing Izuku's reaction to her costume, couldn't help from blushing back. hand rubbing the back of her head, tongue slightly sticking out before saying.

"I probably should of been more clear in what I wanted. I didn't expect it to be so skin tight, originally I wanted it to be like the space hero thirteen. It's quiet embarrassing." She said looking down.

Shaking his head at obviously making his friend self conscious. "Ochako! No, No, your costume is great! It might be a good thing its tight. If your working on rescuing people or fighting villains the last thing you'd want is something baggy. Both could be caught and get you stuck. Or worse used against you!" Smiling and trying to cheer Ochako up Izuku replied. Seeing what he was doing and being appreciative she commented.

"Izuku, your a great friend. Thanks Izuku! Also I love your costume too! it's so cool, your like a high tech badass bunny!" Ochako, who was feeling better about her costume said.

"Haha thanks, I thought the color scheme would go good with my quirk. Plus since I'm a melee fighter, I wanted it to be durable so unlike in the practical exam I wouldn't shred my clothes."

"Villains have entered the hide out! Heroes you have exactly five minutes to prepare!"

All Might's booming voice, putting the rest of the conversation on hold. Nodding toward one another they approached the building. All Might had handed out some building designs for the Hero team to memorize. So both were staring at them intently

"Izuku, Do you have any ideas? I'm drawing a blank. I'm pretty worried about fighting to be honest, I don't know if I can defeat either Bakugo or Tenya." Confessing to Izuku about her lack of confidence and unsureity of the situation.

"Honestly Uraraka, I don't say this to scare you but... Bakugo is pretty intense. He's arrogant, rude and brash, but I will say this. He has the skills to at least back it up. With both of us having to get in close, strictly speaking he has us at a disadvantage. Then there is Tenya, while his speed will be somewhat hindered indoors, he's still fast and powerful. This isn't going to be easy.." Izuku muttered, all the while Ochako couldn't help but get more and more discouraged. Izuku noticing her downward gaze and worried frown, couldn't help but panic at bit.

"S-Sorry Ochako! sometimes my stupid brain gets the best of me. To be honest, I do have a plan but it's a little crazy and it pretty much all comes down to you. Can you tell me more about your quirk?"


Meanwhile Bakugo and Ida were prepping the Bomb. Having decided since both Uraraka and Izuku would have to come through the bottom floor they had moved it to the fifth. Forcing the Heroes to have to travel all five floors if they wanted to disarm it.

"Bakugo! Any ideas for how to stop the heroes!" Tenya asked, He knew that they didn't get along but hoped that Bakugo would at least put aside his grudge for the task at hand.

"Piss off four eyes. I'm going after Deku. You stay here."

"Deku? Who's deku? Bakugo I insist we work together!" Tenya pleaded with the blone bombshell.

"I'm going to the first floor, I'll attack them the second they get in. I'll kill them both." A now manical grin filling Bakugos face.

"That doesn't make any sense, I'll go with you and we will attack them together." Ida said, still trying to be a team.

"Great Idea dumbass, leave the bomb unguarded. Tsk!" Leaving a sputtering and furious tenya in his wake. Bakugo left the room, Tenya deciding that as much as he couldn't stand Bakugo. He was right, he couldn't just leave the bomb alone.


Meanwhile the remaining students of class 1-A watched the security camera's as two separate scenes unfolded. Able to hear the chatter thanks to the earphones given out to the fighting students.

"Yesh, that Bakugo is rough. Poor Ida." Kaminario said.

"Yes, it seems like really poor team work. I don't think Bakugo's really thought this through" Yayorozu also commented.

"Midoriya and Uraraka sure are working good together! W-well minus Midoriya totally terrifying poor Uraraka at the start. I wonder if his plan will work, seems kinda risky to me." Ashido said excitedly.
The class going quiet as they watched things unfold.



Bakuko hearing the announcement ringing in his ears, as he sprinted to the entrance door. Seeing it slightly open and clothing just peaking through, he couldn't help himself. His quirk igniting as he blasted his explosive power at the doorway. A crackling BOOM Smoke filling the hallway, and the entire building shaking as he let out a powerful blast. Grinning to himself like mad he waited for the smoke to disperse.

Precious second ticking by, until it cleared. Bakugo on high alert incase that jackass Deku managed to shrug it off. Only for his eyes to widen, Those fucking bastards! There standing in the ruined wreckage of the door. Was Izuku's costume top, floating harmlessly on the wind. Hood pinched down into the mask, giving it a somewhat weak appearance of a body. Had Bakugo taken a second to look at what he was blasting, it would of been obvious that it was a decoy. Yet in his haste he had shot first obstructing his view.

"DEKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!." Bakugo roared, much to the dismay of the people watching.


Mean while, over a minute before Bakugo's vicious assault, Izuku and Ochako had been finishing their plan. All Mights Yelling start, Forcing them into action. Izuku who had already taken off his jacket, wearing a black men's tank underneath. Had Ochako ridding piggy back, Quickly putting his floating jacket at the entrance, and opening the door enough for just sleeve to be seen. He waited until Ochako patted his back.

Her quirk causing them both to be weightless, Izuku began his assent. His fingers gripping onto the building as they rose from floor to floor. Sure with his quirk he could of easily smashed through a wall or window directly. The only problem with that, was not only would it be loud and obvious giving the villains time counter them. It also would limit their options, This way while moving deceptively fast, they scanned through each window. Trying to spot Ida.

See Izuku knew Bakugo pretty well. Yes, they were no longer friends of course, but they had spent over most of their lifetime together. Izuku was pretty confident that Bakugo wouldn't wait for them. Instead bringing the fight to them. So it stood to reason, even if Bakugo didn't fall for his plan, it would still take him time to climb back up five stairs. Hopefully giving them time to give them an advantage of Ida, If not down right defeat him.

So as they neared the fifth floor, and the spotted their overly armored friend. Ochako couldn't help but shout "There Izuku!" Ochako clinging to his back, using Izuku's large form to protect her. As he smashed through the glass. His own quirk flaring, his barrier protecting him from shards or cuts.

Hearing a massive Boom down below. Hoping that it was simply his plan working and not Bakugo blowing up the building for some reason. They never the less charged Tenya. His shocked form not moving from the surprise.

For a second or two it looked like Izuku was going to reach him and take him out before Tenya moved. Then his feet exploded with blue fire, and it was Izuku's turn to be shocked. Tenya all but disappeared, that was how fast he was now going. Darting too the left, forcing Izuku's to try and follow his movement. It was hopeless, Izuku's eyes just couldn't follow fast enough. Deciding to try and put up a defensece, Raising his arms. Yet before he could a vicious round house kick blasted into him. Smashing into his ribs, force so great, that Izuku's barrier almost buckled. Ochako desperately try t to hold on a t impact.

Yet luckily it held, Izuku able to stand his ground. Tenya not believing what just happened. At least until Ochako, who was still on Izuku's back. Having felt the terrible blow, reached over to tap his armor.

Tenya scrambling in panic at being touched floated off the floor, Tryind desperately to get a purchase on anything as Izuku shoved him towards the broken window. Tenya yelling the whole way as he floated off. No longer able to be effective.

"Sorry Tenya!" Both Ochako and Izuku called.

"TENYA IDA IS DEFEATED! Only Bakugo remains!"

Both of them rushing over to the bomb when they heard it. Coming just below them, multiple explosions blasting one after another. Bakugo! he was coming!

"Ochako! get the bomb!" Izuku roared, before deciding to do something he knew was stupid.

"Right!" Ochako cried rushing past him, her eyes on the prize.

Having a rough guess of where Bakugo was below him, He raised one of his legs, before slamming it down with tremendous force, Smashing through the floor and falling in a jumbled mess. Falling directly infront of Bakugo who was caught by the debris. A hunk of flooring whizzing by his head, cutting him across the cheek. Enraged as seeing Deku in front of him. Who had misjudged the strength needed and had fallen to his knees. Who had tricked him, and for years had acted like he was better them him. Something snapped, after Deku getting first place in the exam. He decided to use his brand new gauntlets for the first time. Having filled up from Bakugo's explosive dash. Unsure of what to expect and furious at the green haired ass hole in front of him.

Bakugo screamed, brining his right gauntlet up. Ripping the pin out, as a blast of staggering proportions went off. So big and loud was the blast that the cameras and audio monitoring cut off. Worse yet the blast had been aimed directly at Izuku.

"Oh my god! That was... did Bakugo try and kill someone!?" A shocked Mineta cried out. Knee's shaking at the violent display on camera. At least until a few seconds passed and the feed was restored. The camera's pinging that the hero team had successfully captured the bomb. A worried and upset All Might called out.


scared out of his mind, worried about his young successor. He waited with fear gripping his heart. What the fuck was that!? as the dust slowly cleared.

Bakugo was standing there, unmoving as he stared at the damage he had caused. He knew that when the gauntlets were made by U.A. they would help him to be able to blast more easily. He never expected it to be like this though, He never had been able to test his quirk out to its true potential. Where would you even go to blow up Tnt as a teenager? So he had hadn't know what his top limit was. Sure he knew he was strong, but never this... What had he done? The floor entire floor was destroyed. Little bits of fire dancing along here or there, and a entire wall of the floor exploded out, and even some of the one above and below. The interior walls ruined and charcoaled, some even fallen over to other rooms.

'D-Deku?" he asked, eye's darting everywhere as he looked for the green haired boy. Only he wasn't there? Hearing coughing coming from below him, Bakugo raced forward. Due to the destructive and horrible blast unleashed by Bakugo he never heard or saw Izuku's desperate gamble.

Terrified that the blast would be too strong for him to handle, haven fallen to his knees with zero hope to dodge. The boy had done the only he could. Punching straight down, and hoping he would be fast enough to break through the floor. Still the boy hadn't been able to dodge all of the explosion, Part of his hair singed and burned. His right left arm blackened, and bleeding a bit. His barrier not being strong enough to stop the explosion. Yet for the damage that had just been caused? All Things considered Izuku was pretty lucky.

"Kac-chan?" Izuku asked, in pain yet seeing the horrified expression on his old friends face.

"Izuku!? are you ok down there!" Ochako calling from above, peering down expecting the worse.

Before he had time to answer, rushing wind filled the area. As All Might himself appeared!

Midoriya! are you alright!???a frantic All Might said.

"I think recovery girl might smack me with her cane again." Izuku said, sitting down his legs trembling at having such a close call.

"Medic!" All Might called to the robots. Two brining in a stretcher and loading him up.

"You get her to take care of you. I want a clean bill of health young man, and if you want, take the rest of the day." All MIght said down to Izuku, who has still trembling.

"You and young Uraraka should be proud at the fantastic decision making and planning. Get patched up and I'll let you know how you did. Alright my boy? Miss Uraraka? can you make sure Young Tenya is alright and return to with the students." Ochako, who had slight tears in her eyes at the craziness of the situation. Nodded her head as she tried her best to clear them.

"Mister Bakugo!" All Might turned to face the young man, Harsh words ready and waiting on his tongue. Only to pause once he looked at him. Bakugo was sitting down, his gauntlets off beside him. Head in his hands.

" Young Bakugo? Are you injured?" Not even glancing at All Might. Bakugo responded head still in his hands.

"I-I Fucking didn't think it would be that bad. I swear, when I designed these gauntlets I had hoped that hey would let me use my full power with no backlash. B-But this? All Might I fucking swear I didn't expect that. I don't like shitty Deku, I-I may also say I'll kill people and shit. But I-I swear I don't mean it like that. I accept any punishment you have for me." Only at the end did Bakugo look up at him. His normal glare gone, and only a stunned expression showing.

"Young Bakugo. You will have detention for a two weeks. You are to never again use those pins against a fellow student. Period, should you do so, you will be immediately expelled. Do I make myself clear?" Nodding at All Mights words the boy continued to looked at his hands. Deciding that it might be best to have Bakugo meet Hound Dog, All Might slowly roused the boy. Grabbing him and the other two teens. Looking back at the slagged and destroyed building. He couldn't help but sigh, Maybe he had made a mistake....

It didn't take too long for All Might to assign a new building for the various 1-A students to use. Though, when returning to the observation deck, a heavy still silence filled the air. Young Uraraka and Ida were fussed over by the class. Ashido, Kirishima, Shoji, and Hagakure the loudest in their worry. While Bakugo was avoided, it seemed that the students didn't know how to react to the explosive boy.

"My students! Though our first battle had a... less than Ideal finish. There was some great take aways from the fight! Now, to address the elephant in the room. Young Bakugo used an support item given to him by U.A. It had many times the power he was use too. I truly believe that even though Young Midoriya was injured it was not his intent to cause the damage he did. Regardless, should any of you students have a support item or be unaware of the damage your quirk could cause. I want you take this as a lesson. Heroes! Even when fighting Villains must always be cognizant of damage they can do. " Pausing to ensure the students were listening and absorbing what he was saying.

"I've instructed Young Bakugo to never use his gauntlets on a student while still at this academy. I've also given him Detention as a result of his actions. Now, Moving on can anyone tell me who the MVP was for this exercise?" All Might asked.

"It's gotta be Midoriya, He thought of the planning, Helped Ochako to get a hit on Ida. Distracted Bakugo and he was a force to be reckoned with. " Asui stated bluntly.

"Ho Ho Ho, anyone else have an opinion?" All MIght asked, seeing if another student wanted to volunteer information.

"Teacher! I believe that Ochako was the real MVP." Yaoyorozu stated calmly much to the surprise of the class. All Might nodding at her to continue, listened intently for her response.

"Midoriya said it himself didn't he? The plan relied on her, Her quirk, Her mastery of it. Agreeing to take advice and listen to his plans. It was her reaction that allowed them to defeat Ida. Even if Midoriya took the blow, Then with her securing the bomb, I truly believe that without Ochako. Izuku could not have succeeded the exam. Not to mention both he and Bakugo made critical errors."

"What!? what mistake did Midoriya make?" Sero asked incredulously

"It's simple, both Bakugo and Midoriya destroyed various parts of the building. Though it seems to have stayed intact, you never know how removing large chunks building can change thing. Destroying the very hideout you are in is foolish for both Heroes and Villains alike. Heck, Midoriya could of even accidentally gotten Ochako caught up in things had his blow caused more damage. No it's clear that Ochako was the Mvp of this round."

"You're right Yaoyorozu, I also believe that Ida should receive recognition." A new voice said, after entering the room.



"My young man! did recovery girl heal you?"

Various voiced called out at his sudden and unexpected arrival. Nodding his head, while sheepishly looking around he answered.

"I'm ok now, Though recovery girl wasn't too pleased. Ha ha ha" Causing All Might to blanch slightly at the scolding he was sure to receive later.

"You said Ida should be recognized? Can you explain why?" Yaoyorozu asked, brining the room back to order.

"Well, If Bakugo and I didn't have as much History as we did. I think his strategy could of worked on almost anyone. To be frank, I think my decoy only worked on Bakugo because of our past. Against any other team, the villains strategy really wasn't that poor when you think about. Baukgo with his firepower and ranged abilities could easily stall a ton of different people. While Ida is perfect to guard the bomb with his overwhelming speed." Izuku muttered, firing off words at a rapid pace.

"That being said, Tenya reacted the best out of all of us. It's not easy to find yourself outnumbered and out gunned. I had thought him stunned, before his insane speed caused him to hit me like a truck. My quirk only barely held. If that attack had been towards Ochako..."Izuku said, looking towards his partner and hoping she understood that he wasn't insulting her.

"I think it would of taken her out, in fact I'm confident that most people would of lost in that initial blow. It simply was a bad match up for him, something that we lucked out on." Izuku finished, looking down slightly in embarrassment at having spoken in such a public forum.

"Excellent, Excellent! Great analysis you two! Now, we are going to change the scope of the assignment to ensure everyones safety. Villains and Heroes, While you will still be allowed to fight one another. We will be adding our hero capture tape! You will be considered defeated should the tape be wrapped around you. Weather that be your arm, leg or body! for heroes and villains alike understand!?" All Might boomed to the various students.

The next matches flew by in a blur, Though that didn't stop Izuku from gushing over his classmates various quirks.

The second Match most likely the craziest of all. Where Shoji and Todoroki faced off against Hagakure and Ojiro. He had thought there was a decent chance that Hagakure could done some damage with her pure invisibility, Yet thanks to Shoji's amazing quirk. The boy had created eight sets of ears, able to ferret out her hiding place. Then, not wanting to cause any injury, he charged at the invisible girl. So shocked and surprised that she had been found so easily, Shoji was able to easily wrap her up into his arms. Forcing her onto his back as his capture tape was carefully draped around her. Though in Shoji's squawked and stammering voice. Had he know that Hagakure was completely naked, he most likely would of done something else.

Ojiro for his part tried to make a good showing, Having trusted Hagakure to distract them heroes he had found himself outnumbered. Charging in with an obviously trained fighting style his multiple limbs flashing out at Todoroki. Yet nothing hit, the multicolored boy who also seemed to have combat experience bobbing and weaving avoiding the attacks. Until the boy stomped his foot and Ojiro was covered from head to toe in ice. Unable to move, with both villains defeated, All Might called the match. It had only lasted three minutes, with a chattering and blanket covered Ojiro now desperately trying to warm up in the corner. Trying desperately to warm up.

The third match was Sero and Kirishima vs Tokoyami and Asui. Sero had tried his best to set up various nets for the Heroes to be captured in. While he and Kirishima barricaded themselves into a room on the third floor. With only one entrance they waited. Honestly Izuku had thought it was a good plan, until Tokoyami's quirk, A black shadowy like bird destroyed the nets without difficulty. He was then rushed by Kirishima who had hardened himself to a incredible degree. Smashing through the wall trying to catch Asui and Tokoyami off guard. Only for dark shadow and him to find themselves in a stale mate. Asui for her part had kicked through the newly made opening, dodging the taped up door. Her powerful frog legs propelling her past Sero and onto the bomb. Her tongue flashing at the tape quirked boy, forcing him to react and unable to close the distance. After ten seconds pasted victory was called for the Heroes.

And the matches continued, Yaoyorozu creating honest to god steel beams to block her and Mineta's bomb room. Jiro, and Kaminario using her echo location to find the Hero team and electrocuting the two. Ashido and Ayoama, unable to handle the hundreds of rats that Koda had called to his aid. Running out of the building in fear at the disgusting rodents, with an equally creeped out Sato. Though since he was partnered up with the quiet boy he had given him a shaky thumbs up. Before long, the rest of the matches finished. The class bubbling at the display and chatting among themselves at the various strategies and defeats.

"Good Work everyone! With no injuries other than young Midoriya! You guys took this training seriously! I'm so proud at you all, you all did such a good job for your very first combat experience. Learn from today, understand your failures and there is no limit for how far you brave heroes could go!"

After All Might speech, he dismissed the class for the day, Rushing off in a hurry much to their confusion the teenagers made their way back to the lockers to change.

More and more students being comfortable to change in front of another, They were not getting naked after all. Most using various athletic underwear, that was more covered then the majority of bathing suits. Giving the students time to discuss their day.

"To have such a great class after Teacher Aizawa's? it's kinda anticlimactic" Asui said much to the nodding heads of those around.

"Yeah, All Might was amazing. Though I wonder why he took off like he did at the end." Kaminari said much to the agreement of others.

"Still though we have some pretty amazing quirks!" Ashido clapped excitedly. Her sports braw bouncing and Mineta staring unashamed. Oblivious to the looks of disgust by Tenya, Jiro, Uraraka, and Yaoyorozu.

"Maybe, he had hero duties after class?" Shoji offered.

"still I can't wait to see what the next few days bring." Sato said, with the class agreeing. It was only their first week and already they had done live combat drills. U.A. really was something else.

"Izuku? How are you after your injuries?" Ochako asked softly from his side, Concern clear.

"I-I'm ok Ochako, Thanks for kicking butt during the exercise! If it wasn't for you I doubt we could of won." Izuku said, smiling at his bubbly friend.

"Yeah honestly your guys first fight kinda pumped the rest of us up." Kirishima stated. "It was so manly!"

"Even if you won the war, you guys had lost the battle. Commendable." Tokoyami spoke, to the surprise of others due to his normally shy demeaner.

The class having finished changing, chatting as for a while before they left. Their second Day of U.A. finished. Emotions on high after having their first fun and instructive day. Bidding his class goodbye Midoriya made his way outside and onward to home. Until he noticed someone standing there waiting for him.

"Bakugo!?" Izuku couldn't help but squeak.

"Deku...." his answer, rough and grating. Izuku who started to panic, his hand waving in front of as he was about to speak until Bakugo surprised him.

"I Didn't know the blast would be as strong as it was... I'm sorry... Still, you may be fucking ahead of me. I just wanted to say I'm going to win, I'll beat you fair and square. Even though your ahead of me now I don't care. You going to fucking lose Deku. GOT IT!?" Bakugo roared. Before storming off back into U.A. He did have a detention to serve.

Stunned Izuku didn't move as the boy walked past him. Glancing back towards his child hood friend, Kac-chan, Apologizing again to him? Wow... Though the rest of his words had been typical Bakugo, Izuku couldn't help at smile towards his retreating form. Maybe his old friend was still in there, Somewhere....



Their school lives would on continue following an almost uncanny pattern. Regular and normal school life, followed by uncertainly, tribulations and trials. A perfect example of this was when arriving for their third day. Aizawa after commenting on their battle trials, offering his opinion for each and every match. Told the class to select a class representative and vice rep. Izuku who had been shocked at having receiving two votes, breathed a sigh of relief when Tenya and Yaoyorozu were selected. Teyna being an obvious choice due to his strict enforcement of rules. Sides the majority of class 1-A had realized that they were not right fit. So no one had hard feelings (not to mention most didn't want to bother, as they had heroing to focus on.)

Normal, so of course when lunch had rolled around and the school had gone on a lockdown. Alarms blaring that a level three security breach had happened. Class 1-A couldn't help but look around confused, a senior telling them that it meant there was an intruder on school grounds. The class had soon found themselves almost being trampled by the panic from students. U.A. Only had six classes of heroics, with almost four times that of regular students. So it really wasn't surprise that people panicked in fear.

Thankfully, due to a combination of Yaoyorozu, Tenya, and Ochako he was able to calm them down. Specially when they found out it was only the media who had been hounding the gates of U.A. at All Might announcement of his teaching. The class, sighing at their luck, and having shaking their heads at the chaotic turn of events. Was every day at U.A. going to have something that would challenge them?

It was only while leaving for the day that students saw something that terrified them. The Solid metal security gate that prevented non students and staff from entering had been horribly damaged. Half of it melted, and disintegrated. Various U.A. personal and a few heroes standing by providing security as they rushed to repair and replace.

Thinking back on it, the class should of taken it as as warning.


"Alright class, it's time for your Foundational Heroics class. It's going to be a three instructor class as we get you situated with a very large part of heroics." Aizawa said to the class, Holding up a card saying Rescue.

"excuse me! What will we be doing?" Sero asked, hand rising into the air.

"Disasters, shipwrecks, and everything in between. U.A. has a facility that's design to simulate a wide variety of situations."

"Looks like it will be a lot of work this time, too." Kaminari said, as Ashido couldn't help but jump up in excitement

"It's the duty of a Hero! so manly!" Kirishima stated following the comment.

"I can't wait to learn about water rescues, No one can match me in water, Kero." Asui said confidently

"So Illogical." Aizawa said shaking his head. " I haven't finished speaking yet, quiet down. Your costumes are optional, though I'd recommend if they don't have any protective qualities to wear your regular clothing." he continued, his glance taking in Hagakure. It was unfortunate, but that poor girls costume just wasn't ready yet. She had provided a good selection of hair. So hopefully soon they could interweave it into a suit that would match her quirk. It was just that working with invisible materials made things pretty challenging.

"The training will take place off-campus, So we're taking the bus. All Might and your other instructor will be meeting us at the facility. That's all, get dressed and ready to go." Students, getting more use to Aizawa's abrupt finishes were already up and on their way. Izuku, who had been checking the hero news network was surprised that All might was included on the teachers list. His heroics had been broadcasted all morning. It was almost guaranteed that he was out of time. Trying to not let a foreboding feeling that was settling in his stomach the boy changed with his class.

It didn't take long before sooner then later the class was set up on the buss. Tenya taking charge, the class finding their seats. The buss an unusual set up with all twenty seats facing each other. Allowing the students to converse.

"Midoriya, Can I ask you a question? I'm pretty direct and blunt so I hope you won't find that offensive." Asui said now looking at the other green haired youth in class.

"A-Asui? Y-yes no problem!" Izuku, who had gotten somewhat used to talking with girls thanks to his friendship Ochako. Tried his best to answer normall, still talking to a different girl? Old habits died hard, blushing fiercely as he tried to make eye contact.

"You can call me Tsu. I was thinking that you have a lot of similarities of All Might. Besides your well, glow, you have enhanced strength, Durability etc... I think for the most part the class has a decent idea of what everyone's quirk is. Except yours. Can you tell us what your quirk does?" Izuku who was gone even more red at the pressing question, couldn't help but look up. Only to find nearly everyone in the class staring at him. It seemed that they were curious as well.

"O-Oh, T-thanks, Tsu. Uh I call my quirk "Imbued". Though I wish I knew something cooler to call it. Basically I take energy and power my body with all those things you listed. My durability is obviously increased, but I U-Uh also have a barrier. That viridian glow? That's actually a forcefield of sorts. I-I think it's how I bring in energy, but it gives me a protective layer. See?" Izuku, who had taken out a pen pressed it into his arm, Trying to make it as visible and obvious that the tip was prevented from indenting his skin.

"I See! That it was I felt during our battle training! Impressive Izuku!" Tenya who couldn't help but listening himself said.

"Y-yeah, exactly. It's how I was able to prevent a lot the damage in the explosion from Bakugo. Though that was the first time it had ever failed to protect me. So I still have a hard time understanding it's limits."

"still it must be super nice to have an augmenting-type, I can only really do this." Kirishima said, hardening his skin to an sharp and rock like quality. Izuku couldn't help but stare in wonder. Sure he had seen it on screen, that being said, it couldn't compare to it being close up. "My hardening's strong against others, but it's really limited".

"Your quirk is so awesome!" Pulling out a small notebook from his a belt that was around his waist Izuku couldn't help but start to write down things. "How hard can you make it? Does it cover your entire body? Can you make any of your edges particularly sharp? Even if you can't I imagine you'd have decent cutting power. Like a sword from the medieval ages, After all they were pretty dull. Normally using their weight and the strength of the user to hack at things. Or maybe your fingers can turn into claws? What about--" Izuku cutting off as the rest of the class just started at him wide eyed.

"You sure like quirks don't you Midoriya." Asui said, head tilted to the side at his outburst.

"W-Wow, Midoryia. I don't know if i've tried all those things, so I'm not sure. But you've given me some ideas..." kirishima now sitting with a serious look on his face. Obviously contemplating the implications of Izuku's questions.

" Well my quirk is flashy and powerful. It's basically at a pro's level." Aoyama said, only to be followed up with. "except when you have to hold your stomach in pain." Ashido added.

"Ayoama you remind me a little of myself, before I received some training. Since I wasn't able to control my quirk. Can you control yours? Making either the beam smaller and more focused? It's pretty massive at is, if you lowered the overall size and instead focused on making it more pinpoint. I wonder if you could reduce the backlash of your quirk, while keeping similar levels of power. Have you tried also shooting in shorter blasts? Or how about adding to your support belt with different irises. Just think if how many different combinations you could do! A multi faceted one could give maybe give you a larger area of effect!" Izuku rambled at the blond haired boy.

"Merde! Izuku. I've never really thought of that before. You've given me other ideas to increase my star power. Merci!"

"Wow Izuku, You've got some pretty great ideas! hey?" Ochako said, proud that Izuku was seemingly making friends. She knew just how shy and timid he could be. Still struggling at times to even talk normally to her.

"Alright, Alright, were here you can get quirk counseling from Midoriya later. As illogical as that is. As a reminder U.A. does have quirk specialists." Aizawa said rolling his eyes, as the students all looked down quickly a little shamed faced. Right, that would make sense the group thought.

After parking the students stood in front of a massive stadium. Which considering almost everything that U.A. had was to an insane degree. It was saying something. Easily able to fit four or five regular sports venues inside. The students couldn't help but stare as they walked through the massive doors.

Standing in front of them was a Hero in a honest to god space suit. Students coming to a stop, none more surprised then Izuku and Ochako as the new comer spoke.

"Everyone! I've been waiting for you! I'm the Space Hero, Thirteen!"

Numerous wows coming from the team, while Izuku and Ochako were gushing.

"She's an amazing rescue hero, she credited with nearly a thousand saves from tons of different disasters. Regarded as one of the very top of rescue focused heroes!" Ochako cheered with Izuku nodding his head frantically stars in his eyes at seeing a living legend in front of them.

"Let's go inside without delay!" Leading the way thirteen brought the students inside. The sprawling dome was just as impressive inside as out. A Central plaza that had sixth paths connecting the various zones as students "Ooooed and " Awwwed". A ruins zone, filled with various destroyed and crumbled buildings. A Mountain zone, with cliffs and falls. A landslide zone, with sloped terrain and various debris. Two mini domed area's the conflagration zone, and Downpour zone. Designed to simulate fire and hurricanes in a urban area. Finally the flood zone, with a boat and submerged houses along with other buildings.

"Holy, It's like Universal studios! but real and on a staggering level." Sato said, as the students eyes tried to take in every sight.

"This is a training ground designed to put you students through almost every scenario imaginable." Thirteen said, Her arms going wide spreading to indicate the entire building. "That is why I made this, with U.A. support and resources to ensure that you would be ready. Able to save lives in any situation. Welcome students! to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint! the USJ for short!"

"Wow...." the class murmured overwhelmed

"Thirteen, where's All Might? He was suppose to meet us here?" Aizawa said frowning as he looked down at the space hero.

Pulling Aizawa off to the side away from the students, Izuku couldn't make out what they were saying. Jiro though couldn't help but be confused as she over heard. What did All Might doing Hero work have to do with him running out of time?

Izuku meanwhile, that bad pit in his stomach back with a vengeance as he thought about his mentor not being here. He had worried that with all his saves this morning, something like this would happen.

Obviously angry and frustrated Aizawa returned to group.

"I tell you, the height of irrationality. Regardless students gather around as thirteen gives instructions." Aizawa couldn't help but be mad, If All Might couldn't of made it they should of brought another teacher for support. Taking a deep breath, the man calmed himself. Getting angry over something they couldn't change was irrational after all. Nodding in the space heroes direction.

"Let's see, Before we begin, let me say one thing. Everyone, incase you are not aware. My Quirk is black hole, I can suck up anything and turn it to dust. You see, even though I've been able to save many lives. There is one thing you can consider. My power, used carelessly, is a power that can easily kill." The students almost frozen at the implications. Were silent as they waited for her to continue.

"Some of you also have quirks like that? Don't you? In a superhuman society, personal quirks have been certified and stringently regulated. So while you may not think that could be a problem at first glance. Do not forget! There are many quirks that can easily kill with one wrong step. With Aizawa's physical fitness test, you were encouraged and challenged to be creative with your quirks. With All Mights person to person combat training. I think you began to understand the dangers of using those powers against others. This class is a fresh start. You shall learn how to use your quirks to save peoples lives." The weight of her words hitting the students as they stood.

"You do not have powers so you can harm others. I hope you leave here with the understanding that you have powers in order to help others." The class, most looking at their hands, took thirteens words to heart. Fists clenching, hands tensing, their gazes focusing with determination.

A cheer breaking out. "Let's do this! Plus Ultra!"

Of course, Their luck chose just that moment to end. As an electrical surge rushed on the outskirts of the building. The teachers grunting as feedback hit their communicators, the lights flickering for a second or two. Students looking around in confusion.

Only for a darker than night portal to form. Students whispering at the turn of events as Aizawa turned towards the disturbance. There, walking out of the portal were dozens of individuals. Dangerous looking, scared, dirty, and smirking at the clump in front of them. Villains!?

The three most terrifying, a hulking beast that would dwarf even All Might, A beak like mouth, rippling muscles and an exposed brain. A Taller, whisper thin man, covered in severed hands. A void like creature wearing a suit. The source of the portal.

"I-is this part of training?" Kirishima asked, while students started to back up slowly. Fear filling the class of first years at the new comers intimidating presences.

Bakugo, Todoroki, Midoriya, Yaoyorozu and Ida walking to stand beside Aizawa and thirteen. Not even registering as they moved to the front, while the majority of the class inched backwards.

"No, Students stick together. Under the name of the pro hero Eraser Head, you are allowed to use your quirks to their full effect! Protect yourselves and others." Noticing the five students had joined them. " You five listen to thirteen. Take command of the class and ensure their safety. The school should of noticed that our communicators are no longer working. Alerting them to the danger." Furious at the turn of events Aizawa felt there was no choice. The four boys who had stepped up easily the strongest of students in regard to combat, Not to mention Yaoyorozu's intelligence could hopefully keep them organized.

Still with no idea of just how badly U.A. might be under attack, Aizawa worried about the turn of events. It would take time for the other teachers to assemble. All of them busy with classes, Then it was at least a ten minute drive to the USJ. Hoping that back up would arrive sooner, Aizawa felt he had no choice. Hurtling himself down the stairs, throwing his goggles over his eyes he readied himself. Thinking to himself as he all but flew down the stairs. Survive students, Thirteen please god keep them safe. As the pro eraser head enetered the fray.

Izuku, who at any other time would of been over joyed to hear that his home room teacher was the infamous underground hero Eraser Head. Could only watch, as his teacher charged into the fray. Hoping that help would come soon, he looked back at this classmates.

Promising himself, he would do everything he could to protect them. As chaos descended.

Chapter Text

Standing with thirteen, Izuku, Yayorozu, Tenya, Bakugo and Todoroki could only watch in amazement at their teacher. Aizawa, who had leapt down at least forty or fifty stairs was laying waste to the villains around him. Dodging attacks, His movements fluid and graceful as he gave vicious counter attack after counter attack. Taking down, one, then five, Then ten villains. His last few being smashed into each other after their quirks failed to activate. His scarf that seemed to be made of an extraordinary material, wrapping amount a minotaur looking mutant. Locking him up, as Aizawa slipped into his range, Grabbing the villains horns. Aizawa ducked low, Heaving as he did and throwing the large villain into another. Brutally kicking each in the face, the villains no longer moving as he moved on.

"Wow... Mister Aizawa is incredible." Yaoyorozu said, with the others very much agreeing.

"It's not enough." Thirteen said, the five turning to her in worried at her meaning. "Were going to have to retreat, Aizawa is buying us time. Yet there are too many of them." Izuku who looked back towards the portal could only gulp as he processed the words. Eyes scanning plaza, the green haired youth could see more and more villains still streaming out of the shadowy figure. USJ was now covered in intruders. Unable to count just exactly how many had appeared before them. Yet the teen could tell, ten villains down were only a small fraction of their number.

"We need to leave, You five. Get the students ready, We don't know what exactly is behind us. They could be waiting in ambush." Thirteen, steel in her voice at the situation unfolding around them.

"Everyone! gather round! Teacher Thirteen says we need to leave! I want those of you with physical quirks in front, and Mid or long range quirks in behind! Follow thirteen's instruction and do exactly what she says!" Tenya roared that the students. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the students acted quickly. Kirishima, Sato, Ojiro, and Shoji all standing at the front, facing the exit of USJ. While the remainder of the class was behind them. Their faces grim and determined.

"We need to have a defensive line towards our back. Us five should be able to handle any threat that comes from our rear." Todoroki said, more calmly then Izuku could of guessed. Wasn't he scared!?

"Fucking shit head villains, You heard Aizawa. Fucking murder them if they come up here, and don't hold me back. We can't afford to pull our punches and shit." Bakugo crass as ever commented. Fiercely as they gazed down towards teachers desperate fighting. Bakugo was angry, angry at not be able to help, angry at these chuckle fucks who were ruining their class.

"Students! Let's move!" Thirteen said, up at the front line, Unwilling for the students to face the threat without her. Trusting that Aizawa could hold the line for them to leave.

The class moved, Izuku following until he glanced back one last time. Looking towards his teacher, Wait? Where did the shadowy guy go? The three most terrifying Villains who had looked and seemed different the rest, had been by the fountain in the middle of the plaza down below. Yet now only the exposed brain behemoth and the severed hands guy were there. Izuku's who brain was lagging just a second or too, turned to look at his classmates in fear.

"TEACHER! The warper is GONE" Izuku's yelling, causing the rest of the class to flinch. Almost instantly, the darker than night shadowed man appeared. His body no longer visible and instead just shadowy blob, Ten feet tall billowing and floating in front of them. Eyes glinting with a sinister and unnatural yellow glow. Thirteen, who immediately held her hands off to the side. Preventing any of the students from moving, the shadow spoke. Taunting and harrowing voice filling them with fear.

"It may be presumptuous of us, But we have invited ourselves in. We are the league of villains!. Forgive us U.A. students as we trample over the home of heroes. Now tell me, before your demise. Where is All Might? We are, after all here to ensure he takes his last breath. According to your schedule he should of been here." Shocking the students even more, Izuku froze at the implications. They were here to kill All Might!?

"No... " Ochako, Ashido and Hagakure said, trembling at the implications, Tears forming in their eyes as the listened on.

"Ah well, Maybe if we kill a few of you he will show." Izuku who had been frozen due to the revelation snapped back to focus as he as he raced to the front. Noticing at at the corner of his eyes that Bakugo of all people had joined him.

Yet thirteen, a pro hero, having reacted faster than anyone else shouted.

"NOT WHILE I'M HERE!" Her hands now facing front. The tips of all ten fingers open. "BLACK HOLE!" Suction on a scale the students couldn't of dreamed of crashed into the Villain. Force so great that the doors crashed open behind him. Tiles, lights, sections of the domed wall itself ripping free to fly into thirteens hands. The structure unable to handle the powers of the rescue hero's quirk.

Bakugo, having stopped beside Kirishima watched the spectacle before him. The blond haired boy looking down towards his hands. Should he help? Would that only hinder thirteen? Uncertain, something that almost never happened to the blond boy. He watched the scene play out before him. Shaking in anger at his lack of being able to help.

Izuku who fallen in besides him couldn't help but cheer. "Yes! Thirteen's quirk seems to be highly effective against him!" Only to have his words proven false.

"Your power is impressive, with a quirk that destroys everything sucked up. I hadn't expected to struggle this much." The flickering and wavering shadow said. Somehow able to fight off being dragged into his own destruction as even more and more chunks of the entrance were ripped away. A door flying at thirteen only to be sucked into dust.

"Still, as expected of a Rescue hero. Your fighting and combat decision making needs work!" And in an instant, a part of the shadow formed behind thirteen. Ripping and sucking herself. Her trade mark space suit disintegrating, large chunks missing now missing from costume, her bare back flayed open as shreds of clothing, and skin were sucked up. Before she was able to turn off her power.

"AAAAHHHHH" thirteen screamed, Her throat sounding raw and ragged at the turn of events. Collapsing in front of of the students, all of them only able to watch in terror as their teacher was gravely wounded. Their protector, still and unmoving as silence filled the air. Fear gripping the student as they tried to stumble back.

The black mist turning towards them, Growing larger and large. Except that one student had other ideas. Ripping the pins off of both gauntlets Bakugo, Furious at his shitty indecision, the bomber surged forward.

"FUCKING DIE!" Both pins falling behind him. Arms braced, as the boy was all but flying in the air.


A staggering, ferocious blast. Fire consuming the shadow as the flooring was flung apart. Fire, smoke, and debris, Everything that the class could see. Seconds flew by, as the waited, breath held, as the smoke cleared. Yet among all the destruction, the once pristine entrance of USJ was now a crumbled and slagged mess. Entire sections of flooring gone, small fires everywhere at the explosive blast. Yet the shadow was down, It's body now somewhat visible. As Bakugo and surprisingly Kirishima raced towards it. The hardening boy stood with bakguo. Arms hardened in a defensive stance, standing but a foot away. Baukgo, who mirrored him on his side. Plams towards the villain as tiny pops and explosions warned of a repeat should the the bastard move.

Ochako, Asui unfrozen at the shadows defeat, running towards thirteens body.

"Yaoyorozu! Help!" Ochako yelled, seeing the trauma the poor space hero now had. Shaking her head, she rushed to the two girls. Immediately her quirk flaring, bandages and gauze, the only medical supplies that the young heroine could make. The three crying, as they used what paltry first aid they new. Only having had some of the very basics taught in their first week at U.A. Hands, soon bloody as they patched up the unmoving hero. Trying desperately to save her life.

Ojiro and Sato rushing to stand in front of them. "Will provide you cover!" Staro said, as the boys had their arms up in fighting stances. "Focus on thirteen, will watch your surroundings. Will protect you."

"D-Did we win?" Kaminari asked. Jiro, and shoji who's ears were ringing at the blast, desperately trying to use their quirks to find out if the gate was alone. If anyone else was following it. Izuku left staring at the destruction in front of them, at Bakugo who was still heaving, glaring down at the shadow with murder in his eyes.

"T-Tenya what do we do? We can't just leave thirteen!" Ashido asked, as the other students stood uncertain to what exactly to do. "We stick together, Provide first aid, once we can move thirteen we leave. Together as team. We cannot rush off on our own, until we know that there are not other dangers waiting." Tenya said, trying his best to calm the terrified group.

Please.... Let someone come to help them.



Meanwhile as the students faced their dilemma Aizawa was fighting a losing battle. For every villain he took down, another two took its place. Even worse, he had only blinked for a second and the worst possible villain escaped. A warp quirk was extremely rare, for it to be working on the side of the Villains? It could do unimaginable amounts of damage. Breathing heavily from his near continuous fighting, He darted to the left before his fist cracked into the face of a snaked haired woman. Knocking her down and keeping here there.

He saw it, just barely after dodging another attack, this time from a mutant villain, rocks covering his arms. The severed hand guy charging at him, heading in low. S-shit he's fast! Aizawa thought, his mind racing as Villain closed. Round house kicking the rock mutant in the head. Aizawa turned to meet the speedy attack. His scarf unraveling slightly, as he threw out one if its ends at the hand covered man.

The man, who didn't even bother slowing reached out, grabbing the cloth as he continued the rush. Closing the distance as he went right for Aizawa, who at the last second, reached back. His right fist launching out, his left hand pulling the scarf the man held. Striking the villain in the stomach and pushing him back a few inches, The mans left hand soaring over Aizawas head, Fingers splayed in a grabbing motion. Did he have a five point quirk? The erasure heroes mind racing as he took in information. Only for him to realize in concern, that the villain had reacted to the blow. His right hand now holding his elbow.

SHIT! his erasing quirk deactivating for a second, it's time limit running out.

"It was hard to see with your constant movement, yet every so often your hair seemed to fall and I noticed that your quirk would stop working. The space in between getting shorter and shorter. Too bad Eraser head." the villain mocked.

Pain, mind numbing and blinding pain filled Aizawa as the villain was speaking. His elbow decaying in front of his very eyes. Flakes of skin, cracking and falling. Muscle, bone and sinew now visible peaking out from his ruined flesh. The precious seconds counting, before he could reactivate his quirk. Still Aizawa was a pro hero and teacher at the famous U.A. he wouldn't be stopped like this! Grunting in pain, Aizawa blurred, his good arm cracking into the villain with resounding force. His combat booted foot following, as he kicked straight out. Smashing into the villain and launching him back. Freeing his ruined arm as it hung unmoving at his side. Blood now freely flowing from the hideous wound.

Fuck this was bad he thought. Only for his worst fears to be made real. A resounding BOOM Exploding from where the students were. He couldn't help but glance in their direction. Yet that's all the time he had before being attacked once more from all sides. The hand villain moving back to let the masses do his dirty work.

"HUH!?" the decay villain yelled, seemingly unharmed from their exchange. "Did that shitty warp gate fail? I'll might just kill him myself...." The man murmured scratching viciously at his neck. So much so, that blood started to fleck onto his nails. Yet eerily the man became strangely calm.

Aizawa, still surrounded by others, was having an even harder time now. Down a limb, the hero darted and moved avoiding blows from a new villain that had blades for hands. Struggling hard as he could to listen in.

"Ah well, thankfully I'm not the last boss. I guess this is a party mission after all. Nomu... destroy the entrance so no one can escape. And bring me Kurogiri." The man said. Before walking off and heading towards the stairs that led to his precious students

Seeing the hulking figure move for the first time since things began, Aizawa having unppercutted the bladed hand villain. Charged towards the Nomu, his hair floating above him and eyes glowing red. Quirk active.

Only for Aizawa, who didn't even have time to react. Instantly swatted away, the force so tremendous his good arm snapped like a twig. Blood spurting out his mouth, the erasure Hero flew off into the distance like a missile. Tumbling in a rolling battered heap, the heroic mans body coming to a slow and bloodied stop, now still and unmoving....



"Shoji! Did you hear that!?" Jiro yelled at the top of her lungs. The students looking at her direction. "INCOMING! SOMETHING MASSIVE AND STRONG!" Shoji roared. Jumping away shoji grabbed Mineta, and pulled Koda with him, trying to clear the path from the stairs.

"Everyone! Get out of the way" Jiro her frantic scream echoing all around the students, as she leapt at Kaminari in a flying tackle. Sending both teens tumbling to the edge of the walk way. Hopefully out of the way of what ever was coming.

Izuku, For his part didn't even have time to move before something massive moved past him. Barely missing Ochako, Sato, Ojiro, Ausi and Yaoyorozu who were still tending to thirteen, by a mere foot. Blowing past the students, the black skinned monster jumped to the top of the dome. It's massive hand coming down hard on the wall, ripping through it like paper. As it caused the structure to fail. Massive chunks of wall, smashing down now completely blocking the entry way. Their only hope of escape gone.

Todoroki having just avoided the creature as well. Slammed his foot down and a glacier formed, encasing the powerhouses form in ice. While the class tried to recover, Only for it to be useless as the monster barely slowed, just moving through the ice, as if it wasn't there. Izuku, who raced forward, power flaring, used all his strength to strike the creature in the side of the face.

Wind smashing outwards by the force of the blow, sending ice crashing into the rumbled and sealed entrance. Sound echoing at the force of the strike. Yet, the black skinned monsters face rippled in a exaggerated motion. Obvious signs of a quirk as its face quickly bubbled and wiggled, before reforming with no signs of damage. Not even acknowledging the blow. The creature moved forward once again, Izuku stumbling at having the monster ignore him. He had been on its side, luckily not in its direct path.

"BAKUGO! KIRI LOOK OUT!" Ashido screamed! Bakugo who already was moving after seeing the display. Was bringing his hands forward. Ready to fire another explosion as the creature moved at him. Yet he felt a shove, not from in front, but instead of from the side. Kirishima, had pushed the blonde bomb shell away. Out of the charging of the villains path.

Hardening his skin, a previous memory having filled his mind, from failing to act before. The boy hardened his body to his upmost degree. Yet it wasn't enough, Mina who watched, was now petrified, for her former high school classmate. Barely even registered what happened, so fast was the monster that it simply ran Kirishima over. It's body, first slamming the boy to the ground like he was shoulder checked. Then its heavy foot coming down on the boys poor body. HIs hardened skin, crumbling at each blow. Blood blasting from his mouth, as he gasped all the air expelled from him. His stomach taking the majority of the damage as it was now bloodied and injured. His hardening not being up to the task to protect him.

Falling to her knees, Ashido was unable to move as the creature picked up the shadowy man. Who seemed to be sluggishly responding. Clothing singed and burned from Bakugo's previous attack. At least until, Tokoyami's Dark shadow slammed into both of them as the boys quirk tried to stop them. Only for the shadow to be helpless as the creature moved once more. Knocking it away from him as an inconvenience. The hulking figure, only coming to a halt, as the severed handed man appeared at the top of the stairs. Rejoined his side, the three villains only ten feet away from Jiro, Mineta, Koda, Shoji and Kaminari.

The students barely able to process what just happened. Looked on in Terror as the villain, still covered in many many hands clapped and clapped. Did he defeat Aizawa!?

"So the last boss was too much for you Npc's to handle! Excellent, Excellent! to be expected from our warrior! Our mage is coming awake too huh? You know, it really is too bad that All Might couldn't of been here. Ah well! I guess we just will kill some kids and damage his pride before trying again." He stated nonchalantly. Before the man moved, His hands rocketing forward as they went for Jiro and Kaminari. Both unable to struggling to unentagle themselves, as Izuku, Bakugo, and Todorki yelled.

"Watch Out!" The teens, who had been slow to stand after Jiro's quick thinking actions had saved them. Looked up as hands were seconds away from grabbing onto their faces.

"RECIPRO BURST!" Tenya who moved almost as fast as the black skinned creature had. Launched a fearsome kick, Smashing into the severed handed villains ribs, launching him away from the two students. So quick was the class rep that no counter attack followed. The villain, flying back, the hands on his face and shoulders loosened in the fall. The first time since this conflict began, visibly injured as he skidded on the ground.

Class 1-A, who were all breathing hard. Adrenaline pulsing in their veins. Waited in fear, Kaminari and Jiro holding each other at the close call. They didn't know what his quirk did, but it couldn't of been good.

The man, stood up slowly and unspeaking as he collected his families precious hands. Putting them back in place, As more and more villains appeared behind him. Having followed their leader to cause more havoc.

"I grow tired of this, grinding useless mobs has always been boring. Kill them. " the man said as walked back to his precious Nomu, getting the creature to release Kurogiri. "Kill them all." Standing back, the leader watched, brutal smile on his face as the villains surged.

"TODOROKI, BAKUGO, HELP ME!" Izuku roared over the din. His voice cracking as the boy, summoned every single bead of power he had. No longer caring about control, the boy unleashed all his might. His glow, lighting up the class as he launched his body at the Nomu. Hitting the monster in a flying tackle, able to move the creature with his awesome power. The boy and beast launched backwards, flying down into the plaza below. With a resounding smash! Leaving a furrow of damaged flooring as they went.

Using his power, Izuku launched blow after blow after blow at the monstrous thing. Finesse gone as he used every ounce of strength to stop the monster from hurting his class. The force of each blow. Shattering the concrete below them, Pushing, it deeper and deeper into the ground. Yet the blows had no effect, the monsters hand coming up and smashing Izuku away. His barrier failing completely to stop the damage and force, as it struck him. Knocking him flying into a cement wall. Staggered, the boy could only hold his sides in pain. Something obviously broken, as his chest ached with pain. He could only watch as the monster stood. Vision blurry, as he struggled to free himself, and move.


Massive blasts engulfed the creature as Bakugo unleashed his power. His gauntlets used up, never the less every blast was at his maximum power. His hands protesting in pain and discomfort as the the boy unleashed savage blast after blast. Katsuki having followed at his old friends actions, realized at once what he was doing. None of the other students could hope to ever compete against the the brutal beast. They had to fucking kill it before anyone one else had been hurt. Shitty hairs face... No Kirishima's, face on his mind. The fucking idiot, he woulda dodged,... maybe... as the boy continued his onslaught

"DIE, DIE, DIE, YOU MOTHER FUCKER." Katsuki all but screamed.

Yet even with all that, Katsuki might of perished, as the monster shrugged off his blows. At least, if it wasn't for Todoroki. His ice shooting forward, Covering the beast once, Then twice, Then three times. Reforming the ice again and again as the brute crushed through. Slowing it down enough, for the blonde boy, giving him a chance to react to its terrible speed. Frost forming on the dual haired boy, as he was pushing himself to the brink.

Bakugo, his left hand exploding at the monster again. Using the destructive power of both the ice and fire to try and hurt the creature. Lifted his right hand to speed up his dodge, his blast launching him. Just barely avoiding the creature as its massive hands darted forward intending to grab and crush the boy. Bakugo wasn't finished, spinning with momentum created by his own blast. Grunting in pain, his hands having reached their breaking point. Fuck it! the thought, as he let out his final blast, tendons in his hand snapping as the boy fired. Slamming into the monstrous creature again with no effect. Screaming now with not just rage, but pain the blonde haired boy watched. As a super charged greenette returned to the fray.

Ignoring his hurting chest. Izuku following after its failed grabbing attempt, jumping through the smoke to hide his presence. Izuku slammed with all his might into the back of the creatures head. Smashing it down. The beaked and exposed brained monster entering the concrete face first. Fissures and surrounding area rippling under the force the blow. Cracks and entire chunks of cement bursting from the epicenter.

"TODOROKI! USE YOUR COLDEST ICE. WE NEED TO PUT IT DOWN!" Izuku frantically yelled. Hating that they were left for no choice, his adrenaline forcing his brain to not even consider the gravity of what he just asked. Had the situation not been so dire, the boy would of never tried to take a life.

Todoroki, understanding what was being asked, acted. His breath coming out in a plume of white. Frost covering his entire side, and shivering the boy used his all. Black Ice, so cold and dense that it looked to be rock instead of frozen water, seeped from the boy.

Encasing the nomu's head, as the air dropped numerous degrees. The creature was overcome with ice. No longer moving, the monster finally haven been stooped. Panting the boys, all struggling to move, grouped together to stare at the monster. Praying that the fight was over.

Before the ice cracked.


The villains, only temporarily stopped by Izuku smashing through. Were caught off guard as a blast knocked a bunch of them back, and some even tumbling down the stairs. Bakugo's form having darted after him, at least not before unleashing an attack at the huddled villains. Todoroki for his part, simply leaped off the railing that lead down the stairs. Forming an Ice slide of sorts, and freezing the feet of a few before he left.

Giving Ojiro, Sato, Shoji time to crash into the first wave of villains. Shoji's many arms coming in hand, Literally, as he attacked a strange mutated villain. The mans one eye and larger from a match for Shoji. Yet with six more fists then him, able to block and attack at the same time. Shoji overwhelmed him, before he moved onto the next. The villains movements slow and sluggish from having their feet frozen.

Ojiro for his part was a force to be reckoned with. Darting in here and there landing accurate and devastating blows. The trained martial artist, doing his best that when he hit someone. They stayed down.

Sato, after eating almost an entire bag of sugar went berserk. His muscles bulking up, as the boy grunted unintelligible words. His hands like mini wrecking balls as they launched villains flying at each and every blow.

Mineta spurned on by the display, scared out of his mind, couldn't help but start ripping off the bulbs from the top of his head. His sculp bleeding as he launched sticky ball after sticky ball. Various villains getting caught up in it and unable to move due to the boys strange quirk, or better yet getting stuck to one another unable to fight as they struggled to break free.

Jiro, and Kaminari harassing the left as villains tried to sneak past the three boys holding the front line. Jiro's ear rupturing heart beats blasting into them. With Kaminari in wait to shock them once they were down.

On the right side Ashido was a terror. Her anger and fear at what happened to Kirishima causing her to unleash her acid. Throwing globs and globs of the vicious sizzling liquid. Causing burns and melting skin, un ashamed as the group fought for their lives.

Ayoama, Tenya, Tokoyami, acting as the second line of defense. The raven headed boys shadow to lash out and smash into any villain that might be getting the best of his class mates.

The blonde hair boy, launching laser after laser at any openings he could get. His stomach causing him pain as tears fell from his eyes, crying from more than just fear, crying from the horrible turn of events in his life.

Tenya, his mufflers recharged, interchanging with any of the boys in front who was tiring. Would still dart here or there, HIs speed providing him an unparallel reaction. As he struck out, helping each side as he shuttered back and forth.

If someone were to look closely, They would every now and then see a villain fall. Seemingly to be struck by something invisible, something the eyes couldn't see. A trip and shove here, a blow to the face or gut there. One or two villains holding their croches in pain. All of these the only sign visible that Hagakure was fighting, Trying to save her friends.

Yet the numbers were too great, slowly but surly they were being pressed back. Unable to stop themselves from getting nicks and wounds here and there. Not so serious that they knocked them out of the fight. But enough that they were being slowed down, pain and exhaustion increasing every second. Yet they desperately fought. They had too, all of them having one of their own on their minds.

Yayorozu who was creating supplies desperately, More bandages, Stretchers, Water, Gauze. Sero doing his part, by providing tape to help bind the wounds. Keeping an eye on things in front incase the boy needed to help his sieged classmates. Yet understanding that Yaoyorozu could only do so much. Knowing that her reserves wouldn't last for ever. While Ohcako, continued to apply pressure on thirteens ragged form. Yet, even she was staring, tears streaming down her face, as Asui and Koda desperately tried to help Kirishima.

"It's going to be ok kirishima." Asui said holding the boys head in her lap. Providing what little comfort she could as she and Koda used supply after supply to stop the bleeding. Kirishima's blood seeping through, in what seemed like seconds. Koda's massive yet extremely gentle hands stained red, as he desperately tried to save him. The labored breathing, and gasping breaths of the boy weighing on their mind. All of them feeling helpless, that they couldn't do more. Praying to every deity they could think of. for help to arrive.

Shigaraki, the severed hand man watching everything, a dull look in his face. I guess the gutter trash, couldn't be expected to defeat even Npc's could they, he thought. Watching as Kurogiri finally came too. Scratching more and more at his bloodied and scraped neck. His fingers doing more damage the anyone else had that day.

"Kurogiri, This is boring, Let's get out of here....."

Jiro, who had overheard his comments shouted. " I think, their giving up! Keep holding on!" as she was holding a side of her head. One jack bloodied and injured.

"But first, Finish things Kurogiri and don't fuck up like last time. Or i'll dust you myself." Having heard the instructions from his master the shadow figure once more rose in the air.

"Shit, Everyone heads up!" Jiro, who had heard everything, screamed. Her nerves and voice raw. "The warp gate is back!"

"Why haven't the Heros come?" Yelled Mineta. Who collapsed to the floor, the weight of things too much for him to bear. The students, ragged, raw, and simply overwhelmed just couldn't hold on. As despair filled them watching the shadow grow and grow.

Tenya, who saw the class starting to crumble under the weight. Looked around seeing the numerous injuries on his friends, He couldn't help but let out one last desperate plea for help

"ANYONE! PLEASE HELP US!" Before a booming blast came from behind them. The rubble that had once covered the entry way gone so suddenly it was as if it didn't exist. A strong powerful figure walking through the new opening.

There standing in all his glory. All Might stood, Power emanating from his body. His heroic presence causing everyone, students and villains alike to stop. As they watched him approach. Walking, his boots seeming to echo all around USJ.

Thud Thud Thud Thud .

His gaze, without a single spec of a smile. Instead furious and wrathful, his teeth bared as he walked. The villains, even Shigaraki and Kurogiri freezing and backing up at the sight. The man walked, The students backing away from the villains, as the majority started to cry. Boys and girls alike, at the relief of seeing the number one hero himself. The deeper the darkness, the brighter the light, as the despair from only seconds ago, was replaced with hope.

All Mights powerful form continued his walk, Passing the students who formed a barrier behind him. His eyes blazing with a blue fire, as a few of the villains even ran. No longer so sure that their plan was the right one. Other intimidated as they cowered at All Mights approach.

His gaze taking in the poor state his students were in, the injuries that his comrades and fellow teachers had taken. His voice loud, yet not yelling. Pure righteous anger, as he calmly stated.


Ripping off his tie, fury in him like never before as he thought about what his precious students suffered, His fellow teachers endured. muscles tensing as the mightiest man in Japan moved. The villains, feeling exactly how the students had felt. His form too fast, too powerful as they were helpless to react.

All of the villains, including Shigraki and Kurogiri were blasted back. The entire mass of villains still able to fight. Those that had recovered from either the students or Aizawa's defense. Those that were running, no longer willing to face him. All of them crushed beneath his mighty power. All of them struck, crushing jaws, and bones. Not lethal, but ensuring that they were down permanently.

The students who couldn't even process what was happening were shocked to find Aizawa, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Izuku now in their mists. The three boys obvious injured, Aizawa in critical condition as the class stood stunned. Todoroki, Bakugo, and Izuku all falling to their butts huh?. Moments ago they had been down below. Waiting as it was clear their lives would be ending, the ice having cracked showing them that the "Nomu" was still alive. They glanced around, off guard to what was happening at least until they saw All Might.

The class, forming around the new comers began their triage, Tenya and a faint looking Yayorozu doing their best. Looking after each others injuries, addressing the worse first, now that they were out of danger. Everyone pitching in, while they watched their Foundational heroics teach show them what the world was like at the top.

Shigaraki and Kurogiri had not escaped the Symbol of Peaces wrath. Both of which had both been struck with brutal blows and found themselves launched back. Shigaraki's arm shattered at barely blocking the blow aimed at his face. Kurogiri, who was only conscious due to the pure luck of All Mights blow just missing his damaged collar. The one that Bakugo's blasts had originally injured.

Landing in a heap, injured badly Shigaraki couldn't help but voice his anger.

"He said he was getting weaker! That's his powers were failing him! DID HE LIE TO ME!? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS, DOES HE HAVE SOME SORT OF CHEAT!?" Only for All Mights powerful form to appear in front of them.

"Carolina Smash!" All Might charging at the two, arms crossed in front of him as he chopped at the two remaining villains.

"NOMU!" Shigaraki shreaked. The Monstrous form appearing in front of him. Black Ice still clumped in parts around its head.

Seeing the beasts speed All Might no longer held back. The force so vicious that the fountain behind the Nomu was obliterated. Wind flowing past the creatures body hurtling back the entire lake in the ship wrecked zone and all the mud in the landslide zone.

Still though, the Nomu stood able to shrug off the powerful blow.

"HA! Nomu was designed to defeat you. He's ss powerful as you, able to absorb your attacks, regeneration too. I'd like you to meet the anti symbol of peace." Shigaraki said gleefully, his only good hand pointing at All Might in condemnation.

"As strong as me? Shock absorption? Regeneration? It doesn't matter. You've made your last mistake today villains. How dare you attack students following their dreams. Learning and doing their best to become heroes. I'll force you to prison, and I'll force you to see. I AM HERE."

True to his word, All Might proved to be all mighty. After a vicious string of blows, so much power that the few students who could watch. Were forced back as the wind buffeted the entire facility. The titans clashing, each showing unbelievable power as they traded blows. Before All Might, smashed the creature so hard, that it shock absorption could not keep up. Propelling the villain through the ceiling of the facility and rocketing through clouds behind.

"What the FUCK ARE YOU!? I HATE YOU!" Shigaraki screamed, seeming to lose all reason as he charged the victor. All Might, standing in front, still having power left the Symbol turned to meet his attack.

"Shigaraki! NO." Before the warper sucked them both up. All Might, who only had a few seconds left, tried to stop them. His hands harmlessly flying through the remnants of Kurogiris shadow. Having escaped his justice.

"NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" All Mights reply came, Smoking billowing from his body. As the other U.A. teachers arrived.

Gone as quickly as they came, the attack on U.A and the USJ ended.



Ambulances, Police, and Heroes not staffed by U.A. soon arrived on scene. Quickly rushing off students and teachers to U.A.'s personal hospital. Only fifteen minutes had gone by since the start of the attack to finish. What had felt an eternity to them had in actuality been only minutes.

Of the Twenty two people involved in fighting. There was only five that were uninjured, Ochako, Asui, Sero, Yayorozu, and Koda having formed the brunt of first aid and medical care during the situation. Their teachers praising them, Though... It had felt hollow, when all five costumes were bloodied with another's blood. They Couldn't help but feel powerless at the turn of events, resolving to never again feel that way. The five, looking at one another couldn't help but promise one another. They would do something about it.

twelve students had minor injuries, Bruises, Cuts, Scrapes. None overly serious but enough of them to warrant healing from recovery girl. All of them checked out and given a full medical examination to ensure their health and well being. All of them frustrated at not being able to do more, the surgeries weighing heavily on their mind. A red haired, manly young man, their classmate most of all, as he and their teachers battled for their lives.

Two students had serious injuries, Both having to be addressed by more than just Recovery girl. Bakugo's tendons having snapped needed surgery, While Midoryia's cracked and broken ribs needed to be examined and X-rayed. Though both were expected to make a full recovery.

One student and two teachers were in critical condition. Thirteens back had been shredded, Needing plastic surgery, Skin graphs, Blood, and most likely physio therapy once her injuries were healed. Doctors working tirelessly to give her a good quality of life despite the fact that she would be permanently scared and altered.

Aizawa had a destroyed right elbow, broken left leg, Broken left arm, a fractured skull, a fractured eye socket, and ruptured retina. It was a miracle that man was still breathing let alone alive. All his injuries including the skull were healable, and thanks to Recovery girls intervention. Should leave no lasting damage. His eye socket and eye, and elbow had been the worst by far. Needing surgery to reconstruct his face, eye and elbow. The doctors were confident that he wouldn't lose any bodily functions. However, there was a possibility of damage to his quirk. That was the major unknown, quirks could have a wide variety of reactions to injuries. Doing the best they could, promising that they would work tirelessly to heal him the doctors worked on the battered teacher.

Kirishima, thankfully while serious due to the size and location of the injuries, would come out the best of all three. His stomach would receive a permanent scar, the doctors having to repair some damage to his stomach. His arms were badly broken, and he like Izuku had a few cracked ribs. Though thanks to his reinforcement and hardening the breaks were minor, hairline in nature. Which thankfully, besides the stomach area Recovery girl would be able to heal him fully on quirk alone.

Of the villains, None were killed. Though many needed medical treatment. Burns, Breaks, Cuts, Concussions to name a few of the injuries. All of which would receive care in prison. Being charged with twenty two counts of attempted murder. Assault, Illegal quirk use, Trespassing. One hundred and ten villains all in all, escorted in chains and hand cuffed by police. All of them going to jail for a long time.



Nezu, who was in his office after an extremely long day could help but sigh at their failure. Already plans in place as he knew they would need to completely overhaul their security systems. A warp quirk, could not have been expected, Yet they had let their precious students be injured and targeted. Something that Nezu took personally, Reaching over to four envelops and grabbing them. It was time for U.A. to change, and he already knew what the next step would be.

There in his hands, were four folders. All of them clearly labeled "Student Teacher Candidates." With four names listed on them. Nejire Hado, Rumi Usagiyama, Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki. U.A.'s Big four, the very best and brightest the school had to offer. Amazing heroes, all of them sure to rank high after their graduation. Who better to train the next generation of U.A.? Able to understand the first year class through their very own experiences. All having Hero licenses, and of course there were benefits to them. Being able to work with various different students. Learning various life skills, Leadership, training, mentorship and development, all extremely important for heroes.

Sipping his tea, Nezu had decided it was time for U.A. to get to work.

Chapter Text

To say that Inko Midoriya was a bit of a mess was an understatement. Inko, having gotten a terrible phone call from Principle Nezu of all people. informing her, that her precious and poor baby had been injured in an attack. It had been terrifying for the single mother. Rushing from her office work, Inko took off in a terror. Racing through traffic as her mind went a mile a minute. It didn't take long for Inko to reach U.A. hospital. Skidding to an almost dangerous degree at having reached her destination the green haired mother jumped out her car. Barely having put it into park as she scrambled through the man doors.

Only to blink at the sight. It was chaos! Before Inko was a sea of people. The reception area crowded with groups of people. It seemed she was far from the only parent to be terrified. Various groups yelling, demanding to see their son's and daughters. Others parents holding onto one another as they looked pensive, scared, and frowned when told they would need to wait. Inko, shaking her head at getting distracted. Rushed to the front desk only to soon overhear the yelling from two the loudest parents.

Blonde haired, in a similar fashion to her infamous son. Mitsuki, with was screaming an unholy racket.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T SEE MY SON!? THAT HE'S IN SURGERY!? I DEMAND TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON!" She roared towards a frantic and apologetic hospital worker, while her clam and quiet husband Masaru tried to reign her in.

Honestly, Inko should of expected her friend to act this way. While Katsuki and Izuku had grown distant over the years. Inko and Mitsuki had retained a good relationship, becoming close friends. It wasn't really much of a surprise that Bakugo had taken after her. Both having a fiery dispositions, though Mitsuki's could at least be tempered. Something that Bakugo had yet to learn. But what Inko hadn't really expected though was another couple at the opposite end of the desk being almost as loud. Wait, was that...a microphone!?

"LISTEN! WAS MY TOTALLY ROCKIN DAUGHTER WAS INJURED? LET ME SEE HER!" The man, a long haired blonde said. Holding a Microphone up to his face, looking down in anger at a frazzles hospital employee. Clearly not expecting to be shouted at with a honest to god microphone. While his wife seemed to be standing behind him, stylish glasses on her disappointed and worried face. Both well dressed yet both equally as concerned about their child.

Not knowing what to do, crying slightly as Inko regularly did. She looked to see if there was any one else she could talk too. When they were all interrupted by a new group entering the reception area. Coming from inside the hospital itself the four stood out like sore thumbs. Heroic costumes fully on, the teachers of U.A. had arrived. Even Mitsuki and the microphoned man became quiet as they saw the new comers.

Nezu, Perched on the shoulders of a red suited large muscled man. Fangs, white hair and heroics costume on full display. With two others flanking on either side. The R rated heroine, risque costume catching the wandering eyes of a few husbands. Present Mic she of course recognized, Izuku almost listening or watching his show daily.

"Everyone Attention Please! I have a few things that need to be said." Nezu's commanding tone, causing the frantic and worried parents to crowd around him. Surprisingly the parents were quiet as the group waited for news on their childern.

"First off, I want to say that Miss Jiro, Miss Hagakure, Miss Yaoyorozu, Miss Asui, Miss Uraraka, Miss Ashido, Mister Aoyama, Mister Ida, Mister Ojiro, Mister Kaminari, Mister Koda, Mister Sato, MIster Shoji, Mister Sero, Mister Tokoyami, MIster Todoroki, and finally Mister Mineta, are all uninjured and will be released into your care shortly." Relived gasps and hugging parents celebrated the news. Fear, replaced with a desire to see their childern. Yet happiness at hearing that they were safe and unhurt.

Inko, while happy for them couldn't help but feel dread. Her Izu wasn't on the list.... Did that mean...

"Midnight will lead your to your childern in a moment. Mister Midoriya, Mister Bakugo and Mister Kirishima all received more serious injuries." Nezu finished as the parents who had be celebrating drew quiet. Understanding that their worse fears could now be faced by fellow parents. As they waited for the diminutive principle to continue. Mitsuki, who had seen Inko once the staff at U.A. had approached, was now standing besides the crying woman. Her hand slipping into Inkos as her and Masaru waited with their friend. Worry growing about their boys.

"We believe them to make full recoveries, Though surgery was needed for two of them. They are currently being treated by Recovery girl and being checked over to ensure no lasting or permanent damage." Inko who was still processing that her baby seemed safe was even more frantic to see him. To confirm with her own eyes that her boy was alive and hopefully well. glancing off to the side she could see the glare and frown on her friend Mistuku. Obvious to her that she felt similar to her, as Marasu let out a relived breath.

"Present Mic will lead you to the three boys. Everyone! there are no words for me to express besides to say. I'm Sorry!" Nezu who was perched on Vlad kings shoulder said. Then bowing low to the assembled group. Midnight, Mic, and Vlad (though his was less so, to ensure Nezu remained perched) mimicked the Principle. To the silent crowed, not expecting professional heroes to admit their own failures.

"We failed to keep your childern safe. Rest assured that they have been given the very best of care. We will be reviewing and implementing new policies, and safety practices to ensure that something of this magnitude never happens again. We will be sending you all home with information should you need any additional help, care, counseling, or advice on the situation. The students experienced something traumatic, so with the information being sent home. There will also be a form that we would ask you to sign and fill out. Hound Dog our Counselor will be requesting, with your approval of course, one on one sessions to help your childern process and deal with the things they experienced. We are not taking this lightly and will ensure to be better in the future. Again, we apologize and we won't keep you any longer. As I'm sure, that you would all like to see your childern."

Inko didn't know how she felt about the situation. Based on a few of the parents quietly murmuring to themselves, it was obvious that she was not the only one to feel that way. Regardless as Midnight left with the majority, she Mituski, Masaru, and a couple that Inko hadn't noticed before were addressed by Present Mic.

"Miss Midoriya? Miss and Mister Bakugo? Miss and Mister Kirishima? If you all want to follow me." And so the voice hero led the worried parents too see their boys....



Izuku flopped into his bed exhausted. After the X-rays had come back, and seeing that two ribs had broken completely. the boy had been rushed off to be healed by Recovery girl. Thankfully, only medical heroes quirk had been needed. Draining his stamina and energy completely Izuku's quirk faded out once more. His body at the peak of being exhausted, no longer passively able to maintain it.

Still as Izuku tried to sleep his mind kept wondering back to the conversations he had just moments before. Oh sure, Nezu coming into his room after his surgery was a major shock. Even more so when the illustrious Principle bowed to him. Expressing his regret at U.A. Failure to save him, then telling him how proud he was that the students had rallied together. Informing them, that plans were in the work to better help ensure their safety. That U.A. would be re-evaluating their policies to ensure nothing of this magnitude happened again.

Unable to say anything back Izuku was silent as he processed his words. Then eyes widening as he remembered the state that his classmates and teachers had been almost freaked out in asking on their condition. They were going to be ok! Well, Thirteen and Aizawa had some serious and complicated injuries. Which had saddened the young boy of course, But he couldn't help be thankful that Kirishima was going to be ok. He hadn't gotten much of a chance to spend a lot of time with the "manly" boy. Something he hopped would change in the future. Not to mention that besides for Bakugo's successful surgery and Kirishima's full recovery. None of the other students had been seriously injured.

A miracle, all things considered. There had been over one hundred villains that had attacked, a staggering and terrifying amount. Something Izuku wasn't convinced he had really processed.

No, what was still on his mind, was everything that had happened once a frantic Inko had burst into his room.

"Izuku! My baby! Are you ok!?" The woman said, as she ran up to his bedside. Tears flowing in her eyes, staring at his wrapped and bandaged ribs.

"M-mom?" Izuku who hadn't expected any more visitors after Nezu had left, stammered.

"Honey, they said you broke at least two ribs and that you needed X-rays! how are you feeling?"

"I'm ok mom, I'm sorry to have worried you. Mostly I'm just tired, Recovery girls healing has taken a lot out of me." Which was true, his signature glowing absent from the boy. Drained from the days events and healing after words. Adrenaline long gone and out of his system.

"You must of been so scared! What happened Izuku? Please tell me everything." His mother said. For his part Izuku hesitated. He never really lied to his mother, yet.... Could she handle this? Staring at her puffy face, eyes red as tears leaked down them. No, she deserves to know, maybe not every single thing, Like him throwing himself at the monster in order to protect his classmates. But it was only fair for him to tell her the truth, to understand what they had faced. Taking a deep breath the boy spoke.

"O-ok mom, you see it's like this..." So he told her, leaving precious few things out. His worries over All Might's heroics in the morning. His absence due to the time limit being reached. The league of villains, looking for All Might. The warp gate, them trying to kill the students in order to hurt All Might reputation. Their defense and struggle verse the villains. All might's appearance and rescue. Every last harrowing and worrying part of it.

Silence reigned as the worried mother clung to her boy. Crying as he finished his terrible story, before braking the embrace. Keeping Izuku at an arms length Inko spoke, gazing directly into his eyes.

"You were so brave, Izu, I know how much U.A. means to you. I know that you want to be a hero so bad it hurts. I won't ask you to leave U.A. cause that would crush you. So instead, please talk to me if you ever feel unsafe. Please tell me if you want to leave or it gets to much. I will always be there for you my baby boy, And above all else I am proud of you." Inko said, while she had cried and moved frantically during the re telling. A hardened steel had entered her voice while she spoke. Much like the day that All Might begged for her permission to train him. She had shown a brave face and accepted Izuku's reality.

Being a hero meant danger, Meant that there was going to be villains. Neither of them ever expected it to happen so soon, still having the support of his mother he couldn't help but cry as well. Both Midoryia's embracing as they flooded the room. Emotion thick on his voice as he responded.

"I love you mom."

"I love you too Izu."

"Ahem.." Jumping at the sudden noise, both breaking apart to figure out where the noise had come from.


"A-All Might!?"

"Ah, sorry I didn't want to interrupt. I just wanted to see how you were feeling my boy?" Toshinori said, no longer in his bulked form.

"Before that, Toshi I need to do something." Inko said, interrupting Izuku who was about to respond. As she approached the shrunken downed form of the symbol of peace.

For his part, Toshinori was worried. Of course for the boy, as he had never wanted his successor to face such a trial so soon. But mostly because of Inko, they had really grown close over the young boys training. Often times chatting for hours, learning about one another, caring for one another. Nothing inappropriate had ever happened. Though he would be lying if he said those feelings didn't exist.

So it filled him with sadness to think that because of him, he had caused both of them such difficulty. If he had taken his teaching duties more seriously...He should of been there. Trembling slightly, Toshinori watched as Inko approached closer and closer. Until he was shocked to feel her arms go around him. Hugging him tightly and embracing him in a gentle but firm hug.

"Thank you Toshi. For saving my boy. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you."

"B-but, But! He was in danger because of me. If I wasn't teaching at U.A. If I wasn't absent then....." Toshinori said, stunned by the warm and caring contact.

"A-All Might! that's not true, You saved us! Sides, you were saving people in the morning. How would you have known!" Izuku said to his defense. It hurt his heart a little at seeing his mentor distraught and worried that he might of failed him.

"What Izuku said is true. With out you, I might of lost my baby. Everything else doesn't matter. I'm just so glad you were there." Inko said, burrowing her face into Toshinori's chest.

"I-I, Thank you." His arms holding Inko in return. Lost in the comfort of the embrace, Toshinori and Inko held one another. Silence fell once more in the small hospital room as Izuku watched them, a happy and content smile on his face. Oh sure, he was absolutely hopeless with romance and feelings in general. Yet even he could tell that both of them had grown to care for one another. After all, the amount of time All Might was at his house was proof enough. It's not like it was common for your coach or mentor to have dinner with your mother four to five times a week. Still he was happy, He already looked up and thought the world of his mentor. If he also brought happiness to his mother? Well he wouldn't complain. Especially since he had never seen Inko so happy before. Ever since his father had abandoned him Inko had never once dated, not in all of Izuku's young life. He had always wondered if Hisashi had hurt her more than she had told him. Hopefully maybe she was finally ready? His mother deserved to be happy and to find someone. He couldn't of wished for a better person then All Might, it was like a childish dream coming true. Being giddy at the possibility he continued to watch them fondly.

It didn't take much longer for them to break apart, both a little red in the face at having such a intimate embrace. Before All Might approached Izuku's hospital bed. Hand ruffling his hair, as he looked down at the green haired boy. The teachers had poured over the footage in the USJ. Thankfully still intact, as the villains had only prevented outside communication from happening. What they had seen was a group of students putting in all on the line. Being very much the heroes that U.A. had hoped they would be. All Might was amazed and proud of them all, he wasn't the only one too. Judging from the reactions of the other faculty members. Sure they had much more to address, already planning to have an indepth meeting tomorrow morning. Still the Symbol couldn't of been more proud.

"Izuku, I know that your still processing things. Your bound to have many emotions over such an event. Though you had experience in confronting villains before, I know I don't have to tell you that this paled compared to the sludge incident." Nodding at Toshinori's words, Izuku waited from him to continue.

"You students fought and risked your lives. Have there ever been any first-years who experienced a real fight so soon? Surviving and learning the fear of the adult world?" Puffing up into his bulky form, his proud expression as he looked at his young protégé.

"The villains did something stupid! You, and your class is strong. You all will become amazing heroes. I am certain of that! Izuku! In my mind, you have long since proven yourself. Yet still I am surprised time and time again. That I could of never have chosen better, never would I in my wildest dreams. Would I of expected to of been able to choose someone as amazing as you. I know today was a terrible experience, and yet. I can confidently say that you and your class will become the future. In my eyes my boy you and your class are already heroes!" Overcome again by the faith and glowing words of his mentor. Izuku's quirk returning and flaring brightly at the praise from his hero. The boy cried and cried, feeling his mentor, then his mother as they wrapped arms around their boy. He was content, feeling whole and happiness at everything. He was going to be ok.

Blushing slightly at the memory, Izuku rolled over. They had returned home only moments ago. Toshinori joining them as he wanted to be close in case Izuku needed him. Though the boy had quickly excused himself to his room. Hoping to give the two some privacy, and a gentle nudge. Not to mention exhaustion hitting him hard. Yet the boy, try as he might, still he couldn't sleep. While T-Toshinori's, he really didn't know if he could ever get over calling him All Might, words had filled him with pride and removed a lot of his doubts. He was worried about his friends and classmates, School had been temporarily closed for week, and would return the following Monday. So it would be four days before Izuku would be able to talk to his classmates, to see if they would be ok.

With nothing better to do the boy ended up pulling up his phone, scrolling through various social media apps. Of course media outlets were already releasing the news, much to the general outcry. U.A. was facing criticism from numerous sources something that didn't sit well with the boy. Trending hash tags of #cancelUA, #savethestudents, #reformUA spreading wildly at the news. Though, it was fair to say there was also some positive reactions as well. Many heroes on the Heroic network praising the students for facing overwhelming odds and coming out on top. Even some hashtags that had caused Izuku to blush scarlet at the praise. #Class1-Amorelikeclassvillaincrushers. Or #1Aistherealdeal, or #1AforsymbolofBAMF saying how amazing that the class of first years must be, to face such a insane threat. It was pretty crazy for them to being all over the news, sure it was bound to happen as heroic students. Especially with things like the sports festival coming up. It was just so soon....

Sighing to himself Izuku rolled over. Then glanced at his glowing hand as he rested. What a crazy situation....everything that had happened at the USJ. Not to mention the Monster had been something else. Shuddering at the thought of its hulking and exposed brain form. He had felt that he had done everything in his power to stop the behemoth. Still it hadn't be enough, if it wasn't for All Might..... he worried at what the outcome could of been. He needed to get stronger. Clenching his fist, he needed to try and figure out his quirk. If only he knew what caused it to be powered up. His mind wandering as he thought of his quirk. Trying to work through the mechanics of it all Izuku soon drifted off to sleep. His exhaustion catching up to him finally as the boy lost consciousness.


Izuku's four days were spent mostly in relaxation, still keeping up with his regular routine. Morning run and exercise, different various activities, Though he had been surprised to see not, only his mother, But Toshinori joining him as well. Afterwards they spent their time buy doing regular family things, grabbing ice-cream, having dinner, watching movies together. It was something new that Izuku could get use too. Though neither of them said they were together. Izuku hoped that it would change soon, still he was glad when Monday rolled along.

Arriving at U.A. standing in front of the doors of class 1-A, taking a deep breath he entered.


"MIdoriya!" The class cheered as he entered. Ochako, Tenya rushing over to him, while the rest to the class looked towards him fondly.

"H-hey guys. I'm glad to see you all here and okay."

"Izuku! man that was unreal last week... it was a lot, but I'm really happy to see your alright. They took you, Bakugo and Kirishima away so none of us got a chance to see you. We were all really worried." Ochako explained as the class took on a more somber tone.

"Yes, I agree with Ochako. Your bravery in removing that monster hasn't gone unnoticed by us. Again it seems I'm inspired by you. Truly a model hero." Tenya said, while bowing to Izuku.

"Yay for Midori!" Ashido cheered, glancing at her, Izuku was happy to see her cheerful nature return. Her distraught and angry appearance at USJ wasn't something that Izuku wanted to see again. Hopefully she had managed to put it behind her.

"Yeah dude! You kicked some ass! You, Todoroki and Bakugo, attacking that monster like that!. We couldn't see what was happening, well besides Todoroki's insane icebergs. Still, I'm glad that thing didn't turn you into mince meat!" Kamanari said, only for Jiro to quickly shove a jack into his ear.

"Dude, not cool, he might not want to talk about it." The purplette said.

"Oh, no it's fine Jiro. I've come to terms with things. Mostly I'm just glad everyone made it out ok." Izuku replied, rubbing the back of his head, A little red faced by being the center of attention.

"It is good to see you Midoriya, we were worried about you." Yayorozu replied calmly.

Of course, things calmed down, only immediately to repeat as Bakugo entered. Izuku one of the first to say.

"Bakugo! how are you? how are your hands?"

"Bakugo! man are you doing ok?" Sato asked from the back of the room. Only for the class to go a little quiet when Bakugo raised his hands.

"Tsk, Look, All that happened is we kicked some ass. I don't want any of you guys babying me or worrying about me got it!? Or Kill ya! You here me!?" Bakugo yelled, stomping and storming over to his seat only sit down. Arms cross in obvious agitation.

"Well... If Bakugo is acting his as his regular self. Then he's most likely fine." Asui said into the silence, finger on her chin as she spoke.

"Yeah......" The class answered, all of them hadn't been sure what to expect with the feisty blonde. Though in hindsight this wasn't unexpected, Bakugo was Bakugo after all.

Still nothing compared to Kirishima's entrance. Everyone but Bakugo rushing out of their seats when he was the last to enter. Most of all the five that had looked after his while injured.



"Are you ok? When they said you were going to fine I so relieved." Sero said

"Dude, I was so worried I didn't even hit on the nurses when they checked me out." Mineta added his pervy comments ignored by the class as they crowded in.

"Hey guys, I'm totally and one hundred percent ok!" He said, raising his hardened arm up slightly, thumbs up as he gestured to the class.

"I just wanted to say how manly all of you were, and thanks to you five. I uh, remember most everything that happened though there are a few blurry spots. T-thanks for looking after me." Kirishima, who now bowed towards Koda, Asui, Ochako, Sero and Yayorozu.


"No it's us who wanted to apologize to you! We felt like we couldn't do anything!" Ochako, who was becoming emotional just thinking about it said.

Koda for his part was just frantically trying to covey the same thing behind him. Quiet as usual, as the boy tried to get Kirishima to stop bowing.

"Yeah dude... Like of course, we would of helped anyone, but especially after you saved someone. We just all kinda wished we could of done more." Sero replied, his face in a frown as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his head.

Izuku glancing quickly to see what Bakugo would say about the comment on being rescued. Only to be surprised that he was simply looking down, not even a peep from the normally confrontational boy.

"Let's just be thankful that everyone is ok. Though, I'm worried about Mr. Aizawa. We weren't really able to assess his injuries and they were pretty severe." Yaoyorozu said, trying to change the subject. Internally she was criticizing herself at not being able to create more helpful items. She had spent the majority of the time away looking up the composition of various different medical supplies. Yet she still felt hallow, feeling as if she had failed in helping the young man in front of her.

The class, becoming more lively at the change of conversation broke out into excited conversation.

"Does anyone know who's going to teach homeroom room now that Aizawa's getting treatment?" Tokoyami asked.

"Who ever they find I'm sure they will be sparkling! très bien!" Ayoami said, while making exaggerated motions.

Of course, when the door slid open, the students all turned shocked at seeing none of then Aizawa himself. Though in a motorized wheel chair, and covered completely head to toe in bandages. One arm in a brace, half his face and eye completely covered.

"Morning.' The man drawled before taking his place at the front.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? AIZAWA SIR! YOUR BACK WAY TOO SOON!" The class shouted at the turn of events.

"Is this what it means to be a pro?" Ojiro asked

"Sir, your injuries were severe. Should you be back so soon?" Shoji asked, normally quiet in the class room as well. Yet even he had to say something at the mummified teacher.

"Teacher! Are you alright then!?" Tenya, his hand raised despite the chaos going around.

"Ida! does he look alright?" Hagakure said, as the class whispered in agreement.

"My well being doesn't matter. Also return to your seats, class is starting." The students who had all been standing around Kirishima raced to comply. Man U.A. was crazy! more than one thought.

"More importantly, We have another fight ahead of us...." Aizawa said ominously.

"Is it the Villians again!?" Mineta wailed, chewing on his nails and shaking in fear.

"Fight!?" Bakugo yelled. Roaring to go.

Izuku though, thought he had a pretty good idea. He was curious of course if the state of things would of changed anything. As he waited to see if his suspicions were true.

"The U.A. sports festival is drawing near."

"Is it okay to have a sports festival so soon after the villains attacked?" Jiro asked.

"What if there is another attack? They have a warp gate afterall..." A concerned Ojiro stated, as the class drew silent once more. Some still shaken from the events of the previous week.

"I won't lie to you all, We seriously considered cancelling the event itself. Yet Apparently members of the board, and the hero commission think of it as U.A. showing that our crisis management system is now solid and refined. That we've improved on everything that has happened. Though, Nezu demanded that security be strengthened to five times of the previous years." Aizawa stated to the class as they took in the new information.

"The reality is, our festival is a huge chance for you heroics students. It's not an event that can be cancelled, even by an attack from villains. Top heroes from around the county will be watching. Scouting and investigating you students. Of course, joining a famous hero agency will get you more experience and popularity. Time is limited. If you expect to go pro, then the path to your future will open up at this event. This is a once a year opportunity, and you all will only have three chances in your time here. No aspiring hero can afford to miss the event. If you understand that, then don't slack off and I expect you take to these next two weeks seriously."

The class, taking all the information in, couldn't help but nod their heads in agreement. All of them vowing to take things as seriously as they could. Hoping to improve and be better then they were at the USJ....


Changing into their heroics costumes, the entire class, no longer using the privacy curtains. When you had faced death with one another, silly things like getting embarrassed over quickly changing seemed like a distant memory.

The students were quickly lead out to Gym Gama. All Might of course was there waiting for them, and surprisingly enough so was Aizawa. His wheel chair stationary besides the number one hero. Two other figures were besides them. Women, not much older then them, if at all, both in hero costumes as the class approached.

"My students! I am glad to see you all well and looking much better!" All Might boomed.

"Yes sir!" The class responded. having seeing the symbol him self in action, while the class had respected and idolized him before. They had found it increased almost two fold, when they had watched him up close and personal. The world at the top was a very different thing.

"So class, We have some new things to-"

"Hey, Hey, is this class 1-A. Wow you guys look so cool! and to think that you beat up one hundred and ten villain's that's so cool!" What was it like? What did you see? Were you scared? Did you have interesting quirks? Woah are you invisible? Nice tail, can you do anything special with it? Are those engines in your legs? Hey I kinda have horns like you!" A beautiful long haired girl said. Her hero costume a wash of pastel blues and greens matching her hair, which unusually had two floating "horns" for lack of a better description. Large gauntlet like fixtures attached to each arm just before her fist. The girl Interrupting their teacher as she floated on golden plumes of energy. Bouncing around the class in excitement, and floating from one student to another firing off random questions.

"Hado, please. Let All Might get to your introduction...." Aizawa sighed, he knew that this might be an issue. When had seen the assignments he had hoped to get Mirio Togata and Tamaki and Amajiki. He had seen that they had gotten the ever eccentric and curious Hado he had begged and begged Nezu to resign. Only the principle to cackle madly at the turn of events.

"Yes sir! You really have a lot of bandages, are you ok? Are your legs broken is that why you're in a wheel chair? Why is only half your face covered? What...." Groaning to himself. He was going to kill the rat when he finished healing.

"Yo Nejire! You're doing it again. Shut it alright?" The other woman said, tanned and dark skin. White elongated airs floating almost a foot above her head. Strong muscled arms bare, while her chest was covered in white clothing. Blue accents on her legs that were bare from the thigh. Blue stockings that went just over the knee ending in powerful strong looking... Rabbit feet? White hair cascading down her back, but no where near as long as "Hados".

Before walking over and throwing an arm around the excited girls shoulders and reigning her in. Even though her words had been harsh, the tone was said in almost fond way. As the muscled dark skinned woman led Hado back to All Mights side and away from the previously bombarded Aizawa.

"okay...." with a slight pout, the blue hair girl said before she turned silent.

"Ahem..." The class a little stunned at the conduct of the girl now turned towards All Might. As he cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Now my young Heroes, the next weeks for foundational heroics will be to help you prepare for the spots festival. Aizawa and I, will be having assistance Young Rumi Usagiyama, and Young
Nejire Hado here. They will be your newly assigned Student Teachers. Both have been extremely accomplished in their time here at U.A. and during their internships. They will be helping to provide guidance as well additional security."
All Might said, pointing at the two woman.

"Usagiyama, and Hado are part of U.A.'s Big four, Third year students that we believe are the closest to becoming top ten heroes. That includes pro's."Aizawa said, much to the excited clapping of Hado. Usagiyama for her part just had a confident grin on her face as she stared down the group of first years.

"Wow..." Uraraka said stunned at the proclamation.

"Totally Manly!" Kirishima stated

Meanwhile both Todoroki and Bakugo stared at the two new comers. Bakugo for his part was, glaring. So rabbit ears and Ditzy fairy were something special? Tsk.. He could just have to show them what he was made of. Todoroki was simply staring, these two could stand on the same stage as "him"? Shaking his head, it didn't matter, he would prove himself regardless of what that man thought.

The rest of the class humming with excitement at the turn of events. Before All Mights statement silenced them once more.

"After discussing it between us, Aizawa and I believe that a sparing match in is order. To better help Usagiyama and Hado understand where you are in your development."

"Hmmm, it will be good to see us fighting one on one with clearly more experienced students." Yaoyorozu said, nodding her head in understanding. Only for Aizawa's next sentence to cause her to splutter at his proclamation.

"No, Yaoyorozu. You've misunderstood, this will not be one on one sparing but instead. We shall have all of you fighting Hado and Usagiyama together."

"W-what!? There's no way, there is twenty of us!" Ashido said much to the out roar of the class.

"Actually Aizawa sir, Rumi wants to fight them alone! You know how she's totally so strong, Plus we totally don't want to crush them too badly! Both her and I would be too much together!" Hado cheerily said, ignoring the stunned looks on her juniors faces.

"Very well Students, prepare yourself as you have two minutes before we begin." Aizawa continued, As the students just stared at him. All four of the "teachers" leaving to enter Gym Gama. While class 1-A struggled to process things.

"T-they can't be serious are they?" Mineta whimpered, oh sure the two chicks had been some serious eye candy. Yet he could tell just by look at Usagiyama that she would kill him instantly if he tried anything.

"Everyone! As silly as this sounds we must take this seriously! Come let us enter and prepare." Tenya said, as the class decided on a loose game plan. Having their front line fights charge while the ranged group looked to exploit any weaknesses.

Izuku for his part was extremely curious what the quirks of their new comers were. Muttering to himself as they entered the gym. Inside was a large hanger like concept, Smooth concrete the only thing visible in the building as it stretched for many many feet. It's large space providing tons of room work.

Midoryia lost in his mumbling barely took in any of the building as the class readied themselves to fight.

"She must have some sort of mutation quirk, with her ears, and strong legs. I think I also saw a tail...." He said blushing, not that he was starting at her butt or anything! The white fluffy bob had simply caught his attention.

"We can probably assume with the muscles on her body that she'ss some sort of fighter. Unlikely to be an emitter, Maybe fast? Her legs looked to be significantly powerful. And her feet had that rabbit mutation with iron soles. Probably extremely fast and durable too, best to be on the look out for her counter attacks. This many students she might simply wait to see who came at her first. Probably to figure out our quirks and what we can do..." His muttering growing in excitement as he continued to ponder, before the bubbly excited voice that had bugged Aizawa only moments before surprised him.

"Wow! You almost talk as fast as I do! Is that your quirk? are you some sort of analyst? Why do you glow? it's really pretty! I like the green, I though my yellow is pretty cool too. Do you have any thoughts on me? Oh fun! I wanna hear you thoughts on me next!" Hado, who couldn't contain her curiosity approached the students before overhearing the large boys muttering. Drawn in by both that and his glowing she was hovered over to listen in.

"U-Um, Oh um Miss H-Hado..." Izuku sputtered unsure of where to answer first at the barrage of questions and completely caught off guard at his seniors interest.

"START!" All Mights resounding boom echoing across the room. Izuku who was still sputtering at the beautiful girls questions could only jump in shock.

"Dang! well good luck Mister Green!" Hado said before flying off to join the teachers side.

Izuku shaking his head and turning towards his class. Sucked in a startled breath at what he saw. Expecting Miss Usagiyama to calmly wait for the class to attack she instead blitzed forward.

Her powerful from, with more grace then any Izuku had ever seen before, launching her self towards the first group of class 1-A. Tenya, who with his fast speed the first to reach the older students charge, his leg rocketing out in a arching blow. Before, Usagiyama cartwheeled and flipped of the racing boy. Every bit his equal in speed, her summersaulting form taking her up and over the student and his vicious kick. Landing soflty behind him she counter attacked so fast, that Izuku barely registered what happened. Her long, powerful legs like lightning as they smashed into the armored boys form. Brutally rag dolling him into a heap, Tenya stunned and unable to recover from the blow, a crumpled mess on the floor.

Of course, the girl hadn't stopped moving at the attack, using her own momentum of the blow and turning in a complete three-sixty catching Ojiro who had tried to use an opening to attack. Another resounding crash smashing into the tailed boy. Blowing the air out of him as he crumbled to his knees. Slumping down, still and not moving. W-what!? Izuku thought, in less then two seconds already two of their number was down.

Grinning in an over confident smirk the Rabbit eared girl moved once more. Dodging as a resounding explosion engulfed the area she was only moments before, Bobbing left then right she leaped over Kirishima, Sato, and Shoji as they had looked to attack after the girls vicious moves. Their own blows hitting nothing but air as the girl seemed to flow with grace and power effortlessly dodging the first year students.

Flying through the air, the girl twisted, her body going flat and spinning as she elegantly landed in between a large group of class 1-A. jumping onto her hands, her powerful legs splitting in the air as the girl inverted herself. Spinning herself the girl rotated her legs lashing out in a complete circle, while her strong arms managed to hold her bodies weight with ease. Both feet crashing into Ashido, and Ayoama before either could react. Causing them to fly away in an almost comical fashion. Ayoama armored form smashing into a whimpering Mineta who hadn't had time to react. Taking out both boys as they tumbled into a heap together. Ashido gasping in pain before spinning off onto the hard floor. No longer moving.

In an almost brake dance like movement and continuing to use her momentum the girl righted her self. Ears lightly twitching before her fist jutted out in a vicious blow. A meaty sounding impact as he first stopped mid air. Nothing at the end of her blow, but obviously coming into contact with something or someone. Poor Hagakure, not expecting the power house to have such fine senses. knocked senseless as she tried a counter attack, invisible form all but useless as Rumi's ears picked up her movement.

Todoroki for his part angrily snarled in frustration, his classmates were in the way! preventing him from launching an attack without catching friendlies in the cross fire. Electing to move backwards to reposition, as the girl hopped and skipped moving shockingly fast into both Kaminari and Jiro. Shoulder checking them both as her fists lashed out in crushing blows dropping both with barely any difficulty. Neither able to unleash their quirk, Kaminari's lightning flashing briefly before flickering out. Jiro unable to connect her jacks to her boots in time, both students stopped before they had even began.

When, as if almost sensing Todoroki's plan the girl appeared before him. Unable to perceive the speed of the woman, The boy reacted violently. Slaming his boot down ice rushing outwards hoping desperately he wouldn't be too late. Only for her to smash through the fast forming ice with ease. Her long leg arching into his stomach and propelling the ice boy with explosive force launching him feet away. Crushing his defenses and slapping away his hand as the boy desperately tried to counter attack with his touch, as he was sent flying backwards, defeated.

"DIE HOPALONG" Bakugo roared, his rocketing form appearing on her side as he unleashed a powerful explosion. Only for Usagiyama to duck down, the fire singeing the tip of her ears as she mostly avoided the blow. Then Flipping backwards her iron booted soles crushing into Bakugo's body as she grace form tumbled backwards. Controlled in her motion as she completed the flip, not a single wasted movement. Before disappearing into the smoke and Bakugo falling unconscious, the girl having defeated the feisty blond with ease. The boys body flying upwards and falling bonelessly onto the ground.

In less then thirty seconds she had dismantled nearly half the class. Izuku not wanting to let her get away with things so easily surged forward himself. Yet not fast enough, as Tokoyami's dark shadow chased the rabbit into the smoke. Hoping to use the added darkness as a boost the raven boy was caught of guard when his shadow was battered outwards. The force so vicious it dragged him off balance before Rumi's form darted at him. With a Pop pop, each of her fists cracking into the boys stomach then face in a boxers like attack. The boy unable to handle such close combat tanked each blow, zero defense, berfore simply falling limp.

"We need to stop her movements! She's too fast." Yaoyorozu yelled, While Izuku finally reached her. He had launched off with power and speed, though no where near his maximum as he was terrified to still use his power on fellow students. Easily becoming his downfall as the speed of his blow was reduced. Darting under the first, Usagiyam bobbed once more, before cracking into Izuku's stomach with some serious force. Easily breaking past his barrier and winding him. Though not nearly enough to take him out of the fight. Grunting at the blow Izuku, tried to counter attack her lithe form.

Never in a million years would he of expected her next attack. Grabbing his arm as it jutted out at her, Usagiyama using it as a spring board of sorts. Her powerful legs letting the girl front flip over the boys arm. Her arms braced on his arm as her powerful legs and thighs wrapped around Izuku's head. If Izuku hadn't been about to get his ass kicked, he would of felt unbelievably silky smooth skin. A warmth and softness even with the firm and powerful muscles that the girl had. His face was all but buried into the girls core, something Izuku never though to experience as he felt the heat emanating from the powerful and strong woman. Only for a miniscule second to pass as tremendous force seemed to yank the boy. Usagiyama had continued her motion and Izuku was launched off his feet as the girl heaved with her full body. Him falling backwards and her flipping the helpless boy with vicious power. Crashing in the unforgiving cement floor, and cracking the ground in his tumble. Stunned as Izuku tried to process what exactly just happened. Did she use her momentum and body to full body throw him with her thighs? Unreal..... as he struggled to gain his breath back.

Blinding flash bombs lit up the area, and caught Rumi by surprise for the first time. Cursing to herself as she was blinded, the girl didn't stay still. Her ears catching movement as Ochako charged at her side, hoping to grip her fingers around the the fast senior. Yet it wasn't enough, having no fighting skills Ochako was blitzed when the rabbit eared girl dodged her grab.

"H-Huh!?" Ochako gasped, as a powerful blow slammed into her stomach. Causing the girl to lose consciousness instantly.

Yaoyorozu who had hoped to slow their opponent down by blinding her, couldn't believe what she was seeing. Ochako had just been crumpled as she formed a heavy steel net. It was taking too long as she desperate tried to finish creating it in time. Hoping that Sato's and Shoji's forms, who where now flanking the girl as her eyes remained closed. The flash had worked didn't it!? SO how was the girl able to dodge and continue attacking!?

Yet as if she could still see and seemingly without issue the Rabbit girl continued to move, her legs crushing both boys within seconds of each other. Their large and heavy forms blasted back crashing into opposite sides of the gym. Down for the count at the power of the attacks.

Yaoyorozu, Glancing around frantically, her mind panicking as she looked at the remaining students. Sero, Koda, Asui and Kirishima being all that's left, though Izuku seemed to be stirring. Maybe if she finished the net they could still win. Turning as she looked back towards her foe, the rich and pretty girl was stunned instantly as a gloved fist rocketed into her face. Taking her out of the fight, the girl not even being able to register the attack.


"Holy shit" Sero and Asui said, both shooting out their respective quirks. Tape and tongue missing the the girl as she blew past their defensives. Neither even seeing the blow before passing out, unable to react.

Kirishima who had been chasing all over and over the gym to find a fight charged in. His hardened fists shooting out only to meet air, once, then twice. His blows unable to land on the elusive rabbit. Her movements to quick, to well trained. Hardened skin protecting him from her answering fists, as the rabbit cheekily grinned.

"Sturdy huh?" before her kick lashed into to the boys rock hard form. Shattering his defenses the blow crushed to boy beneath her raw power.

Izuku having finally regained his strength as he looked around him. With what had to of been only minutes, his entire class was crushed and defeated. The boy, stared towards the beautiful and graceful form of Rumi Usagiyama as she walked slowly towards him. Hips swaying, confident grin as she spoke to the boy.

"Well, Your all that's left. You gonna show me something special? Or will I crush you too? I could tell you were holding back. That's not going to cut it if you wanna do anything."

Grunting at the words the boys quirk flared, his gaze hardening as he realized the truth of her words. His muscles bulging in this black and viridian costume. His quirk humming as he summoned his power. The boy shot off like a rocket, once more cracking the ground as he charged at the girl.

IF she was surprised by his speed, she didn't show it as her grind widened to an almost maniacs degree. The girl rushed forward to meet the boy's charge, every bit his match in speed. Her muscles rippling as a powerful leg launched forward to meet the boys attack.

Yet Izuku just couldn't bring himself to use everything in his power, His fist leading his charge as he depowered to safer level at the last second. Worried that he could seriously injure the older girl. Only for her powerful leg to effortlessly blast this fist to the side. Leaving his body full exposed as Izuku desperately tried to recover. Her second foot following up wickedly quick crushing the boys stomach. Barrier all but useless as it blew through his defense smashing with full force into his gut. Her grin gone as she frowned at the boy. His consciousness fading as his last image he could see, her beautiful, powerful form starting down at him in disappointment.

"Finish!" All Might yelled, only to release almost his entire class was unconscious. Oh shit.... Recovery girl was going to kill him.

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Izuku eyes opened groggily, blinking as his eyes were coming into focus. The boy staring upwards from his back, saw the roof of Gym Gamma. H-huh? How did I get here? Trying to remember why he was lying on the ground it all came rushing back to him. Bolting straight up, the ground fractured and destroyed under him, Izuku looked around.

"Ah my boy! your awake good!" All Mights powerful voiced boomed.


Izuku who found something crashing into his shins looked down to see Recovery Girl standing besides him. In his rush, he had missed the Youthful Heroine's form.

"Toshi you muscled bound oaf! Calling me here to bring your entire class around! And YOU! take better care of yourself. You may be durable, but learn to protect yourself more." She said, Cane continuously hammering into Izuku's shin. Repelled by his barrier, though. His memory flashing back to only moments before, a disappointed face was frowning down at him. His quirk was dimming slightly without the boys notice.

"Ughhhhh" almost the entire class 1-A said out loud, most of them roused groggily from the floor. Slowly coming too and gathering around the teaching group. Miss Usagiyama confident grin back on her face, as she watched the result of her handy work.

"Class, While you strategy wasn't terrible for being made with only two minutes. There are tons of things you need to consider and work on." Aizawa drawled on as the class winced remembering the beating they had just taken. Losing twenty to one was a staggering loss.

"Just cause fucking Hop A Long got a cheap shot in doesn't mean anything." A frustrated and angry Bakugo snarled. Having difficulty, with his crushing defeat.

"Now young Bakugo! Enough of that." All Might boomed, frowning at the explosive boy. show his displeasure at the boy, who went sulkily silent at the call out.

"Alright class, now that you have experienced the gap, between your differences in Experience. What can you tell me from the fight you just had?"

"U-Uh, she's terrifying." A nail biting Mineta said, trembling in his boots a little at the power his senior just displayed.

"Yeah she was wicked Manly! I couldn't even get close enough till the end and she just crushed me! Not even Midoriya or Todoroki could touch her!" Kirishima yelled.

"Teacher Sir! She was very strong! As expected from the very best of U.A." Tenya said.

"Besides the difference in strength, I'm not too sure what were suppose to learn here." Asui said, much to the rest of the classes agreement.

"How Illogical...." Grumbled Aizawa. "Hado, Usagiyama, What can you tell me about the fight?" Aizawa snapped.

"O-Oh I know! I know!" Hado said jumping up in down. At least until Usagiyama, a fond smile as she glanced to the long haired bluenette, beat her too it.

"I crushed them, But more that that. You emitter types have little to zero experience in close combat. The second I was in range, I even slowed down to see what you would do. Yet not even a effort was made to defend yourself. No guard was raised, no plan to try and get away or save yourselves. Villains aren't always going to sit back and wait for you guys to throw your abilities at them. You need to learn what to do when someone gets up front and personal." She said, Frowning now at the assembled students while they all looked down in slight shame.

"You mutation and enhanced people, Were way to rigid. You either charged at me directly with no plan or strategy Or you tried to counter attack. Which wasn't a bad call, just you had no real plan or decision once you actually attacked. Throwing out wild and obvious blows that were easy to counter or dodge. What are you going to do when you face someone stronger or faster then you? Just suffer the consequences? Or what if they don't engage you directly? And your left running and chasing after them. I'm not saying you're going to always be able to stop every threat you face alone. Yet be flexible, think of solutions, use your quirk in unexpected ways."

She turned to face Izuku, then an almost angry look crossed her face when she looked towards Izuku before she said.

"And don't hold back, or freeze with indecision at things happening." She finished, Izuku who felt an almost physical blow at her words could only mirror his class mates in shame. All of them face down.

"Rumiiii! I was going to say that stuff!" Hado said, cheeks puffing out as she looked towards the darker skinned woman.

"A-Ah, Yes, Very good Miss Usagaiyama. Now class of course, you've only been at this for a little over a week. None of you are going to be perfect. The purpose of this was to try and show you one, that Miss Usagaiyama and Miss Hado are strong and qualified enough to be here to train you. Two, to give you some idea on things to work on for the next two weeks."

"Yes Sir!" The class yelled unanimously. Raising their heads in acknowledgement as they listened to their teacher.

"Get to work." Aziawa commented. Wheeling himself away, grumbling to him self about annoying problem childern.

"Hey hey!" Had said floating forwards towards students.

"You got and electricity quirk right? How does it work? Do you ever just let it tingle around you? I do with mine sometimes the energy feels great! Oh, How do you aim it? Do you have anything that you use to help you from the support department? You should go see them!" She blitzed and a stunned Kamanari, who was struggling to answer, the bundle of energy that was Hado floated off to another as the boy seemed to be unable to answer.

"Hey! You have a super long tongue! That's so cool! can you do other things like a frog does? Camouflage? Toxins? Your legs look super strong! have you ever fought with them like Rumi? What about using your tongue to help when you throwing attacks with your fist and feet! Think about how cool that would be! Though I guess some people would taste super yucky!"

"Kero..." Asui responded blinking once or twice at the suggestion before Hado blitz off to another, then another.

Izuku staring at her in a dazed look, Watched as his senior gave advice in the form of curious questions. Her thoughts were actually.... Really good. Some of the stuff he had considered and even wrote down in his hero analysis booklets, and alot he hadn't even thought of asking. She was obviously super friendly and his polar opposite, yet the girl was very smart. Easily extremely analytical being able to come to the same conclusions that he had only after seconds. Amazing, no wonder she was helping as a student teacher, Izuku thought

"Yo, Green." Usagiyama's said to Izuku drawing his attention. Seeing that her frowning and glaring face hadn't lightened up at all. Izuku started to get a little frantic. Sweating profusely the boy answered.

"Y-yes Miss Usagiyama...?" He stuttered.

"You hold back on me cause I'm a girl? Cause I'm a bunny? You think I'm not strong enough to take you at your best? I Wiped the floor with your class dude." She said a ferocious snarl on her lips.

"W-What! N-no! Never! I-I just don't feel comfortable using my full power on students! I've only been able to really control it just this last year and I don't want to hurt someone." He pleaded, hands waving frantically in front of him as he backed up slowly. Only for Usagiyama to follow his retreat.

"Look Green, Cut the horse shit, even if that's true. You saw that I'm enhanced, I'm not some weak rabbit who's gonna go running if you throw around your power. So don't do it again, I'm not an idiot. I don't expect you to use your full power on your class mates who aren't enhanced. Yet how are you ever going to be a hero when you don't know when and where to let your power out? You can't hide behind that shit forever." She said, finger hitting his chest repeatedly.

"I-I, I don't know... Miss Usagiyama, Your right... I promise, I didn't hold back at all cause you were a girl. Or that you were a R-rabbit. It never crossed my mind. I Swear it to you... It's just besides my mentor I don't really have much experience with fighting... either holding back or throwing all my power out recklessly. A-at the USJ I-I just threw power around and I know what it can do if I'm not careful. But your right I need to get a hold of this. I saw how fast and T-terrifying you were. N-Not that I mean that in a bad way... Y-you were amazing! Your power and speed, was on another level.
You reminded me of All Might, and I'm sure you didn't even show your upper limits. I-It's just my mind just got the best of M-me. I-I'm sorry. I promise I-I'll do better... I just hope I can learn as much as possible from you and Miss Hado." Izuku said, his eyes cast downwards his back having run into the gym wall in his frantic retreat.

Silence answered his messy and awkward response as the boy refused to look upwards at this powerful senior.

"geeze dude, Giving you a hard time is like kicking a puppy... Shit man, I'm sorry, It's just I hate when people don't take me seriously. I know I'm tough, it just irks me when people only see a rabbit ya get me? Stop fretting though Green.... Comparing me to All Might? That's a first dude. Gotta say, with your quirk and power, your personality is completely different from what I expected." Laughing at the green haired boy. "I like you dude! and I promise, I'm going to kick your ass so many times in two weeks that you'll understand just how much power you need to use. Call me Rumi too, fuck that Miss Usagiyama shit, makes me feel like an old lady." Rumi said, throwing an arm around Izuku and dragging the stammering mess of the boy back to the group. H-Holy shit, he was being hugged by a girl. THAT WASN'T HIS MOTHER. Steam escaping the embarrassed boys ears at the close comfort.

She had come at him at little hard she knew, just she wanted to make sure it wasn't some misguided sexist bullshit. Still, she was glad he hadn't looked up when he compared her to All Might, that had been one hell of a confidence boot, even caused her to blush a smidge.

"Rumi! Hey Hey! what did you and my glowing buddy talk about!" Hado said cheerfully hopping over to them as she rejoined. Almost the entire 1-A class had gotten bombarded by the energetic long haired girl about their quirks. All of them with thoughtful expressions on their face. Of course everything she had said, might not of been possible, but her out side the box thinking and unending curiosity had certainly opened the doors in a few of their minds.

"G-Glowing B-buddy!?" Izuku stammered still being dragged around by Rumi, who seemed to have forgotten that she was pulling the tall boy.

"Well duh! with both can glow with energy quirks! How cool is that!" She responded enthusiastically

"Hey Nej, I see you did your thing, I can see at least ten of them almost having an existential crisis. Nice one babe." Rumi said, with a strong fondness towards the new comer.

"Thanks hun! I can't help it! I just wanna know how things work is all!" Nejire said, approaching the girl and planting a soft kiss on Rumi's cheek.

Izuku, who was awkwardly standing there as the display of affection. Turned even redder, if that was possible. So they were dating he thought, that was super cool. His nerdy brain thinking of them being a heroic duo and fighting crime together. He wasn't sure what Hado's quirk was, but it certainly was some sort of emitter quirk if the golden flashes and glows the girl emitted was anything to go off of. Which most likely meant that between Rumi's excellent combat skills, and Hado's ability to fly they would be a powerful duo. Still though...

"U-Umm." Izuku squeaked. Still having Rumi's arm around his shoulder as he was awkward squished with.

"Oops! Sorry Glowly bud! Which reminds me! Why do you glow? Is that cause of your quirk? You seemed enhanced yet that glow surrounds your body! Is it a physical quirk? Or mental? I only ask cause mine." She blurted at the boy before showing off a small spinning spiral out of her heavy armored gauntlet before continuing. "Its a physical quirk! it uses my own vitality to power it! Though I know a ton of people who have mental quirks! Some of them even glowed like you! Thought not all the time! Which is it? tell me about it!" Hado continued.

Rumi shaking her head in muted fondness, walked off to start getting some of the students to work on exercises. Taking all the students with mutation quirks and having them start to spar giving advice and pointers to improve on their abilities. While All Might took watch over the other half.

Izuku for the most started muttering back from the stream of questions that he just been asksed. Hado's probing, making the boy re-evaluate things.

"M-My glow is related to my mothers quirk. She glows in a similar matter when she uses her....... HOLY SHIT! Could I of been so blind? My mothers quirk is mentally based, Due to my increased strength and durability I always assumed it was physically related. Is that why I could never figure out what the power source of it was? Of course! maybe it had something else... I had always felt recharged and energized when I had really strong positive emotions. Believing in myself or being proud of the things I done. What if, my quirk was purely mentally based? Hado!" Izuku, said in excitement before bringing every positive emotion he could think of. Previous memories. All Might accepting him, His mother being so proud of him. Getting into U.A.

With a Humming whoosh, power flowed into the boy. Energy on a scale that was a never felt before by the boy a totally staggering amount, his power now flowing through him. Humming like a high voltage power box, thrumming with power his glow growing brightly. It all made sense! when his quirk initially came in as a child he had been so happy, at least until he crashed into the ceiling! His energy always recharged because even when things were bad, his mother was always by his side. Giving him hope and encouraging him, So it made sense that he was becoming stronger with the more people believing in him and giving him positive experiences. It also explained why it was so hard to control it for so long. Physical work being the only way he knew to limit his power, but due it being mentally based it was always a inefficient way! Of course his body was strengthened to handle things so there was a physical aspect. It made sense how all these years they had it all wrong. His body needed to be able to handle things or else he would destroyed it when using his power.

Did that mean? Izuku trying to release his power, focusing purely with his mental concentration Izuku searched deep into his mind. A Vast ocean of viridian power flowed from in and before his power shone, ebbing and flowing constantly. There! Struggling as he focused all his concentration, eyes squinting with all his will the boy pushed the power away from him. Flowing through him into that vast sea of power. Letting it expel from his body, slowly at first and then faster and faster as more left him. The humming and throbbing energy leaving the boy almost as quickly as it came. His standard glowing, winking out of existence. For the first time of his own control. Yet there, He could still see it, still sense and he was not exhausted at all. As if it was just beyond the tips of his fingers. Ready to be grasped at a moments notice.

Turning excited to Hado, who had blinked at all the information thrown back at her then seeing the boys glowing and humming to fully retreat the girl head tilted look at him curiously.

"Miss Hado! You're a genius! My power is mentally based!" Excited the boy shaking with joy was caught off guard when she suddenly grabbed his hands. Raising them up and down quickly the girl excitedly answered.

"Only Rumi calls me a Genius! So did you figure it out? tell me! Tell me! Also does that mean you won't glow again? That's kinda sad! hopefully we can still be glow buds! is your quirk like mine?"

"Yeah my whole life I thought it was a physical quirk, my bodies enhancement leading me to believe that. Yet its a mutation from my mothers! which is fully mentally based. So using what you said I totally for the first time ever, was able to properly connect with it. It all made sense! Of course my body changed in order to handle parts of my quirk without injury! And Of course we can still glow! Tell me more about your quirk Miss Hado!." Saying in an equally fast voice the boy answered all her burning questions. Even asking her some back!

A slight blush on her face at the excitement at finding a kindred spirit, the green and blue hair girls gushed at one another. Conversation flying rapidly at extreme speeds. Speaking so fast and so much so that the class slowly stopped to watch. Flabbergasted at the display that the two where giving off. Even All Might and Rumi were shocked, Hado was a ball of energy with an insatiable amount of curiosity. Rumi was dating the girl and even she had difficulty at times keeping up with her constant barrages. Though that was fairly rare, and she was usually able to reign her in if she got too much. Still they would of never guessed that Izuku of all people would of gotten along so well with her.

"Midoriya my Boy! I think it's time to focus on class! You and Young Hado can continue later." All Might shaking his head towards his protégé as he couldn't help but stifle a giggle at the frantic and stunned reaction the boy was having being called out in front of the class and having lost himself in deep conversation with a pretty older girl.

Still it was time to get to work. The U.A. Sports Festival was only days away.



The class was growing exponentially with Rumi's and Hado's help. All Might of course wasn't really able to teach them hands on, especially with his injuries and time limit. While Aizawa was in the same boat still recovering his strength from the USJ. Sparing could also only get them so far when both combatants were inexperienced. So naturally having Nejire and Rumi there was doing wonders with the class. Both having quirks that allowed them to help others and provide a balance for all the students in 1-A.

Hado teaching the students with ranged abilities, a variety of techniques and self defense skills. Then letting them use that in practice against both Rumi and the other physically enhanced students. Giving them a wide away of experiences verses different opponents.

Rumi of course was doing the same with the close combat students, teaching them ways to be flexible, To think and act with purpose. How they could use their strength to get distance or provide cover to help the close the gap between them and ranged quirk users. Then especially showing them ways to make sure that when they got close, they used their chance correctly. Teaching them how to get close to someone and then how to properly down them quickly and efficiently.

Of course none of the students could be given advanced combat skills, then master them in only two weeks. Heck it took years to become an accomplished martial artists. So they mostly focused on street fighting, Kick and regular boxing, and various grappling techniques to get the students comfortable. With Rumi doing the lions share of the physical teaching, though Nejire was extremely competent as well. Correcting forms in both groups when the Student teachers would switch off.

Though for some strange reason Rumi picked Izuku almost exclusively to demonstrate the maneuvers to the class. Both literally embarrassing the boy beyond belief and kicking his ass on a regular basis. She of course, finding great amusement in his red face and defeated surprised look after every maneuver left him in a jumbled heap on the ground.. Even though she had Nejire, she couldn't help but find the massive boy pretty cute in the way he would act. Not to mention hilarious.

While Nejire and Izuku would have a great brainstorming sessions, talking to the students with various ideas and possible ways to improve on their quirk usage. Both quirk enthusiasts excited about learning everything and anything they could about the various ones before them. Though, the two would need to be cautioned once or twice by Aizawa. Who repeatedly sighed calling them problem childern when there ideas would get out of hand. Nejire of course, exploding with happiness at having found another person like Rumi to accept her eccentric behavior.

Not that Mirio or Tamaki didn't or anything, mostly.... Though at times she worried they mostly just put up with it cause they were kind. With Izuku and Rumi though? She knew that they enjoyed her passionate behavior. Able to listen to her for hours, Izuku even participating in the conversation and offering his own opinions on things. Which of course just made her want to talk more and more and more. Though unlike Rumi, Izuku and her got far too side tracked at times, losing track of time quickly as they were so caught up in brainstorming with one another. It was a good thing Rumi could bring them back on track, Nejire was extremely happy she had her. Though, she would be lying if she didn't also really enjoy her time with Izuku.

All Might of course also took part in the progress that the students were making. Offering encouragement, advice and well wishes bolstering the confidence of the assembled young adults in front of him. The class sucking in information and skills and a exponentially greater pace then before. As the days brought them closer and closer to the Sports festival.



Izuku had also grown extremely fond of the two, Looking up to both of them. They were amazing after all, Powerful, Graceful, Heroic, Skilled and Kind. So of course the boy couldn't help but look up to and started admiring them. The Heroes Miruko and Nejire-Chan, Though he did smile in amusement at the latter's choice, Nejire-chan somehow suited the bubbly girl if a tad unusual.

Both of them working under the pro hero Ryukyu, both were pretty famous on the Net. It made sense, Izuku thought, Both were pretty flashy in their own ways. Not to mention working under the Ninth best hero in all of Japan would give them a lot of publicity.

Though he did frown at a lot of the more gross comments, Especially talking about how "Hot" they were. Various comments describing one as a play boy bunny and the other as a ditzy nympho. Or at least, some of the more deviant groups referred to them as such. Sure it was common for a lot of heroes to have some various dregs of society make rude or disparaging comments. It still made him angry to think about, both of them were so amazing. So much more than just their looks, the girls were easily going to be huge stars in the heroics world. It made sense why Rumi had reacted to negatively to his taking it easy on her. It made him extremely angry that both amazing heroes had to put up with the utter bullshit that some of the comments made. Yet he couldn't help but smile as he thought about the fact that they were helping him and his class. It was amazing to think how lucky they were. Well, he guessed maybe not lucky, considering the Usj.

Still Izuku having searched for all the footage he could find of the two heroes, amazed as he watched video after video of their heroics. Izuku couldn't help but agree with U.A.'s assessment. They really were the real deal, not that he doubted it of course, but still seeing it with his own eyes? That was different. Watching a video of the two tag teaming a villain with a gigantification quirk. Easily dispatching him without any innocents being hurt or collateral damage. Working with skill and a purpose that easily outstripped many of the pro heroes that were out on the streets now. Breath taking. Lost in thought about the amazing seniors that Izuku had, putting his cell phone away as the class waited for the lunch bell to ring. Aizawa having finished instructions early resting in his electric chair a sleeping bag draped over him as he slept.

Class 1-A found themselves having some unexpected visitors. A sea of U.A. students standing outside of their door. Blocking class 1-A for leaving to have lunch. A staggering amount as they stared towards the infamous class.

"w-what's going on?" A confused Ochako asked.

"What business do you have with Class A?" Tenya prompted, taking charge as the class rep walked to the front.

"We can't get out! What'd you come here for, anyway!?" Whined Mineta.

"Scouting out the enemy, Grape bowl." Bakugo scowled at Mineta before starting down the assembled group of students in front of him.

"were the ones that made it out of the villains attack, Been all over the news and net. The spots festival is almost here." The fiery blond said as he approached the front most group of strangers.

"Not that there is any point in doing stuff like that. Out of my way EXTRAS!" He yelled.

"Baku bro, not cool to keep calling people extra's " Kirishima said, trying to calm down The hot head.

"I came to see what the famous Class A was like, you seem pretty arrogant though. Are all you hero course students like this? Seeing you act like this makes me disillusioned" A tired looking, long purple haired boy said, Rubbing the back of his head as Kirishima tried to stop Bakugo from exploding the entire group. As various of the new comers looked on in slight worry at the blonds angry snarling.

"There are quiet a few people who enrolled in general studies or other courses because they didn't make it into the hero course. Did you know that? The school had left those of us a chance. Depending on the results of the sports festival, They'll consider our transfer into the hero course. It seems they might also transfers some out. If you get too big of a head at defeating some would be villains, I'll sweep your feet from under you." The boy said confidently.

"H-Hey! You have no idea what we faced in the USJ!" Sero yelled angrily at the boys comments.

"Just because we were forced into a difficult situation, does not mean that we share Bakugo's opinion or arrogant attitude." Yaoyorozu calmly said. While A variety of class 1-A looked at the boy with pure anger in their faces.

The boy for his part took a small step backwards, yet he spoke more still.

"I come with a declaration of war." the students of 1-A even more angry at the boy, couldn't help but think that he was brave, even if he was a bit of a jerk, but before they could answer. A second voice joined in from outside.

"Hey Hey! I'm from Class B next door! I hear you guys fought some crazy villains and so I came to hear about it! Don't get so full of yourselves!" A muscled bound, silver hair boy stated. Weird mutation around his eyes giving him a fierce look.

"If you bark too much, it'll be embarrassing for you durin' the real fight!" Bakugo for his part just walked past the student ignoring him. Yet class 1-A wasn't so nice. With various students unable to keep their silence.

"Kero, You act like we chose to face a life and death situation! We simply did the best we could to survive, and frankly your being extremely disrespectful." Asui said bluntly to assembled group causing them to flinch at the harsh call out.

"Dude, Some of use were seriously injured during the event, and two teachers were hospitalized. Did you think it was fun for us or something?" Jiro stated, much to the nods of both Shoji and kodas as their giants forms stood behind her. Giving an intimidating and chastising air about the punk girls comments.

"We faced the chance of eternal darkness and came out the other end. Looking into the void as it looked back." Tokoyami said broodingly, though many of the assembled group scratched their heads at the raven boys cryptic comments.

"look guys, we just want to compete and do our best" Sato said, his big hands up in a pleading gesture trying to calm everyone down.

"Yeah everyone let's just do our best!" Hagakures floating clothing stated, her gloves in the air in a cheerful stance.

Izuku of course had been angered at their overall comments, had calmed down at his classmates various defenses. Or at least he would of been if not for the purple boys next words.

"Words, words and meaningless words. Must be nice to have everything handed to you all. Everything yours just because you have powerful quirks. Your arrogances knows no bounds and I'm going to have to force you to eat some humble pie." He said, then started to turn and leave having done what he wanted before a loud voice stopped him.

"WAIT!" Turning around, Shinsou's eyes widened as a massive green hair boy walked towards him. Getting fairly close, the muscle bound figure stood above him before speaking calmly and loudly.

"Every single student in class 1-A put their lives on the line during the USJ. You and everyone here, think that we are just floating by because we have powerful quirks? Your wrong. All of us have literally put our blood sweat and tears into being heroes. We've all worked ourselves to the very brink, pushing ourselves to be the best we can be. You think that makes us arrogant? you think our experiences have made us big headed? Believe that at your own peril. I promise you this, we will go beyond plus Ultra at the force festival. So scout us if you want, say mean or disrespectful things all you can. It doesn't matter. We will show both you and the world that we deserve to be here....." Izuku's words rang out, shocking not only the strange students but his own class as well.

Izuku was many things but being assertive and having steel in his voice as he spoke with authority was not one of them.

"Now if you'll excuse were going to eat lunch." said Izuku as he and his entire class, heads held high, at Izuku's impromptu speech left the silent and starting group behind him.



"Green bean you did what!?" Rumi chuckled and laughed. Slapping her thighs as Izuku and some of class 1-A told the story.

"Wow GB (short for glowing buddy) that was so brave good job!" Nejire said clapping her hands in front of her. Happy that her shy and timid friend stood his ground.

"O-Oh thanks, of course I was a panicky mess during all of lunch. I had so much axiety I ended up spilling my lunch all over me. Then couldn't focus at all for the rest of the period." Izuku confessed rubbing the back of his head as both seniors looked at him fondly, or at least in Rumi's case laughed harder and harder still. Wiping a single tear tear from her eye, Rumi turned to face him.

"Still green, as funny and hilarious as this is. I think it's time we kick your training up a notch. I've had one on ones with the majority of your class. Well minus the two ding bats who still refuse to take part." Rumi said nodding towards Todoroki and Bakugo. Both having refused, not bothering to listen to the student teachers and electing to instead work on their quirks solo. Much to the annoyed glares of Aizawa, though for his part he was content in letting them make the mistake. He had a feeling that the sports festival was going to be an eye opener for both of them. Hopefully a learning and teachable moment.

"Tell me have you made any progress with Nejire's suggestions?" Rumi said looking at Izuku.

"Ya, ya! How are you making out? Did you figure out any thing new? what about your recharging?"

"Well, I have significantly more control then ever before. Even from when my mentor trained me for the entrance exam. He even gave me some advice for the mental aspect of my quirk in talking with him."

having explained things to both his mother and Toshinori over dinner the symbol had given him advice to shape his mental mind scape in a way that processing his quirk would be second nature. It hadn't been easy by any means a lot of trail and error, his mother being most helpful over all since their quirk had some similarities. Yet with spending a few hours every night before bed Izuku had truly begun, for the first time in his life, understand his quirk. Even now he no longer glowed passively unless he desired too. Something that the boy hadn't done ever before.

"What about your limits GB? have you figured out more on how your emotions effect your quirk? Nejire continued excited in learning more about the boys power.

"Well, I haven't really been able to test it out. While the training you two have given me, has been intense, I'm far more efficient with my quirk now. So I'm not really being pushed to my limits, instantly I feel refreshed after most exercises. So I'm not sure if with positive emotion alone that I can function indefinitely, or if I just haven't been forced to my limit. Though, I'm sure my quirk has to have limitations." The boy continued in his muttering style. Nejire latching onto every work and nodding her head vigorously.

"Hmmmmm......." Rumi said starting at the boy in front of her.

"I have an Idea. Yo! Aizawa! You mind if Nejire and I take Izuku out for a little experiment?" Rumi shouted over to the tired and grumpy mummy of a man.

"Sure, just bring him back in one piece or you'll answer to recovery girl." the teacher droned on tiredly. All Might for his part was walking from student to student as they trained on various things for the festival.

"Alright green bean follow me." Rumi said, while Nejire and Izuku followed. The boy slightly confused, while the long haired bluenette just smiled on understanding Rumi's idea. They had discussed this before class after all.

It wasn't long before the trio found themselves standing outside of ground Beta. The sprawling city landscape in front of them as they stood. Izuku unsure of what was going looked towards both seniors that he admired. Unsure at why they had left the gym.

"it's simple, you and I are going to have a fight. Only this time, none of your classmates are going to be in the way. Though first I want to see your maximum power since I've yet to see it. I figure you can hit a building or something and it will give me a base idea of your strength. Then when we fight, I want to push you to your limits to see how your new understanding helps your quirk."

"O-oh, are you sure? I mean, I know I've gotten a lot better on using my strength on fellow students thanks to your training. Yet I dunno if I'm ready for this..... I really don't want to hurt anyone Rumi." The boy mumbled

"GB, GB! Rumi's like mega strong you know! I'm sure it won't be that bad! sides we won't know until you do something! So go plus ultra! and hit that building there!" the floating girl said before eccentrically pointing to a half destroyed two story house.

"Yeah Green, what did I say? You can't always hold back. You need to see and understand what your maximum is, cause sometimes you're going to have to use it." Rumi added.

"Now go on man, lets see what you got."

Izuku sighing, slightly nodded as he approached the building. Breathing in deeply, the boy readied himself. Once more imagining his mental mind scape, this time what he saw wasn't an ocean of power. Though it definitely was the same strength he had felt before. Instead the boy, saw as a mental image of himself, standing in front of a vast cosmos of viridian power. Standing there, bare to the world, the boy's inner-self reached to the stars, grabbing the two of the glowing spheres the boy as he thought of them filling him with warmth and power. Sucking more and more of the vibrant power the boy felt his quirk turning on.

Energy coursing through his veins as the boy imagined positive memory after positive memory. Words echoing around his mind...

You, and your class is strong. You all will become amazing heroes. I am certain of that! Izuku! In my mind, you have long since proven yourself. Yet still I am surprised time and time again. That I could of never have chosen better, never would I in my wildest dreams. Would I of expected to of been able to choose someone as amazing as you.

I will always be there for you my baby boy, And above all else I am proud of you.

You can be a Hero!

Powerful emotions filling the boys body as more strength than he had shown previously surrounding him. Energy so strong, that arcs of it sparked out of him here and there, Running up and down his body his green glow having changed. No longer glowing almost black, instead being more vibrant in color, energy arching away from him giving it a wild and electrical look. As the boy returned to reality, Only a seconds having gone by.

Rumi and Nejire, hummed in response as they stared at the boys literally shocking form. They had to admit, each glancing at each other quickly. It was pretty impressive.

Izuku walking towards the pointed building, Arm cracking back as he unleashed his might against the structure before him. Power exploding out of the boy, as wind rushed at the sheer force of the blow. The building, reacting as if an cannon ball the size of a truck had hit it. Wood, cement, and steel exploding with tremendous force, yet that wasn't all as the destruction continued and continued farther and father past the boy. Destroying things in a massive line in front of him. Chaos and carnage as the area was devastated in the boys wake. A massive fissure of ripped up ground and destruction now in front of him. Easily fifteen feet wide, and five to six buildings deep.

Yet unlike before his energy didn't disappear, instead having harnessed his power far more efficiently. Thinking clearly about things, and having a much better understanding of his power, the boy was able to almost instantly recharge. Power arching around his body as the boy turned towards the two girls he was with. His powerful form, buzzing with might as he sheepishly grinned in their direction.

"Well? How was that? Do you think we should still spar?" Izuku asked, still unsure if this was such a good idea. Not to mention a still a little worried about hurting Rumi.

For their part Rumi and Nejire were stunned, Damn Izuku was strong. Maybe they had just under estimated the green haired lug. Rumi walking forward, her gaze unreadable as she walked past the young boy. Izuku of course for his part turned around to see what the beautiful senior would do. Having walked slightly farther over to the right of Izuku's line of destruction. The Rabbit Hero also took a deep breath. Standing infront of a building slightly smaller then Izuku's was before he had destroyed it and the five buildings behind it.

Her legs tensing as the Rabbit hero Exploded forward. Her legs shooting out in a beautiful and destructive arch before slamming into the building that was in front of her. Obliterating it as if a wrecking ball had smashed through, and exploding past it and the house behind it with enough force to destroy both. Easily causing destruction on a fairly large scale, if not as big as the green haired boys. Before turning towards Izuku with a manical grin.

"So your a bit stronger then me. That's gotta make me wonder are you faster?" She asked before she leaped at the boy. Oblivious to his stunned and squawking voice at her sudden and unexpected charge. Nejire slighting shaking her head as she floated higher up to watch the show.



"Heyyyyyyy! Pay attention, Audience! Swarm mass media! This year's university's rodeo of shinning youth that you all love. The U.A. sports festival is about to begin! EVERYBODY! ARE YOU READY!!!!

"It's time for the students to enter the first year stage!" The roaring crowd of the stadium cheered and yelled. It was day one of the sports festival the biggest televised event in Japan. Screaming and yelling the crows roared with excitement.

Taking a deep breath and gulping down his nerves Izuku was ready with class 1-A to lead their entrance into the stadium. His mind racing back to when All Might had told him.

"My boy, I want you to tell the world that you are here! To make a name for yourself and show everyone that you are my successor."

Nodding his head as the words filled him with confidence and hope as his class made its way forward. Fire works exploding above them, the din of the crowd so loud it was almost staggering. Still the boy, throwing on his best grin and smile as his feet first stepped onto the field.

"The U.A. sports festival! The huge battle where fledgling heroes sharpen their swords once a year! Anyways! These are the guys right? The miraculous new stars who overcame the enemy attacks with their hearts of steel! Hero course, Class 1-A!"

Present mics massive form, displayed on numerous jumbotrons as the students made their way forward. The crowd going wild and having finally seeing the famous first year heroics students that had defeated over a hundred villains.

"They haven't been getting as much airtime, but this class is also full of talent! Hero course class 1-B!" again the crowd roared, too excited to be quiet as more and more classes entered the field.

" Next up, General studies classes C, D, And E! Followed by support classes F, G, and H! And business class last of all! Classes I, J, and K!"

"All of U.A.'s First years are now assembled! They are here now!"

Mic's voice boomed outwards as the classes all lined up before the podium.

Midnights R rated costume and form in front of them standing as she announced. Of course causing a massive stir from the students and fans alike at her seriously risque apperance.

"Time for the players Pledge!"

"Quiet everyone! Representing the students this year is Izuku Midoriya! from class 1-A!"

Gulping nervously to himself, the tall boy. Standing straight as he could, even if a little stiff, as Izuku made his way up the podium. Standing in front of the mic as the crowd quieted to listen in. Taking a deep breathe before beginning. His voice coming all out loud and clear.

"We are Here! I pledge on my fellow students behalf, that we will show the world that we are Here! We will give it all of our passion, all of our skill, and all off our hope! to do the very best that we can. We the next generation of heroes will strive to do our very best to measure up to those who came before us and to surpass them. From the hero course, to general studies, every single first year here will give it their all. We will go even further beyond! PLUS ULTRA!!!





The stadium roared back, the infamous catch phrase being chanted over and over again at the boys proclamation. Toshniori and Inko who were in a private box couldn't help but smile down at their boy. Proud of how far he had come.

Izuku returning to his friends and class mates, noticing that not just him, but the rest of the first year students were standing taller. Straighter, and more attentive then before. Wanting to live up to his brief words, that had recognized not only his class but all of the first year students.

"Now lets gets started! It's time to decide our qualifier! Every year many students drink their tears here! Now here is the the fateful first game!"

Behind her a massive spinning sign appeared. Rocketing through various challenges before ever so slowly it fell on the chose one.

"this year is! This! The Obstacle race! All eleven classes will participate in this race! The course will be the outer circumference of this stadium. About four Kilometers! Our schools selling point is freedom! As long as you stay on the course it doesn't matter what you do! Now students! Take your place as we begin the countdown!"

Izuku and the rest of students prepared themselves at the massive gates leading out of the stadium. Glancing around at his fellow classmates, and seeing their determined and serious expressions. Izuku couldn't help but grin to himself. Maybe a little of Rumi was rubbing off on him, but Izuku could feel an excited thrum at the challenge. His Quirk surrounding him with its now normal arching energy. Viridian glow engulfing him in its familiar warmth.

Staring up at the massive countdown as he waited for things to being.


And with a massive bang. The first part of the sports festival began. Plus Ultra indeed.

Chapter Text

Energy sparking off of the boy, Izuku exploded forwards. His powerful and muscular legs bracing, then rippling as they propelled his body forward. Easily up and over the entire crowd of students beginning his charge to victory. Though he was far from the only one as the other students frantically raced forward.

"Okay, here's the play by play!" Mic's voice echoed all around them.

"Are you ready Mummy man!? Let's get started! What should our avid watchers be looking for in these early stages!?"

"This part right now." An exhausted sounding Aizawa responded.

Izuku's powerful leap through the crowded entrance had given him an advantage. As a quick glance behind him showed the tunnel congested and crowded. The students in their haste, were trying to exit only to block one another. Quirks flaring, blows, shoving, and attacks preventing the student body from clearing the first unintended obstacle.

Grinning to himself, Izuku continued to surge forward, his quirk propelling him at an inhuman pace. Already starting to leave opponents in his dust. Or so he thought, when a few things happened instantly.

Ice exploded out of the entrance, covering most of the stadiums wall in frost, as bone chilling cold expanded outwards. Easily covering the majority of students in ice below the knees as Todoroki broke through moving forward. Using his ice as a pseudo platform, by having new ice form behind him, the boy was rocketing at surprising speeds. Todoroki the second student to break free from the entrance was quickly making ground towards Izuku's disappearing form. Leaving tons of students trapped in his devious and cunning ploy.

Concentrating to himself as he grimaced his own words repeating back into his head. Spoke only moments before.

"Midoriya." He recalled walking up to the towering boys form. Midoryia for his part seemed to be surprised and awkwardly scrambling as he faced him. The rest of class 1-A looking at the two as Todoroki continued to speak.

"Objectively speaking, I believe I'm the strongest in the class. Even with your super strength." He stated.

"Huh!?" Midoriya's confused response following. Bakugo's angry shouting as he stood up cussing at him as some half and half bastard. Ignoring the outburst and focusing his attention on the green haired titan. Todoroki's voice steeled itself.

"All Might has his eye on you doesn't he? Even the student teachers fawn over you."

For his part Midoriya looked obviously distressed at being called out in such a form couldn't help but nodding his head shakily in agreement.

"I don't care about all of that. I'm going to beat you." Class 1-A obviously caught off guard from the turn events as they looked on. Transfixed at the situation unfolding before them. Even Bakugo going uncharacteristically silent.

"Were not here to play at being friends. I'll be coming at you with all I got. I will win." Having believed he delivered his warning Todoroki turned to leave. Yet before he could get very far Midoriya's surprisingly firm voice answered back at him. No longer shaky and unsure.

"Todoroki, I don't know what you're thinking when you say you'll beat me. I don't know which of us is truly better. I know you're more capable than most people. The USJ showed me that. Everyone, us in Class 1-A, Class 1-B, the other students were all aiming for the top with everything we've got. I want to become the greatest of heroes. I can't afford to fall behind anyone." Turning to face Midoryia, the multi colored hair boy stared down his rival, eyes fierce as the boy responded.

"I'll be going for it with everything I have too. I won't lose."

"Yeah." He answered, nothing more to be said after his challenge.

Yet Midoriya was already proving his point as Todoroki desperately raced after his form.


"As if that was enough to stop everyone." Aizawa's words proving true, as a variety of students dodged the attack.

Bakugo taking flight with his explosions, Letting him race quickly behind Midoriya and Todoroki. Raging furiously at having been left behind as the teen pushed him self forward. Yet he wasn't alone Ayoama shooting his lazer and propelling his body past the entangled mass. Though the glamourous boy did almost collapse afterword's with his stomach hurting. Ashido's lithe form and acid dissolving the ice then using it to skate onwards.

Yaoyorozu, expelling a massive steel rod. Using it as a pole vault to bring her past the trapped and frozen students. Kirishima and the silver haired boy that had bothered class 1-A the day before. Simplying powering through, Brushing others aside and smashing the ice as if it wasn't there. Asui, leaping off the ceiling and walls to gain some distance.

Tenya not one to be out done, as he long jumped from the back of the swarming mass. His legs propelling him up. shifting gear after gear and making him a strong contender. While various other students easily overcame the obstacle. Both class 1-A and B alike being the most predominate.

Glancing back quickly over his back, at all the commotion Izuku gulped. He could see Todoroki's ice slide of sorts, Bakugo's explosions and the rest of his class pushing themselves frantically after him. He figured he was close to being one of the fastest students in the class, yet he didn't know what other obstacles he would face. Not to mention if he had to guess, he doubted that in a straight run that he could beat Tenya. Speaking of whom, had already caught up to the two boys behind him.

Grunting Izuku once more, quirk crackling with energy as he powered his legs more and more. Purposely leaving craters as each foot connected with the ground. Hoping to trip or slow down his chasers. Before the first real obstacle happened upon him.

Swarms of the entrance exam robots were rushing at the students. Various one, two and three pointers rushing at the tall green energy clad boy specifically since he was in front. Though not just at him, as more exploded from the sides of the track attacking students down the entire length of the race. Poor Mineta having used his grape looking quirk as spring boards to propel him forward. Only to have a one pointer clobber him from the side.

Skidding to a stop Izuku, as his eyes were darting from side to side for a path way through the robots quickly. Calculating, allowing for less than a second to pass, the boy exploded forward once more barely haven slown down. Leaping with tremendous force to smash onto a two pointer, the crumbled robots form acting as leverage for Izuku. His body leaped over remaining ones blocking him. Only for a massive fist to come hurtling out of the air. The appendage bigger then even Izuku as it smashed into his side, crushing him body into the ground below and causing the rest of the exam goers to freeze. As Five massive Zero pointers stood over the horde of robots. Combat halted as Present Mics voice boomed.


"Midoriya and Mineta should of kept their focus on the surroundings." Aizawa chastised

Grunting at the force of the blow and winded, Izuku slowly brought himself up. Thankfully not losing to much time, as Tenya blitz past the obstacle. So fast, and having worked on his flexibility and mobility during Rumi's combat training. Able to avoid and dodge the obstacle easily. The boy blitzed through and was already past the robots. Izuku grunting to himself and shaking his head at being stunned watched as more and more of the heroic class soldiered their way forward.

Todoroki muttering something in anger as he summoned a massive iceberg. Freezing solid two of the zero pointers and racing into the frozen hole he had made. Yayorozu blasting a cannon shot at the third, before using a created motorized scooter to propel herself onwards. Following after the two toned boy.

Bakugo blasting his way to the robots, then simply deciding to go up and over rather then waste precious time fighting.

Other students hoping to make it through Either openings raced forward only to have the monstrous robots topple over. Thankfully only Kirishima and the similar silver haired boy had been caught in the tumble. Having similar durability quirks the boys roared as they tore their way through its carcass, completely unhurt at having been crushed.

Sato, surprisingly smashing the leg out from one of the zero pointers and causing the another to fall, was stopped as green vines entrapped the robots form. Freezing him and tumbling robot, While others. Not even slowing down, as various members of class 1-B raced through the robots. Destroying them with ease.

Izuku shook his head at his inaction and taking deep breaths trying to get himself back into the race as all of sudden he went from first to the middle of the pack. His quirk energizing as the boy propelled himself forward like a missile. Not slowing down as he freight trained his way through various robots blocking his way. Smashing and shouldering them aside with tremendous force. Refusing to move from a straight line through. Even students were forced to dodge or jump in order to avoid the powerhouse as he powered through to make up for lost time.

Having seen another zero pointers fist come at him, only for Izuku to repeat the past. Surging forward with more control then the entrance exam, the boy screaming.


his power propelling the boy upwards to the massive face of the zero pointer. Before his fist coated in his electric like quirk launched outwards. Crashing and ripping through the head of the zero pointer. This time the boys form flying through with it, as the robot exploded from the blow. Izuku's glowing form tumbling into a controlled roll as the boy regained his running form and sprinted after the leaders.

" WHAT THE HELL! With Midoriya stunned. We have Ida, Todoroki and Bakugo take the lead! Followed quickly by a group of classes 1-A and B! They were barely even slowed down! As expected of the powerful first years!" Mic yelled into the speakers. The crowd roaring at the turn of events.

"Their actions are logical and strategic. It only makes sense that they would act that way."

"What's this!? Midoriya in a staggering show of power looks to regain his lost lead! WOW!"

Damn it, Izuku cursed. He wasn't gaining on the boys in front, the three having easily taken the lead while Izuku had recovered. Sure he was passing students in his blitz forward, even when he dodged a few errant quirks thrown out to stop others. Smashing through hardened air, Bobbing and weaving as a few vines ripped out at him. Even avoiding a bear trap!? Thankfully in the quick look that Izuku had, it looked to have no teeth and wasn't as dangerous as he thought. Sighing in relief. Before focusing on the problem at hand.

No he needed to do something, but what!? Then his mind clicked. Remembering his trainers that had caused him to grown so much in the two weeks before the festival the boy had an idea. The boy, stuttering his steps awkwardly at first before his legs braced and he leaped. Propelling his body forward at significantly faster speeds then his running had been before him. Sure his strides had been unusually long, yet now Izuku was leaping hundreds of meters after ever bound. Much to the shocked looks from his fellows students and stadium crowd alike.



"Hey hey hey! Isn't GB Using your moves Rumi!?" An excited Nejire cheered, frantically grabbing her girlfriends shoulders as he put her arms around Rumi's head. Her breasts pressing into Rumi's cheeks in her excitement.

"Yes, babe, Settle down though I can't see. kay?" Rumi said breaking Nejire's hold.

"Eh... So that's the boy you two have been gushing about." A powerful blond said besides them. Taller then even Izuku with large biceps and pecks. A heroic looking form, with spiked hair and kind blue eyes.

"Yeah! That's my glow buddy" Nejire squealed to Mirio, While Rumi responded immediately with.

"I don't gush about anyone. I just find him interesting. Sides class 1-A seems to be kicking yours butts. Also Tamaki! turn around dude, you can't even watch what's happening like that." Rumi grumbled.

Tamaki the purple haired teen with elven ears, jumped at being called out before pulling a hood over his head. The boy sitting cross legged on his seat, had his back facing the stadium. His head aimed downwards as he mumbled.

"I want to go home."

"Common Tama, our precious juniors are fighting in the sports festival! and were here to cheer them on." Mirio said kindly before returning another barb at Rumi.

"Also, our class had a strategy. And their keeping up with the majority of yours. Sides, I have a feeling that we shall see what your class is made of next round Rumi."

"Pfft, yeah that they are going to crush 1-B easily." Rumi said, her confident grin back as she watched Izuku's leaping and powerful form down below. Already the boy was right on the heels of the top three.

"Is that so?" Mirio said, While watching his friend. It was pretty unusual for Rumi to speak highly of anyone that wasn't Nejire. Sure she got along with him and Tama, yet outside of that Rumi didn't particularly care about anyone. So for her to take an interest? He couldn't help but be curious.

"Yeah! GB Is awesome! me and Rumi were talking about how much power he's got. Heck you should of seen the fight they had when she finally convinced him to go all out! Let me tell you!" Nejire squawked, climbing over a protesting Rumi as she wanted to get closer to the two boys as she told her story. Even Tamaki's ears were twitching showing that the boy was listening in as well.

"See, see! it went like this!"

"So your a bit stronger then me. That's gotta make me wonder are you faster?" She asked before she leaped at the boy.

Izuku squawking at the sudden charge was caught flat footed as Rumi's powerful leg smashed into his side. Blasting the poor boy into a nearby building, crumbling the structure as he smashed through one then two walls.

Huffing to himself as debris rained down on him the boy launched himself out and back at the Rabbit teen. His crackling energy surrounding him still, as his powerful fist blasted at the girls head. Only for Rumi to effortlessly dodge the blow. Her back falling and arching backwards slightly as Izuku's first went above her. Before another leg rocketed forward smashing into the boys gut. Launching him upwards a hundred feet in the air.

Gasping at the sudden lack of air, brutally winded by the blow as his mind raced. He hadn't had a lot of time to experiment with his new found understanding of his quirk. Before the boy acted in explosions of tremendous power usually using the most of his power instantly and having a sort recharge time or being completely drained. Already in the quick blows they had just exchanged, he found that his power was slightly less then before. Yet he wasn't draining his strength nearly as fast as before. Able to maintain his new "Glow" for much longer and better times. Being far more efficient with the energy he had.

Yet Rumi was fast, he had assumed so when she fought the entire class, but that was nothing compared to now. Sure their display had showed him as being more powerful, but that power didn't mean anything if he couldn't hit her. Think IZUKU think! as he struggled to retain his breath. Falling downwards towards the ferocious girl who was grinning back at him. I GOT IT! If I can't catch her. Then I just have to make sure she can't dodge!

His body plummeting to the ground, Izuku his face no longer frantic as he prepared himself for his next move. Rumi, noticing the change in the boy decided to show him just what the difference in their experience was. As not bothering to wait for him to finish his decent, her body sped forwards.

"Luna Ring!" Rumi shouted, as she started moving in a gymnastics like cartwheel. Her powerful legs striking Izuku once, Crushing into the boys arms. Then twice, blowing past his defense and crushing into his chest. Then using his body she continued her momentum cartwheeling over the boys form as she hit with a third time. Leg now rocketing at Izuku's head, blocked at the last minute as his arms prevented the crushing blow.

Izuku having being blitzed even before his feet landed could do almost nothing to stop the onslaught. Yet, so far his plan was working. He was weathering the storm, his feet finally touching the ground without being blasted away or defeated. As Rumi finished her roll about him, landing in front of him when she unleashed a fourth blow. A surging roundhouse aiming for his side once more. Izuku grunting in pain as he once more felt the blow impact directly.

Only this time, he had wanted it to happen. His left arm jutting forward to grab Rumi's powerful and muscled leg. Grinning in triumph at stopping her onslaught, the boy grunting in pain. lashed out with his fist. Power sparking around him as his blow caught the restrained Rumi squarely in the body. Blasting the older student backwards into a tumbling heap as wind and damaged debris followed in her wake. Having being picked up by Izuku's power at hitting her directly.

Tumbling head over body, Rumi was able to quickly right herself, both legs crouched behind her as one hand pressed into the cement. Trying to halt her momentum the girl slid a few feet before stopping. Taking a shuddering breath, she cursed to herself. Damn that boy could fucking hit, her body quivering slightly in pain. She needed to make sure that he didn't get too many more of those off. Another single solid blow like that could take her out of the fight completely.

Izuku for his part wasn't going to give Rumi any more time to use her speed against him. His bodying rocketing on her heels as she recovered. Hoping to harass and land a blow before she could recover. His right fist coming directly at her form, only for Rumi to dodge to his left. Unable to cancel his momentum the boys first slammed hard into the concrete having rock and cement blasting upwards in a cyclone of destruction.

Before Rumi's booted the boy in the back, causing him to flip ass over tea kettle. Before slamming into another building then another one after another. Izuku stunned, his body coming to a rolling heap as she stared up into the mid day sky. Geeze, she wasn't as strong as him, but she still hit like a semi truck. Not to mention she had taken his blow and recovered almost instantly. Izuku had a feeling this would be the case, but he had come to the realization. He was horribly out matched. He contemplated life as he struggled to regain his strength.

Standing slowly on shaky feet, he barely noticed when Nejire floated through the ceiling.

"Yo! GB! You ok dude? You've been in here a while. Even Rumi was getting a little worried."

"Ye-yeah, I think..." Izuku stammered. Before rubbing his mouth and nose, that had slowly been dripping with blood. He wasn't one to just give up and he found that he wanted to prove himself to the older fierce girl.

"I'm ready again Miss Nejire" He said, more confidence on his tone. taking deep breaths as his body stopped shaking. His strength returned. The older girl smiling brightly at him.

"Good! Go get her!" Then slapping the poor boy quickly on the butt. Causing Izuku to squeal in embarrassment at the older girls sudden and embarrassing contact. His face going super nova red as he sputtered to say anything towards his senior.

"Oh sorry! was that bad? I saw on Tv that guys do that to hype themselves up in sports!" Nejire said, her tongue slightly out, one eye closed as she rubbed the back of her head. A light dusting of red on her face as she slowly floated off.

"Rumi! He's ready, though I might of broken him!" Nejire called out. Izuku still struggling to come to terms with what just happened was brought back to reality as Rumi's form smashed through the building. Her legs once more arching towards his body in a crushing blow. Deciding to put some of Rumi's own training to the test, Izuku took on a boxing stance as he braced for the blow.

Being hit so hard his feet smashed into the concrete below him. Before he counter attacked once more in a vicious jab, trying his best to make a direct hit. Rumi, having guessed she would of caught the boy off guard was impressed. At least before she spun once again his blow whistling harmlessly past her, before shouting.

"Luna Tijeras!" the girls legs wrapping once more around Izuku's head. Warm, soft skin, pressing on his cheeks and neck. A delicious floral smell overwhelming the body, before he felt the legs tighten on him uncomfortably. Remember the toss she had pulled off last time. Izuku grabbed at the girls sides, Causing her to grunt at the sudden contact. Izuku's arms and chest muscles straining as he did everything he could to stop her momentum. The ground crackling and fissuring under the power struggle that both enhanced teens were now facing.

Rumi for her part was shocked that the boy was able to stop her movement. Oh sure the move was heavily tuned down, as when used regularly, it would been enough to decapitate a regular person. Still she had put significant amount of power in the move. Hoping to finish the fight. So when she felt his hands grab her sides. She had immediately Braced her legs when she felt Izuku's massive and powerful hands try and powerbomb her form into the ground below him.

Both teens now straining against one another, Neither able to bring their full power into play as Izuku struggled to use only his arms to throw the girl into the ground below him. While Rumi's tightened her thighs on the boys neck, trying to deny him air and knock him out. Both teens red faced at the struggle, but also at the strangely intimate position they were in. Izuku feeling the girls soft skin, Her core only inches away from his face as he tried to focus only on the fight.

Rumi feeling Izuku's powerful and large hands gripping her sides. His hot and warm breath causing goosebumps on her bare legs as they contested one another.

"Woaaaahhhh, that's a crazy form! It looks super fun! WOWZA" Nejire her giggling voice causing both teams to release their hold and jump back from one another. As she did a wolf whistle having caught two of her favorite people in a funny situation.

"Can it love." Rumi said, and for the first time that Izuku had ever seen.

The girl was a deep scarlet. Super shocking as he didn't think there was anything that embarrassed the fierce and brazen girl. Of course his own face was radiating heat, knew that he was far worse as Rumi told her girlfriend to leave it be.

"U-Uh sorry Nejire." Izuku said, causing both girls turning towards him.

"For what?" they both asked now confused, each of their heads tilting slightly.

"W-well um, I didn't mean for it t-to be so i-intimate..." Izuku said softly his voice cracking at the end.

"Duh dude, its fine. Sides we weren't finished." Rumi stated before charging forward. Her vicious blow smashing Izuku out of the building they had been fighting in. Turning to Nejire, she couldn't help but state.

"Not another word Nej." Before chasing after him.

Nejire for her part couldn't help but humm at the turn of events. It was obvious that Rumi was growing increasingly fond of the boy just like she was. Even if he was a bit dim at these things, not that either of them were considering adding him to their relationship. It was far too soon. Still, he was easily becoming one of their favorite people. Someone who accepted both Rumi and Her for who they were. Someone who from the sounds of things could easily be every bit their equal.

After some experience and trainning.... She corrected as the poor boy got battered about. Rumi no longer really holding back and mopping the floor with the mop top. It had only taken another minute before Rumi had crushed Izuku's defenses. The poor boy passing out at her last attack crashing him into the hard floor below. Stunned and unable to continue the fight, Though Rumi was certainly sweating and panting. Truly exerting herself to defeat the younger powerhouse.

"Holy shit that's hilarious!" Miro said slapping his thighs at the retelling and Nejires enthusiastic explaining of the awkward position that Rumi had found herself in.

"Shut it Mirio or I'll kick you into next week." Rumi grumbled, slinking further and further down her seat. Ears lowered as she tried to prevent from blushing any more.

"Still though, Able to keep up with you is impressive." Tamaki uncharacteristically said before adding. "Only Mirio can keep up with you physically, Nejire and I can hold our own sure. But usually we need to keep you at a distance. The second you get in close were in trouble. He sounds super impressive..... I wonder what he looks like?" Tamaki said, unironically still refusing to turn around in his seat much to the amused looks of the other three.

"Still, you would not believe the amount of trouble Aizawa and Recovery girl gave us once they saw how battered Izuku was. Not mention that Rumi and him kinda destroyed most of ground Beta." Nejire said her own face frowning in the punishment they had received.

"I had only beat him up a bit. I wanted him to fight at his limit to see how far he could go." Rumi continued to grumble still not sitting straight before she noticed Izuku's progress in the race. Leaping to her feat and startling the other three, Before they turned to see what had caught their friends interested.

"GO GREEN! KICK SOME ASS!" Rumi yelled causing the four to refocus and turn silent as they watched the race's turn of events.



"Hey Hey Hey! the first barrier is a piece of cake! What about the second!?

"If you fall your out." Aizawa added to Mics commentary.

"If you don't wanna fall then crawl! It's the Fall!!!!!"

Izuku having just reached the massive section of stone pillars and large gaps. Looked desperately forward as Tenya's form did running long jumps quickly brining him from one platform to the next. Tordoroki creating ice bridges only for them to crumble the second he passed and Bakugo to just be flying over the cannyon his quirk giving him an advantage. Though gaining on the two boys.

Damn it, Bakugo was a bit of a late starter, getting more powerful the more sweat he was able to build up. Izuku needed to catch up or Bakugo might over take them all! Taking a deep breath the boys power flaring wildly along his legs. Looking like it would hurt some of the other students around him. Only that when it would brush against them, instead of a shock, a strangle comforting warmth would follow.

A Grinning support course student, goggles and strange boots equipped only started at him with a maniacs smile. We could make so many babies! her grapple hook shooting out as the boy continued to back up. Rocketing forward with her tools the support student looked on in amazement as the boy destroyed the ground beneath him. Leaping and soaring above her as the boy only rose higher and higher in the air. Was he FLYING!?

"IDA IS STILL IN THE LEAD, his legs giving him speed and power to leap over the obstacle with ease. Yet both Todoroki and Bakugo gaining on him as he's slowed down by the no longer straight path. WAIT!? Whats this!? IS SOMEONE FLYING!?" Mic screeched as he noticed Midoriya's form soaring over the entire obstacle.

"Midoriya has a power enhancement quirk, so it seems rather then waste time moving from pillar to pillar. He's decided to jump over it, completely logical" Aizawa straight faced said, much to the stunned crowd. As the boys form descended, landing in a controlled roll at the other end. Once more taking the lead, though with the other three boys finishing at the same time. Now racing towards him.

Unable to stand the green boys form in front. Bakugo decided on attacking first, blasting past both Todoroki and Tenya while screaming.

"DEKU!!!!" before he launched an explosion at the boys back. Izuku, caught off guard by the attack, tumbled and rolled. Trying his best to gain his feet as the three boys were almost upon him. Though when a rock blasted past Izuku's fallen form and landed on an empty field in front of the boys they watched in surprise when a second stronger explosion blasted upwards. All of the freezing slightly at the strange turn of events.

"Bakugo's! Vicious blast has caused all of our front runners to find the final barrier! How will these four deal with an equally explosive minefield!? Even though it's set up so you can tell where the mines are if you look carefully! With they have time as they duke it out?"

Izuku, staggered slightly from the attack. Looked back in time to see Todoroki shooting Ice at them all. Tenya masterfully dodging the frozen ground only to slip onto a mine and be blasted backwards. Bakugo snarling form, as he raced at Torodoroki over the ice ready to blast him.

Izuku leaping to stand, His left foot smashing down causing earth and stone to block the ice attack watched as the two traded blows. Bakugo's acrobatic form providing difficulty for Todoroki to freeze, while Bakugo was having difficulty landing an attack at having to constantly doge the ice being sent his way. Only able to let lose smaller explosions as the boys grappled.

Only for all three quicking turning as they heard Tenya yell out. Already standing from the blast he had taken from the mines.


The boy, rocketing forward with the speed they had only seen once before at the USJ. Clearing the minefield in almost an instant, the mines glowing after he had flew past. So quick that he had crossed the field before they had even had time to blast.

Bakugo and Todoroki jumping away to try and take cover as the massive explosion went off. Izuku his mind racing before he thought of his own desperate gamble.

"HOLY CRAP! AND IDA HAS SET OFF ALL THE MINES AS HE DARTS OVER THE FIELD IN AN INSTANT! Though it looks like that took something out of him as the boy is awkwardly walking! WAIT WHATS THAT!?"

Izuku instead of leaping back like Todoroki and Bakugo had done. Instead leapt forward, and to the side. His powerful and large form landing and cracking the ground below him. A large quantity of mines beginning to glow at having been activated. Only for Izuku to brace himself as he once more leapt into the air. The power of the explosion and his own leap flinging the boy forward at lighting speeds. Faster then just his quirk would of moved him before.


Once more rolling in a tumble heap, Izuku quickly glancing back taking in the gasping Tenya. Then seeing a massive ice berg come out once more with an equally large explosion that could off been from none other then Todoroki and Bakugo. He continued his race forward.

"TODOROKI FREEZES THE ENTIRE FIELD. Giving those behind him a safe trip forward as he madly dashes after Midoriya and Ida! A THIRD EXPLOSION!? No wait! Its BAKUGO! he's followed in Midoriya's foots steps and is unleashing blast after blast launching him after them. Fighting each other all but forgotten as they chase after the leaders!"

"It's only natural, before they had time to try and stop one another. Now with being behind time is of the essence. It's only logical that they would ignore each other to bridge the gap." Aizawa added.


Tenya having to give his engines time to recharge, was now kicking it up to his top gear as he blitzed after his tall friend. His legs in pain, yet still the class rep pushed himself. Moving so quickly after using recipro burst obviously causing him pain and discomfort. Yet pressing on, His arm outwards as he just reached the back of Izuku's form. When mics voice rang out.

The four boys panting and collapsing as they reached the finish line. Even Midoriya having pushed himself extremely far as his quick's lighting faded slightly. At least until he heard it, Mic's tremedously loud announcement filling his ears. He had done it! He had come in first! Just like All Might had wanted. He had shown the world that he was here!

Standing up with both hand raised high the boy screamed in triumph the crowd roaring his name. His quirk immediately blasting around him, the positive and extreme emotions the boy was feeling. Fueling him, energizing him.





The crowd chanted the boys name. Having been impressed at his tenacity and drive.

In the teachers booth, All Might stood up his arms raised as he cheered along with the crowd. Inko beside him crying so loudly and hard that midnight had to stand up and move three chairs over. Their boy had done it! When he had asked young Midoriya to stand out during the sports festival. he knew that he was asking a lot, the boy was strong, brave and smart, Yet in many ways he was behind his peers. Lacking confidence being the main factor. So he had watched with nail biting intensity at the race down below. Time and time again he had cheered at Izuku's brilliant moves and decision making. Inko of course had tried to cheer, but so overcome with emotions at seeing her baby boy come so far. Being able to do so much, and acting as heroic as he did. She couldn't help the waterworks from flowing freely from her.

Meanwhile Nejire and Rumi were holding onto each other tightly. Both jumping up and down, Rumi breaking free only to show a thumbs down in Mirio's face. While Tamaki cowered lower and lower into his chair at the loud noise. Both girls celebrating that their green haired junior, had accomplished such a major victory! Hand clasps hard as they looked on fondly. So proud at the effort that the timid boy had given! He really was something special.

Todoroki and Bakugo couldn't help but glare on in defiance at having lost. Intense gazes watching as Tenya congratulated the tall teens victory. Both promising themselves, that it would be his last. As they stared at the score board. The remaining students making it through. They would crush him in the next round going forward. No matter what Izuku would not be making it through.

"That brats the one who held off my Nomu" A dark shadowed form watched on in irritation as he viciously scratched his neck.

"W-wait isn't that the kid from the slime villain??"Said Kamui Woods. Who was watching next to Death arms and Mount lady. All of them having been contracted by U.A. as extra security, now stood staring in disbelief at the winner of the obstacle race.

"The first game of the first year stage is finally over! Take a look at the results!!! Midnight now said, back on her podium as the students struggled to regain the breathe. The crowd roaring in cheers.

There showing on a board was the name of all forty two students who had passed. Showing on a billboard with their finished ranking." Izuku of course staggered at seeing him with a giant number one. Was extremely pleased to see that the large majority of class 1-A had made it through.

" The top forty two have made it through to the next round!"

"A big round of applause to all the students who didn't make it his year!

Of course the crowd egar to respond cheered loudly, while the majority of students left the field. Some with tears in their eyes, disappointment clear. Others heads held high at doing their best.

"Now then lets see what the next challenge shall be!" Midnight boomed. Once more a massive billboard filling the stadium as it scrolled through various activities. The students and crowd waiting to see with baited breaths.

"A CALVARY BATTLE!!!!! let me explain! The participants can form teams of two to four people as they wish! Based on the results of the last game each person will be given points! The points go up by five starting from the bottom! And the point value assigned to first place is TEN MILLION POINTS!"

Izuku couldn't help but stammer in fear, the crowd roaring as his fellow students turned to look at him. Desire clear in their faces as they looked at him. Oh S-SHIT! Izuku thought. He was so dead...