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Izuku was Four when his quirk manifested. Playing with his hero action figures, the green haired boy gasped in shock when a green energy expelled from him. A soft, warm glow sliding over his arms, legs, and body. Panicking at first and scared at what was happening, he glanced around his room crying in fear at the sudden turn of events. At least until a unfamiliar warmth flowed into him, What ever was happening he wasn't being hurt at the very least. Instead he felt as if he was being super charged, strength filling him. A sense of power the small boy had never felt before, almost thrumming from within.

In fact he felt better than ever, Power seemed to be surging into him. Unsure of what was happening Izuku squeezed his hands. A sharp Snapping noise filling his room as he looked down in Horror. His favorite action figure, now snapped in half by the pressure he had in his hands. Tears Filling his eyes Izuku burst out into hysterics. How could he of snapped his All Might!? trying desperately to put the figure back together. The young boy frantically moved the pieces together, But it was hopeless. Especially since in rubbing the ends together the toy seemed to smash apart more and more. Parts flying off in different directions. Horror filled the young boy, as the figure was now broken beyond repair. Sadness and frustration getting the best of little Izuku he threw his toy down.


Only for said toy to smash two inches into the flooring. Wh-what? Izuku thought, worry filling him at the turn of events, Izuku at first was confused. What was happening? Here he was glowing softly, Not bright enough to be super noticeable. But enough that if someone was looking at him directly it would be be apparent. Then it came to him, his quirk had manifested! Happy at his fortune and his luck, the broken toy and floor was all but forgotten.

Jumping up in excitement at his turn of events the Boy could help but squeal. Fist raised into the air, a triumphant poise as he finally got the quirk he needed. Unfortunately for the poor boy, lost in his celebration the young boy faltered when his quirk caused him to jump almost ten feet into the air. His fist smashing through the ceiling, as poor little Izuku was left dangling fist now submerged inches in. He could tell he was completely uninjured in the process. Yet he was absolutely shocked at the turn of events. H-huh?

"MOM!!!" Izuku's frantic shout calling for his mother. He was only four after all and this turn of events was far too much for him to handle.

Inko Midoriya was a beautiful woman, slender waist, Green hair cascading on the sides of a kind and caring face. Tied into a pony tail the rather young woman was also respectfully tall. Rushing frantically she opened the door. Her baby had just screamed out like never before. Panting in fear at what could of caused her baby to react that way. She was stunned as she entered, Her small Izuku dangling from the ceiling, squirming as he tried to free himself.

Wh-what? She then noticed, that a green glow surrounding him. It honestly looked pretty similar to her quirk. At least when it was active and she was trying to pull something to her. Rushing to Izuku's aid, and trying to scoop the young boy into her arms. Izuku, who's legs were frantically pumping back and forth as the poor boy struggled. Inko who had no real understanding what was going on, simply didn't register the possible danger in the situation. So when Izuku's tiny leg frantically kicked out in her direction, she couldn't of guessed what would happen. That she would be knocked backwards, as if she had just been tackled by a line backer.

Star's filling her eyes as she felt the blow. Breath blasting out of her as she tumbled to the floor, skidding a few feet away. Inko was stunned, struggling to breathe as the kind woman was winded from the kick. Shakily she rose to her feet, still unsure of what exactly just happened.

"Mom?" Izuku who had noticed just exactly what he had done in his struggle froze. Still limply hanging from the ceiling one arm holding him fast. The boy, who was freely crying at what he just did.

"Mommy? are you ok? I-I'm sowwie." He pleaded, tears streaming down his face and cheeks.

Inko who had regained her composure couldn't help but start to cry herself. She knew Izuku didn't mean too, but she needed to be careful. Obviously his quirk was giving him tremendously increased strength. So she needed to ensure that both he and she was safe. Breathing in deeply, and trying to calm herself. Worriedly she responded to her distraught son.

"Izu, baby, it's ok. Hush now. Baby I think your quirk has come in. I want you to stay very still ok? I'm going to try and pull you lose. Can you do that for Mommy? can you be a brave boy for me?"

"Y-yes mommy" Izuku said, he was scared. His mom was his world, and he would never ever want to hurt her. So almost to a comical degree he froze. Refusing to move any part of his body, barely breathing and tears still freely coming down his face. The boy looked at his mother, obviously scared at the turn of events but trying to be brave.

"Good boy Izu" Inko said calmly. Slowly she approached her boy, once again reaching out to him. Her arms pulling around his waste. He legs limply hanging down.

"Now Izu, I'm gonna pull you out ok? but I'm going to need you to not grab me when you fall. Can you do that for me? Can you be a brave hero for your mom? Just like your favorite Hero All Might?" Inko asked. Hating that she needed to do this. Izuku was her baby and she wanted very much for him to be able to hold her back. Again though she needed to be safe, what if in his panic he hurt her? They didn't know exactly just how powerful he was.

"I can, Mommy. I'll be still I promise."

"Ok, Izu, I'm going to pull you out ok so keep staying still". And Inko pulled, gently at first, then straining to remove the boy from where he was logged. Noticing that the poor boy wasn't budging. So she started to pull harder. Then harder, so hard in fact that she soon felt her entire body weight being used to pull her son free. Izuku who seemed to have zero discomfort watched in amazement. As his mother was now also hanging off of him. Breathing heavily Inko realized it was hopeless for her. She just wasn't strong enough to free him. If only Hisashi was still around, shaking her head at even thinking about that bastard. She returned to the situation at hand.

"dammit! Ok Izu. You've been so brave. I-I think you're going to have get you to free yourself ok honey? So what I want you to do is pull slowly at first on your stuck hand ok? Don't yank with all your strength! Just slowly try too to free yourself. I'm going to use my quirk to hold you, But I want you to go nice and slow. Ok Izu? can you show mommy how strong and heroic you are again? I'll catch you I promise."

"O-okay... I'll try.." Izuku said, noticing his Mom now glowing as he felt the familiar feeling of her quirk. She had used it pretty often with Izuku, helping to carry groceries, or with tasks. While still keeping a firm grip on her boy. Being a single mother wasn't easy, but her quirk had been a life saver. So he knew what it felt like, Distantly Izuku realized that she was glowing pretty similarly to how he was.

Inko fretting as she used everything her quirk had to surround her baby. She couldn't move much and had very strict limit, Izuku just barely being under that amount. Holding her breath she watched as her brave boy, frowned towards the ceiling. Slowing his arm tensing as he pulled, she could see his glow almost increasing as he slowly added more force to his arm. With a steady cracking and ripping noise, Inko watched as her boy pulled his wrist, then his palm, and finally his had was free. Him still floating where he was with her quirk. She slowly lowered her boy to the floor.

Sweating at the effort, she frantically rushed over to her boy.

"Izuku, are you hurt? Keep moving slowly for mommy ok?" She said, as she fretted over him. She knew it would be dangerous since he couldn't control his quirk. Since neither of them knew if he could deactivate it, she would just have to settle for peering closely at his hand, but not actually touching the boy.

Izuku for his part was staring at this fist, Not a single scratch or injury on him. Amazed he was almost in a daze, he had a quirk... and Amazing quirk at that...Still he was scared, he didn't want to hurt anyone and was already worried about all the damage he caused. Not to mention if he stepped forward would be crash through a wall? Izuku, for the first time in his life, was scared of quirks. Even worse, he was scared of himself.

Seeing Izuku's reactions Inko tried her best to assure her son, Phone out as she placed some calls. They needed to see a quirk specialist as soon as possible. Izuku could be a danger to everyone around him, even worse he could be a danger to himself. Fear filling Inko as she worried about her beautiful boy. She got to work, calling an emergency quirk hotline designed for helping with newly emerged quirks she just hoped that they would get there soon.


Izuku was age four when he learned that All men are not created equal. He also realized that with great power, comes even greater responsibility. It didn't take long for the quirk rescue team to get to his apartment. There was even a Pro hero too, it seemed to be an underground hero who was just starting out. His power specifically extremely useful in these dangerous situations. Dealing with unknown quirks and power was dangerous. So dangerous in fact that it caused a decently high mortality rate. When you can turn yourself into a bomb, or shoot fire out of your hands, it was easy to imagine just how much damage an uncontrolled quirk could do.

How many four year olds did you know that had the maturity to deal with a flamethrower? Luckily for Izuku and Inko the hero who arrived had a very special quirk. He was able to erase quirks as long as he looked at a person. So it was a frantic and crying Inko who held onto dear life to her baby. Thanking young man over and over again. They were taken to a special facility for dealing with dangerous or powerful quirks. And Izuku was given some tests right away.

His strength was staggering, and of course his durability was off the charts. The doctors after asking Inko what her and his fathers quirk was seemed to have figured it out. It was some sort of mixture of the two. His father had a simple fire breathing quirk, while Inko was telekinetic. So they theorized that somehow they fused together, to give a energy and power source to the small boy. Hisashi quirk used his food as a power source to fuel his flames. So they guessed that Izuku had a similar power, That he was using something to fuel his energy like Hisashi. Instead of flames though the boy seemed to have a strength induced powerup. His body filling with a warmth being the only indicator that they were linked.

Inko's quirk came into play with the familiar glowing green energy the boy had. In their testing they noticed that the more power Izuku used the more apparent the glow was. Of course it wasn't like the boy turned into a spotlight or anything, just a green glow would pour from him. They figured that mutation of Inko's quirk happened, Rather then attracting small objects the boy was instead attracting energy. Using that as the fuel source like his father used food. Though what exactly he was using for energy was a mystery. Infact the doctors had been surprised to find a small barrier on the boys skin. Planning to do blood work on the boy, to ensure he was healthy and ok. The doctor reacted in shock when the needle broke, unable to pass the boys light glow. Follow up testing realized that the boys durability, came from two sources. His innate physical strength newly unlocked by his fathers side of the quirk. As well as a telekinetic quirk creating a sort of force field around the boy, Only a millimeter off his skin, but surrounding him completely. They had figured out where his soft green glow was coming from.

They did have some good news, His quirk might be controllable. Or at least they hoped it could be controlled. They had Izuku do a variety of exercises to see what his limits at age four was. After being able to run at an respectably fast speed, his legs powering his strides. Having him jump meters after every bound. Then wowing them all at being able to lift in excess of five hundred pounds. The boy stopped glowing green, Energy seeming to have run out. The boy grew sluggish and tired and no longer had his extreme power. Or at least, no longer in the extremes he had before. Strangely enough the child would always repower. Though it was wildly inconsistent, sometimes almost immediately after the doctors had Izuku perform a task. Much to their amazement or recognition his strength would see almost limitless. Other times the boy would tire him self out only after a few minutes, the glow fading and not returning until a later time. Dimmed or muted as it slowly regained its power. They couldn't help but their heads at how it seemed to work.

Still It was obvious then that a temporary solution would be for the boy to exercise daily. Hoping that in doing daily runs, physical activity, weights and everything in between that it would drain his energy and make his quirk more manageable. At least until he could better harness his power. Figuring out a plan and some solutions the Midoriya's returned home. They had given Izuku power reducing arm and leg bracers. The same that pro heroes would use in training others or at famous schools like UA. That had excited Izuku greatly, which his mother was extremely grateful for. She just hope his enthusiasm wasn't shortly lived. Regardless, while they were bulky on his young body and form, it would prevent him from being a danger to himself or others at home. Something the Hero Public Safety Commission thought a small price to pay. Especially since it was easy to see how much damage Izuku could to do to the public if his quirk wasn't better maintained.

And so Izuku gained a new life style. Every day wearing his bracers, Exercising his body, and trying his best to control an immense strength. His mother and him still as close as ever, with Inko joining him on his daily routines. They never could figure out how exactly the energy of his quirk worked. Oh sure they knew that something was powering it, some days so exhausted from exercise that he would be unable to even glow. Yet other days, they thanked god that the HPSC had given him power dampening bracelets. Poor Izuku breaking a large majority of things, Dishes, Toys, Note books you name it. Never intentional but still worrying concern. At times it was extremely difficulty to even give him physical affection. Having to wait on the few days that he would no longer glow. Only for his power to come surging back without warning. Not every time, but enough that they had a routine of him holding his hands at his side while she hugged him. She was his mother after all and it was important to support her boy. Especially since, even though he was more withdrawn and less outgoing then his youngerself. The boy still dreamed to be a hero, his passion ignited due to the heroic exploits of All Might. His number one hero. Just like that thirteen years pasted by in the blink of an eye.


Thinking back to the day his quirk first arrived, a much older seventeen year old Izuku was walking to school. He was a kind boy, shy and timid, His school uniform on his large and powerful frame. Large silver-metallic like cuffs on his legs and feet as the boy approached school. Students giving him a wide berth, as they avoided him. At first people wondered who the strange behemoth of a boy was. He was handsome with a mop of unruly hair, and freckles dusting his face. Yet despite his towering height, coming a bit over six feet. The boy was reserved and barely looked others in the eye. Constantly face down as he spoke to others. It was a contradiction that many outsiders didn't understand.

His classmates did though, See Izuku had two major problems. One, while his control over his power had greatly improved. He still had moments where his strength caused issues. Destroying his books, or desk was a regular occurrence. Especially when excited the boy seem to struggle the most. Gushing over a hero's debut, talking about quirks. Writing down notes in his hero analysis for the future etc. Of course, more than one student had things accidentally obliterated by him, caught in the poor boys cross fire. There had even been a few times in accident that Izuku had hurt someone. Never seriously, but a slight stumble and bumping into someone? Well it wasn't like he meant to send them flying a few feet. This was all of course by accident, but it didn't take long for students to resent him for it. Kids could be cruel after all, so they called him names. Knowing that the boy was far to kind to ever fight back, he was frequently called a monster, or his least favorite Deku. After all what use was super strength if he was just as big of a liability to others as he was to himself.

His other major problem? A Blonde feisty jerk named Bakugo. They had been friends once upon a time. At least until both of them had their quirks come in. At first both boys had been ecstatic, they were going to be heroes together. Until one fateful day, Izuku could still remember it well, even though it was years and years ago.

Bakuo and Izuku aged Eight playing on a play ground. Izuku's giant bracers clumsily clinking and bonking into things. Much to Katsuki's frustration.

"Dang it Izuku. Can't you take those stupid ass bracers off? There sooo annoying" Katsuki grumbled glaring at Izuku.

"U-Uh Kac-chan I can't. Y-You know that I need them to be safe with my quirk.... I don't want to hurt you...." Izuku stammered at the blonde boy.

Apparently that was the wrong thing to say. He honestly should of realized it at the time. Katsuki always had anger issues, the boy losing his cool and attacking Izuku. You see Katsuki also had an extremely powerful quirk. Constantly being praised ever since it came it, especially considering how much better at controlling it he was compared to Izuku. While his strength was nothing to compared to what it was now. He still had accidents even at such a young age. Thankfully nothing major since the bracers worked far better when he was younger, something the boy greatly worried about in his future. Would there be a time his bracers didn't work at all? Still there had been enough to cases that caused issues.

Still in his wildest dreams he never would of realized that Katsuki would blast him. The boy charging at Izuku his hands cupped forward at they grabbed onto his right arm. Stunned Izuku didn't even have time to process what was happening until.


Staggered from the blast Izuku fell backwards falling onto his butt in surprise. Katsuki standing over him in triumph, glaring down at the green haired boy. Izuku losing his temper stood up quickly, if he hadn't been so caught off guard by everything he would of noticed that his movements were far more powerful then even a few minutes ago. If Izuku hadn't been surrounded by smoke, he might of noticed the discarded bracer lying on the ground from Katsuki's attack. Hell if Izuku had taken a breath to calm down he would of realized he wasn't even hurt. Katsuki's blast not strong enough to penetrate his defenses.

Angry at Katsuki for attacking him, Izuku reached back and punched forward. It wasn't until his fist was flying towards Katsuki's body that Izuku saw his mistake. Oh-God.... Eye widening when he noticed something missing from his arm and just like that Katsuki was blasted away.

The force of Izuku's blow more powered due to his dampening bracer being removed. He had launched Katsuki at least ten feet. Landing in a heap, and unmoving, Izuku started to panic. Thankfully it wasn't long before both Inko and Mitsuki arrived at the two boys. They had seen the situation from afar while chatting with one another. Both rushing as fast as they could towards what just had happened.

Thankfully Katsuki was ok, just knocked out. Both Inko and Mitsuki grounding the boys for their behavior and expressing their disappointment in them. Izuku, had taken everything much harder then Katsuki of course. With him once again hurting someone with his terrible power.

Still that's not too say that Katsuki was fine after the event. Something hand changed between the two boys. With Katsuki no longer even trying to be his friend, In fact he seemed to of settled on ignoring or insulting Izuku. Never again was their confrontation physical, but the boys relationship was irrevocably damaged.

Sighing to himself Izuku walked to his class, his desk beaten up by his various accidents but otherwise in decent condition. Katsuki glaring at him while the teacher took role call. Thankfully while in class the teachers never seem to let the bullying get to far. One for fear of what Izuku could do if he lost his temper, and two the boy had a powerful quirk. You never knew what the future could entail, so it was important to be seen as a positive influence.

At least if Izuku wasn't already aware of their schemes. Izuku was smart, extremely smart, and while he wasn't popular with his classmates he was very good at reading and analyzing things. He had to be, constantly pushing himself to control his quirk. So he knew that his teachers were not being genuine. Their fake and half assed attempts at flattering him, was exactly what they did with Bakugo. He could see it ever single day. Regardless Izuku did his best to remain polite and appropriate at school. He knew that with his accidents it was important to have a good standing with his school. Sides he didn't want anything to show on his permanent record. These kind of things could follow you pretty far.

Not to mention, Izuku still had a dream, he wanted to be a Hero. He wanted to be someone that people could trust and rely on. He wanted to make people feel safe with him instead of the regular fear that most seem too. In order to meet that dream, he needed to go to a hero school. He figured his chances wouldn't be very good if his school record had some extremely negative things on them.

Besides Izuku wasn't stupid he knew what his power caused. He knew that a lot of the bullying he received was mostly due to fear. Izuku was a foot taller then the next tallest in his class. He had accidentally hurt others, he broke things, and he knew that people didn't feel safe around him. His bracers a daily reminder of that too, when anyone looked at him. Still he hoped one day that he could do the opposite. It's why his dream was still to attend UA, the most prestigious hero school in Japan.

Oh sure Katsuki had insulted him when the teacher had the students submitted their goals for university. The class laughing at the freak and Bakugo once again calling him a useless Deku. He just needed to make it ten more months till he could take the exam. He knew that UA would be competitive, they only took the best of the best. Plus Ultra and all that.

Still Izuku was confident he could easily succeed during it, he was a bright boy and was at the top of his grade. Even if Bakugo constantly insulted Izuku for beating him. Not to mention his freakish strength would most likely work during the practical as well. He didn't know exactly what it was, no one really did. But he knew that it was combat oriented. No instead it was better to focus on achieving his goals and trying to get through the rest of Highschool as safely as possible. With as little confrontations as possible.

Trying to make himself small Izuku, busied himself over writing more notes on a Hero who had debuted earlier that day. Taking dedicated notes on what he had learned of her quirk and its practical uses. Gigantification quirks were extremely rare after all. So what if he gushed about her power a little bit, writing his thoughts down. He figured he could relate to her in certain ways. It wouldn't be easy to be fifty feet tall and having the weight of the building. He had been extremely impressed at her not causing any collateral damage as she fought. Even if she stole a little of Kamui woods spotlight. as the Bell wrung announcing another end to the school day. Bakugo calling him a freak as he walked by, which was their daily interaction.

It was going to be a long ten months Izuku sighed once more. Deciding to stay a few more minutes at class, He tried to avoid leaving at the same time so as not to have anymore accidents. Granted his last one had been almost a year ago. It still weighed heavily on his mind. Not to mention he wasn't in any rush, Happy to continue his notes on Mount Lady. Even sketching a few drawings here or there. It was something Izuku had taken up to improve his fine control. He still shattered a pencil every now and then, but it worked wonders for him. Helping him to have better and better motor control. Humming to himself Izuku waited until most students had left for the day. Lost in his own little world of hero's and quirks.


An hour or so later Izuku was walking home from school. Still lost in thought as he mused about quirks, it was something he had done for so long. It just came naturally to him, even if he still didn't talk about his own.

His thoughts interrupted as a massive KaBoom shook his surroundings. Huh!? what was going on? and again another KABOOM sounded out. Izuku knew those sounds anywhere, having listened to them for years. Bakugo! his mind reeling, Bakugo was many things, but he would never ever use his quirk in public. Something was terribly wrong.

before he realized what was happening he was off running. His feet propelling him faster than any normal boy could move. Long powerful strides moving him forward in leaps and bounds. At least until he finally made it to where the explosions were coming from. Skidding to a stop be gasped at the sight in front of him.

"KAC-CHAN!?" Izuku yelled. There surrounded by fire, smoke and flames was his child hood friend turned bully. A green ooze like substance covering his entire body as he mightily struggled. Another explosion blasting out of him into a near by grocery store. Izuku's eyes straining to take in everything. It had to be a villain, various pro heroes surrounding him at a safe distance. Evacuatingcivilians and roping off the area to the best of their ability.

Chaos was descending everywhere, What was going on? Why where they not saving him? Izuku's eyes darting to the pro hero Death Arms as his muscled form darted into the alley where Bakugo was being held. Finally someone was trying to do something! As Izuku watched Fear filled his chest, Sure Katsuki and him were not friends anymore. That didn't mean he wanted to see the boy get hurt. Or worse... Izuku gulped as Death Arms charged into the fray. Yelling something he couldn't make out from how far away he was. He watched as the hero struck out. Massive right fist crashing into the oozing sludge, Only nothing happened. stunned Izuku began to move closer, as various people ran away. Panic and worry obviously everywhere around him. Yet he couldn't help but move, he needed to see what was goin on. Did Death arms save Katsuki?

No that wasn't right, something was happening as he saw death arms panicking, trying desperately to remove his now sinking arm from the sludge. It looked like he was having difficulty getting a hold on the villain. His left hand slapping uselessly and sliding off the oozing form. Until a heavy tendril came soaring out of the villain. Smashing the strong arm hero back into a building. A resounding Crash, echoing around as he struggled to his feet. Izuku could tell he was stunned, that blow had been heavy and strong enough to damage the concrete behind him. Fissure like cracks spreading out from the downed Hero. Civilians screaming in terror as one of their protectors went down.

Various other less known Heroes rushing his defense only be to sent flying as second tendril formed. Lashing out at them and laying blow after blow to keep the heroes back. Couldn't anyone save him? Someone had to get to Katsuki. Izuku thought desperately, moving closer still, just now reaching a few people who watched transfixed as much as he was.

It was at that moment Izuku heard a strangled, coughing scream. KATSUKI!?

"I WON'T LET SEWAGE LIKE YOU SWALLOW ME. GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!" Bakugo Roared. His palms igniting like miniature suns. Followed by a hiss, and a earth shattering boom as Bakugo blew up his surroundings. A bomb going off with the force of a ton of TNT. Massive smoke clouds billowing out everywhere, swallowing the watchers in a stunned silence. Thankfully they had been far enough away to not be caught by the blast. Though more and more people left, fear taking a hold of them are the disaster happening.

The blast was strong enough to even force the Heroes back. The streets now looking like a warzone, the sludge still holding onto the struggling Boy. Even that massive explosion hadn't been enough to free Katsuki. Hope seemed to disappear from the square, Izuku who looked down at his arms and legs didn't know what to do. Should he intervene? He could most likely tank the blasts unlike the pro heroes there. Yet what if he charged in there and made things worse? What if he hurt someone when he used his strength. Feeling helpless and unsure Izuku continued to watch hoping and praying that someone would save Bakugo.

"She's here! The rookie hero, Mt. Lady!" someone screened interrupting Izuku's thoughts. Her Giant form bounding down the street. Only for her to freeze at the assembled crowds and chaos. Wh-what was she doing? Izuku thought. Katsuki needs help! Only to realize the problem, she was too big to safety get to the villain. Her massive size being a huge disadvantage in the chaos ahead. Izuku briefly wondering if she had only two sizes, before hearing another scream and a much smaller explosion rocket off.

"I can't BREATHE" a struggling Katsuki yelled. His form getting sluggish as the ooze finally seemed to be over powering him. Horror filling Izuku as he watched the sludge pooling over his mouth and down his nostrils. A monstrous mask and face covering the boys own. A ghoulish grin showing the villains nature to the surrounding people.

NO! Izuku who glanced around in desperation, as More and more heroes struggled to do something. Kamui woods avoiding the flames as he carried injured people off. Water hose, doing his best to stop the spread of flames. Death arms standing there, arms limp as he watched in horror.

Before he knew it Izuku was flying, Or that's what it appeared to people watching from the outside. His bracers discarded to the side as a Izuku's powerful and strong form leaped over all the watchers. Landing in front of death arms, who was stunned at the sight. The Fuck? who was this kid, and what the hell was he doing? Yelling for the boy to get back he was caught off guard at the kids action. Bright green energy now almost buzzing off of him as Izuku charged at the slime.

The Villain seeing the new threat, Using five tentacles to smash down at the impudent boy. Only to gasp in shock as he surged forward, SO FAST! the sludge villain thought, before he felt something he hadn't before. Pain, as a powerful fist smashed into him. There was so much power in the blow, the villain who had always been resistant to melee attacks. Would of never imagined that a punch could hurt him like this. Agony spreading around his body as the force literally consumed him. The villain Blacked out, the blow sounding like a cannon ball, it's echoing boom filling the alley way. Ripping through his body with so much force and wind power that he couldn't maintain his form. Let alone the grasp on his prize, his last action an incoherent scream, before splattering in all directions hundreds of yards away from the two boys. Smothering the flames as the gelatinous ooze extinguished the fire surrounding the youths.

Bakugo who would of been sent blasting away, had been grabbed at the last second by Izuku. His shirt ripped from neckline, to just before his waste. Barely holding to Bakugo as Izuku's fist was gripped tight around it. Izuku knew that he didn't have the fine control in a situation like this to hold bakugo with his own hands. Doing so would of certainly injured him, his grasp possible breaking bones. So he did the next best thing, hoping that Katsuki's shirt would be strong enough to hold. Thankfully it was, though it was close... Too close... as the shirt was all but shredded. Bakugo staring at Izuku in surpise.

Izuku who couldn't help but be stunned at what he did, watched as Katsuki who looked around equally as shocked. D-Deku did this? Bakugo thought with a snarl. Before he, moved back smacking at Izuku's hand to be free.

"I didn't need your help Deku.." Katsuki said softly. Fierce glare on his face as he stared at his old child hood friend. Both gazing at each other lost in contemplation as heroes rushed to make sure they were safe and to bring back order to what was once chaos.

It didn't take long for the heroes to collect the scattered villain, who was thankfully still alive. Something Izuku had been worried about at first. With a flurry of activity people were whisked off in ambulances. New and media were interviewing heroes. And two boys stood by as they waited for what was next.

shortly Katsuki had been taken away by paramedics to ensure his health and checked for any injuries. While Izuku now looked down at his feet, Death arms, and Kamui woods speaking to him.

"There's a limit to how rash you can be!" Death arms all but yelled at the boy.

"There was no reason for you to put yourself in danger" Kamui woods continued. Both heroes were frustrated at their lack of being able to help. Not to mention Izuku who was a high schooler had illegally used his quirk to save Katsuki. Sure it had worked out in the end, but it was important that the boy be chastised. So many things could of gone wrong. Both heroes very much aware of diasterous situations that could be caused with using a quirk untrained.

Izuku who listened to the situation couldn't help but agree with them. They were right, He had charged in there inexperienced. Hell he didn't even know if he could help or how strong his quirk would be. He almost never was able to use his full power, specifically due to safety concerns. Letting it all out there like that? He could of killed Katsuki. He could of hurt innocents... Tearing up slightly at the thought and being downtrodden at his actions he almost missed the sigh from the two heroes.

"Look kid, I get it, you wanted to help your friend. What you did was stupid, and dangerous. But you were a hero today, and well... Good job kid. Just don't let it happen again before your in school and trained." Kamui woods said, he could tell the kid was obviously upset and took everything they said seriously. He did save the day after all, might as well give the kid a break. Patting a now speechless Izuku on the back for his actions.

"Kid, What he said was right. Just be safe going forward. No more vigilantism alright?" Death arms scolded, tone softening. Kamui was right, this boy has saved the day. Both heroes taking in the scene around them. Damn though, this kid had power...Shaking his head slightly death arms continued

"Now off with you, I'm sure your mother is worried. We will handle things from here ok?" both pro heroes nodding towards one another as they left Izuku to his own devices. They still had work to do. Just like that slowly things returned to normal as people began to disperse. Leaving a still slightly shell shocked Izuku, had he just been complemented by real to goodness heroes? Awkwardly shuffling away the young man left his scene. Lost in a swirl of his thoughts.

Unbenounced to him, Izuku was completely unaware of a skeletal like figure, with white t-shirt, long blond hair and blacker then night eyes staring at him in wonder....


Izuku who had finally found his power dampener bracers was on his way home. Thoughts racing a mile a minute at what had just happened. At least until a voice reached out to him.

"OI DEKU!" Katsuki said running to catch up to him.

"Bakugo?" Izuku replied not expecting his old friend.

"I never asked you for HELP!" He roared before continuing. "I was fine by myself, You who can barely handle your quirk. Didn't need to save me okay!? Don't look down on me, just because you saved me today doesn't mean I owe you anything. I'm going to prove that I'm the best, when you and I are in UA you'll see. I'm going to be number one and just because you helped me this one time.... Fuck! I'm only ever going to say this once. You hear me!? You shitty haired Deku!?"

"Thank you" He said quietly almost inaudible. Bakugo's chest heaving at everything he just said, before immediately turning around. Leaving without a word more and Izuku stood there, at a loss for what just happened. Wh-What?

Did Bakugo just say thank you? Was he dreaming right now? And.... He said when he and I were in UA together.... Does that mean Bakugo thought he'd make it in? No.... It couldn't be could it?

Maybe... Maybe I could do it. Izuku thought gamely, He was a hero today wasn't he? it felt like for the first time in his life that he had manage to take a step forward. Fists clenching Izuku stood tall for the first time in years. Katsuki was right... I'm going to get into UA and be a hero. Turning around Izuku was in for another shock this day.

" I am HERE!" A massive figure said, before sliding in front of Izuku. A hulking form, that dwarfed even Izuku stood before him. Better yet Izuku recognized him. His trade mark bangs and heroic presence.

"A-All Might!? Why are you here? Oh my god! the symbol of peace himself is talking to me." Izuku squeaked.

" HA HA HA HA, Easy my boy Easy! I needed to talk to you about your heroic rescue!" The powerful hero said, Striking his trademark hero poise.

"Wh-why? I mean, I know I screwed up in rescuing Bakugo. I'm sorry if I disappointed you All Might sir". Izuku said, once more looking down and lacking confidence.

" NO NO NO! Young Man, you haven't disappointed me at all. In fact you inspired me! I come here instead with Thanks, and a suggestion" All Might boomed.

Izuku too stunned to even speak just nodded in his in the hero's direction.

"If you hadn't of been there, If you hadn't risk life and limb itself to save that young man. I shudder to think what could of happened.... You see it was I who accidentally lost track of that Villain. Without your bravery, that boys death would of been on my hands. Thank you young man" All Might who all of sudden bowed towards Izuku. Of course causing the young boy to panic. Waving his hands and shaking his head insisting that All Might was mistaken. That Izuku was sure he would of saved them all at the end of the day.

"Top heroes have stories about them from their school days. Most of their stories have one thing in common: Their bodies movied before they had a chance to think." Izuku at a loss at All Mights words teared up at the situation.

For some reason Izuku remembered his mother's words. "Can you be a brave hero?" her words almost echoing around him. Thinking back to the day so many years ago where he first learned to fear his quirk. He had done it Mom, He had been a hero today. He had used his power for the first time in his life to save someone, To help someone. Crying silently he waited for All Might to continue.

"That was true for you too, wasn't it?" All Might kindly gazing at he boy in front of him.

"Yeah" Izuku said, falling to his knee's... Crying more than he had in years.

" You can be a Hero".

Various thoughts pooling around the boy, Horrible names and distant whispers. All people who had brought him down these last few years. Deku, Freak, Monster, Useless... And yet the top hero in the country, maybe even the world had told him he could do it. He could follow his dream, He could be a Hero. For the first time in his life, Izuku was greatful for his quirk. Oh how he wanted someone to tell him that, Sure his mom encourage him, but he could tell she worried and fretted. To have the person Izuku most admired say these words to him? It was like a great weight was lifted off of him....

Teary eyed the boy stared at his hero. Could anything be more shocking then this? Could anything be more surprising?

"You are worthy to inherit my role. I want you young Man to be the next great Hero. Will you do it?" All Mights warm gazing staring down at the boy.

"Y-YES" Izuku who couldn't believe what was happening agreed.

Only for All Might to cough out some blood and POOF a billow of dust flowing out from him. In his spot a skeletal man, blood on his lips and hand stood before him wearing All Mights clothes.

"T-The FUCK!?" Izuku screamed