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mother's day gift

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Loid Forger is a means to an end. Nothing more, nothing less. He is a convenient way to ward off suspicions from herself; a good cover up so Yor can continue to do her job without being chased down for it.

That was all it was meant to be, at least.

Yor had never thought twice about needing a man or woman in her life to satisfy her; she was busy, and whenever she needed to get herself off, she had toys to help with that. She’d never needed to procure company, and the few times she’d ended up tangled in between a stranger’s sheets, writhing and moaning, it had all been a part of a bigger plan – men are incredibly easy to manipulate when they’re desperate.

Now, she questions if maybe her little lie has gone a bit too far, if her own desperation will render her vulnerable. She’s been ignoring her own needs for a while now, too busy maintaining the façade of a good wife while doing her job on the side so Loid won’t find out, and now she finds herself falling victim to it. It shouldn’t be happening, she shouldn’t give in, but Loid’s body is pressed against her from behind and Yor’s mind has gone a little blank at the feeling of it.

“Yor?” Loid’s voice reverberates across the kitchen though he talks low, concern evident as he finds Yor frozen in place. One of his hands is still on the cabinet above her head, where he’s reached to grab a glass, and the other on the counter, right next to Yor’s hip. “Are you alright?”

Yor is breathless as Loid’s own breath fans across the skin of her nape, exposed due to how her hair is pulled up into her usual bun. She can’t help the way she shivers at the sensation, how her mouth parts and a short gasp falls from her lips. She feels a blush overtake her cheeks easily, warming up the area around her eyes and down to her neck and chest. Loid doesn’t say a thing, if he notices, but he doesn’t move either – probably waiting for her reply.

Yor doesn’t have it in her to say a word. She’s fighting a battle inside her head – half of her desperate to press back against him, lure him in and let him satisfy her in ways she’s been unable to for weeks now; the other half wants to pull away, to keep herself at a distance, to make sure they don’t mess up this precariously balanced arrangement they’ve stumbled into. In the end, it doesn’t matter what arguments she uses – her heart is pumping fast as Loid stays right where he is, and the teasing heat of his body, so close yet not close enough to touch, is like a siren’s song to which she falls prey, her own body moving back to destroy the distance between them.

As soon as Yor presses back against Loid, her eyes close and a shuddering breath falls from her lips. He’s all hard muscle, tall and built like one of those statues of Greek Gods Yor has spent hours looking at for the sake of an old mission, and the warmth of his skin through their clothes feels searing in the silence of their shared kitchen. Yor hears the way Loid’s breath hitches when she presses her hips back, when she grinds against his crotch the way she knows drives men insane, and her pussy throbs when Loid groans right against her hear at the motion.

“Yor, what are you doing?” He grunts, though he makes no move to pull away; in fact, he lowers his hand from the cupboard to rest it on her shoulder, long fingers stretching towards her neck, fingertips teasing against the skin exposed there.

“Loid-san,” Yor calls, punctuating his name with another roll of her hips; Loid’s fingers flex against her shoulder, grabbing it a little tighter. “I think… maybe we could take advantage of our marriage in a new way,” she reasons, the excuse coming to her in a moment of brightness that’s quickly wiped from her when Loid’s other hand moves to properly hold her at the hip.

“You think so?” Loid’s voice trembles as he pulls Yor close, and she doesn’t miss the way he’s already half-hard inside his pants as she pushes back against him some more, eager to feel all of him, all at once. “Tell me what you want, Yor,” he murmurs, grinding his hips towards her.

Yor’s lips fall open on a silent moan as she feels his hardness pressing against her ass, the growing erection trapped between her cheeks as he makes it a point to drive his hips towards her again and again in slow rolls. Her hands clench where she’s still holding onto the counter, back arching slightly to get a better angle as she grinds back against him. The hand on her shoulder moves and, before she can see it coming, Yor’s chin is being held, Loid tilting her head just enough to slot their lips together in a wet, messy kiss. Yor closes her eyes into it, a whine at the back of her throat as Loid wastes no time, tongue sneaking past her lips and pressing against her own, stroking it teasingly as he tilts his own head to deepen their kiss.

Yor loses track of time as Loid kisses her harder, stealing her breath straight from her lips, the hand on her chin falling to her neck, lithe fingers stretched around it, molding themselves to its shape. Yor lets another whine make itself known as Loid pulls the two of them away from the sink, manoeuvring their bodies so he’s standing in front of her instead of behind her. Yor lets herself fall forward into him, his arm sliding around her until he’s got it wrapped around her back, one of his legs stuck between hers. All the while, they’re still kissing, spit collecting around their lips.

The kiss is broken when Yor pulls her head back to moan at the way Loid drives his thigh up to her crotch, rubbing against her throbbing pussy with a nasty smirk on his lips. Yor melts into it, her wet hands coming up to his chest, fisting the white shirt he’s wearing as if she wants to tear it away from him. The thought tempts her, but before she can make good on her desire to get rid of the offending garment, Loid pushes her back, his lips falling to her neck as he rolls them around until she’s pressed against the counter again. Yor moans as he nips at the junction between her neck and shoulder, the sound broken as his hands slide down her body slowly. She feels warm all over, the heat that started from her blush now running through her veins like wildfire, consuming all her common sense.

When Loid hooks his hands behind her knees, she helps him lift her up onto the kitchen counter, leaning her head back against the top cabinet as he spreads her legs, her skirt dipping between them. She lets him make a space for himself between her legs, his now hard cock straining his pants and pressing right into her, the length of it rubbing all over her still clothed crotch, making her moan once more. She wants to grind into him, to get rid of all the clothes separating them and feel him press into her, but she doesn’t have the brain capacity to voice her needs – not when his hands have sneaked under her skirt and are slowly tracing up her thighs, and his lips are still sucking at the weak point of her neck like he’s determined to make her see stars.

“Loid, Loid, ah,” Yor moans his name like a little prayer as Loid pulls away from her neck. His eyes are darkened with lust, the want evident in the way he licks his lips and looks down her body. She feels her blush return as he stares at her chest for a second before diving down to press his face into it, as if he’s been desperate for it. “Clothes off, clothes off,” she manages to mumble as she feels Loid wet her shirt with his lips in an open-mouthed kiss against her neck.

Loid complies, pulling away enough to let them both get rid of their clothes. Yor watches, enraptured, as he pulls his shirt off one-handed while he works on the button and zipper of his jeans with the other hand. She watches his muscles flex as he pushes his pants down alongside his underwear, leaving him fully naked for her appraisal. Her mouth waters a little at the sight of his cock, hard and leaking a little bit of precum already, but she snaps out of it when she feels his eyes on her again. She makes quick work of taking off her shirt and squirming out of her skirt. She makes a move to slide down to the floor from where she’s sitting on the counter so she can remove her panties as well, but Loid places both hands on her naked thighs before she can.

“Allow me,” he rasps out, dropping to his knees between Yor’s legs, bright blue eyes burning Yor in such a way she feels herself clench on instinct, her arousal evident in the wetness that seeps through her underwear.

Loid leans forward before she can tell him not to, pressing his parted lips right against her clit through her panties. Yor moans, loud and unabashed, faintly thanking Loid’s weird friend for taking Anya to school at Loid’s earlier insistence. Yor’s hands are wrapped around the edge of the counter she sits on, knuckles white with how strongly she’s holding on, trying to keep herself from bucking forward into Loid’s mouth as he continues to tease her through her underwear.

“So wet for me, Yor,” he mumbles against her, turning his head to press a kiss on the inside of her thigh, which trembles when he nips at the skin right after. “Have you been thinking about me?”

“Just… Shut up,” Yor grits out, embarrassed beyond belief as Loid huffs a laugh against her skin, his fingers finally grabbing at the sides of her underwear; she lifts her hips slightly so he can slide them down her legs.

“Sure thing, mommy,” Loid answers, and though Yor can tell by the tone of his voice that he meant it as a joke, she gasps, lips burning and pussy clenching around nothing as more wetness leaks from her as she stares down at Loid.

Loid, who breaks their stare to look down at where she’s now exposed, desperate, and then looks back up at her face with his tongue licking his lips.

“You like it when I call you mommy?” He asks, and Yor burns brighter, ashamed, but she can’t bring herself to deny it – there’s something about the word that makes her yearn for more. “Okay, then,” he mumbles as he lets her panties fall to the floor. He pushes her legs apart as far as they’ll go, leaning in slowly, breath fanning over her wet entrance as he stares up at her again. “Let me taste you then, mommy.”

Yor utters out a curse as Loid’s tongue laps at her right after that, her eyes crossing as he starts eating her out like he’s devouring the best meal he’s ever been served. She has no idea what he’s doing, all she can feel is his warm tongue inside of her, licking at her entrance and the wetness there, then flicking over her clit before he sucks it between his lips. She’s not taking notice of any of it, too lost in the pleasure it brings her to memorize the pattern; all she knows is it feels good, really good, and she makes sure to let it be known.

“Loid, Loid, so good,” she moans, one of her hands coming down on Loid’s head, fingers wrapped in his blonde hair, tugging on it as he continues lavishing her in his attention. “Loid, please, more,” she begs, her chest heaving as he sucks around her entrance.

Loid pulls back after a few more seconds, his lips and chin coated in her arousal, shining against the bright lights of their small kitchen. Yor licks her own lips, using her grip on his hair to drag him up until she can taste herself on him, kissing him so desperately one would think she’s never kissed anyone in her life before. Loid’s hands travel up her thighs and sides, then to her back, where he unclasps her bra and drags it down her arms. Once her tits are free from the confine of her bra, Loid grabs them, squeezing before he breaks the kiss to lick and suck at each one of them. Yor can’t control the way her hips buck, searching for friction, as he flicks his tongue over her nipples in turn, leaving them red and wet by the time he pulls back.

“Fuck, Yor…” Loid’s eyes are hazy with his own arousal, his hands moving back down to Yor’s hips to bring them closer to the edge of the counter so he can rub his cock between her wet folds, groaning as his forehead falls against Yor’s, eyes burning into hers as he grinds against her. “Look at you do to me,” he moans, breathless as Yor bucks her hips into him, leaving his cock wet and even harder than before.

“Loid, please,” Yor begs, her hands on his shoulders, using them as leverage to roll her hips into him, trying to get him inside her. “Please, please, I need you,” she whines, eyes closing as the head of his cock rubs against her clit, making sparks burst inside her belly at the touch. “Please.”

“Fuck, condoms—”

“I’m not— please,” she interrupts him with a kiss, her lips pressed against his for barely a second. “I’m clean, I can’t— we’re okay.”

Loid looks down at Yor for a second, a flash of something akin to concern showing through the lust, but then Yor rubs up against him again and it’s gone, replaced by pleasure. Yor parts her lips as he lines himself up with her, sliding in slowly, feeding his cock into her inch by tortuous inch until he’s fully sheathed inside, their hips pressed together as he wraps his arms around her to pull their chests close together as well.

“Fuck, mommy, you’re so tight,” Loid groans into her ear, making Yor clench around him, drawing a moan from them both. “Gonna fuck you so well, mommy,” he promises before he presses a kiss to her earlobe and pulls his hips back before thrusting forward once more in a hard snap.

From that point on, Yor is completely gone. Loid starts pistoning his hips back and forth at a slow pace, but each thrust is hard, his cock dragging against her walls, the head of it brushing against her velvety, most sensitive spot every time he moves. She lets her head fall back against the cabinet again as Loid fucks her, calling her mommy every time he goes to moan her name, the nickname going to her head and making her feel like she’s floating. She feels pleasure from the tip of her toes to the centre of her chest, burning and soothing something she’s had roaring away inside of her for weeks now. The sound of skin slapping against skin and Loid’s moans fill the kitchen, and Yor is too out of it to notice whether she’s making sounds as well – she feels good, better than she’s ever felt before, and it’s all because of Loid.

“Loid, Loid, ah, ah, ah…” She does moan out his name when she finds the strength to speak, to try and tell him how good he’s making her feel. “So good, you’re doing so good, feels so good,” she mumbles, forcing her eyes open to stare at Loid, whose eyes are wide open as he stares back at her, mouth parted.

“Yeah?” He asks, his own chest heaving as he continues to fuck into her, speeding up the rhythm of his hips and making her whine as he changes the angle of his hips. She feels so full, so good, but there’s something missing—

Oh, fuck.

Before Yor can even say anything, Loid’s fingers come down to her clit, touching it gingerly as he continues to move, cock filling her up as he plays with her clit, circling it. Yor gasps for air, one hand coming up to her tit to play with her nipple as she feels her orgasm build, the waves of it rolling over her entire body.

“Come for me, mommy,” Loid says as he notices Yor come closer to her high, and that’s all it takes for her to come all around his cock, a broken moan of his name trying to fall from her lips before she clenches, hips bucking as she rides out her orgasm.

For a few seconds, she’s unable to think and breathe, the only sense that remains being her touch, where she feels Loid’s cock brush against her convulsing walls, his hand on her clit dragging her orgasm out for as long as possible. She surfs the waves of pleasure for as long as her body can handle, until the pleasure starts to border on pain from overstimulation. She gasps for air, the hand on her breast coming down to push Loid’s hand away from her clit; he gets the memo easily, letting their fingers tangle as Yor’s hand falls to her side.

Yor breathes heavily as her brain struggles to come back online after her mind-blowing orgasm, her body no longer on fire as she starts to feel tiredness overtake the bright heat of the desire she’d felt earlier. She opens her eyes to find Loid staring back at her, his hips perfectly still as she calms down. He’s still hard inside of her, clearly having not come yet, but he makes no move to change that.

“Loid,” she calls, forcing her limbs to obey her as she reaches her free hand towards his face, pulling him in for a kiss. Loid kisses her tenderly this time around, clearly aware of how her orgasm tired her out, but she nips at his bottom lip not long after, making him gasp. “Come inside me, will you?”

Loid groans as soon as Yor whispers the words between them, and she consciously squeezes around him just to hear him moan. Loid seems hesitant at first, moving slowly back and forth, until Yor bucks her own hips into his and he takes that as the permission he needs to chase his own release. Each thrust from him punches a breathy moan out of her, and as Loid moves faster and faster, she feels her own pleasure build up once more.

“Yor, mommy, fuck.”

Loid’s thrusts are sloppy, rhythm irregular as he starts to crest over his own orgasm. He’s too focused on his own pleasure to tend to Yor’s own, but she doesn’t mind, lowering the hand that’s not held by his down to her clit, rubbing it in time with his thrusts. The closer he gets, the faster she goes, eager to come again, this time alongside him. Loid keeps moaning out her name mixed in with the nickname that’s making her clench around him every time, and when he comes, he does so with his lips pressed against hers in an open-mouthed kiss, tongue pressed against hers. Yor feels him fill her up and it’s enough to have her coming apart again, her walls clenching around his cock until they’re both satisfied.

They spend a few moments afterwards just breathing against each other, sweat making them sticky as they stay joined at the hips. Yor takes this time to recover from her two orgasms, brain fuzzy and sated at last, and when she feels some of her brain functions return, she moves the hand from her own clit and up to Loid’s face, grabbing him by the chin to give him a soft kiss. This kiss is unnecessary, just a brush of lips against lips, but Loid welcomes it happily, reciprocating with a gentleness Yor knows she’ll be craving for years to come.

“That was good,” Loid mumbles against her mouth, and when Yor opens her eyes, he’s already staring back at her with a small smile on his lips. “Maybe we could do that more often?”

Yor blushes at the offer, but the way her heart flips inside her chest at the words doesn’t go unnoticed by either of them; Loid certainly feels it, if the way he nudges her nose with his own is any indication. She looks between Loid’s eyes and his lips before she gives a small nod.

“Sounds like a good idea,” she mumbles, pressing one last kiss to Loid’s lips before her starts to pull back.

Yor flinches a little as he pulls out and she can feel herself start to leak, but before she can slide to the floor and rush to the bathroom to clean up, Loid picks her up off the counter and takes her to the bathroom in a bridal carry, planting her down on her feet before he reaches over to turn on the shower. There’s a blush high on his cheeks and the tips of his ears as he turns back to her, but there’s also a smile on his lips that makes Yor’s heart flip a little inside her chest once more.

“Shower. I’ll clean up in the kitchen,” he says, grabbing a cloth and wetting it to clean himself up in quick strokes; he puts the cloth in the laundry hamper and then turns to leave, but pauses and turns back to Yor, a teasing smile on his lips as he looks back at her. “Happy Mother’s Day, by the way,” he says, winking at her with a confidence that’s only betrayed by his blush, before he leaves the bathroom, closing the door behind him with a quiet click.

Standing naked in the middle of their bathroom as the steam from the shower starts to rise, Yor feels her face and body completely flush red once more, the embarrassment rising from within her chest until she feels it in every crevice and dip of her body.

She can’t believe what she’s just gotten herself into.