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would an insane person do this?

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Haruaki had severed Takumi's head with a few strong swings of the ax. Without thinking too much about it, he bent down to pick it up. Showing it to his fellow wolves without comment, their sudden applause and congratulations disgusted him. Maybe they couldn't keep their humanity as wolves. Maybe it really was impossible, and the role had already driven them all mad after only their first real kill.

He didn't feel mad, though. Angry at his companions' heartlessness, yes, but not insane. Haruaki remembered the weight in his hands, the head of the man Kaori was sure to marry someday... though that wasn't really true anymore, was it? As soon as the neck was split, the blood spilled, and heart stopped, this body no longer belonged to Takumi. It was just like any other object. Haruaki looked into the vacant, yet pained eyes of what used to be the most dependable man in the village. The moment of this man's death was so clearly preserved, Haruaki couldn't look away.

An idea abruptly came to him. Maybe if he did something truly reprehensible to Takumi (worse than murdering him?), he could knock some sense into Kaori and Haru. He scanned Takumi’s room full of various farming equipment. Spotting a thin tool with two flat, sharp prongs on the end, he grabbed it and brought the points to the skin just under Takumi’s right eye. With a quick glance to his partners to make sure they were watching, he plunged the blade directly into their friend’s pupil.

Haruaki repeated this several times, twisting the tool as he pushed it in and wrenched it out, feeling the mangled flesh inside the socket cling to the tool in his hand. His companions finally reacted.

"What the hell?" Haru muttered behind him, trying and failing to hide her disgust.

"Fusaishi..." the confused whisper of Kaori.

Ignoring them, he continued his ministrations, thoroughly tearing and scraping out what was left in the gaping hole. He wasn’t finished, though. The bloody, dripping pulp that now sat in the socket looked awfully inviting.

Haruaki set the severed head upright on the corpse's abdomen, and straddled its hips, parting the lengths of fabric on the front of his skirt and tugging the pants underneath down just past his hips. Without pausing he pulled out his growing erection, surprised at how excited he was for the objectively disgusting desecration he was about to commit.

The sound of Kaori ushering Haru out of the cabin was barely on Haruaki's radar, drowned out by the pounding of his heart and rushing of blood in his ears. His hand shook as he guided himself to rub against Takumi’s blood-covered cheek. The sight and sensation of the cooling blood and viscera on his dick sent shivers of disgust down his spine that only spurred him on.

Letting out a shaky sigh, he slowly pushed the head of his cock into Takumi’s vacant eye socket. Haruaki was absolutely mesmerized. The sight of the remaining gore displaced by his throbbing member, the feeling of the still-warm hole accepting him so easily, the heady stench of blood filling his senses.

So caught up in the steady entry, he was surprised by the needy groan that escaped his own mouth and the heavy panting that followed. His own desperation and the soft squelch of blood being the only sounds in the small cabin was intoxicating. His hips jerked forward, deeper into the socket.

He tangled his fingers in Takumi’s dark hair as he bottomed out, dick twitching. With a guttural moan, Haruaki ground his hips against Takumi’s lax face. His chest heaved as he struggled not to come so quickly.

“F-fuck...” he whispered to no one but himself and the dead man beneath him.

Haruaki slowly pulled out, staring open-mouthed at his blood-covered groin, viscera glued to his skirt and pants. The rustle of his skirt covered the broken swears he couldn’t hold back as the head of his swollen cock gently caught on Takumi’s eyelid.

The sight of his bloody dick teasing the gory hole, hips shifting in and out ever so slightly, nearly brought tears to his eyes. It was overwhelming, all of it. Disgust, fascination, and arousal warred within him, making him lose more and more control of himself.

How did it all come to this? The ease of killing such a strong, trusted man, the pleasure of ruining his corpse is such a horrendous fashion... Haruaki couldn’t get enough. He didn’t even have the excuse of doing this to shock Kaori and Haru anymore, he’d been alone in this room since this started.

Maybe he truly was insane.

And with that thought, Haruaki thrust fully into Takumi’s eye, harder, faster, again and again. Grunts and moans and squelching that'd be horrific to anyone but him filled the space, loud enough for anyone outside to hear. He couldn’t contain any of it any longer, his peak coming too fast and too hard from the euphoria of turning this corpse into his own fucktoy.

With an unrestrained shout, his hips jerked forward as far as the bloody hole would take him as he came hard and deep in the back of Takumi's skull. Haruaki's knuckles were white with the iron grip he had on the back of the dead man's head, fingers tangled in messy brunette strands. His jaw hung open with a groan as cum filled the socket, hips twitching sporadically with the instinct to fill up whatever warm hole he was offered.

He held Takumi close as he slowly came down from his high, breath stuttering on the heavy exhales dragged from his lungs. Finally, he sat back on Takumi's stomach, strength quickly bleeding out of his thighs. Pulling the head off his softening cock, the new combined scent of blood and cum filled his nostrils, and he bit his lip as a pathetic whine tore itself from his throat. Slick blood dripped from the eye socket and down his sex, further staining the pants and skirt that were already beyond redemption. Haruaki wished he had his phone on him to preserve the image.

Haruaki stretched forward to place Takumi's head back where it should be and stood up on shaky legs. Looking over the corpse, his... activities were obvious. Cum not only dripped from the ruined hole that used to hold Takumi's brown eye, but also sat smeared and spattered across his disheveled stomach. Blood was all over the man's clothes, having dripped from the gaping wound that was his neck as Haruaki thoroughly desecrated it, but there wasn't enough to hide the white stains of his pleasure.

The wolf sighed as he used some water from his bucket to rinse off his member and tucked it back into his pants. If the rest of the village saw his cum during the day, they'd know for sure that one of the wolves was a man. And what man in the group could do something so horrid? Haruaki was already suspicious as an outsider, so he would be voted to hang immediately.

Resigned, he picked up the ax once again and started severing Takumi's limbs one by one. Then he destroyed the man's middle, making sure blood covered up any cum left on his clothes. Looking at the head, all Haruaki could do was swing, over and over, turning the once-kind man's face into an unrecognizable puddle of gore, any cum now mixed seamlessly with blood and brain matter. Satisfied with his work, he gathered his things.

As he left the cabin, dutifully sprinkling water along the way, Haruaki could only think that his night of fun was worth any risk of losing.