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Vorkosigan Saga Book by Book Timelines

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Day 1:
- Early morning: Cordelia Naismith and Ensign Dubauer hike back to camp after seeing their shuttle take off unexpectedly to the orbiting ship.
-They explore the destroyed camp and radio their ship which informs them of a Barrayaran military presence
- Dubauer is shot and Cordelia is knocked out
-Cordelia awakes to see the boots of a Barrayaran soldier, Aral Vorkosigan, who takes her prisoner and says he intends to travel to a cache 200 km away to overcome a mutiny in his command.
-Aral collects equipment from the Betan camp including oatmeal and blue cheese dressing packets.
- Cordelia insists on caring for and taking along the nerve disruptor struck Ensign Dubauer and burying Reg Rosemont, which takes the remainder of the day.

Day 2:
- They start to hike down the mountain.
- Cordelia remembers hearing that an Aral Vorkosigan was the Butcher of Komarr. This leads to discussion of Barrayaran politics.
- In evening they reach the plains and set up camp
- Aral gives Cordelia the stunner for her night watch due to risk of attack by predators.

Day 3:
- Three hours into their morning hike, they encounter a river and their first view of the “vampire balloon” radials.
- After lunch, they stun and butcher a large herbivore hexaped, and decide to set up camp.
- Dubauer, unattended, is attacked by a vampire balloon, which Aral kills.
- Aral sets a fire by exploding a plasma arc power cartridge because he’s a pyromaniac lunatic.
- Over dinner they talk about Prince Xav, his Betan wife, and more Barrayaran politics.
- Predators attack their camp at night, and then vampire balloons come down. Cordelia lights the vampire balloons on fire to scare off the predators because she is a pyromaniac lunatic.

Day 4:
- They set off at sunrise.
- Aral steps on an alien anthill and gets nasty bites on his leg.
- Hiking in the afternoon he tells the story of Yuri’s Massacre.
- They stop by a waterfall 15km from his cache at sunset.
- During the first night watch they compare Betan and Barrayaran romantic customs and share their own past romantic failures.

Day 5:
- Vorkosigan’s leg is swollen and badly infected. Cordelia helps him treat and bandage it and he takes a 16hr stimulant pill
- They reach the cache and find officers loyal to Aral. The mutineers escape on planet.
- They shuttle up to the Barrayaran ship and Cordelia is given a guest cabin while Aral reports to sickbay.

Day 6:
- Cordelia explores the ship, followed by Sgt. Bothari who has been assigned to guard her.
- Cordelia works out that the Barrayarans are planning an invasion via the newly discovered planet and that this ship is an advance guard party, and fishes until Aral tells her the target is Escobar.
- Aral explains that she will be a prisoner aboard ship for several months until they return to Barrayar, when she can return home to Beta Colony… or stay to marry him.

Day 7:
- Cordelia’s Betan crew stages a rescue attempt…by allying with the Barrayaran mutineers.
- Cordelia single-handedly foils the mutineers, disables the Barrayaran weapons by shooting the controls with a plasma arc, and then escapes by shuttle to her Betan Survey vessel.

Six months later (sixty days after the Barrayarans invade Escobaran space)

Escobar Space, Day 1:
-Cordelia, now a Captain in the Betan Expeditionary Force created to aid Escobar, serves as decoy for a delivery of Betan weapons.
- They leave by lifeboat and blow up their ship to keep its projector technology from being discovered.
- She and her crew are captured by the Barrayaran fleet.
-Cordelia is taken to Admiral Vorrutyer’s chambers, which are a sadists torture room. He reveals that torturing female prisoners is his hobby and he’s planning to continue for weeks.
-Sgt. Bothari is brought in to rape her. He refuses, and kills Admiral Vorrutyer. Bothari releases her.
- Vorkosigan and an ImpSec lieutenant arrive, intending to save her, and find the dead body, her, and Bothari.
- Vorkosigan hides them both in his cabin and asks Lt. Illyan to keep them hidden for 48 hours.


Escobar Space, Day 2:
- Admiral Vorhalas and Prince Serg come to Vorkosigan’s cabin. Bothari and Cordelia are hidden in the bathroom. Vorkosigan bates the Prince.
- Cordelia and Aral have to give Bothari CPR when his heart stops under sedative.
- Vorhalas and the Prince set off for the front to command the land invasion in person.

Escobar Space, Day 3:
- Vorkosigan dresses in full dress uniform and reviews messages from the front.
- The Barrayaran invasion force is destroyed. When the Prince’s death is announced, Vorkosigan is put in command and orders a full retreat.
- Cordelia realizes that Aral knew about the plasma mirrors in advance and that the death of the Prince and the destruction of the fleet were intentional.
- Cordelia is returned to the brig, with another torture victim who is then taken for medical attention.


Escobar Space, Days 3 & 4:
- Cordelia is kept in the brig.

Escobar Space, Days 5 & 6:
- The ship is attacked and artificial gravity fails briefly, Cordelia’s arm is broken when gravity is restored.
- They jump through two wormholes.

New Planet, Day 7:
- Cordelia is told the war is over
- She is shuttled down to the POW camp where the other inmates tell her that the previous day the camp commandant was executed for allowing prisoner abuses

7? Weeks pass in POW camp


Part 3, Day 1:
- Aral comes to see her in the afternoon, then they go on a walk and talk privately about Escobar and the Emperor’s plan.
- He proposes again and she declines, but says they should remain in contact.
- They kiss, twice.

Part 3, Day 2:
- The majority of the POWs are loaded onto shuttles to leave
- Aral has Cordelia come to check the marker for Rosemont’s grave
- an Escobaran med tech delivers the 17 uterine replicators with children of women who were raped by Barrayarans.
- The oldest is 4 months old which Cordelia says was the beginning of the war which suggests that the time in the POW camp was 7 weeks.

Undetermined amount of time aboard the Tau Cetan passenger carrier returning to Escobar*
- Therapists on board try to get her to talk about how she was tortured but she insists she wasn’t tortured and avoids talking about what happened for fear of letting out the secret of the Emperor’s plan to destroy the War Party via catastrophic defeat.

4 days by fast courier from Escobar to Beta Colony

Back on Beta, Day 1:
- Cordelia is given her Expeditionary Force uniform on the shuttle
- On her arrival there’s a large crowd present to see her given a medal by the President, Steady Freddy. She has a nervous breakdown, interrupts the President’s speech to defend Vorkosigan, and when security tries to drag her offstage, kicks Steady Freddy in the nuts.
- As her mother and a doctor try to comfort her, Cordelia finds herself wishing she was off getting drunk with Aral.

3 days of home leave

Back on Beta, Day 5
- Dr. Mehta arrives in the afternoon. She uses a smoke-release drug to interrogate Cordelia about Vorkosigan.
- Cordelia realizes she’s being drugged and destroys the recorder. Mehta is convinced the anger is sign of Barrayaran brainwashing.

Back on Beta, Day 6-8
- Cordelia writes a letter to Aral and avoids the therapist. And everyone else.

Back on Beta, Day 9
- The therapist arrives with her commander and muscle and they tell her she’s being involuntarily hospitalized as a security risk.
- They intercepted her letter to Vorkosigan and destroyed it in the process of looking for a coded message. - Cordelia pretends to comply, then holds the therapist's head in a fish tank to get her to reveal the security perimeter, runs away by lying to a lot of people, and flees the planet.

Undetermined number of days traveling back to Barrayar*

Back on Barrayar, Day 1:
- Cordelia buys a dress in Vorbarr Sultana to fit in.

Back on Barrayar, Day 2:
- Cordelia rents a lightflyer, and flies to Vorkosigan Surleau, the family’s country estate.
- She meets Piotr, then falls into Aral’s arms. He’s been drinking himself into oblivion but decides to stop on her account.

Undetermined amount of time prior to their marriage and “a few weeks” afterwards

Day ??? on Barrayar
- Bothari explains how he got around memory treatment.
- They visit Koudelka, a soldier of Aral’s who was hit by nerve disruptor
- They see Bothari’s daughter taken out of the uterine replicator.

Undetermined number of days later, it says “summer was waning” but Aral wants to visit Bonsanklar which suggests it may be Midsummer Day
- Count Vortala, the Prime Minister, arrives with a request for an audience from the Emperor
- Aral is persuaded, primarily by Cordelia, to accept the position of Regent.
- Cordelia visits Vorkosigan House for the first time and sees Aral’s old sketchbook.
- Aral commissions Koudelka as his personal secretary.
- Aral tells Cordelia she pours out honor like a fountain.

*In Barrayar Cordelia mentions that the journey between Beta Colony and Barrayar is two months long which makes the Sergyar-Escobar leg about 7 weeks (presuming the Escobar-Sergyar wormhole route is still blocked at this point)