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Mina woke up and, to her surprise, Izuku was snoring softly in the cave with her. He was safe. Which meant that she also was safe by proxy. She walked over to him carefully so as not to wake him up after what must’ve been a pretty tough night. Giving him a closer look she noticed a few bruises and some scrapes on his arms but most of it seemed to be taken care of already.

She was sure that she fell asleep fairly late last night, so for him to come back from quite the long journey and treat the injuries he sustained must’ve taken a lot of time. This only cemented Ashido in her belief that some quality rest was in order. With that in mind she decided to make herself as useful as possible and left the cave to start their daily search for food.

Mina felt quite confident about her ability to tell all some of the edible berries apart from the not-so-edible ones after only learning about them for a week despite not being a great student in any way, shape or form. She blamed it on having a very attractive teacher that made the learning process much more enjoyable. But she should probably focus on what he was saying than on him.

Before you judge, she was basically tied to him for the past week with no respite whatsoever and both of them are hormonal teenagers, she was bound to start checking him out sooner or later.

And it’s not like he’s not throwing a glance or two towards her rear when she just happens to bend in front of him. She’s not doing that on purpose though. Probably.

Mina shook her head to get rid of these distracting thoughts.

“I better get to work since I’m on my own for today”, and with that she got to work.



Working on her lonesome meant that the time seemed to slow down more and more with each berry picked and Mina often found herself wondering how late it was only to find the suns not even in their peak positions.

Her basket was already filled with berries, which were quite easy to find due to them growing very fast in this place, so she decided to take a break and go back to the cave. She made sure not to carelessly waltz inside though in case Izuku was still sleeping, which proved to be the right choice since he was indeed still out like a light.

She placed her blanket over him before she left in the morning, but he seemed to toss and turn in his sleep quite a bit. This led to the sight she now couldn’t help but feel drawn towards.

He was sprawled on the floor with his arms over his head as if he was stretching in his sleep and his shirt rode up his torso to reveal his well-chiseled abs. His pants also seemed to slip down a bit and left even more skin exposed. Even that amazing V shape that Mina didn’t know the name of but knew where it pointed towards.

“It’s not fair that he’s so hot!”, she whined mentally and then quickly covered him up with a blanket, cutting the supply of stimulus for her inner horni. "I gotta stay strong, for 'Chaco! I can do this!", the pink-skinned woman psyched herself up before looking back at the sleeping boy. "I can't do this!"



In the end it took Midoriya till noon to finally wake up and start the day. He apologized profusely for making her go out on her own and sleeping in despite her insisting that it was notably easier than venturing out at night to collect something that might not even prove useful at all. Thankfully that was not the case this time.

At the 'crash site' he found two linen ropes and a hammer, which would nicely complement the numerous boxes of nails he acquired earlier.

Mina was skeptical about the value of items that Izuku risked his life for, but he swiftly explained that rope could be used to climb higher places for safety or to scout the more distant locations, whilst the hammer allowed them to use the nails he already had to construct some rudimentary buildings.

He then went on a rant about possibly trying to make some tools or perhaps hoping to find them in the next batch of supplies.

While he was doing that however, Mina was stuck in her own world where her traitorous mind presented many fun uses for the rope. It took all her strength not to slam her head into the wall.

Thankfully she managed to stop herself and avoid being questioned by her classmate in the process.

Finally remembering that they've already wasted quite the amount of time on theorizing and fantasizing and decided to get to work on fulfilling their daily gathering quota. They would still be fine even if they decided to laze around for the day, but Izuku knew very well that breaking a routine was not a good idea, especially in these circumstances.

This soon proved to be a very smart decision as the weather of this strange place decided to do a little trolling.



It started off innocently enough. A few clouds here and there was a sight that Midoriya was pretty much accustomed to at this point. However they were always white as snow. This meant that as soon as a darker cloud appeared, it was easy to spot. One cloud, seemingly meaningless on its own, turned out to be a sign of what was to come.

The very next day, half the sky had already changed its pure white color to an ominous dark blue. The light breeze that seemed to envelop you no matter where you were also picked up in strength as the trees all around started swaying back and forth to a song only they could hear. The third day brought a sudden drop in temperature that left the unprepared teens shivering in their boots as soon as they left the comfort of their cave.

All of these strange and sudden phenomena reached their peak two days before the next meteor was scheduled to fall - rain.

Izuku and Mina decided to wrap themselves with the blankets as best as they could to try and stave off the cold during their hunt for berries and were caught by a sudden downpour. Even with their trained speed and stamina it took them a couple of minutes to run back to their cave, by which point they were both pretty drenched already.

The cave offered protection from the rain, but not from the cold, and with nothing to warm up with they started shivering almost immediately.

“W-We s-should probably s-start a f-fire or s-something or we’ll f-freeze to death”, Izuku stated and Mina couldn’t help but agree.

There was a small issue however - they had no wood in their cave. This was quickly solved when the boy decided to act like a man and venture out on a suicidal mission to get some dry wood.

A couple more minutes out in the monsoon and Izuku could definitely say that there was not an inch of his body that was still dry. Everything from the blanket which functioned as the first line of defense all the way to his underwear was thoroughly soaked.

Nevertheless he managed to collect a fair bunch of sticks, bark and even some leaves which would at least allow them to start a fire. Then they would have to worry about maintaining that fire of course, but it was a start.

As soon as he got to the cave however, he noticed that something’s changed during his endeavor. Mina was sitting roughly in the same spot as before, her pink hair that rivaled his in terms of fluffiness was clinging to her head tightly, framing her face and making her yellow horns look bigger in comparison. Her irises seemed to shine in the dimly lit cave as she stared at him with hope and discomfort on her face which was covered by a strong blush that dusted her skin with a purple hue.

The reason for that blush was obvious as soon as he spotted that she had laid out all of her clothes to dry on the rocky ground. ALL of her clothes. Including a simple pair of pink panties with a tiny white bow at the front.

“F-Fire first, q-questions later!”, she stammered out, whether from embarrassment or the cold remains a mystery.

“R-right!”, Izuku squeaked out in response and immediately tried to busy himself with work.

Thankfully Mina had the decency to wrap herself tightly with the blanket, showing little to no skin and offering no visual distractions to her friend. It was hard to ignore however that there was a completely naked girl right behind you no matter how mentally strong you were. And with Izuku being a hormonal teenager he had no chance of keeping his focus solely on the task at hand.

But this wasn’t his first rodeo with the odds stacked against him and so he managed to focus hard enough to spark the embers amongst the leaves and sticks and then feed it enough to create a true fire without thinking about Mina’s thick thighs that would no doubt serve as excellent pillows-

“Ah I thought about it!”, he exclaimed in dismay, fearful that he may have spent too much time in Mineta’s vicinity.

“A-About what?”, Ashido asked in confusion though there was a hint of a smirk on her lips.

“Is she psychic?! N-Nothing!”, Izuku defended himself immediately and then jumped to his feet. “I better go get some more sticks or the flame will die out soon!”, and with that he sprinted out of the cave.

“Dork”, she huffed, though she rubbed her thighs together with a small smile on her face.



The unrelenting monsoon showed no signs of letting up anytime soon and as such Midoriya couldn’t really escape the cave for long. Still he decided to gather as much stuff as possible before coming back to Ashido. Naked, attractive Ashido.

“I’ve spent too much time all alone”, he stated finally in a flat tone with no emotions whatsoever. “Maybe if I stay out here just a few minutes longer her clothes will dry up enough for her to wear them again? I know she loves teasing people but she surely won’t do something so embarrassing just to tease me, right?”, whatever hope he may have had was instantly squished. “Who am I kidding, it sounds exactly like something she might think of! And that smirk at the end!”, Izuku exclaimed in dismay as the rain washed over him.

And then something dangerous happened. He sneezed. It was a normal thing to happen of course, but not when in a survival setting with no lifelines or even a way out in sight. Thankfully this wasn’t his first time getting sick in the last six months, so he already knew what he had to get. It was a bit out of the way, but may prove to be a great boon.

Crossing the river into the safe part of the forest was normally a piece of cake, but due to all that intense precipitation the water level has already risen a bit and the current grew stronger as well. Izuku however managed to overcome this hurdle and headed straight towards the waterfall.

While experimenting with the different kinds of plants this place had to offer in his first days of being here he found something very, very interesting.

He caught some kind of a flu and had a slight fever back then and was getting a bit desperate, which prompted him to eat a strange white berry covered in red dots when hunger befell him.

This led to him discovering what he dubbed as a medical berry. His fever went down by sundown and he was healthy as a horse the next day. The only downside was that this peculiar berry seemed to ignore all the laws of this strange land and didn’t regrow in a matter of hours. That’s why Izuku decided to memorize its location in case of emergency instead of creating a stockpile like with the soap and edible ones.

The heavy downpour made the forest a bit harder to navigate due to the ground slowly turning into mud, but it wasn’t that bad, yet. The lowered visibility also wasn’t that big of a problem since all Izuku had to do was follow the river upstream to the massive cliff.

He managed to find the bushes he sought in no time flat and immediately popped two berries into his mouth before grabbing a handful for later in case Ashido got sick too.

With medical supplies and some more fuel for the fire secured, Izuku decided to make his way back to the shelter where a hopefully dressed Mina was waiting for him to return safely.



His hopes were once again brutalized by reality when he noticed that Mina’s clothes were still on the floor. Yes, the panties too. Although they looked a bit drier than he remembered them.

“Y-You’re back”, Ashido said quite weakly which instantly alarmed her friend.

“Is something wrong?”, he asked with concern as he put down the sticks and berries on the ground before approaching the girl.

“I can’t stop s-shaking”, she admitted and Izuku took a moment to observe her.

He quickly noticed that she really was shaking and shivering. A hand on her red hot forehead was all he needed to diagnose her condition - fever. And it seemed quite high at that!

Izuku momentarily retreated back to his spoils and retrieved a couple of medicinal berries.

“Here, these will help with the fever”, he said as he tried to give her the berries. Tried.

“Feed me”, she demanded with the cutest and out of place pout he saw in a long time.

“W-Why though?”, he stuttered out, positively puzzled.

“W-Well, I would need to unwrap the blanket from around m-myself to use m-my arms, you know?”, in a rare display of embarrassment she turned her head to the side as the red hue was replaced by a purple one for a brief moment.

“R-Right!”, Izuku immediately conceded, then grabbed one of the berries with two of his fingers and proceeded to feed his friend, a process that became much more lewd than it had any right to be.

It was mainly Mina’s fault but he had to wonder if his own fever didn’t strike and made him black out for a split second because he vaguely remembers pushing his fingers a tiny bit further when Mina sucked on them while grabbing the second berry. And the pop when his fingers slipped out from her mouth!

He almost started suspecting that she was trying to give him a heart attack by rerouting most of his blood downstairs! But then he remembered that her survival depended on his knowledge so he was probably safe. Probably.

"They don't taste half bad", Mina said in surprise.

"I believe that the only thing to leave a bad taste in my mouth were those soap berries", Izuku joked in an attempt to lighten the mood.

It seemed to work as Ashido let out a chuckle and he too couldn't help but smile himself. The moment was short-lived however as a sudden chill rushed into the cavern, making the flame of their only heat source flicker violently and both of them shiver.

Ashido at least had something dry to shield herself with, whereas Midoriya was drenched from head to toe.

The initial shiver left Mina quite quickly, but her friend wasn't faring nearly as well. The shivering turned into full-blown shaking to the point that she swore she heard his teeth clank.

The situation seemed quite bad no matter how you looked at it, especially since they really had no idea how long this storm would last. Midoriya hadn't seen anything even remotely close to this type of weather in the six months he already spent here. It was always sunny and hot, but weirdly humid, so where did this crazy monsoon come from?!

Mina had a lot of questions to whatever entity created this strange exotic land, but those could wait. First things first she should worry about her friend who might get hypothermia in no time flat and she would really like to avoid that.

And here's where her, slightly pent up, mind came in. It provided her an idea that was genius in its simplicity.

"Hey Midori?", she started slowly to get his attention.

"Y-Yeah?", now the clanking of his teeth was audible! This cemented her resolve that what she was about to suggest was a genuinely good idea.

"How about we cuddle under this blanket? We could warm each other up and avoid freezing to death", Ashido proposed and immediately had to stop her face from going up in flames at what she really was offering.

Her classmate lost his fight quickly as she watched his face turn red almost instantly while he tried, and failed, to form a coherent answer. Seeing that she probably won't be receiving a reply any time soon, Ashido decided to be more assertive in her approach.

"I see you shake where you stand and you might get hypothermia at this rate, so just get over here before that happens would ya?", she ordered and glared in his direction.

He didn't react at first, but then she saw him start to undress from his drenched attire. He didn't seem all that comfortable and her staring sure as shit didn't help but there was nothing she could do about it. Her eyes were glued to his arms as they slowly got rid of his shirt and then she started admiring his sculpted torso. The sight of his glistening body made her arousal rise even more and she subconsciously licked her lips.

She decided not to lag behind and started slowly getting up whilst making sure that she was still covered by the blanket. She may have been the one to suggest they cuddle naked but it didn't make it any less embarrassing for her.

By the time she made it to her usual sleeping spot, Izuku was already in nothing but his underwear, which too was soaked.

Mina slowly laid down on her makeshift bed and got comfortable before motioning for Midoriya to join her.

By the time she did that he already got rid of his pants and put his clothes next to hers to dry. He was still hesitant about his underwear though. And it just wouldn’t cut it for her at this moment.

“Those look wet too~”, Ashido teased and then decided to take it easy on him for a second and closed both of her eyes.

This seemed to do the trick as she quickly heard him fidget around and then come closer and closer. She was sure that he was mentally panicking and wanting to cover himself as quickly as possible before she decided to pull a prank on him and open her eyes.

The blanket was momentarily lifted, letting the cold breeze wash over her burning hot body, before an unfamiliar warmth positioned itself next to her. Ashido took that as a sign that it was okay for her to open her eyes and she did so to confirm her suspicions.

Just as expected, Midoriya’s face was the shade of a ripe tomato as he tried desperately to stare at the ceiling of their shelter.

Poor guy…”, she thought to herself, yet her plans didn’t change. “It’s your fault for making me feel all this stuff anyway!

Mina’s hands quickly made their way onto the boy’s sculpted chest and started idly tracing his well-defined muscles. The initial contact drew a gasp from his lungs and every now and then he would squirm or shiver under her grasp.

“W-What are you doing?”, he stammered out after a few moments.

“I’m feeling you up”, she admitted shamelessly as one of her hands wandered upwards onto his cheek. “Does it bother you?”, she asked and then forced him to look into her eyes, which she guessed were showing her intent very clearly.

He gulped audibly before gently shaking his head. Not a moment later her hand went from his cheek to his back, lightly pulling him in so that he could fully face her. She had to bite her lip when something even warmer than his cheek landed on her thigh but she decided not to focus on it for now. Last thing she wanted right now was scaring him off by being too pushy.

She shifted on her side a bit and then moved her head closer to his, their noses almost touching now and then, whilst her hands went back to exploring his body.

“A-Ashido”, he gasped out, his breath tickling her nose.

“Do you want me to stop?”, she asked as she felt the tension reach its peak. This was going to be his last chance to back out and she really hoped he didn’t take it.

“No”, Izuku breathed out and surprised his classmate by putting his own hand a bit above her hip.

“That’s what I wanted to hear!”, she exclaimed happily and then tilted her head to the side, missing his nose and diving straight for his lips with her own.

He froze in surprise for a moment before reciprocating the kiss just as eagerly although a bit more on the sloppy side as his arm instinctively pulled her flush against him.

They parted after a few seconds to gauge each other's reactions and then dove right back in when they saw that their eyes directly mirrored their growing arousal. Mina took initiative and grabbed the hand on her hip before directing it to her rear.

He was apprehensive at first but then remembered how intense was the lust in her eyes, and the fact that she was the main reason for all of this happening basically, so he decided to do as he was - nonverbally - told to.

The effect was instant and easy to understand. As soon as his hand grasped her cheek her entire body shivered and she moaned into his mouth. The sound of her moan and the feeling of her juicy cheek were like a drug to him and he immediately wanted more of it. More of her.

Ashido had no intentions of submitting to her inexperienced classmate however and decided to get back at him. She placed one hand on his shoulder and gently rolled him onto his back before hastily crawling on top of him. Then she raised herself off of his torso and stared with a wide grin at his dumbfounded expression.

His eyes were firmly glued to her cherry-colored breasts and her little pinky nipples and the look of absolute focus in his verdant orbs made her even more aroused than before. She wasn’t prepared however for what was going to happen next.

Midoriya lifted his own head into the air and then delivered a tentative kiss to her hardened nipple. She gasped and released a sigh filled with pleasure at that and it was all the incentive he needed to dive right back in for the other nipple.

He kissed, licked and sucked on her nipples and it was making her go crazy. His hands joined in on the fun and started massaging both of her cheeks with slow but methodical movements.

This double assault made her mind go blank for a moment or two before she regained a bit of her composure and decided not to give up just yet. It took some serious gymnastics but she eventually managed to get his fully erect member between her thighs, at which point Midoriya’s entire back arched enough for the aforementioned third limb to slot itself in between Mina’s cheeks.

Aiming to leverage this little advantage to the fullest she started massaging his member with her supple thighs and once again managed to elicit gasps from her classmate while he suckled on her breasts.

Once again however, a wrench has been thrown into her works as after an especially drawn out pump of her thighs the head of his rock-hard cock managed to slide over her aroused pussy, making Ashido release a dreamy whine at the contact.

This prompted Izuku to start cautiously moving his hips bit by bit as he tried to draw out more and more of her arousing sounds.

He stopped caressing her breasts to capture her lips for another make out session. She felt herself slowly drift away due to all of the pleasure and didn’t even register that their roles were being reversed until she found herself staring up at the now towering over her Midoriya.

His hands were groping, grabbing and pinching her breasts and nipples while his hips continued to move back and forth, dragging his member across her pussy and tickling her clit now and then.

Soft gaps quickly turned into needy moans as Mina felt her entire body turn violet from the heat within her core. She slowly wrapped her legs behind Midoriya’s back and started dragging him flush against her once again. This resulted in their nether regions aligning perfectly and she soon felt the head of his cock press against her wet folds.

This however prompted the man above her to freeze as his eyes, that were just as glazed over by lust as hers just a second ago, regained their more natural look. That one feeling must’ve acted like a cold shower, because Mina felt him immediately try to put some distance between them. But she wouldn’t have any of that.

“A-Ashido, I think we s-should stop”, he stammered out though he was panting deeply. His mind might have regained some of its logical thinking, but his body seemed roaring to go.

“I don’t want to… I can’t stop now”, she whispered out and tightened her legs around him. “I want to do this… with you”, her arms snaked around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss, though this one was much more loving then their previous ones.

Midoriya didn’t respond verbally, but she felt him stop trying to get away and instead lean forward into her embrace. Ashido moaned dreamily into his mouth when the head of his cock finally slipped inside her wet pussy.

He slowly inserted himself fully into her with his own gasps and grunts of pleasure accomapanying his first thrust.

“This feels so good”, he groaned into her ear and started pulling his hips back.

“You said it”, she moaned out in agreement as one of her hands went to his back to pull him even closer to her.

His second thrust was followed by a kiss to her neck that had her feeling like she might melt any second. By the time he thrust in for the fifth time she was pretty sure that there was a very prominent bruise on her neck where he kissed, sucked and nibbled on her skin, but she wasn’t really thinking about it. Her mind was overcome with pleasure as she moaned under his ministrations.

All too soon she heard him start to groan and grunt more and more as they both neared their climaxes.

“M-Mina, I’m close”, he whispered into her ear, his breath tickling her blazing hot skin.

Her legs tightened on reflex around his body when she heard his statement as warning lights went off in her head. Whilst she would’ve wanted nothing more than to feel his seed fill her up it wasn’t exactly the smartest idea, especially since she kind of lost track of her fertile days due to all the craziness that happened recently.

With that thought in mind she relaxed her legs, letting them hang loosely behind his back as she lowered one of her hands to tease her clit while the other one went to pinch her nipples.

The added stimulus was enough to push her over the edge as her insides tightened around Midoriya’s cock, who just barely managed to pull out in surprise as he too reached his climax which splattered all over her midriff.

Both teens were panting and coming off their respective highs when they locked eyes and immediately leaned in to kiss once again. Now that their lust was satiated they took time to patiently peck each other’s lips lovingly as the situation caught up to them. Their faces were flushed with exertion and embarrassment as they continued to share small kisses.

“That was..”, Midoriya was the first one to try and break the silence that set in, yet found himself at a loss of words.

“Great?”, Ashido provided with a smile.

“Yeah”, he nodded in agreement and they both chuckled. “How about we do the cuddling you suggested now?”, he proposed and soon found himself on his back with a pink-haired beauty hugging his side tightly.

“Good night Midori”, she whispered and pecked him on his cheek one last time.

“‘Night Mina”, he whispered back and placed a quick kiss on her forehead.

The fatigue from their earlier activities caught up to them and they quickly drifted off to sleep as the rain outside continued to pour throughout the entire night.