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Mina Ashido was definitely not a morning person. She was very bubbly, energetic and generally all over the place most of the time, but waking up early wasn’t something she enjoyed much. Nonetheless, you can’t complain about things like that when you’re learning to become a hero! But five more minutes sounded really nice right about now…

Sighing in resignation she kicked the blanket off of her in an attempt to stop herself from drifting back to sleep. Next she flung her legs over the edge of the bed and… laid there.

Man, Mondays are such a pain!

“What wouldn’t I give to have some time off…”, Mina sighed to herself and finally got to her feet.

Walking as if on autopilot she made her way over to her school uniform, which she had enough presence of mind to prepare yesterday, and started dressing.

“I wonder what Aizawa-sensei has in store for us today? Maybe a surprise pop quiz?”, she shuddered at just the mention of an exam.

It took her a while to get ready due to the drowsiness not being completely out of her system yet, but she was thankfully aware enough of her surroundings to notice that something was off when she stepped out into the hallway. Or tried to at least. As soon as she opened the door she was met with… nothing. Literally. It was pitch black outside of her room, no lights, no sun, no nothing! This couldn’t be right.

She turned around on the spot to look through her windows and noted that everything looked normal there. Filled with curiosity she stuck her head outside and looked around, but failed to spot anything other than that seemingly endless void.

Confused, but feeling brave, Ashido steeled herself and stepped out of her room.

And promptly started falling when it turned out that there was no floor. She started screaming and flailing around during the freefall, trying to catch anything, even though there was nothing there that she could see.

A sudden fog surrounded her, clouding her vision so that she couldn’t even see the tip of her nose. Panic-induced hyperventilation made her head spin and feel dizzy as she drifted off to God knows where.

And then she suddenly landed on her back as all of her senses came back full force. The impact combined with her earlier panic attack pushed all air out of her lungs and made her vision blur for the first few moments.

Ashido tightened her fists and closed her eyes, trying to calm her hammering heart, erratic breathing and her strained nerves.

She deliberately turned off her sense of sight which made her other senses a tad bit more prominent. Sounds of various birds echoed all around her along with the leaves being disturbed by a cool breeze and a faint cracking of a nearby fire. Smell of smoke eclipsed all except the grass right under her nose.

And that’s when she suddenly sat up with wide eyes.

She wasn’t in UA anymore. She doubted she was even still in Japan!

All around her was thick vegetation right out of some nature documentary about the Amazon Jungle or something! She basically couldn’t see more than a couple of meters into the thicket due to all the trees, vines and whatnots! The cracking of fire caught her attention. She turned around and spotted a strange rock filled with small craters that was currently burning in a few places.

She went to investigate, but a sudden snarl stopped her dead in her tracks.

Ashido turned around very slowly only to come face to face with a saber-toothed tiger, complete with giant teeth and stuff! She was about to panic again, but she was a UA student! She could take on something that was extinct, no sweat, right?

And that’s when she made another shocking discovery - her Quirk didn’t work. She looked her arm over in confusion when no acid was flung at the beast. Said beast saw this as an opportunity to strike and pounced at the pink-skinned girl.

Mina yelped in pain as one clawed paw dug into her shoulder as the tiger pinned her to the ground. Quickly recalling all the self-defense techniques that Aizawa had literally beaten into them she caught the jaws headed for her throat and slammed the tiger’s head into the dirt right beside her head.

It seemed to work just fine as the beast was momentarily stunned which gave Ashido the opening to throw it off of herself using her legs. Granted it didn’t fly all that far, but it still allowed her to at least get up off the ground.

The tiger seemed to be angered by her actions and readied itself for another attack when suddenly its head turned to the right, where some distant rustling could be heard. No more than five seconds passed and someone burst out of the overgrowth. They were moving too fast for Ashido to notice anything important about them except their well-built body and what looked like a spear.

The tiger pounced on them but, in an impressive show of speed, the new arrival slid on the ground to avoid the two clawed paws aimed for his throat and then thrust his spear into its exposed belly. The tiger spun midair and landed on its side howling in pain.

Mina watched as the stranger slowly made his way to the fell beast and could finally see some more details about them. And as soon as she noticed freckles combined with green eyes and hair she knew immediately who she was looking at. The thing that surprised her the most was the fact that instead of wearing his school uniform like she did, he was in a handmade shirt and pants sewed from small pieces of differently colored leather.

She was about to turn away when she saw him grab the spear embedded in the tigers belly, but decided not to and watched him snap the weapon in two just behind the stone tip.

“Next time I won’t be so good, now scram!”, he shouted and the beast wasted no time in obeying his command. Only when it was out of sight, his shoulders sagged and he fell on his ass with a deep sigh. “Man, that was as scary as always…”, he groaned.

At this point Ashido decided to make her presence known and walked up to her fellow classmate who was currently facing away from her. In hindsight it seemed like a good idea, but her actions were about to give her one hell of a scare and a bit of a turn on in one quick swoop.

Her foot landed on a small twig when she was about three steps from him and she almost failed to see how his entire physique tensed all at once as he almost jumped to his feet, grabbed a crude stone knife from… somewhere, she wasn’t exactly sure where he kept it, and pounced on her.

In less than a second she found herself pinned to the ground by a dangerous predator for the second time in a span of five minutes.

He was towering over her, knife to her throat and most of her body immobilized. On his face was a snarl that looked like it belonged on Bakugo and not him and his eyes were narrowed in focus.

However, fear wasn’t the only thing that Ashido felt at that moment. There was something about being pinned so roughly by someone so powerful yet normally gentle that just… got to her.

The spell was broken as his furrowed brows soared up and his narrowed eyes shot wide open as recognition flashed through his face and Ashido swore she could see tears start gathering in the corners of his eyes. Just as fast as she was pinned to the ground, the knife was flung away and two very powerful arms wrapped themselves around her neck.

“Ashido!”, he exclaimed as he hug-strangled her. Now, Midoriya wasn’t as shy and skittish as he was back in their first year, but such sudden displays of affection were completely new.

Ashido wrapped her now free arms around the boy’s back and smirked. “What’s with the sudden hug, big guy?”, she teased.

“I missed you, all of you”, he whispered into her shoulder.

“Didn’t we see each other yesterday for dinner?”, Ashido questioned in confusion.

That got Midoriya to release her from the hug, tears still visible in his eyes, and a similar look of confusion on his face. “What do you mean yesterday?”

“Well, we saw each other yesterday for dinner in the evening”, she explained as if it was obvious. “Bakugo complained about the curry being not spicy enough and Kyoka had to slap Kaminari for his comment about Yaomomo being ‘as thick as a bowl of oatmeal’”, Ashido recalled perfectly as if it happened yesterday. Which it did.

At least for her.

Midoriya finally got off of her fully and then proceeded to fall on his ass as he started clutching his head in what she assumed to be confusion.

“W-What’s wrong?”, Ashido asked carefully, not prepared for the answer that was about to come.

Her green-haired classmate raised his head to look at her before speaking. “I’ve been stuck here for the past six months”

Her throat suddenly felt very dry, as if she hadn’t had anything to drink for the past week or so. Her eyes shot wide open at the revelation as she tried to wrap her head around it. Stuck somewhere foreign for six months?! That sounded absolutely insane! Especially since she’d seen him just a few hours ago!

She tried to say something, anything to comfort him or give him any encouraging words like he usually did for all of them, but nothing came to mind.

There were so many questions swirling in her head. How did he get here? How did she get here? How did he survive? Is he alright? Before she had a chance to ask any of those questions however, a distant roar cut the silence that enveloped them.

Midoriya only turned his head towards where she guessed the sound came from and heard him groan as he dragged a hand down his face. “Of course…”, he mumbled before getting up. “Let’s go, the kitty from earlier went to get his friends”, he flashed her a little smile and extended his hand to help her get up as well.

“Always the gentleman I see”, she played along, trying to steer the atmosphere into a more cheerful direction as she grabbed his hand and let herself get pulled to her feet.

“Mom always told me to drink my ‘respect women juice’”, he joked and they both chuckled with small smiles on their faces. “Let’s go, I have no idea how many friends he has”


Ashido followed her freckled classmate in silence as he led her down a road that was visible only to him. Whenever they stumbled upon what seemed like a dead end, Izuku always found an opening big enough to fit through and continue their trek.

They were walking for a couple of minutes when the sound of running water reached her ears and it seemed to get louder by the second. A minute or two later they’ve finally emerged from the overgrown thicket and Ashido was momentarily blinded by the sunlight.

Her eyes took a few seconds to readjust themselves to the brightness before she could look at where they were. As soon as she opened her eyes her breath hitched.

The sound of running water from earlier was produced from a big waterfall which fell from a perfectly vertical cliff into a large lake, which then split into two rivers that created a natural moat around a huge tree. Like, a really huge one! It looked basically like a skyscraper! There were some birds flying about but no other animals in sight. Except fish probably, but she had yet to spot one.

“I wonder if I looked so starstruck the first time I came here too?”, Midoriya shouted, finally breaking her out of her daze. She looked around only to see him standing next to the river with a larger smile on his face. “Come, you can admire the view from the other side”, he said and Ashido couldn’t help but smile herself.

She quickly ran up to him and then he showed her how to cross the river safely. Ashido was glad he did, because even in the shallow places she could feel how much power the water had. Hell, she almost tripped even with Midoriya’s help!

Ashido has been awake for only about an hour at this point, but she was pretty sure that this is the craziest day of her entire life. Only thing that could make it even crazier would be if Midoriya had built a giant treehouse all by himself and started swinging on vines like a monkey while wearing nothing but a loincloth.

A weirdly specific description that was quickly proven to be wrong when instead of climbing the giant tree Izuku led her around it until they reached a cave entrance under one of the roots.

It didn't look like much and Ashido would probably fail to notice it if there wasn't a literal maze of spikes in front of it!

"Oh, is this like in those secret agent/spy movies where we have to do some awesome stunts to get to our objective?", she exclaimed with excitement.

"I mean, you could definitely try it", Midoriya stated before he walked up to the right-most part of the maze. "Personally I prefer to simply jump over this rock", he revealed and to drive the point home tensed his legs before jumping onto the natural wall.

Mina watched him jump off on the other side and a few moments later saw him standing behind the spikes.

She decided to follow her guide's example and too effortlessly landed on the boulder. From her vantage point she could see that there was a small open area in front of the cave proper with some flowers and a little sapling.

Ashido was admiring the view when a sudden wave of dizziness washed over her like a tidal wave. Her vision blurred and she felt herself topple forward as all strength left her body.

Last thing she hears before drifting off is Izuku screaming her name.