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That’s all Jimin can see before his eyes. Dots of red in the darkness of the room. Speckles of them cloud his vision. At first, he used to only see one of them. One tiny dot. He would keep his eyes trained on it to ground himself. Make himself calm down by focusing on the only spot of color in the pitch-black room. It flickered on and off every few seconds. He would time it along with his blinking. A good few weeks passed before he realized what that red symbolized.

A camera. Installed right in the corner of the ceiling. What Jimin started to find a small sliver of familiarity in, now became something he felt threatened by. That red dot haunted his every nightmare, making him scared of every one of his own moves, afraid of who might be watching. Why would they be watching? But most importantly – why wouldn’t they help?

He’s been too afraid to look back at that red dot for a long time now. Ever since he realized what it symbolizes, he’s felt too ashamed of what the lens has witnessed. His body, naked and displayed for viewing; his crying, loud and desperate, mostly pleading for help, but sometimes, to his utter shame, begging for pleasure as well. He doesn’t like knowing that he’s being recorded. In the beginning it made him feel hopeful. Hopeful that someone will maybe see and come rescue him. But the more time that passed, the more his hope turned into helplessness. No one was coming for Jimin. He was to spend the rest of his days here. Or until the one who held him decided he had had enough of him.

But by the way things were going, that seemed like a day Jimin would never get to see. The room he’s started to find familiarity in was filled with everything that was sure to muddle his brain. Pheromones; full of dominance, want and need. Power; guaranteed to make him submit, roll over and present. Sweet amber; making his eyes roll back and his tongue loll out in pure desire.


An alpha that seemed more than adamant on taking everything from Jimin until he left him with absolutely nothing. His pride, his self-control, his innocence. All of it had been stripped away from him the moment he set foot into this room. Or better said, the moment he got strapped to the bed in the center of this room. Jimin doesn’t know much about what is happening or where he is, but if there is one thing he knows, it’s that the alpha that took him will take care of him. That’s what he always says.

“Don’t fret, little omega. You’re safe right here with me.”

At first, the comments would make every inch of his skin bristle. How could he possibly be safe at the hands of someone so cruel? Someone who tortures and takes whatever he wants from him, who makes him cry and sob and beg to be let go of. But he’s found that over time, he learned to find comfort in the same touch that tainted him. The hand that hit him would always caress him gently when it was all over. The mouth that bit him and spit cruel words would kiss his sore body from head to toe almost as if those lips had healing powers. And perhaps, in the sick and twisted reality of Jimin’s mind, they did.

The knife that was held against his neck as he was forced to arch his body until it faced the tiny red dot in the corner of the room started to feel dull against his skin when small praises were whispered in his ear along with it.

“Such a good puppy. The prettiest omega. Sitting so still for me. I really taught you well.”

And that’s one thing he did. Taught Jimin how to behave. Showed him all the ways of surviving in his small little room, abiding by his rules and orders. All he needed to do was be good; that’s it. Just be the best omega anyone could possibly dream of – an obedient little thing, with big eyes only for his alpha, at his backend call with arms and legs wide open, and holes on display at all times. His alpha didn’t ask too much of him. And if that meant Jimin would get to survive and evade his punishments as much as possible, well, that’s something he was willing to do.

As someone who’s stayed as far away from alphas as he could all his life, the sheer power and control that had been taken over his body was overwhelming for Jimin. He knew how small and meek an omega like him was in comparison; he could never fight against the big strong alpha holding him captive. He was more than aware of how easy it is for him to put Jimin in his place with a simple tilt to his head and a hint of a growl. But that still didn’t stop him from trying to fight back. At least in the beginning.

He would scream, cry and beg to be let go of until his throat closed up and his voice turned raspy. His face used to be constantly sticky with tears and his head would always be pounding from all his crying. He would over exhaust himself to the point of passing out. Which is usually when the alpha would swoop in and Jimin would find the last remainder of power in him to fight back. But his nails were too blunt to scratch him, his hands were too weak to push him away, and his teeth were not sharp enough to bite him until they would break skin. Jimin was rendered completely helpless with one single pinch to the scent gland on the side of his neck and a snarled “Keep still”. That’s all it took.

“I don’t want to hurt you, but you’re really pushing my hand, sweetheart.”

How could Jimin ever escape the hell he had been so bluntly thrusted into?





All omega schools are very common. Jimin’s mom made sure to keep him as sheltered from alphas as she could ever since he was born. Her son was too innocent, too pure to be anywhere near the grabby hands of selfish alphas that lurked around for cute little omegas like him.

College, on the other hand, was a totally different story. Although he grew up surrounded by omegas only, if he wanted to study to become a nurse, he couldn’t avoid alphas anymore. His mother was extremely upset when she found out, but she couldn’t keep Jimin at home under her care forever. He wanted to be on his own. So reluctantly, she let her baby leave to go study in the big city.

Which is where Jimin finally became aware of everything his mother had kept him away from all his life. Alphas. So many of them. Everywhere. Surrounding him from all ends, with pointed stares and strong scents, filling his nostrils and traveling all the way through his lungs, intoxicating him. On his first day of college, Jimin got so overwhelmed that he had to hide and lock himself in a bathroom stall, where he cried his little heart out throughout the entirety of the first class he was supposed to be attending.

That’s also where he made his first friend. Kim Taehyung. A cheerful and bubbly omega that had heard his sniffles and smelled his distress from outside the bathroom stall, and somehow coaxed him into coming out of there after offering his hand through the gap underneath the door, which Jimin held for a long twenty minutes before daring to come out. And ever since that day, Taehyung kept him safe at his side at all times, never leaving the other omega alone around any alphas for even just a second.

They were still everywhere around them though. Looking at Jimin as if they wanted to eat him whole; chests puffing out whenever the omega would pass them by, growling at each other, almost as if it was a competition of who could sway him first. But Jimin wasn’t interested in any of them. He just wanted to focus on studying and keep to his small group of friends.

On his first week, Taehyung introduced him to all of his friends that had welcomed the omega immediately. They were a small group, consisting of two other omegas, Hoseok and Seokjin, and a beta named Yoongi, but Jimin was more than happy to have friends he could feel safe around.

Everyone wanted to get closer to Jimin. They were all just so intrigued by the petite omega with the prettiest eyes and softest cheeks that left a trail of honeyed cherry blossom everywhere he went. Over time it became well known that the poor thing was way too terrified of alphas to go anywhere near them, but that still didn’t stop them from trying to get closer. That’s usually when his friends would shield him and send away any unwelcomed lurkers.

Jimin was more than content with how things were going so far into his first semester. His mother, although still worried, became slightly more relieved whenever her son would call and tell her that things were going well. His anxiety only started to pick up again when their small group suddenly expanded with a new addition.

An alpha that Taehyung met in his biology lab.

“I know how you feel about alphas, but I promise you, he’s the softest and kindest person ever! You know I would never bring anyone around you unless I was certain they were completely harmless.”

Jimin’s number one flaw has always been being too trusting.

So, reluctantly, he agreed to meet him. He waited with big eyes and parted lips, hands trembling where they were clutched underneath the table between his thighs, nose twitching as he sniffed the air around. And that’s when he felt it.

Sweet amber. So potent that Jimin felt his head float somewhere off his shoulders and he had to hold his breath in order to ground himself. And when he was finally able to get past the sudden haziness, his eyes met a pair of dark brown ones, staring pointedly at him. Like a prey being hunted, he couldn’t take his eyes off his predator. That’s when the alpha smiled, and Jimin felt all the air leave his lungs.

“This is Jungkook!”





Jimin’s skin had grown accustomed to handling most things over the past few months, but rope is still something that feels too harsh for him. It’s hard and bristled and it turns his skin red in most places if he moves around too much – which more often than not, he does. But it doesn’t take more than a stinging slap to his inner thigh to get him to stop huffing and squirming.

“Be good.”

Being good is something Jimin has slowly learned to master. And of course he has. It’s so easy for him to do as he’s told – just allow himself to be conditioned into the most perfect little omega. Obedient to his alpha’s every single order.

Sit like this. Move your arm like that. Stop squirming so we can finish quicker. Very good. Give alpha a kiss.

Tactile loops of long rope hold him in place, completely unable to move. At first, the feeling of helplessness would terrify Jimin, but over time he’s learned to curiously admire the ways in which he’d get tied up. He could not move an inch even if he tried to, but that didn’t mean the knots were constricting. They felt oddly delicate actually.

This seemed to be the alpha’s favorite way of tying him. With his hands in front of him, a string of rope looped around his torso and over his arms, wrists held together tightly between his legs. He felt the strain of the position in his muscles when the alpha would make him arch his back so his calves could touch the backs of his thighs, tying the two parts of his legs together, his toes wiggling impatiently for the next move. He was on complete display like this, with his front pressed into the mattress and his ass raised high in the air.

“Beautiful.” The alpha murmurs from behind him, running the palm of his hand over the swell of Jimin’s ass, giving it a light squeeze, which makes the fat jiggle. “Sit just like that for me.”

Jimin turns his head to the side, cheek squished into the sheets, lips pouted outwards beautifully. It’s a little hard for him to breathe, but he doesn’t make a single noise. He knows that if he behaves well this will be over quickly. Just has to sit pretty and be patient until the alpha is done doing whatever he wants.

Today it looks to be pictures. Jimin can see from the corner of his eye the flash of the camera going off as a picture is being taken from above, most likely capturing the full display of his body. He shuts his eyes and exhales a little shakily when a warm palm presses down on his spine, making his body arch even more, something that is sure to leave him sore for the next couple hours.

Pictures are something Jimin can deal with easily. It’s what he dreads the least. He just has to sit still for a few minutes and then he usually gets to be on his own for the rest of the day. If he’s exceptionally well behaved, he’s also awarded candy, which is something he’s been striving really hard for lately. The alpha gives him green apple lollipops, which are Jimin’s favorite. They remind him of home, where he wishes he could be instead. But the lollipops will do for now.

He does well, he thinks. Only whines once when his arms start to go a little numb, but he’s quickly shushed and offered a light nip to his left ass cheek, which promptly quiets him down. He’s thought about asking what this is for before. Why are pictures being taken of his body? Does the alpha look at them afterwards? Are they only for him? Does he show them to other people? Could others know about Jimin and where he is? About who’s holding him captive and doing these things to him?

But the thought of asking is gone as soon as it comes, because he knows he most likely won’t get an answer. The alpha is not very talkative, unless it’s to tell Jimin what to do, to scold him for misbehaving, or praise him for being good. Jimin much rather prefers the latter. Or, the only other time in which he seems to like talking is when he says cruel words that make Jimin’s cheeks burn up in an instant. Things such as–

“Look at that pretty little pussy.”

Jimin squeals, face pressing into the mattress, which muffles his sounds as rough fingers spread his ass cheeks apart, exposing both of his pink holes. He knows he has no chance of resisting when the room starts to get pumped full of pheromones that make him submit in an instant, sweet amber traveling through his lungs, making his tummy quiver and a sad dollop of slick gush right out of his cunt. He whimpers pathetically.

“Eager little omega. In need of a treat, aren’t you?”

Jimin tries to shake his head, but the position won’t allow him to. His thighs can’t squeeze together either, even though he squirms to do so. The ropes hold him in place, firmly squeezing where they’re supposed to, rendering him immobile. He can do nothing but exhale shakily as he tries not to focus on the fingers parting his folds, collecting the slick that had dribbled out.

“Alpha’s got you.”

When two fingers slide inside of him with ease, all Jimin can think is that this is not the kind of treat he had been looking forward to. He was craving a lollipop, not fingers shoved up his cunt, but that’s not really something he can complain about. So he takes it like a good boy, gushing slick until it runs warmly down the inside of his thighs, body spasming as the alpha fingers him with fervor. He keens high in his throat, brain muddled completely with the alpha’s scent, breathing it in from where it’s imprinted into the sheets, coming in no time with a loud cry as he splatters slick all over the other’s wrist and down onto the bed.

He breathes harshly as he slowly starts to come down from his high, body tingling as hands that are still slippery with slick start to untie the rope from around his body, letting his limbs free. Jimin whines in distress when he’s rolled over onto his back, a quiet shush exhaled right on top of his lips before he’s being kissed softly, instantly calming down. He lets himself melt into strong arms that skillfully untie his wrists, his head falling back against a broad chest as his thighs get massaged by the alpha’s big hands, kneading the flesh with his fingers and making Jimin exhale blissfully.

“Such a good puppy. Take everything I give you so well.” The words are whispered into his ear and his eyes fall shut, letting the deep voice that makes the alpha’s chest vibrate quell his restlessness.

His legs still feel wet and sticky with slick, but he knows that’s something the other will take care of. He always takes care of Jimin. He never has to worry about anything. That’s nice, he thinks. Not having to worry feels nice. If only worrying about how he was going to get away wasn’t pressing so heavily on his thoughts…

Breathing in the powerful scent of amber, Jimin’s head lolls back onto the alpha’s shoulder, his body sagging completely against him. With a content growl vibrating against his back and a small nip right over his scent gland, Jimin is instantly sent to sleep.





Jungkook is not like any other alpha Jimin’s ever met. Of course, he still has the intensity of an alpha that is sure to bring a tremor to his knees, but it’s by far more subdued.

Jungkook is nice. He doesn’t hold any malice behind his eyes. He smiles wide and toothy – like a bunny. His voice is soft, like a warm blanket on a chilly day. He talks about video games and his dog from back home and he calls his mom almost every day during lunch time. His scent is soft for an alpha, yet still intoxicating. Jimin wants to bathe in it.

Jungkook is a good person. He’s a good friend. A good alpha. Jimin looks at him with starry eyes. And Jungkook knows.

It’s way too painfully obvious for him not to. From the way Jimin tries to avoid his gaze and squeaks whenever he does meet it, to the way in which his scent sweetens whenever Jungkook is around, honeyed cherry blossom sickeningly potent to the point in which it attracts looks. Jungkook has to know. He has to know that Jimin is doing exactly what his mother had warned him not to his entire life.

Swoon for the very first alpha he has ever laid eyes on. Getting lost in his scent and in his voice, replaying the sound of his laughter over and over again in his head when he’s all alone in his dorm, allowing his walls to break down for an alpha that hasn’t done as much as show any intention.

Jungkook doesn’t look at him any differently than he looks at Taehyung, or Hoseok, or even Yoongi. He’s polite in every sense of the word, and Jimin thinks that’s what makes even more hearts float around his head whenever he looks at him. It’s the fact that he’s everything an alpha shouldn’t be – and everything Jimin has ever wanted.

Jungkook is also a reliable kind of alpha. Independent and level headed. He’s the only one out of their group who lives off campus in his own apartment, unlike the rest of them that stay in dorms. He has good grades, yet never looks as if he struggles to achieve them. He’s always well put together, unlike Jimin who has deep dark undereye circles and tousled greasy hair after nights of studying continuously for upcoming exams.

Jungkook wears expensive clothes and eats healthy organic food that Jimin knows must cost a fortune. He hasn’t felt the taste of strawberries in months even though they’re his favorite, because he simply cannot afford them. Jungkook looks like he could provide everything a mate would ever need. Jimin is envious of the omega that will get to call him their alpha.

But Jungkook has never shown interest in anyone so far, at least not in front of them. He never talks about any omegas, even though there are multiple that ogle at him every time he passes by. It’s easy to see why they would all want him. Jungkook has eyes only for his friends though. He would much rather spend his evenings with them in the library than go out and party to possibly take someone home. And Jimin, well…he thinks that’s nice.

He enjoys having Jungkook sit across from him at their desk much more than he’d ever care to admit. He likes the soft heady scent of amber tickling his nose when he’s typing away at his laptop, trying to focus on his notes rather than on the person sitting in front of him. But it’s hard.

It’s especially hard when he doesn’t hear the sound of typing anymore and is rendered to sitting in tense silence. Taehyung had left for the bathroom, so inevitably, it’s just him and Jungkook. When he looks up from behind his screen, he has to stop himself from nearly choking on his lollipop at the sight of a dark pair of eyes focused solely on him.

Jimin can’t help but think that Jungkook’s never looked at him like that. Never so blatantly allowed himself to stare the omega down, making him shrink into himself and try to make himself as small as possible in his chair. He also takes notice of another thing – this is the first time Jimin’s ever been alone with Jungkook. There’s always been at least one other person with them up until now. He thinks it might be because his friends were still wary about leaving him near an alpha all by himself. They didn’t want him to freak out. But Jungkook has been their friend for a while now. Jungkook is a good alpha. Jungkook can be trusted.

Jungkook looks at Jimin as if he wants to eat him.

“What flavor is that?”

It takes Jimin a good few seconds and a couple long blinks before he realizes that the quiet words are directed at him. It also takes him a while to realize what he means. His lollipop. Jimin pulls the stick out of his mouth and tries his hardest not to cough, swallowing thickly instead.

“Green apple.” He whispers brokenly, lips pulling together in a thin line.

Jimin fidgets in his seat, crossing and uncrossing his legs, but no matter what he does, the intense gaze settled upon him still makes him feel restless. It’s not until the soft scent that had been settled into the air around them suddenly spikes up that his mouth drops open. He looks up with slightly widened eyes, just like a deer caught in the headlights. It’s strong, warm, musky, rich – it’s intoxicating. Jimin’s mouth waters.

“Is that your favorite?” He doesn’t know how, but Jungkook’s voice sounds deeper than ever before. It’s like a rumble, traveling through his ears. Jimin thinks that if he were standing right now, he would definitely be getting weak in the knees.

“I-I think so.” He stutters out, trying his hardest to get himself in check.

Don’t do it. Don’t make a sound. Don’t say anything.

It’s inevitable. The smallest of whimpers gets caught in the back of his throat, coming out as a measly squeak. He can feel himself getting light-headed. It’s so sudden and it’s so much, too much for the omega to handle. Why does Jungkook smell like that, why is it so powerful, why is it making his legs squeeze together?


The door to the library opens. And suddenly, the intensity is gone. Jimin feels like he had been floating somewhere up into the clouds and he suddenly slumps back into his chair as if he had been dropped. He blinks the haziness away, startling when Taehyung plops back down next to him. The omega sniffs the air around and pulls a face.

“What the-” he pinches his nose, looking up at Jungkook- “are you close to a rut or something? It stinks in here.”

The alpha seems to finally peel his eyes off of Jimin. As if nothing had even happened, he blinks and smiles sheepishly up at Taehyung. His whole demeanor changes. A bashful laugh.

“I think so. Sorry.” He scratches the back of his head.

Jimin looks down at where he was still tightly gripping onto the stick of his lollipop. His fingers have turned white. He urges himself to relax and breathe as shallowly as possible. The earthy tones still prickle his nose with each inhale.

“Be careful, Kook, jeez.” Taehyung shakes his head and pulls a pencil out of his case, going right back to writing in his notebook.

Jimin wills himself to look up once more. He leans as far back in his chair as he possibly can when he meets Jungkook’s eyes. A deep blood red gets blinked away as soon as it comes. It leaves him feeling breathless.

“Yeah. I will be, don’t worry.”





Sleeping is one of the only times Jimin looks forward to. Because when he sleeps, he gets to dream. And in his dreams, it’s just him. No one else. No alpha trying to lay their claim on him, no rules he needs to abide by – only him. And he tries to escape to that place as often as he can; or better said, as he’s allowed to.

Jimin would nap all day long if he could. His bed is comfortable, blankets warm and soft. He has more than enough pillows to surround his whole body with, and sheets that are purposefully scented for him to bury his nose into, against his better judgment. The scent that would bring a tremor to his knees and make his blood run cold is the same one he has to breathe in with each inhale, and allow to muddle his every thought. 

Everything Jimin does is controlled by that scent. The musky tone of amber that is always guaranteed to have him on his hands and knees, with his head lolling to the side and putting a strain in his neck as his body unintentionally struggles to present. Just the smallest spike of pheromones is enough to make Jimin everything he never wanted to be – an omega controlled by the hands of an alpha he doesn’t wish to belong to.

So naturally, even in his sleep, he can’t escape the power that scent possesses over him. The power the alpha whose scent Jimin has slowly grown addicted to holds on him. It’s everywhere around him – dictating his every move, controlling his every thought. 

In his dreams, Jimin preens at the feeling of being engulfed by sweet amber. It makes him sigh contently, a girlish squeal getting caught in the back of his throat from the way it makes him feel. Like an overwhelmed teenager after their first scenting – completely smitten. He rolls around in it, coating his own scent glands with it, whimpering in need at the way it engulfs his entire being.

The dreams are inevitable and he has no way of stopping them. Not when the scent is so powerful. Not when heady pheromones tickle his nose, making him twitch in his sleep. And especially not when the alpha whose scent messes with his head is the one disrupting his slumber as well.

If Jimin was aware enough, he would’ve been mortified by the thought of his captor barging even in his dreams out of all places. But he’s not. Jimin lets himself be completely at his mercy once again – controlled entirely by the pheromones dictating his every move, the kisses being lathered all across his jaw and neck, and the hands holding his body down, gently caressing over the points that are sure to make him keen. 

He sighs and rolls over into arms that wrap tightly around him, soft whispers tickling his ears and making him whimper out loud.

“Prettiest omega. You make your alpha so, so happy.”

“Gonna take such good care of you. Keep you pupped and bred so well.”

Under any other circumstance, Jimin would cry and shake his head at the thought of birthing pups for the alpha holding him. But this is his dream. A dream in which he’s allowed to do as he wishes, to nod his head and whine through the kisses being sealed into his skin. To think about his pussy being stretched around the knot that is sure to breed him good, and the swell that will be put in his stomach when he’s pumped full of cum. It’s his dream and he doesn’t have to think rationally for once.

Jimin can feel stickiness, warm and wet, trailing down his inner thighs and soaking his entire backside. Can feel it gushing out of him like a faucet, little pussy so warm and slippery, the glide of fingers through his folds produces no friction, just a wet squelch that is sure to make his cheeks warm up. He allows himself to be rolled over onto his front and have his legs spread, big hands settling over both his ass cheeks, parting them to reveal his sopping cunt. 

Jimin thinks he’s still dreaming when he feels his opening being prodded. When the head of the alpha’s cock catches against his rim and teases him until he’s soaking his entire length with even more slick. His honeyed scent engulfs the air around, almost overpowering the earthy amber. Jimin feels his head lolling around, too heavy for his shoulders. He sighs from between the pillows his nose is being pressed into. 

Smells so good. It makes his thighs quiver and his pussy clench as he’s being slowly opened up. He can’t do more than just whimper through content sighs, small noises leaving the back of his throat when strong hands hold his hips down, fingertips digging into his skin.


The first powerful thrust is what breaks the fog that had clouded Jimin’s vision apart. It reaches deep into his tummy, breaching his cervix and making his stomach bulge. He chokes around a wet gasp, weak hands trying to grasp at anything they can reach, but coming up empty. His neck strains when he tries to lift his head, but a hissed snarl rumbling right by his ear is enough to have his cheek smushing right back into the pillows, a scared little mewl escaping through his lips.

Jimin’s hands are shaking. His neck is exposed, struggling to present. He feels his entire bottom half completely soaked, a wet puddle having formed underneath him, most likely seeping all the way through the mattress. His eyes feel heavy in his head, struggling to blink them open. He feels himself being held down, a hand tightly gripping his hip while the other pushes on the small of his back to make him arch beautifully. 

Through a struggled gasp, Jimin’s eyes snap wide open and realization dawns on him. He’s not dreaming anymore.

He lets out a first open mouthed moan as he feels himself being plowed into the mattress, hands weakly scrambling to grasp for purchase, twisting the tousled sheets between his fingers, his eyes watering up in an instant. He should scream and try to fight back. Beg to be let go of, to make this stop. He should cry out for mercy. His eyes roll back instead.


His weak whine is met with a resonating growl, weepy little hole getting split open on the girthy cock that has started ceaselessly thrusting into him. The nip on the back of his neck is enough to have him spurting slick all around the alpha’s cock, the warning of a claim making him preen and shove his face into the pillows to muffle a cry. It’s so good, opening him up so well, reaching so deep inside that Jimin thinks his guts might be getting rearranged. He gurgles around his own spit when he feels his stomach distending, tummy bulging with every thrust. He wishes he could reach down to feel it, but his wrists are grasped by forceful hands and held down behind his back. 

“That’s right, scream for your alpha.” Jimin positively sobs when a hand slams down by his head, startling him. The alpha only leans in closer so he can grunt his crude words right into Jimin’s ear. “You like this, don’t you? Like how good your alpha fucks you?” He’s not his alpha. Jimin doesn’t want someone like him to be his alpha. He ought to tell him so. “Perfect little omega, made to take my knot.” He whines high pitched in his throat instead.

“Puh-please!” He squeals, biting down on his bottom lip until he draws blood when he feels the cock inside of him growing even larger than before.

“Shh,” A gentle nip to the lobe of his ear and a kiss to his temple are enough to have him stop squirming, “it’s okay, sweetheart. Your alpha’s got you.” 

Jimin feels his walls spasming, squeezing tightly around the alpha’s cock as his neck gets thoroughly scented through his orgasm. Sweet amber clouds his every sense as he gets fucked so good that it starts to hurt, the promising swell of a knot making him shed little tears of want and need. He doesn’t want to be knotted, but his omega never seems to agree with him. It has a mind of its own as it makes Jimin submit, opening his legs even wider and lolling his head to the side even more as he begs for a claim as if he were lusted by heat.

But Jimin’s not in heat. He’s never even had one before. Never got to know what the true desire of a claim during heat feels like. The alpha is not in rut either. Jimin is just in denial of his true needs. And his need right now is to get knotted and pumped so full of cum that his tummy is sure to swell from it.

The alpha is always there to fulfill each and every one of Jimin’s wishes.

“That’s right. So good, so perfect.” Jimin’s throat feels thick with a purr that he’s struggling to hold back. “Pretty omega. Gonna make my rut come early.”

His struggles are rendered futile as he screams when his hole gets completely filled up, knot plopping right inside of him and locking them together, long and warm spurts of cum instantly shooting out. Jimin hiccups through the loud purr he’d been trying to contain, letting it all out at once, his omega feeling content after being fucked and pumped full of so much cum.

“Mine, mine, mine.” The alpha growls, burying his face in the side of Jimin’s neck, licking and sucking in deep purplish bruises right over his scent gland, making him throb around his knot and weakly grit his teeth through another forced orgasm, the feeling of being so full to the brim being too much for him. “My omega. All mine.”

Jimin whimpers pitifully as he slumps into the arms holding him tightly, almost as if he would crumble if the alpha were to let go. He cries out weakly when his body gets jostled around, cum swishing warmly in his tummy as the alpha turns them onto their sides. Jimin’s rim feels puffy against the tug of his knot. 

“Perfect. So perfect. Always do so well for me.” Tiny praises get whispered into his ear as his eyes start to roll in the back of his head, gentle bites and kisses being scattered over his neck and shoulder.

Jimin feels his chest being flooded by warmth. Before he gets to realize what that feeling could mean, his eyes struggle with a few last blinks, before completely falling shut. The last thing he sees is the tiny red dot in the corner of the room, flickering on and off and haunting the dreams he falls right back into.





The first time Jungkook ever offers to walk Jimin to his dorm, the omega outright refuses him.

He didn’t mean to do it. At least not like that. He could’ve definitely worded it better. He knows how much an omega’s rejection to an alpha can sting. Jimin spends days on end beating himself up over it. He’s still trying so hard to get used to being near an alpha and learning how to act properly that he reacted on instinct.

It had been cold. The threat of a storm was quickly approaching campus when their last class ended. Jimin was quick on his feet, thinking that maybe if he runs he could get to his dorm in time before the rain starts. That’s when Jungkook caught up with him, stopping him by the exit with a light tap on the shoulder that made Jimin turn around sharply.

An inhale of sweet amber was enough to calm him down, before his brain went into complete meltdown at the display of pearly white teeth as Jungkook smiled at him.

“Hey, looks like it’s gonna storm pretty badly. Can I walk you to your dorm? Just to make sure you get there safely.”

Warm. Everything felt warm. Jungkook’s smile, his scent, the lingering feeling of his touch, Jimin’s cheeks. Way too warm. The omega felt as if he was going to explode. He looked around, but everyone was rushing past them to evade the oncoming storm, not sparing the two as much as a glance. Jungkook waited. Patient. Way too patient. His eyes would not leave Jimin’s face. He didn’t know what to say. So he just–

“N-No, thank you!”

And just like that, he bolted.

He didn’t stop to look back once, didn’t get to see the smile being wiped off Jungkook’s face and to feel his scent souring from the sting of an outright rejection. He ran and ran through campus until he reached his dorm, clothes completely soaked by the time he made it. And then, he face planted onto his bed and just…screamed.

He avoided Jungkook for almost a whole week after that. He’d duck behind every wall or trashcan he could whenever he saw him passing through the hallways. The rational part of him knew the one that would have to bear the embarrassment of that whole incident was Jungkook, but Jimin still felt mortified. The event replayed over and over into his head. He rejected the simple offer of a walk home from the alpha he had been blatantly ogling for the past couple months. How humiliating.

Jimin thought about a way to fix things. Constantly wracked his brain for ideas about how he should apologize, but came up empty handed. He was not brave enough to bring it up with the alpha. But it seems that he wouldn’t have to after all.

After his last lecture of the day, Jimin heads to the library as usual. Going to the same desk he always sits at, he’s taken aback to see that it’s not empty. Maybe someone had taken it before him. Disappointed, he goes to turn on his heel and move somewhere else, until he does a double take. Walking closer, he clutches his hands to his chest as he leans over the desk to look at what’s sat on top of it.

A note. And next to it, a lollipop.

Touching it with tentative fingers, Jimin picks up the piece of paper to read the short sentence written on it.

‘Anatomy quiz on Tuesday – study with me?’

And right underneath it, two check boxes. Jimin’s head whips up, instantly looking around until he spots him. Hidden behind a bookshelf, with just his head peeking out and a small smile on his lips. Jungkook. Jimin inwardly squeals.

Putting his backpack on the table, he unzips it to retrieve a pen. His hand is a little shaky, but a smile pulls at the corners of his mouth when he checks the ‘YES’ box with no hesitation. Sitting down, he slides the note over onto the other side of the desk in front of him, clearing his throat as he focuses on unwrapping his lollipop instead, nervously picking out the sound of footsteps approaching.

He plops the candy into his mouth when the legs of the chair in front of him scrape the floor, a small content sound leaving him. Green apple. He remembered. Looking up, he feels his mouth watering around his lollipop. Jungkook smiles sheepishly at him.


Jimin likes the sound of his voice. He feels his heart beat a little faster than before at the hushed word. Despite his nervousness, he smiles, eyes directed to both of their backpacks that are now resting on the desk. Hesitantly, he waves. And Jungkook, well – Jungkook grins wider than Jimin has ever seen him do before.

Later, when Jimin’s lollipop has long since melted and he’s left with nothing but the stick to chew on, he retrieves one of his own post-it notes and hides behind his hand as he writes a short sentence on it, nervously looking anywhere around but at Jungkook as he passes it to him.

‘Walk me home?’

Jimin thinks he hears the alpha inhale sharply. He’s honestly prepared to be met with the same rejection he had offered a week prior. His eyes burn holes into the note sat between them. And then, Jungkook reaches for his pen.

Where the omega expected him to make a small check mark, he instead draws a heart in the box that marks ‘YES’. And Jimin absolutely melts into a puddle.





Jimin often gets left alone during the day. His alpha – a title he has surrendered to addressing the other with – is gone for a better half of the day. Which is good, because Jimin gets to nap a lot. He likes naps and the silence of his room during those times, so he’s never complained once until now. The alpha will come in during the early hours of the morning to wake Jimin up – either with a soft caress to his cheek or a knot shoved deep inside his cunt, depending on how he feels – and feed him breakfast by his own hands, before leaving him to tend to himself for the rest of the day.

Whenever he comes back home, Jimin waits nervously. The other is always unpredictable. He never knows what he’s going to get from him. Doesn’t know if he’s going to be greeted with a gentle kiss or a slap to the face. Doesn’t know if he’ll be called “sweetheart” or a “fucking slut” until he gets to see what mood his captor is in. It’s fair to say that Jimin much rather prefer the first.

He’s never been the type to enjoy harshness; which in a way explains itself, since Jimin is so soft to begin with. Always having been described as a delicate and sensitive omega. Words such as “filthy whore” and “useless cockslut” simply do not define him. That doesn’t mean he’s sheltered from the wrath of them though.

So, more often than not, he only gets to find out what it’ll be when the alpha unlocks his door after having been gone all day. Or, in other rare instances, he’ll do something else. Something like slipping Jimin a note through the crack underneath his door.

After all the time he’s spent locked in here – maybe a month? Jimin honestly can’t recall anymore – he’s become extremely sensitive to even the slightest of sounds. His ears pick out any creak in the floor and every gust of wind traveling through the house. It’s easy for him to hear the sound of footsteps approaching his door and stopping right in front of it. He waits with his heart stuck in his throat for it to open, but it doesn’t. Instead, there’s some quiet shuffling, and then something catches his eye.

He quickly scrambles to his feet, nearly toppling off the bed when he sees the white piece of paper slipping through the crack of the door and into his room. He knows the alpha doesn’t like waiting. Never seemed like the patient type. And Jimin is not entirely keen on testing his luck. So, with trembling knees, he lowers to the ground, and with shaky fingers, he picks up the piece of paper.

One question. Two check boxes. Jimin’s eyes instantly well up with tears.

‘Blue or pink?’

He doesn’t know what the options mean. Has no idea what he’s getting himself into by choosing one or the other, but he knows he has to take his pick fast. With a sniffle, he gets up to go over to his small desk in the corner of the room, picking one of the crayons he’s been allowed to have for his coloring book, marking a wobbly X on the paper.

Jimin is feeling like pink today. He doesn’t know what that will bring him, but he knows he’s bound to find out soon enough.

Slipping the note back through the door crack is probably the most nerve-wracking thing he’s done in a while. He scurries back to his bed and clutches a pillow tightly to his chest. And then, he waits.

Waiting is probably the worst part, because Jimin doesn’t know what he’s waiting for, nor what the outcome will be. He bites the skin around his nails bloody and rocks back and forth slowly, rooted in his spot. Until the steps return, and with the twist of a key in the lock, his door swings open.

The omega stares wide eyed at the alpha leaning against the door frame. He gives Jimin a tentative one over before a wave of pheromones tumble through the room, reaching the omega and instantly easing his anxiety. It’s pathetic how blatantly easy it is for him to hold Jimin under his thumb. How easy it is to control him with a mere whiff of earthy musk.

“Hi, little one.” Jimin sinks into his blankets.

He doesn’t make a sound as the door gets closed and the alpha makes his way across the room to reach him. He only watches warily as he’s being approached, curiously eyeing the alpha’s hands that are held behind his back. Jimin can’t help but feel like that can’t be a good thing.

“Missed me?” The slight tilt to the alpha’s head has Jimin squirming in his spot, bringing his pillow even tighter to his body until his nose buries into it. “Of course you did.”

Jimin doesn’t want to say that he missed him. He most certainly didn’t miss this feeling of nervousness thrumming through his body. But, perhaps, a small and distant part of him did miss the feeling of someone else being inside the house as well. He doesn’t dare voice that thought.

“Come here.” He’s beckoned with a small grin, the alpha’s cheery mood making him extremely skeptical. “Jimin,” He doesn’t raise his voice, almost never does, but the change in tone is evident, “I said come here.”

Jimin is scrambling up to his knees in an instant, crawling across the bed until he reaches the foot of it, looking up at the alpha with wide eyes, waiting. That seems to please him as he takes a hand from behind his back and uses it to caress the side of the omega’s face, knuckles stroking over his cheekbone tenderly.

“Very good.”

Jimin whimpers weakly when his chin gets tilted, already knowing what’s coming before it even happens. He closes his eyes and exhales shakily when a nose is pressed to his neck, rubbing softly into his skin, making him wince from having his bruises prodded. They run all the way from his neck, up to his jaw and down across his chest, the deepest one always right over his scent gland, black and blue with hints of yellow in between. Jimin never got to see himself in a mirror so he doesn’t know the true extent of their severity, but he sometimes catches small glimpses of himself in the window at night. The images are enough to cause him nightmares.

He shudders through the first touch of a wet tongue across his skin, head rolling to the side to expose more of his neck, which the alpha shows appreciation for with a deep hum. Jimin feels humiliation course hotly through his body, but his omega preens. He feels himself tremble through the hint of a bite over the underside of his jaw.

“I got you something nice.” The alpha says right by his ear. “Close your eyes.”

Jimin is hesitant to do so. Every time he closes his eyes he’s scared that it’ll be the last time he gets to do so. A raised brow in his direction is enough to make him do as he’s told, eyes falling shut and a short exhale escaping through his lips.

“Arms up.” He doesn’t even get to lift his arms himself before they’re being held up by warm hands, guiding them above his head.

Jimin feels a sweat break out over his back and gasps when he feels a material being dragged across his arms and down his body. Clothes. Jimin hasn’t had any clothes on his body the whole time he’s been here. He’s slowly started growing used to being constantly naked. His heart leaps all the way out of his chest at the feeling of finally being covered by something else but his blankets or another body on top of his.

His hair stands up as he slips his head through the collar of what he thinks is a shirt at first, until it falls down the rest of his body and he realizes it’s way too long for it to be just a shirt. When he’s allowed to lower his arms and given the okay for opening his eyes again, he instantly looks down.

A dress. Touching the tops of his thighs, baby pink with white frills at the bottom, a line of bows starting from his waist line all the way up to the cleavage. When he notices the loose way it hangs around his chest, his boobs almost entirely spilling out, he realizes it’s supposed to be tied in the back like a corset. He looks up just as the alpha goes to sit behind him on the bed, long calloused fingers trailing down his spine, making him shiver.

He straightens his back when he feels the loops of string being tightened, breathing a little heavier as he stares out into space, the top half of the dress being secured tightly around his chest by the alpha’s skilled hands. So that’s what the pink was for. Jimin still doesn’t understand the purpose of a dress since it’s most likely going to be ripped off of him soon enough, but he’s not going to ask any questions for now.

“Come on,” the last part of the dress is tied into a pretty bow before a kiss is being pressed to the back of Jimin’s neck, “up.”

Reluctantly, he allows himself to be pulled up and off the bed, his legs a little wobbly as he stands in front of the alpha. Looking down, he can’t take his eyes off of the way the bottom of the dress floats around him with every move he makes. The alpha sits down on the bed, leaning back on his hands as he stares Jimin up and down. It makes him nervous in his own skin.

“Give me a twirl, pretty.” Jimin feels his cheeks instantly heating up, reaching up to press his palms over them to try and calm down the burning skin.

He bashfully spins around, flowy dress twirling along with him, the ruffles at the bottom tickling the tops of his thighs. Jimin’s hands are still pressed to his cheeks when he’s done a full turn, looking back at the alpha whose eyes seem to have remained unblinking, his lip tucked between his front teeth. A small curse word escapes his mouth.

“Look at you.” His chest puffs out, almost as if he takes pride in the way Jimin looks right now, all because of his doing. “Fucking beautiful. A downright doll.”

The hands that were previously resting on Jimin’s cheeks move to cover his eyes, too overwhelmed by the sudden compliments. His knees lock together from where he’s standing, an embarrassed squeak escaping him. He’s not used to being praised this much. At least not unless he’s being pounded into the mattress at the same time.

“Come on now.” A tug to the bottom of his dress is enough to pull him closer, stepping carefully until he’s standing between the alpha’s parted legs, peeking at him through the gaps between his fingers. “Give alpha a kiss.”

Reluctantly, Jimin’s hands lower until they’re resting at his sides. He knows the alpha doesn’t like waiting. If he asks for something, Jimin is expected to do it. Fast. He only gets to swallow once against the ball rising in his throat before he tentatively leans down, lips pressing softly on top of the other’s, so softly it can’t be considered as more than a hint at a kiss. He inhales sharply when his chin gets grasped by forceful fingers, balancing himself by placing both hands on the alpha’s shoulders as he takes the kiss he had previously asked for right out of the omega, sealing their lips together tightly.

Jimin’s fingers twist into the material of the shirt he’s currently gripping, eyebrows furrowing together as he’s being kissed thoroughly, his lips being parted by a tongue that easily slips into his mouth, prodding against his own. Kissing is still something he hasn’t managed to master. It’s not like they get to do it often. Jimin is more used to being knotted rather than kissed. Somehow this feels ten times more intimate. His tummy still fills with butterflies whenever the alpha kisses him like this.

Before he realizes, he’s being pulled forward until his knees are resting on the mattress on either side of the alpha’s body, a hand wrapped tightly around his waist, pulling him impossibly closer. Jimin thinks this must be the calm before the storm. A small moment of lenience that he’s being granted. He lets himself melt into it. Into the arms holding him.

Jimin can’t help but think that this is nice. Dressing cutely after being offered the chance to pick the color of his outfit. Kissing until his lips start to tingle, swelling from the small nips and suckles he’s being offered. He kind of likes how small he feels like this. The alpha’s arm wraps so easily around Jimin’s waist, hand resting on his hip as he holds him on his lap effortlessly. Jimin shouldn’t, but he thinks he really likes this. He almost loses himself completely into the kiss. Until he hears it.

A small swish right next to his ear. It’s so sudden that it makes him pull back sharply, spit still clinging to his lips. When his eyes snap open, a startled scream nearly rips from his throat. All he manages instead is a struggled wheeze. When his eyes fall onto the glint of the small blade by his head, he scoots back so suddenly that he nearly topples off the bed. The alpha catches him at the very last second, the arm he still has wrapped around his waist keeping him secure on his lap. Jimin cries out loud when he’s being tugged back onto the bed.

“Not so fast.” The alpha tuts. Jimin’s eyes instantly well up with tears.

“N-No, you can’t! Please, I-” He stutters, a wet sob slipping through his lips- “I’ve been good! I-I don’t deserve this, p-please-”

“Shh,” He instantly gets hushed, calming pheromones being pumped into the air, but they do little to ease Jimin’s anxiety, “not gonna hurt you, little omega. Don’t worry.”

As he’s still struggling to push against the alpha’s chest and get off his lap, Jimin can’t help but think about how much that sounds like a lie. How can he say that he’s not going to hurt him but have a knife pressed to his side at the same time? Jimin gasps when he gets easily manhandled until he’s turned around, his back now pressed to the alpha’s chest, one hand resting on Jimin’s belly, the other slowly making its way between his thighs.

He breathes shakily as the blade is slowly lowered until it rests underneath the bottom of his dress. His eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as he watches the tip of the knife lifting the material until it uncovers the milky skin of his thighs. Jimin feels hot tears instantly wetting his cheeks.

“Already crying?” The alpha mumbles curiously. “I haven’t even done anything yet.”

Yet. The promise of something that is going to happen soon. Jimin cries harder. “Please!”

“Shh,” He tries to hush him once more, nipping playfully on the side of his neck, resting his chin on Jimin’s shoulder as he looks down at what he’s doing, “don’t wanna hurt you. Just wanna mark, that’s all.” Jimin’s breath gets caught in his throat when the hand that had been previously resting on his belly slowly trails up to grab his tit forcefully. “Just a little bit.”

When the knife is turned so that the tip lays against his skin, Jimin abruptly squeezes his eyes shut and twists his head away, not being able to look. His whole body locks up, teeth gritting together as the first touch of the blade hits his thigh. Just like a baby, he weeps.

Jimin expects to be silenced. To get a threatening bite over his neck. Maybe even a squeeze around his throat. What he doesn’t expect is a powerful slap right over his cunt.

“Stay still.”

He howls, trying to squeeze his legs together, but he knows better than to fight back. The blade returns. And then, with a short glide, it cuts into his thigh.

Jimin cries and screams loudly, until he realizes that the pounding in his head and the soreness of his throat hurt a lot more than the little lines that graze his skin, barely drawing any blood to the surface. When he goes to reach for the alpha’s hand, he gets slapped again. This time, it lands right over his clit. He whines out loud through the sting.

“You’re being bad, Jimin.” The tone is threating enough to have the omega falling limp against the chest behind him, weakly sniffling in defeat. “I don’t like stupid brats.”

The next series of slaps are completely undeserved and make poor Jimin cry and beg for mercy until his throat closes up and snot runs down his face. It’s not a pretty image and it sure as hell doesn’t feel pretty either. Jimin can do nothing as his cunt gets abused continuously, his clit being hit over and over until the pain slowly starts stimulating him, unwillingly splattering slick all over the alpha’s palm. He thinks his pussy must be red and swollen by the time it all stops and he gets manhandled until he’s thrown on his back onto the bed.

Jimin is too dizzy to realize what is happening until his legs swing over broad shoulders, dress riding up over his tummy, his sore cunt being filled in no time with the alpha’s girthy cock. He sobs through the pain of it, crying weakly as his body gets jostled up and down onto the bed, gripping the sheets to try and ground himself.

“Stupid omega. I give you such nice things and you can’t even sit still for me?” Jimin struggles to take in huge lungfuls of air when he sees the blade that had been previously carving into his thigh being pressed against his neck. “Useless.”

This time, Jimin’s cry is one of genuine hurt. The aches in his body are sure to heal, but the tear in his heart is deep. Being called such mean words…It hurts him more than he’d like to admit. Jimin sobs quietly, moaning through every thrust that has his cunt gushing slick like a faucet.

He shouldn’t. He knows he shouldn’t. He did nothing wrong. This is not his fault. His head screams at him to shut up and not open his mouth. But still-

“I-I’m sorry.” He sniffles pathetically, blurry vision trying to focus on the alpha’s face.

He stares Jimin down as he fucks him thoroughly into the mattress. The omega’s face twists up through another cry. In his despair, the alpha can’t help but think about how beautiful he looks. The knife gets pulled away from his throat far enough for him to be able to lean down and catch Jimin’s spit slicked lips into a powerful kiss, rendering him breathless.

Just like every other time, the same words get whispered over and over into his skin as if they were a mantra. “My omega.”

Jimin has never thought he’d see the day in which an alpha would be rammed deep inside his guts, calling him his omega. And yet, it is something that happens almost on the daily now.

As he lies there on his back, eyes swimming around in his skull, unable to focus, he can’t help but think about the reality he’s started to live. The one in which getting fucked within an inch of his life with a knife pressed to his neck has become the norm. It’s all Jimin has come to known while living here.

A small part of him tells him that it’s all his fault. He forgot the only rule. Just behave. Easy as that. He didn’t need to worry about anything else. Jimin chastises himself for being so stupid. Brats are truly good for nothing. And that’s exactly how he feels right now as his rim is being stretched impossibly far around the knot swelling inside of him. Bad and useless.

Blinking through his tears, he looks at the leg he has thrown over the alpha’s shoulder. The sight of two bloody initials carved into his skin is what sends Jimin tumbling over the edge, orgasm so powerful it rips through him with a scream.

Blood trails down his inner thigh warmly. His pussy pulses around the knot that’s being fucked inside of him. Fingertips dig into the carving on his thigh, pain searing hot. Two letters.






Jimin’s walks home with Jungkook have started to become a more frequent occurrence. After the first one, that had been spent in comfortable silence, Jimin found that he quite enjoys crossing the short distance from the library to his dorm in Jungkook’s company. It became a silent agreement for them to do it almost every day since.

The comfortable silence would sometimes get disrupted by Jungkook’s curiosity, asking Jimin short questions, almost as if he didn’t want to test his luck, but he was just too intrigued not to try. Questions about how Jimin’s day had been, to what he had eaten for breakfast, melted into slightly more serious questions over time, such as why Jimin seemed so afraid of him or why he avoided alphas on campus.

“Y-You just…” He struggles to find his words. “You make me nervous.”

Jungkook blinks once at that, but it doesn’t seem to be a bad reaction. And it shouldn’t be. The fact that he makes Jimin nervous should be a good sign. Jimin hopes the other will interpret it as such. It takes him a few long seconds to reply.

“Do other alphas make you nervous?” He asks instead, tilting his head curiously.

Jimin feels a little taken aback by the question. Everyone is aware of  his reluctance around alphas. It’s a well-known thing. But Jungkook is not asking if he’s afraid of alphas. He’s asking if they make him nervous. The same way he makes the omega feel.

“They scare me.” Jimin whispers, finding it hard to hold eye contact with Jungkook, but he still tries to. “But you don’t.”

At that, Jungkook inhales sharply, visibly trying to hold himself back from puffing his chest out proudly. Jimin’s omega recognizes Jungkook as an alpha that he shouldn’t fear. It is definitely something he has every right to feel proud about.

“I’m glad.” Jungkook nods. “You can trust me.”

Jimin looks down at his feet, eyes focusing on his dirty sneakers as he speaks. “I-I do.”

The alpha’s grin can be clearly heard through his voice as they stop in front of the dorms after having walked the short distance together, his smile lighting up his whole face as he looks down at the omega. Jimin can’t help but notice the fire that seems to burn bright behind his eyes.

“Good. I want you to.”

Small walks had prompted them to start spending more and more time alone together, just the two of them, without the rest of their friends. Taehyung would watch them warily whenever Jungkook went to walk Jimin back to his dorm at the end of the day, but his worries slowly started to melt away when he noticed that the omega seemed at ease around Jungkook. He’s happy to see how close they have become.

Jimin tries to get to know Jungkook better, until slowly but surely, they start sitting next to each other in their shared classes. His seat from the library desk across from Jungkook has been abandoned so he could plop down right next to the alpha instead, working closely until their shoulders would brush. Jimin fidgets around nervously during those times, playing with whatever he can find on the table.

It just so happens that sometimes Jungkook’s things end up in his hands. And as he twists his pen through his fingers, Jimin can’t help but notice the engraved initials of his name in them. Glancing over at Jungkook, he takes notice for the very first time that his initials are placed upon a lot of things. On the side of his pencil case, on the end sheet of his textbooks. Jungkook puts his name on everything he owns. And that sparks Jimin’s curiosity.

“Why do you have your initials on everything?” He asks out loud one day, twiddling once again with one of Jungkook’s pens.

The alpha looks up at him from where he had been taking notes in his notebook, giving Jimin a raise of his brows at the question. The omega doesn’t say anything, just sits quietly as he waits for a reply. It feels almost as if Jungkook’s eyes stare daggers into his face. Jimin swallows thickly.

“I don’t like others touching what’s mine.” Jimin’s breath gets caught in his throat, pen slowly falling from his hand at the confession. Jungkook looks down and smiles. “You’re fine, though.”

That night, as Jimin writes down the last of his notes from his lecture, he can’t help but stare out into space and think of his time with Jungkook. As he still clutches the pen the alpha had given him, his eyes run over the red initials. Jimin thinks they look beautiful. The alpha is all he can think about.

Before he realizes what he’s doing, his hand has a mind of its own as it scribbles something in the corner of his notebook. Small and pretty, right at the top of the page.


With a flush spreading all the way from his neck to his ears, Jimin rips the page and gets to rewriting his notes all over again.





For the first time in months, Jimin feels the bite of the wind against his skin.

He hasn’t left the comfort of his room the whole time he’s been held captive. Never even did as much as open a window (not like he would be able to since they have been bolted shut). He hasn’t felt the smell of anything but honeyed cherry blossom and sweet amber combined. When his nose sniffs around and feels the crispness of fresh air after so long, Jimin nearly falls to the ground.

He doesn’t get to since there are strong arms wrapped around his waist to hold him up, but his knees still buckle from underneath him. Jimin breathes in deeply, heart threatening to beat right out of his chest. He’s so scared and overwhelmed, but so grateful for the first taste of fresh air in months. He thinks he feels his eyes well up with tears.

“Can you do something for me, sweetheart?” The alpha brings Jimin back from his small daydream, lips trailing to his ear as he speaks.

Jimin feels every hair on his body stand up. He looks around, eyes rapidly trying to take in his surroundings. The alpha’s brought him to the front door of the house and Jimin is astounded to see that they’re completely surrounded by woods. Of course, the constant silence had led him to believe he had been taken somewhere secluded, but he never would’ve predicted it would be in the depths of the forest, surrounded by nothing but tall trees and steep mountains.

He breathes rapidly, eyes struggling to stay open as he nods. A smile is pressed into his skin. Jimin’s palms grow sweaty.


It takes him a long minute to register the word. It was such a brief whisper that he starts to believe it might’ve been just a gust of the wind, completely made up by his imagination. But when the arms wrapped around his waist leave him, and the body that had been previously pressed against his own takes a step back, Jimin is left cold and alone for the first time in what feels like forever. And he doesn’t know how to handle himself.

He turns around, lips trembling as they try to form words, but nothing comes out. His hands are clutched against his chest, fingers twisting into the smooth satin of the night gown he had been granted. He feels helpless, sitting at a crossroad, not knowing if he should walk ahead or go right back where he came from, trying to find comfort in the arms that are finally setting him free.

A small threatening growl is enough to make him spring into action. And against his better judgement, Jimin does what he’s been told. He runs.

The dirt feels cold and mushy underneath his bare feet, but he doesn’t get to think about that as he bolts down the steps leading up to the cabin, arms flailing around his body when he dashes forward with no direction, the sound of his heartbeat thudding loudly in his ears. Jimin is scared, completely terrified at being offered the chance to get away so easily. This has to be a game. The alpha has to take some kind of twisted enjoyment from seeing him try to run away, knowing that realistically he stands no chance.

He knows how easy it would be to find him. Jimin goes for what feels like hours, but can’t be more than a few minutes, running until his lungs start to burn and his thighs begin to ache, not used to putting in this much effort after not taking more than ten steps inside his room every day, to cross the distance between his bed and the desk. He feels weak. So weak, that he knows his legs could give out from underneath him at any moment. Which they do.

Jimin finds himself tumbling through dirt and grime as he falls, yelping loudly when he tries to brace himself on his palms. Small sharp branches graze against his legs, opening up the scars that had slowly started to heal on his thighs. At the sight of blood, he cries. His knees and elbows feel battered and bruised as he struggles to get back up, his nightgown having torn at the bottom, revealing even more skin.

Jimin doesn’t want to run anymore. He wants to go back. Wants to cry and sob into the alpha’s chest as he picks him up and carries him inside the house to bathe him just like he does every night. Jimin would much rather take the fingers squeezing and prodding at his body as he gets soaped up than this.

Spoiled, his mind tuts at him. He’s one spoiled omega, desperately looking for comfort even in the arms that cause him harm. He’s gotten so used to being completely provided for that now, being on his own, he’s absolutely terrified. He cries out weakly for his alpha.

“Please…I-I wanna go back.” He sniffles pathetically, wincing as he steps onto tiny pebbles that dig into his heels sharply.

But he knows that this is what the alpha wants. Jimin is not stupid. He knows he’s looking for a chase. If Jimin were to stand a chance at actually getting away, he never would’ve allowed him outside in the first place. Plus, the scent trail he left behind would be extremely easy to follow for anyone, especially for an alpha that has grown as accustomed to the sweetness of it as he has. He could easily pick Jimin’s scent out from a crowd. The omega was doomed from the very beginning.

The crunching of leaves somewhere close by is what gives him enough strength to finally get back on his feet, sniffling pathetically as he runs again, blurry vision making it harder not to trip. He chokes around a sob, almost yelling out loud when the steps behind him start growing closer. Jimin is being chased, and his captor wants him to know that. To know that he’s right behind him and he won’t let him get away. He pushes past the strain in his legs, wind blowing across his face and turning his skin tacky from tears.

Then, he reaches a steep drop. He digs his heels into the ground right before tumbling and falling all the way off, bracing his body against a tree trunk, fingernails breaking as he digs them sharply into the rough wood. Breathing sporadically, Jimin looks around. He has nowhere left to run. He doesn’t spot the alpha, but he can hear him. His steps are loud and clear, echoing in his ears. Through a last desperate attempt, he goes to hide behind the tree, making himself small as he crouches down and slaps a hand over his mouth.

The running is getting closer. Close, close, close – until it stops. Jimin’s eyes are so wide, they feel like they might pop out of their sockets as he keeps his sweaty palm pressed to his mouth, breathing heavily through his nose. He struggles so hard to keep his scent under control, but he knows it must be spiking like crazy. In a desperate attempt at trying to cover it, he slaps both hands over the scent glands on the sides of his neck.

He lingers around, the sound of leaves crunching making every hair on Jimin’s body stand up as the alpha circles the area he is hiding in. He hears him sniff the air around, following up with a resonating snarl. His eyes squeeze tightly shut, thinking that this is it. He’s been found.

But then, the steps slowly start trailing away.

Jimin’s eyes blink open, taking in a huge breath when he doesn’t hear any more noise. Could this be it? Did the alpha really lose his trail? Would it be possible for him to have actually gotten away? Jimin sits like that for what feels like forever, staring out into space, not daring to move until he deems it completely safe. With trembling hands, he pushes himself up and peeks out from behind the wide tree trunk. It looks to be clear. Jimin exhales shakily.

He actually did it. He got away. This feels surreal.

His heartbeat echoes loudly in his ears when he slowly starts tiptoeing away from his hiding spot. Jimin’s whole body trembles as he takes his first step out. He keeps on looking around, feeling as if this is too good to be true.

Which it is.

Got you.

His scream is so loud that it pierces painfully through his own ears, wind getting completely knocked out of him as he finds himself flipped upside down, a hard shoulder digging into his stomach when he’s thrown over it. Jimin yells desperately, trying to punch and scratch at the alpha’s back, but it’s futile. A painful bite right over the side of his ass makes him yelp out in distress and let his arms hang limp in the air as he gets carried back up the hill he had stumbled from.

“Good boy.” He’s confused by the praise, sniffling weakly as he starts feeling nauseous from being carried this way.

It’s when they arrive back that Jimin finally realizes what he’s being praised for. He did as he was told. He ran. The cuts on his legs and the dirt underneath his nails are enough evidence of the fact that Jimin behaved. He gets one last look at the woods outside, blinking through his tears as the door swings shut behind them.

He expects to be taken right into the bathroom and have his whole body scrubbed raw. Instead, he’s startled to find himself being thrown onto his bed, body bouncing as it lands onto the springy mattress. Jimin gasps when his ankles get grasped forcefully, dragging him down to the edge of the bed where the alpha kneels, swiftly throwing the omega’s legs over his shoulders.

“Silly omega.” He cries out, startled when what’s left of his gown gets ripped right in half, exposing his entire body to the air of the room that had slowly gone cold while they were gone. “Can’t get away from me.”

Jimin thinks he sees stars before his eyes when the alpha dives right in, burying his head between his thighs and attaching his lips to his clit, sucking mercilessly until he has Jimin writhing and gasping, slick falling out in wet dollops against his chin. He leaves a trail of honey all over the lower part of his face and neck, not being able to control himself as the alpha’s tongue plunges right into his hole, greedily drinking up all the slick that’s being served to him. Jimin is startled when he pulls away to dig his teeth into his inner thigh until he breaks skin.

“You’ll stay right here with me.” He threatens, eyes flickering red as he blinks up at the omega. “Forever.”

Jimin sobs through his orgasm, his whole body feeling weak after having run through the woods for so long. His knees hurt too much to hold his weight up when he’s flipped over onto his front, flopping down pathetically with his head buried between the pillows. The air around the room is pumped full of powerful pheromones that have Jimin cowering into submission, more than ever before. It smells different. It’s somehow more potent, if that’s even possible. It makes his body tingle all over, cunt clenching around nothing as he’s mounted from behind.

When he gets thrusted into, Jimin gasps, mouth going slack as he’s filled up over and over again. Digging his blunt nails into the alpha’s wrists that slam right by his head, he can’t help but put the pieces together. It smells so good. Everything about it makes Jimin want to get closer and clamp down around him even tighter, to make sure he gets plugged up and knotted real good. It has a fiery heat simmering low in his tummy.

As promising whispers of ‘mine’ and ‘gonna breed you so well’ hit his ears, Jimin thinks back on the alpha’s words from a few days ago. And when his knot pops and cum starts flowing inside of him until it swells his belly, he realizes he hadn’t been lying.

The alpha smells earthy and warm – and like the promise of an upcoming rut.





The only parties Jimin has ever attended his entire life have been the birthday parties of his classmates or neighbors. Of course, they were all held in the safety of someone’s house, where the parents could attend as well and keep an eye on their children. Jimin associates parties with confetti cake and kid-friendly mock champagne. What he doesn’t associate parties with however, is everything his friends are describing.

Of course they have all been to parties before. The adult kind, where there is no cake and the champagne contains real alcohol. They have a life of their own outside of college in which they do fun things, like going to parties and dancing with strangers and getting to forget about studying for one night. Jimin had been content with staying in until now. He likes being ahead on his classes and talking to his mom over the phone before bed. But he can’t deny that he feels a little left out.

The first and only time Hoseok had asked him if he wanted to come to a party, Jimin laughed awkwardly as if it had been some kind of joke. The thought of being around so many strangers terrified him. He’s seen the movies; he knows how these things go. Parties have no limits. Drinks get spilled, mouths become loose and hands get sloppy. Jimin didn’t want to risk having a stranger touch him. He knows himself and how he would react. It would only ruin everyone else’s mood. And what Jimin doesn’t want to be is a burden.

So he said no. And ever since then, it had become a sort of common knowledge that Jimin would never accept an invitation to a party where he didn’t know everyone. That’s why none of them ever asked again.

But Jungkook likes parties. He used to always go out with the rest of their friends at all the parties that were thrown, even the ones that happened on weekdays. Up until a few weeks ago, he would never miss a single one. Now, not so much. He spends most of his evenings cooped up in the library next to Jimin instead, silently studying together, occasionally exchanging bashful glances and brief shoulder brushes. And Jimin starts to feel bad about it.

He feels bad knowing that he might be the cause of Jungkook not going out anymore. His refusals have started becoming less and less subtle. When he gets asked if he wants to go out, his responses usually vary from not being able to because he has a test that has never even been announced, or he has to go home and feed his cat, which is very doubtful since Jimin has never heard him even mentioning a pet.

He can’t deny the fact that he’s curious. Curious about what these parties are like. He wants to quell that curiosity. At least just once. Just to see what it’s like. All his friends are going to be there anyway, right? If anything were to happen they would protect him. And Jimin will cling to their side all night long to make sure no one else tries to approach him. Maybe it could be nice. Something fun for him to do with his friends. He doesn’t know if he’ll like it, but he thinks they most definitely will.

When he speaks up from the lunch table while everyone is talking away about the frat party they are gonna attend tonight, it’s fair to say he’s met with justified shock.

“Can I come?”

Jimin feels bad about inviting himself, but he knows they never would have done it themselves. And he doesn’t blame them. He doesn’t look at all like the party type. Having to refuse an invitation would be awkward on both ends. So he built up the courage to take matters into his own hands. The silence he’s met with makes him squirm uncomfortably in his spot.

“Y-yes,” Taehyung blinks rapidly, nodding his head, “of course, Chim!”

Jungkook, who had been seemingly silent up until then, suddenly clears his throat and avoids Jimin’s gaze as he speaks.

“I’ll come too.”

Taehyung furrows his brows. “Didn’t you say you had to change the water to your fish tank?”

Jungkook’s jaw visibly clenches, eyes narrowing on Taehyung’s face. The omega leans back slightly, raising his eyebrows at the sudden change in demeanor. It’s true. Jungkook did say he had plans for the night. Jimin actually wanted to suggest they don’t even go to the library today because he didn’t want to keep him too busy. The sudden switch confuses him as well.

“My fish died.”

Seokjin slaps a hand over his mouth to stifle a gasp. Yoongi tuts pitifully. And Jimin is rooted in his spot when he feels a gentle hand settling on top of his knee underneath the table. Swallowing thickly, he watches Jungkook’s fingers softly running over the denim clad skin of his leg. Somehow, the touch feels comforting. Sweet amber tickles his nose.

Taehyung pulls a sad face and apologizes. It’s settled then. They’re all going to the party tonight.

Jimin’s tummy rumbles with anxiety.





Having taken suppressants ever since he was old enough to, Jimin never got to experience what a real heat feels like. He’s always been very thorough with his medication. Would take it at the exact same time every single day, on the dot. Or at least he used to.

Jimin hasn’t taken any of his pills in over two months. At first, things had been so hectic for him that he honestly forgot about them. It wasn’t until after the first couple weeks of being kidnapped and getting filled up with cum on the daily that he realized. Going for so long without suppressants meant Jimin was going to experience the first full blown heat of his life really soon. And that thought terrified him.

The signs were small, too small for someone as clueless as Jimin to put together, but his alpha did. As soon as the omega startled huddling all his pillows in one giant pile on the bed and laying his blankets neatly, whining pitifully if God forbid they were to be moved, he realized exactly what was happening. Which is when he started bringing more and more things to his room, making the precious little thing sniffle up at him with big eyes as more blankets along with some thoroughly scented shirts from the alpha’s closet piled in.

For the first time since he had been taken, Jimin stopped pushing. Instead, his omega screamed at him to pull more and more of the alpha in, inviting him into his bed and into his heart. He kept his nose shoved into his shirts at all times, which more often than not led to him waking up in the middle of the night in a wet puddle, completely slicked up.

Jimin’s nights wouldn’t usually pass without being knotted multiple times. His eyes would roll back at the heady scent invading his nostrils and the sweet promises of a claim being whispered into his ear. Jimin wants to blame it all on the pheromones. What did the alpha do and why does he smell more appealing than ever before? He wants to bathe his body from head to toe into spicy notes of heady musk. Wants to taste it on his tongue and feel it in the back of his throat. Jimin never thought he could become addicted to a scent, but he thinks that right here, with his head pressed into the alpha’s neck, is exactly where he is meant to be.

Bathing on his own is something he hasn’t done once since being here. There are always hands on his body, lathering his skin up with soap, scrubbing him gently of any remnants of blood, tears, cum or any other bodily fluids. It’s kind of nice being taken care of like this. Jimin learns to enjoy it far more than he probably should. He doesn’t have to worry about lifting even as much as one finger when powerful arms wrap around him from behind, moving his body as they wish.

Jimin’s head leans back onto the alpha’s shoulder, sighing in content as his sore thighs get massaged, strong hands kneading the strain away. He shifts slightly, wincing when the knot that still hasn’t gone down inside of him tugs at his rim. The alpha growls low in his chest. Jimin sniffles, head turning to the side.

In his bittersweet obliviousness, he can’t help but think that the alpha looks beautiful like this. Focused on taking care of him. On pleasing his omega. Jimin’s throat feels thick with the beginning of a purr, which travels between them quietly at first, growing higher in pitch as the soreness in his muscles gets massaged away. Without even realizing what he’s doing, Jimin leans closer.

The scent is intoxicating, radiating in waves from where it’s most powerful, right over the alpha’s scent gland on the side of his neck. If he were actually clear headed right now, Jimin would be mortified by his own actions. But alas, he’s not. He feels drunk, completely overrun by lust. His whole body burns up as he leans closer, lips ghosting on top of the alpha’s skin with the promise of a touch. He can feel his chest become rigid against his back as he holds his breath completely.

Jimin’s jumbled thoughts make the decision for him. He feels as if he’s no longer in control of his own body when his lips pucker, grazing them ever so slightly right underneath the scent gland he’s been unconsciously nosing at for a good minute now. Jimin feels his lungs grow weak when the arms around his waist squeeze him so tight they begin restricting his airflow. He’s too desperate to care. Too desperate to feel, to smell, to taste. The tip of his tongue darts out, only barely getting to touch the scent gland in front of his face before he’s being gripped harshly, a hissed snarl hitting his ears.

He instantly pulls away, choking around a cry as he starts being fucked right onto the knot that’s been keeping him plugged until then, cum swishing warmly in his tummy. The water splatters all around them, landing in big puddles on the tiles, Jimin’s hands slipping as they struggle to grasp onto the edge of the bathtub. His head strains to push to the side when lips get sealed over his scent gland, sucking hard and making his eyes roll back.


It smells good. Like earth and sex and everything that is sure to make Jimin’s mouth water. Heat simmers steadily through his veins. He sobs, eyes snapping wide open when the strong scent of what can’t be mistaken as anything else but rut hits his nose.

He comes with the word ‘yours’ hanging from the tip of his tongue.





Jimin thought that parties would feel a little easier with his friends by his side. He assumed that having Taehyung next to him and Jungkook (hopefully) pressing up against him to send any unwarranted alphas away would grant him enough peace of mind to actually be able to enjoy himself. But things don’t really go as predicted. Taehyung is not glued to his side, having lost him somewhere through the crowd about fifteen minutes prior. Jungkook is also nowhere to be seen after announcing he was going to get them drinks. And now, Jimin is all alone, in the corner of a room filled with people that he doesn’t know.

He waits impatiently, biting the skin around his nails bloody and wincing at the sting as he keeps on looking around, hoping to spot a familiar face. There are two omegas he sometimes sees in his biology lab, dancing wildly in the middle of the room. He also spots some other people he’s seen in his lectures before, but couldn’t name even if he tried. And then, there’s someone else.

Jimin’s nose had been completely overwhelmed by the variety of scents meddling together when he first set foot inside the frat house. It was simply too much. All that sweetness, along with sourness and bitterness should never be combined. His nose itches as he struggles to breathe shallowly through his mouth and not let himself freak out over all the strong alpha scents currently surrounding him. Until he picks up on the one of burnt orange and his skin instantly bristles.

It's strong, radiating towards him in waves. He knows the pheromones are directed specifically at him. An alpha most commonly shows interest through their scent. And the alpha eyeing Jimin from across the room is making his intentions very obvious. So obvious in fact that they have Jimin clamping a hand over his nose, trying to evade the disgusting scent of smoke filling his lungs.

His knees feel weak as he looks towards the source of it. The alpha starts making his way across the room, a look of lust evident on his face. His eyes pin Jimin into place, as if he wants to ravish, to control and dominate, his intentions clear as he strides towards him. He looks at Jimin as if he were a predator on a hunt for its prey. Hungry.

The omega squeals and backs even more against the wall, knees crossing together as his legs feel as if they’re going to give up on him. A startling growl splits the air. Jimin is shocked to find it doesn’t come from the alpha making his way towards him. Instead, it rumbles from the other side of the room, where his eyes instantly snap towards. He swears he feels them become glossy with tears of relief when he makes out who the person on the other end is.

Jungkook takes long, purposeful strides his way, two plastic cups clutched in just one of his hands, the other instantly reaching out for Jimin as soon as he’s close enough to do so. The omega mewls weakly when a wrist gets pressed against his neck, gasping as the alpha’s strong scent of amber is being rubbed right over his scent gland. He grips onto his arm tightly with both hands.

The other alpha is completely forgotten about as he looks up at Jungkook who won’t seem to take his eyes off of the threat standing about ten feet away from them. It had been a close call. But Jungkook came back just in time to save Jimin and cover him in his scent to lure away any unwanted alphas. Almost as if he were staking a claim. Obviously, Jimin knows he only did it in order to protect him, but his omega still preens at the attention.

“T-Thank you.” He stutters, breathing in more and more of Jungkook’s scent with each inhale. It now clings to his skin and it’s impossible to avoid. Jimin will probably feel the lingering memory of Jungkook on his body for days to come.

Only when the other alpha decides to give up and walk away with a defeated scoff does Jungkook finally look away, focusing his eyes on the omega standing in front of him instead. He grips Jimin’s chin, tilting it upwards so he would meet his eyes.

“Are you okay?” Jimin gulps and nods his head weakly in the alpha’s grip. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you here by yourself.”

All Jimin can do is shake his head in silent protest, not wanting the alpha to feel as if this is his fault. He’s supposed to be having fun, not watch after Jimin to make sure he’s safe. Looking down at the drinks the other is still gripping in one hand, Jimin tilts his head curiously.

“This one’s for you.” Jungkook clears his throat, pushing one of the red cups in Jimin’s direction. “It’s not very strong so you should be fine. I made it myself.”

Jimin trusts anything Jungkook gives or makes him. He smiles gratefully and takes the cup from his hand, bringing it up to his lips. In a stupid attempt at wanting to forget what had just happened, he downs the entire thing in just three huge gulps. Jungkook’s eyebrows raise, most likely not having expected that. Jimin’s lips purse, mouth twisting at the bitter aftertaste. The drink is fruity, but it definitely has a kick to it. His tongue feels tingly.

“Don’t leave my side.” The alpha warns. Jimin wouldn’t dream of it.


It’s about an hour later that Jimin’s eyes start feeling too heavy in his head for him to keep them open anymore. His whole body sways as if it’s turned to jelly and he leans his weight against the person next to him. He can’t recall who it is, but they’re definitely sturdy enough to hold him up. He giggles airily at nothing in particular.

“Chim?” Is that Taehyung? It must be Taehyung. Only his best friend calls him by that nickname. Jimin grins with his eyes still closed. “Christ, how much did he have to drink?”

Jimin’s mouth feels filled with lead when he goes to answer, but no words come out. He wants to say that he didn’t have much, just the one drink. He admittedly expected to get drunk easily, since his mouth had barely touched any alcohol before in his life, but he didn’t think it would feel like this. Like his whole body is floating somewhere far away from him, completely out of his control. He mumbles something incoherently, forehead pressed to someone’s shoulder.

“Definitely way too many to count.” Lie. Jungkookie is a liar. Jimin wants to gasp at that realization, but he’s too tired to react.

“You were supposed to watch over him, you idiot!” Taehyung screams angrily and Jimin whispers a quiet ‘uh-oh’ that no one picks up on. They’re definitely in trouble.

“Wasn’t that your job?” Jungkook comments dryly, wrapping an arm around Jimin’s back and letting him press his face into his chest.

No words leave Taehyung for a few long seconds after that. Jimin is tired. He wants to take a nap. He also needs water. His mouth feels impossibly dry. He whines from Jungkook’s side.

“Just…take him home, please?” Taehyung sighs, his voice melting into the heavy beat of the music. Jimin feels his body swaying along to the rhythm.

“Will do.”

‘Is it time to go home?’ Jimin wants to ask. He tries to, struggling hard only for just the last word of the sentence to come out, slurred and quiet. Jimin’s nose presses against a warm neck. His legs give out from underneath him just as he gets picked up and carried outside the house, the night air cold against his skin. His head falls back onto Jungkook’s chest.

“Yeah, pretty.” The alpha whispers, engulfing Jimin in his comforting scent. The omega preens. “You’re coming home with me.”

Jimin is asleep before he gets to realize Jungkook is headed in a completely different direction than the one of his dorm room.





The first time Jimin woke up in a room he knew he didn’t belong in, he was startled to find himself tied down to a bed. A bed that wasn’t his. His head was pounding heavily and his body felt as if it had been run over. Is this what a hangover feels like? But Jimin doesn’t recall drinking that much at the party. The last thing he remembers is downing the entirety of the drink Jungkook had given him. He inhales sharply.


He tries to call out his name, but his throat feels scratchy and sore. His whole mouth is dry and he smacks his cracked lips together. Jungkook is not here, but he’s also here. He’s everywhere around, his scent clinging to Jimin’s nose and skin. It’s surrounding him from all ends. Where is he? Why isn’t he here to help?

Jimin whines pitifully, tugging on the ropes that are binding his wrists together to the bedframe. Fighting against the heaviness of his lids, he blinks them open only to look down and take notice that he’s not wearing anything but his shirt from the previous night. Jimin gasps, clamping his legs together. His lack of underwear makes his bottom lip wobble, feeling more in danger than ever before.

The door swings open. Jimin startles, still trembling from head to toe as he watches a figure step into the darkness of the room. When the lock clicks shut again is when the light switches on. Jimin exhales into a wet sob.

“J-Jungkook!” He cries, struggling against his bindings again, but to no use. He’s completely stuck. “P-Please help, I-I don’t know who did this!”

“Shh,” Jungkook crosses the room in no time, crouching by the bedside so he can be at eye level with Jimin, “stop moving. You’ll only hurt yourself.”

Against his frantic thoughts, Jimin does as he’s told. His body falls still. Looking at the alpha with teary eyes, he can’t hide his confusion. How is Jungkook so calm? Where are they? Who did this to him? Why does he feel as if he can’t talk?

“Good. Very good.” Jungkook smiles, reaching out to run his thumb across the softness of Jimin’s cheek. The omega cowers, trying to pull away. He doesn’t seem to mind that. “You’ll learn fast if you keep listening to me.”

Learn what? What does he mean? Why isn’t he freaking out the same way that Jimin is? Why won’t he untie him? And why can’t Jimin just fucking speak? He voices his discontent through a whine.

Jungkook tuts in faux concern, leaning closer to dot on Jimin, gently running both hands over his cheeks and through his hair. “What’s wrong, pup? Are you hurt? Do you need some water? Tell alpha so he can make it better.”

Jimin feels as if the wind has been knocked out of him. Pup. Jungkook just called him pup. He’s coddling Jimin as if he were just a puppy. Like a mate would. He shivers at the thought. He wants to ask him to take him home. Instead, he struggles to rasp out one word.

“Water.” It’s so quiet he’s afraid the alpha won’t even be able to pick it up. But he does.

It’s almost as if he had been prepared for the request, a bottle of water waiting at the ready on the night stand by his side. He pulls back to grab it and uncaps it, carefully bringing it up to Jimin’s lips. The first touch of moisture against his dry tongue makes him inhale sharply. The hand placed on the back of his head stops him from leaning too far back and downing the whole bottle in one go, taking in long sips instead, managing to quell his thirst at least to an extent. When Jungkook pulls the bottle away from his lips, he rewards him with a small praise of ‘good puppy’, which makes Jimin frown.

It takes him a few long seconds until he gains enough strength in his voice to speak up. “W-What’s going on?”

Jimin is startled to feel the touch of a hand running up his exposed thigh, quickly bringing his legs together, now even more aware of his nakedness than before. He gasps when Jungkook’s fingers dig into his skin, a thick wave of pheromones shooting into the air around, making Jimin’s eyes roll inside his own head. Why is he–

“You’re so pretty, Jimin.” He mutters, the powerful scent of amber having turned Jimin so weak that his legs fall right open when the alpha pushes them apart. “Just the prettiest omega.”

“Kook…” He exhales shakily, his body trying to fight back, but being unable to. His inner voice screams at him. Jimin can’t do anything but blink blearily at the alpha.

“You know, I never meant for this to happen.” Jungkook comments offhandedly, stroking over the milky skin of Jimin’s inner thighs, which tremble underneath his touch. “But then, you were just…there.” The scent grows stronger and Jimin’s body becomes weaker. “Tiny and sweet. Completely untouched.” His eyes meet Jimin’s. The brief flicker of red in his irises makes him jolt. “Like you were just waiting for me.”

With a last weak attempt, Jimin tries to scoot away from the alpha’s grasp. Who is this and what did he do to his Jungkook? The one who is too shy to hold eye contact with Jimin for more than a couple seconds and smiles bashfully whenever their shoulders brush. The one who slips him green apple lollipops and sticky notes with check boxes drawn at the bottom. This Jungkook is different. He looks at Jimin as if he wants to bite. The omega is afraid he just might.

For the first time, Jungkook’s resonating growl of displeasure is directed at him. Jimin cowers, stuttering through a gasp as even more powerful pheromones pump into the air around. They’re full of dominance and they make him ache with the need to submit. The hand that had been previously resting between his thighs inches lower.

“It’s okay,” Jungkook nods encouragingly, looking up so sweetly at Jimin from where he’s kneeling at his side that the omega almost doesn’t take notice of his shirt being flipped up over his hips, “your alpha is here now.”

His alpha. Jimin gets hit with a sudden wave of nausea. He yelps when fingers prod around his most intimate parts. Both of them seem shocked to see the alpha’s fingers pulling back wet. Jungkook grins.

“You want this.” Jimin shakes his head desperately, but to no use. The alpha gets to his feet and is on the bed between Jimin’s legs in no time. “You want me.”

“N-No, Kookie, not like this, p-please-” The omega sniffles weakly, whimpering when long fingers part his folds.

This is not how it was supposed to go. Jungkook was supposed to be different. He was supposed to do everything Jimin’s ever imagined would happen when he fell in love. He wanted to be courted, to be promised the world and give his heart in return to the person he would get to call his mate. Jungkook was supposed to be that for him. But now he’s ruining everything.

“Liar.” Jungkook slaps his inner thigh harshly, making Jimin jump in surprise, trying to clamp his knees together. “Got a slicked up cunt to prove it and yet you still act as if you don’t want this.”

Jimin’s eyes instantly well up with tears, not used to being talked to this way. No one’s ever said such crude words to him. Jungkook is the last person he expected to ever hear them from. He squirms around uselessly as his pussy gets played with, a thumb pressing to his clit and a finger sinking into his tight opening. Jimin is so overwhelmed that he chokes on his own spit.

He’s never been touched like this. He was too ashamed to even touch himself down there. It’s too dirty. Jimin feels tainted by the hands violating his body. He feels as if he has completely lost control over himself when he clenches around the fingers inside of him and sends a gush of slick trickling down the alpha’s hand, until it reaches his wrist. He would hide his face behind his hands if he could. So humiliating.

“You were made for me, Jimin.” The alpha fixes him with an intense stare that makes Jimin cry and slick up continuously. “No one else. Just me.”

He’s startled to find himself being pushed until his back hits the mattress fully, looking up to see Jungkook hovering on top of him. The sound of a belt buckle being undone makes Jimin freeze. Wet squelches of slick have his cheeks heating up, the fire in his tummy flaring like crazy. There’s something wide pushing against his opening.

“All pretty. All mine.” And then Jungkook’s cock is sinking inside of him.

He thrashes his body around, trying to get away, but it’s futile. The alpha’s hands are gripping his hips tightly, holding him down. A startling growl has him cowering into submission against his will, whining like a kicked puppy as his virgin cunt gets brutally plowed into, offering no mercy as Jungkook’s cock drives into him relentlessly. The omega can do nothing but sob.

“Take cock so well. Of course you do.” Jungkook’s nose presses into Jimin’s scent gland, tongue tracing a wet line down his skin. “You’re just perfect all around.”

Jimin wishes he could move his hands. He wants to push and hit and scratch. The small rational part of him tells him that even if his hands were untied right now, he couldn’t do any of those things. Jungkook holds too much power over him. His scent controls Jimin’s every move. It’s what makes him leak like a bitch in heat and press his cheek into the pillow, exposing his neck. The alpha seems to really enjoy that.

“Gonna keep you right here.” He exhales sharply, attaching his lips to Jimin’s scent gland and clamping down, making the omega’s eyes roll back. “Stuff you with my knot and breed you so well.”

Jimin hiccups through his sobs, desperately shaking his head from side to side. He doesn’t want that. Doesn’t want to be bred, doesn’t want a knot shoved up his pussy. He just wants to go home. He voices as such.

“I-I wanna go home.” His whispers desperately through a sniffle.

Jungkook’s thrusts slow down just enough for him to be able to lean closer and press a kiss to Jimin’s sweaty forehead. He inhales the other’s sweet scent of honeyed cherry blossom and hums in content.

“You are home, sweetheart. You’re with your alpha now.”

The breach of the first knot Jimin ever takes in his entire life feels so big he’s afraid it might actually split him open. He cries out weakly when the base of Jungkook’s cock swells enough to lock them in place, desperately trying to stave off his own orgasm, but to no use. He throws his head back, bare neck elongated and exposed as cum starts shooting up inside him, so much and so fast that it makes his stomach cramp up.

The promising bite of a claim that is sure to come is placed right underneath his scent gland. Through tears of pleasure, Jimin can do nothing but look up at the ceiling, inhaling sharply at the flicker of a red light. He gets fucked again with the same knot that’s plugging him up before he even gets to realize where it’s coming from.





Jungkook’s been patient. Like a good alpha. Took such good care of Jimin while waiting for his heat to come. He didn’t just want to be his alpha anymore. That wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to be his mate. And the overbearing scent of sweet cherry blossom coating the entire house was enough to send him spiraling, confirming his suspicions. It was finally time.

He’s never met an omega that could affect him as much as Jimin does. Never really believed in perfect mates either. But as he lies the other down on his bed and crawls on top of him, he just knows this is how things were supposed to be. There’s no other explanation for it. The omega’s heat triggered his own rut to come early, just as he hoped it would. That’s something so rare, it’s considered to be reserved only between true mates. Jungkook’s never been sure of many things in his life, but the one thing he’s most sure of is the fact that Jimin was simply made for him.

The scent of heat and rut mixing in the air has his brain melting, rendering him completely overrun by lust. His chest vibrates with a continuous snarl as he noses into the omega’s skin, nails scratching over his back and pointy teeth biting into his shoulder, trying to get his attention. Needy pup. So demanding. Whining so sweetly in his desperation.

“P-Please, alpha!” Jimin whines loudly, throwing his head back and exposing his neck. The alpha’s eyes glow red.

Jungkook is going to make him live on his knot and only allow him off so he can birth him pups.

“Park Jimin.” He growls, grabbing his legs and throwing them over his shoulders, bending the poor thing right in half. “Lying in my bed. Begging for my knot.”

Jimin cries, reaching out to paw weakly at Jungkook’s chest, trying to pull him closer and press his face into his neck. Jungkook hisses loudly when his knee presses into the mattress that is absolutely soaking, drenched in a literal puddle of slick that is gushing continuously out of the omega’s greedy hole. Hungry fucking knotslut. So well-conditioned. Jungkook loves him so much.

“I-I need it, please!” Jimin’s weepy little pussy clenches around nothing as he struggles to present. If it were up to him, he would’ve already flipped over onto his stomach and pushed his ass out, waiting to get mounted. But Jungkook is holding him firmly on his back.

Feeling the feral urge to claim, Jungkook lets his rut overtake his actions. His rational side is thrown out the window, focused solely on the omega in front of him and on the continuous thoughts about how good he’s going to look swelled up with his pups by the time he’s done with him. With a low growl, he finds his face pressed into Jimin’s neck and his cock sliding wetly inside of him.

The relief is immediate, but not enough. It’s never enough. Not when it comes to Jimin. And he knows he won’t be able to rest until he’s knotted him so many times that his hole becomes too sloppy to keep his cum inside anymore. With that thought, Jungkook’s hips start pistoning into him, deepening the bruises that are already lathered all across his body. The omega’s sugary moans are the most beautiful sound his ears have ever heard.

“Good boy. So good. Gonna let me breed you so well, aren’t you?” Jimin’s nod is so frantic he thinks he gives himself brief whiplash. “Carry my pups like a good little omega?”

Yes! Jimin’s mind screams. He wants Jungkook’s pups, wants his cum and his knot, wants all of it inside him. He wants the alpha to take care of him, to hold him like this every night, fuck him thoroughly into their bed until the sheets are ruined and the swell in Jimin’s stomach becomes more and more prominent.

Jungkook’s cock swells, the promise of a knot making Jimin babble incoherently, spewing nonsense about how good it feels and how much he loves it and how he wants more. Hot tears run down his cheeks when the graze of the alpha’s teeth hit his scent gland, desperately wishing they would clamp down and give him the bite that he’s been teased with ever since he got here. He needs it so bad that it’s making him cry.

“Mine.” Jungkook whispers into his skin, just like every other time, licking a stripe right over his jugular.

Jimin’s eyes flutter shut, desperately speaking out loud the word that’s been resting upon his tongue for so long, but has never been said until now.


The snarl is so loud, it hits his skin before it does his ears. Sharp canines sink into his neck like a knife through smooth butter as soon as the knot inside of him pops. His heart sings from the feeling of a bond being formed.

When Jimin closes his eyes, he thinks that this right here could be his forever.





Three months later



The coming of spring makes the outskirts of the cabin look even more beautiful than before. Jungkook spent a good full week working on building a garden backdoor, where seedlings could sprout and his mate could grow all the flowers his little heart desired. The grass had been neatly trimmed and any rocks or weeds swiftly removed, to ensure that everything was perfect for the omega. Jungkook will always offer him nothing but the best. It’s the least he deserves.

With spring also comes new beginnings. And Jungkook thinks that a fresh start is exactly what’s been missing from his and Jimin’s life. He’s been slowly making changes in preparation for it. Not everything could be settled in one go. Jungkook had to get some business in order before anything else. He started small, with some housing arrangements.

Jimin’s old room became empty as soon as they mated. Jungkook deemed separate rooms completely unnecessary now, since he knew there would be no more chances of him ever wanting to escape. He moved him upstairs to his own bedroom that was much larger and accommodating, making the omega preen at the offer of a new bed. His alpha’s bed. Jungkook loved nothing more than the sight of Jimin rolling around in his sheets.

Along with bedroom relocations came the decision Jungkook had been contemplating for a long time. The sight of his mate sleeping blissfully in his bed was enough for him to make up his mind for good. He didn’t want anyone else ever getting to see him like that. Sharing Jimin with the world is not something he’s keen on anymore. So without thinking twice, he grabs a stool tall enough that he would be able to reach the camera installed in the corner of the room, and swiftly unplugs it.

No more red dots will be haunting Jimin’s dreams at night and antagonizing him from far away. Jungkook’s made that decision for him as soon as he laid his mark on the omega’s neck.

His laptop is something he didn’t have the necessary patience to approach for a long time after that. The recording had stopped, but everything else was still there, up and running. Jungkook thought about keeping them all for himself. To have such important parts of their relationship recorded was something rare. Everything is on there. Their first kiss. First time having sex. First time feeding Jimin his knot. His first heat along with their mating. They’re all precious memories to Jungkook. Things that shouldn’t hold a sentimental value, yet somehow they still do.

But it’s risky. It’s been risky from the very beginning. It’s not the first and only time Jungkook has done this and gotten away. Jimin is not the only omega the cameras installed across the house have recorded. He’s just the first to have ever stayed. That’s enough of a reason for Jungkook to want to erase all those videos from existence, making sure no one else but him gets to have these memories of Jimin engrained into his brain.

The titles have his hands clutching into fists, previews of the videos making his pants feel all of a sudden constricting around his crotch. They’ve all been carefully chosen.

‘tiny omega takes his first knot’

‘bound & ravished – innocent omega begs for his abductor’s knot’

‘omega takes his punishment well with a knife pressed to his throat’

‘kidnapping: alpha goes on a hunt and comes back with an omega hanging off his knot’

There’s a lot of them. So many that Jungkook has lost count at this point. Even after all this time of not posting, the views have continued to spike, the last video ever posted being at an all-time high. Jungkook doesn’t look at the comments anymore. He’s made that mistake before and it led him to putting a literal hole in the wall. The thought of anyone out there saying the same things about Jimin as him makes him seethe. Only he’s allowed to say how pretty he is, to praise him for how well he takes cock and to want him as his own. No one else is worthy.

Everyone is obsessed with Jimin. And of course they are. How could they not be? Jungkook is a first-hand victim of the omega’s beauty. He can’t really blame them. They all love seeing his pretty face on camera. He’s just too good. Jungkook never tells him what to do or how to act. Everything the lens has captured has been real. The viewers seem to really like that. They love how natural the “acting” feels. If only they knew…

They’ve all been waiting. The most anticipated video had been slowly collecting dust in Jungkook’s archive. It would be so easy. Just pick a good title along with some tags and wait for the money to roll in. Everyone’s been dying to see Jimin finally being claimed; to watch him get fucked thoroughly with a mating bite to his neck. The video is there. But Jungkook is never going to post it.

Not when Jimin is in the other room, singing sweetly as he folds the alpha’s clothes, piling them neatly in their closet. Not when he’s in the kitchen, cutting up fruit with the swell of his stomach pressed into the counter top. Not when he looks at his alpha with hearts floating around in his eyes, as if he wants nothing more than to bake him cookies and birth him a litter.

Those are all things only Jungkook will ever get to enjoy and cherish for the rest of his life. His hand doesn’t even hesitate as it presses the delete button, erasing all of it from existence. Every video, every comment, every view. The page is gone right before his eyes. He’s pleased as he shuts the computer down, going to the other room to do what he’s supposed to – tend to his omega.

After that, it all comes pretty easy. He drives back towards campus, somewhere he hasn’t been in a long time, and parks right outside the dorm rooms. It’s very easy to get the person at the front desk to give him a key to Jimin’s old room. A simple claim of being his mate is enough to grant him all his wishes, contently humming a random tune as he loads up all of Jimin’s old belongings in the trunk of his car. It all goes smoothy, just as expected. Except perhaps for one small bump in the road.

“Jungkook?” The alpha turns around after he finishes putting some of Jimin’s shoes away, leaning against his car as he glares back at the person that’s quickly walking up to him. “Holy shit, where have you been-”

Taehyung stops dead in his tracks as soon as he’s close enough to sniff the air around. His eyes widen, books falling from his arms, laying in a sad heap on the dirty ground. Jungkook sighs. He doesn’t have time for this. He has an omega that he promised he’d bring strawberries to and is waiting impatiently for him at home. He wishes they could skip past the dramatics.

“Jimin…y-you found him?” Taehyung asks shakily. Jungkook tilts his head to the side, giving him another chance at guessing. His raised brow speaks for itself.

Come one, you can do better than that. Take another guess.

Realization suddenly dawns on Taehyung’s face. Jungkook doesn’t just have Jimin’s scent lingering on his skin. It’s completely intertwined with his own. He doesn’t just smell of amber anymore. His scent sweetened, welcoming the one of honey and cherry blossom alongside. Jungkook smells like he’s been bonded. It’s very easy for Taehyung to put the pieces together after that.

“You son of a bitch, where is he?” His voice shakes around a threat, visibly wanting to get closer and most likely punch the daylights out of the alpha, but knowing he stands no chance.

Jungkook shrugs his shoulders, getting back to his feet and turning around to shut the trunk of his car. His smile is patronizing when he looks back at Taehyung. As if he’s smugly bragging about it all. He’s mine. He’s carrying my mark. He’s safe with me.

“Take care, Tae!” He singsongs, getting into his car and not looking back once as he drives away.

The house smells sweet, like freshly baked apple pie and like an omega he wants to get his hands on right this second. Going into the kitchen, he frowns when he doesn’t find Jimin there. The pie rests on the window sill, and right outside in the garden is the omega he’s looking for, kneeling in the grass and tending to his petunias. Jungkook smiles.

He thinks that things couldn’t have gone any better than this. This is exactly the life he’s imagined for himself. Living in a small house, somewhere far away from the rest of the world, with the cutest mate, growing beautiful flowers in their garden, grinning widely as he gets up and waddles into his arms, the swell of his stomach pressing between their bodies.

He calls out his name sweetly, as if Jungkook is the only thing he’s ever known; the only thing he’ll ever need. The alpha gathers him up in his arms, afraid that he might crumble if he lets go. With the scent of cherry blossom pressed to his nose, he knows that this is exactly how their life was supposed to go. Running his hands across Jimin’s stomach, he smiles with the most genuine joy he’s ever felt in his life.

Jungkook is going to keep him right here, just like this. In his arms at all times. Protected from the world. He noses over his mating mark, a small playful growl escaping him as he picks the omega up and carries him inside the house. He bites his lip as the other giggles when Jungkook places him down on the kitchen counter, where he takes a step back to look at him from head to toe, in silent disbelief at the sight of having such a beautiful omega all to himself.

Sweet puppy.” The alpha exhales through a smile.

When he kisses him, Jimin’s lips taste like the rest of forever.