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Tales of the Free Cities - Prospect

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Evelyn Johnson was dressed for a party in full swing. But she was way too focused on her task to actually enjoy it

The Club was the hottest, best place to come for fun in the city, and everyone knew it. That’s why it was just called ‘the club,’ everyone knew what you were talking about when you mentioned it. The fact that it was owned and operated by the majority owner of the Acrology probably helped too.

The young woman walked past the entrance threshold and zeroed in directly on the stairs that led to the VIP areas, taking care not to actually take in the sights before her. She’d been here often enough in the past few weeks to know what it’s like. Citizens and slaves from all over the acarology were dancing, drinking, and doing whatever else they could get their hands on while sexy club attendants—slaves themselves—wandered the room, ‘attending’ to the needs of whatever prominent citizens they could find and whoever else could afford their attentions.

Eve had originally come to the place to risk applying for a job. Not as an attendant. They were property, not employees. But as a bartender or waitress or something. Not everyone who worked here was a slave. Although a shorter, fit woman like Eve with a black pixie cut and a nice ass drew enough stares, looks, and catcalls from the club patrons that a lot of people had her pegged as a slave anyway. Especially with her tight leather hot pants, matching bustier, and ankle boots.

But no, Eve wasn’t anyone’s slave. And she wasn’t going to be.

Marching to the VIP door, Eve ignored the few people who managed to approach her in time. Just like she ignored the roar of the crowd and the DJ trying to pull everyone into the party. She got passed the guard without much difficultly. He was there mostly for show, to tell everyone how important the sealed door was. All it took to get past the place was to ask for Allison or whoever else was rich or important enough to get a room up there and show your face to the camera so she could let you in or not.

The door slid open when she did, and it only took Eve another minute to get to the top of the stairs and find the room she was looking for, door already open not far from some more security guys.

The room in question was expansive, big enough for a small party all its own. A couple of couches with wide seats, a bar off to the side, and one of the walls was simply a shaded window that looked out over the entire club without letting anyone look back in.
At that moment there were three people were in the room.

One was a slightly overweight Latina woman in a brand-new purple dress that she looked out of place in. A prospect, no doubt. Like Eve had been, and technically still was until this meeting was over. Someone getting a taste of the high life. Eve guessed the dress was a gift. She herself had refused all the gifts she’d been offered, but it wasn’t a tremendous shock to see another prospect accepting one.

Sitting on a chair opposite the Latina woman was clearly a slave, judging by the collar at her throat. A busty blonde dressed unusually for this club. Cut off jeans and a t-shirt weren’t exactly the dress code, even if they were tight enough to be sexy as hell. Instead of regular heels she wore wedge heeled tennis shoes.

On other end of the curved couch, opposite from the Latina woman, was Allison Park. A thin Asian woman currently wearing a bright red minidress, a body-hugging strapless number that showed as much skin as it covered, paired with matching suede thigh-high boots.

“Eve!” Allison exclaimed. “We were just talking about you. Come over here and sit down.” She patted her hand on the space on the couch next to her.

“Um, I was actually hoping to talk to you alone,” Eve said with a minimum of hesitation. “If that’s alright. I mean, I just, um—”

“It’s fine,” said the blonde. Eve didn’t recognize her, had no idea who she was beyond being another slave. “Allison and I were planning to take Sabrina downstairs soon. But she can catch up later.”

“Of course,” Allison replied without taking her eyes off Eve. The two slaves stood up, followed a second later by Sabrina, who Eve was now positive was another prospect. “Come over here to the bar,” Allison continued. “We can talk over drinks.”

“Uh, thanks,” Eve said. The brunette and Sabrina passed her as she walked over to meet Allison. The two gave her very different looks as they did. The blonde slave’s gaze was appraising, guessing at Eve’s potential value while Sabrina just looked shy and a little lost as she followed the other. Eve got the sense the Latina woman wanted to say or ask something, but she settled for a quiet “nice to meet you,” and left.

“I still think you would look great in that dress I was wanted to give you,” Allison said when the two of them were alone, drawing Eve’s attention back to her. She was behind the bar, selecting drinks for the two of them to enjoy. “I know, I know. You don’t want to accept any gifts that could be stolen. But I think Sabrina looked good in that purple number, don’t you?”

“Actually… I think it didn’t really fit her very well. At least not physically. But, I’m not sure how—”

“She’s not used to those kinds of outfits,” Allison supplied. She stepped around the bar then, a bottle in one hand and a couple of glasses in the other. The two sat down at the same time.

Eve thought about it as Allison poured them their drinks. “I guess that could have been it. It did look kinda good on her, she just seemed out of place in it.”

“Sabrina’s new to the club. I’ve been talking to her elsewhere and she only decided to stop by tonight. I didn’t think she was going to show up until she was here. Rachel and I were going to have some fun on our own tonight until then.” At Eve’s surprised look, the recruiter laughed and crossed her booted legs over the stool. “I don’t just recruit at clubs, Eve. My work takes me all over the Acrology.”

Eve nodded but didn’t speak. She didn’t want to get sucked into a conversation about Allison’s job. It would quickly turn into a pitch and that was the opposite of what she wanted tonight. Instead she changed the subject. “And Rachel is a friend of yours.”

“You could say that,” Allison half smirked. “Our master bought her not long after he first acquired the acrology. She was an outsider one of the gangs brought in and sold at the kidnapper’s market. Scared at first, but she got the hang of things pretty quickly.”

Eve flinched, then steeled herself a second later. That brief little description was all she needed to remind herself why she was here. She couldn’t let her get sucked into a deeper conversation, and she knew that.

“Right,” and the firmness in her voice surprised Eve. “That’s kind of what I needed to talk to you about.”

“Oh?” Allison set her drink aside, unsipped. “Does that mean you’ve given more thought to my offer.”

“I have,” Eve said, suddenly worried something might have been done to the drinks. She set her own aside next to Allison’s.

Taking a deep breath, she spoke. “I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me the last few months, Allison. Like, a lot. I’ve been more… at ease, I guess, about living in this city since I met you than I ever was since I came here. Even with everything that goes on here. And that’s been… really nice, honestly.” Her eyes shoot up to gauge Allison’s reaction, and Eve found the other woman regarding her with a pleasantly thoughtful expression.

“But,” she had to pause, and Allison takes the moment of silence to cross her legs. It draws Eve’s eyes. The sound of her boots rubbing against each other drifted through the air in concert with the dull hum of club music from the other side of the walls.

“But,” she said again, more insistently. “I’ve decided that I’m not going to be coming around anymore.”

“Oh?” Allison leaned back on her stool, bracing one arm against the bar.

“Yes,” Eve said. “I’m sorry. I don’t to seem ungrateful after how nice to me you’ve been, but I’ve decided once and for all that I’m not going to volunteer for slavery.”

Allison laughed. It was a cheerful laugh, and it drove Eve’s gaze back up to find the slave recruiter with a wide smile.

“Eve,” she said after her laughter stops. “You have nothing to apologize for.” She leaned forward, folding her hands on top of Eve’s lap. “You think you’re the only prospect I’ve had who decided not to go through with volunteering? Of course not! Most of the girls I talk to say no. It’s not exactly an easy commitment to make. It’s a big deal.”

Prospect. That was the term for it. Or at least it was Allison’s term for it.
Allison Park was a slave recruiter. Her job was to find women. Migrants, people in debt, anyone really; who were willing to volunteer for a life of sex slavery to her master.

That’s why Eve had been able to spend so much time in the VIP section of this club despite being a waitress herself these last few weeks. It was why that other woman, Sabrina, had a brand new and expensive looking dress. It was how Allison operated. She liked to show her prospects how well she lived and how much fun she had as a slave. She gave them a taste of the high life and made them want more.

The wealthiest of Acrology citizens could afford to give their slaves a life of relative luxury. Safety from worse fates, good health care, comfort, and all the fun they could have in exchange for becoming property and accepting that their bodies were no longer theirs

Allison Park’s owner was the wealthiest. Marcus Anderson. The primary owner of the entire acrology. To become one of his slaves was perhaps the safest, healthiest, most comfortable, and most fun fate many women (and a few special men) could aspire to in this city, where upwards mobility wasn’t encouraged or easy.

“Thank you,” Eve said, “for being so understanding.”

Allison rubbed Eve’s leg up and down and gave her a bright smile. “Don’t mention it,” she said. She sits back up, her hands leaving Eve’s leg as she let out a little sigh. “My Master might be disappointed, I was talking you up a bit to him.”

Eve’s eyes shot open. “What?!” Allison had told the Acrology owner about her?

Seeing Eve’s distress, Allison held her hands up in a placating gesture. “Don’t worry, he’s not going to have you snatched in the middle of the night or arrested on trumped up charges. He’s not the type to let disappointment lead him to do anything like that. I just told him a little about this gorgeous new prospect I was talking to. I didn’t even mention your name.”

“Oh… okay.” That didn’t make Eve feel much better. At least not when she heard it immediately after hearing Allison name a couple of ways to enslave someone against their will.

“I have to say though,” Allison continued, her eyes wandering up and down Eve’s body in an appraising way. “I’m surprised you came here dressed like that if you were going to break things off with me. Your outfit is showing a little more than my dress.”

Eve looked down, blushing a little. Her tight leather outfit did reveal a lot. And what it covered didn’t leave much to the imagination. Lingerie sets cover more than what she was wearing, even if it did cover most of her from her breasts down to tops of her thighs.

“I didn’t want to look out of place… and besides, thanks to those boots of yours I think I’m showing a lot less overall.”

Allison laughed again, and Even felt herself relax a tiny bit. But not too much. Not enough to want to stay.

“Look, I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate everything you’ve done. And I’m sorry, because hanging out with you is a lot of fun. Not just because of all the stuff I wouldn’t be able to do, but because, like I said, it’s the first time I’ve really felt at ease and… you get the picture.” She took a deep breath and stood up. “Thank you, Allison. For everything. But I think I have to go now.”

The recruiter’s smile fades into something comforting as she stands up with her. Her hands reach out and grasp one of Eve’s, holding them in front of her. “It’s all right, Eve. You have nothing to apologize for. Here, I’ll walk you out.”

They move over to the door. It had slid shut when Sabrina and Rachel left the room, and Sabrina went to the panel right next to it so she can enter the code and open it. That’s how doors around here worked. Sometimes people brought new, untrained slaves that might try to run to this club.”

“I have to admit one thing,” Allison said, turning around as the doors slid open. “After three months, there’s one thing I’m happy about now that you’ve said no.”

“Really?” Eve frowned, not sure what Allison was talking about.

“Oh, yes,” the recruiter smiled brightly just as one of the security guards Eve had seen earlier appeared in the doorway. “It means I get to watch this.”

Eve’s frown lingered for another half-second when the large men from outside suddenly barreled into the room and grabbed her. Before Eve could even think, her arms were pinned to her sides. Too stunned to think, Eve spoke aloud.

“I don’t—what the fuck is going oaaaagh!” With experienced precision, the second man shoved a wad of something deep into Eve’s mouth. She gagged but couldn’t spit it out before a hand clamped down over her mouth.

It was then that Eve started to really struggle as her brain caught up to the moment. She wriggled and squirmed under the first man’s grip over her torso and head, rocking back and forth and crying out as loud as she could through the gag in her mouth and the hand over it. She kicked out, aiming at the second man’s crotch, but couldn’t get anywhere near her target with the first man holding her so tight and throwing her aim off.

“Careful!” Eve heard Allison call out. She could see the pretty Asian woman standing off to the side with that fucking pleasant expression of hers. “Try not to hurt her, boys. We want her to be in good health when she’s introduced to her new Master.”

That recruiter bitch! She wasn’t taking no for an answer and having Eve enslaved by force! Eve screamed behind the hand covering her mouth as she tried to deliver a furious rant around whatever they had shoved in there.

“What’s that?” Allison asked with exaggerated confusion. “You’ve changed your mind and want to become a slave after all? Good! Our master will be so glad to hear that!”

The black-haired woman’s struggles intensified. She kicked harder, she squirmed and thrashed with everything she had. But it wasn’t enough. The first man simply lifted her up. It let Eve kick at him with more frequency, now trying to hit the man holding her on the back kick. She even scored a few hits. But it wasn’t enough. He wrestled her over to the couch with and sat down with her in his grip, maneuvering his legs to keep hers from moving too much.

“Alright, try to hold her still,” said the second man. As he stepped up with two sets of cuffs.

“What do you mean hold her still?” The first man asked sarcastically. “I was just about to let her go so you can hold her down next.”

“Ha ha,” the second replied as he crouched down with cuffs in hand. Eve wasn’t sure if she started cursing him or begging him not to through her filled up mouth, but she was yelling something as he put and tightened the cuffs around her ankles, just above the tops of her boots. Eve quickly saw that the chain between them was short enough for her to take very small steps and not much else.

“There we go,” said the first man. “No running away for you now, right bitch?”

“Fuuggh ooo!” Eve tried to yell, eliciting laughter from the men.

“None of that now,” Allison said as she came into view. She was holding something in her hands. Something black and leather that filled Eve with dread. “It looks like she’s getting cold feet, boys. Let’s get the other cuffs on her so I can finish gagging her before she says or does something she’ll regret.”

At that moment Eve’s biggest regret was ever exchanging two words with that lying bitch. She tried to struggle again, tried to kick out with both her legs at once. But by now she was too tired to fight back effectively, if she had ever been. The men maneuvered her around to gain enough access to her wrists, so they could cuff her hands behind her back. Only when that was done did the first man release her arms. Then the shoved her forward, belly first on the couch. A weight then settled on top of her. Not one of the men, Eve realized instantly. But Allison. The slender woman was sitting on the small of her back.

Realizing no hand was over her mouth, Eve tried again to spit the wad trapped inside, but was foiled by the black leather object from before—as well as the red ball at the center of it—appearing in front of her. The ball was suddenly pushed into her mouth, holding the material inside in place. The bound woman tried to turn and twist her head to avoid it, but the buckles at the sides of the mouth covering panel gag were buckled tightly around Eve’s head, just under her short hair.

“There we go,” came Allison’s voice again. “Nice and tight.” Eve felt the other woman’s hands then, petting the top of her head like she was a dog or some other kind of pet. She shook her head violently to get the hand off, drawing a laugh from her captor.

“I can handle things from here, boys. Thank you very much for all your help.”

Eve cursed into her gag. Allison was right, she could handle her on her own. As much as the short black-haired woman wanted to deny it, Allison did have a couple inches of height and some weight on her on top of not being bound and gagged.

“You sure?” One of the men—Eve couldn’t see which one it was—asked.

“Yes. If you could just pass me the rest of the cuffs, I’ll get her off to her new home soon enough. Your… ‘payment’ will be delivered to you by morning.” She traced her fingers down Eve’s neck and spine, making the captive woman shiver and groan. “Oh, and if you would be so kind as to pass along a message to Rachel about not letting my other prospect up here until I leave, I would appreciate it. She doesn’t need to see this.”

Eve heard grunts of affirmation in the background, but she wasn’t really listening. The other prospect. Sabrina. Eve didn’t know the woman, but she didn’t want this to happen to her! Or anyone else, for that matter. Was voluntary enslavement even a real thing in the Acrology or did all the supposed volunteers get forcibly taken like this?

She had to do something, deliver some kind of warning.

“Someone’s gotten quiet,” Allison suddenly said. Eve grunted in response. The men had left the room. “Are you worried about Sabrina? You think I’m going to do this same thing to her? Is that it?”

Eve managed to turn around and catch sight of the smiling woman in her peripheral vision. She glared as best she could.

“Well, don’t you worry your pretty head about that,” Allison said with another pat to the head in question. “You’re a special case, sweetie. I really am supposed to only recruit volunteers. But it usually only takes a few weeks before they give me a yes or no answer. A month tops.”

By then she was busy applying the new cuffs the men had brought her, attaching them to Eve’s elbows almost forcing them together to further immobilize her arms. Then she attached another set to her legs, just above her knees, to hobble her. When the cuffs are on and tight, Allison helped the bound woman to sit up, positioning her right next to herself while she sat casually, as if having a normal conversation with a friend.

“But you’ve spent three whole months leading me on, haven’t you?” She wrapped an arm around Eve’s shoulders to pull her in close. “Three. Entire. Months. Three months spent taking advantage of my generosity. Hmm? Isn’t that right, little freeloader?” With her other hand, Allison grabbed Eve by the chin and made her nod.

“Wow, you’re actually admitting it? You spend my—excuse me, our—master’s money for that long and you actually thought you could get away with that?” She tutted and shook her head, never losing that damn smile. “How naughty.”

Eve tore her chin out of Allison’s grasp and snarled, drawing another laugh from the other woman.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. We’ll have you being a good girl in no time.” She patted Eve on the knee as she so often did before and stood up. “Now stay there for a second, we have one more touch before we can go home.”

The bound woman stood up a second after Allison did, ranting at her from behind the gag as she sashayed back over to the bar to get something from behind it. Eve almost tripped a second later, unused to balancing when bound. Her knees could only get an inch or two apart, and it was hard to keep standing with the cuffs at her ankles preventing her from taking a real step to ground herself. The gagged shouts faded after a few seconds of this, as Eve was too busy trying to stay upright to yell.

“You really are adorable, sweetie. Like a baby deer,” said Allison. Eve turned to glare, but her eyes only widened as she saw what was in her captor’s hand. A collar. Allison was holding a collar and leash as she strode forward.

The reality of the situation set in then. If Allison got that around her neck, it was over. She could fight the recruiter every step of the way out of the building, but as soon as anyone saw that collar they would stop paying attention. Slaves wore collars. A woman being dragged off kicking and screaming with a bare neck was a kidnapping victim (though most people in this city would have ignored that too). A woman dragged off kicking and screaming with a collar was just an unruly slave.

Unable to walk, Eve tried hopping instead. She turned away from Allison and hopped around the couch, desperately trying to put distance between the two of them. The door was closed, but maybe if she could—

It didn’t matter. Allison caught up to her in a matter of seconds.

“You’re such a naughty girl for trying to run like that,” Allison declared. She added a quick, hard spank for emphasis. Eve cried out.

The captive’s mind worked fast. That other prospective slave was her only hope. Sabrina. If she could get to her and show her what was going on, she might be able to get help. Or maybe just stave off Allison long enough for the others to come back. It was the longest of long shots, since it could just as easily end with Sabrina getting forcibly enslaved too. But it was Eve’s only hope of freedom at that point.

With that in mind, she aimed a desperate headbutt at Allison’s head.

But Allison was ready for it, sidestepping it with far more grace than Eve thought was fair in heeled boots that high.

“No!” Allison aimed a hard smack at Eve’s midriff this time. “Bad girl, that’s a bad, bad girl!” She smacked her a few more times to make her displeasure clear.

“Fffmmmggg oooo!” Eve cried out, still thrashing around. “Mmmgh ooot gggh eeht!”

“What’s that? You’re sorry for being so rude?” Allison patted her on the stomach, fondly this time.


Her smile returned. “Well, I won’t say you’re a good girl yet, but apologizing is a nice start. Now hold still so I can put this on you.”

Eve gave a violent shake of her head and tried to hop backwards. She couldn’t get far with Allison holding onto her.

Before the recruiter could say anything else, the door started to slide open. A slight widening of Allison’s eyes filled Eve with hope. Was this it? Was Sabrina coming back? The two women’s heads swiveled towards the door as one…

… and Eve’s heart sank when she saw it was just Rachel, the busty blonde slave with the shirt, cutoffs, and wedge heeled tennis shoes. Sabrina was nowhere in sight. But wait, maybe the other prospect was still nearby, just not in sight. Maybe—”

“Is Sabrina with you?” Allison asked

“Of course not,” Rachel’s reply dashed what was left of Eve’s hopes. “I got your message, I wasn’t going to let her back up here. She’s still downstairs having fun.” The blonde stepped toward the two of them, focusing on Eve as she did.

“So new girl, huh?” she asked as she reached them and positioned herself on Eve’s other side. The black-haired woman could only shrink in on herself.

“Help me hold her still. I need to get her collar on.” Eve could only whimper at Allison’s words.

“Ooooh,” Rachel cooed with an exaggerated pout. Her hands came up to grab the captive young woman by the shoulders. “You poor baby, you must be scared out of your mind.”

That was one way to put it. Eve could feel the fight draining out of her as she blinked back tears. She couldn’t keep both of them at bay even if they weren’t literally holding her in place. As Allison brought the thick leather collar to Eve’s neck—a sharp contrast to the more comfortable looking satin chokers the other slave swore—she couldn’t even bring herself to resist anymore.

The uncomfortable leather encircled her neck and was tightened. It didn’t choke Eve, but she wasn’t going to be able to ignore its presence.

“There we go.” Allison said as she locked the collar with a resounding click that echoed in Eve’s mind more than the actual room. “Now you’re all set for your new life.”

This was it. There was no hope for escape now. Even if she could get away from the two, no one was going to help a woman bound up in a collar.

More happened in the next minute, but Eve wasn’t fully aware of it. She could feel Rachel’s hands wander her body, feeling up her breasts beneath her bustier and reaching down into her pants before Allison tugged at her new collar and Eve was forced to take a hobbled step to follow.

“Come on sweetie,” she heard Allison’s voice say. “There's a back entrance we can use so no one will see. It’s time to go home.”