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Distractions and secrets

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The heist was going great, until it wasn’t 


“We need a distraction!” Debbie hissed frantically, 


“I’ve got it,” You sighed, and ran to the platform to grab the mic, you turned back and whispered to the band a slight smirk on your face. 


“Y/N, what are you doing?” Tammy hissed, 


“Being the distraction,” You mumbled, before turning to the crowd, the music started and you brought the microphone to your lips 


“I caught you cheating

You had the nerve to say you're sleeping

Just not with her but told your friends

That I'll be lost without you

And I'll admit it

Sometimes I miss when we were in it

So I made a list so I'd never forget

All the things I hate about you”


“Since when was Y/N in a relationship?” Tammy asked 


“Beats me! First I’ve heard of it!” Debbie lied, you told her not long after Lou left, she found you on the couch surrounded by empty liquor bottles and freaked out. After that she swore to never leave your side and you two had gotten close, and that’s when you told her what had happened, she held you while you cried and even sometimes cuddles up to you in your bed, so you both don’t feel alone. 


“Anyone?” Daphne asked


“We are here to do a job people,” Lou said tensely, already knowing it’s about her.


“Ten you're selfish, nine you're jaded

Eight the dumbest girl I dated

Seven talk a big game 'til you're naked

Only six seconds and I had to fake it

Five you're toxic, four can't trust you

Three you still got mommy issues

Two years of your bullshit I can't undo

One I hate the fact that you made me love you”


Guilt ate away at Lou as everyone quickly finished the job, 


“She’s a really good singer,” Contance commented 


“You have no idea,” Lou murmured, Daphne sent Lou an odd look, but Lou never met her eyes. You finished the song and everyone clapped and cheered, you flushed embarrassed, and went to get off stage but the crowd wanted more. So, you sang a few more songs, finally you were able to get away and grab a drink of water and a shot of tequila because god knows you’re going to need it when you get back to the loft. 


You slowly trudged your way in and flopped one the couch, as best you could in the dress you were wearing.


“So?” Daphne smiled at you. You sent her a half glare and look over at Debbie


“You owe me $50,” You muttered, Daphne huffed as she watched Debbie sigh and hand over the fifty dollar note. 


“What do you want to know Daphne,” You sigh, just to get it over with 


“Who is she?” Daphne asked, you chuckled darkly 


“No one important, I made a mistake in trusting her and it’s not going to happen again,” You mutter, trying to blink away the tears. You’ve been able to not think about it for the past year, but now seeing her there, and working with her. Your heart ached, how could she do that to you? 


“How come we didn’t know?” Tammy asked, you purse your lips and shrugged, you rested your head back against the couch and closed your eyes, rubbing your temple you could already feel a headache coming on. You phone rang and you let out a deep sigh as you answered it, 


“I’ll be there in a minute,” You mumbled, standing and grabbing your coat and keys to one of Lou’s old motorbikes that you claimed.


“Where are you going?” Tammy asked, 


“I’m needed at the club, it doesn’t run itself you know,” You said over your shoulder,  eyes lingering on Lou before shutting the door behind you. Lou fought everything in her body to not chase after you and apologise again, she knew you didn’t want to hear it. Not to mention it would fall on deaf ears, you hated her… or so she thought. 


You made it to the club and did the few things you had to do, and slumped down in your chair in the office, rolling your tense shoulders. You just want the night to be over, you heard a faint knock on the door and it opened, revealing Debbie. 


“Hey,” Debbie smiled, 


“Hey yourself,” You smile back, neither of you would admit it out loud but during the year that Lou was away something switched for the both of you. Not that either of you would ever act on it, because Debbie knew you still loved Lou, and you knew so did she. 


“How are you feeling?” Debbie asked, leaning against the desk, you look up at her, and ran a hand through your hair, 


“Tired, exhausted. I just want to sleep for a week and not leave my bed,” You muttered honestly, Debbie came up behind you and started kneading your shoulders trying to get you to relax, you relaxed into her touch, you felt her breath in your neck. 


“I can think of another way to help you relax,” Debbie murmured, your face flushed. There has been many times where the two of you have almost had sex, you’ve both definitely made-out a hand full of times as well but neither of you crossed the line. You look up at her a small smirk on your lips and a raised eyebrow, 


“Deborah Ocean,” You fake scolded, she smirked and kissed your neck, causing your eyes to flutter shut. 


“Just let me take care of you?” Debbie whispered, 


“Deb,” You whispered, you couldn’t. 


“Fuck Lou,” Debbie hissed, sinking her teeth into your neck. A quiet moan leaving your lips you turn and pull her into a kiss, fuck it. What could go wrong? She pulls you to your feet, and you walk her backwards towards the couch and push her down, breaking the kiss momenterly and quickly straddling her. She pulled you into another kiss your hands in her hair while her hands squeezed your arse bringing you closer, one hand remained on your arse while the other snaked its way between your legs.


You couldn’t help but gasp, when you felt her run a finger through your folds, you pull back from the kiss and rest your forehead on hers. 


“Let me make you feel good, let me be a distraction,” Debbie whispered, her finger lightly circling your clit


“Fuck,” You whimper, grinding down on her your finger tightened in her hair, 


“Please,” You whisper, and that’s all it took, Debbie slipped a finger into you, your mouth dropped open and you arched your back. She left hot open mouth kisses on your neck, biting down every now and then. You vaguely heard the door open, 


“Oh,” a voice whispered, you both froze and looked towards the door. Lou was standing there eyes wide, mouth slightly open, Debbie smirked and moved her fingers inside of you, your hips jerked as you tried to clench your walls to get her to stop. 


“Either come in or get out! Just close the door,” You hiss, Lou stepped in and shut the door, her eyes never leaving the two of you. 


“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” Lou replied, 


“Yet here you are,” You muttered, Lou flinched. Neither of you moved, Debbie stayed buried deep inside of you, and you weren’t about to climb off anytime soon. 


“I… you both…,” Lou stumbled, which caught you and Debbie off guard, Lou was never one to stutter or stumble over her words. You both wait patiently for the blonde to figure out what she wanted to say,


“I just wanted to make sure you were both okay, when Debbie didn’t reply we all got worried and I got sent to check on you both,” Lou said awkwardly, yet her eyes kept flicking down to where Debbie’s hand was. 


“Well we are fine, as you can see,” Debbie said sweetly, her thumb brushing against your clit causing you to gasp, Lou gulped. She knew she should just walk out, let the two of you be. But she couldn’t, so she walked forward slowly, and knew down in front of the both of you. First kissing Debbie then turning to you, your eyes flickered to her lips and then back to her eyes, you nod your head in permission. Part of you was still hurt and pissed that she cheated but fuck you missed her, and maybe just maybe… the three of you could work something out. Because you didn’t want to have to choose if it came down to it, you knew you were being selfish but right now you didn’t care.