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S07E07: The Endurance

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[Episode starts by showing the exterior of the Watterson's house.]




[It cuts to inside. Similar to "The Egg", Anais, Darwin, Gumball, and Richard are lined up in front of Nicole, by the staircase in the living room. Everyone is "dressed" for the day's occasion, but no one other than Nicole seems to have done it right, who's wearing her yellow dress and pearl necklace.]


Nicole: (Starts by walking up to Richard wearing a brown tuxedo) Hmm...


Richard: (Nervously) Ehehehe...


[Nicole notices Richard's pants, which has a pattern of blue houses on it.]


Nicole: (Headshakes) Richard, "Wearing the pants of the house" was a idiom. I didn't mean that you were literally gonna buy pants with houses on them!


Richard: But it was all that fit me at the clothing store!


Nicole: (Facepalms) Just go change to something normal...


Richard: Aww!


[As richard walks off, Nicole examines Gumball's outfit. He appears to be wearing a medieval cowl as he's sitting on the floor in a lotus position.]


Nicole: Uh... what's that supposed to be?


Gumball: (Wushu salutes) Namaste, my friend!


Nicole: (Flatly) First of all: "Namaste" is Hindu. Second of all: I don't think that the Yoshida family will approve such a stereotypical image made about them.


Gumball: But I thought they were Japanese!


Nicole: Monks originated in China, not in Japan. Do as I told your dad to do!


[Gumball suddenly starts levitating across the room, still in a sitting position, which angers Nicole.]




[Gumball lands on his feet and walks off sheepishly.]


[Nicole goes over to examining Darwin, who is wearing the hat and clothes of Luigi from the "Super Mario" franchise.]


Nicole: (Sighs) I said we were gonna go visit Yoshida the family , not Yoshi the dinosaur !


Darwin: (Comprehending) Oooh!


[Darwin walks off, his leather shoes leaves black prints behind on the carpet floor.]


[Nicole shifts over to inspect Anais, who is wearing a green kimono and holding an umbrella. Anais starts doubting her outfit shown on her expression.]


Anais: Too stereotypical?


Nicole: (Shrugs) Well, at least your outfit originates from their country. It'll do!


[Anais smiles proudly.]

The car ride


[Scene cuts to later. Gumball and Richard are now wearing black tuxedos while Darwin is only wearing black pants and leather shoes. They all have worried looks on their faces.]


Nicole: (Approving) There! That's much better!


[Richard's pants suddenly drops down, making him show his underwear.]


Richard: Aww! I told you they wouldn't fit, Nicole!!


Nicole: (Smiling) I don't think I made myself clear enough! (She frowns at Richard, now with flaming eyes)


[Richard's pants pulls themselves up automatically, as if frightened by Nicole's threat.]


Richard: (Meekly) Ahaha... I-I think you made yourself very clear, honey!


[Nicole returns to normal.]


Nicole: (Happily) That's great!


[Suddenly, a car horn is heard outside.]


Nicole: (Gasps) That must be them! Everyone, look your finest!


[Gumball's and Darwin's faces morphs into looking like burn victims.]


Nicole: (Silent confusion) ...What is that supposed to be!?


Gumball: That'fh what you thold ufh to lookh like!


Nicole: (Annoyed) No! I said your finest , not your firest !


Gumball and Darwin: Oh... (Their faces morphs back to normal)


Nicole: (Pinches forehead) Just try to act natural, alright?


[The family walks outside. When they step off the porch, they all immediately notice something that makes them turn to shock.]


Gumball, Darwin, Anais and Richard: Uh–!!


[Everyone's jaws, except Nicole's, drops in astonishment.]


[It is revealed that Yuki is leaning against a limousine painted in gold waiting for them on their driveway. Yuki is wearing her sharp, red suit.]


Yuki: Hello, Nicole!


[Nicole walks up to Yuki.]


Nicole: (Pleasant) Ah, Yuki! You look great as always!


[Yuki and Nicole hugs eachother. Nicole lets go of her shortly after.]


Nicole: Oh, look what you have done with your hair! (Leans over and whispers) Tell me, what's your secret!?


Yuki: (Flips her hair backwards) Oh, just some old-fashioned herbs from Aokigahara! Nothing special!(Whispers to Nicole, smirking) And also some detergents, but don't tell anyone!


[Nicole and Yuki shares a quick laugh.]


Yuki: Oh, where are my manners? Let me show you inside! (She opens the car door and gestures for her to enter the limo)


Nicole: (Turns around) Come on you guys, we're leaving!


[Gumball, Darwin, Richard and Anais are still frozen in shock with their jaws dropped.]


Nicole: (Holds up a finger) Erm– Hold on a second!


[Nicole walks up to her husband and children and pushes them from behind to the limo.]


[Cuts to inside the limo. Yuki has taken a seat in-between Masami and Mr. Yoshida. Mr. Yoshida is wearing his sharp, black suit for the event.]


Nicole: HNGHH!!


[Nicole pushes Gumball, Darwin, Richard and Anais into the backseat and they sit in said order next to the Yoshida family, all still frozen. Nicole then steps inside, closes the car door and moves herself over to sit next to Yuki. The limo drives off.]


Masami: (Concerned) Shouldn't you do something about them?


Nicole: Oh, of course! (She snaps a finger in front of her husband and children, they exhale sharply as they gain consciousness)


Gumball: Wh– (Looks around) Where are we!?


Masami: You went into a state of surprise seeing our car before.


Darwin and Gumball: (Smiles) Oh, hi Masami!


Masami: (Flatly) Um... Hi...


Yuki: (To Masami) Oh, so you know these handsome boys from before, huh?


Darwin: (Happily) Yeah, we go in the same class together at school! And we were there with her when you and mrs. Mom fought!


Yuki: Ohohoho! What a pleasant surprise! (She smirks and nudges Masami with her elbow) Maybe one of them feels some affection towards you...


Masami: (Blushes, embarrassed) M-mom, stop it!! You know I'm too young to have a boyfriend!


[The limo suddenly comes to a halt as it stops at a traffic jam on the highway.]


Mr. Yoshida: Ugh!! This traffic is KILLING ME!!


[Mr. Yoshida freaks out and punches the headrest in front of him. It flies off its holders and hits the Limo's driver in the head so he passes out.]


Yuki: Calm down, honey! Remember that we can always skip the jammings!


Nicole: (Raises eyebrow) I don't think law enforcement approves driving recklessly on the road...


Yuki: Ohohoho! You're so silly, Nicole! Where we're going, we don't need any roads!


[Yuki presses a red button located under her seat. Suddenly, the limo transforms into hover mode, as the underside starts glowing and the wheels tilt 90 degrees. The limo levitates over the ground, then shoots off at lightning speed.]


Gumball, Darwin, Richard and Anais: aaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!


[The children and Richard are all panicking in terror, while their face muscles are blown backwards from the speed. Meanwhile Masami, Yuki, Nicole and Mr. Yoshida are unfazed.]


Nicole: (To Yuki) Wow, how could you even afford this hi-tech stuff?


Yuki: (Filing her nails) Sometimes it affords marrying the richest man in Elmore, darling!


[Yuki and Mr. Yoshida leans over Nicole and shares a quick kiss with her in-between.]


Yuki and Mr. Yoshida: Mwah!


Nicole: Yeah... (Winces) I wish I was rich, too...


Yuki: (Caresses Nicole's head) Aww, don't get yourself beat up over it! Money can't buy everything in the world. Your beautiful family is one example!


[Camera pans over to Richard and the children. They're all still terrified from the speedy ride.]


Gumball: (Latching onto Darwin) WE'RE GONNA CRASH!!!


[Pans back to Nicole and Yuki again.]


Nicole: (Smiles) Thanks, Yuki... You always know how to make people feel better.


[The limo then comes to a halt.]


Yuki: Ah! We're here!


[The limo transforms into its normal mode mid-air. It plunges down onto the street and lands in front of the Yoshida family's mansion.]


Gumball: Ugh...


[Richard, Gumball, Darwin and Anais faints and melts into liquid states. The car door opens and they flow out onto the sidewalk into a large, combined puddle.]


Nicole: (Steps outside and notices the puddle) Uh...


Yuki: Hold on a sec! (Snaps her fingers) Butler! Will you take care of my guests, please?


[Yuki, Nicole, Masami and Mr. Yoshida walks inside. Larry, wearing a black suit vest then walks up to the puddle and sweeps up Richard, Gumball, Darwin and Anais onto a funnel and carries them inside. Scene ends.]

At the Dinner Table


[Next scene starts in the dining hall  inside the Yoshida family's mansion. The room is decorated with chandeliers and elegant vintage wallpapers. The Watterson family and the Yoshida family are sitting by a long table opposite from eachother. The table is set with a large variety of fancy dishes, such as crab claws, cabbage rolls, lobster tails, oyster and so on.]


Mr Yoshida: (Breaks the silence) So mr. Watterson! A little bird told me that you're a very successful businessman! Tell me, what sort of business do you own on the market?


[Richard is sitting on the opposite side next to his wife.]


Richard: B-business!? Uh... hmm... The S-sofa business?




Mr. Yoshida: (Confused) The sofa business? I have never heard of that in my life! (Smirks) Tell me, what is the structure like? A rival monopoly market? A perfect market? Or maybe your business is so successful that it's origopoly competition?


Richard: (Gestures) Sorry, I said I run a business here! I don't talk in math equations!


[Yuki and Mr. Yoshida sitting next to eachother, shares eye contact while perking an eyebrow in silence.]


Mr. Yoshida: Ahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! (Wipes off tear) A classic affair joke! Good one, Richard!


[Mr. Yoshida and Yuki keeps on laughing together.]


Richard: (Nervously) Ehehehehe... (Aside to Nicole, whispering) Look honey, I think I made them believe me! I made a good job, right!?


[Nicole sighs and facepalms.]


[Cuts over to Gumball and Darwin eating. Gumball is holding a lobster tail forcing himself to eat it, but to no avail.]


Gumball: (Disgusted) Yuck!! (Throws lobster tail away) This food is so adulty that if it was still alive, it'd play Solitude!


[Darwin is eating some onion rings.]


Darwin: (Mouth full of food) I don't see how you can complain about this! These onion rings are awesome!


Gumball: (Shocked) Dude... I don't think that's onion rings... I think that's squid rings...


[Darwin freezes in horror with his eyes widened, He then lets the chewed content pour back onto the plate from his clenched lips for several awkward seconds.]


Darwin: (Pushes plate away) I think I lost my appetite...


[Gumball looks over to the other side of the table and notices Masami eating on a steak. He then turns to Darwin with a mischievous grin on his face.]


Gumball: (Smugly) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Darwin: Hmm... I don't know, but from the mischievous look on your face... (Makes an evil smile) I have a feeling that it has something to do with doing something naughty!!


[Masami is about to eat another piece of her steak, when suddenly she gets a lobster tail thrown at her.]


Masami: Ow!! HEY!!


[Gumball and Darwin both have evil grins on their faces with their eyes being yellow.]


Gumball and Darwin: (Evil laugh) NYEHEHEHEHE!!!


[Gumball and Darwin throws more shrimps, lobster tails and other food at her, making her more irritated.]


Masami: Ow! Ouch! (Growls) Grrrr!! Alright, you two asked for this!!


[Masami suddenly turns into a dark-grey thunderstorm, making Gumball and Darwin whimper in fear. She then inhales all she got and blows an entire whirlwind at them, making them fall off their seats and scattering food everywhere.]


Gumball: (Him and Darwin stands up) What the– Hey!! That's not fair, that's against the rules!!


Masami: (Smirks) Who's gonna stop me? The federal agents??


[Gumball, Darwin and Masami now starts throwing food at eachother, laughing as they do.]


Gumball, Darwin and Masami: Hahaha– Hahahaha!!


Gumball: Missed me!!


Masami: No, you missed me!!


Yuki: HEY!!!


[Gumball, Darwin and Masami all freezes in terror. They're met with their parents, except for Richard and Anais all frowning in irritation at them.]


Yuki: (Slams fist into table) Could you PLEASE try to be civilized around the table!?!


Nicole: We're trying to have a civilized conversation about the investment banks here– Which uh... I don't really know alot about since I'm an office slave... but still! Be respectful!!


[Gumball, Darwin and Masami all smiles nervously.]


Gumball: Y-yes of course! C-carry on with your talking...


[Gumball, Darwin and Masami goes back to eating. Nicole and Yuki looks back at eachother.]


Yuki: (Pleasant) Anyways, so like I was saying about the Wall Street crash–


Gumball, Darwin and Masami: HAHAHA– HAHAHA....


[Yuki gets interrupted by Gumball, Darwin and Masami once again throwing food at eachother.]


Yuki: What did I just say!?!


[Gumball, Darwin and Masami freezes.]


Gumball: (To Yuki) Well it's not our fault that this food is– (Loses nerve, stutters) Uh... Um...


Masami: (Bluntly, smirking) What I think he meant to say, is that this food is so boring that it could've been served as prison food in the ancient Egypt! Who cooked it? The Poles?


[Gumball and Darwin covers their mouth in shock from Masami's insult. Yuki is now glaring at Masami as she sweats nervously.]


Yuki: (Points at Masami) You three, out, NOW!!!

Meeting Akira


[As Gumball, Darwin and Masami got kicked out from the dining area by Yuki, they're now walking around in the hallway, where we see several paintings of Mr. Yoshida, Masami and Yuki being hung up on the walls.]


Gumball: (To Masami) I can't believe you had the guts to talk to your mom that way! Our mom would destroy us on the spot if we dissed her like that!


Masami: (Scoffs) Well, sometimes it pays off to be a kid with rich parents!


Darwin: (Excitedly) So what are we gonna do now, instead? Are there videogames around here that we can play?


Masami: Y-yeah, sure! But... not with me, though! But I might know someone here that you can play with!


Gumball: Who?


Masami: Him! Who lives up there!


[Masami points to a staircase, leading up to a shut door on the second floor. The three walks up to it and halts by the first step.]


Gumball: (Unsurely) Um... Okay...?? Creepy staircase, but I can deal with it...


[Camera cuts over to them now walking up the stairs.]


Darwin: So who lives up here that has the same interests as us, Masami?


Masami: My brother Akira lives up here! (Rubs head) We don't usually go up here since he's one of those "Introvert" types...


Gumball: (Mocking Masami) Oooohhh, looks like Masami has a little "sibling love" which makes her hate her brother! Hehehehe!!–


Masami: ...I'm serious, y'know!?


Gumball: (Winces) Oh...


[They make it to the top of the stairs and Masami opens the door. Gumball and Darwin takes a step forward and gets met with a hallway, being completely hoarded with pizza boxes, empty bags of chips, stains, clothes, soda cans and anime figures, scattered all over the place.]


Gumball: (Shocked) Um... On second thoughts, I think I'll pass! This place is more hoarded than the apartments that those extreme cleaners from England visit...


Darwin: Masami, m-maybe there's other parts of the mansion that you could show us instead...? I'm sure you have some sort of ponies here that we could ride, right...??


Masami: (Smiles) Too late!


[Masami slams the door shut on Gumball and Darwin and locks it from the other side.]


Gumball: WHAT!?! NO! (Bangs on the door repatedly) OPEN THE DOOR, MASAMI!! PLEASE!!


Masami: (Muffled) Not until you promise you won't throw any more food at me!!


[Gumball turns around and gulps in fear.]


Darwin: (Unsurely) think we should just get on with this...


[Gumball and Darwin walks down the hallway, worriedly.]


Darwin: (Whispers) This place smells like a homeless man wearing bags instead of shoes...


[Suddenly, they get blinded by a bright light coming from behind a door left ajar down the corridor. Someone is also heard typing loudly on a keyboard from a room.]


Gumball: (Raises eyebrow) Where's that keyboard typing coming from?? Sounds like someone's in a flamewar or something!


Darwin: I guess there's just one way to find out...


[They make it to the room and checks inside the door's opening. The entire room is revealed to be hoarded with more filth. A kid with a nasal voice lacking air flow is heard laughing cheekily out of frame.]


???: (Typing) Hehehe! (Snorts) Hehehehe! Don't you ever share your opinion online again!!


[Gumball and Darwin gently opens the door.]


Gumball: Um... Hello??


[The kid turns around in his chair. He is extremely sleep-deprived and shows his fangs like a vampire.]


???: (LOUD HISS)


Gumball and Darwin: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!


???: (Returns to normal) Oh... (Sheepishly) S-shorry! (Snorts) I just didn't ekshpect visitors to come around to my secret hideout!


[The kid is revealed to be a really chubby cloud wearing nothing else but shorts and a white t-shirt that says "I LOVE NANTENDO" on it and some glasses. Unlike his little sister Masami, he actually has a full body with legs and arms. He also has alot of acne on his face.]


Gumball: (Awkwardly) Umm... You must be the "Akira" kid that we've heard so much about.


Akira: Ehehehe (Snorts) Ahahaha, yeah! I usually go by the name "xXxTheGalaktrekFanxXx", but you can call me that, too!


[Gumball and Darwin shares eye contact in confusion.]


Gumball: (Nervously) Y-yeah... I think I'll go with Akira instead...


[Suddenly, Akira darts up to Gumball and threatens him with a samurai sword, holding it close to his throat.]


Akira: (Gruff voice) Alright, spit it out!! Do you work for the FBI!! (Glares) Well you can go and tell them that I am NOT gonna return the leaked government files!!


Gumball: (Sweating) N-no!! W-we were just gonna come visit you because Masami told us to!


Akira: (Returns to normal) Oh! (Snorts) Well if that'sh what you are, then I guessh I don't mind!


[Akira walks back to his red gaming chair and starts fumbling around in his dirty, expensive setup covered in more filth.]


Akira: (Gestures) Pleashe, have a sheat anywhere in the room!


[Gumball and Darwin walks inside his room and looks to their left. They get met with an extremely unclean room, with piles of clothes, dirty plates and garbage being piled everywhere.]


Gumball: Um... (To Akira; shrugs) Where...?


Akira: Oh! (Points behind) There's a coffee table and two chairs next to my Uraraka poster..


[Camera pans down to the right corner of the room on the left side. There, a small children's table with a heavy amount of filled plastic bags is  piled on top of it, along with two colorful chairs. On the wall behind it, a "Warrior girl" with red, revealing clothes is seen, exposing most of her skin (Along with her chest...).]


[Gumball and Darwin unsurely walks up to the table and swipes off all the clothes to the floor. Under the pile, they get met with...]


Rat: (Hisses)


Gumball and Darwin: AHHH!!


Rat: (Talks like a human) Oh my gosh... OH MY GOSH, SWEET FREEDOM!! You have no idea how long I was stuck in this craphole!


[The rat grabs Gumball's and Darwin's hands and shakes them thankfully.]


Rat: (Relieved) Thank you so much! I'm gonna tell my wife and children about you two when I return home!!


[The rat jumps off the table and runs out of the room on all four legs.]


[Gumball and Darwin stares at eachother in silence, bewildered from what just happened. They then shrug it off and take a seat by the table.]


[Right as they do, Akira walks up to them and puts two expensive headphones on the table. Both of them are bootleg version headsets of JBL, now called "JAY" instead.]


Gumball: (Confused) ....Headphones??


Akira: Krrhahaha, yeah! (He points to the blue headset on the right) That one right there?? Thoshe are called LMBO-7000! They have 3D audio, 70 mm dynamic transhreducing surround-syshtem AND it hash...


[Gumball and Darwin smiles and nods nervously as Akira continues to ramble on.]


Gumball and Darwin: (Awkwardly) Uh huh, uh huh...


Akira: And the best of all!? It hash a cool chr–


[Akira notices Gumball and Darwin as they keep on nodding, even though he hasn't said anything.]


Akira: (Annoyed) Are you guysh even listening to me!?!


[Gumball and Darwin continues on nodding, ignoring Akira. Gumball then slaps Darwin in the face and they snap back to reality again.]


Darwin: (Panic) AHH!!— Yeah, we were listening!!


Akira: (Peers suspiciously) Really? So did you hear about me mentioning that they also have 400 ohm and a carbon fiber sound cable!?


[Gumball and Darwin once again shares eye contact, perking an eyebrow.]


Gumball and Darwin: (Nods awkwardly) Yes...?


[Akira now glares at them suspiciously.]


Akira: (Squints) Hmm...


[Gumball and Darwin starts sweating.]


Akira: Hmmmm...


[Gumball and Darwin sweats even more while grinding their teeth anxiously.]


Akira: ...mmmmmm... (Happily) Great!! That'sh all I needed to hear!


Gumball and Darwin: (Relieved) Phew!


[Akira proceeds to point at the other headset on the table.]


Akira: Then that meansh you'll be even more intereshted in my other heads–...


Gumball: (Interrupts) Woah woah woah!! I don't think you need to tell us about that one! (Looks around) Erm... how about you just play some games on your computer over there, while me and Darwin here spectates!


Akira: (Gasps) Great idea!!


[Akira runs off-screen.]


Akira: You guys will go totally BONKERSH when you see my setup!!


[Gumball and Darwin gets up from their chairs and follows him reluctantly. Camera proceeds to cut to Akira standing next to his expensive setup. It has a triple-screen monitor and a bunch of speakers surrounding it.]


Akira: (Swaggered) Yeah, as you can shee, it's pretty much the besht thing I own! 3000 dollar surround sound speakers, triple monitors AND a very, VERY exhspensive keyboard!!


[Camera zooms in on Akira's dirty keyboard with a bunch of cheese puff dust on it and soda stains. Camera then zooms out again.]


Akira: (Smugly) I bet you guysh have similar setups, knowing how wealthy and mighty your parents probably are.


Darwin: (Deadpan) Um... no, we don't.


Gumball: (Flatly) We have an old boxy computer that can barely run Minesweeper and crashes when you try to open the calculator.






Akira: (Wheezes) HAAHAAHAAHA!!! Oh man, that wash a funny joke!!


Darwin: (Annoyed) We literally aren't joking.


Akira: (Stops laughing) Oh...


[Akira goes silent. He then jumps into his gaming chair and spins around to face his setup.]


Akira: Well, everyone can't afford to be as rich as I am!


[Akira rests his hands on his dirty keyboard and boots up his PC, while Gumball and Darwin are standing behind him.]


Gumball: S-so what are you gonna play with your expensive setup? Surely it's gotta be something of high quality, right?


Akira: Oh yeah, sure! I'm gonna play a really strategic game called Imposters!


[Akira starts up the game "Imposters", which looks very similar to the indie game "Among us". It makes Gumball repulse.]


Gumball: (Gags) HAOURGH!! (Whispers) I think I just threw up in my mouth a little... Playing that game is the lowest a gamer could ever go... It's not even a high quality game!!


Darwin: (Aside to Gumball) At least he's distracted now. Let's get outta here!


[Camera switches over to Akira, playing. Meanwhile in the background, Gumball and Darwin backs away slowly.]


Akira: (Snorts) Hehehe! Booyah!! Get pooped on you little noobs! (Adjusts glasses) ...Huh!?!


[Akira turns around and sees that Gumball and Darwin has disappeared into the hallway. Akira proceeds to jump off his gaming chair to follow them.]


Akira: Wait!! Hold on!! (He reaches for his shelf next to his setup and grabs a bunch of Anime figures.) I haven't even shown you guysh my Anime collection yet!!


[Akira runs out the hallway, carrying all of his Anime figures. Scene ends.]

Escaping the upstairs


[Gumball and Darwin is now back in the hallway by the locked door. Gumball is kneeling down, removing the hinges on the door with a screwdriver, while Darwin is on lookout for Akira.]


Gumball: You see anything yet?


Darwin: Nope! Just some cobweb and the smell of dirty socks. How's the work going?


Gumball: (Sighs, frustrated) Terrible... This isn't even the right tip on the screwdriver! Go look in that pile behind you and see what you can find as replacement!


[Gumball points at a large pile of rubbish behind Darwin. Darwin takes a look at his right fin, then shivers in disgust.]


Darwin: (Reluctant) I can't belive I'm doing this...


[Darwin shoves said fin into the junk and fumbles around. He then lifts up a black male kimono, which looks to be in XXL size.]


Darwin: Junk.


[Darwin throws the kimono away, then continues fumbling around. He  lifts up a dirty fedora, which covers Darwin's face in dust.]


Darwin: (Coughs) More rubbish.


[Darwin throws the fedora away and continues searching. He finally picks up something of use from the pile, which is a ring with a load of keys on it.]


Darwin: Aha! Here, try this!


[Darwin throws the keys at Gumball, who proceeds to catch them.]


Gumball: (Surprised) Oh nice, a spare set of keys! Great find, dude!


[Gumball fumbles with the keys and tries them on the lock on the door one by one. Meanwhile, Darwin turns back around to the pile of garbage and ponders with his fin on his chin.]


Darwin: Hmm... What else does he keep in there?


[Darwin fumbles around again and grabs a hold of someone's hair. He lifts the person up and it appears to be no one else but...]


Akira: Hi!


Darwin: (Startled) AAAAHHHH!!!




Akira: (Dirts himself off and steps out of the garbage pile.) Jeez, you guysh sure do scream alot. Say, what are you trying to do with the door over there?


Darwin: (Nervously laughs) Ehehehe, n-nothing. J-just checking it... (He leans aside to Gumball and whispers) Dude, abort the mission! He's standing here right next to us!


Gumball: (Whispers loudly) No! I'm not going through this work just to abandon it!! Go distract him or something!


[Gumball continues to try out the keys on the lock. Darwin turns back to Akira and sighs.]


Darwin: (Acts pleasant) So, what else do you have to show us, then?


Akira: (Excitedly) Oh yeah! You guysh almost missed the besht part!


[Akira reaches for his back pockets and pulls out an item, but he drops it on the floor accidentally.]


Akira: Oops! Dropped it!


[Akira bends over to pick the item up, resulting in him exposing his entire buttcrack to Darwin. Darwin proceeds to cover his mouth, nauseated from the view.]


[Akira turns around to Darwin, holding an Anime figure of a greasy and soda-stained half-naked woman with a black bikini and purple hair.]


Akira: MINAKO!!!


[Akira shows the figure to Darwin, almost shoving it right into his face.]


Darwin: (Takes a step back) Eww! What is that!?


Akira: It's Minako! My favorite piece of my collection! She almosht got me in trouble when my mom found out that I had ushed her credit card for her! (He starts flirting with the figure) Oh yes you did, you busty, beautiful shavage! (Lip smacks) Yumyumyumyumyum– YUMMEH!!


[Gumball turns his head around from the lockpicking and startes at Akira along with Darwin, who is now visibly baffled.]


Gumball: (Weirded out) What the– what is wrong with this guy...?


Darwin: (Aside to Gumball) That's what years of isolation does to a person, I guess... Just get us out of here!


[Gumball turns back his head and goes back to trying out the keys.]


Darwin: (To Akira, awkwardly) Erm... sure! It sounds like she sure means alot to you!


Akira: Pshh! Are you kidding!? I'd sacrifice my parents over her if she was in danger! (Sighs, lovely) If only I could meet her in real life some day...


[Darwin is shown starting to feel more and more uncomfortable.]


Darwin: Yeeeaaahhh... I sure hope so, too... Your show-and-tell about her was er–... V-very interesting!


Akira: (Snort laughs) I'm happy you liked it! (He fumbles in his pockets again) Because I have about twenty more figures here in my–


[Gumball interrupts Akira by unlocking the door with the right key.]


Gumball: (Shines up) Yes!! I unlocked the door!! Let's get out of this dumpster cave!


[Gumball pushes the door forward, opening it. But to his surprise the entire door falls forward, unattached to the hinges and plants right into the floor with a loud thump.]


Gumball: .... (Shrugs) Huh, whaddaya know... I guess the screwdriver worked afterall.

Count to 100 and we'll hide!


[After breaking out from the upper floor area, Gumball and Darwin are now walking tiredly with bags under their eyes through the Yoshida family's hallway. Behind them, Akira is following them as he is talking about his Anime figures, which makes Gumball and Darwin grow increasingly bored.]


Akira: (Rambling) And then I have this other Anime figure called Yuki, which uh... sadly got lost in the pilesh of garbage upstairsh. She has the same name as my mom but she is way cooler in termsh of body language and personality! My mom compared to her is pretty much...


[Akira's voice gets muffled out as Gumball and Darwin talks to eachother.]


Gumball: (Whispers loudly) Dude, I don't know how much longer I can take this guy... It feels like we've listened to him for hours, now!


Darwin: (Normally) Nah, only five minutes so far. But it feels longer since this hallway is so long.


Akira: (Continues) And my fourth figure has to be that one princessh from that one game where a knight dressed in green goesh to save her. I kind of don't like the new design she got, but MAN, she sure does fit in leggingsh!


Gumball: (Breathes in) Okay, that's it! I'm confronting this guy!


[Gumball stops walking and turns around to confront Akira, pointing a finger at him. Darwin stops walking aswell.]


Gumball: (Strictly) Alright, listen here you– uh– mmmm.... gngh– ummm.... (Sighs and goes quiet)


[After Gumball choked on his words, Darwin is now staring at him, with a bewildered expression.]


Darwin: (Confused) What was that??


Gumball: (Whispers) Dude, this guy is socially inept! If I hurt his feelings, he might lock himself up there again for another three years! We're better than that, right?


Darwin: (Gestures) Don't worry! Let me handle this!


[Darwin walks up to Akira and puts his arm around him.]


Darwin: (Smugly) I have an idea, Akira. Since we have the entire mansion to explore now, how about we play a game? You count to one-hundred while me and Gumball over there goes and hides! That way, we all have something to do!


Akira: (Ponders) Hmm... ish there a plot twisth to this? Do I get some weapon to chase y'all around with or something?


Darwin: What? No! It's just regular hide and seek!


Akira: I see... (Shrugs) Very well! I'll go count, then!


[Akira walks away from Darwin and faces the wall. He closes his eyes and starts counting.]


Akira: Midas, Onemal, gaspnal, grukhaol, cinaplem...


[Gumball and Darwin are now visibly baffled from Akira's weird language he's using.]


Gumball: Um... what are you doing??


Akira: (Stops and turns his head) Oh, that'sh the language that the citizens of the Millennium Empire uses! I learned that from Galaktrek! (He goes back to counting) ...Swenmil, Hhangom, manhgaw, hulionil...


Gumball and Darwin: (Looks at eachother and shrugs) Meh!


[They both proceed to run down the hallway, away from Akira. They continue talking to eachother while running.]


Gumball: (While running) So what's your plan!?


Darwin: (Grossed out) First, I'll need to wash my hands after touching his dirty shirt...


Gumball: Right, then what!?


Darwin: (Confident) We're gonna go get our parents and Anais, then we're getting straight outta here!!


Gumball: Great idea!


[Scene ends.]

Convincing Mom


[Meanwhile, back in the dining area...]


Nicole: (Woozy) WOHOOOoooo!! PAAAArtyyy likEEE it's the 80's, GIRL!! WOOOOO!!


[...Nicole has gotten severely intoxicated from drinking alot of "Apple juice", which is seen served on the table. She's also holding one bottle with her as she has her other arm around Yuki, also seeming to look a little drunk. A speaker is also playing "Hungry eyes" by Eric Carmen, which Nicole and Yuki are singing along to, in a dazing way.]


Nicole and Yuki: (Singing) HunGry eyeeesss!! (Points at eachother) One look at you and I CAAANN'TTT disguise I'VE GOT–


[Camera cuts over to Richard and Mr. Yoshida, sitting by the table with a glass of apple juice each. They both also appear to have been drinking a bit, as Richard is somewhat struggling to keep his eyes open.]


Mr. Yoshida: (Dizzy) Y'know, Richard... You might not be the brightest star in the... the town, but man you s---sure know how to make a man (Burps) LIKE ME... laugh...!!


Richard: Whaaaattt!? Sorry, I can't hear you! I only understand language, not math equations!!


Mr. Yoshida: (Wheeze laughs) Hohohohoho!! Ahh... you're the man of the house, Mr. Watterson! Cheers!


Richard: (Raises glass) Cheeeeerrrrrrssss.... (He face-plants into the table and passes out.)


[Camera proceeds to cut back to Nicole and Yuki again. They're still listening to "Hungry eyes", but appears to be sobered up again.]


Nicole: (Sighs, relaxing) Ahh! Summer in Florida! Eighteen years old and all me and Richard did was go out partying like we were still teens! This is what this song takes me back to!!


Yuki: (Puts a caring hand on Nicole's thigh) I understand completely, Nicole! Whenever I was in America, me and my husband over there couldn't RESIST going out to party when we had the chances!


Nicole: Ah! So that means we relate to eachother, huh? (Talks with eyes closed) I am so happy that I finally have found my old friend from long ago...


[Suddenly, Gumball and Darwin comes into the picture as they lift up Nicole's chair, herself included and starts carrying her out of the room. But she doesn't notice since she still has her eyes closed as she keeps on rambling.]


Nicole: ...I mean, it almost feels unrealistic that I have found someone that I have so much in common with! Maybe the universe brought us together to become BFF's after our fight with eachother, Yuki?


[Nicole opens one eye and sees that she has now been carried out in the hallway.]


Nicole: (Confused) Umm... Yuki??


[Gumball and Darwin then proceeds to dump Nicole off her chair so she falls face-first into the floor. She quickly stands up and confronts the boys.]


Nicole: (Angrily) What are you two doing!?!


Gumball: (Fake yawns) Well, it's been fun being here, but I think me and Darwin wants to go home, now!


Nicole: What!?! We've only been here for like an hour so far! Why do you want to leave so quickly!?


Darwin: Because Masami's brother is literally unbearable, Mrs. Mom!


Nicole: (Smiles) Ooohhh, so you met Akira, huh? Aww, isn't he just lovely?


Gumball: (Gestures irritated) He's literally a neckbeard who lacks social skills and does nothing but talk about his stupid Anime collectives all day!


Nicole: (Flatly) That sounds alot like you guys... But instead of talking about Anime stuff, it's that stupid (Air quotes) "Forest bird toy" that you keep getting in the cereal boxes...


Darwin: (Offended) Hey!! Woodpecker Jerry is so much cooler than that Japanese stuff! How dare you even compare him to that!?!


Nicole: Whatever, they're both cartoons, anyways...


[Nicole goes down on one knee to sympathize with Gumball and Darwin.]


Nicole: (Sighs) Look, I know Akira might be a little... different than the usual kids that you two have met, but that's just because he's misunderstood. (Acts pleasant) I'm sure that if you just get to know him a little better, you will become the best of friends!





[Beat. Gumball gives Nicole a doubting look while folding his arms.]


Gumball: (Unamused) You didn't mean any of that, did you?


Nicole: (Smiles) No! What I actually meant to say was...


[Suddenly, Nicole leans closer to their faces with a furious look.]


Nicole: (Threatening) ...THIS is the only time I've actually been able to become solid friends with someone while you guys are around!! If you manage to screw this up, then I won't be FEEDING YOU for the next month! I don't care how annoying he might be, you better go out there and endure him for the rest of the evening, or there will be major CONSEQUENCES!!!


[Nicole stands up and walks back into the dining hall. She slams the door shut on Gumball and Darwin, irritated.]


Gumball and Darwin: (Groans) UGH!!!


Darwin: We should probably just get on with it...

Tripping out in the living room...


[Scene starts in the Yoshida family's living room, a while later. The living room is decorated with vintage furniture and wallpaper, with an open fire, a varnished table, a leather sofa and a leather armchair. But Gumball and Darwin are seen just sitting in silence on the couch, frowning. Meanwhile, Akira is sitting next to them, quietly twiddling with his thumbs.]


Akira: (Breaks silence) Well, since I really don't like it when it'sh quiet and awkward, how about a joke? (Snickers) Your mom is so hot, that if she was a cheese, she'd be the melted cheese in my grilled cheese sandwich! (Snort laugh) Hahahghagha! Get it!? Because she's so hot she melted!? (Snorts) Gegheghahaha...!!


[Gumball and Darwin are not amused over his joke and keeps frowning with their arms folded. Akira quiets down his laugh.]


Akira: hehehe– ehehehehe.... N-no...? (Irritated) Fine, I admit it! I think your mom ish hot, alright!? Does that mean we're still friends if you don't mind that??


[Gumball and Darwin remains silent, still frowning.]


Akira: (Claps hands excitedly) Yee-hahaha-haaayy!! Sinche we're friendsh, that meansh I can finally show you my videogame collection, which is my biggest treashure I own!


[Akira reaches for the table and grabs a stack of videogame cases. He shows them one by one, shoving them close to Gumball's and Darwin's faces.]


Akira: Thish one is called "Quest of The Maids XV"!! It'sh one of my favorite games in the series, although I really would've preferred if they didn't replace the short skirts with leggings... (He shows them another case) Then there's this one called "Personification 5" which I think is–...


[Akira's babbling gets muffled out. Gumball and Darwin stops frowning and now groans in annoyance.]


Darwin: (Irritated) Aurgh!! There he goes again with his chit-chattering!


Gumball: (Raises a finger) Don't worry! It's a good thing I brought a plan with me from the kitchen!


[Gumball reveals two frying pans from behind his back and shows them to Darwin.]


Darwin: (Confused) I don't think Mrs. Mom is gonna approve us using violence, dude.


Gumball: What?? No! We're not gonna hit him with the frying pan, we're gonna hit ourselves with the frying pan!! That way we can pass out and time goes by faster!


Darwin: (Raises an eyebrow) So you mean we're gonna risk getting brain damage, just to wait until we can go home?


Gumball: (Annoyed) Dude, would you rather pass out for a while or listen to this guy for hours!?


[Camera pans over to Akira. His talking is heard clearer now.]


Akira: (Still rambling) ...And then I have my favorite Galaktrek here! It'sh the first one that ever releashed,  (Smirks) but boy I gotta tell you, the graphicsh shure hasn't been holding up so well!


[Camera pans back to Gumball and Darwin again.]


Darwin: (Sighs, reluctant) Whatever, just give me the frying pan...


[Gumball hands Darwin one of the frying pans and they proceed to stand up on the couch, preparing to hit eachother.]


Gumball: Alright! In 3... 2... 1... NOW!!

[They hit eachother hard in the head with the frying pans, following by a metal-hitting sound...]


Gumball: (Confused) Huh!?


[...But to their surprise, nothing happens, as they both appear to be unharmed and still conscious.]


Gumball: (Looks around) That's weird, I didn't feel anything at all...


Darwin: (Confused) Yeah, me neither! And I don't feel any different from my usual self.


Gumball: What do you think, Akira?Do we look any different??


[Akira comes into frame. He appears to have been turned into an ugly CGI-generated green alien with antennas on its head.]


Alien: (Unintelligible noises) AAAAAoooooUUUUUUmmmmBBBBBBBBBBBBBhhhhhAAAAAAAA BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!


Gumball: (Smiles) I agree, my fellow extraterrestrial abomination! We should watch some TV instead!


[Gumball turns on the TV...]




[Rififfi Rococo by Chris Joss starts playing.]


GuMbAlL anD DaRwIN: (Pupils enlarges) WoOooOOOOAAAAOWwwww!!!


[ ...Then, out of nowhere, a large, cosmic cluster of stars and galaxies comes right out from the TV-screen and consumes everything around Gumball and Darwin, including Akira. When everything is consumed by the entity, Gumball and Darwin are now floating in the middle of the Universe, with galaxies and stars everywhere they look.]


Gumball: (Slow voice) Whaat... Is this...??


[ Gumball checks his hands and sees that he has dizzy vision, as he sees multiple of them at the same time. ]


Darwin: (Low-pitched) Dudeeeee... What is going oooonnnnn....???


Gumball: IIII.... Dooooonnnnn'ttt knowww, duuuudddeeee.... I think we became a little too dizzyyyy....


Darwin: (Laughs) Aweeesssooommmeeee....


[ Gumball and Darwin starts traveling forwards, still floating on nothing. We see them pass by the Sun, the Earth and the dwarf planet Pluto as they keep tripping out. The Sitar music from the song also keeps playing on. ]


Darwin: (Relaxed) Duuuudddeee... We're never leaving this place... I love it here....


Gumball: Me too, duuuuuddeeee...

[Then abruptly, the camera cuts back to reality again and the music stops. It shows that what really happened, is that Gumball and Darwin was passed out on the floor the entire time. They're  now laying down unconscious while flapping their arms, thinking they're flying.]


Akira: Guysh?


[Gumball and Darwin are still passed out.]


Akira: Guysh!!


[Still no response.]


Akira: (Yells) GUYSH!!


[Finally, Gumball and Darwin wakes up, now startled.]


Gumball: (Sits up) Huh– Wha–!? Where are we!?! How long were we gone!?


Akira: (Smiles) About ten minutesh!


Gumball: TEN MINUTES!?! That felt like we were gone for five hours!!


[Darwin sits up with Gumball on the floor.]


Akira: (Excitedly) Well, that'sh great! Because that meansh I can talk more about my videogames! (He takes out another case) This one here is called Generation Collision! It's about a bunch of anime lolis running around and...


[Gumball looks over at Darwin.]


Gumball: (Frustrated) Alright, that's it! I'm getting Masami to handle this!!

At Masami's room


Masami: You want me to do what??


[Gumball and Darwin are now in Masami's room. It appears to be filled with pink furniture and tapestry everywhere, including a bunch of "boy-band posters" taped on the walls. Meanwhile Anais is sitting on her bed painting her nails.]


Gumball: We want you to deal with Akira so we have to stop enduring him, since you got us into this mess.


Masami: (Apathetic) I'm pretty sure you boys were the ones who escalated this by the sound of it. (Raises eyebrow) How did you two even escape from up there anyways?


Gumball: A better question: What on earth, are you two doing??


[Gumball points out Anais using Masami's nail polish on her nails.]


Anais: Oh, this? Masami wanted to show me how to add more glamour to my nails!


Gumball: (Flatly) Sis, you're four years old. You're so un-glamourish that you still use velcro shoes.


Darwin: (To Masami) And what do you even need nail polish for? You don't even have any fingers!


Masami: (Offended) Okay, if I'm gonna help you get rid of Akira, then you better take that comment back!


Akira: (Off-screen) What!?!


[Right as Masami said that, it is revealed that Akira overheard her as he is now standing by the door opening with a devastated look.]


Gumball: (Shrugs) Well, I guess that won't be necessary!


Akira: B-but I thought you guys wanted to be friends...


Gumball: We never said that!? We only tried to be nice to you because you're literally the saddest person to exi–!!


[Masami angrily slaps Gumball in the face.]


Gumball: OW!! (He goes quiet)


Masami: (Consoles) What they're actually trying to say here is that they'd love to be with you, (Aside) if it wasn't for the fact that you went on with everything too quickly...


Akira: But... what about when I showed you my collection??


Gumball: (Apathetic) That was only because we had to endure you and wanted to be nice to you while we were forced against our will to be here!


[Masami slaps Gumball again.]


Gumball: OW!! What!?! I said the truth!!


Akira: (Winces, disheartened) It's okay. I see how it is now...


[Akira turns around to leave.]


Darwin: Phew! Now that went better than expected!!


[But then suddenly Akira turns back around again, now holding a red laser pistol with a green, bright glow.]


Akira: (Sinister voice) So then I guess I'll have to FORCE you to become my friendsh!!


[Beat. Gumball and Darwin perks an eyebrow.]


Darwin: (Baffled) Is... is that a Ray Gun??


Akira: From those zombiesh gamesh!? (Snorts) Yeah, our dad hash a replica of it, and there's only one way to see if it works!


[Akira starts fumbling with it, unsure of how it works.]


Gumball: Pshh! What's that thing gonna do? That's clearly just a toy! There's no way it could be the same thing as–


[Suddenly, the gun fires a green plasma ray, which travels right over Gumball's head. It leaves his head on fire.]


Gumball: (Takes out fire) ...Yup, we should probably run...

Chase around the mansion!


[Scene now starts with Gumball a d Darwin both running through the hallway together in fright, with Masami and Anais nowhere to be seen. A plasma ray is shot at Gumball's feet, but he quickly jumps and avoids it.]


Gumball: AHHH!! Dude!? This is Insane!! Could you stop this so we can settle this in a peaceful manner!?


[Akira is chasing after them with the Ray Gun. However he appears to be jogging towards them slowly, as he is breathing heavily and holding his chest in exhaustion.]


Akira: (Pants) Not until I... (Pants) Catch you guys... (He takes a break and leans his arm againt the wall.)


[Gumball and Darwin notices Akira's struggles and stops running. They're both looking in his direction visibly confused.]


Gumball: Oh yeah, I forgot he's physically unfit...


Darwin: Maybe we should make this more fair for him?


Gumball: Quick! Imagine that they're three times fatter than before!!


[They all close their eyes and begins grunting...]


Gumball and Darwin: HNGHH!!!


[...Then suddenly, their imagination comes to life as they both grow double chins, gets acne and become morbidly overweight to fit the looks of Akira.]


Obese Gumball: (Puffing) Okay... I think we nailed it.


[Scene cuts over to the the two jogging again, now visibly exhausted like Akira who is right on their tail. The chase is less intense, but the dramatic music is still playing.]


Akira: (Breathing heavy) Hah... hah... (Fires Ray Gun) Ugh!!


Obese Darwin: AHH!!


[The shot almost hits the overweight Darwin, but it hits the wall instead and burns off the tapestry.]


Obese Darwin: (Pants) Be more careful, you dimwit!!


[Gumball and Darwin slowly jogs into the living room area.]


Obese Gumball and Darwin: (Grunts) HNNNGHHH!!!


[They both uses their last strength to push a bookshelf in front of the entrance, blocking it, but Akira effortlessly blasts it into debris with another ray-shot.]


Akira: (Walks in) You think that's gonna shtop me!?!


[Gumball and Darwin takes cover behind the couch as Akira starts firing plasma rays everywhere. Darwin shakes off his imagination of him being overweight and returns to normal again.]


Obese Gumball: (To Darwin) Dude! (Pants) We need another plan...


Darwin: I have a risky but good one! I distract him and you approach him and take his weapon!


Obese Gumball: Right!


[Darwin runs to the right and Gumball runs to the left.]


Akira: Where are you guysh!?!


[Akira gets hit in the head with a fountain pen. He turns around and sees that Darwin is standing up from behind cover.]


Darwin: (Shouts) Over here, you big cloud of sweat!!


Akira: (Growls) Grrr!!


[He fires a ray at Darwin who jumps out of the way to back behind cover again. He continues firing where Darwin is, falling for the distraction.]


Darwin: Quick, Gumball! Now!!


[Gumball has made it to an armchair behind Akira, as he is peeking out.]


Obese Gumball: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH–...


[He begins charging at Akira while screaming.]


Obese Gumball: ...AAAAAHHHH–!! (Freezes in pain, grabbing his chest) EEK!! I think my heart just skipped a beat...


[Gumball collapses to the ground in front of Akira. Darwin peeks out.]


Darwin: Dude, why are you still imagining yourself as a fatty!?!


Obese Gumball: (Angrily) Because you were the one who said that we were gonna play fair!!


Akira: Hehehehehe!!


[Akira is now standing by Gumball, looking down at him. Gumball sits up, shakes his obesity off and returns to normal again. He whimpers in fear and starts crawling away from Akira.]


Gumball: Umm... Aha! (Picks up a book) Take that!


[Gumball throws the book at Akira, who effortlessly shoots it with the Ray Gun.]


Akira: Nice try!


Gumball: Dagnabbit!!


[Gumball makes it to the other side of the living room, with his back against the wall finding no way out.]


Akira: (Aims Ray Gun at Gumball) Say your last goodbyesh, traitor!


[The Ray Gun is heard charging up to take the shot at Gumball.]


Gumball: (Looks around in terror) Uh... uh...


[Fortunately, he notices the window above where he's sitting. He grabs the curtains and rips them off and the evening sun shines into the living room, which blinds Akira's eyes.]


Akira: (Hisses) IT BURNSH!!!


[Akira drops the Ray Gun and covers his eyes. Darwin peeks out from behind the couch again.]


Darwin: (Gasps) Of course! Neckbeards hates the sunlight! Good thinking, dude!


[Gumball grabs a piece of glass from the ground and reflects the sunlight with it right onto Akira's face.]




[Akira walks backwards, unable to see anything...]


Akira: ...I can't see ANY–!! OUF!!


[...and proceeds to back right into his mom who has now walked into the living room.]


Yuki: (Angered) Akira!! What is going on in here!?!


[We now see what Masami and Anais did during the chase, which is bringing their parents with them. They're now standing there with Yuki, Nicole, Richard and Mr. Yoshida.]


Mr. Yoshida: (Horrified) My living room... MY BEAUTIFUL LIVING ROOM!!!


[Mr. Yoshida breaks down and cries from the living room being a complete mess, with broken furniture and art pieces everywhere from his collection.]


Nicole: (Angrily) What do you two have to say for yourselves!?


[Gumball and Darwin walks up to them.]


Gumball: US TWO!?! (Points to Akira) He was the one who chased us down the hallway with a gosh darn LASER CANNON!!!


Masami: (To Nicole, deadpanning) Yeah, that's actually not false. That and that Akira couldn't accept that they didn't wanna hangout with him.


Mr. Yoshida: Wait a minute... "Laser Cannon?" (Strictly) Akira!! Did you STEAL my Ray Gun replica that I won at the Tokyo Golf Cup!?!


[Akira notices that he's picked up the Ray Gun again.]


Akira: (Nervously) ...Ehehehe... M-maybe...?


Mr. Yoshida: Give me that, right now!!


[Mr. Yoshida snatches it away from his hands.]


Yuki: (Pinches forehead) What on Earth were you thinking!?! You can't just FORCE people to be your friends like that!! You have to build a bond with them and gain their trust!!


Mr. Yoshida: And do you even have the slightest idea how dangerous this weapon is!?! It is highly unpredictable and could fire by itself any seco–!!


[Suddenly Mr. Yoshida accidentally fires the Ray Gun. It hits the ceiling and Larry, who is now carrying a mop comes crashing down to the living room.]


Larry: Oh, umm... sorry!


[Larry walks out of the living room.]


Nicole: Akira, you're grounded for the rest of the month!!


Akira: What!?! You can't say that!You're not even my mom!!


Yuki: (Arms folded) I approved her saying that. (Points behind her) Now go to your room and think of what you've done!!


Akira: (Sighs) Okay...


[Defeated, Akira walks out of the living room into the hallway, hanging his head in sadness. Gumball and Darwin looks at eachother, feeling slight sympathy for him.]


Gumball and Darwin: Mmm...


[Anais walks up to Gumball and puts an arm on his shoulder.]


Anais: (Smirks) Well, you got what you wanted! Seems like you two can go back and enjoy the rest of the evening without him!


Darwin: (Worriedly) Yeah, but... why do I feel like a complete scumbag all of a sudden?


Gumball: (Ponders) Yeah, that feeling of guilt just hit me like a trainwreck!


[Anais and Masami frowns.]


Masami: (Upset) Are you kidding me!?! All that work we spent getting our parents out of the dining area!? (Turns around) C'mon Anais! Let's go upstairs and read more boy magazines!!


[Anais and Masami walks out of the living room, bringing their parents with them. Gumball thinks to himself.]


Gumball: Hmm... So we're back again to not being friends with Akira... And I really don't want to talk to him again, so we need another plan!


Darwin: So then he needs someone who has the same interests as him! Someone who likes Anime, pizza rolls and lacks social skills!


Gumball: (Shines up) Are you thinking of the person I'm thinking about??


Darwin: Yeah! Let's go get her!


[Gumball and Darwin walks out of frame. End of scene.]

A happy ending!


[Akira is walking through the hallway, depressed. He's dragging his hand to the wall.]


Akira: (Sighs) Guessh I'm going back to being a loner again...


[Then suddenly he walks right into a tall, unknown person who is twice his height and bumps into her. That person is none other than Sarah.]


Akira: (Baffled) Uh– Who are you??


[Akira looks behind Sarah and sees Gumball and Darwin running away in panic after placing her there.]


Sarah: Heheh, sorry... those two guys that ran away put me here to meet you! And since they're my biggest idols, (Shrugs) ...I pretty much do whatever they tell me!


Akira: (Scoffs) Pshh! Those guysh?? (Smugly) My biggest idol is the warrior Minako! I have her as a collection figure!


Sarah: (Gasps excitedly) You like Santa Slayer too?? That show is my favorite!!


Akira: (Gasps) You have the same intrests as I do!?! (Snorts) I have never in my life met an Otaku girl before!


Sarah: (Shocked) Did we just become best friends??


Akira: YUP!! (High fives Sarah) You wanna go do Karate in the garage??


Sarah: YUP!!!


[Scene fades to black, ending the episode.]