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Operation Beast Dive

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School Idol Club Room
Nijigasaki High School, Tokyo
0030 Local Time

“AHHHHHHHHHHH, AYUMU-CHAN!” Yu screamed out.

Several of the Idol Club members were having a sleep over in the school’s club room in order to do “training camp”.

Shizuku lies down on the couch hugs Yuu from behind as Ayumu and Kasumi eats her out.

Setsuna hugs Kasumi from behind fingering her pussy as her hand gets wet from all the juices while she pleasures herself by jumping her own pussy on Kasumi’s ass cheek.

Rina stands next to them sucking on Yuu’s nipple while her girlfriend Ai hugs her from behind fingering her pussy while kissing her cheek.

It was a literal fuck fest, every girl are complete bare naked and just having the time of their lives.


10,000 feet above ground level, a U.S. Air Force C-17 military heavy transport plane was flying over the city of Tokyo.

A team of 12 U.S. Navy SEAL Operators are loaded in the back of the C-17 as they do their checks on their chutes and their rigged up combat equipment.

They were wearing multicam uniforms, fast helmets and tactical gear.

The SEALs watch as the C-17 loadmasters start to open up the ramp, the loud jet engine noise started to fill the cabin and outside the ramp they could see the city lights down below.

The two SEAL Jumpmasters head to front of the chalk to conduct their exit.


Lieutenant Commander Larry “Berry” Blue and Chief Petty Officer Marcus “Mountain” Dew were the chalk’s jumpmasters and SEALs in charge of the ground operations.


Berry watches as the SEALs stepped off the ramp and exit out of the C-17 one by one until they observed the last jumper exit out of the aircraft.

Mountain jumps out the aircraft followed by Berry.

The SEALs descended down to earth until they reached their opening altitude to deploy chutes.

They drifted down to earth at 2,500 feet and designated their landing point as Berry took point for the team to follow.

The SEALs landed at the Grassland Square field that is near Nijigasaki, they all unrigged themselves from their chutes and retrieved their weapons, rucksacks and night optics mounted onto their helmets before establishing a security position.

Berry can see the lights were still on at the moment, several minutes passed until he saw the entire school and its surrounding area lost power making it completely pitch black.

“About time until they cut that power grid,”
Mountain stated.

“Neptune Six-One, this is Jupiter be advised power grid has been cut off and are cleared to continue to the next mission phase,” the mission commander announced.

As they were briefed earlier, the Tokyo Police Department cut the power grid in order to conduct a “search operation for a criminal”.

“Copy that Jupiter, Neptune Six-One out,” Berry acknowledged.

“All right, let’s start moving,” Mountain ordered.

The SEALs started making two lines and continued their movement towards the school.


Lanzhu and Mia joined the “training camp” and brought some toys with them.

Yuu lies down on the couch as Lanzhu inserts her strap on dildo to do missionary on her as Mia has Yuu give a blowjob on her strap on dildo.

The rest of the girls watch as they mutually pleasure themselves and each other.

“UGH, I WANT TO BE THE ONE TO PLEASURE YUU!” Ayumu complained as she continues to pleasure herself.

“Come here, Ayumu-chan!” Lanzhu said as she stopped Fucking Yuu.

Lanzhu gave the strap on to Ayumu.

Ayumu starts to get in between Yuu’s legs for a missionary.

“Ayumu-chan, come here,” Yuu said seductively while she shows a smooch face.

Ayumu starts to fuck Yuu as she leans over to kiss her.

Mia puts her strap on dildo in between their mouths, Yuu and Ayumu just continue to kiss while slipping some licks for the dildo in between them.


The team of SEALs stack up against the wall at the School Idol Club Room door.

Berry is the second man from the door, he stacks on the other side of the door as the point man prepares his flash bang grenade.

They can hear the girls moaning behind the door and can only think to themselves.

“Damn these kids are horny as fuck!” Mountain whispered to himself as he sits as the fourth man.

The SEAL that’s the point man walks up to the door to open it and throws the flash bang grenade, he closes it back up and waited until the flash bang has detonated the room causing the school idol girls to start screaming.

The point man kicks the door open and starts to move swiftly to the right corner room of the room with his M4 up to neutralize any threats.

Berry rushes in to clear left corner followed by another SEAL and Mountain.

The SEALs breached the room and can see all the girls naked in the corner nearby the couch, all the girls were panicking as Mia tried to subdue the point man’s rifle but gets meet with a shove back bumping into the rest of the girls.

“EVERYBODY, DON’T FUCKING MOVE!” the point man SEAL shouted out.

“STAY THE FUCK DOWN AND NOBODY GETS HURT!” Mountain added on as he trained his M4 towards the girls.

The rest of the other SEALs were still outside as they pull security outside of the room.

“CLEAR!” the four SEALs said to acknowledge all threats have been subdued.

Berry let’s his rifle loose hang loose on its sling as he noticed what he was looking for.

It was a box of Mister Beast burgers that have been resting on the table.

He directs one of the SEALs to load the burgers into his ruck sack and so he did.

“Jupiter, this is Neptune Six-One package is secured,” Berry announced. “We are Millertime.”

“Neptune Six-One copy on Millertime, proceed to primary LZ for extraction,” the mission commander ordered.

“Roger that, good copy Neptune out,” Berry responded. “Listen up boys, we are Millertime let’s head out of here.”

“Roger,” each SEAL announced in the channel.

“Alright let’s move!” Mountain ordered.

All but one of the SEALs in the room exited as the last keeps his weapon trained at the girls until he left the room and closes the door.

The SEALs move with their rifles up cautiously but swiftly through the hallways as they head back to their primary extraction point.

“Neptune Six-One, be advised local police are making their way to your location so you better get going,” the mission commander warned the SEALs.

“Roger that!” Berry acknowledged.

The SEALs made it back to Grassland Square and start to pull security until the helicopter arrives.

The sound of helicopter blades started to get within earshot as it make its way towards them.

“Neptune Six-One, this is Stalker Six-Six we are inbound,” the pilot said.

“Roger that, be advised we are marking smoke on the LZ!” Berry replied.

Mountain heads to the Landing Zone and throws a smoke grenade to mark their location.

Berry starts to hear the sound of police sirens go off in the distance, that was his cue to hurry up.

“Stalker Six-Six, be advise we’re gonna have to pick up the pace as the local PD are coming in soon!” Berry replied.

“Roger that!” the pilot acknowledged.

The helicopters can be seen through the SEALs’ night optics with infrared markers on it.

Two MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter start their descent and touches down while being guided by Mountain.

As the helicopters land, the door gunners on each of them open the door and all the SEALs start loading up while Mountain and Berry were last ones in.

The door gunner shuts the door and the pilots put full power lifting the helicopter off the landing zone and started gaining altitude.

The two Black Hawk start their cruise heading out to sea.

Mountain and Berry can see the school lights turn back on and the police red and blue lights start to light up the area as well while they fly further away from the school.

“They almost got us,” Berry stated.

“You bet boss, fuck that shit!” Mountain added.

The Mister Beast Burgers has been secured.