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Take A Little Time

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McGee  - Boss, is it alright is Blaine comes over after school today?


DiNozzo - He's sitting right across from us. Why not ask him like a normal person probie?


Gibbs - Blaine can come over. Vance already put him down on the approval list. McGee's asking because he's busy working. Are you DiNozzo?


Tony DiNozzo has left the chat 



Dad, I coulda dropped my croissant!


Dad - Blaine, stop changing the group name chat


Me - But it's culture! 


Dad - How am I meant to explain my messaging to the FBI when they take my phone?


Me - The FBI are taking your phone?  


Dad - Yeah, they've got to have access for a location app thing. Don't ask. I barely understood Fornell when he explained it


Me - Oh my God, the FBI are going to see these messages


Dad - Exactly, now do you see why you should have changed it back?


Me - No, this is awesome. I hope the FBI understand vine


Dad - This was hopeless



Just take a freaking compliment!!! Glee gang <3


Rachel - Has anyone seen my ballet shoes, I left them in the auditorium yesterday and I cannot have my brilliance in ballet tomorrow defeated by amateurs


Mike - Oh I think I picked them up Rachel, I think I had them confused with mine. Remind me to give them to you tomorrow


Quinn - Are we in rehearsal tomorrow? I've got to study for way too many subjects


Mercedes -Same girl. Homework was definitely designed as a torture device


Santana - At least I guess we have each other


Finn - Right? And it's, like, not forever?


Kurt - How about Blaine and I come over and we all try and tackle this together?


Blaine - Yes! I'd love to see you all for more than half an hour! We could all go for dinner after?


Artie - I thought you had to be at your dad's tonight Blaine?


Blaine - He texted me about an hour ago he's going to pick me up tomorrow. His case wasn't really picking up until now and he doesn't want to spend his half his attention elsewhere. 


Tina - He seems like a good one. 


Blaine - The best. So homework and dinner?


Santana - I think we've got time 


Kurt - See you all soon then


Finn - Drive safe bro x



When life gives you lemons!


Dad - Really Blaine?







Me - Blaine's going to be coming over 


DiNozzo - You don't have to keep saying so. Vance already said he's on the approval list


Me - It's still polite Tony!



Well, when life gives you lemons!


Dad - Blaine, if you promise to stop changing the name on here, then I will let you show me the vines


Me - Wait, seriously? 


Dad - After even Fornell understood them, I realised the error of my ways




Dad - I've made a mistake, I see it now


Dad has changed the group chat name to 'road work ahead, uh yeah, I sure hope it does!'


Blaine - This is the greatest day of my life