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life is (romantic) sweet

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Logan was in love. 


His mom said he was developing 'hormones' and that it was perfectly natural. He was twelve and practically growing up! 


You might've thought it would've been Daisy he liked. Daisy with her long hair and pretty face and cool spy gadgets. When he thought of who he loved, his mind didn't supply him with flowing dresses or soft touches. His brain made up the image of suits and a blazing temper.


There was no denying, he liked Philip. 


The infatuation definitely started when he played violin for the contest. He just looked so pretty, and it made Logan's heart skip a beat. He thought it was just because the music was touching, but when it happened frequently whenever Philip was around it proved otherwise.


At first he was in awe when he found out his feelings but it quickly turned into despair when he realized that he probably didn't have a chance. Scratch probably, he definitely didn't have a chance. So he hid his feelings for the shorter boy and wallowed in self pity.


"Are you even listening to me?" Philip scowled infront of him. Yep, it didn't help his case that his crush was in his room. 


The three had come to the factory like every Saturday, a habit they developed. Logan thought it would be fine because the other two could distract him from his crush but Miles drifted off to the library and Daisy was in the bathroom. Atleast, he thought she was. It was kinda hard to tell with the whole secret spy thing. One she'd left for two hours in the middle of monopoly.


"Uh, sorry." Logan apologized, face quickly heating up as he tilted his head down towards the other.


"Figured." Philip grumbled, "You're even worse than Miles."


Logan slung his legs over the bed, sitting next to Philip. He tried to calm his beating heart but it was hard when their bodies were so close together. Logan tugged on his shirt. Was it just him or was it getting hot in here?


"I was just thinking." 


Philip peered at him and it took much restraint not to look into those perfect eyes. God, his eyelashes were long.


"Spill it."


Logan froze, "What?"


"You heard me." Philip scoffed, " You've been looking at me weird lately,".


He crossed his arms, "Do you hate me or something?"


"What? No!"


Philip glared at him accusingly, "Then what?"


"I like you." Logan blurted out, "Like, romantically."


Logan immediately folded his hands over his mouth. He just revealed his crush on Philip by complete accident. Why can't his mouth be good for something other than testing candy? Panic churned inside his stomach, traveling everywhere in his body. Oh God, he was too afraid to see Philip's reaction. It was surely nothing good.


An uncomfortable silence filled the air as Logan stared at his legs. He flinched as a hand wrapped around his wrist.




That hand pulled. He was suddenly tugged forward, body heaving ahead. Logan's legs were pulled astride, knees pushed on his blanket.


Logan blinked. Then his eyes went wide.


Philip was below him. Not in a way that he was back-down on his bed, in fact he was upright. Logan looked down for confirmation. He was sitting. Not on his bed, but on gray khaki pants.


Logan was sitting on Philip's lap.


He squeaked when he felt a weight on each side of his hips. They felt hot and heavy, and he was shuddering against the unfamiliar touch. 


"Idiot." Philip grumbled under him. 


"I-I don't understand?" 


"Do I have to explain it to you? I like you too."


What? Philip, he liked him? Tell Logan this wasn't a dream, Philip liked him and it was so real and unbelievably true at the same time. 


"Really? You're not just saying that so you won't hurt my feelings?"


Philip leaned his head up, pushing his face closer to Logan. Logan noted that their noses were on the verge of touching. He felt warm, the heat of their bodies close together creating friction.


Philip moved and- oh.


Soft lips pushed at his. Philip kissed him. Was kissing him. Philip's felt so smooth and plush, so right next to his. It felt like he was against a marshmallow inside of a Some More S'more. Philip tasted like breath mints, fresh and cool.


Philip pulled away, "Was that enough proof for you?"


His cheeks started to heat up, "Yes?"


Logan shivered when those hands moved up, arms hugging around his waist. Philip tucked his head on his chest, leaving Logan to look at his wavy locks.


"You're stupid." Philip said, "So stupid yet adorable."


Logan flushed at the word adorable. Adorable was used for cute things, he certainly never thought it would be used on him. Uncertainly, Logan slowly placed his arms on the other's shoulder. It felt right.


"Uh, guys?"


Miles stood in front of the open doorway. His eyes were blown wide and Daisy had her jaw dropped open. Philip and Logan froze.


Daisy snapped out of her surprised trance, opening her mouth to say something.


"I knew it! Miles, you owe me twenty dollars."