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Toku Chibi

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Love Triangle

Kaito is sitting underneath a tree, reading some manga. Behind him, Zox is about to approach him when Stacey interrupts. 

Stacey: Excuse me pirate, I was about to talk to Kaito.

Zox: Snooze you lose, prince. I have someone I’m about to ask on a date. 

Stacey: Oh no you don’t! He’s mine!

Zox: Don’t you mean mine!

The two then proceed to get into a big ball of violence and start fighting each other. Kaito just continues to read, oblivious. 

Meanwhile, Shoutaro watches the Zenkaiger trio, sighing.

Shoutaro: If only he could see what’s behind him…

Behind him, Philip pouts, holding up a sign that reads “NOTICE ME, SHOUTARO” with hearts around it. 

Philip: Yeah… if only. 


An art contest is being held, and the task is to draw Yurusen. The cat stood on a small pedestal, posing for the artists, who in this case were Juru, Right, Takaharu, and Alata. 

Hiromu, the judge there, started to evaluate the paintings.

Right is first. His drawing of Yurusen is in finger paint and rather crude.

Hiromu: Amateurish, but otherwise fine.

Right smiles. 

Alata is the next painter. His drawing is rather awful and looks to be something a five year old would make.

Hiromu: A for effort… but that's got to be the most awful cat I’ve ever seen. 

Alata starts pouting.

Juru is up next, and his painting is a beautiful depiction of Yurusen sleeping under some cherry blossoms. 

Hiromu: This is gorgeous.

Juru is beaming. 

Last but not least is Takaharu, still working on his painting. After a few moments, Takaharu reveals his painting… which is just Yurusen’s rear end with his butthole showing. Hiromu promptly drops his clipboard and walks away. 

Takaharu: What? You told me to draw what I see and this is what I see from my position! 

Juru pops up behind Takaharu and looks at Yurusen from that angle. 

Juru: I think you did it quite accurately!

Takaharu smiles. 


Marvelous is busy walking around, but for some reason, everyone seems to be snickering at him. Eventually, he stops walking when he sees Kairi looking like he’s about to burst. 

Marvelous: Okay, what's so funny?

Kairi smirked. 

Kairi: I have a favorite ship… and it’s on the back of my mind. 

Marvelous looked confused.

Kairi then showed Marvelous a picture of the back of his head… which reveals that “M+J” has been shaved in his hair. 

Marvelous turns red with fury. There was only one person who could have done this.  


Meanwhile, Tsukasa was sitting back in a lounge chair, twirling a pair of scissors in hand. 

Tsukasa: Worth it. 

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Prank Wars

Haruto had walked into a door only for a bucket of water to be dropped on him leaving him soaked. 

Tsukasa: Got you!

Tsukasa started laughing at the drenched magician. 

Haruto looked at Tsukasa with the rage of a thousand suns. 


The next day, Tsukasa was busy walking only to see one of Haruto’s magic circles under him. Before he could even react, he found himself splashing into a shallow swimming pool, getting him all wet. 

Tsukasa turned to see Haruto smirking at him. 

Haruto: Never mess with a wizard, pinky. 

Tsukasa turned red. 


Arcade Games

Emu was heading down to the arcade, only to discover the building had a giant sign that read “CLOSED FOR REPAIRS” emblazoned on it. Nearby, Right, Lucky, and Kouta were all lying on the ground.

Emu: What the heck happened here? 

Lucky: Kouta suggested using our weapons on the arcade games here…

Kouta: And we kind of got thrown out because we broke too many games?

Emu facepalmed. 

Right suddenly got up from the ground. 

Right: I still want my prize, you know!

Suddenly the door to the arcade opens and a giant stuffed bear was thrown at Right, knocking him down.

Despite the size of the bear, Right managed to give a thumbs up. 

Right: Thanks!

Everyone else let out a fond sigh. 

Kaito Experiments

Kaito had stumbled upon some discarded weapons and decided to play with them like an excited child. 

First was Takaharu’s sword. Kaito tried to spin with it, only to spin too hard and crash offscreen. 

Next up was Hiromu’s blaster. Kaito gave a few experimental blasts with it, only to leave holes in the wall. He winced. 

Then there was Yamato’s blade. Kaito gave it a few swings, only to impale it into the floor. He tried to get it out with no luck. 

Finally, Kaito began to prance around with Marvelous’ sword and gun, pretending to fight bad guys with it. At this point though, he heard a cough and turned, only to see the rest of the Sentai staring at him with mixed reactions on their faces. 

Kaito just smirked. 

Kaito: Don’t be jealous. By the way Koh, I don’t see your weapon here…

Koh for his part slowly hid his sword behind his back.

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Fighting Games

Nico and Emu were competing in a fighting game together. Currently, Emu was in the lead.

Nico: Hey, no fair, M!

Emu: Aw, sore loser much, Nico?

Nico pouted. 

Suddenly, Parad walked by, dragging an unconscious Hiiro by the leg. Emu noticed this and turned toward them. 

Emu: Parad! I told you to leave Kagami-san alone!

Seeing this as a distraction, Nico threw Emu’s controller away to try and start a new game. 

Game: Ready? 

Emu turned to see his controller missing. 

Emu: Eh? 

Emu turned to Nico with his eyes in Genius Gamer M mode, furious. 

Nico: Uh oh. 

Ice Sculpture

An ice sculpting contest was being held, and Kairi was busy trying to sculpt something. He turned to see some of the other competitors working. 

With a flick of his hand, Haruto made a giant ice dragon with his magic. 

Takaharu used his ninja skills to create an ice replica of himself. 

In response, Kairi throws down his tools in frustration and walks away.

Kairi: Look at me, I’m a magician. I have cool ninja powers. Life is so easy, bwah wah hah!

A Gift for Amu

Yamato and Misao were busy walking together. 

Yamato: So you got Amu a tea set? 

Misao: Yeah, I bet she’s enjoying it right now! Look!

The two entered Amu’s room… only to discover the tea set left to the side and Amu playing with the giant box it came with instead. 

Yamato facepalmed. 

Misao: …I should’ve seen this coming. 


Kouta and Daigo were sitting in front of an unlit bonfire, with a pile of sticks and a bag of marshmallows on the side. Daigo shook the Max Flare Shift Car in his hands, trying to get it to light the fire.

Kouta: Are you sure this is a good idea, Daigo? 

Daigo: Oh come on, this is bound to work! Just let me get our fire source!

The car beeped in distress. 

???: Ahem.

The two turned to see Shinnosuke with the other Shift Cars behind, all not happy at Max Flare’s theft and abuse.

Daigo: We were gonna give him back?

Shinnosuke: Hunter, go. 

The tiny police cop let out a beep. Realizing they were in hot water, Daigo and Kouta sped off, Justice Hunter hot on their tail. Max Flare dropped to the ground. 

Shinnosuke picked up the Shift Car.

Shinnosuke: You okay little guy?

Max Flare honked in response before they drove out of Shinnosuke’s hand and lit the bonfire. 

Shinnosuke blinked. 

Shinnosuke: Well no sense in letting these go to waste. 

Shinnosuke then took a marshmallow, placed it on a stick, and started roasting it on the fire, cheerfully humming all the while. 

In the background, Kouta and Daigo could be heard screaming.

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Kazumi Calls Misora 

Kazumi was on his phone, making a phone message for Misora. 

Kazumi: Heeey! Uhh... Mii-tan.... this is Kazumi Sawatari! You know from… the Sawatari family. Anyways, I was wondering what you're going to do Saturday Night, because I'm doing… uhh... nothing. Umm.... which means I could be doing something with you. Yeah! Call me. 

Kazumi then accidentally ran into a wall. 

Weapon Firing

Kaito was busy showing off the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon to Sougo. The young future king held it in his hands, fascinated. 

Sougo: This thing is pretty cool, Kaito! Can I try it?

Kaito: Sure! But I have to warn you, this thing has some pretty powerful-

Kaito didn’t get to finish as Sougo had already tried to fire it, only to fly right into some nearby bushes from the recoil of it. 

Kaito: …Recoil.

Sougo: I’m okay!

Kazumi Calls Misora Part 2

Kazumi was on the phone again, leaving another message for Misora. He seemed nervous this time.

Kazumi: Hey Mii-tan… um... I'm guessing you didn't get my call earlier. Maybe the tower's messing up or something. I mean, there's no way you would get my message and not call me back! Right? I mean that's... that would be rude…That's ridiculous. You're definitely not.... y'know playing those messages for Sawa. And laughing. Hehehe… laughing it's, it's not you. You wouldn't do that, you wouldn't, you wouldn't do that, right? It's crazy....

Takeru Tag

Outside, Takeru Tenkuuji and Takeru Shiba were playing tag together. Shiba snuck up behind Tenkuuji to try and tag him. 

Shiba: Tag! You’re it!

Before Shiba could touch the ghost boy however, Tenkuuji used his phasing powers to avoid him. From there, he kept using his powers to avoid being tagged. 

Shiba: You're it! You're it! You're it! It! It! It! Tenkuuji! You! Are! It!

Tenkuuji giggled in response at the samurai’s misfortunes.

Kazumi Calls Misora Part 3

Kazumi gave another call to Misora, this time very irritated. 

Kazumi: Alright, missy! I’ve had it up to here! It's one thing to deny a guy, but it's another thing to ignore him entirely. If you were here right now, I would give you a piece of my mi-

Misora suddenly walked by, oblivious to Kazumi’s plight.

Misora: Grease? Have you seen my phone? I can’t find it anywhere…

Realizing what was going on, Kazumi quickly hid his phone behind his back. 

Kazumi: Um, no. I haven’t seen it…

Suddenly, Sento walked in holding a phone. 

Sento: Misora, I found your phone! You should really listen to what I heard on-

Not wanting to be humiliated from his phone messages, Kazumi quickly stole the phone from Sento and threw it into a nearby pond. 

Kazumi: Alright, I’ll see you guys later!

Kazumi then bailed. Misora hung her head down at the loss of her phone as Sento smirked.

Sento: Figures.  

Hiromu Hiding

A chicken roamed through the kitchen, pecking on the nearby trash can before leaving. As the bird left, Keiichiro walked in to get a snack. He then opened the freezer, only to discover Hiromu inside freezing his butt off. 


Hiromu: I-Is t-the c-chicken g-g-gone? 

Keiichiro sighed and nodded. The officer then got Hiromu out of the freezer and started carrying his senpai over his shoulder. 

Keiichiro: Let’s get you somewhere to warm up. 

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Right Makes Cookies

Right was in the kitchen, trying to make some cookies. 

First step was cracking the eggs, but he had trouble cracking them. Eventually he managed to break one, but some yolk got in his face. 

Next was pouring the flour. The bag was stuck though, and after finally opening it, it got everywhere.

Needing a break, Right began to eat from the bag of chocolate chips as a comfort snack.  

Now it was time to mix. However, the mixing spoon was not budging at all for Right. He eventually even stepped on the spoon, only to be launched into the ceiling. 

Feeling more stressed, Right started to eat more chocolate chips by the handful. 

At long last, the cookies were ready. Triumphant, Right took a cookie and tried to dunk it into a glass of milk… only to find out the cookie is too big for the glass.

Right lets out a distressed cry and falls over, the milk splashing on his face. 

Party Games

Some of the other Riders were playing a game of pin the tail on the donkey… except they were using swords to pin the tail.

Now it was Touma’s turn. He threw his sword at the donkey, only for the tail to land at the donkey’s feet. 

Gentaro: Missed!

Touma took off his blindfold. 

Touma: Drat. 

Latest Read Part 1

Kaito was on the Goldtweaker’s ship, looking for Zox. Suddenly, Kaito discovered a discarded book of manga on the table.

Kaito: I think Zox wouldn’t mind me reading it a bit…

Within minutes, Kaito was fully engrossed in the book. There was even a huge centerfold that he started admiring immediately. 

Kaito: Now that’s a katana! 

Practice Match

Gotou Shintaro and Daiki Kaitou were in the middle of a practice match together. After a few blows traded, Gotou managed to disarm Daiki. He prepares to shoot… only for the gun to not fire. Turns out it’s jammed. 

Daiki stuck his tongue out… prompting Gotou to just throw the Birth Buster in the thief’s face, knocking him down.

Latest Read Part 2

Zox is on his ship, trying to find out where his manga book went. After some more searching, he heard a throat clear and saw Kaito holding the book in his hand. 

Zox: Kaito, what are you doing with my book?

Kaito: This is filth! FILTH!

Kaito then smacks Zox with the manga and leaves with a huff. Zox laid on the ground, dazed.

Zox: C-Can I have my book back?

Kaito: LATER!

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The Vacuum

Lucky was busy vacuuming the floor of a bedroom. After a while, he left, prompting Amu and Garu to poke their heads out from under the beds. 

Amu: I know, right?

Cape Trubs 

Kairi was busy walking with Keiichiro, the former wearing a cape. 

Keiichiro: Kairi, I don't think this is a good idea. 

Kairi: Oh, lighten up, Kei-chan. I wear it all the time when I’m fighting. What’s the worst that could happen? 

As if on cue, Kairi’s cape got stuck in a door. 

We then cut to the Police HQ. Keiichiro was walking by, only to discover Kairi hanging from a window by his cape. 

Kairi: A little help here, Kei-chan? 

Keiichiro sighed. 

Finally we cut to Bistro Lupine where Keiichiro is drinking some coffee when Kairi storms in, carrying his cape now covered in footprints. 

Kairi turns to the officer with a pout. 

Kairi: I hate it when you’re right.  

Keiichiro smirked. 

Fun with Books

Philip was reading in the garage next to a giant stack of books that nearly reached the ceiling. After finishing his book, he decided to swap it out for another one in his stack. He managed to do so, but it caused the stack to become unsteady. It fell down, creating a large dust cloud in the process. 

When the dust cleared, it revealed an irate Shoutaro covered in books, having been woken up from a nap on the couch. 

Shoutaro: PHILIP!

Philip let out a sheepish giggle. 

The Fourth Wall 

Outside, a bunch of Riders were talking with each other. 

Haruto: So I said, “magic? More like-”

Gentaro: Hey, guys! Check who I found!

Eiji comes walking in with Ankh. 

Eiji: Hello everyone!

Aruto: Senpai! It’s you! I heard- 

Kouta: Nope! Never happened!

Aruto: But-

Kouta: Nope! Everything’s fine. They. Are. Fine. Nothing bad ever happens here. EVEEEEEERRRRRR. 

A thick silence filled the air.

Tsukasa: So… wanna do more comedy skits together? 

Eiji: Sure, why not?

Ankh facepalmed. 

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Costume Party

The Goldtweaker family were holding a costume party on their ship where the people had to dress as other Sentai/Riders. While everyone was mingling, Sougo was talking to the two elder siblings and Stacey at the punch bowl. Sougo was dressed as Wataru Kurenai, Stacey as Nada, Flint as Ahim, and Zox as Marvelous.

Sougo: This is a great party, you two!  

Stacey: I agree.

Flint: Well, we pirates try to do our best!

???: Ahem. 

Kaito suddenly walks in, wearing Ahim’s outfit. 

Kaito: Well, one of us is gonna have to change.

Zox: Looking hot!

Stacey facepalmed. 

Ear Cleaning

Stinger was walking by Lucky’s room when he heard strange noises coming from it. Curious, he placed his ear to the door to listen to what was going on. 

Garu: Do you have to sit on me for this, Lucky?

Lucky: I heard it’s easier this way! Now, let’s put this in….

Garu: OW! 

Lucky: Sorry! This is my first time doing something like this…

Garu: Did you have to go so deep down there?

Lucky: Don’t worry! I heard it feels better after a while! Now hold still…

Garu started to groan shortly after that statement. 

Stinger bolted shortly after, face red from what he heard. Kotaro then walked by and knocked on the door.

Kotaro: Lucky? Are you done cleaning Garu’s ears yet?

We cut to inside the room, and indeed, Lucky was doing that with Garu laid down on the side.

Lucky: Almost! You would not believe how dirty these things are!

Lucky then placed a q-tip inside Garu’s right ear. 

Garu: YEOWCH! Be gentle, I’m sensitive!

Sissy Fight

Haruto was in the common room working on a house of cards. Suddenly, Takaharu rudely barged in, slamming the door on the wall and making the cards fall. 

Takaharu: Haruto, have you seen my sword?

Haruto: …Try the kitchen.

Takaharu: Thanks!

He walked away, oblivious to Haruto’s twitching eye at the fallen cards.

We cut to Takaharu’s room. He goes inside it only to see Haruto making a mess inside.

Haruto stared at Takaharu. 

Haruto: Now we’re even. 

They both growled at each other. 

We cut to outside the building. Takaharu and Haruto were both standing across from each other. 

Haruto: Igasaki Takaharu!

He pointed at the ninja. 

Haruto: I have tolerated your foolishness for too long!

Takaharu returns the gesture.

Takaharu: The foolishness you've tolerated compares not to ... the -the foolishness in which you've fooled!

Haruto looked confused.

Haruto: What?

Takaharu: Nothing! Let's fight!

The two looked at each other, ready to transform and fight… only to disregard that and run to each other, engaging in a classic sissy slap fight. 

Nearby, Marvelous and Tsukasa were walking when they saw the wizard and the ninja fighting. 

Marvelous: …I’m not even gonna ask. 

Tsukasa: Me neither.

Shadow People

Emu, Shinnosuke, Touma, and Shoutaro were walking together down a street.  

Shinnosuke: So I said, “My brain cells are in top gear!"

As the other three laugh, a silhouette person bumps into Shinnosuke, causing the boys to stop walking.

Silhouette Person: Ooh. Sorry.

Having voiced his apology, the silhouette person continues walking.

Shinnosuke: That's okay... so, anyways, where was I?

Touma: Okay, hold on. Did that...? That guy didn't look right. Right? Like he was...

Touma, Emu, Shinnosuke, and Shoutaro: Covered in shadows!

Emu: Oh my gosh, thank you!

Shoutaro: I thought I was the only one!

Touma: No, I see them everywhere!

Shinnosuke: Well, I mean, most of them never talk to us.

Shoutaro: It's weird, right?

Touma: It is super weird.

Emu: And have you noticed that some of them kinda look like us?

We cut to down the street, revealing another silhouette person, this one a carbon copy of Emu, but shaded entirely black. He hums a tune while looking around, before seeing the Riders, and waving at them, a smile growing on his face.

Shadow Emu: Hi!

We cut back to the Riders.

Touma: See? Super weird. 

???: Hey, guys!

The group turned only to see Gentaro with dozens of silhouetted people behind him.

Gentaro: Check out my new friends!

The other Riders blinked at him.

Shoutaro: …Figures. 

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Spin the Bottle

The dino themed sentai were having a party together and Canalo has suggested that they play Spin the Bottle. All female members plus the sixth rangers were currently sitting in a circle, and it was Canalo’s turn. The other sentai were watching the scene with drinks.

Souji: I have a feeling this will not end well…

Canalo then spun the bottle. After a few moments the bottle stopped in front of Utchy. 

The whole room was silent. Canalo looked horrified. 

Canalo: Eh?

Utchy took out a breath sprayer and freshened his mouth. 

Canalo tried to leave the room in response, only for Asuna to block the exit with a smirk. 

Asuna: Rules are rules, Canalo!

Utchy then cornered Canalo. 

Utchy: If I must…

We cut to outside the building.


Aruto vs Izu

Aruto ran into his room. He has been trying to avoid Izu all day. He began to check the room to see if she was there.

He checked under the bed, in the lamp, even inside a book. Once it looked like the coast was clear, he sighed in relief and leaned back… right onto Izu.

Aruto reared back. 

Izu: There you are, Aruto-sanchou. Now, it’s time for paperwork!

She then picked up Aruto and slung him over her shoulder to carry him away.

Aruto let out comical tears in response. 

Training Day

Sougo and Kaito were walking outside together. 

Kaito: So, have you heard about the training classes Emu and Keiichiro are hosting?

Sougo: Yeah. I wonder if we should sign up too…

???: Don’t… do… it…

Suddenly, Eiji, Yamato, Hiromu, and Touma appeared dragging themselves on the ground, all looking majorly exhausted and beat.

Eiji: Help… Us…

Yamato: This… is… torture…

Hiromu: No… more… punches…

Touma: Save… yourselves…

???: Hey!

Keiichiro and Emu ran in, both dressed in drill sergeant attire. 

Emu: You guys still have 1000 more laps! Get your butts moving! This is for your health!

The four groaned.

Sougo and Kaito promptly backed away in response. 

Sougo: …I think this might be a bad idea. 

Kaito: Agree.

Keiichiro: Did we say you guys could stop?!

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At the Hikari Photo Studio, Natsumi and Yusuke were watching tv. Suddenly, a news report started playing. On screen it showed Daiki on Tsukasa’s bike with several items on it. He was currently being chased by several police officers and Tsukasa on foot.

Reporter: This just in. Police have engaged an alleged cat burglar in a high-speed chase. The suspect is fleeing on a pink motorcycle with what appears to be a cartoonishly large amount of stolen goods falling from the bike. Also, a man in pink has also joined in the chase and is running after the suspect.  What will they think of next?

Natsum and Yusuke facepalmed. 

Ice Skating

Rintaro was busy skating on a frozen pond, showing off some of his skating moves. Suddenly, the camera pans out, revealing Hiiro and Ryoga stuck partway in the ice’s surface.

Hiiro: …This is the last time we’re inviting Shindo to the pool, right?

Ryoga: Correct.

Rintaro humped in response. 

Jump Rope

Right and his friends were outside, playing jump rope together. Currently, it was Right’s turn to jump.

Right: Emu be nimble, Emu be quick, Emu fell over the candlestick!

Emu suddenly entered, wearing a cast over his leg.

Emu: Right be nimble, Right be quick, Right needs to learn TO PICK UP AFTER HIMSELF WHEN HE’S DONE READING!


Gaon was currently eating at Colorful when Juran approached him.

Juran: Hey, Gaon. Look what I got you.

Juran took out a ball of yarn with a snicker.

Gaon: Haha, very funny. You’re not creative, you know that?

???: AWW YEAH!

Suddenly, Kaito popped out of nowhere and tackled the ball of yarn from Juran’s hands.

Kaito: Ah! This is the best!

Kaito started playing with the yarn like a cat, causing his teammates to look at him as if he grew another head. 

Amu vs Garu

Tusk was busy reading a book in his bedroom when Garu suddenly appeared in the doorway. 

Garu: Hey, senpai, have you seen Lucky anywhere?

Tusk: Try downstairs.

Garu: Thanks!

Garu walked away.  

Tusk: Coast is clear!

Amu peeked out from behind a small lamp and sighed in relief.

Chapter Text

The Jar

Inside the kitchen, Chiaki was trying to open a pickle jar to little success. After many failed attempts, he decides to just use his sword to cut the jar open. It works and Chiaki lets out a fist pump at his success. 

???: Ahem.

Chiaki turned around only to see Towa and Souji now drenched in pickle juice. 

Chiaki: Oops? 

Towa and Souji gave him death glares in response. 

Tummy Show Off

In the kitchen, the Sentai Leaders were busy eating. 

Kairi: I’m just saying, Right is a black hole for food. He seems unable to stay fat.

Hiromu: I’m sure you’re just exaggerating, Kairi. 

Kairi simply jabbed his finger at Right getting a snack from the fridge. He downed it in one gulp, getting fat… only to go back to normal size with one burp.

The others blinked in response, dumbfounded.

Kairi: See?

Time User

Outside, some of the Riders were playing frisbee. Suddenly, the frisbee started flying towards Sougo.

Gentaro: Sougo, watch out! 

Sougo for his part tapped his foot, activating his time powers to freeze everything in place. He quickly walked over to a frozen Tsukasa and pushed him in the way of the frisbee instead. 

Sougo stepped back and tapped his foot again, making time resume as the frisbee hit Tsukasa’s face instead, knocking him out cold. 

Sougo let out a giggle. 


Eiji was inside an elevator about to go down to the first floor to train. When he looked at the elevator’s buttons, he saw one that read “Secret Lab”. Out of curiosity, he pressed the button.

The elevator went down and the doors opened, revealing a lab full of large gadgets with several explosive devices and Philip in a vat of liquid.

Suddenly, Sento walked in wearing a lab coat and gave Eiji a death glare.  

Eiji quickly pushed the close doors button on the elevator in response.