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Lauren and Rita's Fate

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Lauren Laraiya du Luvierte and her personal maid, Rita Farren were on their way back home when their carriage along with their escort were ambushed by bandits on the forest trail they were on.


“Protect the Little Lady with your life!” declared the leader of the guards. Unfortunately he was immediately killed with crossbow fire from the scoundrels hiding within the foliage of the woods. With their leader gone, the rest of the guards fell into confusion and were easy prey to the bandit’s ambush. Upon seeing this, Rita greatly feared for her lady’s life as well as for her own.


“Rita. I’m scared.” The sixteen-year old, chestnut colored girl said to her maid with great apprehension in her voice.


“Lady Luvierte. Whatever happens, stay close to me. Alright?” said the short-haired, redhead maid of four-years older than her ward.


“Okay...” Lauren nodded.


Both women clutched at each other, while hoping against hope that someone would come to their rescue. Or that the bandits would somehow leave them alone. Of course neither case happened and soon their carriage was broken into and both of them were dragged out for whatever terrible fate awaited them.


“Rita! Rita!” cried out Lauren as she was forcefully separated from her maid. She was carried off not far from where Rita was being held down by one of the bandits.


“My Lady!” In their struggle, part of Rita’s blouse was torn, exposing even more of her abundant cleavage. She watched in horror as her ward was being pinned down upright by a nearby tree and was being denuded of her clothing by the men surrounding her.


“You miscreants! Stop this at once! Do you know the consequences of what you’re doing?”


The bandit on top of Rita’s prone form roughly pushed her head to the ground in intimidation, stopping her from making any further bold protests.


“Shut up bitch! Worry about yourself! For you’ll be next very soon!” He pulled her head back and angled it in the direction of her poor ward. “So lie still and enjoy the show! You might enjoy it!”


“No! Rita! Rita! You said everything will be fine if you’re with me! Rita! Rita! Help me!”


“My...Lady...” Rita burst into tears, as she felt helpless and totally useless over the situation.


“Open wide now!” The leader of the bandits that was holding onto Lauren’s legs finally pried them open, exposing her sopping, wet little pussy. He immediately moved in inserted his hard, rock cock into her, resulting in the popping of her cheery. Lauren painfully screamed.


“My Lady!” Rita cried out. Horrified by what just happened.


“Guess you’ve seen enough. And I can’t hold out my horniness any longer!” said the bandit on top of Rita. He pulled her skirt up with one hand and then pulled down her panties and started fucking her pussy earnestly. To his surprise he finds out that she’s wet. He laughs at the discovery. “Never expected you to be a pervert! Easily turned on by such a show!”


“No! That’s not true! Ugh!”


“Well, whatever!” The bandit dismissed Rita’s pitiful denials and just continued to enjoy fucking her.


“Hey, mind I take her on this side.” A fellow bandit walks in, situating himself right in front of Rita and over her distraught face. His noodle showing and dangling.


“Be my guest, bro!”


“Thanks bro!”


The other man then squatted to the ground, grabbed the redhead maid by her hair and shoved her head to his waiting dick and proceeded in fucking her mouth with it. Rita could only make gurgling sounds at this point while being spit-roasted by her two bandit rapists.


“Nooooo! It hurts! It hurts! Take it out! Please take it out. It hurts!” pleaded Lauren as she was now being fucked by the bandit leader.


“Oh, god! How nice and tight she is! Hey! Make her shut up will ya! All her crying is dampening the mood!” called out Lauren’s assailant to the one pinning her upright arms with his bent down legs.


“Here you go girlie! Something really nice to keep you quiet!” The one holding her arms shoved his exposed dick into her screaming mouth and pumping it down her throat, effectively gagging her cries.


The other bandits eventually joined in, tearing further whatever piece of clothing Lauren had until she was all but naked. They got off by pawing at her young body, especially her breasts, and even used their dicks to poke at the poor girl’s nakedness until they sprayed and drenched her with their cum. Meanwhile the two men raping Rita stood up and pulled her up on her feet. They then hoisted her up, with one letting her hang on to him while he fucked her in the pussy. The other, behind her, went for her anus.


“Bring that maid over here! I would like piece of her as well!” said the bandit leader, after satiating his lust with Lauren and having pumped his seed into her.


Rita was brought over and made to lie beside her ward who was now being raped by another bandit.


“My Lady...” She looked towards Lauren as she was about to be taken in by the bandit leader.


“ that you...” The girl stared back with glazed eyes at her.


“Yes, My Lady. Ugh! It is I...Rita.” She held on to her ward’s hand, clasping close her fingers with hers while she was now being raped by the bandit leader.


“You said...everything will be long as we held on to each this...” She held on tight to her maid’s hand.


“Yes, My Lady...It won’t be long...everything will be fine...”



“Phew! Now to business.” The bandit leader drew a knife and stared down at the spent, cum-covered women, sprawled on the ground.


“Boss! Can’t we just keep them a bit longer?” asked a fellow bandit.


“Fool! What if someone sees them with us. We’d be hunted down to the ends of the earth until they catch us and have us deader than dead! Beside, we were hired to eliminate them. We just had some fun before finishing up with the commission.”


“Still, it seems such a waste if you ask-”




Screams from the bandits erupted after an unknown and powerful attacked slashed their fellows in half, including their leader. The rest soon followed a similar, grim fate.



After ridding the bandits, Arc the Skeleton Knight did what he could in tending to the raped women. Although he managed to magically heal them, no healing could cure the scars that now mar them for life. Had he come sooner, things would probably have taken for a better turn, and he deeply regrets and blames himself that it wasn’t the case.