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The Threads That Bind

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Deep in the mountainous areas of Japan a large panda sat beside a camp fire, a kettle atop it, a couple meters away laid a six year old redheaded girl, cradling her bruised empty stomach, having been too slow to eat her lunch thanks to her earlier training.

'I can't believe we were chased out of China and by a little girl…this is all the boy's fault' the panda fumed, remembering the young girl who seemed to always have a weapon at least three times her size handy, completely unaware of the dark eyes watching them from the darkness.

Within the shadows, hidden by the darkness watched the predatory eyes of something, something that wasn't human, she watched the two closely, intrigued by the small child, she had been watching them for hours now, she had seen how the panda attacked the little girl, she watched as the panda took the kettle and poured the hot water on to his head, transforming into an obese bold man, the man turned to face the girl before dumping the rest of the contents upon her, her hair turned dark and she seemed to grow in size, intriguing the observer more so.

She watched and waited, waited until the duo were fast asleep before she stepped out of the shadows and approached them small child, lightly stroking the back of his head.

'I always knew humans were the real monsters…but to do this to their own young…it's awful' she thought to herself, before reaching behind her and pulling out long silky threads and binding the large man within a silk cocoon before attaching him to her web, she turned to face the human child.

"Momma what are you doing?" asked a new voice within the night, within the darkness, she turned to find the origin of the voice and felt a smile grace her lips when she saw her little girl, cocooned within her mother's web, cozy and warm, protected from the cold, she was seven years old in human years.

"Something that will impact our lives greatly" she replied.

"What do you mean momma?" the 'small' spider asked as she took on human form, which consisted of fairly long violet hair, matching her eyes, her skin fairly tanned and youthful and constructed of pure innocence.

"I am going to adopt this child and bring him into our family" she replied.

"What!? But that's a human" the small girl almost screamed.

"I know what he is, but I can't leave him with that human deserves this kind of torture" she replied.

"He's human, they kill our kind they deserve whatever the world can throw at them, they destroy everything" the little girl argued.

"KEITO! I know I've taught you better than that, this child is younger than you and abused, how would you feel if I started doing everything in my power to hurt you and someone had the ability to stop it and just walked away?" she asked, Keito fell quiet, and looked away from her mother's harsh glare, the woman turned back to face the small boy, unable to believe her and her daughter's argument hadn't awoken either son or father, she lightly wrapped the boy in her silky threads.

"Don't worry child, you're safe now" she whispered into his ear before lifting him and placing him upon her web before moving her daughter to the far corner of her web, hidden by the shadows of the trees and there they would wait for the humans to awaken.

A/N This fic is still on the line between life and death, whether it continues or not depends on you the readers, I am unsure of the pairing any suggestions will be appreciated, plz review.