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200 % ; "Identify Feels, Not Politics," Writ in Boston, 2019. Rewrit in E.ast P.rovidence, 2022.

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2022 Edit: Adopted Child. Fostered Kid-Kit-Kat. Raised. Reared. Nature-Nurtra. Nurtra-Nature;

French-Scot, Scot-Francais. Big Large Iron, Iron Big Large. Blacksmith-Weaponsmith Viscount a’ Visgoths. English-Scottish Father, French Mother.
How I've always thought of my identity, tbh, EDITED after finding out I was adopted.

As an Anglo-Saxon (Aenglish, Eanglish.), Franco-Germanic & Celto-Gaelic child who was adopted & then raised by a (Pale.)-Indi-Euro-Asian Mom descended from Armenians, English, French, Irish. IE;

Eastern European=/=Middle Eastern (Mom.)

& a Irish=/=Iberian, Assyrian-Iraqi Middle Eastern=/=North African & partly Native=/=Natix=/=Easto-Asiatic (Dad.)?

1. Nationality wise, I'm American - but I'd also define myself as a citizen of the continent of North America ie; Swamp Yankee. Townie-Rhodie, Townie-Rhodie, Mass/ie-Rhodie, Rhodie-Mass/ie. Pan Afrikaans White Junk Collector in lieau of White Trash.

Closer to my 2nd Heart or mebbe, the 2nd Half of my Heart? the Aenglish-Eanglish Isles. Euro-Asia including India & the East, speaking of? The Middle East, Africa (espc. The North, Middle & Eastern part, with an interest in the southern tip.) & of course, the Planets Worlds, the Womb-Plann-ET.

2. Ethnicity wise as in culture? Mx. Mxr. Myx. Myxr. Bi-Racial X, Mixed Race X, Multi-Racial X, Mixed Ethnicity, Mixed Heritage. MUTT? Melj-Mejl. Mejl-Melj. - MY, YM.

White Passing Mixed Ethnicity & Heritage, Mido-Indi-Euro-Asiatic Pale-Skin European, original ancestors, descendant. Zaho’Kif’In’Dir, Nee-ander-thall.

3. Colorist & or Inverse Racism wise, I can't say I'm anything but White, altho to this day, I'd define White People as very light skinned Brown & or Black People ala Polar Bears to Grizzly Bears. Talk about Kind Lives Matter.

Espc. with the FACTS the Anglo-Saxon & Celto-Gaelic Peoples came from Franco-Germanic lands & some Celto-Gaelic Peoples came from the Greco-Romania Iberian region, who may have had crossover with North Africa, etc. & THOSE guys came from the Indo-European region, who came from the Middle East, who came from Africa.. well. On a deeper level. "Earthican." Since Futurama took that one already, for some reason? My Truth And Sacrifice will have to have Hydrant-I-Quans & Aerthiquans.

2019 only: “I identify more w/ Black & Brown America & Poor America then like, "White America" as in "Whitebread America" & just.. that culture, for that. Helps when you were raised in a crossover of both. I'd call myself "an'' Ameri-kin," lol.’’

2019 Only: “I'm Multi-Racial, that's a thing. [European, Middle-Eastern, Native American]’’
4 the cultural & national ties and just as importantly to me, ethnic & genetic ties that gives me [even though I still feel that if u go deep enough, everyone just has ties to everyone, lol]
Armenian [Eastern European & or Slavic, Middle-Eastern & Indo-European roots if you go deep enough, tbh]
Assyrian [Arab, Middle Eastern & realm North African, Indo, African roots if you go deep enough, tbh]
Still have this one! British, [Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, English culture, Roman, West European, German tribes & Indo-European roots if you go deep enough, tbh.]
Still have this one! French [Anglo-Saxon, French, Franco-Germanic, Roman, West European, German tribes & Indo-European roots if you go deep enough ]
Still have this one! Irish, [Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, English, Gaelic, West European & "Atlantic," lol. Iberian, Indo-European & Mediterranean roots if you go deep enough]
Native [Native American, specifically Natives on the East Coast, Swamp Yankee, Asian roots if you go deep enough]

I'm American & I am still ''Arab. Armenian. Anglo-Saxon. Assyrian. Celtic! Gaelic. I'm English. European. East European! West-European. French. Franco-Germanic. I'm Irish. Middle-Eastern. A Swamp Yankee. With a bit of Native American in me. I'm "Mixed." Multi. 5th or 6th Generation. White. White-Passing POC.''

& I still feel a pull to Africa, Armenia, Asia, Syria & Iraq, all of the Americas, Canada, Mexico, Britain, all areas of Europe except for the North, North Africa espc Egypt & Nubia, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. the Middle-East, espc Iraq & Syria. I'd like to visit the Fertile Crescent, Mecca & Jerusalem. Russia. India. Pakistan. The Saharan Desert. South Africa. Ethopia. Etc. Cultural & just.. knowing those places exist, I won't to be in them.

Not to mention Polynesia, espc Australia & New Zealand. I like Ants, Dreamtime & Rainbow Serpents. Suppose I would, as a Omnisexual, Pansexual, Polyamarous, Thri-Gander & amoral creature.

Cuba. Brazil. Puerto Rico. Central America. South America. Japan. China. Be fun to visit.

“Although I have to admit, now that I know that I am just full blooded British & French.. I do feel a stronger pull to those areas then I did before, just also a stronger pull to the other ones, too? Hopefully the last unlocking of the last back door in my psyche.” - FRAN/CIS WASOJELOWSKI SENDS HIS MON CHER REGARDES.

''I don't like American "white people" or Euro-centrism, but I really can't say I mind non-toxic European culture or European people, and that I like everything else from all the other areas by default, too - the ones I'm from specifically & all of every area around them. :/ ''