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Ashen’s Homecoming

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Two minutes until midnight, at 1200 feet above ground level. A U.S. Air Force C-17 military transport plane can be heard flying over.

Inside the plane, standing on the ramp was the Ashen Witch in her black cloak and pointy hat as she watches the American Combat-Equipped Paratroopers get ready to initiate their airborne operation.

“WHAT ARE THEY ABOUT TO DO!?” Elaina shouted to her handler through the loud jet engine noise.

He was wearing a camouflage uniform with tactical gear armed with an M4.


Her handler was First Lieutenant Henry Banner, a Security Forces Officer in charge of escorting the Ashen Witch.

After Elaina got rescued by the paratroopers from the Javalier, she spent the last four months in recovery.

Banner was in charge in making her safe, fed and comfortable.

Now she is hitching a ride on a C-17 trying to make her way back home.

The loadmasters opened the paratroop door and the jumpmasters on each side walked up to conduct their door checks.


The jumpmasters continued to observe outside the door.


The two jumpmasters walked back inside stood next to eachother.


The first jumpers on each chalk handed their static line to the chalk’s safety as their jumpmasters stood behind the first jumper.

Elaina was amazed at what they’re doing, she’s never seen soldiers have advanced equipment and very intense sequences.

Another thing is this giant metallic flying machine that is strong enough to be able transport this many troops in a flight.

As a witch being capable of flight and lethal magical attacks, she gives her respect to the American Military on their capability and versatility also not forgetting the time they rescued her.

“GREEN LIGHT, GO!” The jumpmasters commanded as they smacked the buttocks of the first jumpers as it was their queue to jump.

The chalks of paratroopers all start to exit the door one by one as they handed off their static line to the safety.

Elaina admires the sight of regular soldiers jump out of this flying tin can just so they can do their job, it was exhilarating.

As the jumpmasters exited the aircraft, the safeties and loadmasters grabbed the static lines back into the aircraft and shut both of the doors reducing all the noise from the jet engine.

“That was pretty cool!” Elaina stated.

“It’s what they’re trained to do, just like you being a witch,” Banner respond.

“Hah, you’re right about that!” Elaina couldn’t disagree.

The C-17 starts to gain its airspeed and altitude, another twenty minutes will pass until the loadmasters let Elaina know that she’s gonna start jumping soon.

The C-17 leveled at 10,000 feet above the ground and the loadmasters started to conduct their next drop sequence.

“Well it seems like we have reached your destination,” Banner stated.

“Yeah it seems that way,” Elaina responded.

“Welp it was nice working with ya, hope you’ll be alright over there,” Banner said.

“Thanks for taking care of me while I was in recovering, I hope to see you guys again!” Elaina said.

“Likewise,” Banner replied.

The two started to exchange a handshake and bro hug before letting go, Elaina grabs her flying broomstick and starts to make her way towards the ramp.

“Also tell the guys that rescued me thanks,” Elaina reminded. “Those guys were fun to hang out with!”

Banner said nothing but gave her a thumbs up.

The loadmasters started to open the ramp, as it opens, a dark sky started to come into view as the loud jet engine noises returned to fill the cabin.

Elaina steps forward looking down while the loadmaster stands next to her keeping his arm in front of her to keep her from accidentally falling.

“ONE MINUTE!” the loadmaster shouted.


Elaina turns back to wave at Banner.

Banner smiles and starts to wave back.


The loadmaster raised his arm up giving Elaina the space and signal for her to jump.

Elaina walks off the ramp and jumps out of the aircraft, she starts free falling down to earth with her broomstick in her right hand.

She turns her head back to have a quick peek of the C-17 as it closes its ramp and egresses it’s heading back to base.

As Elaina sees the ground from 2,000 feet high, she grabs her broomstick to sit herself on it and starts gaining altitude.

She set herself in level flight and starts to sit herself comfortably on the broomstick.

The Ashen Witch is coming home.


One year later…

Elaina gets up in the middle of the night and turns over to sit up on her bed, she looks over to see her girlfriend Saya still soundly sleeping.

Elaina leans over to kiss her on the cheek and blushes and laughs to herself, she couldn’t believe she is dating this weirdo.

They were visiting a random town that they both agreed to meet up in as Elaina was traveling nearby and Saya was doing some assignments for the Magic Association.

A sound caught Elaina’s attention for her to turn her head to the window, she was on a decently high floor so she had a great view outside of the town.

She can see in the distance, the shape of a C-17 dropping paratroopers before it continues to gain altitude.

Elaina looks back to the events when the Americans dropped her back home and where she also jumps out of said aircraft.

When she saw the parachutes being dropped, she remembered that there were goblin raids happening lately was going to take care of that with Saya after they finished whatever they had going on in the town.

But seeing the Americans, she figures that they can handle it instead.

She lies back into the bed and starts to cuddle with Saya again, where her weird sleeping girlfriend naturally responds by hugging back.

Elaina looks back at the window again and says to herself.

“Well I feel sorry for goblins, at least that takes the work off my hands haha,” Elaina said to herself. “I’m going to bed now.”