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Episodes of the resistance

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As the sun set and the boat motor hummed, I stood on the deck and looked back at where we had came from, we were finally off that island of hell, we had all been there for at least two years filming god knows how many seasons of “Find Love or Die Trying” for that bastard Damien Black, we guessed that that number was solidly in the triple digits. After me and Kat had killed her awful father, we had barely pressed the button to open the barrier, at the time we had thought we were sacrificing our lives to do so, thankfully the rest of the Girls came through and rescued us before we could succumb to our injuries. In what I thought was my dying breath, I had called out the name of Allie, the athletic tomboy I had fallen for on my first day(that I could remember) on the show, she, of course heard it and shortly after I regained consciousness on the boat, accepted the marriage proposal that I would have given her on the final day of the show if we hadn’t escaped, afterwards our memories would no doubt have been erased and we would have been reset to shoot another attempt.

And that brings us up to where I am now, standing on a boat with the girl I love going back to a life that I have nearly no memory of, all I know was what Kat had told me, about how I had been a TV producer shooting a different show on that very same cursed island, until me and Kat had tried to escape and been caught forcing Kat to stage a murder attempt that failed and lead to me being turned into a contestant on her Fathers next sick reality show idea.
But back to the present, I was the happiest I had ever been (that I could remember), I was going to be married to the girl of my dreams, I had killed the man who had ruined my life, and all was well. Except for the fact that we were returning to a society that wanted most of us dead or imprisoned. None of us were wanted dead as much as Allie, you see, she was a leading member of an anti-government force called “The Resistance” that’s actually how she had got on the show, signing up for it for a chance to spy on Damian Black, who had been a leading figure in the government, now he was dead due to my actions, no body knew but once they did, my life would go to shit real fast. Volets parents(other powerful figures in the government) wanted her dead so that they could give their inheritance to her younger brother. Scarlet had made some mistakes in the past that some might not be able to forgive, Kat was probably going to be expected to continue running her father’s sadistic shows. In general, only Terra and Yui felt safe back in their old lives now. Long story short is, together we were going to have to stay hidden and let no one know where we were or what we did.

Now that I’m finally done with exposition, I can get on with my life, the GPS onboard said that it would take us about 5 more days to get back home at our current speed, we were fortunate enough to have the 5 brothers so that they could take turns steering the boat so that we wouldn’t have to stop for sleep. But as for now, I was perfectly content to just not be fearing for my life anymore. Me and Allie were just enjoying life as a young couple, exactly like we would have been had the show been what it looked like and not been a traumatizing 2-year long experience for everyone. Knowing that we would have to lay low for a while after getting back we as a group decided for me and Allie to just get married in international waters where the corrupt politicians couldn’t infringe on us. Planning a wedding in 3 days was going to be a little tough but considering what we had on board is what we had, it wasn’t going to be as daunting as you might expect. To be continued….