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The boy who was forgotten

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Looking from the outside at Potter Manor nothing seems to have ever changed. It looks exactly the same as it did 10 years ago but if you go inside everything looks different. The walls that were once lined with a smiling reddish-brown haired baby and all of Harry’s first moments caught in moving pictures no longer lined the walls. Now photos of Micheals first milestones lined the walls along with some photos of a happy 3 person family.

At first life was the same after that night but then it became little things like forgetting to wake Harry up. Then they began to stop getting him for meals, then they started to forget to take him with them when they went out. Eventually they forgot that the raven haired child existed at all.

In a sense it was almost like Harry died. Every trace of the happy, kind, curious raven haired boy were shoved away in photo albums in the attic long forgotten just like Harry. Harry had watched his family since the dreaded night his life changed. His chest aches with pain and heartbreak as the family seemed to cut him out of their lives. At first he felt anger and hatred towards his birth family but over the years it faded into bitterness and then finally just sadness and understanding. 

It should’ve he acceptable that he was forgotten heck he should despise his family or at least feel bitter but he understood. He understood that they thought his little brother was the savior of the Wizarding world and that he was important. He understood he wasn’t that remarkable of a human and that his parents had just forgotten him. He also felt a numbness, like it just didn’t matter anymore.

He still felt a brotherly love for Micheal though. He is Michael's older brother and no matter how he felt towards their parents his role as a brother would never change. He would protect Micheal because it wasn’t Michael’s fault Lily and James forgot him and no longer loved him. For a time Harry held onto the hope his parents would come around and remember him again but after his 8th birthday he gave up.

He mourned his parents like they were dead because in his mind they were. The Lily and James Potter Harry knew for the first 5 years of his life died the night Voldemort attacked as far as Harry was concerned.

Harry was taught to read by Sirius and Remus, he spent all his birthdays with Sirius and Remus, he got all his Christmas gifts from Sirius and Remus. Those were the only people who remembered him and he loved them more than anything. 

Time truly flew. Harry was no longer the scared tiny raven haired boy who stood up to Voldemort; he was now an 15-year-old with the cutest laugh and brightest smile. He was the cub of Sirius and Remus Lupin-Black. He felt like they were his parents and they allowed him to call them dad and papa respectively. They were extremely overprotective and it annoyed Harry at times to no end but he loved his dads and knew they always meant well.

He loved Hogwarts and had a strong group of friends that consisted of Percy Weasley, Marcus Flint, Evan Raymond, and Jayden Knight. A lot of people were surprised at first to see him with his ragtag group of friends but he never really cared about what others thought anyway. 

Percy Weasley is from a light family and a bit of a stickler for rules but he is just afraid of getting in trouble. Percy is a kind person and very caring and protective when it comes to his younger siblings and friends. Although Percy cared for his family he wasn’t blind to their faults. He was the only one of Harry’s friends that came from a light only family and probably one of the people others would assume he would acquaint himself with.

Marcus Flint is from a purely dark family. At first Marcus can come off as rude or scary he really isn’t. Sure Marcus had an overly tall brooding frame for a 15 year old and his looks aren’t overly attractive but he is the best at making jokes. He also is a die hard quidditch fan and on the Slytherin team. Marcus was also a bit quiet at times but none of their friends minded it.

Evan Raymond is not aligned/didn’t know his core alignment since he was a first gen wizard. He was at first a bit timid like most first generation wizards but as they got older he got more confident, Harry preferred to call them first gens over muggle borns because it sounded cooler and in his eyes it was more fair to the person in question. Evan was slightly a bookworm but not enough of one to be put in Ravenclaw but he is a Hufflepuff. He is also very talkative and likes to explain muggle technology to Marcus and Percy. Evan likes to make jokes but he could get very serious at times. He also looked utterly horrified at the game quidditch and would never in his life to play the sport himself but he would cheer his friends on. 

Jayden Knight is from a grey family. Both his parents have grey cores and stayed neutral during the war. He is a bit brash at times but he also knows when to rein in his brashness. He has quite the temper and is not overly political. He stands firm in his beliefs and is stubborn as hell but also protective over his friends especially Harry who although was the same age as him was extremely innocent compared to his year mates. Jayden wasn’t opposed to quidditch but he played it once and admitted that it just isn’t his sport. Jayden is also the most competitive person Harry knows other than Sirius.

Harry stole the map from Filch in their first year and then he and his friends became the new Hogwarts terrors but they never bullied anyone or did harmful or embarrassing pranks.

Although Marcus didn’t help with most of the pranks, he preferred to just focus on his studies and stay out of trouble as well as intimidate the other students he still helped on some of them. They came up with stupid code names like their predecessors. Those code names are: 

Angel aka Harry.

Riddler aka Jayden 

Fox aka Percy

Whisper aka Evan

Devil aka Marcus.

They themselves didn’t pick out the codename names, that was the others' decision. Harry was named Angel for his kind and rather innocent behavior/mind. Jayden was nicknamed Riddler as he loved riddles and confusing people. Percy got Fox since he has a rather deceptive nature, he somehow got everyone to believe he would never in his life break any kind of rule. Evan was nicknamed Whisper for his quiet and timid behavior. Lastly Marcus was nicknamed Devil for his evil nature and love for intimidation. 

Unlike their predecessors nobody knew who this group was since they kept it all anonymous And even if there was suspicion on them although the ghosts wouldn’t help with pranks Harry convinced him to alibi them. With Harry being Harry and being the kindest person ever he always gave Filch a way to clean up the pranks. 

Their years went by quickly. Harry along with his group of friends became more and more popular throughout Hogwarts and most people at Hogwarts stopped thinking of The boy who lived when they heard the name Potter instead they thought of Harry. Harry became popular for his kindness and unbiased opinions as well as his innocent behavior. Harry was far from being Naïve he just didn’t understand dirty jokes or things like that, which was surprising since he was 15 and going into his fifth year at Hogwarts. 

Harry was the most well known at school for helping everybody and anybody with their homework even older years because he studied ahead. He also protected first year Slytherin’s (and other first years) from prejudiced Griffindors(or stuck up Slytherins). Yeah, Harry was like Hogwarts beacon of light among the students and almost everybody liked him. If anyone dared to hurt him the whole school would turn on that person.

Harry spent all of the summer so far with his dads. They even picked him and dropped him off at the platform every year with the adult Potters nowhere in sight. On Harry’s birthday he found out his dads had to go to America to work on getting back in touch with the American Black family branch and for Moony to get in touch as well as learn from some other werewolves.

Harry was forced to stay in Britain because his dads weren’t his legal guardians thus under wizard law could not bring him out of the country without the Potters consent.

And that was impossible since the Potters practically forgot Harry existed and Sirius and James were not on the best of terms at the moment. Harry sighs sadly as he arrives home. His room at Potter manor had some letters on the desk. Harry always left his window open while he was away during the summer so he could still get his mail. 

He had worked out that since his dads would be away till September 5th that he would get to the platform with Marcus’s family. He looks sadly out his window seeing James and Micheal zooming around on their brooms with Lily trailing behind them looking fondly at her husband and son although a bit exasperated. He hated that they cut him out of their lives.

Harry hates that night with every part of him, that night stole his birth family although he does have his amazing dads he still felt as if he were robbed of something. He stops watching the Potters and his brother and decides to go through his mail. He got a few letters from his friends which cheered him up. 

He thought Percy’s letter was the funniest Percy wondered about how his summer was then told him about his. Apparently Percy’s younger twin brothers Fred and George were still trying to find out they were well not them exactly but who was behind their code names Percy had also made prefect. So did Evan and Jayden. 

He smiled cheerfully at the letter. He had met the twins two years ago when he was in his third year, they were in their first year since he was friends with their older brother, he got to meet them and talk with them. He thought the twins were funny and good pranksters but they lacked the cunning that Harry’s group had. They always got caught and punished for their pranks while none of his group ever did.

Harry smiles at his room; it looked nothing like how it used to. The summer before his 3rd year he and his dads changed the room up; the walls were now a bluish green color with moving raven designs on them. He had a black desk which had all his school supplies, his wand, and his letters on it. In one of the corners there was a bookshelf and in the other there were some beanbags. Harry also had moving pictures of him and his 4 friends on the walls from the past 4 years. 

Surprisingly the days of August flyby in Potter Manor. Harry spends most of them flying on his broom and practicing rather dangerous maneuvers. In his second year he had tried out and got onto the Ravenclaw team as the seeker. He loves the game but also likes to do the most dangerous maneuvers possible just to win. 

One time at the end of the year parents of students were allowed to come to a match and his dads came. Yeah that whole Summer he was locked in the house and not allowed to leave because his dads were worried he would just drop dead if he left the house. 

On the morning of September 1st Harry gets out of bed begrudgingly then he showers and stuffs all his stuff into his trunk. After that he makes his way to the stairs and hears a commotion. He looks down from the railing to see the Potters fawning over Micheal. It takes a moment for it to click in Harry’s mind that Michael is now 11 and going off to Hogwarts.

Although he does resent Michael he can’t stop the pain of hurt that pierces him when he sees Lily with tears in her eyes worrying all about her youngest son. Harry clenches his fist although it’s not in anger but sadness and pain. He hurries away from the railing and heads to the library where the fireplace is connected to the flo network. He grabs some flo powder and steps inside with all his stuff. 

“Flint Manor, Britain.” Harry states clearly and then disappears into the green flames. He lands on his butt as he is spit out of the Flint Manor fireplace and grumbles as he gets off the floor. At this point the only magical transportation he still had trouble with was the flu network no matter how hard he tried he always landed straight on his butt.

“Oh! Hello darling, did you get hurt when you fell out of heaven?” Harry hears the familiar mischievous voice of Marcus Flint. 

“No but u might have burnt my hand crawling out of hell dear,” Harry grumbles in response. Harry smiles when he hears Marcus laugh. Harry smiles even wider as Marcus brings him into a tight hug. Harry sighs contently in his best friend's arms. They hear someone clearing their throat behind them and break their hug. Harry turns to see Lord and Lady flint waiting for them. 

“Hello Lord and Lady Flint,” Harry greets.

“How many times do we have to tell you Harry, please call us Alisandre and Aries we’ve known you for 4 years?” Lady Flint asks slightly annoyed.

“A few more times ma’am.” Harry states with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He hears lady flint grumble something about stupid blacks and corruption which makes him grin wider. 

“Got everything kids?” Lord Flint asks to which both Harry and Marcus respond with a yes. Lord Flint shrinks their trunks and they put them into their pockets. Harry grabs Marcus’s moms arm and Marcus grabs his fathers as they are side along apparated to the station. When they get to the station it is already crowded so the older Flints help guild the 15 year olds through the crowd. Harry smiles and jokes with the Flints like he always does when he hears someone say his name.

“Harry is that you?” A soft feminine voice asks. Harry turns to the speaker and sees Lily Potter standing there stunned. 

“Uh…..yes,” Harry answers extremely unsure of the situation. 

“Oh my how you’ve grown!” Lily exclaims which makes Harry a bit uncomfortable to be fair this whole situation was uncomfortable. “Why are you with Lord, Lady, and Heir Flint?” Lily asks.

“We took Harry to the platform this year as his fathers weren’t available now not to be rude but I should get Harry and Marcus on the train so they have time to find their friends.” Lord Flint states noticing Harry’s extreme discomfort with the situation.

“….Fathers…?” Lily asks looking quite startled.

“Yes his fathers can’t be here we already established this. Now, I am sorry to end this conversation at this second but my son and Harry need to get on the train.” Lord Flint responds looking quite annoyed and then continues guiding the boys towards the train leaving a stunned Lily behind. 

“Lily come one Micheal’s getting on the train!” James shouts getting Lily’s attention. She then returns back to her husband and son with a familiar heavy feeling settling in her chest. She watches and takes photos of Micheal getting on the train and waves goodbye as the train leaves the station.

The heavy feeling remains even after the train has left. When was the last time she saw or spoke to Harry before today? He looked so different, so much older than the last time she remembers seeing him. He was extremely tense when she talked to him, that thought made the heavy feeling in her chest grow.

“James,” Lily addresses her husband after they apparate home. James looks at his wife worriedly as she seems off and he doesn’t like the tone she is using at all.

“Yes Lily-flower?” James asks rather reluctantly.

“When’s the last time we saw Harry at home?” Lily asks which baffles James. He tries to think to the last time he saw he eldest son but all he can think about were the memories he had from when Harry was a little kid. Surely there had to be more.

“I don’t know,” James answers quietly after a moment.

“I saw him at the platform with the Flint family. I didn’t get to speak with him much as Lord Flint ushered them away, but when I asked why they were with Harry and Lord Flint said it was because Harry’s fathers weren’t available.” Lily states in a tone laced with despair. James eyes widen at that.

Lily and James eyes meet and they have an unspoken discussion as they the began to scour the house for any photo or trace of their eldest child. 

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