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The boy who was forgotten

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The night of October 31st was quiet in the potter household. Lily and James were relaxing in the living room and their children were in bed. A bang interrupted the quiet and James shot up from the couch. A figure emerged from the front hallway wearing a black hooded cloak.

“HE’S HERE! LILY GO GET THE KIDS OUT OF HERE!” James shouted as he drew his wand. Lily bolted towards the stairs leading to her sons rooms. She almost reached the stairs when a bright green spell hit her in the back. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY WIFE?” James yelled and fired a stupefy at the figure. 

His spell was met in the middle by another bright green spell fired from the hooded figure. After a minutes struggle the hooded figures spell prevailed over James’s spell. James collapsed to the ground the second the spell hit him. But neither of the Potters were dead. The figure didn’t intend to kill the Potters as they posed no great threat to him. He had also heard that the most agonizing thing for a parent was to have to bury their children. Yes he wanted the Potters to suffer that’s what they deserved for joining the order of the Phoenix. 

The figure who still hadn’t spoken a word walked briskly towards the stair case Lily tried to get to. As he passed Lily's unconscious form he snarls and whispers, “Filthy mud blood.”

Then he steps over her body and walks up the stairs. The upstairs was pitch black and all the rooms were closed except one. The hooded figure uses a wordless luminous charm to light his way and walks towards the open room.

When he got to the room he didn’t enter but instead looked through the open doorway. It was a child’s room but not one of an infant, it was one of an older child. The room was a light blue color with posters of Quidditch teams and toys scattered around the walls and floor. There wasn’t a child tucked into bed and the covers were shoved aside. The hooded figure leaves the doorway and continues their search for the children. 

The next door they find is slightly ajar and there is a dim light peeking from underneath the door. The figure opens the door to find a five year old boy with pitch black raven hair and bright emerald green eyes. The five-year-old is standing in front of a crib with a year old child that had blazing red hair and daunting blue eyes. This five year old is Harry James Potter, first born son of Lily and James Potter. As well as godson of Sirius Black 

“Out of my way boy!” The figure rasps out.

“No!” Harry states firmly not backing down from the hooded bully. 

“GET OUT OF MY WAY OR DIE!” The figure yells in frustration at the boy. 

“YOU WON’T GET TO MY BROTHER YOU BIG BULLY!” Harry screams at the figure not moving from his position.

“Then you will have to die.” The figure states angrily. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” The figure screams. The killing curse doesn’t reach Harry though. It hits a golden shield Harry projects a foot away from him. The shield holds out against the killing curse and the force of impact knocks down the hooded figure's hood, revealing Tom Marvalo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

Harry closes his eyes as he hears Voldemort scream another killing curse at him. He awaits the impact of the curse not knowing what it was but knowing it was bad. The impact he was prepared for never came as he hears a scream of agony.

Harry cautiously opens his eyes and looks at where Voldemort once stood. Instead of there being the man that attempted to kill him there was a pile of robes and ashes. Harry looks at the pile for a second and then turns back to his little brother.

Somehow the 2 month old slept through the whole ordeal. The baby awakens tho when A sharp piece of wood that was dislodged by the impact of Harry and Voldemort’s fight Falls on him and creates a unique shaped cut that resembles a diamond on his cheek. A second later another piece of debris falls from the roof and knocks Harry unconscious. The baby starts crying as another person enters the house. 

Sirius Black had felt in his gut that something was off. He sits in hiding at another safe house that was guarded by the Fidelius charm. He was in hiding because he was suspected to be Potters secret keeper and was the only auror other than Madeye brave enough to arrest death eaters when he saw them committing crimes. 

He had choose his secret keeper to be Madeye since he trusted the slightly deranged auror. The feeling in his gut wouldn’t go away and he know something was very wrong but it wasn’t until he felt a waver in his godfather bond that he had with Harry that he decided that he couldn’t put off the feeling anymore. Ha apparates to the general area of where Goodricks Hallow should be since he didn’t know the location. When he gets there he sees a house very out of place.

The Fidelius charm had fallen so that meant that Peter had sold the Potters out. Sirius feels a wave of panic wash over him as he summons some paper and writes a quick note to Madeye. He quickly calls for a houself that belonged to the Black family and instructs them to give the message to Madeye.

He rushes to the house as his heart sinks seeing the broken door. He runs through the front hall to see both James and Lily out cold on the floor. A pang of grief and disbelief runs through his body as he runs to his friends. He checks their pulses and he lets out a sigh of relief when he feels their heartbeats.

‘Their not dead just out cold, you have to go check on the kids.’ Sirius tells himself as he rushes up the stairs, he first rushes to his godson's room which is empty. He lets a sigh of relief that there wasn’t a corpse in the room but his relief is short lived as his mind turns to the worst case scenario. He frantically runs to the nursery. 

Once he enters the room horror washes over him when he finds his godson laying on the ground unmoving. He rushes to Harry and checks his pulse as well as running A diagnostic spell on him. The spell shows that Harry is just fine other than magical exhaustion, a very mild concussion, and a cut on his forehead. Sirius let out a sigh of relief and gathers his godson into his arms. He coos as Harry snuggles into his chest and smiles softly at Harry. 

Then several pops are heard as well as footsteps rushing into the house. Some people rush over to Lily and James while the rest hurry upstairs following the sound of a wailing baby. When the wizards reach the nursery they see Sirius Black holding a sleeping Harry and a wailing baby in the crib next to him. One person steps away from the others which is a man named Albus Dumbledore who picks up the baby and soothes it. 

Albus smiles down at the baby after he notices the cut on his cheek. “This is our savior, Micheal Potter, the boy who lived!” Dumbledore announces which is met by cheering. Sirius grumbles under his breath as the loud cheering awakens his godson from his peaceful sleep. He pushes his way through the crowd of people and heads towards Harry’s room. Harry is blinking up at him and yawning looking pretty out of it. 

“Un’le Padfoot is t’e mo’ster g’ne?” Harry asks although his words are slurred from exhaustion. It takes Sirius a second to make out what Harry was asking him but once he does he smiles softly at Harry.

“Yes he is Prongslet. He can’t hurt you or Michael anymore.” Sirius reassures Harry softly and sets him down in his bed and runs a hand through the childs hair. Sirius doesn’t care if Michael was the boy who lived; all he cared about was that the boys were both okay and that the Potters were alive. 

Harry yawns then nods off again. Sirius notices a trickle of blood running down Harry’s head and moves Harry’s hair to find a lightning bolt shaped cut on his forehead. Sirius makes his way towards the bathroom then grabs a bandaid, a wet cloth, and some disinfectant spray. 

He returns to Harry’s side washes the cut and blood away with cloth. Then he disinfects the cut and puts a bandaid on it. He knows he could just use magic to heal it but Lily prefers to handle small injuries the muggle way and Sirius follows her rules for taking care his godson.

He then heads downstairs to get an unoccupied healer. He leads the healer to his godson and has them treat Harry’s concussion. Sirius sits on the edge of Harry’s bed which stirs Harry a bit. Harry just looks up with his brilliant emerald eyes and makes grabby hands for Sirius. Sirius laughs and smiles lovingly at his god son.

He then lays takes off his boots and jacket which he leaves by the door. 

“Padfoo’ ‘uddles please!” Harry states with a pout. Sirius laughs and then gets in bed and cuddles with his precious godson. Harry sighs contently as he snuggles deeper into his godfathers chest and falls back into his peaceful sleep. After a few minutes Sirius nods of as the adrenaline and panic that he felt earlier fully leave his body. 

This is how Lily, James, and Remus find the two. This night had a happy ending but the years after wouldn’t be so happy well for Harry at least. This was one of the last times the Potters showed love to their oldest son before forgetting his existence all together. But in the moment the house was at peace and the Wizarding War was over. 

The next coming years would change everything but for now their was joy and peace in the Potter family.