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Just a drop

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“Hey Beer, can you pass me a chicken leg?” Trowel asked as the two lounged on the couch and rewatched old episodes of the game show they were currently participating in. “Sure,” Beer replied happily, extending the bucket of chicken to his best friend. Trowel placed his hand on one of the legs and froze, “Wow, the way you…” Beer looked at him confused, “What?” Trowel smirked, “You know what I mean,” he wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh yes,” Beer smiled, “are you thinking what I’m thinking?” his eyes became half-lidded. The two smashed their faces together and wrapped themselves around each other. Trowel pushed Beer back into the couch and sighed in satisfaction as Beer brought his leg around Trowel bringing them closer. Beer could feel Trowel smile evilly as he took over Beer's mouth with his tongue, “That’s right, you give in so easily to me,” he teased when he pulled back for air.

Beer was more than happy to be Trowel’s bitch, but don’t get cocky.

Beer captured Trowel’s lips in a passionate kiss again while pushing the other back. Trowel fell flat on the couch and looked up at Beer in shock, “Wha-” Beer was straddling him and leaned in placing both hands on either side of Trowel’s face, “Don’t patronize me,” he growled. Trowel’s face grew hot as he stared up at Beer liking this change in attitude a bit more than he thought he would, “Who’s easy now,” Beer teased. “Shut up and kiss me,” Trowel wrapped his arms around Beer’s neck and brought him into another passionate kiss, Trowel tried to go back to exploring Beer’s mouth like he was originally but Beer was taking over that position too apparently as he shoved his tongue into Trowel’s mouth with no mercy.

Trowel moaned in surprise and pleasure but definitely mostly surprise. He whimpered and squirmed as Beer continued to violate his mouth and gasped when he finally pulled away for air. “Good boy,” Beer teased as he looked down at Trowel gasping and flushed, “You’re so handsome.” Beer leaned back in and gently peppered kisses all over Trowel’s face who silently relished the affection. Trowel felt high as he was pulled up into Beer’s side, snuggling close and going back to watch the tv. That was definitely something.