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My Queen.

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You are my everything… That has never changed… I can never imagine a life without you by my side, Wyatt…

Her words thundered in my mind over and over again. My head spinned from the meaning of her words. From a hope that rose in my chest, and my cheek burned with the warmth from her lips descended there just a moment ago for a split second. Her presence - so close that I still could scent the flowery flair that she left behind, still unable to believe in what I just heard. Not daring to believe that what I heard could be the truth and that it weren’t just my ears deceiving me… or that it wasn’t just my wishfulness for her words to be true. But whatever I saw or thought I saw in her eyes proved me wrong as the only thing I could witness was the truth in her words.

The affection in her innocent gaze… The simplicity of the phrase she uttered so earnestly… And the certainty in her soft voice. All that made me hope for something I never let myself to hope for. And before I knew what I was doing or could stop myself from doing that… My arms were seizing her slim waist and I was pushing her backwards, slamming the door behind her with the force. Watching how her eyes widened in shock and the soft yelp escaped her parted lips.

“Wyatt–,” Ellaire gasped, while the instant panic seized me. Dreading, that I anyhow managed to hurt her, I tried to step back releasing her from my grasp. Trying to check if she is okay. But despite all the fears and dreads that I could accidentally ever harm her, I paused when she looked up at me and our gazes met, taking my breath away.

Our lips barely an inch apart, and my eyes uncertainly flickered to hers, feeling her hot breath on my parted lips. Feeling the pleasant ache wash over me leaving a searing desire in its wake. And instead of stepping back I stepped even closer to her with determination I never felt before. Her wide innocent gaze was holding mine, but I still hesitated, waiting for her permission. Not sure if I ever again will be bold enough to act on my feelings as I did these few times during our venture. Not sure if it would be a smart idea to kiss her sweet lips ever again, knowing that even one taste of her made me crave for more. Not sure if I ever would be able to stop kissing her… craving her.

I held my breath watching her tiptoe toward me closing the almost nonexistent distance between us. Her cheeks got rosier when her lips finally touched mine. Too brief to be a kiss, but the allure within stole my breath away before invigorating my ragged breathing. Not daring to forge forward to steal another kiss from her sweet as honeydew lips. And if not for the seductive smile that ended my last restraint I would be able to stop myself just in time from taking a zealous hold of her honeyed lips. But I couldn’t… not with the way she was looking at me as if she wanted that for as long as I did… 

I pressed her back against the wooden door with the force. My lips caught hers with the desire bordering on desperation. Knowing that I cannot have her, but still unable to stop, unable to hold anything back. I could feel how the soft hum escaped her lips, when the tip of my tongue tentatively swirled against hers conveying to her every bit of my devotion.

My hands roughened by hours of training and labor explored her delicate silky skin with demanding insistency. Still unable to believe I can hold her in my arms even though for a short moment that will inevitably come to the end returning us to the roles we were born into… Her… the Queen. Me… her Queensguard bound by the oath I cannot break. So I still tried to restrain myself despite the menacing desire I felt, laying my hands only on places that were not shielded by her clothes.

In this array of emotions and overpowering senses I could feel how my self-restraint was thinning, slipping away from my grasp as I pressed her upward, leveling our longing gazes with a soft desperate grunt. Ellaire’s cheeks flamed becoming a deeper shade of rose, while the time seemed to stand still with our wordless exchange and with the flickering candle flame when my gaze lowered to her body, unable to look away. Slowly, sliding my gaze over her as if she was a canvas for my eyes to paint on. I could see on the little patches of her bare skin how the goosebumps rose under my gaze, as if the imaginary strokes were almost tangible. As if her skin tingled, brushed by the bristles of my eyes. I could see her gulp beneath my gaze, while my eyes lingered on her slender column slowly gliding along it, watching how the heat intensified in her cheeks, while my own desire piqued from the risqué thoughts that were invoked by her body inadvertently squirming against me, sending a wave of heat through my veins.

“Wyatt, I—,” Ellaire breathed, while her bashful squirming caused one of the dress sleeves to fall off her shoulder, exposing the edge of her corset to my wondering eyes. My eyes widened, while I raised them to hers, burning with impudent desire I felt for her, unable to conceal it any longer. Her hand slowly rose off my shoulder hesitating just for a brief moment before continuing to raise behind her ear. And I looked at her mesmerized, while she let her sleeve slip. A simple gesture, but implications were clear as day.

I cupped her cheeks gently, letting our lips to collide in a raw passion as our bodies tangled together, moving, feeling, exploring.

The intense movements had the other sleeve falling from her shoulder, pulling her dress further down. My hands as if on its own volition glided to Ellaire’s newly exposed flesh, tracing a line along the edge of her corset. My palms rested on her breasts, feeling a butterfly’s fluttering of her heart under my fingers. This time I didn’t hesitate, when my hands reached for the laces starting to undo them. My gaze held hers intently, not missing even a single expression in her hooded darkened eyes, not a single deep breath that left her lips. Her arms dropped until they were aligned with the door behind her, making me question if I didn’t go too far, making me question if I didn’t offend her.

“Am I… offending you?” I asked quietly, feeling how a cold of fear washed over me, trapping my heart in an iron grip. The heady desire heavily laced through my hoarse voice, while my fingers barely touched the edges of the laces not letting them go, but also not wanting for her to feel trapped.

“No…,” she replied softly, so softly that I almost missed her reply, if I wouldn’t be holding to her every word, feeling the relief wash over me. I brushed her coloured cheek tenderly with the back of my hand before starting to untie the tangles holding together the final layer of fabric covering her torso, leaving another soft peck on her lips. Feeling desperate for more, I started to leave kiss after kiss on Ellaire’s flushed silky skin until it led to a trail of tender kisses down her neck and collarbone, where they came to rest upon her heaving chest. 

As the final knot was finally undone my breath hitched when I looked at her fully exposed in my arms. Feeling the desire to feel her smooth skin under my touch I tentatively slid my fingers over her newly exposed skin, starting my curious and assertive exploration. Feeling maddened by the heady scent of her. Feeling how desire pulsed through my veins, while the lascivious images in my head and the soft sigh leaving Ellaire’s lips made me act bolder than I ever would dare to.

“Aah…,” the soft gasp left Ellaire’s lips, when I slid my tongue over her sensitive bud, feeling how her body twitched in my arms. Instantly everything in me froze terrified that unintentionally I had hurt her with my inexperienced exploration.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked, watching how she averted her eyes, while her cheeks flamed even stronger, getting almost bright red under my attentive gaze.

“No… Stop asking questions, silly,” she murmured and I felt like a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders, my body relaxing slightly.

“Sorry… It’s just…,” I mumbled, taking a deep breath and continuing to speak further. “I’m all new to this. The guardsmen used to talk about their wives and… things,” I spoke, feeling how the heat started to spread through my whole body reaching the tips of my ears, while I uttered the next words. “and I learned…”

“Wyatt!” she exclaimed with her wide innocent eyes meeting mine and holding my gaze, while I could see how her bosom raised and fell rapidly.

“I-I’ll shut up now!” I spoke quickly with widened eyes, swallowing hard when Ellaire’s slender hands reached for the hem of my silk shirt tugging at it and pulling it over my head. The same shirt I hated so much that I was hoping that in her hasty attempt to free me of it she may accidentally rip it. The vision of it happening made me burn even stronger but not from the thought of it to be ruined but from the desire of her slim fingers touching my bare skin. Probing… exploring… tasting… May the ancestors forgive me for my lewd thoughts. But even the slightest hope of it made my whole body burning and my breath picking up when her lips parted inviting my kiss. Our aching bodies rose in heat as we pressed against each other, feeling every pulse, every breath, every trembling of each other’s bodies.

My hands continued to trace the curves of her slender body, lingering in places where no men had even dared to glimpse, worshiping every inch of her smooth skin.

“You are worth breaking every oath and vow that is known to exist,” I breathed earnestly looking at her in admiration, while my lips hovered over hers brushing them tenderly.

“Will you, though?” she asked, looking at me with a soft smile.

“Don’t tempt me…” I breathed, returning her smile, while my lips lowered, brushing the crook of her neck lightly with the kiss. My hand moved slowly, hesitantly up her thigh, and the soft giggle that was about to escape her throat, when her blonde hair swept across her sensitive skin, turned into a loud moan when I slipped my hand underneath her loincloth. My eyes were shut, while I caressed her neck with my lips, not missing even a single sensation radiating from her body. My palm pressed against her womanhood, drifting tentatively, while she buried her head in my chest as I felt how her entire body trembled racked with the raw sensation from my touch.

“Ellaire…” I gasped softly, feeling how my own body reacted to her, throbbing and pulsing with desire.

“Don’t stop…,” she pleaded breathlessly, and I couldn’t resist her, obeying her whispered plea. I touched her tenderly once more. My fingers gently probed the core of her femininity, while she murmured soft nothings into the throbbing heart against her cheek. The heart that beats only for her and lives with the vain hope that one day, if ancestors would be willing she will be mine… the hope I shouldn’t have as she is my Queen, and I’m her Queensguard who is bound by oath I’m not able to break.

I hesitantly ran my fingers over her aching nub, feeling how a shiver of ecstasy gushes through her body every time I touched her. My breath hitched and I looked at her with fascination, hoping that the care and tenderness of my touch would compensate for the lack of experience I was having.

I could feel how the slickness began to develop in place where I caressed her and my own excitement strained painfully against the seam of my leggings, pressing and throbbing hard into her thigh. Sending the sensations through my body I never experienced before, begging desperately for some sort of release.

“Wyatt…,” Ellaire murmured softly, almost inaudibly… without doubt feeling my bulging manhood against her thigh. She hesitantly, shyly shifted her hand downward, tugging at my tied leggings, sending a roar of sensation through me… almost undoing me now and then, but I couldn’t allow that to happen… even though I wanted her desperately, I still couldn’t break the oath I made… so instead of letting her tug them lower and free my throbbing need I took her hand in mine and raised it up to my lips. Not rejecting her, but wanting her to know that if circumstances would be different… if she wouldn’t be my Queen and I wouldn’t be her Queensguard bound by the oath of celibacy, I wouldn’t be stopping her. Affectionately I smiled at her before bringing her hand to my lips and deliberately slowly, kissing her fingertips, lingering at every tip of her gentle fingers, so she could feel my unspoken love for her with every touch of my lips.

Meantime my fingers were picking up their pace in the pool of moisture catching her every moan and whimper. Watching how her breath hitched drawing loud moans from her wide-open mouth with every rub and every press of my fingers.

“Aah… Wyatt…,” she gasped, while her gaze met mine in an open-eyed wonder at the new sensation that washed over her. I could see how the sensation she felt quickly became overwhelming, when she began to lose her footing so I let go of her hand wrapping my arm around her waist while the other continued to pleasure her trembling body. I could feel how in this moment of vulnerability, she surrendered every part of herself to me and I smeared her lips with my kiss as she sighed in pleasure, clinging to me while trying to regain her bearings.

I could feel her abashment in the way she avoided looking at me while she slid from my arms and as soon as our eyes met, she lowered her head immediately stepping to the side. Without hesitation I reached out for her, grazing my rough palm over her reddened cheek, making her beautiful eyes meet mine. Wanting to reassure her, that I would never think less of her no matter what.

“You paint my life with the most beautiful colors, Ellaire,” I said seriously until she smiled softly at me.

“I didn’t expect you to know how to pleasure women…,” she quietly spoke with the soft blush still painting her cheeks. My eyes widened while I looked at her and my cheeks flamed from the sudden abashment and insecurity I felt.

“The guards are very… talkative… during our daily training. I tried to block out the thoughts…,” I spoke timidly, trying to explain to her my sudden knowledge in something I never did before. Trying to communicate to her that she was the first and only girl I ever desired to pleasure.

“I’m glad you didn’t. I liked what you did…,” she replied softly with a smile, while picking up the discarded corset and its lace on the ground. I followed her every movement with my gaze as if trying to memorise her beauty, not missing the cutest blush that adorned her cheeks, when she changed her mind, reaching for her nightdress instead.

Meanwhile, I lifted my shirt from the floor, putting it back on. There wasn’t a word of exchange while we were getting dressed, but the heartfelt simpers we gave each other sufficed for the love and trust we shared. It was finally me who broke the blissful silence falling between us, noting how her eyes got heavy with sleepiness even though she was trying to hide it.

“I should probably let you get some sleep. We have another long day ahead of us tomorrow. You need your rest,” I said. Regretfully returning us to the roles we were born into. But as if sensing the change in my demeanor, she stepped closer to me, taking my cheeks in her hands and placing a last tender kiss on my lips. Sending a warming sensation through me, while she whispered softly Good night… 

“Good night, Ellaire. Sleep well,” I whispered against her slightly parted lips with a soft smile and with the last clinging look I left her chamber.

My body heavily leaned against the closed door with my eyes shut. My heart beating loudly and my lips burning with the tender kiss she placed on my lips just a moment ago. Her words of affection she uttered earlier thunder in my mind once again bringing me back to that moment.

You are my everything… These words paired with the earnest look in her eyes filled me with hope that I shouldn’t have. And once again it seems that I’m back in her room looking into her deep innocent eyes with the heavy weight on my heart wishing that I could call her mine.