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Across the Stars

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Captain’s Log: The engines have overheated, the cooling system must’ve malfunctioned somehow…it forced us to shut them off temporarily to cool down until we can get down there and fix them. So for now, we’re just floating through space slowly. I don’t mind, it’s nice looking out at the many things space offers us. Speaking of which, we’re nearing a small we’re nearing a small nebula right now, I think it’s called the Poly Nebula because of the colors. Blue, green, and magenta…I dunno it makes little sense to me, but it’s still a beautiful nebula and I don’t mind staring at it for a while, even though the others are all tense about getting to Planet Y. They need to stop worrying, we’ll get there, I’ll make sure of it. Anyway, I’m heading down to the engine room to help fix the cooling device. I’ll be back later with an update. Captain out.


Meanwhile, in the Poly Nebula, a tiny figure is floating amongst the stardust, having the time of their life, their long, wild hair floating freely in the zero gravity.

They float up a bit and reach their arms back, resting their head on them, and cross their legs so they’re in a reclined position. They look around at the vastness of space, admiring the trillions of stars shining against the black void, and smile at the breathtaking sight.

Their happiness is short-lived as a thought crosses their mind, they can’t stay there forever…but they don’t know what else to do or where they could go, and they need to come up with an idea quickly, because they packed little food and water.

And there is no way they’re going back there

They groan, ‘what am I gonna do?’ They think, ‘maybe this was a bad ide-”

They snap out of their thoughts when they see something out of the corner of their eye. They look over, their eyebrows raising when they see…a ship? It looks like a ship, not like one from where they’re from, though.

They move from their reclined position and float closer to it, standing on a small asteroid that’s nearby. They tilt their head, thinking, a ship…can get them away from there, and…they aren’t sensing anything bad from this ship…well, there is some bad they can sense, but it’s overpowered by the good.

Placing their hand on their chin, they tilt their head…and don’t spend that much time thinking about it. Holding their bag tighter, they kick off from the asteroid, and start floating in the ship's direction.


To say the Astronomer and Biologist are shocked when someone knocks on the entrance of the Starblade would be the understatement of the millennium.

“Biologist…did you hear that?” The Astronomer asks, staring at the door with wide eyes.

“I did…” The Biologist says, looking at the door as well. “Do…do you think something hit us?”

“It’s a possibility…because, otherwise, if I didn’t know better, I’d…I’d say it sounded like-”

*knock* *knock* *knock*

The two fly back, away from the door, their eyes wide and scared.


They stand there in terrified silence, staring at the door. Someone…or something is knocking on the door!


The figure outside groans in frustration when there’s no answer to their knocking, so they decide to float around the ship some more, trying to find another way in.


The Opposition Leader freezes when he hears something come from inside the airlock chamber. He looks over in confusion and slowly walks closer.

He stands there for a moment, quietly, then jumps when he hears the sound again. It…sounds like knocking…

But it couldn’t have been knocking. They’re in the vacuum of space. No one can survive out there!

*knock* *knock* *knock*

The Opposition Leader jumps, “the hell is going on?” He mutters.

“Oh, Opposition Leader, what are you doing here?”

He looks over and sees the Biologist and Astronomer walking toward him, and he can’t help but notice they look…shaken.

“I…I heard something…coming from the airlock door.”

The Opposition Leader is ready to either explain or defend his claim, but he’s surprised when he sees their faces go pale.

“It’s…still here?” The Astronomer asks, and the Opposition Leader’s eyebrows raise.

“What do you mean ‘it’s still here?!’”

*knock* *knock* *knock*

The Biologist and Astronomer yell out at the knocking, “it is!” The Biologist cries.

“We heard a same knock on the entrance of the Starblade!” The Astronomer says, looking at the airlock door nervously.

The Opposition Leader stares at the two, then looks over at the door, “so…there’s someone or something outside our ship…knocking on the door?”


The Opposition Leader looks between the two of them, “well, what should we do? We can’t just let this thing in!” He exclaims, gesturing to the airlock door, “what do we do? Just wait for it to leave?”

*knock* *knock*

“I…I’m no sure…th-that sounds like our best option…”

“Yeah, but I got a question for ya…what if it doesn’t? What if it stays there until we either let it in or reach Planet Y, which will take millions of years!”

“Oh…oh god.” The Astronomer says, running his hand through his hair, “that’s a good point…humans cannot wait that long, but…I have a feeling this…thing, isn’t human…they could wait millions of years!“


“Or…maybe not…”

“Come on, let’s…close the airlock chamber for now, try to figure out what’s going on…” The Biologist says, leading the two men away from the airlock door. Once they’re away, the Astronomer goes over to the control panel and shuts the door to the airlock chamber.

“Perhaps we should call the rest of the crew…get their opinions on this…” The Biologist says.

“Yeah, and maybe we can have TH-1 deal with it.” The Opposition Leader mutters.

“That sounds like a good…wait. OH! Oh, I am an idiot!”

“What is it?” The Opposition Leader asks.

“The cameras! There are cameras all around the Starblade, including the air lock door! We can look to see what’s outside!” He exclaims, turning on the monitor on the control panel.

“Leave it to the Captain to want cameras everywhere.” The Opposition leader mutters, though he’s also looking at the monitor.

“Well, Opposition Leader, admit, it definitely helped us here.” The Biologist says, looking at the monitor as well.

Using the control panel, the Astronomer moves the camera a bit, trying to see if they can see what or who is outside of the airlock. “I see something!” He exclaims, leaning closer, the Biologist and Opposition Leader doing the same.

They’re all quiet, before the Biologist asks, “is…is that what I think it is?”

The Astronomer nods, completely shocked, “I think it is…”


The Captain storms through the halls of the Starblade, heading in the direction of the airlock room, where evidently something major happened. He’s not sure what. The Astronomer seemed too frazzled to give a straight answer.

He eventually reaches the air lock room and heads inside, where the entire crew already is, standing in a cluster around the airlock chamber’s open door.

“What the hell is going on here?! What’s this big emergency?!” He snaps, walking up to them.

The crew looks at them, and he sees they’re all shaken. “C-captain, just…j-just look…” The Astronomer says, and he and a few others stand to the side.

The Captain’s eyes widen behind his tinted glasses.

There, standing in the middle of the crew…is a child.

They look no older than five or six, and even six is pushing it. She’s tiny. She has dark skin, curly, very fluffy, light purple hair, and purple eyes. But the most significant thing about her…

She sparkles.

All over her skin are glowing freckles that look like stars, her hair has sparkles in it, and her eyes…her irises make it seem the Captain is staring into a beautiful nebula, and he can see more starlike sparkles in her eyes as well.

She is…simultaneously the most beautiful and the most adorable being he’s ever seen.

But she’s definitely not human.

She’s standing in the middle of the crew, a big, cheerful smile on her face, and when she sees him, her smile widens and she giggles, walking toward him.

Taking his glasses off and putting them on his head, he kneels down in front of her, looking her over (she’s even cuter and more beautiful up close). “So what are you then, hm?” He asks, amusement in his voice.

“Captain!” The Astronomer exclaims, “you of all people should know what she is!”

The Captain looks back at him and stands up, placing his hands on his hips, “should I, now?”

Beside him, the child is mimicking his stance, and looking up at him with a big smile.

“Oh, my go-…Captain! This…this is a Star Child!”

“Hm…fitting name!” The Captain says with a laugh.

“Captain…you shouldn’t laugh at this situation and you definitely shouldn’t laugh at her!” The Prophet exclaims, “Star Children come from legend. They’re basically gods!”

The Captain looks down at the child, raising an eyebrow when he sees she’s mimicking him. She looks up at him, giggling when she sees him smile.

He looks back at the Prophet, “yeah, I’m not so sure about that, chief.” He says flatly, crossing his arms, which the Star Child mimics.

“Captain, she can be dangerous!” The Astronomer exclaims, “the Star Children are a very proud race, very isolated and serious, and from what stories have said, they do not like to mix with humans…if we give them trouble, they won’t be happy!”

The Captain looks down at the Star Child again, who’s sticking their tongue out at the Astronomer.

“Yeah, real serious. I feel so threatened by this serious child.” The Captain says, half jokingly half sarcastically, not understanding why everyone else is so…tense.

He looks back at the Star Child, who looks back at him, a smile on their face. She points at him…and speaks for the first time.

“You look cool!”

The Captain grins broadly, “well, anyone with such good taste can’t possibly be a threat...”

The crew deflates.

“Captain-” Astronomer starts, but stops once Counselor puts a hand on his shoulder, “no use talking him out of it…and…if we look at them…they don’t seem to be dangerous.” She says, looking at the child interacting with the Captain.

The group looks on, and the child…is appearing harmless. She’s just acting like a normal child would…

“Alright then, M’lady...” Captain says teasingly, kneeling before her, “what brings you to our ship? And…do you have a name?”

The child looks at him, “nope…I don’t have a name yet.”

“You…don’t have a name…yet?” Captain asks, confused.

“Nope! I haven’t chosen one yet.”

“Chosen one? You…you choose your own name?” He asks, now interested.

“Yeah! Do…do humans not do that?” The child asks, now confused themselves.

“We’re…usually given names at birth…though some people change their names later on.”

“What’s yours?”

He grins, “Vega!” He says proudly, and her eyes widen.

“Like the star!”

Vega’s smile grows, “Yes! The most-”

“The most important star! And the brightest star in the Lyra constellation! I’ve seen Vega before!” They say excitedly.

“Have you?!”

“Yep! While I was floating around space, I went by Lyra and saw it!…I didn’t get too close, don’t worry!”

“I like this kid. She gets me.” Vega says, ruffling her fluffy hair, making it even messier.

The others just watch, not sure of what to do…

“So why are you all the way out here, then?” Vega asks, “you’re not all alone, are ya?”

The child looks at him for a moment, then shifts their weight from side to side for a moment, “um…yeah…I am…I don’t-…didn’t have anyone back home.” She says, brushing their hair behind their ear and looking down at the floor.

Vega feels something twist inside his chest. He sees this child, all alone, with only the universe behind them.

He sighs, “well…I don’t have anyone b-back home either.” He says, hiding the truth, “guess I’m traveling the stars like you…”

The child smiles at him sadly. She can see it in his eyes, and she can sense it. He’s like her…Alone.

Well, she won’t let him be alone anymore. And she won’t be alone either.

She…finally has a friend.

“Well…do you like space?” She asks, warmth and curiosity in her voice.

Vega smiles back, “it’s what I live for! I’m a starship Captain after all!”

The child’s eyes widen, “you fly ships in space?! Is…is this your ship?!” She asks excitedly.

“I sure do and yes, it is! Welcome aboard the Starblade, M’lady!” Vega says, a grin on his face.

“Starblade…cool name!”

“Thank you! Came up with it myself!…Hey, you wanna see the bridge?”

The child’s eyes light up in excitement. “Yes!”

“Aaand there they go.” Astronomer says, watching the two take off in the bridge's direction, “leave it to the Captain to bring an unknown, celestial being to the bridge…where the entire ship is controlled.”

“God…now we have two of them.” 

“She is cute.” The Counselor adds, a smile on her face.

“Curly hair…just like my Faith.” The Chemist says, a small smile on his face as he reminisces his daughter’s curly hair.

“So…it looks like we have a Star Child joining us for a period of time.”

“Or…joining us, period.”