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I Love You Too

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The two stood at the front of the school, kids flooding the doorways. Things were finally normal..ish. After all that, and it was just… over. It was honestly hard to believe.


“So.. summer, huh?” Casey adjusted her backpack, looking at Brinley.


“Yeah.” Brinley’s mouth pulled at one end, avoiding eye contact.


“Cyrus.. huh?” She ran a hand through her hair, looking down at her black sneakers, tied together with slightly dirty white laces.


“Yup.” The rain hitting their umbrellas with gentle taps, bouncing onto the concrete below them.


“It’s.. been a wild ride.. Y’Know.. throughout this whole year. Our lives being threatened, Adam disguising as Holiday, Angelica.. actually being put in jail.” Casey picked at her backpack fabric, her heart was racing at the speed of light. She was right. This whole year was crazy, and she had Brinley to help her through everything. 


“Don’t forget I nearly jumped off a cliff for you.” Brinley proudly intruded, leaning back on her heels. “You’re lucky we both survived.”


“Right, right.. a-about that Cliff thing.. I never really thanked you enough. That was pretty cool of you, Brin.” Casey leaned over and grabbed Brinley’s chin, pulling her in for a kiss. Brinley squirmed and stepped back after a couple of seconds.


“Hey! get- get your lips off of me, electro girl! What the hell? What was that!?” Brinley exclaimed, dropping her umbrella and it quickly blew away in the wind. She sighed, watching it drift away.


“Oh.. I- did you not.. like it..?” Casey turned away, her face red. She wanted to just disappear right there. Casey’s energy was quickly shifted from relaxed to panicked.


Shit shit shit shit I shouldn’t have done that


“I never.. said that. But don’t think I’ll go around liking you or something!” Brinley’s face blooming red as a cherry. 


“Mhm. Alright. C’mere, I still have my umbrella, you can use mine as we walk home.” Casey rolled her eyes and laughed, watching Brinley grumble something as she walks next to Casey under the protection of the rain. Casey grabs Brinley’s hand, intertwining their fingers as they make their way home. “I love you, Brins.” Casey smiled at Brinley.


“I.. I love you too.”