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Trump moaned as Eddie places his rough, oil stained hands directly on the old boy’s windpipe.

“You like that, little orange whore” Eddie screamed.
“Yea daddy!” Trump smiled, staring up at the prostitute who was now choking him.

He applied imense pressure, so much so that the orange beneath him was beginning to turn a grapeish colour... or a blueberry, somewhere in that range anyway.

"You want that oil in you, don't you?" Eddie teased as he wiped an oily finger across oily skin, but like, oily in a different way.

"Oh yeah! Oil me up, oil me up real good!" Trump begged.

That was all the permission he needed, as Eddie unhinged his jaw and oil spilled out the gaping tunnel that was his maw.

“Oooh” giggled Trump, slipping around in the substance like a racist little fish in Eddie’s oily slime.
“This is so good” purred Trump as he continued to be engulfed in the oil. Eddie said nothing, just watched Trump while he vomited oil.

Suddenly though, Trump noticed Eddie and his huge mouth getting closer.
“Um… hi?” The orange beast fluttered his eyelashes at the sight of the prostitute getting closer, however Eddie didn’t really seem to care about what Trump said anymore.

“Daddy’s hungry!!!!” roared a metallic voice from right inside Eddie’s body, causing Trump’s hair to wobble.

“Ahhh!” Squeaked the ex-president, trying to slip away from the slime. But it was too late; Eddie vored.