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what's the color of the electric sheep you see?

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While a mere Houkai Beast was no match for the Savior of Light, Houraiji Kyuushou felt for the first time in her life that she had perhaps ended up over her head. The creature before her was terrifying, towering over her with gleaming eyes and wickedly sharp teeth. None of her attacks had left even a scratch on its glossy skin, and she’d thoroughly exhausted herself in trying.

“I, Houraiji Kyuushou, shall not fall here… not when the entire world is counting upon my survival,” the girl panted, sweaty fingers weakly gripping her sword. “Beast, I command you… fall mercy to my blade!”

The Houkai Beast swung its tail and met its target. Kyuushou was sent flying and her body was slammed against a pile of upturned rubble.

There was a resounding crunch sound as she landed, limbs twisting at awkward angles. Her head slammed into a concrete slab and Kyuushou tasted blood between her teeth. The girl’s vision was filled with black splotches that spun and blotted out her field of view, but she could hear the beast’s footsteps growing closer. She didn’t have time to play dead.

Kyuushou stood up slowly and grasped her weapon again with trembling hands, teeth gritted together. She wanted to succumb to the pain and exhaustion that was dragging her down, but a weak determination burned within the girl that she couldn’t give up. Kyuushou prepared to attack again.

Before her blade could even be lifted, she heard the beast’s cry of pain, and Kyuushou wondered if it had finally realized it was no match for her and given up. However, blurry figures appearing in her vision told her she wasn’t alone; the voices of Kiana and Mei had joined the fight.

And it was good that they had done so just in time, for Kyuushou lost her grip of her weapon. The last thing she heard before passing out was the clatter of her sword hitting the ground.

The room was filled with bright lights, and the girl’s head throbbed. She came to slowly, blinking to try and clear her vision.

“Are you awake?”

Kyuushou tried to reply, but her voice refused to work. “Unghh…”

A blur of green came into her vision. Gloved fingers pushed her bangs out of her eyes to feel her forehead.

“You’re stable, not dying. Do you need some water?”

Kyuushou recognized the Doctor’s voice, and nodded weakly. She felt her head be propped up and a metal straw find her lips.

“How are you feeling?”

She couldn’t respond right away as she was busy swallowing. Kyuushou’s voice was still dry though she forced herself to speak up, eyes trying to make sense of her surroundings as her vision hadn’t cleared yet.

“My mortal body… seems to have burdened me, as… as it’s racked with a terrible agony-”

“Oh good, there was no brain damage.” Yssring’s voice interrupted her. “You have a concussion, so I’m keeping an eye on you.”

“That’s…. not needed, the stars will see to that the Savior of Light… make a swift recovery.” Kyuushou mumbled, her head lolling back against the pillow behind her as soon as Yssring lowered her down again.

“Kiana and Mei were worried when they brought you back. You’ll be fine, but I promised them I’d keep an eye on you.”

“...No need to-” Kyuushou’s words were broken away by a cough. “Ghkk- owww…”

“It’s silly to try and assure me you’re fine when you can’t even talk properly.” Yssring’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the girl crossed her arms. “I’m confining you to two weeks of bed rest. No moving, or else I give you another week.”

What?” Kyuushou nearly shot upright. “No. I will not be restrained by your foolish demands. I will be leaving this place as soon as my body shall allow for such.”

“Which won’t be for another two weeks from now, so I suggest you get some rest,” it only took a gentle push of Yssring’s hand to make Kyuushou fall back against the bed.

While Kyuushou continued to protest for quite some time, eventually her eyes grew heavy and she drifted off under Yssring’s careful watch.

It had been a week since the doctor’s absolutely outrageous demand of bed-rest, and Kyuushou thought she might just pass away from boredom. Spending most of her time sleeping was not something that a rising savior should be doing daily on her path to greatness, as so the girl thought. However, Yssring never let up and always had a careful eye to make sure she was not able to leave the hospital room.

“Doctor,” Kyuushou proclaimed as Yssring was bringing the girl her evening meal on a tray. “I would like to present you with a gratuitous offer.”

“And that would be…?” the green-haired girl gave no response in her expression.

“I’m granting the opportunity for you to heal the greatest wound that the Savior of Light currently bears,” Yssring raised an eyebrow at Kyuushou’s words. “A lack of entertainment.”

“So you’re bored,” the doctor blinked.

“Yep.” Kyuushou nodded.

“The remote for the TV is right there, if you’d like to watch something.”

“Watching things by myself is boring,” Kyuushou stuck out her tongue. “You can’t allow the savior to be lonely. Come watch a movie with me.”

Yssring could not think of an excuse to deny her, so she obliged and took a seat beside the pink-haired girl on the bed. She wasn’t expecting Kyuushou’s arm that reached out to pull her closer until they were shoulder-to-shoulder, but she didn’t protest.

Kyuushou’s choice in movie was an old western film, and while Yssring raised an eyebrow at the selection, she didn’t protest. She hadn’t taken the other girl as someone who would enjoy those types of films, and internally was slightly amused by it.

The brightness of the TV screen was turned way down due to Kyuushou’s head injury as to not agitate her eyes, making it difficult to see, but Yssring didn’t complain. She was paying less attention to the movie and more attention to the way that Kyuushou had began to lean her body weight against her shoulder and may or may not have been falling asleep.

By the time the movie finished, Kyuushou had completely dozed off in Yssring’s arms.

The doctor turned off the TV and lowered Kyuushou onto the bed. She tried to be careful not to wake her, but the girl stirred, eyes fluttering.

“Hey…Doctor,” she murmured sleepily.

“It’s gotten late. You should sleep,” Yssring spoke softly.

“Can you stay, please?” Kyuushou asked, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

“I will. I can’t leave you unattended.”

“No, I mean sleep right here. It’s cold in the room.” Kyuushou shook her head. “Stay here and sleep next to me, or the savior will… freeze to death.”

Yssring was about to point out that Kyuushou was the one with the remote that controlled the AC, which was currently turned on to full blast, but she opted to stay silent and allowed the other girl to tug the white hospital bedsheets over her body. At first, she remained in a sitting position, unsure about Kyuushou’s offer, but eventually she found herself growing tired and finally laid down.

The bed was comfortably large enough for the both of them, but Kyuushou made herself comfortable right against Yssring’s body and the doctor couldn’t deny that it had been a long time since she had been so close to someone.

Yssring felt Kyuushou leave a barely noticeable kiss to her shoulder and blinked in surprise.


“For aiding the savior, your efforts have been recognized,” Kyuushou murmured with a slight smile on her face.

Yssring reached out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind the other girl’s ear.

“Good night, Kyuushou.”

The doctor did not sleep, for she still had to monitor the pink-haired girl while she rested due to her head injury. Still, when Kyuushou's breaths slowed to a steady rhythm and her eyes closed, Yssring felt at peace with the other girl’s body cuddled up next to her.