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Not Enough Time

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A sturn knock on the front door of the manor distubed JJs post breakfast cleaning, her husband - Parker had not come home from closing the "Walters" the night previous and she has spent all night waiting for his return,unfortunately she had fallen asleep at the kitchen table only to be awoken by the knocking.


Sargent Wolf stood at the manor front door, along side Sargent Dave, after a few moments,JJ openned the front door of the manor with a smile, tea towel in hand, a product of her pride of her home and its warmness held within the hearts of those inside.

Removing his cap, Sargent Wolfe delivered the news that Parker had in fact been found during the night crushed by one of the Walzer carts, seen by one of the night staff observing the CCTV Cameras and by the time the paramedics had arrived to help save him, it was too late. Without skipping a beat,JJ stood frozen infront of the two men in shock loosing her grip on her tea towel and allowing it to fall to the floor.

Sargent Dave, in an almost rehearsed,monotone tone recided the message one was to give when delivering bad news,draining the humanity of the situation out with every symbol as he spoke, "Ms Parker,we will try our utmost best to try and understand the circumstances of -"

Placing his hand on Sarget Dave's shoulder, " Thats enough officer, JJ has been though enough for one afternoon"
There was a pause for a moment as JJ attempted to digest the news that had just been broken to her,her eyes tearing up and her throat choking on the anticipation of a chuckle or at the very least a smirk, perhaps this was just insomnia kicking in and cascading a shadow of cruel trickery. But alas, this was no trick and it was in fact true, her husband,her sweetheart was dead.

The next few days were practically a blur for JJ,the one time Parker needed her the most she couldnt bring herself to be there for him, there eldest son,Rodger just like his father before him rose to the challenge when needed and had been able to stay strong enough to make the nessacery arrangements,all apart from one.


Searching for a photograph for Parker's mural within a bedroom drawer, JJ finds a plethora of trinkets from their youth from the leaflets on fluids from induction day hidden behind calling cards and twinned parks merchandise , such as her Jack The Beanstalk ride when she first arrived in Dunkleschloß than Parker's "Assistant manager " Mockery tag from the early 90's,ever layer of objects yet again unwavering another layer of the emotions she was exposed to at this time, without the ability to place into words how she was feeling, she then picked up a mini euro bear plushie that Parker had bought when he first arrived in Germany,clutching it to her chest the vague smell of Parker's Cologne wafted itself into JJs nostrils, as she pretended for a moment that it was him.


On Parkers funeral day,Rodger had given his mother the strength to both say goodbye together to the man they both loved dearly,in Parkers mothers house lay Parkers coffin,surrounded by purple flowers and photographs,with his mockery manor staff shirt spread across the top, a mediocre display of his beloved parks,stood linked to one another JJ and Rodger slowly approached the coffin,given how he died Parkers coffin we already shut by the undertakers not allowing them to experience the luxury of seeing Parker one last time.

Rodger placed his hand ontop of the coffin,being the only other family apart from his widow there,and his only son the duty to say goodbye fell onto him. As his hand gently rubbed the shirt JJs grip on Rodgers arm grew tighter and tigher,such as her very own eyes where attempting to not cause either one more distress then already experiencing.

Hours after Parkers funeral once again stood JJ outside the manor,the place they both once called home, feeblishly attempting and failing to insert her front door key into the lock, with a combination of frustration and guilt she leaned her body agaisnt the front door, pressing against the door knocker which read " the home of Mr & Mrs Parker" as she did, light dropplets of rain fell and bounced against the over head cover. JJ stood,staring into the middle distance of their front garden,the bright lights of the park travelling through the trees in the front garden, part of JJ wanted to believe that these lights were symbolic for new beginnings but for now all she wanted was to go back to the beginning.

- Two Weeks Later -
Leaving the manor for the first time since the funeral,JJ walked to the gates of FancyLand , it was the first place Parker took JJ so she seemed it only right to say goodbye here,the circle of life now completed.

Clearing autumn debree off of the top with her finger, JJ placed a cigarette ontop of Parker's memorial plaque, as it touched the plaque her grip on her emotions came pouring out, breaking the facade she had created, falling to the floor in tears.

As she wept she heard a familiar voice whisper into her surroundings, " Hello You" stood Bette behind JJ, and knelt on the floor and rubbed JJs back as she wept.

Despite all their differences in the past, Bette could see that JJs heart would beat for those who she loved, but bled for those who loved her in return.