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Ninja Girls Meet Boy

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Tsubaki had heard a story of a ninja who had encountered a man before. She was from a different group of ninjas, one that wasn't secluded away in a village. She sent a message in a bottle down the nearby river, hoping that it would reach the city downstream eventually. Fortunately, her own ninja team was training at the time, in a nearby field. She sent a message back, attaching it to a scroll that She found hidden in the hollow of a tree. The message was to be burned after She read it. Shef my plan was found out, She didn’t know what punishment would be in store.

I got your message! If you want to meet a man, come to the clearing in the bamboo forest at the given time and date. I’ll take care of everything else. I hope this is an enlightening experience for you.

The next day, Tsubaki ducked away from the group while we were doing ninja training. The clearing in the bamboo forest wasn’t far from here, but it was very well hidden. She moved about through the stalks, being careful not to make a sound. Once She had gotten away, She found herself at a small wooden house in the middle of the grove. The door opened, and Tsubaki was greeted by a girl a few years older than herself. This was Asuka, a ninja-in-training who Tsubaki had heard about in whispered rumors.

The difference between the two of them was immediately made clear. Tsubaki was nearly flat-chested, able to move with greater speed and less wind resistance, but still looking like a child. Asuka was voluptuous, with her ninja outfit not doing much to conceal her ample breasts and curvy ass. Tsubaki was stunned at the sight, only able to greet her politely before wondering what it was that Asuka had been eating to get such a figure.

“You must be Tsubaki! From Team Dog,” Asuka said cheerily, her breasts bouncing as she approached her.

“I am her,” Tsubaki said. “Asuka, I’m impressed... how did your boobs get so big?”

“One of my teammates is always rubbing them. And all those futomaki,” Asuka said. “That’s not what we’re here about. I can’t believe your village forbids you from seeing men. It’s not fair.”

“It really isn’t!” Tsubaki said. “Where is this boy, anyway?”

Asuka invited Tsubaki into the cabin. Sitting at the table was her boyfriend. His name was Kenichi, an ordinary student. He wasn’t in any ninja training courses. He attended a regular school, and had plans for going to college, though he didn’t know what he wanted to do yet. Kenichi stood up, brushing back his hair to show Tsubaki his eyes. It was the first time she’d seen a man not in silhouette, and the difference in proportions took her by surprise. He was Asuka’s age, but he was taller and broader, and she saw signs of facial hair. He had shaved recently.

“My name’s Kenichi. You must be the fellow ninja girl Asuka told me about,” he said. “You’re cute.”

“Kenichi,” Asuka said. “I can sense something stirring in your underwear. Are you turned on, even though she’s so flat?” Asuka placed her hands under her chest, lifting them up and bouncing them around. “You have a stacked girl right here.”

“It’s not that I think you’re not cute,” Kenichi said. “It’s that I like girls with flat chest and fat chests. You’re both beautiful.”

“He thinks I’m beautiful...” Tsubaki said, blushing. “Asuka, what are you talking about? Stirring in his underwear?”

“We’ve been going out for a while, so we’ve been having sex,” Asuka said. “If I brought him over to Hanzo, the girls would ask too many questions. I’m either at his house or this cabin near our training grounds when we want to do it.”

“Se-sex?” Tsubaki stammered. “Like between your legs?”

“You really are sheltered,” Asuka said. “Kenichi, I want to show her a few things about the world. If it’s okay with you, can you show her your penis?”

“You’ll let me? I’m already at half-mast,” said Kenichi. He pulled down his pants and underwear in a single stroke, becoming completely bottomless. Tsubaki’s eyes trailed upward, looking at his hairy legs before arriving at his crotch. The rumors were true. It was sticking out, and would be an obvious weak point. But she didn’t want to hurt it. She was fascinated by what she saw. “There it is.”

“I missed it. It’s been too long,” Asuka said.

“A male’s penis...” Tsubaki said in awe.

It was standing straight up, but still drooping a little. It was long, with a bulbous head that was dripping a clear white liquid. Suspended beneath was a fleshy sack with two balls. The entire thing was covered in sweat. Tsubaki got to her knees, coming to eye level with her first dick. “Can I touch it?” Tsubaki asked.

“Go right ahead,” said Kenichi.

Tsubaki stretched out her hand. When her fingers wrapped around the cock, she felt the blood flowing through it. It started to erect in her grip, becoming harder and hotter. She didn’t know men’s cocks could be this thick and long. She reached her other hand out to his balls, massaging them with her fingertips. Kenichi groaned. Tsubaki looked up. “Am I doing something wrong?”

“No, that feels good,” Kenichi said.

“It feels... good...” Tsubaki said. “Like between my legs. I touch myself down there when I think about men.”

“That’s normal,” Asuka said. “Try rubbing it.”

Tsubaki ran her hand up and down the shaft, watching as more drops of precum came out and slicked up his shaft. She felt his balls shaking in her hands. They were warm and squishy, packed with something that she wanted to know more about. Tsubaki sniffed his dick, taking in the musky smell of a man. As it went up her nostrils, her nipples started to get hard underneath her top. It was itchy, and she was starting to sweat. She didn’t know how to describe the smell, but it was making her lower body tingle. She craved it, a hunger different from food.

She planted a kiss on his tip, sucking up a drop of the precum. When Tsubaki turned around, Asuka had taken off her top, leaving only her panties and green skirt on. Her breasts had been bared. Tsubaki was shocked at just how big they were. Her jiggling, sweaty breasts moved with the slightest motion of her torso, and were topped with prominent areolae and hard, pink nipples. Tsubaki had never encountered a pair of boobs that big.

“You take off your top, too,” Asuka said. “He’ll get even harder if he sees us topless.”

Tsubaki removed her top, exposing her small breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, not having much in the way of a chest, but her nipples were just as hard and pink as Asuka’s. Giving her chest some room to breathe when her nipples had been rubbing against her top was a welcome relief. Kenichi reached his fingers out, poking his fingertip into one of Tsubaki’s nipples. Tsubaki let out a naughty moan as the buzz from her nipple spread down past her belly button, going all the way to her pussy.

“You have really cute nipples,” said Kenichi.

“Thanks,” Tsubaki said. “Asuka, why are you topless?”

“I’m going to do something with his dick that you can’t,” Asuka said. “A titty fuck.”

Asuka lifted her soft, heavy sweaty breasts with her arms. When she raised them up, Tsubaki noticed that Asuka had let her armpit hair grow in. The smell coming from her underarms was trapped in the small cabin that had none of the windows open. It was making Tsubaki wetter, surprised at Asuka’s boldness. Asuka asked Kenichi to sit down. He removed his shirt, revealing his broad and slightly muscular chest to Tsubaki. She covered her mouth in surprise. When he became nearly naked in the cabin, Tsubaki became so wet she nearly creamed her panties.

Kenichi’s cock disappeared into Asuka’s deep cleavage. The head poked out of her breasts. Asuka wrapped her soft tits around either side of his cock, smothering it in her titflesh. Asuka casually took his cockhead into her mouth, sucking out the rest of the precum that Tsubaki hadn’t slurped out. Asuka’s drool ran down her mouth, coating Kenichi’s cock and her cleavage. The two of them were in their own little world, with Asuka only occasionally glancing at Tsubaki.

The way his cock twitched between her breasts amazed Tsubaki. It wasn’t a weak point or a weapon. It was something more than that. A center of pleasure that Asuka was treating carefully, licking at the most sensitive points. She focused her tongue under his glans and along his shaft, and squeezed her breasts around it. The pressure from her boobs around his cock was making it so hot she felt it would leave a red mark in its shape in her cleavage. Asuka took more of his dick into her mouth.

“How does it taste? Is it weird?” Tsubaki asked.

“If it’s my boyfriend’s dick, I love it,” Asuka said, her voice muffled by cock. “I especially love drinking his semen.”

“Wh-what’s semen?” Tsubaki asked.

“You’ll see it. It’s what a man shoots when he feels good,” Asuka said.

Asuka kept squeezing her breasts. Tsubaki held her small boobs in her hands, wishing that she could use her own tiny mounds to perform something that impressive. She still felt it on her nipple. That spot where he had touched her. A man had touched her skin, and it felt incredible. The sounds of Asuka sucking and slurping filled the cabin. She had closed her eyes, the better to take in the taste and smell of her boyfriend’s dick. After rubbing her breasts a few more times, Kenichi had reached his limit. Having two cute ninja girls instead of just one was making him extra horny.

“Your titfuck is too good, Asuka,” he said. “I’m... cumming!”

Her mouth clamped down on his cockhead. Kenichi blew a hot and heavy load into Asuka’s mouth. Tsubaki tried to get a glimpse of what his throbbing cock was doing, buried as it was in Asuka’s cleavage. She saw strands of cum dripping from Asuka’s lips, and Asuka heartly gulping it down. Asuka released his dick from between her breasts. Kenichi stood up and gripped his cock in his fingers, rubbing and stroking it as he walked over to Tsubaki. She trembled as the shadow of his cock appeared on her large forehead.

“Ken, your cock milk is so good,” Asuka said. “It’s so warm in my belly.”

“Tsubaki, do you want a taste?” asked Kenichi. “I can do it on your face instead.”

“Please!” Tsubaki said.

Kenichi jerked himself off, and shot the rest of his load onto Tsubaki’s face. The hot cum splattered against her forehead and her nose. It rolled down her cheeks. Her entire face was smeared with something hot, white and sticky. Tsubaki ran her fingers across her head, gathering it on her fingertips. The texture was unlike anything she’d ever felt. She sucked it down, finding it slightly salty and bitter. Yet when it went down her throat, it wasn’t unpleasant. Her body’s tingling grew more pronounced, and her nipples became as hard as they could get. She wanted more of this.

Asuka came over to Tsubaki’s side, and licked another rope of Kenichi’s cum off her cheeks. “Isn’t his cum the best?” Asuka said. “It tastes even better when you drink it with your lower mouth.”

“You want me to take her virginity?” asked Kenichi.

“Ninja girls have to stick together,” Asuka said. “It’s just to help her pussy get used to dicks until she can find a steady boyfriend.”

Asuka dropped her skirt and panties. Tsubaki stripped down naked, as well. Asuka’s pussy was puffier, and she was much hairier than Tsubaki. While Tsubaki did have a few hairs growing in, Asuka had a full bush. Her hair looked as wild as it did on her head, growing down her pussy lips and stretching all the way back to her anus. The fine hairs lined her butthole, trapping the smell of her crotch. Even Tsubaki could smell how turned on Asuka was from standing next to her. Seeing their naked bodies was enough to get him rock-hard once again.

“Please treat me gently,” Tsubaki said.

“I’ll give you a great first time. You two get on all fours and raise your asses,” Kenichi said.

Tsubaki and Asuka got on their hands and knees, naked side by side. Asuka’s ass was much fatter and wider, and her butthole was a slightly darker shade. Tsubaki’s virgin pussy was just as tempting, but he knew that Asuka wanted to show Tsubaki what she was in for first. Kenichi placed his hands on Asuka’s butt cheeks, letting his fingers sink into her sweaty ass. His cockhead rubbed against her slit, and slipped into her wet hole in two quick pushes. Asuka’s breasts bounced from the force of his cock, and she sighed happily.

“Ken, your cock is so hard,” Asuka said. “Please mess up my pussy!”

“Mess up?” said Tsubaki.

Tsubaki had a much clearer view of what was going on this time. His dick had gone inside her. It was pumping in and out, emerging covered in a slick film of pussy juices. Asuka’s pussy eagerly accepted it, taking its entire length inside her over and over again with a lewd squelching noise. Each thrust of his cock inside her made the fat in Asuka’s ass ripple and her heavy breasts sway back and forth, making beads of sweat drip from her nipples as she moaned shamelessly. Tsubaki was the only other person in the cabin, she could be as loud as she wanted.

“Oh fuck. That’s where it feels good,” Asuka said.

“How are you taking that inside you?” Tsubaki asked.

“My pussy can handle it. That’s why it gets wet and squishy,” said Asuka. “It feels incredible when a man’s dick inside you. Like you’ve become one. It can make a moment feel like it lasts forever.”

“Mr. Kenichi,” Tsubaki said. “It feels good... inside a girl’s pussy? I know it’s good when I touch myself there, but you dick likes it?”

“I love it,” Kenichi said. “Asuka’s feels like it was made for me.”

Kenichi fucked Asuka hard. His pumping grew harder. As he got more into it, he raised his hand and playfully smacked Asuka’s butt cheeks. Her huge ass shook, vibrating around his cock and making him harder and hotter inside Asuka. She bent down to the floor, pressing her breasts against the wood and causing them to pancake out. Asuka was sweating profusely, her words turned into a series of moans and slurred praises as Kenichi fucked her like a lover.

“So this... is sex,” Tsubaki said. “This is what they were hiding from us!”

“Cum inside me! I want your seed!” Asuka said.

“What if I get you pregnant?” Kenichi asked.

“Put a baby in me,” Asuka said with a sultry whisper.

Spurred on by her words, Kenichi reached his hands around Asuka’s body, groping her soft tits in his fingers. Her hard nipples poked out from between his fingertips as he sunk his hands into her flesh. His thrusts kept getting faster until they could no longer, and his dick stopped just short of Asuka’s womb. Hot ropes of cum sprayed from his tip, flowing into Asuka’s womb and filling her folds with hot semen. Kenichi let his hard cock rest inside Asuka for a moment before pulling out.

Stil hard and still covered in his freshly shot cum, he approached Tsubaki. He placed one hand on her pubic mound, pulling it aside to look at her pink pussy. His cock slipped inside her with ease, with the two of them slick with bodily fluids. Tsubaki’s intense ninja training had already broken her hymen, making it even easier for him to slide through. Compared to Asuka’s pussy, Tsubaki’s virgin slit was tighter and hotter, and the shape of her folds hugged his cock differently.

Tsubaki gasped. She was unprepared for having something so hot and hard overtake her lower body. She caught her breath, feeling the sweat dripping from her body start to cool her down as she adjusted to the newfound sensation. She turned around and looked in Kenichi’s eyes. “You’re inside me,” she said. “Your penis is inside me! This is so weird.”

“It looks like you like it,” Kenichi said.

“I... do,” Tsubaki said. “The longer it stays in there, the more I don’t want you to pull out.”

“You’re so tight, I don’t thinK I could,” Kenichi said. “I’m going to start moving. Let me know if it hurts.”

“Okay,” Tsubaki said, taking a deep breath.

She had been touching it with her hands only a few minutes ago. Now that it was inside her pussy, she could feel every vein on his shaft. The shape of his cockhead was greeting her inner vaginal folds as they squeezed tightly around him. She felt it all the way up behind her belly button, unsure where the heat of her sweaty body ended and his cock began. Then he began to move. That same squelching noise that Asuka’s pussy had been making was now coming from her.

Asuka was watching from the floor. His cum was still dripping from her pussy, running down her thighs and leaving white streaks as it went. “Congratulations on losing your virginity,” Asuka said. “You’re doing great, Tsubaki.”

“Is it like this every time? This feels incredible,” Tsubaki said.

“When it’s with someone you love, there’s nothing that compares,” Asuka said.

“And if he cums inside me, I might make a baby. That’s how that works!” Tsubaki said. “I don’t know if today’s a good day for it, but cum in me. Just like you did with Asuka.”

“I’ll keep my word,” said Kenichi.

Each thrust of his cock inside Tsubaki drove her brain to a new place of pleasure. Her thoughts, once clear and focused on ninja training, were becoming blurrier as they were replaced by only the sparks of pleasure coming upward from her pussy. Her moaning and panting was growing louder. She wanted to bask in this warmth for as long as possible, to know the shape of a man’s dick and burn it into memory, just as its shape was being burned into her pussy.

Kenichi loved watching his dick slide in and out of Tsubaki’s slit. Her more slender body compared to Asuka’s sex bomb of a figure had a different sort of edge to it. He loved the way it felt. Though he was uncertain when Asuka said she wanted to invite another ninja girl over, this evening was proving to be a success. He thrust his dick inside Tsubaki, approaching the entrance of her womb. His cockhead was almost knocking against it, throbbing in anticipation.

Then he came. Kenichi’s cock shot another load inside Tsubaki. A surge of sticky warmth flooded her pussy, swirling behind her navel. Tsubaki’s pussy responded by squirting a long, sticky stream of clear love juice back onto Kenichi, drenching and marking him in her love juices. Kenichi stayed inside Tsubaki until he began to go limp, unable to hold out for much longer against the tightness of her young snatch. He took his hands off her body, and pulled out, watching his cum drip from Tsubaki’s slit.

Kenichi lay down on the floor. He was left exhausted by the tightness of their pussies, having blown three loads in a short amount of time. Asuka’s squishy breasts wrapped around his forearm on one side, while Tsubaki’s slender body and hard nipples were close to him on the other. His cum was dripping from their pussies, and all three of them were sweating as they came down from their orgasmic high.

“I can’t go to the village like this!” said Tsubaki. “If they see your semen, they’ll definitely know I had sex with a man!”

“You can leave it to me,” said Asuka. “I’m still hungry for some of Kenichi’s cum. Spread your legs, Tsubaki.”

Tsubaki sat down, opening her legs wide. Asuka bent over, sticking her face between Tsubaki’s legs. Tsubaki closed her thighs around Asuka’s head, trapping her with the scent of her stuffy, freshly creampied pussy. Asuka licked along Tsubaki’s slit, taking a large scoop of cum onto her tongue before swallowing it. The mixture of cum and pussy juice traveled down to her stomach, joining the already large amount she had chugged down from her titjob.

“That’s hot,” said Kenichi, finding himself becoming erect. He had it in him for one more go.

“Ken, if this is turning you on, can you stick your hard rod in my butthole?” Asuka asked. “Please?”

“In your where? Penises can go there?” Tsubaki said.

“I have really hard orgasms when I take it in my ass,” Asuka said. “You stay still. There’s a lot more cum inside I need to get out.”

Kenichi got on his knees behind Asuka. His cock, hard but sensitive, rubbed against the wrinkles and fine hair surrounding her anus. After making sure he was slick and hard, Kenichi pushed his cockhead into Asuka’s ass, sliding in deeper until he was balls-deep in her butt. Asuka stopped licking as she caught her breath. The rush of taking her boyfriend’s cock back there felt so good.

“He really stuck it in there,” Tsubaki said.

“Anal sex is the best. That might be too advanced for you, but next time,” Asuka said. “I’m going to train your cute ass for his cock.” She stuck her tongue back in Tsubaki’s pussy, sucking and slurping out more cum from her folds. The distinct flavor of his semen hadn’t been lost inside Tsubaki. Asuka licked her lips, sliding her tongue back into Tsubaki’s wet slit to go for another helping.

From behind, Kenichi was going hard on Asuka’s tight, hot butt. Each thrust of his cock made her ass fat shake. Asuka swayed her hips back and forth, adding additional stimulation to his cock. Her wide hips were a garden of delights, and Kenichi loved that Asuka’s hometown was always so welcoming. She had once been like Tsubaki, unsure of how to act around men. They’d only been going for a short while, and she was already something of a sexual expert.

Asuka’s tongue was buried deep inside Tsubaki, reaching far back to get the drops of cum that hadn’t started going towards her womb. Asuka sucked them out, eagerly lapping up the drops of love juice until they rolled down her chin. She had to stop licking to moan, unable to control herself with the hard cock pumping in and out of her butt. They kept going, with Asuka rocking back and forth between her boyfriend and her new ninja friend. Tsubaki’s curfew was approaching, and she needed to return to the village.

Asuka’s licking had brought her to orgasm once again. Asuka clenched her butt muscles around Kenichi’s dick, pulling him until he was balls-deep inside her. Kenichi smacked her ass once again, and the two of them reached climax. Kenichi’s balls were drained inside Asuka’s bowels. She had been filled up at both ends with cum, exactly how she wanted her time at the cabin to end. Asuka squirted harder than Tsubaki. So hard that the puddle she created shimmered in the moonlight coming in from the window.

Tsubaki squirted again, too. A wave of hot pussy juice drenched Asuka’s face. Asuka pulled away, looking for a towel. She was sure that she had gotten all the cum she could from Tsubaki, leaving only the drops that remained in her deepest parts. Tsubaki hastily got dressed, and headed for the door of the cabin.

“Thanks for everything!” Tsubaki said. “Let’s meet again, Kenichi.”

“If you want another threesome, let us know,” said Kenichi.

“Stay safe, Tsubaki!” Asuka waved, naked, from the front door of the cabin.

Tsubaki arrived back in the ninja village just before curfew. She made her way to Team Dog’s cabin, changing into her sleeping clothes while making nary a sound. When she woke up the next morning, her joints were tired and there was a tingling feeling lingering in her crotch. She made her way to ninja training, hoping that none of her teammates would notice anything strange about the way she was acting. If she was exiled, it would be worth it.

Her fantasies about men had only become more vivid.