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Red-Eyed Monster on My Brother's Cheek

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“My sister goes with me.”


The urn is horribly cold in his hands, and without the ash inside, maybe Yuuji could have put it off to being an ugly flower pot. Jii-chan would’ve found that funny. 


Gojo next to him makes a considering sound. “She can be enrolled in an elementary school. I’ll discuss with the principal about her living with you in the dorms.” He dangles Sukuna’s finger, still as wrinkled and gross as Yuuji remembers. “So? Whaddya say?”


Yuuji takes the finger.



“Nii-ya is noisier.” 


Anya says to Yuuji seriously, brows pinching together as she stares at him. The crackle of her esper abilities like a radio tuning in to the right frequency. Yuuji’s always had a softer Inside voice than regular people (a big difference to his loud Outside voice), but now she can hear a second person speaking in the jumble that is her brother’s brain.


Yuuji smiles at her, shifting her in his arms. The white-haired weirdo is a few steps ahead of them, and his thoughts are just as messy, but right now Anya’s focus is her nii-ya.


“Anya,” he whispers softly, it’s the tone he uses when he talks about her powers so she pays a little more attention. “Maybe for now… listening isn’t a good idea.”


Jujutsu Tech isn’t a place for kids, brat.


Y’know, I’m a kid too.


“But nii-ya!” Anya insists, gripping tighter onto Yuuji’s jacket because she’s sure it's not her brother she’s hearing. And it’s not normal to hear two different sounding Inside voices. He could be sick. “Who’s that!”


Are babies always this annoying? What does it want?


Sukuna, shut up.


“Anya’s not a baby.” She frowns, the second voice is lower in pitch, and sounds like an adult. A mean and rude adult. Puffing her chest, she declares. “Anya’s six!”



Whatever you’re thinking about, leave my sister out of it.


… well I was considering taking over your body and eating her just to see you suffer, but now it looks like I’ll have to change those plans.


Anya leans away, suddenly feeling weary. Eat her? She didn’t hear that wrong, did she? She opens her mouth to ask her brother again who he’s talking to, but freezes when a giant red eye appears on the side of Yuuji’s cheek. A mouth curled in a nasty grin, with the voice she’s been hearing in Yuuji’s head simply says,



Yuuji tenses, just as Anya lets out a terrified shriek and brings her hand down on the giant red-eyed monster with a firm smack.