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Texting Caleb

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“Hunter!!” Willow called as she ran into the backyard, to see Gus shaking Hunter. 


Gus noticed her and quickly released Hunter. “Oh heyyyyyyyyy Willow.”



Willow narrowed her eyes, “Why were you shaking Hunter?”

”Because reasons.”









Hunter managed to squeak out, “Hey Captain!”



“Hey Hunter!”



Hunter looked down at his feet, she stopped calling me Caleb…



Flapjack chirped nearby on his shoulder. Suddenly Hunter realized something. “Wait, why did you tell me to use the name Caleb, Flapjack?”



Willow and Gus were confused because they couldn’t understand Flapjack.



Flapjack chirped.



”So you were THAT Caleb’s…. his…. palisman?”



Flapjack chirped back to confirm.



Hunter chuckled nervously and ran his hands through his hair. “Did you choose me because I’m his clone?”



Flapjack chirped to deny.



Willow and Gus reached out to comfort Hunter.  “Flapjack chose me because I’m the clone. Right? Right?” Hunter frantically asked Willow and Gus, ignoring Flapjack’s chirps.



”Hunter, Flapjack cares about you just like I do. Their not going to care about what you are. We care about you. Your true self.” Willow reassured him. “Do the breathing exercise. It will calm you down.”



Hunter took a deep breath, held it and started to count…




Hunter slowly started to relax. Flapjack landed back on his shoulder to comfort him. “Sorry buddy… just paranoid…”



”Speaking of paranoid, I think Luz and Amity are up to something. They want to get us … together or something…” Willow muttered, slightly embarrassed.



”Oh?” Gus mumbled, raising an eyebrow. He nudged Hunter and started to wave his hands around.



Willow cleared her throat. “If you’re done Gus, I’ll like to talk to Hunter alone.”



Gus nodded, then saluted, lightly punched Hunter’s arm and headed inside.



Hunter blushed, fixing his hair before asking, “They want to get us together?”



Willow nodded, while blushing a bit.



”How do you know this?”



“Amity and I were having this awesome conversation… and she gave it away. They’re going to strike soon. I..” she cleared her throat, “just wanted you to know.”



”Okay thanks..”





Gus ran into the house screaming, “WILLOW AND HUNTER ARE OUTSIDE AND ALONE!!”



Luz and Amity hurried over to Gus.



”Really??” Luz whispered with excitement, she gestured to Amity and Gus to follow her to the window where they have a clear view of the backyard.



”It’s spy time!”



They all huddled around the window and saw Hunter nervously fixing his hair.



”Hehehehehehee!” They all giggled.



Willow was explaining something to Hunter, clearing her throat every once awhile.



”So Gus… wanna be apart of our plan?”






”okay so here’s the plan….”





“Don’t worry Captain! I’ll deal with Luz!” Hunter muttered, “I should have stopped this a while ago.”



Willow nodded, fidgeting with her braids. Did she have a crush on Hunter? She knows he has a crush on her… but…



Luz kicked open the backyard door, causing them both to jump in surprise, “BREAK IT UP LOVEBIRDS!!!”



Both of them blushed and screamed back, “WE’RE NOT LOVEBIRDS!!”



”Awww, you guys are sooo in sync with each other!!”



”That’s it!” Hunter muttered and started to chase Luz around. 


“Hunter, stop!” Willow cried out running after him.



Luz was surprisingly very faster then usual. She sprinted across the street, down the block…



Hunter caught up with her, regardless. He tried to grab Luz’s arm, but it disappeared with a blue poof. 


Willow ran over to see what’s wrong. “Where’s Luz, Hunter?” He turned to look at her, “It was an illusion. Wait, are we in an illusion? Are we still in the backyard?”



”Oh my titans!!! Gus!!” Willow screamed.



”Luz and Amity!!” Hunter muttered back, “so this is the plan?”

Suddenly around them began to change. Willow grabbed Hunter’s hand, causing him to blush a bit and ran towards some voices.



”I can hear them! They are over there!” Willow told Hunter. They hurried over to the area. 


Willow could faintly hear the voices.



”Mom! You’re back!”



”Mija what the heck is going on? I just got here and now my house is covered in an illusion??”



”Mama, relax and keep your voice down!”



”Ay caramba, hija I’M TRYING! I’m just trying to understand WHY you and your friends did this!”



”Mama we just need you to drop us off at a place. It’s no big deal.”



”if I do, will you get rid of this ridiculous illusion!”



”Si mama!”



”Alright get in the car.”



”Wait we are missing 2 people!”




Willow lead Hunter towards the voices. “Do you hear them?”



Hunter nodded, “Are you sure we should go towards the car? What if it’s a trap? What if that conversation was an illusion?”



”Well even if it is an illusion, we have no idea where we are now! This is our only lead to getting out of here.”



”Alright Captain, let do this!” 


Hunter and Willow, hand in hand, ran towards the voices. A hand came out of no where pulling them both into the car.



”Hey guys!” Luz happily said, “We are going to the carnival!”



”WHAT??” Willow and Hunter gasped.



The car doors were locked.



”What? You thought that we would use illusions to get you two together? That’s a stupid plan! Mama, we are all good! You can drive now.”


”Hija, I’ll drive once you get rid of the illusions.”



Luz nodded towards Gus and he snapped his fingers revealing that they were in the garage.


“I just wanted to prank you guys! But now we’re going to have fun in the carnival!”



Amity nodded enthusiastically.


Amity was sitting next to Camila, Gus and Luz were sitting in the back seat.



”How so we know, this isn’t some illusion?” Willow asked.



Luz grabbed her arm and shook it. “No poof!”



Hunter narrowed his eyes and put his hand on Willows shoulder, “I still don’t trust them Captain” he whispered in her ear causing her to blush. 



Luz, Gus and Amity raised an eyebrow.



Willow quickly changed the subject, “Where is Vee?”



”Oh she’s at her friends house.” Camila responded, and started to back out of the garage.

“Wooo!!” Luz grinned, “I’m finally the only child!!!”



”Hija, please.”



”Lo siento mama…”



”Anyways, Luz has been telling me all about this human fall carnival! There’s going to be games, HUMAN BUCKETS, and rides!!! It will be fun!” Gus smiled.



”Yup. Fun…” Willow muttered.