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mint chocolate doesn't taste that bad

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Unabara Nishiki may not look like it but he loves to eat and enjoys watching other people eat. He usually spends his leisure time watching mukbang videos on YouTube. Sometimes, he does this while eating. 

Although he loves eating, there are food that he dislikes. One of them, and on top of the list, is mint chocolate. Hating mint chocolate also resulted to him not liking any mint flavored food. He once tried it when he was a kid, and he spent the whole day in the comfort room because he got an upset stomach after consuming it. After that incident, he has never, not even once, tried ingesting any food that's mint flavored.

His friends know about his hatred towards mint flavored food. Every time they buy snacks, they avoid anything that has a mint. The reason why they are dumbfounded when they found Unabara holding a piece of mint chocolate, his eyes are fixed on it like he's observing it properly. His eyes squinted and he's biting the inside of his cheek like he's stifling a smile. Suddenly, he heaved a sigh and let out a soft chuckle. 

Chiyozuka couldn't help it anymore. "What the fuck is wrong with him?" He blurted, but it seems like Unabara didn't hear him. He didn't even notice that his friends are already staring at him. 

"Is he possessed? Kanecchi, I'm scared~" Ellis said as he clung to Kaneko like a child.

Kaneko whistled, "Seems like someone's bewitched." A knowing smile slowly forming on his lips.

Togano, who's standing behind them, is just silently shaking his head. Ellis saw his gesture and pulled himself away from Kaneko. "It's unfair. You two know something. Spill!"

Kaneko laughed and gestured outside the room. Ellis grinned as he hopped to follow him. "Ohh~ I love gossips!" 

Chiyozuka hissed but still followed them while Togano just sighed.



Unabara was on his way to the nearby convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes. He forgot that he already used the last stick yesterday. While walking, his eyes landed at the alley and he saw a guy carrying two boxes. Those boxes must be pretty heavy since the guy looks like he's having a hard time carrying them. 

He's about to walk away and ignore the guy but something was urging him to go and help him. Unabara's not the type who would bother himself with other people's business but there's something with this guy that draws Unabara to him. 

Before he noticed it, he's already heading towards the guy. And he couldn't go back because he already made an eye contact with the guy. Staring at him right now, Unabara noticed that he's wearing a Jyosei High uniform and he's also carrying his bag. 

'So he's from Jyosei, huh?'

The guy has a green hair and a fox eyes. He's quite buff and tall, about the same height as him. 

When Unabara stopped in front of him, the Jyosei guy moved aside. He probably thought that Unabara was just acting all high and mighty, walking like he owns the road. He moved aside to avoid being caught up in a fight with some delinquent. 

Unabara was confused with his action, he faced the guy again. He took one of his hands out of his pocket and raised it in front of the guy. The guy was taken aback. After a moment of silence, he suddenly shook his head and smiled apologitically, "Sorry but I can't give you anything, I didn't bring my wallet with me," he stopped for awhile and continued, "I'm really not into fights. If you want, I can give you my money after I finished what I'm doing."

Unabara's eyebrows furrowed. Did this guy just mistook him as a gangster who takes money from every student he sees? He's deeply offended.

The guy saw his reaction and quickly stepped back. The box at the top was about to fall at his sudden action but Unabara quickly stopped at and took it from him.

Jyosei guy's small eyes widened. He's about to say something when Unabara interrupted him. "I'm not a gangster or whatever you think I am. I'm just trying to lend a hand."

The Jyosei guy's ears turned red out of embarrassment which he found cute. 'C-Cute? What the heck? Where did that come from?' he thought.

The guy quickly apologized for being suspicious and for judging him based on his looks. He just nodded at him and just asked, "Where to?"

"Ah, at the new coffee shop nearby the bookstore two blocks away from here," there was pause, then he asked, "Are you really sure? I mean, I can manage."

Unabara stared at him for a few seconds before answering, "Mn. I'm heading that way too, anyway." He lied. The convenience store is actually at the opposite side of where this guy is heading to. 

Why is he lying? And why is he even helping this guy out? He doesn't even know him. And he offended him! He should've have beaten him up. But he didn't. And he doesn't know why.

They silently headed towards the coffee shop. Although they're not talking, Unabara didn't find it awkward. Surprisingly, he actually felt comfortable walking beside this guy.

When they reached the said shop, the guy told him to just put the box on the floor. Unabara carefully placed the box. The box must've been filled with coffee shop equipments. It's quite huge and heavy, no wonder the guy looks like he's having a hard time carrying those two boxes earlier.

The guy also placed the box on the floor and searched for something on his pockets. Probably the key of the shop since it's still close. When he found it, he immediately unlocked and opened the glass door. After doing so, he then glanced at Unabara who's still standing there.

"Uh, thank you for helping me out. And I'm really sorry about earlier." He scratched the back of his neck and gave Unabara an apologetic smile.

Unabara put his hands inside his pocket and replied, "No problem."

He's about to go when the guy tapped his shoulder. "Wait."

Unabara halted. 'Fuck, why am I following everything this guy says?'

He stared at the guy who's now searching something inside his bag. He smiled when he found what he's looking for. In his hand is a chocolate. A mint flavored one.

He gave it to Unabara and said, "A token of gratitude. Sorry if this is all I could give you right now. Promise, I'll treat you the next time I see you!"

Unabara doesn't like mint. He hates it. But he doesn't know why he can't refuse when the guy offered it to him. He accepted the mint chocolate this guy's giving him.


The guy nodded and bid his farewell to him. "See you around."

Instead of going to the convenience store as planned, he went back to their school. He kept on throwing glances at the chocolate he's holding.

When he arrived at their room, he immediately sat on his sit which is located at the back and is beside the window. He, again, stared at the chocolate. He's contemplating whether he should eat it or throw it. A few minutes have passed. He sighed and decided to try and give it a shot.

'Just a little,' he reminded himself.

He forced himself not to throw up while taking a bite on the chocolate bar. As he chewed a small piece of it, his lips slowly broke into a small boyish smile.


"Mint chocolate is actually not that bad."


Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind.


'Damn, I forgot to ask his name.'


Oh well, he clearly remembers his face. He knows they'll meet again. Someday.



Unabara didn't know that Kaneko and Togano, who were at the bookstore nearby, witnessed the whole scene in front of the new coffee shop.