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len’s bussy

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When you walked in, you saw something you were not anticipating: Len, on your bed, face partially covered by his hair and hidden in your pillow, making noises of contentment. He was wearing a button-up shirt—you noticed it to be belonging to Rin (his sister and your roommate, who you were luckily rather close with)— slightly undone and almost off around his shoulders. Though you and Len had been dating for a bit over a year now, you had only seen him like this once or twice. He only really acted like this when you’d been less… active. Sexually. When he was being horny and thought acting frail would help pull you in. You wondered if that was the case now, too.

Your eyes met and he altered his position, placing his head on his hand. It moved the blanket he’d smashed himself into, showing his hip, uncovered by any clothing. You raised an eyebrow at him and he whined. As you walked further into the room, you caught a glimpse of his collar bone and the dip of his back. The gaze you shared was broken when you realized a quiet buzzing noise, immediately starting to look for the cause.

“Do you hear that?” Your eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, and he answered your question with a blush. His action caused suspicion and you looked over him again. During your brief investigation, you realized he was slightly shaking. Though it wasn’t what you were expecting, you’d found a hint to your answer.

Slowly, you walked closer, just inching towards the boy wrapped in your bedding. With each step his eyes followed, mouth partially open. Soft pink gloss (also belonging to Rin. Did this boy wear anything of his own?) painted his soft lips, but you were too occupied thinking about filling him up to pay any mind to it. The tint looked brilliant on him, but your release would look better.

He sighed softly and you licked your lips. Len’s eyes moved to your bulge, which had only started growing since you joined him in the room. You were almost at the bed when you remembered you’d only be home alone with him for a while. Before stopping in front of him, you closed the door. If he wanted, he could open it up again once you were done with him, and, Rin (probably) didn’t need to know her clothes were being borrowed until Len told her.

Like clockwork, Len pushed off the blanket as soon as the door was closed, revealing that the almost halfway undone shirt was all he had on. You ruffled his hair as you got closer and he pushed his upper body up, supporting it with his arm. This gave you a more complete view of him: a sight of his erection, oozing precum, just desperate to be touched. His body was blushed, and you were able to see inside of his shirt at his hard nipples (you were a bit ashamed to find that as hot as you did, but there were worse things you got off to, so you’d be fine) and partly defined abs. He was a dancer, after all, so it made sense he’d be fit after so much exercise.

“Daddy,” He whined out lewdly, flustering you. Luckily you were home alone because just that noise had you ready to fuck him relentlessly, leave him so sore he’d have to miss his upcoming practice because he wouldn’t be able to walk on his own. Maybe you’d fuck him again then, too. “I need you” he looked up at you pitifully, only tempting you more. His wrist was rested over his middle, highlighting his small waist. You fought the want to just push him onto the bed and give him a tour of the thoughtfully named exhibit: your dick.

Instead of just blowing his back out right then and there, you joined him on the bed, gently pulling him into a kiss. He whined as your lips met and you waited until you were about to start gasping for air to pull away. He quickly got his fill and leaned in for another. One kiss turned into another and, the next thing you knew, your tongue was against his in a hot mess of making out. He was laying on his back and at some point, you’d crawled on top of him. You broke the contact and were able to breathe again. Len spread his legs and you took that as a sign to get to it.

You sat back, adjusting for a cross-legged position in between him. With the new view, you notice a black plug adorning his well-shaped ass. Given how needy he was, you’d like to have some good foreplay before giving him what he wanted so bad, but you were finding it hard to want to deny yourself as well. Teasing him was normally quite enjoyable, but by now, you were ready to just get to it. You grazed your hands over the plug and realized that was what was making the noise. Well, duh, the apparent vibrator was the thing vibrating, but, you had an excuse. Who could think clearly with such a sight right in front of them?

Again your eyes met and Len bit his lip. You looked down at his squishy parts before meeting his gaze again and he got the hint. Truthfully, it was a good hiding place, but you couldn’t help but cringe when he grabbed the remote out from underneath your pillow. He spent most of his days sharing your room as his, and you’d even gotten a bigger bed to accommodate the changes of lifestyle, so technically it was his pillow, too, but seeing him snake his hand around something you’ve probably folded around and put your dick in.. an interesting feeling. But you weren’t in the place to complain. You’d put your dick in him plenty of times, but it was still hot to see him touch himself.

Shakily, he handed you the remote, and you inspected it before turning it up a setting. It was quite complex, set to the first of a whole six settings. A moan escaped his throat, and his shoulders tensed for a moment. You enjoyed his reaction and moved in to kiss his neck. Maybe you did have time for a bit of foreplay.

You sucked a hickey onto him, then moved onto his collar bone. As you kissed it, you started to unbutton his shirt, completing his further progress. Once it was off, you pinched one of his nipples, making him moan. Carefully, you bit onto him, not trying to break his skin, but not just messing around, either. He moaned your name at the sudden sensation (well, daddy, not your name, but it was close enough.), pushing his head further back into the pillow and bringing his chest up. You knew it was just because he was enjoying what you were doing, but saying he was giving you easy access was more entertaining.

When you pulled away from him, Len whined, moving up in a silent attempt of asking for a kiss. He got what he wanted when you took a moment to fulfil his request, so you both were satisfied. He was obviously expecting more and that’s what he got. You brought yourself further down on the bed and started to touch his thighs, enjoying the plushiness of them. As soon as you started kissing him, he moaned, starting to arch his back. You moved up from those parts up to his cock, licking his shaft, savouring his moans. You went on for a few seconds before you decided you were done.

While the tightness of your pants was a bit pleasurable, you were more than ready to get out of them. You slipped off your tailcoat. Originally, you were going to place it onto the bed with your boyfriend, but it was a very nice piece of clothing, one that you weren’t yet ready to desperately try to launder Len’s cum off of. You accidentally choked yourself a bit trying too quickly to get your tie off, but other than that small blunder, you were able to remove the clothing over your upper half without other hindrances. You’d taken your pants off as well, but you couldn’t resist teasing Len for staring so intently at your lower regions.

“Like what you see?” The blonde’s face flushed, and he looked away quickly, trying (and failing) to hide what he’d been doing. A smirk made its way to your face and you considered yourself achieved.

Len watched as you slipped your boxers off, shyly looking over your length. His voice was soft and he was clearly embarrassed. “it’s so big..” You couldn’t deny that you enjoyed his praise— because you and him both knew you did.

You pushed his messy hair out from his face, leaning in to kiss his plushy lips. He enjoyed the contact and made it known with a noise of satisfaction. While you were kissing him, you trailed his hands down his body, feeling over him and taking a moment to jerk his cock. You turned off the vibrator before you pulled off, and when you did, you pulled it out of him, leaving him empty. He whined, waiting for you to replace it with something else. He wanted that something to be your cock, but he knew he’d have to be stretched a bit more before then.

Quickly, you looked through the bedside table for some lube and found a half-used bottle of it, strawberry flavoured.. interesting. You raised your eyebrows,  must be Len’s . during your search, you found two boxes of condoms. One that was expired, you quickly found out by the six-year-old packaging, and the other, which was empty. You showed Len the empty box, and he hummed. “We don’t need it” He was true, neither of you had other sexual partners, and if one of you had an std that didn’t get caught in the multiple tests you’d taken (caused by both of you having anxiety issues), you probably both had it by now, so there was no real worry for it. Still, his words went straight to further arousing you.

You got back onto the bed, bringing yourself back to his lower body. Before pressing your fingers in, you gently kissed his hole, making him gasp. You chuckled and he made a noise of complaint, pushing himself further down into you. Opening the bottle, you spread lube over one of your fingers and his opening, slipping one in carefully. He moved his leg, placing his foot over your back and sighing. Now smirking, you wet another finger and pushed it in as well, starting to give his hole a stretch. This time, though it was quite breathy, a proper moan left him, and you were more satisfied. You started curling your fingers, moving them around inside him.

Because of earlier experience, you found his spot rather quickly, making him cry out. “Good boy, Len” He put his arm over his eyes, hiding his face. He had started slightly cursing into himself out of pleasure, which you admittedly found a bit cute. You started pulling your fingers out only to thrust them back in, starting with a steady rhythm. You went at it for a bit until you felt he was ready for a third, continuing your actions, brushing your fingers against his prostate each time you pushed them back in. Len was crying out with each thrust of your fingers, and he whimpered sluttily when you slipped in a fourth digit.

“Daddy,” he cried, desperate for more. “please”

You looked up into his blue eyes, seeing his eyes almost darkened, pupils bigger with lust. “Please what?”

He cried out again at a particularly hard thrust. “Need your cock, daddy”

And who were you to reason with that? Pretty twink, laying in your bed, ready to beg for you to fuck him. Scratch that.  Your  pretty twink, crying for you to fill him up. You pulled your fingers out and kissed his hole, making him shudder.

As you stood up, you pulled him into you, making it easier to fit your hips together. You kissed his now red lips. In the back of your mind, you wondered if he could taste the lube off of your mouth, but that wasn’t important. You wipe your dirty hand and use your clean one to put some of that lube onto yourself, jerking it a bit before lining up the tip of your cock with him, and moaning as you slowly push yourself in. Though you’d stretched him well, it was still tight inside of him, and you savoured each moment you got to feel it. It was warm and wet and, well, it was your boyfriend, so you were happy either way. He cried as you slowly went deeper and deeper into him, finding much more pleasure from your cock than your digits.

By the time you bottomed out, Len’s mouth was hanging open, and your cock was making a bulge in his stomach. You fed him well, always trying to make sure the two of you would have healthy and fulfilling meals to eat (and Rin would probably beat you up if you didn’t, so you had that going for you), but he still had a thin stomach, and it still showed when you fucked him, no matter if he ate well or not. Instead of meaninglessly worrying, you just let yourself realize the difference in size was hot and there was nothing you could do about it but accept you had a hot boyfriend.

After getting all of it in, you gave him a moment to adjust, kissing his lips and neck. You suck a hickey onto his neck, and he tells you to start moving. A shaky moan escapes you as you pull out, keeping the speed slow so he can get used to being filled up. Your hips meet his with a diligent thrust and the two of you moan at the same time. As you start fucking into him, your thrusts get a little faster, and his moans get louder in an even ratio. “Daddy,” he moans, grabbing your waist for a moment. You stop your movement, and he shifts, showing he’s trying to change positions. Sadly (not really, but.. close enough), you pull out, and he brings his legs up. Once again due to the fact he’s a performer, he’s rather flexible, and once you’re getting back onto him, he’s folding his legs, almost looking like he’s bent in half. You find it hot.

One of his legs is over your shoulder, the other hooking around your waist, and his hands are on your back, pulling you in. You push your cock into him once again, with a faster, yet still steady pace. His moans encourage you to go quicker, and he’s crying for it to be harder, and soon his moans are accompanied by the sound of your skin slapping as it hits together. You’re panting, moaning as you fuck him, feeling the heat build in your abdomen with each thrust into him. Len’s back is arching as you check him, and his tongue is sticking out past his lips, exaggerating his heavy breathing. His moans are loud, and the downstairs neighbours can probably hear by now, but you just couldn't bring yourself to care. Not when you’ve got this beautiful boy stuffed with your cock. Not when that beautiful boy is Len, who you’d be happy to get in trouble for any day.

You’re getting closer to your orgasm and he is too, the both of you moaning louder and your thrusts getting sloppier and rougher: you’re pounding into him, the bed creaking and slamming against the wall and he pulls you in, nails digging into your back, sure to leave a mark and he bites your neck. You yelp in pain, but to say it’s not pleasurable is a lie, and you find yourself on the verge of orgasm, trying not to let go too fast with your boyfriend teasing right at a sensitive spot on you.

You moan out his name, thrusting quickly into him, making his body shake each time you hit his prostate, jacking with pleasure. He comes off of your neck, and you see him make a face like he’s going to apologize, but, reasonably, he can’t find the words. You start to feel a bit overwhelmed, as he pants and moans and gasps for air, and he cries out, voice shaking with each thrust. “d..daddy!”  haaah..  “I’m close”

“me.. too…” You’re panting almost in sync, relentlessly fucking him, feeling every part of his body. He keeps tightening the space, and you can tell he’s on the very edge. Crying moaning, Len’s back arched like he was suffering from some intense scoliosis, and he whines, just above a whisper. “i…inside.. me”

His request just about sends you over the edge, and with a few more hard thrusts, you climax, feeling overwhelmed with pleasure and filling his hole with your liquid love. He yells out, following suit, cum getting over his pretty body with you moving him around. As he cums, you hear the front door opening, just at the right time to hear his cry in pleasure and your exhausted pleasure. You pull out, letting him get comfortable, awaiting whoever’s come in to react. If you’re honest, you’re not ready for Rin to walk in on you fucking her brother, and she’s probably not ready for it either. Pushing the thought to the back of your head, you lick up the cum falling from Len’s hole, swallowing it, making him moan at the sight.

You pull a bit more out before you’re satisfied, and when you lean in to kiss the blonde boy, sure enough, Rin walks in. As per usual, she doesn’t knock, and you feel that you should’ve panicked a bit more when you heard the door opening. “Are you oka—“ Her sentence is cut off by seeing her very naked brother being kissed by his very naked you.

You and Len both look up, surprised, and you realize not only have you scarred Rin, but Miku is there too. Len quickly pulls a blanket up to cover your sensitive parts, but it’s too late, the damage is done, and Rin is showing a reasonably disappointed face (there’s disgust too, but you don’t understand how anyone could be disgusted seeing your hot-ass boyfriend).

“Is that my blouse.” She asks, unimpressed. Len tries to roll over, but he can’t because you’re pinning him to the bed and you’re too scared to stop so all parties involved awkwardly sit there and stare.

“Uhhhhhh..?” You mentally facepalm.  Great save, dumbfuck.

You and Rin make the most uncomfortable eye contact you’ve ever made with probably anyone ever (maybe an exaggeration, but fuck, could this end any faster?) when Len butts in and saves your moment.

“Fucking dumbass!” You’re pulled in, and Len brings the blanket up past your head. Rin still has that grossed-out look on her face and you’re sure Len is equally as embarrassed to be in this moment, and Miku already left but she’d probably have joined her girlfriend in looking more disappointed than Len when you were first getting comfortable in showing sexuality with him when you said you wanted to fuck in maid outfits. You could practically envision Len’s sorry face as they stood there.

The door finally shut and in an exasperated voice, he whined, “Oh my god..”. He sighed and called you (and probably himself) a dumbass, but you knew he didn’t mean it. He wasn’t mad, just.. ready for bed. Gently, he pulls the blanket from over your head and lets it lay over your shoulders. Your face is laid comfortably on his chest and he softly smiles while he looks over you. You know you should probably be the one holding him, but when you move he whines, and once you stay still again he holds you closer. Later, you’ll have to wash up, but Len’s already drifting off to sleep and, you figure a little nap won’t hurt.