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Wall of Memories

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The day was still in between sleepiness and awakeness, yet one of the occupants of 39th Avenue was awake and in deep thought. Travis didn’t know why exactly those troubling thoughts came into his mind now, yet he couldn’t help but ponder upon them.

He had conversations with some of his more serious ex-partners about this topic, yet just at that moment, the firefighter realizes that maybe they were right to express their concern about this. Travis knew that his relationship with Levi was very similar to his previous ones and yet very different… Similar to how he first noticed Levi, yet very different in his approach to the relationship with the doctor.

In a sense, Travis knew that this is not just another replacement for Michael, yet does Levi also know this too?

Speaking about the smaller man, the other occupant of the bed shifted in his sleep, bringing himself closer to Travis, laying his head on his shoulder. The older of the two also shifts to accommodate the sleepy doctor better in his arms. With one arm holding his lover still and the other caressing the wild hair that he loves to touch, Travis comes back to his troubling thoughts.

He and Levi started as acquaintances, they knew each other because their work demanded it. Then, when both of them were struggling in their professional and personal life, they met and just connected about an ordinary common interest. Somehow a friendship blossomed and without them even knowing, the attraction they always felt, changed to something more.

The change was gradual, and they only noticed at that the fateful dance at Jo’s bar…

-Humm, you’re awake… - the sleepy voice of the young doctor takes Travis away from his thoughts - What are you thinking about?

-Hey… - Travis smiles without realizing, hugging Levi even closer and using his other hand, that was before petting the other’s hair, to caress the younger’s cheek - Did I wake you?

Levi shifts higher, making himself closer to his boyfriend's head, kissing the other's lips - No, I’m just on work time… give me some days and I’ll be on normal hours!

It wasn’t normal for them to be on vacation, with the work they both have, but they decided to take the time off to move into their new home in one go. The big furniture was in place, what was missing is the organization, something Travis was not looking forward to… but to have their own nest, it was going to be worth it.

To make the younger forget that they need to work, Travis decides to give small kisses on his lover’s neck.

-Come on, love, we really need to start organizing! - Levi tried to climb from the bed, but Travis's hold was unmoving - Trav, come on…

Travis couldn't help but try and distract his lover. Leaving the other’s neck, Travis starts to kiss Levi’s lips in full. What he intended to be a distraction for Levi, soon changed to be a distraction to himself as well… He couldn’t help anyway, his boyfriend was too addictive! He stopped trying to resist him the second time his lips touched the other.

-Humm… shower, then eat! - the younger finally snaps out of his own trance - Separated!

-Come on Lee… - Travis tries again to distract his partner, unsuccessfully- Ohh, fine!

Without any other option, the on-leave firefighter finally gets up.

The house was in chaos in most places, but some rooms were already fully completed, case in point the two out of the five bathrooms in the house. Travis gets himself ready - taking a shower, dressing casually, and taking the stairs to go to the kitchen - it was his turn to make breakfast after all.

The firefighter was distracted by the mundane task, yet when his lover enters the room he knows instantly… the two are definitely in sync. - Humm, smells so good! I’ll put the plates on the table and start to unpack the books that are to stay on the bookshelves in the hall.

And so it was, the young doctor finishes putting the table for their breakfast and then goes outside, to the hall between the small family dining room and the, also small, adjacent reading room.

The boxes of books were mainly his, from medicine books to school books and let's not forget all the manga and superhero books thrown into the mix.

It really shows how far he has come. When he started his residency, even talking about having those kind of books were a source of shame… now years later, in a new relationship, Levi feels that the dust on those books was like a benign cancer.

He picks a random box to organize. Seeing “TM" written on the side, Levi realizes that it’s one of Travis’, but with how lazy his boyfriend was being that morning, the young pediatrician decided to just put away the things in that box first.

Books of places Levi knows Travis wants to visit, albuns of photos and old school cassettes and cds… And deep inside the box, a frame with a picture lay inocently.

-Lee let’s eat! - Travis comes to Levi’s side, planting a kiss on the others’ head.

Levi makes a move to follow the other, but Travis stops him when he sees what Levi was organizing. The box was filled with memories of Michael… - Levi, this…

-Why don’t we put the photos in here together with the others at the entrance? - is the reply that Levi gives - We do have photos of all the important people to us in there… he is important!

Travis doesn't know what to say, he can only hug Levi tightly, feeling some of his insecurities washing away.