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Forget the stripes!

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Sugihara completly understands when the other guys say that Kirishima has changed since he began babysitting Sakuragi Yaeka - or as she was normally adressed as, the Young Miss - he was calmer (somewhat) meaning that the usual calls he got at 2 or 3 in the mornings had dwindled down to far and few inbetween, instead of everyday.

A blessing really if you were to ask him - no sane person should be awake that early.

The majority of his change in behaviour would be obvious, like his decrease in picking fights or being more lenient when he did get into them. What the other member of the Sakuragi gang didn't know was that his attentin span had increased (or prehaps it was his willingness to sit in the same place for more than an hour now) Sugihara had been able to actually watch a movie with him for once - even if it was him, the Young Miss and Kirishima watching the latest movie adventure of Mii-chan. The fact that Kirishima was even attempting to put up with the movie sat inbetween the two of them, Ohagi on her lap as she watched the bright transformation sequences with sparkling eyes. Sugihara couldn't help but let his features soften as he looked at the two beside him; the little Lady and the demon all cuddled up. He turned back to the Tv and pushed down any aches he could feel start in his chest, unaware of Yaeka's calculating gaze switching from him to Kirishima and back again.

Although this was a movie he had been looking forward to watch, he found it a little difficult to stay tuned into it, his thoughts would wander without his permission over to the man sitting on the opposite side of the couch (he, of course, didn't relise that his eyes were also doing it). It hadn't been love at first sight, or second or third, this was something that had crept up on him so slowly till it struck him - somewhat similar to how Ohagi would lash out at him all of a sudden before he could notice her - and it was completely unfair. Their first meeting had been terrible and then he'd made himself his lacky all because he'd complimented his tea making skills - as if he were some housewife looking for approval from a picky husband! And that was an annology that gave him food for thought. Sugihara groaned and rubbed his forehead. His life was starting to sound like some corny BLromance for young teens. But he, unlike any of their protagonists, would take how he felt to the grave - never so much as uttering those three cringe worthy words to Kirishima. Maybe a little of his reluctance was in fear of the beat down he'd probably get or how wierd it'd get if he did and got rejected, he was happy enough as it was - 23 and single still... oh god he was gonna die alone at this rate, wasn't he?

"What are you doin'? Shuddup and watch the damn movie." Sugihara jumped and turned towards where Kirishima was grumbling and the little miss as staring at him with big brown eyes. Sugihara smiled and laughed, appologising as he turned back to the Tv and tried to follow the plot. Or so he told himself. It wasn't too long after that that Kiishima dipped ut for a bit to take a smoke break, leaving Yaeka and Ohagi with him, in his capable, capable hands. Sugihara felt himself sweat a little praying that Kirishima wouldn't be too long.

"Hey," Yaeka's quiet voice was soft as it probed at him, bringing him back from any and all worrying he was doing, "Sugihara can I ask you something?" said man jolted and looked at the young girl.

"Sure, Young Miss! Ask away, I'll answer to the best of my ability." She seemed to mull over her words at his reply, as if tasting them to see if they were the right flavour for the occasion.

"Do you like Kirishima?" There was an explosion frm the tv as Mii-chan punched minion no.29876 through a wall - something Sugihara thught was the perfect sound for the nose dive his brain was doing at this moment of time.

"I- wha-? W-Wh-what would make you th-think that?! Aha haha hahaha ha!" Oh god, he was nervous laughing, wasn't he?!?! He cast a glance at the young Miss' face and promptly shut his jaw with a sharp click. "Yeeaaah, I like him, but how'd ya even come to that conclusion?" Yaeka stares at him a glint to her eyes as she gives a small smile and say's with full confidence:

Sugihara swallowed and wondered if all 8 year olds were this terrifying or if he just had a knack for meeting really strange people. He glances around the room as if Kirishima could or would pop out at any moment to smack him.

"Right... Okay..."

"Why do you like Kirishima?" Sugihara looked down at the Young Miss' honest face and felt himself melt - just a little!

"Um, could I ask why you want to know?" Yaeka pouts at him and swings her legs forwards and back.

"My friend Sara says that when somebody loves somebody else that they get married and live in a nice big house with a dog and then have a baby, I want to know if you're going to get married."

Sugihara was glad he hadn't taken a sip of his drink.

"Um -well, that's not quite..." he glanced at her wide shinning eyes and died a little inside, "right. Errr" Yaeka tilts her head to the side and studies him as if he was a fascinating discovery that she had to dissect and then piece together. Sugihara flicked his eyes to the door, half in hope that Kirishima would appear so he could then leave the conversation to him to fini- wait on second thought that was a bad idea, wasn't it? Sugihara sighed and acceped his fate. He could take oe for the team this time. He would ignre the baby part now - the boss could explain about that himself.
"Well, it's true enough, but the two people need to like each other before they get married, normally they do this by confessing and going out." Yaeka nods her head and seems to be in deep thought, if a little sad. Sugihara smiles and pats her head, "Don't worry - I won't take Kirishima away from you." She tilts her towards him in question as if saying why?. "Well, they have to confess first before they can start going out - tha- that is! Only if they like each other!" Yaeka hums and strokes Ohagi's black fur.

"So why'd you like him?" Sugihara has decided that he is going to die now - he's even started bargening with any and every god he's heard of, but he's still sitting on his white (that had been a bad choice of colour to choose) couch fully intact, no smiting has been done. He still has yet to answer the question. He has to find a way to answer that question thats PG!

"Um..." He makes the mistake of looking into Yaeka's big sparkly doe eyes and feels his will break a little. Girly talk time here we go, "He's..." His voice gets quieter as he goes on, "he's super cool and strong. And even through he can be-" Sugihara wracks his brain for a substitute for the word bloosthirsty "Really, super angry," nailed it, "he's always lookin' out for our family and always tries his best - y'know?" Yaeka nods her head and clenches her fists as if it was far too exciting to listen to a 23 year old man talk about his crush on another 28 year old man... maybe this was a warning for the future? Sugihara lets it trail off as his face goes redder and redder. Luckily, Yaeka looks content with his spiel and lets him off - for now, he can tell that she's as stubborn as the boss, god help them all. Luckily before Yaeka can ask anymore questions about his pitiful love life, Kirishima comes back, looking a little smug as he takes his place back on the couch.

Soon enough the movie ends and Yaeka hops off of the couch to go and find something to eat, strangly enough Kirishima waves her off saying that he'll just be a minute and needs to speak to Sugihara for a bit. Sugihara decides that if need be he'll dig his hole somewhere where there aren't any wild animal and far enough away from any water that it won't drown him. Kirishima leans his head on the back of the couch and lets out a breath.

"You like me huh?" Scratch all of the above - Sugihara would like a hole to appear and swallow him up now.

"Hahaha, no- pssh! Who? Me- I -no..." Kirishima looks at him, the blond decides that either shutting up or honesty would probably be in his best interest. "" Kirishima grins frightingly and grabs his shirt pulling him closer so that Sugihara has to look up at the older man. Maybe he should of gone with silence. Before he can flee Kirishima pulls him in even close and brutily slots their lips together. Sugihara lets out a noise of shock, his eyes wide open as he stares at the cool look that Kirishima gives him as he starts to bite at Sugihara's lips with his fang like teeth - which, Sugihara thinks, should not be as hot as he thinks it is - Sugihara whimpers as Kirishima pulls away, dazed from the lack of air and having those sharp eyes on him for so long. Kirishima likes his lips and gives of a preditor like smile as he takes in Sugihara's flushed appearance.

"Hmm, not bad. Maybe if you tell me properly I might take you up on it." Sugihara feels his brain short circuit as Kirishima places a short and unfair peck on his forehead before leaving.

When Sugihara does start moving he does it with a loud shout of 'unfair!' earning himself a few angry thuds from a disgruntled Kanehira.